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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 46

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 19, 2004

      Principle's Office, Roswell High, 09:20

      The second Max and Liz got into homeroom, their teacher told them to report to the principle's office. The whole class started to mock the two `golden' students with warnings tones and laughs. A look from the teacher got them to quieten up but Max and Liz couldn't help but wonder why. Liz asked what they did but all the teacher could say was that the message arrived just before they came in.

      As they got to the office the principle's secretary showed them into the office. When the principle saw them come in, he immediately stood up. He straightened his papers and put them back into the filing cabinet.

      "Max, Liz, thanks for coming."

      "'re the principle. When you call it's kinda not possible not to come here." Max said.

      "Oh yeah." The principle smiled, "Gotta love power. Anyway, why I asked you here. I've been getting phone calls since I got in this morning. Mr Troy, Pamela's father, has been trying to get a hold of her school records. Now that, given her current confinement is no problem."

      "What does that have to do with us?" Liz asked.

      "He's also demanding that I turn over your records, all eleven of you. I don't know what he wants with them."

      "Wait, you're not going to turn them over are you?" Max asked.

      "Of course not. It's protected information. I'm only authorised to turn them over to your parents or you when you turn 18, which you are now. However, Mr troy is persistent. I just had the files out to make sure that they were all okay and not tampered with. Aside from that...uh...incident in the eraser room that time, they're spotless."

      "Do you really think he'd try to steal them?" Liz asked.

      "He's upset over his daughter and blames you, he's always been aggressive when he goes after things he believes in."

      "You've known him along time?" Max asked.

      "Oh yeah. He was the school bully, back then he never believed in much but today..."

      "You were at school together?"

      "With both your fathers and mothers. Not that we knew each other well but being on the wrong end of Troy was what we had in common. Liz, your father when he took a swing at that...well, he got something most of our class has been itching to do for a long, long time. Uh, you wont mention I said that will you?"

      Both teenagers smiled and shook their heads, "It's safe with us sir." Max said

      "Well...good...uh I think you better get on to class now. I just wanted to let you know."

      Max and Liz said goodbye and left the room. As they made their way back down the halls to their class, they were talking through their bonds to the others and informing each of what they had just been told. As soon as the opportunity presented itself they each called their parents to let them know what was happening.

      Judge's Office, Courthouse, Roswell, 10:00

      When Valenti reported for work in the morning Hanson told him that he'd been "asked" to go to the court for a meeting with one of Roswell's judges and a member on the town's council. When he asked for a meeting, he wasn't asking, he was telling. As soon as Jim had finished going over any reports from the previous night he got into his SUV and drove over. He arrived and knocked on the door to the judge's chambers and was called inside.

      "Jim, good to see you."

      "You too Your Honour."

      "Jim, the mayor asked me to speak to you. He got a complaint about you, that Jeffery Parker assaulted him and you didn't do anything about it. In fact he said you took him in instead of Parker."



      "Judge Bale, it wasn't assault, it was self defence and in defence of his daughter, her fianc╚ and their friends. And that includes my son. Mr Troy is...I guess you could say he's upset about what happened to his daughter and is blaming Max Evans and the others with it. He got there angry, he immediately accused the kids of something and the commotion brought out Jeff...uh...Mr parker. He showed considerable restraint in the matter. But it was Troy that threw the first punch."

      "And why weren't charges brought against Mr Troy?"

      "Mr Parker didn't want to, given that Troy's daughter was just locked up. He thought that being in a cell would cool him down a little and I agreed."

      "I see."

      "And on my way here I got a call from my son and Tess. Mr Troy has been trying to get hold of the kids' school records."

      "That's privileged information."

      "Yes sir. But that's not stopping him calling the school since the teachers got in this morning. And about this so-called assault, I have written statements from people who were there. The only connection between these people and Mr Parker is that they eat in his caf╚."

      "You got them with you?"

      "No but I can fax them over."

      "Good. I had a feeling that Mr Troy was just being a pain in the ass but he has money and the mayor owes him a favour or two."

      "Money. Hmm, you could always remind the mayor of what's in the kids' bank accounts."

      "Yeah." The judge smiled, "I'll speak to the mayor and the council. Shouldn't be too much trouble."

      "Yeah I've heard that before but I won't be holding my breath. This is usually where trouble starts."

      "Like when you took those Evans' kids out on a ride along?"

      "That was a misjudgement to be sure, but I'm not sorry since they found a girl who'd been buried alive."

      "Okay. I'll tell the mayor what you told me and I'll pass on those witness statements. Oh and Judge Reynolds is also going to back you up on...well, apparently anything."

      "He is?"

      "He told me to tell you that you have a mutual friend who once saved his life and that a Mr Feln sends his regards."

      Jim felt like he was swallowing a fistful of thorns when he heard the name. He couldn't image how the judge knew of Feln but since he was in the building he could find out. "Okay. Well, Feln certainly does get around. I better get going. Oh could you ask the mayor to remind Mr Troy that when they inherited that company they also inherited an army of lawyers. The kids hate to use them but if Troy pushes..."

      "I wont blame them if they call them in today. I'll pass on the message."

      Valenti left the judges office. He soon found Reynolds' office and learned of his history with Feln. After that he returned to work.

      Living Room, Evans Residence, 18:00

      That night, Max and Liz asked their parents to meet them at Max's old home to discuss some things. When the four parents arrived, Diane made them all coffee while they waited for their children.

      "So what do you think they wanted to tell us this time?" Philip asked

      "Well the last time it was to tell us they're getting married, maybe they've scheduled a date for their divorce." Jeff joked.

      "Oh very funny." Nancy said.

      "I don't think that word will ever be spoken by any them." Diane said.

      "I don't think it's even possible for them to separate, not that they'd want to." Nancy said.

      "Well...there goes that hope." Jeff said.

      "Daddy!" Liz said as she came in.

      "Hey you two." Diane said.

      "Hi mom." Max said.

      "How is everyone?" Philip asked.

      "Everyone's great. Lonnie's...well she's a little hyper since her Sharing but she's beginning to calm down. Isabel's being Isabel with her planning, especially with Christmas coming up."

      "Christmas isn't for another 2 and a half months." Jeff said.

      All the Evans' looked at each other, "Yeah that sounds about right." Diane said

      "Isabel always starts planning early." Philip said.

      "You should see what she's got planned for the dome. I think it's kind of along the lines of one of those glass balls with the towns inside and filled with water and snowflakes...only the dome won't be filled with water."

      "Sounds nice. So what's with the meeting this time?" Nancy asked.

      "Well, it's just that we've set a date for the wedding." Max said.

      All the parents looked at them.

      "In two weeks." Max said.

      "WHAT?" Nancy and Diane asked at the same time.

      "Actually is more like a week and a half Thursday." Liz said.


      "Liz, honey, there is no way that a wedding can be ready in time."

      "It's impossible, we need to book a church, get tuxedos pick out a dress..."

      "Guys, chill. The church is taken care off. We spoke with Father McGowan before we left on Friday, everything is fine on that end." Max said.

      "And everything else?" Philip asked.

      "Isabel has everything on planned and she's spoken to anyone she needs to. Almost everything has been dealt with." Liz said.

      "So all we need to do is..." Nancy asked.

      "Um, well, be there I guess." Max said, not knowing what else to say.

      "And...and to give me away." Liz said tentatively as she looked at her father.

      Jeff stood up and walked over to Liz. He hugged his daughter close. "Like I wouldn't." he said, "You're going to have a hell of a day Sweetie."

      All of them sat and talked for a long time. Liz brought out Isabel's list of things to do and they discussed everything, and then discussed it again. Max, Jeff and Philip could only watch as the three women gravitated toward each other. Eventually they disappeared into the kitchen for more coffee, Philip and Jeff knew from the last time they went through something like this that it was virtually impossible to get a word in edgeways. The best they could do was sit back and let the women work.

      Church, Roswell, 12:30 Thursday, 1 ç Weeks Later

      The days passed quickly as everything was set in place for Max and Liz's big day. Word had spread quickly through the town and the school itself, while the only wanted family to be present; it didn't stop people from waiting on the street along with some press. The day itself landed on a school holiday so there was no problem in getting away.

      Max stood in the church with Michael by his side; Alex and Kyle were right beside them. They were waiting for the arrival of Liz and the other girls, Max's palms were sweating and the others could feel it.

      "Nervous?" Michael asked

      "A little. I don't even know why, it's already done and this is just..."

      "Ceremony?" Kyle asked.

      "Yeah." Max said

      Then they heard the doors of the church open, the music started and Max locked his eyes onto Liz. In that second Max's pulse slowed down and he stopped being nervous. She looked even more beautiful than he'd ever seen her, and she wasn't the only one. Each of the guys looked to their lovers in their pale lilac silk dresses and they couldn't stop staring at each other. Lonnie's drone boyfriend filled in nicely as she constantly gazed at Sam, but with his illusionist abilities all anyone saw was her looking at him.

      Liz took her father's arm and together they walked down the aisle toward Max. As they reached the end, Jeff moved aside and Max took his place. Michael stood closer with his hands behind his back and each of the girls stood by Liz's side. Max and Liz couldn't stop staring at each other; it was only when Father McGowan cleared his throat that they looked to him.

      {Ready?} Max asked through their link.

      {Always.} Liz answered.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony..."

      The priest continued speaking. Reciting passages from the bible, allowing Max and Liz to say their vows to each other and the exchanging of rings. Everything went without a hitch, thanks to Valenti telling his deputies to keep an eye out. They managed to keep the press out of the church; Hanson was even assigned to keep an eye on the Troy's. While they did come close to the church, they didn't stop so Hanson didn't intervene. After a short time everyone heard the main line, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

      As Max and Liz kissed, the small number of people in the church stood up and clapped. Off to the side, the one camera in the room watched everything and transmitted the wedding to the homes of the other families around the world. They too clapped when the couple kissed, and then watched as their family gathered around them.

      In seconds they were heading out of the church and into their limousine, quickly followed by everyone else in their cars for the reception in the dome. True to form, Isabel arranged everything perfectly. Liz couldn't help but kiss her girlfriend for everything she had done but most of the day was spent with her husband.

      Max and Liz's Bedroom, 18:00

      Max carried Liz in his arms through the doors to their bedroom. It was their first destination upon their arrival home and Max immediately picked her up when they left the limo. When the doors to their room close, Max carefully let Liz down and they stood before each other.

      As they looked at each other Max reached his hand out and suddenly Liz felt the zip of her dress come undone. Liz smiled and reached her hand out. Max's shirt buttons became undone and his shirt flow open and came shooting down his arms while the straps of her wedding dress went down her arms. Then Liz focused on his pants, both pairs of shoes vanished, the bottom of her dress started to come off. In seconds they were in their underwear, both smiled at what they saw.

      Both were wearing the Antarian clothes given to them for their first night as a married couple. Max was in what he once described as a cross between a thong and a condom; Liz smiled as she watched Max's dick became erect. She was wearing her gold trimmed loincloth that was a string with two scraps of shaped material hanging from it that was a foot long. Connected to it was the matching bra that had gold strings that crisscrossed down over her belly.

      "You look beautiful." Max said

      "And you look hot, hunky and absolutely gorgeous." Liz said as the two moved closer together.

      Liz ran her hands over her husband's chest as he put his hands on her hips. They pressed their bodies together and kissed with a need like they were long lost lovers. Liz raised her leg and started to caress his leg with her foot. She could feel his erection burning into belly. Liz's hand reached down and her fingers wrapped around his massive cock.

      Max groaned at her touch, he was desperate for some relief after seeing Liz in what she was wearing. He could only continue to kiss her as he felt her nimble fingers removed the silk from over his cock and then moved to her knees, working the remainder of the garment down and off his legs. The young brunette couldn't help lick the length of his dick when she saw it and took him into her mouth, gently sucking on him a couple of times before standing back up. They held each other's hand and walked each other to their bed. Max never bothered with removing her clothes, but watched as she crawled up onto the bed. As she lay on her side Max got onto the bed and rolled her onto her back. His strong hands ran over her legs and he parted them.

      He moved over her body and her legs bent as she felt his waist against her thighs, she accepted his weight and they kissed. This time it was Max's hand to reach down between them. He pulled up on the scrap of cloth that covered her sex and put the tip of his dick against her soft folds.

      "I'm about to make love to a beautiful woman, who is my wife." Max said huskily.

      "That turning you on?" Liz asked.

      "You turn me on." Max said as he caressed her face and pushed with his hips. His dick slipped inside her and both pairs of eyes closed tightly.

      Max slowly moved, pushing further into Liz before slowly withdrawing. When he was almost out of her, Max crashed back in causing a loud moan of bliss form deep inside Liz. Each thrust of his hips eliciting a moan from both lovers as she squeezed on him. Liz reached down and put her hands on his ass and pushed in time with his thrusts. Slowly they moved together, their bodies were getting hotter by the second as their skins became flushed and red. Neither stopped touching the other, Liz trailed her fingers over every tight muscle in his back. She could feel the first formations of sweat on his skin and he could no doubt feel the sweat from her. Some was being soaked up by the silken fabric of her outfit but most of her skin was exposed and touching Max's.

      "Maxxx..." Liz gasped, "Uhnnnn...Max."

      "I love you...Lizz." Max groaned out.

      He continued to move his dick in and out of Liz. They held each other tightly, Liz ankle moved over Max's. Her back arched and her upped body pressed against Max, his hard chest rubbed over hers and he could feel her nipples. Max uncovered one of her breasts and leaned down slightly, bending his head and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently and bit down hard, but it wasn't painful.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNN!" Liz cried out.

      "Like that baby?" Max asked with heat.

      "Ughnn...yeah..." Liz groaned.

      "Rghnnnn...God, Liz you...ughnn...feel so good." Max groaned.

      "Urhnnnnn...Max...har...harder..." Liz groaned.

      Max picked up the pace and before long he was pounding into her. His dick was sliding back and forth, creating an intense friction that seared through both lovers. Liz wrapped her legs securely around his waist as flesh slapped against flesh.

      "OH GOD, UGHHNN, MAX!" Liz screamed.

      "LI...LIZ...OH YES...UGNNNN...UGNNNNNNN!" Max groaned as sweat dripped from his forehead and onto Liz.

      They moved harder and faster against each other, each desperate for the release that seamed just seconds away.

      "UGHNNN! MAX!"


      Max hammered his dick until they suddenly both froze. In a split second their bodies exploded and both cried out. Max spilled his semen into Liz as her whole body became wracked with her orgasm. They stayed locked together, their breathing hard and ragged as Max rested his head on hers. "I love you." They both whispered to each other.

      "Max, I've been thinking..." Liz said but stopped when Max smiled, "Why are you smiling? Because I've been thinking?"

      "I'd be surprised if you ever stopped." Max said, "So what are you thinking about?"

      "Well...I...I'm not sure if you think you're ready or anything but..."

      "A baby?" Max asked.

      "Yes." Liz said.

      "Are you ready?" Max asked.

      "I know we're still in school but, well it is why we're here." Liz said.

      "No, why we're here is to love each other and our family. A baby is just a great bonus. And yes, I want to have a bay with you and I have been thinking about it as well." Max said.

      "You want to?"

      Max nodded his head. Both smiled brightly and kissed each other tenderly but passionately. "We need to tell the others." Liz said.

      "Yeah but we need a shower first and we need to look out the clothes Kalen gave us for it." Max said.

      "Yeah." Liz said.

      "Oh wait, what about school...and college for that matter?"

      "Well, Feln did a little human/Antarian bio lesson for us girls. We'll be pregnant for ten and a half months, but I'm going to go all out to graduate early. As for college, I've been thinking about staying home and doing it by correspondence."

      "No, no way. You've had you're heart set on Harvard or Yale or something for like forever. I promised your dad that I would help you get your dreams." Max said.

      "I know, but you and our family are my dreams. I'll still be the bigwig scientist; it'll just take me a little longer, but for us, that I don't mind." Liz said.

      Max kissed her softly before he nodded and slipped his cock out of Liz, his erection beginning to soften. Together they hopped off the bed and Liz removed her outfit. They looked out the third and final form of Antarian clothing that they had before they had a shower together. As they came out they put on robes before going to see the rest of their family. Every single last one of them was excited when Max and Liz told them; they men shook Max's hand and the girls all hugged Liz, with the exception of Maria who practically bounced up and down. They all went upstairs, Max and Liz got prepared while the others waited outside their bedrooms.

      Altar Room, The Mansion, 20:00

      Max and Liz came out of their bedroom wearing their outfits for the occasion. Liz was wearing the thin metal chain mail halter-top over her upper body and a sarong around her waist that dropped to half way down her thighs. Max was wearing something similar to Speedos but the fabric was softer and did nothing to hide the growing erection under it. Both were in gold. When they put on the outfits, the couple felt a change in their bodies, a change that wouldn't have it's full effect until the implants in their wrists were shut off. Within the material was microscopic technology that started to stimulate the reproductive systems of both of them.

      Everyone was already in the room, waiting for the pair and as they emerged, both went to opposite sides of the room. Max placed his hand on one of the glyphs on the wall while Liz went to the other glyph. They pressed at the same time and in the centre of the indentation in the floor that was filled with cushions, the altar started to rise up.

      The couple looked at each other and moved to the edge of the indentation, both looked at their wrists and firmly tapped the area that concealed their birth control implants. With two faint little red blink the devices deactivated and their reproductive systems were fertile once more. Alex and Isabel knew their roles in this little ritual and moved to their respective lovers. Isabel circled Liz and caressed Liz's body with her fingertips. Seeing and feeling the brunette in this outfit was arousing. Isabel kissed Liz before moving to the girl's back.

      She reached up and unclipped the material from behind her neck and then did the same where it connected at the base of her spine. The top part fell to the floor and Max licked his lips when he saw his wife's breasts. Then Isabel caressed a part of Liz's thigh that was exposed and undid the material, letting it fall to the floor and leaving Liz completely naked.

      Alex smiled as his eyes locked on to Isabel. He could see the enjoyment in her eyes as she stripped Liz. Then he started to circle Max, giving him the same caress that Isabel gave Liz. Before long he stopped behind Max and took hold of what the hybrid was wearing. In seconds Max was as naked as Liz and they moved toward each other.

      Alex rejoined Isabel, each sat on the edge of the indentation outside their bedrooms with their lovers. All watched Max and Liz intently as they held and caressed each other. Max held Liz's cheek and kissed his wife before lifting her up into his arms. Liz giggled and smiled as her arm went behind his neck. Max moved over to the altar and lay her down on the cushioned surface like a sacrifice.

      Max was hard as a rock as he climbed up to join his wife. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. Their hands caressed every inch of skin but then Liz pushed Max onto his back. Liz grabbed his dick and stroked him a couple of times before she moved up and straddled his waist. Max put his hands on Liz's thighs as she raised her hips up and put his dick at her opening.

      The couple locked eyes as Liz lowered her body and took him inside her. Liz tipped her head back, her mouth opened wide as she felt him fill her again. Liz placed her hands on Max's chest and she started rocking her hips, moving her sex around his dick. Both were getting into it but it wasn't as slow and tender as it was before. There was a new purpose into it, Max only wanted to expel his seed into Liz and she only wanted it inside her body.

      "You like watching them." Alex whispered to Isabel.

      "I like watching Liz." Isabel answered, "Just as much as you like watching Max."

      "When do you think that will be us?" Alex asked.

      "UHGHNNNNN...." Liz groaned, getting their attention back for a second.

      Isabel loved seeing the look of sheer passion in Liz's face and held Alex's hand tightly, "Very, very soon." She said.

      On the altar Liz was continuing to ride Max and his dick. She was sliding on and off his dick, taking him deep within her. Max reached up and held her breasts, massaging them and playing with her nipples. Liz ran her hands over his chest as they rocked together. Max looked down and watched as his dick disappeared and reappeared from her body.

      "Ughnnn...oh god Max..." Liz groaned


      "Give it to me Max...ugnnnnn...please...."





      "UGHNNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" They cried together, Max shot his seed into his wife.

      Liz collapsed on top of Max but the stone altar glowed brightly with a light that shot straight through the couple. In their ears the pair could hear a humming, one that came from deep inside Liz. After a few seconds the humming faded and to the couple it almost sounded like a heartbeat. Above them the light focused and for a brief second everyone could see the first moments of conception ˝ proof to everyone that it happened. Then the light blasted outward and connected with everyone, all feeling a new life beginning within the family. It also resulted in an intense wave of arousal that caused the other lovers to start undressing each other. As Max and Liz recovered from their intense orgasms, they held each other and were completely oblivious to the fact that the others had started making love. After a while, they all gathered their clothes and went to bed.

      Living Room, 08:00 The Next Morning

      Max and Liz were the first ones up in the morning. They wanted to stay in bed, wrapped in each other's arms but they decided against it. They put on their robes and headed down into the living room. That sat together on a comfy one-seater, Liz was sitting on Max's lap with her head on his shoulder. The two of them had their hands on her belly; the psychic connection to their baby was already there after just a few hours and it was strong.

      "Do you think he'll like living in a glass bubble?" Max asked.

      "*She'll* love the dome." Liz said.

      "Do you want a girl?" Max asked.

      "Not sure, do you want a boy?" Liz asked.

      Max kissed her cheek, "I will be very happy with ten fingers, ten toes and virus free."

      "Amen." Liz said.

      "Antennae and green skin optional." Max said.

      Liz hit Max and both laughed. "That would certainly make him unique at school." She said.

      "Her unique at school." Max said.

      Both looked at each other, "Well whatever it is, here's to being healthy."

      "Awe don't they look cute together?" Maria said as they others walked in.

      "Hey guys." Liz said.

      "What are you to doing out of bed? I thought the newlywed thing gets you a stay in bed and have sex all day for free card." Michael said as he and the others sat down.

      "Well...we do that all the time anyway." Max said.

      "I doubt you'd catch Tess and me out of bed for the first week." Kyle said.

      "Oh, planning on getting that lucky are we?" Tess said.

      Kyle smiled seductively and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "You wont even consider saying no, I'll make you so hot that you'll explode."

      Tess shuddered as she pressed her thighs together, she wouldn't be able to refuse Kyle even now. She knew that after wedding night that she wouldn't be seeing the others for quite some time.

      "So, are you ready for Vegas?" Max asked.

      "Oh yeah." Sam said.

      "Sin City, here we come." Ava said.

      Sam kissed both Lonnie and Ava; his arms were around their waists as they sat next to him. "How long before we're ready to leave?"

      "Our jet will be fuelled and ready by eleven, we'll spend a few in the city having fun and then we attend the wedding." Max said.

      "Vegas and fun, two words I like." Michael said.

      "Don't even think about it Spaceboy." Maria said.

      "And why shouldn't I?" Michael asked.

      "Because before you `inherited' 98 billion bucks you couldn't have gotten away with a fake I.D. Now a lot of people, if not everyone knows who we are and that none of us are 21." Maria said.

      Michael slumped in his chair with his arms crossed, looking very much like an angry two-year old. "I knew having money would bite me in the ass."

      "Today will still be fun Michael." Sam said.

      "Yeah, you're cousin is getting happy." Ava said looking at him dead in the eye.

      Michael looked at Tess and got a similar stare back. Both sisters smiled as Michael pushed further back into the chair and pulled Maria onto his lap.

      "Coward." Maria whispered.

      "Hey, I know those two and they're dangerous together." Michael said defensively.

      "Thank you." Ava said.

      "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll calm down when she has us as her balls and chains." Lonnie said as she looked at her two lovers before kissing each one.

      "Are you guys sure you're okay with this?" Alex asked

      "Yes, of course." Lonnie said.

      "Vegas, that is just for show." Sam continued.

      "And Max marrying us just seems...I don't know, just more." Ava said.

      "Thank you." Max said.

      "Max even had a little surprise done." Liz said.

      "Oh?" Isabel asked.

      "Yeah, remember that episode of Friends where Joey got that thing done over the internet so he could marry Monica and Chandler?" Max said.

      "Since when do you watch Friends?" Michael asked.

      "I watch." Liz said with her hand up, "And I don't exactly give him a choice."

      "Uh huh." Michael said, "I think I'll settle for that excuse just now."

      "Anyway, yeah we know about it." Maria said, "Are you honestly saying that you did that?"

      "Yip. Just took five minute but I am fully authorised by the state of New Mexico to marry anyone." Max said, "So, while the three of you will be secretly married, on Earth it will be official...and on Antar if there was anyone still there since it is me marrying you."

      "So we do that tonight right?" Sam asked.

      "Yeah." Max said.

      "Have you three chosen a place yet?" Liz asked.

      "Actually, we've been thinking about the lake. All of us barefoot, in the sand and wearing our Antarian getup." Lonnie said.

      "I like that." Isabel said.

      For the next couple of hours the group spent their time getting ready. After a while the phone call came that their private jet had been fuelled and was waiting on the tarmac. They piled into the limo and drove out to the airfield.

      Las Vegas, Nevada, 15:00

      As their plane touched down at the airport in Las Vegas, the group were all excited. For most of them it was their first trip to the city and as the looked down over the hotels and casinos when they flew overhead, their blood pumped. After they disembarked form the plane, they were shown to a limo that was already waiting and they drove off.

      Their first stop was their hotel, The Aladdin. They were only staying for a few hours but they all wanted somewhere to go if they ended up tired. The second they stepped into the hotel, the owner was walking by and suddenly stopped. It was as if he could smell the money and immediately looked to the group. He recognised them and started to curse silently to himself ˝ he knew they couldn't gamble. Quickly he signalled over to his manager and told him to give the family star treatment. The manager immediately greeted Max and the others and personally checked them in. They were given the presidential suite and were practically treated like royalty while they were in the building. As soon as they had settled into their room, the decided there were some chores that needed to be done.

      They headed to South 3rd street and the Marriage Licence Bureau. Sam and Ava took all the identification they needed and got a marriage licence. Ava smiled when she saw that one of the accepted IDs was a Resident Alien Card but she managed to keep her laugh from being noticed by the staff or people behind them in the queue. It didn't take long and they met up with the others back outside.

      For a while they saw the sights of the city before returning to the hotel. The girls decided to pamper themselves in the hotel spa; each making sure that Lonnie and Ava got the best treatment. The guys spent a little time in the gym, swimming pool and the video games arcade. Every so often Michael and Kyle would look at each other and then over to the casino floor.

      "No." Max said without even looking up from the screen of his machine.

      "We weren't looking." Michael said.

      "Yes you were, and in case you didn't hear! Not that they'd let you in anyway." Max said.

      Michael groaned but eventually they all headed back up to their suite. They all got ready, dressing in their best clothes before heading out. They headed straight for a pre-chosen wedding chapel. Ava chose it with Tess; they stayed clear of anything that would result in Elvis performing the ceremony and anything that just looked tacky on the outside. Ava wanted something simple and nice. As the limo pulled up outside the chapel, each of them got out and headed inside. Nearby, someone recognised them and immediately started making phone calls. Inside, Sam and Ava moved up to the front desk.

      "Hello, we'd like to get married please." Ava said chirpily.

      "Of course, why else would we be here?" Sam said as he held her hand.

      "Okay, I need to see your marriage licence." Said the woman behind the desk.

      Sam pulled out the document and handed it over for the woman to inspect. While she didn't immediately recognise their faces, she recognised the names and suddenly looked up. "Hi ya." Max waved as she looked over at him.

      "Oh, it's uh...okay." She got up from behind the desk and moved into the main room. Seconds later she emerged with a smile on her face, "You can all go in now."

      "Was there a problem?" Liz asked.

      "Oh no, I always go in to check to see how much of a wait there is but the last couple just finished so, you can go in now."

      "Thank you." Ava said.

      She and Sam walked inside, followed by the others. 15 minutes later they all stepped back out, Sam wrapped his arms around Ava and kissed her hard before they headed out the door. However, when the left the chapel there were a thousand camera flashes, the lights from television cameras shown on their faces and they were all hounded to the limo.

      "Okay, well, that secret didn't last as long as I thought it would." Sam said as the car drove off back to the hotel.

      As they got to the hotel, the press waited for them. The hotel security helped the teenagers inside and kept the press at bay. As they got into their suite, Sam grabbed Ava and together they fell onto a white long hair rug kissing. Lonnie stood over them smiling, at least until Sam and Ava each grabbed her hands and pulled her down to join them.

      "Okay you three, that's enough." Max said.

      "Yeah, we've got to get packed, get home and do the *real* event." Liz said

      The three lovers got up off the rug and straightened their clothes. All eleven of them started to pack what little they brought with them. They called the front desk and asked them to arrange for the limo to pick them up at the rear exit. After an almost successful attempt at sneaking away (one photographer was attempting to sneak into the hotel at the same time and place they were leaving), they all got to the airport and were flying back within the hour.

      On the Shore of the Lake, The Dome, Roswell, New Mexico, 19:00

      As the sun started to set on New Mexico, the light filtered through the glass of the dome and focused on a particular spot on the shore. That was the spot that Sam, Lonnie and Ava chose. They all left the mansion wearing their Antarian clothes, Max came out with the book on Antarian customs and everything else he needed. He had gone over everything he needed to do but he didn't want to screw anything up.

      When they got to the spot, the trio stood in the beam of light with Max before them. Their family stood around them. Liz, as queen, stood beside her husband. She presented Tess and Isabel with a thick gold thread, and as the three put their right hands out and on top of each other, the thread was wrapped around them. Then came a similar thread only it was far longer and silver in colour. Tess wrapped it around Ava and tied it off before she wrapped it around Sam's waist. She handed the end of the thread to Isabel who wrapped it around Sam one more time before she wrapped it around Lonnie's waist and tied it off.

      When it was done, Isabel looked at Max and nodded. Max then stood closer and placed both his hands on top of the threesome's hands. As he did so, there was a gentle aura that surrounded their hands. The others took a step back and just watched.

      "The cycle of life begins creation. For all time that cycle starts with the merging of the parts of our spirit to begin a new life. Sam, Lonnie and Ava, the parts of their spirit have chosen to become one. Their love for each other has brought them to this day where they will dedicate themselves to each other. All of you; say the words." Max said.

      "My loves, today I bond with you. As my heart and mind belong with and to you both, so does my body." All three said together as they looked at each other.

      "My seed is yours." Sam said to the girls, the words flowing into his mind from the instincts placed in him through the rituals.

      "My body will carry your children." Ava and Lonnie said in unison to Sam.

      "Our love and blood will be carried by each other to our young." All three said together.

      "By the traditions of Antar, you have been bonded to our family. By the ways in our blood you have become one with each other." Max said, then decided to finish it human style, "I now pronounce you husband and...wives."

      Sam kissed Ava with as much fire as possible before he kissed Lonnie the same. Then the two girls kissed and all embraced. Then Liz pulled out a surprise, her wedding gift of three identical gold rings. She unbound their hands and each placed them onto their ring fingers.

      "I'm not going to be able to wear this all the time am I?" Lonnie asked, looking at the band.

      "Actually, yes." Isabel said as she pulled out a gold chain. "You can put the ring on this and wear it all the time."

      "I guess at some point you can put it on an pretend it was a present from robo-lover." Maria said with a smile.

      That night the three lovers celebrated their marriage in bed. They kept making love to each other until the sun was coming up. Sam loved his wives equally and differently and all three of them enjoyed their love and each other's bodies. By the time the sun was over the horizon they were completely exhausted. Sam and Ava never made it to the altar as they originally planned but settled for the fact that there was plenty of time. Both also knew that Lonnie would be joining them when they mate on it, Lonnie knew it as well.

      To Be Continued...

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