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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 45

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 10, 2004

      Biology Class, West Roswell High, The Next Morning

      Max and Liz were waiting for the class to begin. Around them everyone was talking away about the use teenage stuff while a few were openly talking about them. They all knew that Max and Liz were probably the smartest people at school but none of them could believe that they had invented the Abi machine.

      "Hey'd you do it? I mean no matter how much research that grandfather of yours had just seams a bit much to get done." One student said getting the attention of the room

      "We manly just filled in the blanks." Liz said

      "It's like Einstein, bunch of theories but he sucked at math. My grandfather couldn't work out a few details but we did." Max said

      "So he did most of the work?"

      "Yeah, like we said during the hours of never ending questions." Max said

      The class then went back to their conversations and Max turned back to Liz. "So, Isabel tells me you appointment with Lonnie later?" he whispered

      "Yeah, Isabel's gonna take her to the girl's bathroom at lunch time. We'll be together and then she'll be ready for a girl's night in." Liz whispered back

      "The girl's bathroom?" Max asked with a raised eyebrow

      "Yeah the door to the locker room's got a busted lock so I'm stuck with that." Liz said

      "The eraser room is always available." Max said

      "Uh, not so much no. Michael and Maria have been in there five times in the last two hours." Liz said, "And Kyle and Tess have been going in as they leave."

      "Is it just me or are those four getting more..."

      "Frisky?" Liz asked

      "Yeah, frisky, more frisky by the day?" Max said

      "Oh it's not you. They seem to be blowing off a little frustration." Liz said

      "Frustration with us?" Max asked, already knowing the answer

      "Because we haven't set a date yet." Liz said

      "Is it wrong for us to be torturing them like this?" Max asked

      "Well we are the heads of our family, I don't see a problem with it." Liz said with a smile, "Or do I?" she said with a slight prang of guilt

      "I am kinda feeling guilty about it. I know they're all waiting for us but..." Max said

      "I don't care if they're waiting for us Max, I...I want to marry you. It's as simple as that." Liz said

      "Me too." Max said, "I know...I think...I'm trying to say...I want to marry you Liz, and I don't want to wait any more."

      "Does that mean?"

      "I think tonight we should sit down and start drawing up a plan." Max said, "Do you think next week is too soon?"

      Liz cringed slightly, "I would love to say no but Isabel would rip our heads off if we didn't give her enough of a notice."

      "She has mellowed with the whole Nazi thing." Max said

      "2 weeks?" Liz asked

      "Would you like a church?" Max asked, "If you want it I don't mind."

      "It would be nice, lots of flowers."

      "I'll speak to the priest guy tomorrow morning. What's his name?" Max asked

      "Patrick McGowan, and if my mother has anything to do with it he'll be expecting you already."

      Max and Liz looked at each other with intense, longing looks that immediately drew the attention of their teacher as she walked in. She looked back and forth between the two and cleared her throat. Max and Liz snapped round but under the table, Max gentle stroked the side of Liz's hand with his thumb sending shudders through her body.

      "Okay. Today we'll be doing something a little differently." Their teacher said, "Max and Liz. Front and centre."

      "Huh?" Max said taken by surprise

      "What? You think that one press conference gets you off the hook?" Their teacher said, "My two prize students go way beyond the bounds and revolutionise medical practice forever. I want details. If you want I can get some graphs and easels and pie charts and stuff."

      "Oh no, that wont be necessary." Liz said

      "Yeah should have expected this." Max said as he and Liz stood up from behind their desk and moved to the black board

      They spent the next hour running over the specifications of the machine. They kept away from the technical side of things, this wasn't an engineering class after all but they did go over the bio- energy and how the machine generates it. The blackboard was filled with equations and diagrams that were taken down by the class but not one thing made any sense to them. It was just too advanced.

      Girl's Bathroom, Lunch Time

      Liz was waiting in the girl's bathroom, leaning against on of the stalls with her arms crossed. She had arrived just a few minutes after the bell had started to ring, while Isabel sought out her duplicate. Eventually the two blondes had met up and Isabel took Lonnie to the bathroom.

      Lonnie had no idea why Isabel was taking her there but the second she entered she spotted Liz and knew what was coming. Isabel re-opened the door and was about to leave when Liz and Lonnie looked at her.

      {Stay.} Liz thought to her, {Please.}

      Isabel looked at her girlfriend, looking back and forth between the two. "You can't be serious?"

      Lonnie was completely unaware of their telepathic talk and looked at them. "What?"

      "I asked Isabel to stay." Liz said as she moved over to Isabel and took her hand.

      "So why don't you want to stay?" Lonnie asked

      "'s weird." Isabel said

      Liz smiled as she moved up onto her tiptoes and kissed Isabel. Isabel wrapped her arms around Liz while Lonnie just watched them; she was getting hotter by the second. Isabel reached out to the side with one hand and used her powers to seal the door and prevent anyone from coming in.

      "Okay, maybe it's not so weird." Isabel breathed as Liz broke the kiss

      The two lovers parted and Lonnie walked towards them. Isabel extended her hand to Lonnie and she took it, Lonnie was pulled in to the couple as Isabel placed her other hand on the back of Liz's head. Liz and Lonnie looked into each other's eyes and then Lonnie looked down to the brunette's mouth. The sudden desire to kiss Liz filled her; Lonnie could have sworn that she could feel Ava egging her on.

      When they broke the kiss, Liz took a step to the side and moved further into the room. She took hold of her red top and pulled it off over her head, exposing her breasts. Lonnie followed Liz and as she moved closer she reached out with her right hand, she placed it on Liz's shoulder and then let it glide down to her breast, feeling and enjoying the soft skin. Liz held her breath slightly as the blonde tweaked her nipple and both smiled at each other. Isabel was against on of the stalls; her thighs were pressed together as the feelings fed into her from Liz.

      Liz then reached out and pulled off Lonnie's sweater. She was wearing a green lace bra and Lonnie's nipple could be enticingly seen. The two kissed again as Isabel moved up behind then and unclipped the bra. Liz reached up and slid the garment off of her newest lover's body. Liz bent over and took one of Lonnie's hard little nipples into her mouth. She sucked lovingly on it, Lonnie gasped and tilted her head back slightly. She glanced at Isabel and watched as she moved to the other side of Liz and then as she started to undo her jeans.

      Isabel slipped her hand inside and cupped Liz's sex, slipping two fingers into her aching slit and caused the shorter girl to bit down slightly. Lonnie gasped loudly but there was no pain only indescribable pleasure. Liz moved away from Lonnie's breasts and looked back at Isabel. The two kissed passionately before Isabel knelt down and pulled Liz's jeans down her legs. Then off came her black thong. All the while Liz was working on Lonnie's short leather skirt.

      The leather pooled at Lonnie's feet and Liz stared at the blonde's panties that matched her bra before Lonnie pulled them down. Both girls were naked and moved to each other. They pressed their bodies completely together as they caressed each other, Isabel moved back to let them enjoy themselves. She sat on her jacket and spread her legs, her hand found its way into her own panties as she watched.

      The other two descended to their knees on the floor, their hands moved between each other's legs and they started to stroke their lover's slick openings. Both hips were circling gently. Their breathing was becoming heavier and neither stopped looking into the eyes of the other. Liz could feel Lonnie's nipples burning into her skin and the feelings of lust from Isabel added to their own pleasure.

      "Ammmmm...Liiiizzzz..." Lonnie groaned, her eyes suddenly became wider when Liz tapped her clit, "AGHNNNN."

      "Ugnnn...Lonnie...oh right there." Liz gasped as Lonnie's fingers penetrated deep into her body

      The motions of their hips sped up a little, their bodies pressed tighter together as they held each other and their moans of bliss filled the room but thanks to Tess and Ava outside the door, that's as far as it went. Isabel's fingers moved in her own body in time with the thrusts of the other two girls' actions. Her free hand gripped tightly onto the old radiator behind her as she bit her lower lip.

      "OH fu......" Liz sighed, "Oh god baby...oh that's it...ughhnnnnn...oh yes!"


      Their hips moved fasted and faster until they were grinding themselves against their hands. Lonnie latched her mouth onto Liz's and kissed her raw and hard. Her other hand cupped her face as they moaned into each other. When they parted, both looked over to Isabel and watched her hand move quickly inside her panties before they turned their attention back to each other and kissed again. Liz explored Lonnie's mouth with her tongue, her other hand was busy exploring her body and throughout it all fire erupted between them.

      "You ever grinded a girl?" Lonnie asked

      "Hmmm...once or twice. Isabel good at it." Liz sighed heavily

      The two looked at each other and removed their hands from each other's slits. They parted for a second and positioned themselves so that they were between each other's legs. They pressed against each other and quickly started to grind their slits together. They were moving faster and faster with each passing second, they raised their bodies off the ground with their hands planted firmly on the floor.

      "OH GOD...OH GODD...OHFFFFFFFFFFUCK YES!" Lonnie moaned with her head tilting back and her hair falling to the ground.

      Liz's body gyrated, her belly convulsed as sweat pooled at her bellybutton. Their bodies were moving in perfect timing against each other and their blood boiled with passion.


      "LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Lonnie cried at the same time.

      Both came together and they collapsed on to the floor. They were dazed but they both stroked each other's legs. As they recovered the two helped each other to sit up and they kissed softly as the mental link to each other settled into their heads. Off to the side, Isabel was still working on her own clit.

      "So, we..." Lonnie asked

      "God Lonnie, no." Liz said, "You two are know."

      " bond what's already connect... ughhnnnnn...connected." Isabel said

      "Oh so we are connected?" Lonnie asked with a smile.

      Then the bell rang.

      "Oh god no." Liz sighed in disappointment

      Liz and Lonnie jumped up and quickly cleaned themselves off before dressing themselves.

      "There is no way that was an hour." Lonnie breathed.

      Isabel pulled her hand out and stood up. Liz could feel the blood pumping in Isabel and wanted nothing more than to take the time to make love to her beloved girlfriend but she couldn't.

      "Isabel...Honey, I want to but I have a test." Liz said as she washed her hands in the sink.

      "It's okay. I know." Isabel said as she cleaned and straitened herself up.

      Lonnie was ready in a heartbeat and unsealed the door. She kissed Liz and then Isabel on her cheek before leaving. "Sorry, got a test as well."

      "I love you." Liz said as she grabbed her bag and left. Lonnie was sorry that she was the only one who didn't have a class.

      Eraser Room, Immediately Following

      Isabel walked down the halls and then ran into Alex. He was on his way to the library when he picked up on the heated vibes from his future wife. His own body responded by walking without thought to Isabel. The second they saw each other, Isabel grabbed Alex's collar and pulled him into a searing kiss. She dragged him into the eraser room and locked the door with her powers.

      "God Alex, I need you to fuck me." Isabel begged

      She was pressed up against a wall with her leg wrapped around Alex's. However, he pinned her arms to her side and then backed off. Isabel looked with disbelief at her lover. She'd never know Alex to back away from sex but she looked at him she could she fire in his eyes, as well as a wicked glint.

      "Give me your panties." Alex said

      Isabel smiled at him as she reached up under her skirt and pulled them down her legs. She tossed her underwear to Alex and he put them in his pocket.

      "Been a little excited have we?" Alex asked

      "Liz and Lonnie just..."

      Alex rushed at Isabel and kissed her. His hands moved over her body, cupping her breasts as they kissed before sending one downward and under her skirt. He caressed her thigh and as his hand moved up so did the fabric. When he stopped Alex pulled Isabel's leg and placed it up against Alex's hip.

      In seconds Isabel jumped up and wrapped her long legs around him. Her hands slipped down to his pants and both heard the sound of his zip being pulled down. She reached inside and pulled out his already engorged cock. Gently she lowered herself onto him, taking Alex deep inside her. Both groaned deeply. As Isabel started to move her hips on his dick, Alex started to slowly thrust into her as he pulled a strap of her top down to reveal her breast.

      As he sucked on her tit Alex started to thrust harder into Isabel with his dick going deeper and deeper inside her, sliding against her velvet walls. Their hands locked and fingers intertwined, Alex's rough tongue trailed over Isabel's nipple. He eventually came up for air but then kissed Isabel.

      Isabel was moaning in time with the wild thrusts of her hips. Alex then pulled her away from the wall and laid her flat on the desk. Alex then pounded into Isabel, one hand covering her breast the other was on her hip. Every thrust of his cock brushed against her hot spot and every time her whole body quivered slightly. She bent her legs a little more and let Alex further into her enflamed body.

      Alex then grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders, her ankles locked behind his neck. All the while Alex never stopped moving inside her. She was so tight around him that Alex thought he would pop with each thrust but he continued to hold back. Then Isabel started to squirm beneath him, her body bucked with each thrust and Alex knew she was close to her climax.

      "ALEX...UHNNN...FUUUUCYEAHHHH!" Isabel cried out

      Then with a few more deep thrusts Alex collapsed on top of Isabel, his dick spewing his hot seed into her waiting body. Both were spent and breathing heavily. Their cheeks pressed together and they could feel their lover's breath against their ear.

      "I needed that." Isabel panted

      "I know." Alex got out as he pulled himself up off her body.

      Alex pulled his dick out of Isabel and put it back in his pants before he helped Isabel off of the desk. They looked at each other and kissed with passion that over-powered Isabel and made them both feel dizzy.

      "I love you." Alex whispered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out her underwear. "I think you'll have more use for these than me right now."

      "Thank you." Isabel said as she took them and put them back on.

      Together they straightened themselves up and hugged each other. They couldn't help but touch each other and were eager to be with each other again but they knew that that wouldn't happen.

      "So what did you miss for this?" Isabel asked

      "Gym. I'm so glad I did but at the very least I got some exercise today." Alex said with a sly smile

      Isabel just smiled and shook her head as she punched his arm softly. They grabbed their stuff and as Isabel started to go to the door Alex grabbed her and pulled her back into his arms. They kissed again.

      "Wait until I get you into bed tonight. I am going to make love to you for hours and hours and hours." Alex promised

      "Hmmm...can't wait." Isabel said

      The walked out of the room and got on with the rest of their day.

      Crashdown, 16:30

      After school everyone had stopped by the Crashdown for a snack. It had been a while since they had been in here just to enjoy themselves and it gave Liz the opportunity to get back behind the counter, she actually missed it after a while and liked helping her father out again. The new help wasn't up to speed yet and needed extra training.

      "Saw you guys on T.V. last night, and this morning, lunch time, and well, five minutes ago." Jeff said

      "Cool." Liz said

      "Who would have thought my little girl would do good so quickly?" Jeff asked proudly

      "Well it does help to have a very special boyfriend." Liz said

      "I take it he threw up?"

      "You know him and publicity." Liz said

      "Five times?" Jeff asked

      "Eight." Liz said regretfully

      "Could you two stop talking about that?" Max asked

      "Oh come on Max, you should like it when we talk about problems you have. It makes me want to kill you less." Jeff said

      "Oh! Well in that case...keep talking." Max said and Jeff smiled as he patted his future son in-law on the back.

      "Can I ask, what are you planning on doing with that paper you bought?" Jeff asked

      "Going to clean house. Apparently some of the people that run the Enquirer put out a reward for any one of their reporters who can get pictures of us in...well, situations." Max said not wanting to elaborate.

      "I take it the kind of pictures that means I'd be killing reporters if they got any of Liz?" Jeff asked

      "Oh yes. One high up man specified a little bonus if they got Nc17 stuff of us. Oh and I'll be right beside you, with the others holding more ammo behind us." Max said, "They had cameras everywhere. If we didn't run that security scan, god knows what they would have right now. At the very least, those reporters are gone as are those idiots who put up the reward."

      "So what's after that?" Alex asked, they hadn't exactly discussed the options of what they'd do with the paper.

      "Well, we'll start making it a little more respectable. Stop them from blatantly walking into a person's life like they did last night. Anyway, they can still hunt for the weird things...and aliens, not that they'd find any. Weird things do happen and according to Kalen they have stumbled into a few things over the years that we haven't quite accepted yet." Max said

      "Like?" Jeff said

      "Well, apparently there are species on Earth that would be classed as weird, a few species that haven't died off completely. A nice big lizard in a Scottish loch for example." Max said

      "Nessie? Nessie is real?" Kyle asked excitedly, "Okay, uh I am so scheduling a trip to Loch Ness at some point. I'm gonna rent a boat and I'm gonna go looking."

      "You'll never find them." Michael said as he took a drink

      "Them?" Isabel asked

      "There is a whole colony of Plesiosaurs' deep beneath the surface in a giant cavern. In there is a giant lake that has a hole that brings them up into the loch or the Atlantic Ocean from time to time for feeding." Max said

      "Well, this talk has just gone past what I'm used to." Jeff said, "I better get back to work." With that he stepped through the back to get some paperwork done.

      They all got down to eating burgers and fries while they put their books on the counter and started their homework. A few minutes later and a man walked into the restaurant, his eyes immediately locked onto the group at the counter and moved over to them.

      "Max Evans?" he asked

      Max turned around and looked at him. "Yes, can I help you?"

      "My name is Albert Troy, Pamela's my daughter and I'd like to know what you did to her?"

      "Nothing." Michael said in Max's place

      "I wasn't talking to you punk. I want an answer."

      "Michael's right, we didn't do anything to her and you owe him an apology." Max said as he stood up and faced Mr Troy

      "Bullshit. I wont apologise to...him. And my daughter is now locked up in a nut house because of you people..."

      "No. She's locked up because she's nuts." Ava said, "She tried to stab me and ended up stabbing Sam."

      "Don't you talk about her that way you little slut. I know you did something to her."

      "Mr Troy back-off. Compared to what she did to us, we didn't do anywhere near what we could have done to her." Sam said, "Blaming us for something that isn't our fault isn't going to help her."

      "Isn't your fault? I seem to remember her being fine until you broke up with her." Troy said

      "Yeah but people break up all the time. I'm not the first guy to dump her and to be honest I'm glad I did, Ava or not." Sam said, "Pam spent half her time at school trying to do something to us and the other half was trying to be popular. Face it, she is crazy."

      Troy's fist balled tightly as he looked hatefully at the group.

      "Mr Troy just leave us alone. That's all we wanted from Pam but she never stopped. She fixated on Sam and nearly killed him and quite frankly I would prefer seeing her in a worse place than she is." Max said

      "Son of a..."

      "What's going on out here?" Jeff said quickly as he came out of the backroom when he heard the commotion. He immediately recognised Mr Troy, while it was nothing more than seeing him in the street he could guess why he was here. "Mr Troy."

      "This has nothing to do with you Parker."

      "That's my daughter who you are close to and if you don't relax that fist right now I'm going to ask you to leave." Jeff said calmly

      "I'm just here to know what they did to my kid."

      "That's is my daughter you're talking about and I'm going to tell you what they probably already have. They didn't do anything." Jeff said

      "That's a load of crap and you know it. Those two are definitely involved in something." He said while pointing to Sam and Ava

      "Hey, all I did was fall in love with Ava." Sam said

      "You don't even know the meaning of the word." Troy said as he bashed his fist on the counter

      "Okay, that's it. Leave now." Jeff said as he moved closer to Troy and stepped between him and the group.

      "I'm not leaving until I get what I want." Troy said

      "No, you mean what you want to hear." Max said

      "That's it." Troy said as he moved closer to Max

      Jeff placed his hand on Troy's shoulder to stop him just as the Sheriff was passing the window to come in and get coffee. He was what was happening and moved quicker but Troy already has his fist ready and it was flying toward Jeff's face. However, Jeff quickly blocked the blow with his left arm and sent his right fist into his gut. He collapsed onto the ground as Jim got in.

      "Wow dad." Liz said

      "Great. Now he's gonna sue me." Jeff said

      "Not while he's under arrest he's not." Jim said as he helped Troy up.

      "Me...he's the one who hit me and you better believe I'll sue your ass. Everyone of you." Troy said

      "It was self-defence Mr Troy. And I'm pretty sure that the security camera up there picked up everything." Jim said as he pointed to the camera in the corner above the kitchen counter. "I'll pick up my coffee in half an hour."

      "It'll be ready." Jeff said, "Uh, Jim..."

      "Yeah, okay." Jim said as he walked Troy out of the café.

      "Dad?" Liz asked

      "Jim's just gonna put him in a cell for a few hours to calm down." Jeff said, "You guys okay?"

      "Fine." Max said as he held Liz.

      Jeff looked around at the other patrons in the store, "Sorry about the disturbance folks, next drink is on the house. Liz...Maria."

      "Sure dad." Liz said as she and Maria got back behind the counter to help hand out whatever drinks were asked for.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 17:00

      By the time they returned home they were all depressed about what happened at the diner. They had hoped that their problems with Pam Troy were over but the incident just told them that it has taken another level. The whole situation was hard to believe and as much as they wanted to give Mr troy some answers, they had no idea what had caused Pam to go over the edge.

      "Would you like something to eat?" DDOK asked as she came into the room

      "No, thanks DDOK." Max said

      "We'll probably just order in some pizza." Liz said

      The others smiled when she said it, all knowing who would deliver the pizza.

      20 Minutes Later...

      "Majesty, a vehicle is approaching the Dome." DDOK said

      "Thanks DDOK, could you let him in." Max said, "GUYS," he called out, "Pizza Dude is here."

      Max went to the door and opened it when the car pulled up to the front of the mansion. As the others came from various locations around their house as the pizza was carried into the house.

      "Hey man, how're you doing?" Max asked

      "Totally righteous dude. But I heard about Mr T going all Pam on you, you okay?" he said in like a beach hippy.

      "Bummed but we're okay." Max said as Isabel came in.

      "Hey Isa-babe." He said almost drooling

      "Hey, hey, hey...steady." Alex said as he arrived


      "Don't I get a cute name?" Lonnie asked as she arrived, she'd been told about their usual delivery guy but didn't know what to expect.

      "Lonniekins. Of course you do babe."

      "Two pizza's, pepperoni and spice hot...none of the little fishy guys. The usual." He said as he took the pizzas into the living room and rested them on the table.

      "Thanks Pizza Dude." Kyle said

      "Pizza Dude?" Lonnie asked

      "Yeah, Pizza Dude." Sam said

      "And we don't know his real name?" Lonnie asked everyone

      "My name is Pizza Dude." He said with a goofy nod and smile

      "Pizza had his name legally changed two years ago." Liz said

      "Why?" Lonnie asked

      No one had an answer and all looked him. "I deliver pizzas."

      "Yeah. And?"

      "And I'm so not getting wrapped up in the evil corporate greed and pressure stuff."

      "So you changed your name?" Lonnie asked, "I like it."

      They invited Pizza Dude to stay for a while and have some as they usually did and they talked a lot.

      "I don't get it, how can you surf out here? The only water is at the reservoir." Max said

      "Land surfing. A board with wheels and a great big sail. With that all you need is to ride the dunes. With all that far out astro alien tech of yours I'm sure you guys could have some fun with it. Maybe you can invent a hover-board thing to totally cut down on ground resistance."

      Everyone almost choked on their mouthfuls of pizza.

      "Huh?" Max asked hearing the word `alien' over and over again in his head

      "Uh oh. My bad. This doesn't get me an anal probing does it? I mean what you babes and dudes do in your own home is perfectly fine with me but I'm not into the guy-guy scene." He looked around at each of them, "My bad again."

      "How the hell..." Michael said

      "What are you talking about?" Max said quickly, cutting Michael off

      "Really bogus bummer." He said as he rubbed his head

      "What do you know?" Liz asked softly

      Pizza Dude looked at each of them in turn and bowed his head, his long hair falling over his face, "Aliens, sex...pretty much got clued in on all of you...oh except the dude on the news that was standing next to Lonnie." He said almost guiltily, he couldn't believe that he let it slip that he knew.

      "How?" Michael asked

      "I figured it out?"

      "You figured it out, how?" Max asked

      "Got an I.Q. of over 200, just like you." He said to Liz

      "I don't have an 200 I.Q." Liz said, "I'm smart but not that smart."

      "Actually you're up at 212 and yes, you are that smart. I kinda tested all of you. Anyway, I figured it out from things that I've seen and know."

      "And" Alex mumbled

      "That you dudes are doing the deed? Just figured. You just seemed a little too close not to be. On the subject of sex, is it true that you're with both Isa-babe and Lonniekins." He asked Alex

      Isabel and Lonnie looked at each other with a smile while Alex quickly shook his head, "No, no way." Alex said

      "Alex." Isabel said softly, "Lonnie and I are gonna head upstairs now."

      Sam and Ava smiled, they have fun when Lonnie enjoyed herself. Alex's eyes almost popped out of his head, as did their delivery boy who looked at all three. "Relax, they're just kidding." Alex said

      Isabel just smiled as she stood up and walked out of the room with Lonnie following.

      "Isabel." Alex said with a warning tone, "Lonnie!"

      He quickly followed them and brought them back into the living room, "They. Are. Joking." Alex said


      "Yeah we are. I just couldn't resist after you said it." Lonnie said

      "So you got brains and you're a pizza delivery guy with your name changed to Pizza Dude?" Kyle asked

      "Yeah dude, I did the smart thing and ditched it all in favour of the righteous path of the party. Listen guys, you can use whatever you've got to be sure but I wont ever tell anyone. You're the good buds that give me 20 bucks for tips."

      "Thank you." Max said knowing that he was speaking the truth. "But this kinda does make me wonder about how many people out there know we're here."

      "Well if you haven't heard it on the 6 o'clock by now then you probably wont."

      After a few more minutes The Pizza Dude left to return to his job, but the idea of the land surfing he had mentioned lingered in Sam and Kyle's minds. It was something they were definitely going to look into, especially since just out side the dome they had a nice open expanse of desert to have fun on.

      Swimming Pool, The Basement, 21:00

      Much later after they had all finished what they needed to get done, they all changed into their swimwear and met up at the pool. They needed to relax and what better way than to simply float along in the calm waters. They all had air mats; except for Max and Liz who had a giant ring with Max sitting on it and Liz resting on him.

      "So are you all ready for this weekend?" Max said as his hands caressed his lover's body.

      "Absolutely." Sam said

      "I've got all my bags packed." Isabel said

      "Isabel..." Max said as he shook his head, "We're only going to be gone 2 days. We don't need that many clothes, one bag tops."

      "I've got two bags." Tess said

      "I'm up at three." Maria said

      "Women." Michael said

      Maria just shot him a look that shut Michael up before she used her hand to send a wave of water splashing on to him.

      "Hey." Michael called out as he sent his retaliation back to Maria. Unfortunately it also caught Tess. Tess then joined Maria in a joint attack. "Hey, hey, hey."

      All of a sudden a free for all started as water splashed everywhere. It went on for a good ten minutes before the waves tipped Michael off of his mat and into the water. Maria and Tess cheered as they relaxed back into the air filled plastic.

      "So what is the plan anyway?" Ava asked as she watched Michael try to get back up onto his mat.

      "Simple. We go out to the mountain tomorrow night and get picked up." Max said

      "Then it's a nice chopper ride to the Island where we spend Friday night and have our little orgy with Liz." Isabel said as she and Liz locked eyes, each looked forward to it.

      "I take it after that I go through this Sharing thing?" Lonnie asked

      "No that's the next night. Saturday will be spent meeting the other families and then Kalen and his people are put into cryo-sleep. Then the Sharing and Sunday we'll be getting to know all the others before we go home that night." Liz said

      "But, uh, you should be warned that one side-effect of the Sharing is that everyone involved will be..." Alex started

      "Horny." Isabel said

      "But Sam and I will be on hand when you're done." Ava said

      "You guys won't be in there?" Lonnie asked

      "Ava will, humans can only go through one Sharing without problems afterwards." Sam said, "But I will be feeling everything you feel."

      "So who's coming in with me?" Lonnie asked

      "Isabel and I." Ava said

      "Can't wait." Lonnie said as her hands slipped over her belly imagining that it was Ava's hand.

      "Yeah but just remember that the Sharing is not our main reason for being there." Max said, "We've got something more regrettable to do."

      "Yeah." Lonnie said, "I know I don't know them as well as you guys but they are important to you."

      "Thanks...and everyone is limited to one bag." Max said

      Liz just smiled as she pressed her ass into Max's dick beneath her and caused a little friction. "Tw...two bags." He gasped

      "Awe, that's so generous of you Sweetie." Liz said as she patted him on his head before moving out of his hip and went for a swim.

      Common Room, The Island, 20:00 Friday Night

      Once more the family had arrived at the underground facility on the Island. As they strolled down the long hallway and stepped into the common room, Max flipped the switched and the lights came on. Everyone took a deep breath as they remembered the couple of months they spent in the place where they first bonded with each other.

      "No wonder you guys always rave about this place." Lonnie said as she looked around. "So where are the bedrooms?"

      "Through those doors." Alex said as he pointed to each one

      "Girls to the right, guys to the right." Max said

      "So." Lonnie said as she looked at each of the girls and then to the door, "When do we..."

      "Later Lonnie." Liz said

      "It's still a little early so how about we have a bite to eat?" Maria said

      "That I am up for." Sam said as he spotted the kitchen and moved over to it

      "Really? Cause usually, you're *up* for other things." Lonnie said

      "Feeling a little randy are we?" Ava asked

      "I admit I'm a little excited." Lonnie said

      "Well you need your energy for tonight. Trust me." Isabel said

      "Well, given that tonight will be very fun, I guess I can wait." Lonnie said

      Ava smiled and kissed her cheek as Sam, Max and Liz raided the pantry and returned with a lot of steak and potatoes. Everyone relaxed to watch the television as the smell wafted through the room.

      "Oh that smells good." Feln said as he arrived.

      "I thought you were a vegetarian?" Max said

      "Still doesn't mean I can't appreciate how good that smells." Feln said

      Max smiled as he wiped his hands and came around from the kitchen. He moved over to Feln as Sam took over with the frying pan and flipped the meat over.

      "How's things Feln?" Max asked

      "Everything is on schedule. The last of our people arrived this morning and all their affairs have been placed in order." Feln said

      "What about the other families?" Isabel asked

      "They will be picked up in the morning...our time." Feln said

      "So the meet and greet will be..." Michael asked

      "That will happen once they've all had a chance to rest and freshen up. It is a long journey for many of them. Kalen will do the introductions one hour before we enter cryo-stasis." Feln said, "But now that I know you're all settled in, I should get back to the base."

      "Yeah, of course." Max said

      "I'll see you all in the morning." Feln said

      "Bye Feln." They all said as Feln moved over to the wall panel and activated the system and transported himself back to the base.

      "So. What do we do now?" Liz asked

      "Oh I don't know." Isabel said, "We could plan every detail of a certain event that's happening in two weeks."

      Liz smiled and in seconds the girls flocked together leaving the guys totally bewildered.

      "You girls need anything?" Max asked

      "No, nothing." Maria said

      "Well maybe the food when it's cooked." Tess said

      "You, eh, don't want any input know, the groom?" Michael asked

      "NO!" all six said together causing the guys to move back and get on with other things.

      When their meal was ready, each of them tentatively placed the plates in front of their lovers as they talked away and took notes of their plans. All the others could do was sit down and watch as the girls huddled together.

      "They're going to be like this every time aren't they?" Michael asked

      "Got that feeling." Alex said. They all shook their heads and got down to eating.

      Main Bedroom, Girl's Area, 21:00

      The girls walked into the room and looked around. Without thinking about it they started to undress themselves. Lonnie watched them and shrugged it off and in no time all six girls were naked. Maria approached the cushions and fell down onto them laughing.

      "God, I missed this place." Maria said as Tess approached her and knelt beside her.

      Liz and Isabel then lay down and were quickly followed by Ava and Lonnie. The other two couples layback and watched as Liz and Isabel made out. As Isabel cupped a breast, Maria crawled over on all fours to Liz and took her friend's breast into her mouth. Her hands joined Isabel's in caressing Liz's body. As Isabel stopped kissing Liz, Maria brought her head up to take the alien's place. She only broke the kiss when she felt a hand on her back and looked up to see Tess kneeling by them.

      Maria smiled and started to plant feather-light kisses over Liz while Tess kissed Liz's mouth. Isabel looked over to the final two girls, her vision locked onto Lonnie and waved her over. Ava looked at her lover and took her hand. She walked Lonnie over to the brunette and both knelt by Liz's feet. As hands and lips danced over Liz's skin and in between her thighs, Ava and Lonnie started to caress her legs and feet.

      As Liz squirmed in pleasure under the touches of the five girls, she looked into Ava's eyes and nodded. Ava kissed Lonnie before pushing her head between Liz's legs. Lonnie couldn't resist and licked the girl's slit. Liz moaned blissfully as Lonnie got into eating her out. Ava ran her hands over the length of Liz's leg while their queen ran her foot along the length of Lonnie's body.

      Tess moved away from Liz's head and moved to Maria's side and Ava moved to Isabel's. While Isabel and Maria focussed on Liz's breasts, Ava and Tess kissed and caressed her abdomen. Liz's hand moved to Lonnie's head and pressed the blonde further in while her other hand stroked through Isabel's hair. She pulled her girlfriend into a kiss to muffle her moans.

      Lonnie kept on licking and stabbing her tongue into Liz. Tess and Ava sent their hands down, each pressed a finger against her clit.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Liz cried out, her hips rocked against Lonnie's face. None of them stopped in their efforts to make Liz cum, each took turns in kissing her passionately.

      "Scream for us Baby. Let us hear you." Isabel whispered

      "Let it go Liz." Each girl said enticingly

      Lonnie kept going and going, moving her tongue faster and faster until she did reach her climax.

      "Ughnnn...oh goddddd...yess...Isabel...ughnnn...I love you...LONNIE...UGHnnn you making're all make me...AUGHNNNNNNNNNNNNN!"

      For hours and well into the morning they made love to each other, they pleasured each other until they couldn't go on anymore. Liz made love to each of them and each made sure they had once more acknowledged Liz as their queen and head woman of their house, she slept with Isabel last and together they fell asleep in each other's arms. Not one of them was left wanting and each fell asleep in the arms of their girlfriend.

      09:00 The Next Morning...

      The girls slept peacefully in each other's arms, their legs were entangled and each was with their girlfriend. As Liz opened her eyes, she looked into Isabel's and they smiled at each other.

      "Sleep well?" Isabel asked

      " know I did." Liz answered as she stroked Isabel's body

      "Well, you have a new girl at your beckon call."

      "Perhaps. I love all of them deeply but whenever I wake up in the arms of a girl I only want it to be you." Liz said softly

      Isabel smiled and kissed Liz gently. "Does that mean that that you're imagining being with me when you're with Maria?"

      "Uh, no. If I'm with them, I'm with *them*. I guess I'm just saying... I'm in love with you Isabel, I love you and Max so much."

      "Me too...well you and Alex." Isabel said

      "Oh, you don't love Max?" Liz teased

      "He's my brother, of course I love him." Isabel said

      "Do you two want to stop yapping? People are sleeping over here." Maria said

      "Oh like you two haven't been up for the past fifteen minutes." Liz said, "Those whimpers you two give off are a really big clue."

      "What whimpers?" Tess said defensively

      "The ones that you give off when your hands are between each other's they are now." Isabel said as she moved on to her back and propped herself up on her elbows. She looked over to Ava and Lonnie and saw them both kissing each other passionately, "Now they have the right idea."

      Ava's hand glided over Lonnie's ass, both moaning together as the other four watched them. Then they turned to each other and kissed their girlfriend's while holding each other close.

      "I have to say guys, last night was amazing." Lonnie said as she broke the kiss with Ava but never stopped looking into her eyes.

      "Wait until tonight. It'll redefine everything." Ava whispered

      "So what's next?" Maria asked as she looked at each of her lovers

      "Oh I have an idea?" Liz said with a sly smile

      Lonnie groaned, "God girl, don't you ever get enough?"

      Liz just smiled as Isabel pulled her on top of her. Soon all the girls were having sex again before they emerged, had a shower and went out for breakfast. When they arrived in the common room the others were waiting for them with their breakfasts were waiting. Liz took one look at their flushed cheeks and knew that they also had some early morning fun.

      Island Alpha 1, 11:00

      After they had all prepared themselves appropriately, by dressing themselves up smartly, they had been transported to the waiting room where they had first met Kalen. All were a little nervous about meeting the other families that had been hiding on Earth the same as they had. Eventually the door opened and Kalen and Feln arrived.

      "How are you all doing?" Kalen asked

      "Nervous." Max said

      "There is no need to be. These people are just like you, just different personalities. And remember this, you are the ruling family, they will always do as you command but ultimately you are no more superior than they are." Kalen said

      "Is that a hint of not letting our egos to get the best of us?" Michael asked

      "Subtle huh? It has happened in the past. Kivar had one hell of an ego and look what that resulted in." Feln said

      "But you should also never allow them to see themselves as inferior to you. You may be the king and they kneel before the Royal Seal out of instinct but they are they are effectively like cousins to you. Aside from your parents they may be the only ones on this planet who you can talk to about things." Kalen said

      "You a little worried things will go wrong?" Kyle asked

      "Well lets just say I like it when we're watching over you all." Kalen said

      Feln looked at his watch and then turned to his brother, "It's time."

      "Okay, you all ready?" Kalen asked

      Max looked at the others and all stood up before following Kalen out of the room and into a large reception hall. The room was the size of a football field and it was filled with people. As Kalen announced their entrance, everyone turned to face their king. Down the middle of the room they all cleared a path down, the leaders of each group moved to the front and waited to greet them.

      Max looked around at everyone, he couldn't believe how many were here and neither could the others of his family. All the time they had thought they were alone, none of them could believe how wrong they were. Learning of Kalen and his people was one thing but the sheer number of hybrids in the room made Max want to let his jaw drop to the floor, but then that wasn't very kingly.

      Kalen looked at his young king and smiled as he escorted Max to the first group, "My Lord, this is Simon Muller of Germany and his family."

      "Good Majesty." Simon said

      "Call me Max." he answered as the two shook hands.

      The two then proceeded to introduce the members of their families before Kalen took Max to the next, across the path that the family's had made.

      "This is Susanna Zuchov of Russia." Kalen said

      Five Minutes Later...

      "This is Lee Han Shang of China."


      "This is Stacy Hanson of Australia...Miko Tamachi of Japan...Jibade Hefes of Egypt...Arya Nimbala of India...Elsu Cortez of Peru...Idona Sangrida of Iceland...Jean-Claude Menard of Canada..."

      It went on and on, moving back and forth across the path as they moved down it; Kalen and Feln walked beside the group and introduced them to everyone. They all warmly said hello to their king and the more Max met the more relaxed he and the other became until they reached the end of the line. There, there was a slightly elevated stage. Kalen led Max up onto it and he stood up before the mass of people.

      " honestly don't know what to say." Max said and they all smiled, "For most of us, keeping the secret of what we actually are has been the most important thing in our lives. From what I am seeing now, I'm glad that we were able to over come that problem." He looked at Liz and they smiled at each other.

      Max then continued, "Today is a special day, one that for the first time we all have a chance to meet but we also have to say goodbye to some close friends. I know you'll all join me in thanking them for everything they have done for us in the last several months." Around the room all the family's had drinks in their hands and raised them to Kalen and Feln as they smiled brightly. "Well, we all know why were on Earth and I wish you all the best of luck."

      When Max stepped down from the stage to rejoin his family, Kalen and Feln looked at each other when they saw a blue light blinking on and off above a doorway. They moved down and Kalen put his hand on Max's shoulder.

      "Max...our people are ready." Kalen said

      Max looked at Feln and nodded. "Okay. Oh, one question. What do our kids use for the that even necessary?"

      "It is but Antarian water wont be needed. Your children will be primarily human who will mate with other humans or the children of other hybrids. Purified Earth seawater will be fine. Preferably melted from ice from one of the Poles."

      Kalen and Feln led Max and his family through the door while the other families remained. They turned to a large monitor on the wall that switched on to show the room that they had gone into.

      Cryogenic Tube Storage Area, 12:00

      In the massive chamber that stored the tubes and held Rath in stasis, Max arrived to see each of the Antarians under Kalen's command standing by their tubes. Lonnie was doing her best not to look at Rath but she couldn't help it. It was just a glance but it was enough for her to be reassured that he was still an ice cube and could never affect her again.

      "You okay?" Sam asked

      "Yeah." Lonnie answered, "Just got the sudden urge to kick him in the balls again."

      "Yeah...well...uh...can't say anything about that." Sam said, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable in his pants.

      "There is always the fact that he is ice so kicking him anywhere would probably hurt you more." Ava said as her hand found it's way into Lonnie's.

      Kalen moved to the control panel and in less than a minute all but Rath's tube door slid open. All the Antarians entered their assigned tubes, Feln then followed but Kalen held back.

      "To activate the system, just press that green button there. Everything is pre-programmed." Kalen said

      "I'll see you around Kalen." Max said as Kalen stood inside his tube.

      "Count on it. Have a good king." Kalen said

      Max looked at the button on the panel and then over to Kalen, Feln and down the rows of tubes. "I'll do what I can to find a cure for the virus."

      "I know." Kalen said as Max pushed the button and all the doors slid closed. In an instant all the Antarians entered stasis. Max and the others looked into the tubes for a second before returning to the reception hall.

      Reception Hall, Immediately Following

      They were all mixing with the families. Each was talking with the different groups as they ate and drank together. Everyone was having a good time as they took the time to get to know each other. While they all grew up with different cultures and beliefs, their status as hybrids or as their lovers was what drew them all together. All were nervous about the meeting but by the end of the day they were as comfortable with each other as they were with their families.

      Sam and Ava were off talking to the Australians they met during their Sharing. They had talked about everything that had happened since that day and this time they did manage to exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

      "So how are things with you two these days?" Stacy asked

      "Couldn't be better." Sam said as he glanced over at Lonnie who looked back at him as she talked with the Peruvian family

      Stacy and her lover Jessie caught the glance. "What about that house of yours, I heard your dome is twice the size of ours?" Grant asked as the two girls mate also caught the glance.

      "Well, not quite." Ava said, "I take it you've got a chunk of forest inside yours as well?"

      "Of course, we all do." Jessie said while looking at the other families. She kept noticing how much the two of them looked at Lonnie and she couldn't help but smile.

      "What?" Sam asked

      "Nothing." Jessie said

      Ava looked at all three and spotted that Stacy and Grant were trying to hold back smiles of their own. "No, no. It's obviously something, now what is it?" she asked

      "Oh well, we're just happy that we're not the only threesome in this room." Stacy said

      "How'd you figure that?" Sam asked

      "You both seem to have a lot of interest in Lonnie over there...and she keeps looking back." Jessie said

      Sam and Ava smiled, "Well, like you said that day, you can't help who you fall in love with." He said

      "No. No, you cant." Grant said as he kissed the foreheads of both his lovers.

      "But, eh, I severely doubt that we're the only threesomes here." Ava said as she looked over to a group of Africans who were all spread around but kept glancing to each other just as Sam, Lonnie and Ava had done.

      "Hmm, good to know." Jessie said as she raised her glass to one of the group.

      "So what's your plan for when you get back home?" Stacy asked

      "Oh we've got a few things planned. Like our king and queen's wedding." Ava said

      "Oh thank god. It's about time." Stacy said

      "How long?" Grant asked with sudden urgency

      "Two weeks. Oh don't tell me you guys have been waiting for them to get hitched as well?" Ava asked

      "Of course. They are the king and's weird but it's like it's instinct." Stacy said

      "Same for all of us." Sam said, "I think I read in one of the book in our library that it's a generational thing."

      "Uh...what if the royals were the last born of a generation?" Jessie asked, "That would mean a hell of a wait for everyone else."

      "Oh yeah." Sam said

      "Well that's not the case here, Max Isabel and Michael all hatched early so, technically, they were first born." Ava said

      "So is Lonnie gonna have a Sharing while she's here or has that happened already?" Grant asked

      "Yeah, she's having it tonight." Ava said

      " we watch?" Stacy asked with a wink

      "That's her call." Sam said

      "But I wont say no if she doesn't." Ava said

      Then there was a resounding "HEY!" that someone called out, "Does anyone know how we get home from here?"

      Everyone that had been taking a drink at that moment gulped hard as they looked around at everyone else before looking at Max.

      "It's good to be the king." Michael joked as he took a drink and walked away. Max just looked at him.

      "Everyone relax. The Granolith has been set up to transport us home when we're finished here. Just press that gold button over on that panel." Max called out being thankful that Kalen told him about it.

      Over the next few hours they talked with as many different people as was possible. Soon one or two wanted to go home, they approached Max and his family and said their goodbyes to everyone before pressing the gold button. They vanished in a flash of light. Then as the hours passed more and more families left until there was only the one.

      They all sat next to each other on the stage, Max and the other guys took off their ties and unbuttoned the top button of their shirts. They were all drinking and relaxed against each other.

      "Well, everyone seems nice." Max said

      "Yeah and if Kalen's right, not one of them is even remotely related to Kivar or his allies." Liz said

      "Well, that's always a plus." Michael said before looking to Lonnie, "Well Lonniekins, you ready?"

      "Ooh, you bet. By the way, Pizza Guy gets to call me Lonniekins - it is kinda cute. But...I am kinda hungry. Can we have dinner first?" Lonnie asked

      "Pizza Dude. And sure on the dinner. Besides the ritual has to happen under the full moon at midnight, so we have time."

      Max got up and was quickly followed by the others. He reached the button and made sure all the others were with him before he tapped the button. In seconds they were transported from the hall to the common room on the Island.

      Ritual Chamber, The Island, Midnight

      Just before midnight, Isabel, Lonnie and Ava emerged from the girl's area wearing their robes. They were ready for the Sharing and Sam moved to his two lovers. The two of them looked radiant and his breath hitched slightly was he looked at them.

      "You two look beautiful." Sam said

      "Thank you." The two of them said together as they hugged and kissed Sam.

      Isabel looked at all three and then to the clock. She knew they wouldn't part unless she made them. "Uh guys, we're kinda on the clock here." She got no response so she moved over to the hidden door and opened it.

      The noise drew the attention of the three and Lonnie took a deep breath as she looked into the chamber. She looked at Isabel and Ava before all three walked into the vaulted chamber. Isabel set up a video camera on the edge of the pool; Lonnie was a little self conscious about doing this with people she didn't know in the room so the request from the Australians was denied. However, she was still turned on by the idea of being watched so she decided to have the camera set up so that it could be recorded.

      Once they were inside, Lonnie looked around as the ceiling opened to reveal the full moon beginning to move into position. "Okay, lets get Sharing." Lonnie said

      All three girls untied the sash of their robes and let them slid off their shoulders, leaving them all naked. Isabel stepped into the pool of thick water and then was followed by Ava and lastly, Lonnie. The newest addition to the family stood in the centre of the liquid, Ava moved in front of her while Isabel moved to her side. Both girls took handfuls of the alien water and started to bathe Lonnie in it.

      Their hands glided over the other girl's body and Lonnie relaxed into their touch. She was beginning to get really into it, especially with the camera watching them. Lonnie kept looked at it as the others caressed her. Then the moon above them was in position and both girls backed off from Lonnie.

      Lonnie looked at both of them and shrugged her shoulders. "What?"

      "Show time." Isabel said

      The two girls placed their hands on the surface of the water and fed their power into it. They symbols that lined the room started to glow and Lonnie watched as the water started to bubble. She watched as the energy started to move to her and as it started to move into her body. She gasped as she felt it and her arousal peaked. Lonnie could feel the thoughts of all the members of the family and all of them could feel her more clearly. With an intense flash of light that wasn't blinding, Lonnie had become a permanent part of the family.

      "Oh my god." Lonnie breathed out, both of the others smiled as they remembered their times in this room. In seconds Lonnie recovered and looked at Ava. She wrapped her arms around the shorter girl and kissed her passionately. Their tongues duelled as their breasts pressed into each other's bodies.

      Ava then broke the kiss and looked into Lonnie's eyes. "We need to get Sam."

      "Oh yeah." Lonnie said

      "And if I don't get Alex inside me I'm gonna blow." Isabel said

      All three girls jumped out of the pool of water and out of the room. Lonnie and Ava grabbed Sam and Isabel grabbed Alex, they pulled the two young men to their bedrooms but every couple in the room started to make love to each other. That night they slept with utter contentment, every one of them felt a sense of completion that none had felt before. When they awoke in the morning they spent the day lounging around on the beach before they returned home to the mansion.

      To Be Continued...

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