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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 48

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 10, 2004

      Judge Bale's Courtroom, Roswell, Immediately Following

      They all just started as Troy left the room. Max rubbed his neck where he had grabbed it and felt the same shiver down his spine that he felt when Mr Clarence told him of Mr Troy's history.

      "Was he going to say what I think he was going to say?" Alex asked

      Michael's protective instincts came into full fury and started to go after Troy but Max put his arm on his shoulder.

      "No. Not here." Max said

      "We need answers Max." Michael said with agitation

      "I know. Let's get him somewhere where he can't get away." Max said

      Judge Bale then approached the group, Philip continued to look at Mr Troy until he turned a corner and then looked at the judge.

      "Your Honour?"

      "I had a quick chat with him. Showed him the file that you should have received by now."

      "The school students?" Philip asked

      "Yes. Anyway, he seemed to realise that he wouldn't win against you and well...he left." Bale said

      "So his case is dropped?" Max asked as he looked at the lawyer

      "My client hasn't said so but I believe so. I will speak with him." Sneed said and then left.

      "Well then, I think we better go home and think of a plan." Liz whispered

      "Yeah, I agree." Max said and then they all left

      Middle of the Rainforest, The Dome, 1 Hour Later

      In the densest part of the rainforest, Max, Michael, Alex, Kyle and Sam were waiting with several security drones surrounding them. Liz and the girls were in the Granolith Chamber, using the alien machines functions to track Mr Troy.

      "Okay Max, he's just locked the door to his office and he's alone." Liz said over a communicator

      "Well...this is it. Beam him up." Max said earning a look from the others, "I've always wanted to say that."

      In the chamber, Liz smiled as she heard her husband's command and tapped the device. In a pulse of light Mr Troy suddenly vanished from his office and appeared before Max and the others.

      "What? What am I doing here?" Troy said quickly and with agitation until he focused on Max, "What do you want?"

      "I want to know who you are." Max stated

      "I don't know what you're talking about." Troy said

      "Kivar is dead. He was killed by a military coup that formed when he refused to strike when they learned the truth about the virus. Months ago the virus adapted to all genetic mutations and wiped out everything." Max said

      "What?" Troy asked, his face becoming white as a sheet.

      "They're all dead. Antar, Neish, Toura, Zilnok...all of it. There isn't a power in the universe that survived. Earth is all that's left." Max said

      "Impossible. The mutations were stable, the virus wasn't progressing..."

      "It started to adapt at an increasing rate, when the final mutation took a matter of hours." Max said, "The Skins are all dead as well, including Nicholas."

      "Yes I know. I felt their end." Troy said

      "You're a Skin?" Michael asked

      Troy smiled, "Sleeper class. Assigned for long term hiding until activated."

      "Well, Kalen did say that he couldn't guarantee that they got all the Skins in that trap." Alex said

      "Kalen? He's here?"

      "In cryogenic stasis." Max said, "They went into it after their purpose was completed, and to prevent further spread of the virus in their bodies. Now, how about you tell us something."

      "Like what? It's bad enough you've destroyed my daughter's mind and you expect answers. If what you say is true and Antar is gone then you are no longer king."

      "No, maybe not but I am in charge of my family here and the other families around the world. And we didn't do a damned thing to Pam."

      "Okay, lets do this. I found the real Troy years ago in a car accident. I put him out of his misery and used his D.N.A to change the appearance of my husk. A little later I met my wife. I was surprised to find a human that was like me, at first I felt it would serve to further my cover but there was an attraction."

      "And Pam? How did that happen? I thought our species weren't normally compatible." Alex asked

      "There was a malfunction in my husk, a leak of sorts. My essence latched onto genetic fragments that broke off of my husk and impregnated my wife. The first time I saw her I...our children are the most important things in an Antarian's life. I chose exile from the other Skins; I stopped contact and came to this town to protect her. I couldn't very well fight against hybridisation when I'd done something close to it."

      "I thought blending could only happen with Ganderium?" Max asked

      "Yes. My daughter is a mutant, an aberration, a thing that shouldn't exist but she does. She isn't a hybrid like you, her body his human but her cells contain the essence and energy she inherited for me. The result of this...uncontrolled blending is a great deal of instability."

      "I'll say." Sam said

      Troy looked hatefully at him, "I kept her balanced all of her life. She was aggressive, territorial and possessive but I monitored her closely. She has a sensitivity to any Antarian energy that is not my own. It causes an imbalance of chemicals in her brain."

      All the teens looked at each other and started to wonder if they really were responsible for Pam's current state. "So it really could have been our powers that did this?" Max asked

      "Yes. The energy has to be directed into her brain so just how many times did you use mindwarps on her? 100? 200??" Troy asked with anger

      "What? No." Max said

      "We used mindwarps to cover things that we couldn't hide normally but we've never used that amount on her. I doubt it would even reach 20." Kyle quickly said

      "Don't try to lie to me. I checked; I ran the calculations. It takes a minimal of 90 warps to affect her like it has. Her condition, to have gone as fast as it has..."

      The Seal on Max chest then started to glow and Troy shut up. His reaction to the presence of the Seal was the same as other members of his race.

      "I swear to you, we haven't used our powers that much on her." Max said

      Troy looked at him, like he was looking into Max's soul. He extended his hand but Michael reached out and grabbed it as the drones pointed their weapons at him. Max held up his hand to wave the drones off and turned to Michael.

      "It's okay." Max said

      "Are you nuts?" Michael asked

      "He only wants to be sure." Max said and Troy nodded

      Max took the Skin's hand and a connection snapped into place between them. Troy saw all the encounters between his daughter and the group. It stopped when he pulled his hand away from Max's; he didn't understand, his calculations were precise; they had to be for his daughter's survival.

      "Send me back. Send me back now." Troy demanded

      "One more thing. Why do all of this? Why go to the Crashdown that day, try to get our school records...and the court?" Kyle asked

      "It's safer for me to use human methods than risk exposure coming to get you directly." Troy said, "Now send me back to my office."

      Max then got out his communicator to call Liz.

      Granolith Chamber, Immediately Following

      In the chamber the girls were sitting around in their couples, talking.

      "I can't believe they made us stay here." Maria said

      "You'd think by now they'd know that we can take care of ourselves." Liz said

      "Hey, you're pregnant. Of course Max was going to be keeping you out of harm's way. Besides, if he didn't I would have." Isabel said

      "Yeah but what about the others?" Tess said, "We aren't pregnant."

      "800,000 years of gut instinct telling them to protect us." Liz said

      "Yeah but come on, we've got kick ass powers." Tess said

      "Tell that to their male egos." Maria said

      "Kalen did say that Antarian women instinctively seek out a mate with good strengths." Isabel said, "And there is apart of me that likes it when Alex takes care of me."

      "Yeah, me too." Tess said

      "Ditto." Ava and Lonnie said together

      "And another part that goes crazy when he's over protective." Liz said

      "Well, yeah, there is that." Isabel said

      Just then Liz's communicator buzzed to life, "Liz, you can send him back now."

      "Okay." Liz said into the device. She stood up and moved over to the Granolith and tapped on the machine again. Troy was sent back to the exact spot he was taken from while all the guys were transported into the chamber, the drones were returned to the mansion. Max immediately moved to his wife and hugged her. "So what's going on?"

      "We'll tell you on the way back to the house." Max said. Together they all walked out of the chamber and down the path to their waiting horses. From there they rode back home.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 11:00

      On their way to the mansion the girls were filled in on what Troy told them. They were a little surprised that Pam was a little alien but not surprised about being related to a Skin, their attitudes to their family certainly were similar enough. As they got back to the mansion, they tied their horses up in the stable and went back into their home.

      "So is her going off the rails really our fault?" Maria asked

      "Troy thought it was but he was too surprised when we told her how much Pam has been exposed to our mindwarps." Alex sad

      "Mindwarps? This is down to me?" Tess asked

      "We've all got mindwarps now." Kyle said

      "Yeah but that's my specialty and my responsibility." Tess said, "So is it me?"

      "No. At least I don't think so. The only way she can be influenced like this is if the energy is transmitted directly into her brain. She's never been dreamwalked." Max said

      "And none of us do mind rapes...actually we don't even know how to do it." Michael said

      "So that leaves mindwarps." Ava said

      "No, that leaves excessive mindwarps." Sam said

      "But we haven't used that many...oh god." Liz said

      "Yeah." Max said, "I started thinking about it on our way home."

      "What?" Tess asked

      "The pulses we set off from the granolith to cover up the big changes. Mr Troy said that she's completely sensitive to Antarian energy so a massive wave like..." Max said

      "Wait." Liz interrupted. "Antarian energy?"

      "Yeah." Max said

      "The granolith doesn't use that kind of energy. If he's referring to mindwarps then that energy is biological in origin, the granolith's almost completely different, the waveform and frequency, there is nothing even remotely close." Liz said

      "Well if that isn't it and none of us used warps on her that amount, then what did it?" Michael asked

      They were all blank of ideas until Liz suddenly remembered something, "I need to check on something." Quickly she stood up and headed for the basement.

      Main Computer Terminal, Basement, 12:00

      Liz sat before the terminal of the computer, her hands moving over the keyboard and bringing up the files she needed. She looked carefully though each record until she found what she was looking for. She read through it and printed it all out.

      "What do you have?" Isabel asked as she came up behind Liz.

      "Jes...Isabel you scared me half to death." Liz said, her heart racing

      "Sorry." Isabel said as she kissed Liz's cheek

      "You should wear a bell around you're neck, you move like a cat." Liz said

      "Hmm...I hope I lap like one." Isabel said with a smile

      "Oh that you do, and very well. That tongue of yours...takes me to heaven every time." Liz said before kissing her lover

      "Now, what have you got?" Isabel said

      "Well, Ganderium may have been used to create you and the others but Kalen's people researched a lot of other blending methods before deciding that it would be the best way. All the data they got from those experiments was uploaded into the computer in case we ever needed it." Liz said

      "And?" Isabel asked

      "And...they way Pam was conceived wasn't what the Antarians needed so that wasn't even looked at but from what's here they didn't even think it was possible. D.N.A fragments don't just break off and carry Antarian energy with it. It was like a one in a billion fluke."

      "Was he right about what Antarian energy would do to her?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah. There would also be sporadic increases that he would have to balance out."

      "Increases from where?"

      "Inside her. She generates the energy herself but can't deal with it. Every six months it spikes and her father takes care of it, which is why all medical emergencies are referred to him. He can't take the risk of the energy level being discovered. There is also no margin for error; he needs to be precise in balancing. Even being a little off could cause permanent damage." Liz said

      "So what does that leave us with? Assuming he didn't screw up with her." Isabel said

      "This." Liz said as she handed a sheet of paper to Isabel. "When they first arrived on Earth, Kalen's people put a satellite in orbit to keep track of their people. We use it to keep in contact with the other families now that the others are..."

      "On ice?" Isabel asked

      "That's one way of putting it." Liz said, "Anyway, it picked this up."

      Isabel looked to where Liz was pointing on the paper and looked back up to her lover, "We have to tell him."

      "I know. But he doesn't exactly trust us." Liz said

      "No, he doesn't trust *us*. However, you, Alex, Maria, Kyle and Sam..."

      "Are the lowly humans. He may be pissed with you guys but us..."

      "He might just listen to." Isabel said, "But Max..."

      "I'll handle Max." Liz said

      "He'll blow up when he finds out that you went." Isabel said

      "I can take care of myself, but you'll come with me." Liz said

      "Damned straight I will. But Max will kill me." Isabel said

      "Well we can make his dreams a little interesting then." Liz said

      The two girls picked up the papers and Liz put them into a file folder. They decided just to tell everyone else that they were taking the Porsche into town to see Liz's parents. Before long they were driving across the desert to the highway and then into town.

      Troy Residence, Roswell, 13:15

      Isabel and Liz parked their car nearby to the Troy family home and walked the rest of the way to his home. They had used the Granolith to track him from his office back to his house. As they saw the front door, both stopped dead in their tracks and froze.

      "We can do this." Liz said

      "It's just one Skin. Not like it's an entire army." Isabel said

      "And he doesn't want to be exposed any more than we do." Liz said



      " first." Isabel said

      "Hey you came to protect me remember." Liz said

      "Yeah. I did, didn't I?" Isabel said

      "Together?" Liz asked

      "Works for me."

      Together they moved up to the front door and knocked on it. Seconds later it opened and Mr Troy stood before them. "Well, well, well, the great queen herself...and princess Vilandra. What do you want?"

      "We came to talk." Liz said

      "Did that boy send you?"

      "No, actually Max would probably tie me up for the next 20 life times if he knew I was here. It wasn't us Mr Troy, we didn't to this to Pam." Liz said

      Troy looked the two over and moved back inside his house, beckoning them both to follow him. He used his powers to close the door after them and showed them into a small office he kept here. It was the only place where he could be himself where he could relieve himself of his husk for a few hours, his wife knew that he liked to be alone here and once the door was locked she wouldn't disturb him.

      "Is Mrs Troy around?" Isabel asked

      "No, she went shopping. What did you want to say?"

      "That we didn't cause what happened to Pam...although our mindwarps may have been a slight factor." Liz said as she handed him the file she took from the computer

      "A few months ago, the Skins came to the area, to find the Granolith. When they did, Kalen's satellite picked up a massive wave of energy that went out for about a mile in all directions. Sort of like an advance scout."

      Troy opened his desk drawer and pulled out one of the hexagonal devices. "I know. I picked it up and it's standard military tactics for my people. Now get to the point."

      "Well, while that was happening, Nicholas was off with Serena." Liz said


      "She's not important." Isabel said

      "But the satellite picked this up." Liz said as she pointed to the document, "This is an overlay of the power directions on a map of the state. From here it looks like some of the Skin energy was changed. It's like putting a mirror in a path of light to change its direction. This spot on the map is where a fraction of the energy was redirected, it was absorbed and focused along a narrow path."

      "How narrow?"

      "5, maybe 6 meters. This line here charts its crosses over your house, and it started at the motel where Nicholas was hiding." Liz said

      "What?" Troy almost yelled, as he looked closer at the pages Liz gave him.

      "Did Nicholas know about you and Pam?" Isabel asked

      "Yes. Regular contact was required; once I stopped he'd have sent someone out to find out why. Tracking my device wouldn't have been hard."

      "Dealing with you would have put you on his list but not a high priority so he kept out of Roswell, at least until he knew that's where we were hidden." Isabel said

      "When he did come he took the opportunity to...well I guess punishing you for your choices would be the only way to describe it. It started the process. I think it should have taken two years to complete before she was irrevocably insane, long enough for you to know what was happening but also something that you couldn't fix like you've been doing." Liz said, "Then she started causing more and more problems for us until we had to deal with her. The few mindwarps we used pusher closer to the edge."


      "If these files I found are right then the initial exposure from him would have created a separate and distinct consciousness in her. Like what happened with Serena only not suppressed and only coming out now and again when she initially formed in Tess. This personality would be able to interact with Pam like she was really there, and make her do things." Liz said

      "If we'd known, or if she'd have just stopped we'd never have used mindwarps on her. But we did. Nicholas set it up to make you sorry for betraying him." Isabel said

      "Fortunately he's dead now." Liz said

      "You mean unfortunately. Now I cant deal with him or help my daughter." Troy said and then sat down, "Get out."

      Liz looked at Isabel and nodded. They opened the door and left Mr Troy alone with the information they gave him.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 15:00

      "YOU DID WHAT?" Max yelled

      "Hey, stop yelling." Liz said angrily

      "You went to see a Skin in his house?" Max asked

      "Yes. I had information he needed to know." Liz said

      "And the reason you didn't come to us?" Michael asked

      "Because he wouldn't have trusted you with it. Besides I wasn't in danger. I have powers now and Isabel was with me." Liz said

      "Oh we'll be talking about that later." Max said as he looked at his sister

      "Oh no you wont." Liz said

      "Oh I think I will. My sister walked my pregnant wife into the home of our enemy whose people hunt us down." Max said

      "Did hunt us down." Liz corrected, "The Skins are dead, he's the last and the only thing he cares about is his daughter. He thought we were responsible, I showed him who was."

      Max looked at Liz, "Who?"

      "Nicholas." Isabel said

      "The evil smurf?" Maria asked

      "I thought he was dead?" Sam asked as he felt Ava shudder next to him. He knew she could remember what happened with Nicholas while Serena inhabited her body.

      "He is." Max said, "General Masters team put a bullet through the seal on his husk. They reported that he blew up in a shower of dust."

      "He did it before that happened. As punishment to Mr Troy." Liz said

      "Punishment for what?" Tess asked

      "For fathering Pam and betraying what the Skins stood for. Accidental or not he still did it and...uh...didn't take care of the situation." Isabel said

      "Take care of it how?" Alex asked

      "By killing her." Liz said

      "If it was Nicholas or any other Skin who was her father, she'd be dead not too long after she was born but Mr Troy loved her. She was his daughter so he chose to hide." Isabel said

      "Okay so back up a little. Just how alien is she?" Lonnie asked

      "She's not. Her body can only generate energy like us but it builds up. She can't realise it. Mr Troy drains it to keep her mind balanced." Isabel said

      "Other than that she's completely human." Liz said

      "So why didn't you tell us?" Max asked, "We could have..."

      "You would have gone in with us. You wouldn't give us a choice about it, you would have gone in there and there would have been tension. Where as Isabel and I got the message across calmly." Liz said

      "How'd he take it?" Michael asked

      "About as well as you'd expect. Whether or not he backs off... technically our mindwarps did have a factor in her condition. It sped up the process." Liz said

      "In that case we better put the drones on alert. He may know how to get into the dome." Michael said, his instincts to protect the family coming into play.

      "Yeah." Max said, "Take care of it."

      Michael got off the chair he was in and went to get a security drone. Once he instructed that drone, its orders were relayed through all the drones and all took positions around the dome to monitor the boundary.

      "Now, about you going to see the bad guy." Max said as he looked at Liz

      "All I'm going to say is that you guys, way too over protective." Liz said

      "Here, here." Tess said

      "I thought you liked being protected?" Kyle asked

      "Yeah but you guys do everything to keep us as far away from danger as possible when we can take care of ourselves. Protected is nice, coddled is something else." Isabel said

      "And in case you didn't notice, all our powers are equal to yours." Ava said

      "Yeah but he's got one of those things that Brody has." Max said

      "That only works on Antarian hybrids not humans." Liz said

      "So if given the option..." Max started

      "We'd prefer to stand by you instead of behind." Liz said

      "Well you don't get a choice now." Max said

      "Got that right." Isabel said, "To protect my niece or nephew and you..."

      "I'm with that." Lonnie said

      "Me too." Maria said

      "See." Max said to his wife as the others all agreed.

      "So basically as long as I'm pregnant I can expect to go crazy." Liz said

      "Pretty much." Max said

      "That goes for you two as well." Sam said as he wrapped his arms around Ava and Lonnie

      The two girls looked at each other and then at Sam, "Good luck." They said sarcastically

      "Well, I need a break." Tess said, "I'm going for a walk."

      "Need company?" Kyle asked

      "Always." Tess answered

      Together they walked out of the house and into the forest. All the others sat back and looked around for something to do, before long the television was switched on and they all relaxed a little more. A little later, Maria looked at the clock, stretched out her legs and stood up.

      "I need to stretch my legs." She said as she walked out of the room

      Everybody watched as she left and then seconds later Michael stood. He went after his lover, when he was gone the others turned back to the television.

      "Why do they bother making excuses to go have sex?" Liz asked

      "Are you kidding?" Alex asked

      "No. All four of them know they can have sex right here in front of us if the want to." Max said

      "Yeah and before you were married they did. But now you are, and you're going to be's just a little weird." Isabel said

      "Well, we'll need to correct that then." Liz said, giving a tempting smile to Max who reciprocated.

      In the Rainforest, The Dome, 16:00

      As they walked over the grass in between the thick trees, Kyle and Tess held hands. Both were smiling and happy to be in each other's company. Eventually the brush thinned and the two found a small clearing. It was nothing more than a very small hill covered in grass with a dead log in the middle. Tess went over to the log and sat down on it, Kyle looked at her and approached.

      "Nice and quiet." Kyle said

      "Yeah." Tess said

      "Have I said that that dress looks good on you?"

      "Yes, but you can say it again if you like." Tess said

      "It does look really, really good." Kyle said

      "Let me guess, it'll look better with...uh...grass stains?" Tess asked

      Kyle smiled, "Well, now that you mention it."

      Kyle kneeled in front of her and they kissed. He had one hand on the back of her head while the other was on her hip, both of hers were draping over his shoulders. As the kiss deepened and grew more intense for both of them, Kyle's hand on her hip moved lower to her thigh until he was at the hem of her dress. Delicately he traced the bare skin and Tess gently moaned into his mouth.

      Slowly his hand moved under the thin fabric and crept up her leg. His fingertips danced over her flesh as his other hands ran through her soft golden hair. Eventually his hand reached the apex of her thighs, his finger ran over her silk panties and he backed off.

      "Underwear? I thought you and Maria don't wear underwear anymore." Kyle said

      "We have a little rule that we wear the same underwear. Mostly we have been going commando but sometimes we just like wearing them... especially for you and Michael." Tess said

      Kyle smiled and kissed Tess again. Gently he eased his fingers into her panties and pushed them into her slit, thrusting them back and forth until her hips were rocking in time with him. His free hand then moved down from her hair to her side and slowly slid the zipped down. As the fabric became loose, Kyle pulled out of her underwear and much to her disappointment. She groaned loudly and pouted. Kyle smiled and gave her a quick peck on her lips.

      He took hold of her dress and Tess raised herself up a little, allowing Kyle to pull the material up and off over her head, leaving her dressed only in her silk panties. Tess then grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and took it off. The two lovers pressed their upper bodies together as Tess reached down and started to undo Kyle's pants. Their excitement showed in their breathing and as Kyle looked at her mouth, he couldn't help but be drawn back in for another kiss.

      "God, I need you." Tess said with desire, feeling the muscles in his arms.

      "I need you too baby." Kyle said as he stood up.

      Quickly he rid himself of his sneakers and pulled off his pants, leaving him in his boxers that didn't do much to hide his erection that was straining against the fabric. Tess gently reached out and ran her hand over his dick, Kyle groaned deeply as he pushed his hips and sent his dick harder into her hand.

      As she looked up into his eyes, Kyle looked down with a look of pure heat. Tess took hold of his boxers and pulled them down. As soon as he kicked them off, Tess leaned forward and licked the entire length of his cock. Then she did it again, just to hear the groan from Kyle, but then she kissed the bulging head before taking him into her mouth.

      Slowly she started to suck on him, her tongue sliding around his length as her head bobbed up and down. Kyle was in heaven as he eased his dick in and out of her warm mouth, his hand moved to her head and pushed her, desperate for her to move faster but she maintained her teasing speed. She kept going and going, Kyle could have sworn that she was even slowing up just to torment him. Then, quickly, she released him. His dick bobbed back and forth as Tess licked her lips.

      "Huh?" Kyle could only say

      "What? Can't a girl want full load inside her?" Tess asked teasingly as she slid back on the log and spread her legs. She ran her fingers over her panties, circling her pussy and pressing on her clit, "You wanna cum, it'll be in here." She said

      Kyle immediately dropped to his knees and ran his hands over her legs, sending them up her thighs to her panties. He grabbed the delicate material and pulled them off of her, leaving both completely naked. He looked at his goal; his dick throbbed with the idea of joining with her but he wanted payback. He wanted to drive her insane with primal need and then pull back at the last second. The look in his eyes told Tess what he was going to do and immediately regretted not finishing him off when she had him in her mouth.

      Kyle reached around and grabbed both butt cheeks. He pulled her forward and pressed her wet sex against his face, his tongue started to work after mere seconds. Tess groaned and moaned, howling into the forest as her hips ground into Kyle's face. Kyle's tongue ran around her lower lips before beginning to stab deep into her body, over and over again.

      Slowly his hand snaked up to her breast; his thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipple as he started to knead the pliant flesh with his palm. Her whole body gyrated against his head, he ate her with passion as their blood reached boiling point.

      "Ughnnnn...oh god...AGHH...."

      Kyle knew she was close and pulled away. As much as he wanted to stay buried in her pussy, the look of frustration on her face was blissful payback. However, the passion in the both had been awoken. Tess grabbed his body and completely wrapped herself around him, kissing her lover with fire. She could feel his dick under her and both wanted it sliding into her depths.

      "Ugnnnn...Kyle. Just put it in me." She sighed as the tip of his dick ran up and down the length of her slit

      Kyle smiled but inside of putting his dick into her, he turned her around. He was still on his knees and sat back on his ankles, while he pulled Tess down onto him. Her back was against his chest and his dick sank into her pussy. Kyle wrapped his strong arms around the front of her body and her arms held onto his. Her butt was firmly in his lap and gently she began to move on him.

      "K...Kyle..." Tess whimpered.

      Their two bodies were close, both moving together with perfect timing. Tess felt secure in his arms, leaning back against him as he rested his forehead against the back of hers.

      Off to the side, hidden by thick bushes, another naked couple watched them. Michael and Maria had followed them out here but they had stripped naked before leaving the house. Both felt completely natural and at ease in the dome, although Michael was extra careful whenever they passed anything with sharp thorns.

      "Damn she looks hot." Maria whispered

      "I wouldn't know about that." Michael said, "But Kyle definitely looks on top form."

      Michael was behind Maria, his arms securely around her body, "Gross Michael, he's gonna be my step brother next week."

      "And Tess is my cousin." Michael said

      Both could see Kyle's dick sliding in and out of Tess. Michael's hand subconsciously ran up and down Maria's thigh in time with Kyle's thrusts. Maria could feel his erection growing against her ass as she ground her flesh against him. "Hmmm...that feels so good." Maria gasped as his hand moved closer to her slit

      "Tell me about it." Michael groaned as he pressed his dick into the cleavage of her ass.

      Maria turned her head slightly and looked at Michael through the corner of her eye, "You wanna fuck me?"

      "Gnnn god yes." Michael said as he gave a sharp thrust

      "Aughnnn..." Maria gasped as the head of his dick slipped between her ass cheeks, almost entering her back passage, "Well, it's not my ass you're gonna fuck."

      Michael looked down at her as she slipped out of his arms. He watched as she took her hand and led him out of the bushes to their lovers in the clearing. Both Kyle and Tess were still in the same position, only they were moving fasted against each other but were still holding each other just as close.

      Maria let go of Michael's hand and walked to Tess, immediately she kneeled before her and that was the first indication to the copulating pair that they had company. They were too wrapped up in each other to notice anything but each other. As Tess felt Maria's presence, her eyes opened and smiled at her lover. Maria reached out and started to caress her lover's breasts before they started to kiss.

      Behind Kyle, Michael moved up and ran his hands over the jock's back. Kyle looked back and then kissed his boyfriend, all the time feeling his dick poking into his ass as he made love to Tess.

      "Ughnnnn...Kyle...I need...I need..." Tess whimpered

      "Hunnnnn...I'm not going anywhere baby." Kyle groaned

      Maria sat back on the ground, her legs spread outward before Tess. The hybrid couldn't resist and moved off of Kyle's dick. She moved onto all fours and started to finger-fuck Maria. Kyle looked at Tess's sex and couldn't believe he wasn't inside her. He moved closer and stuck his dick back inside her, thrusting harder and harder and with each vibrant thrust Tess sent her fingers deeper and deeper into Maria.

      Michael watched all three, his ears became filled with their moans but couldn't resist Kyle's butt moving in front of him. Quickly he moved up to Kyle and thrust his dick into Kyle.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN..." All four moaned together as Kyle then Tess thrust at the same time.





      Michael moved back and forth, holding Kyle's body tightly and as he thrust his rock hard penis, Kyle thrust into Tess and Tess slipped three fingers into Maria. All of them were thrusting in time with the others. Each caressed their fiancé and kissed when possible. Maria looked at Tess, their eyes gazing deep before Maria looked passed her to Michael. They kept going and going, all four bodies were enflamed and desperately seeking their orgasm.


      "YEAH...YEAH...OH FUUUUUU..."





      After a series of never ending deep thrusts of their men, the girls cried out and came. Kyle and Michael quickly followed both as they shot their loads. All four collapsed onto the grass and held each other.

      "Wow." Maria said

      "Yeah." Tess said as she caressed Maria's breast.

      "Certainly has been a while since all four of us got together." Kyle said

      "Why'd you think we came out here?" Maria asked

      "Hey, where are you're clothes?" Tess asked

      "We left them in the house." Maria said

      "Naked through the forest...risky." Kyle said as he looked at Michael and then down to his dick, "Didn't damage anything, did you?"

      "No." Michael said

      "You know, I think we better get back to the house." Tess said as she picked up her dress and then looked around, "Has anyone seen my panties?"

      Kyle stood before the log and mimicked his movements as he ridded Tess of her underwear and then threw them over his shoulder. He looked to a tree and saw them hanging from a branch and immediately retrieved them. "There we go."

      Tess slipped them on and them put on her dress and zipped it up, as Kyle got dressed. Soon all four were wondering back through the forest, each holding hands with the other and Michael still being careful about the local sharp fauna.

      Crashdown, Roswell, 18:30

      After dinner, the family headed out to the Crashdown. They kept their eye out for anything out of the ordinary as their car pulled into the parking space. They were paranoid about anything that could happen, a little more so than usual thanks to the knowledge that Troy had access to a device that could temporarily remove them of their powers.

      They entered the café, and sat down around a table as Liz went to hug her dad in the kitchen. When they came out and Liz sat next to Max, Jeff poured a glass of milk and placed it in front of her.

      "You're mother couldn't get enough when she was carrying you." Jeff said as he kissed her forehead.

      "Thanks dad, but a little louder next time. I don't think they heard you in Mexico City." Liz said

      "Liz Par...Evans afraid of people finding out about this? That's not the girl I raised." Jeff said

      "I know. I just don't want people at school looking at me differently than they already are. Besides, this is going to take over ten months. I don't want that little fact drawing attention to our unusual circumstances. Maybe in a month or two." Liz said

      "Okay. That I can understand." Jeff said

      Then as the door opened, Jeff looked around to see Mr Troy enter the café. Jeff immediately moved over to him.

      "You're not welcome here." Jeff said, ready not to have another experience like last time.

      "Maybe not but I need to see them." Mr Troy said as he looked over to the group and they looked back to him.

      Jeff looked over to his son in-law and Max nodded. Jeff backed off and Mr Troy moved over to them. He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out the device, he rested it on the table and covered it with a cloth. "Just so we know where we all stand." Troy said, "The device is inactive. No tricks."

      "Why?" Max asked

      "Your queen is impressive. She had courage to come and see me knowing what I am." Troy said

      "Well I have to agree with you there." Max said, "But you still haven't answered my question, why?"

      "I looked over the file she gave me. I concur with her conclusions. Nicholas is responsible for my daughter's well as herself. If she did back off you wouldn't have affected her in the way you did. I suppose I am partially to blame for that, taught her that she was better than everyone else and in many respects she is far superior to other humans."

      "So what do you want now?" Michael asked

      "I want my daughter back. And you can give her back to me." Troy said

      "What do you mean?" Max asked

      "The level of energy Nicholas exposed her to is too much for me to deal with. I can't undo the damage that's already been done but you can. You, as laughable as it sounds, are the strongest Antarian. As king that's the way it is. Even hybridised you're far more powerful than I am." Troy said, "Heal my daughter, repair the damage and assist me in correcting her imbalance. Consider it making amends for the mindwarps you exposed her to."

      "That I can do." Max said

      "However..." Sam cut in, "I'm assuming Pam doesn't know about you?"

      "No. I always correct her problems when she sleeps, as far as she's concerned she just had an unusual dream."

      "Then Max healing her is going to be a huge risk of exposure, whether people consider her crazy or not. She will know." Sam said

      "He's right." Ava said

      "She's always been a problem but knowing this...she'll hold it over our heads." Maria said

      Troy looked at all of them and looked down at the floor.

      "None of that matters." Max said

      Troy looked quickly up.

      "She has been affected by her father's fight...and ours I suppose. If I can correct that problem then you know I will, all of you know it as much as I do." Max said

      "But having her know..." Lonnie said

      "Exposing us means exposing her father. We're the good guys where as the Skins came to Earth to stop us and..." Max said looking to Troy

      "And to stop at nothing in experimenting with humans to find a cure." Troy said, "Kivar's orders...even if we have to tear them all apart a molecule at a time."

      "We will deal with it afterward." Max said

      "Thank you." Troy said, "When will you..."

      "We'll all go tonight." Max said, "Call your wife, you should tell her you'll be late home."

      "Yes, of course." Troy said as he stood and moved to the payphone in the corner.

      Pam's Room, State Mental Institution, 21:00

      Visiting hours were over but that didn't stop them. Tess, Ava, Kyle and Sam held back, focusing their power together to mask the other's presence in the hospital with a mindwarp. Alex did a little tinkering with the internal security system and cameras while Michael melted a hole in the security fence. When everything was ready, they moved inside.

      Led by Max, they walked through the dark halls. Everyone was asleep, except for the guards who patrolled the hospital. Thanks to the efforts of the others outside, the group and Mr Troy went completely unnoticed. Eventually they reached Pam's room and after unlocking the door they slipped inside. Pam was fast asleep in her bed; the second he saw her, her father moved to her side.

      Carefully he brushed some of her hair aside and smiled down at her before taking out the hexagonal device. He held it a foot above her forehead and activated it; when he removed his hand the alien machine floated about Pam, not moving an inch. It was then that their presence roused Pam from her slumber. As her eyes opened the device shot a spread of green light into her eyes. Her eyes remained opened, Troy put his hand on the machine's surface and the light became blue. "Okay...I'm linking to her biology. Start healing her." Troy said

      "Liz." Max said

      She nodded and the two moved to Pam's side. Both put a hand on her head while their other hands took hold of hers. In a second the connection formed. Max and Liz focused on healing the damage to her brain while helping Mr Troy drain the excess energy from her and correcting the imbalance. The couple immediately started seeing images from Pam's past.


      Pam when she was six. Her father picked her up, both laughing as they hugged. Then it jumped forward a couple of years, Pam walked with her dad as she licked from an ice cream cone.

      **END FLASH**

      The images went on and on, all showed Pamela with her father. They were all the best memories she had and were all coming through clearly, she was the definitive "daddy's girl".

      However, the connection wasn't one way. As Max and Liz saw her memories, Pam saw theirs. She saw Max coming out of the pod, Michael running and hiding behind a rock at the approach of oncoming headlights. Then she saw the shooting and Max healing Liz. Then it jumped backward to the beach when Max and Isabel created the symbol in the sand. Then it went forward again to their abduction to the Island. She saw each bonding, Liz and Isabel making love and then Liz with Tess, then Maria. Then it jumped to Max and Alex, and then with the others. She saw it all, including the Sharing and Sam's marriage to both Ava and Lonnie.

      After a while the connection broke and all three backed off. Max and Liz held each other's hand as Mr Troy shut off the device and put it back in his pocket. As soon as the light stopped, Pam's eyes closed again and she was immediately asleep. However, the images from Max and Liz were still in her.

      "Thank you." Mr Troy said

      "We can only start the process in her." Max said, "She'll have to come back the rest of the way but that, other, personality wont be around to cause her problems."

      "If she can do it, she'll be back the way she was before the Skins came to town." Liz said

      "She can do it." Troy said

      "But what about when she wakes up?" Michael asked, "Knowing what she does..."

      "I will tell her." Troy said

      "Tell her what?" Max asked

      "What her father is. And if need be, I will ensure her silence. For what you've done here tonight, you have my guarantee." Troy said. As he pulled the blanket over his daughter, Troy kissed her forehead and soon all were all heading out of the hospital. They all met up outside the fence and all worked to mend the hole while Alex restored the security system to normal. Before long they were driving back to Roswell. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Pam's eyes shot open and she shot straight upright in bed.

      "Oh my god." She whispered

      To Be Continued...

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