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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 44

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 17, 2004

      Foyer, The Mansion, 17:00

      They all returned home from school. Sam had another day of slight hero worship, girls fawned over him until Ava showed up and the guys wanted to see his wound. His coach made sure that he was taking it easy and Sam hated it, but he couldn't very well tell them that it had already healed. He was grateful for when the day ended and even more so when the door to their home closed.

      Lonnie couldn't wait anymore and jumped up into Sam's arms with her legs wrapped securely around his waist. Their kiss was fired with passion and raw heat; Sam had to press his lover's back to the nearest wall so he could remain standing. Ava couldn't stop her smile.

      "We have something to tell you guys." Ava said to their family

      "So you got over those issues then?" Isabel said

      " guys knew?" Ava asked

      "Of course," Liz said, "you could have cut the atmosphere between you three with a knife."

      "So you have would things out?" Tess asked her sister as Lonnie slid down Sam's body.

      "We still have things to work out but for the moment, we're just going to be happy." Ava said

      "And we are." Lonnie said as she looked into Sam's eyes before she took Ava's hand and kissed her.

      "Now if you'll excuse us, we have to help Lonnie move." Sam said as he took the hands of both girls and led them upstairs.

      "We should really see if we can help them with their situation." Liz said

      "I'm pretty sure that there is no legal way around this." Alex said, "It'll either be one or the other and I'm sure it'll be Ava he'll be marrying."

      "I think Lonnie can live with that, for a while at least. But on day..." Isabel said

      "The library has books on every Earth law there is." Tess said

      "Okay, we'll start on that later. Right now we'll get our homework done and have some dinner." Max said

      With that they all stored their bags in the closest before separating to get on with their evening.

      Lonnie's Room, 17:30

      In her room, each of the three teenagers was emptying out Lonnie's closest and drawers. They piled up the clothes on her former bed and then carried them up to the top floor of the mansion and into her new room. Lonnie was focused on gathering up what few personal items she had gathered since she moved in. Piles of sweaters, blouses, jeans and skirts were all carried up and put away.

      Sam moved from drawer to drawer and then opened one. He quickly realised that it was filled with Lonnie's underwear. "Hey." He said with a smile as he picked up a black thong.

      Lonnie looked over before running over and grabbing the thong from his fingers. "HEY!"

      "Sorry." Sam said sheepishly

      Lonnie smiled, "You'll see them in time but only when I'm wearing them." She said with a teasing grin

      "I hope so." Ava said as she picked up a pair of red lace panties, feeling the fabric in her fingers.

      All three looked at each other and all three were acutely aware of the comfortable bed not five feet from them. Sam could feel a tightening in his boxers as the scents of both his women filled his nostrils. Ava and Lonnie were very aware of his arousal and of each other. Hands touched gently and breathing became heavier, however, Lonnie backed away quickly.

      "We've got to get this done before dinner and our run." Lonnie said, focusing all she had into calming the fire in her blood and slowing her pulse

      "Yeah." Sam said as they put more piles on the bed. "Hey, listen...are you both sure about this?"

      "Oh hell yeah." Ava said

      "Now that I've had a taste of this..." Lonnie said as her hand pressed against his dick through his jeans.

      Sam's eyes rolled back and gave a very audible groan.

      "Are you sure about this?" Ava asked him as her hand joined Lonnie's, causing an even louder groan.

      "It's just that Lonnie and I started making love last night, before you stepped in..." Sam said but Ava placed her index finger over his lips

      "Sam our minds are linked, that means that you knew...on some level, that it was okay with me. If we weren't linked and you didn't know it was okay, then I have no doubt that you and Lonnie wouldn't have wouldn't let it." Ava said

      "So there is absolutely no part of you that thinks I cheated on you?" Sam asked

      Ava kissed him hard, their bodies pressed tightly against each other as their arms snaked around each other. Lonnie couldn't help but move closer, it was instinctual to all three of them to embrace. Soon they were all in a three-way kiss, tongues caressed each other. All rested their foreheads together when the kiss broke.

      "I love you guys." Lonnie sighed out

      "I love you guys too." Ava said

      Sam lowered his hands to the smalls of the girl's backs and sighed, "I love you two...too." He said

      They all smiled warmly, basking in the emotions being felt through their connections to each other. Soon the returned to their tasks and carried the final stacks of clothes and Lonnie's belongings up to their bedroom. When completely cleaned out, a drone emerged and cleaned everything. In Sam, Ava and Lonnie's bedroom, Ava cleaned out several drawers belonging to herself and Sam and made space in the wardrobe. Lonnie looked as Ava moved her Antarian clothes.

      "Ava...what's that?" Lonnie asked as she pointed to the silver metal chain bikini and sarong.

      "Hmm? Oh this is the outfit I have to wear when Sam makes love to me on the altar, you know to get me pregnant. Don't you have one?" Ava asked

      "No." Lonnie said

      "What about the other Antarian clothes?" Sam asked, "The toga things and the...uh...outfits for the first night of marriage?"

      "I thought Kalen and Feln were going to send the stuff out when you moved in?" Ava asked

      "Well it's not like I'd be using the wedding one, that'll be you two, but I think he might be waiting until I get a guy." Lonnie said

      "Lonnie, we'll find away." Ava said

      "Besides, I have this slight issue thanks to my upbringing. I'm not... I can't have a child with a woman who isn't my wife." Sam said

      "What?" Lonnie asked feeling a prang of pain in her heart.

      "Hey." Sam said as he hugged her and felt the same prang, "We *will* find away...and I didn't mean it the same way as it sounded. It's just..."

      "It's okay Sam, we know." Ava said. She used their connection and passed it to Lonnie so that she would know that Sam wanted the prefect family for their children. They may have been unusual and certainly unconventional but he wanted what he could to be normal.

      Sam ran his finger down the back of her earlobe and caused Lonnie to gasp. He knew exactly what to do to her to get a very pleasurable response. Ava smiled at Lonnie's respond and hugged her lover.

      "He's got you down already?" Ava asked

      "Apparently." Lonnie said very surprised by her reaction, not even she knew about that spot.

      Sam looked into her eyes and did it again and Lonnie's whole body trembled.

      "Ugnnnn...okay, if Rath touched me like that just once..." Lonnie said

      "Shhhh..." Sam said

      "No need to mention him ever again." Ava said as they put the rest of the clothes away. "Well, welcome to your new bedroom...our bedroom."

      Games Room, 18:30

      Sam and Lonnie were out on their evening jog, which gave Ava the opportunity to take care of some details. For that she needed either Maria or Tess and her search led her to the games room. She knew that they were otherwise engaged, it was coming through loud and clear thanks to their family link but she needed to see them. Quietly she opened the door and stopped dead.

      She found Michael and Kyle on the pool table; the later was on all fours with Michael behind him, thrusting deep into him. Their hard bodies were red and soaked with sweat, both groaning loudly. Michael's hands moved over Kyle's thigh, moving up and down with each thrust in and out. On the sofa to the side of the table, Tess and Maria were sitting in each other's arms and watching the show before them. Tess licked and nibbled on her girlfriend's ear.

      "Oh my, my." Ava said, {Too bad your missing this Lonnie.} she thought

      Silently she moved around the side of the room to the back of the sofa. No one in the room knew she was there until she rested her hands on Maria and her sister's shoulders.

      "Can I talk to you?" Ava whispered in their ears

      "Which one?" Tess asked huskily, her eyes never broke away from Michael and Kyle.

      "Both of you." Ava said

      "Oh do we have to, the show isn't over yet." Maria said

      Ava smiled and kissed the top of Maria's head, "I think you'll find it better than watching those two."

      Ava slipped back out of the room and into the hallway. Tess and Maria met her a minute later. "Damn those two looked hot together."

      "Which is why we want to go back in." Maria said eagerly

      "Yeah, what's up?" Tess asked

      "Well Lonnie's been here for over a week now. She's settled in and I want her to start joining the family if you know what I mean?" Ava said

      "The phases we went through at the Island?" Maria said, just her smile had enough heat to start a fire in the hall.

      "Uh huh." Ava said

      "So, which one would you like to be first...or would she like?" Tess asked

      "Oh well I've been thinking that since we'll be at Alpha One this weekend I was hoping that she would be ready by then for the Sharing." Ava said

      "This weekend, that's a good point. Time is kinda short...hmmmm, would both of us do?" Tess asked

      "Oh, my thoughts exactly." Maria said, both girls smiling wickedly at getting the chance of being with Lonnie.

      "And mine." Ava said

      "When?" Tess asked

      "Lonnie will be back from her run in less than an hour so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind waiting for her in our bedroom?" Ava asked

      Tess and Maria looked at each other; sparks flew with the ideas of their latest seduction and addition to the family. All Ava felt was the gust of wind was the two girls ran to the elevator to the top floor to wait for Lonnie's arrival.

      Dinning Room, 19:00

      Sam and Lonnie arrived back from their jog, grabbed a couple of bottles of water and moved into the dinning room. The collapsed into chairs by the table and gasped for each breathe as they sipped on their water. They had raced the last mile back to the house and both were exhausted.

      "" Sam panted

      "Nearly...beat you." Lonnie gasped

      "But definitely...a...tie." Sam said

      "Oh yeah...oh god I wanna...die." Lonnie said as she slumped into the chair

      "Who's...idea...was it to sprint a full...full...mile...anyway?" Sam asked

      Lonnie looked at him.

      "It was me wasn't it?" Sam asked

      "Yeah." Lonnie said as she poured a little of the water over her head to cool herself off

      Once more Sam watched as the ice-cold water run over Lonnie's skin and despite his exhaustion, he got very hard. Lonnie could feel his arousal and sat up, her psychic connection was still new to her and adapting to it was strange. After a second she did get used to it and like feeling this close to Sam.

      "Hey don't you get any ideas." Lonnie said

      "I guess I am a little wiped...but for either you or Ava, I think I could manage to give you an orgasm or two." Sam said

      "Hmm," Lonnie sighed with pleasure, "Have a little bit of an ego don't we?"

      "Maybe a little, by-product of having two beautiful women in love with me." Sam said just as Ava walked in

      "Oh did I interrupt something?" Ava asked

      "No." Lonnie said, "Sam was about demonstrate his...virility."

      "Oh goody." Ava said as she moved over to her lovers and kissed each of them.

      All three were embracing each other and soon it wasn't Ava kissing Sam or Lonnie, or Sam kissing Lonnie or Ava but it was all three kissing each other. They heads were as close as possible and three tongues duelled together.

      "Now." Ava said as she moved away, "By the looks of it you two worked up one hell of a sweat. Just exactly what did you do out there?"

      Lonnie and Sam quickly remembered the five-minute and intensely pleasurable tryst they shared against a tree before they started their run. Both knew that Ava knew about it, there was no way she couldn't through their shared bond.

      "Well..." Lonnie said unable to suppress the smile

      "Always glad to see that kind of a smile on a face." Sam said as he kissed Lonnie

      "Anyway, why don't you go for a shower?" Ava said

      "Hmm, I guess we could use one." Lonnie said as she got up and headed for the door.

      Sam got up as well but Ava stopped him by putting her hand on his arm. "Huh?" he asked

      "I've arranged a little...bedroom warming present for our girl." Ava said with a wicked smile

      "Oh?" Sam asked just as wicked as her smile

      "Well let's just say that I want Lonnie ready for a Sharing this weekend." Ava said, "But in the mean time, I'm going to give you a bath."

      "A bath?" Sam asked

      "Uh huh, we have a nice big hot tub down by the pool and I plan on lathering you up good and proper until you're very slippery." Ava teased as she sent what she had planned into his mind

      "Uh huh, yeah...okay just that image you put in my head will get you into hell. Let's go." Sam grabbed her hand and together they ran to the doors that lead to the poolroom.

      Sam/Ava/Lonnie's Bedroom, Immediately Following

      Long before she reached the bedroom, Lonnie had started stripping off her clothes. She pulled off her top first, carrying it in her hand as she stepped into the room and tossed it into the laundry chute before her sports bra followed it. Then off came her sneakers and then her pants and underwear that followed the rest of the outfit into the chute. She was completely naked and was about to head to the bathroom when she heard giggling from it.

      Carefully she moved to the door where she found a note pinned to the varnished wood. Lonnie picked it up and read it:

      "Hi Lonnie, I hope you enjoy your present, I know I did. All my love, Ava."

      Lonnie was curious and opened the door. A thick cloud of steam came pouring out of the bathroom, she could hear the shower running but couldn't see anything clearly as she stepped inside. She heard the water hitting on something and gentle moaning, she was eager to know what Ava had gotten her and couldn't wait any longer.

      The blonde raised her hand and waved it through the air, using her powers to clear the room of the steam. She wasn't expecting what she saw, she suspected that Sam would have been sharing the shower with her but he never followed her. Instead, before her were Maria and Tess in a heavy make out session under the hot water spraying down on them. Their bodies were sliding against each other as hands trailed over their skin. Lonnie felt her arousal spark but wanted to look away. This was Tess and not Ava who was displayed before her.

      As she started to walk away Maria looked up and saw Lonnie. Quickly she broke the kiss with Tess but didn't let go of her girlfriend's body.

      "Don't go." Maria said, "We're here for you."

      "But..." Lonnie said

      "Lonnie, Ava wants you to be with us." Tess said

      "We did tell you that there were phases you had to go through before you have a Sharing." Maria said

      "I thought I just had to be with you know that think I have to do with Liz." Lonnie said

      "Well, yeah. But you need to have sex with us first. And we're both here...well you do seem to be doing things in threes these days." Maria said

      "And are you honestly saying that you don't want to run your hands over this gorgeous body?" Tess said as she ran her hand over Maria's chest, down over her breast and across her tight stomach.

      "Or to taste Tess, to know if twins are identical in every respect?" Maria said as her fingers dipped in between Tess's legs.

      Lonnie licked her lips as she watched them. She pressed her thighs together and squirmed slightly as both girls touched each other and gazed deep into her eyes. Then Maria reached out her hand to Lonnie and without even realising it she took the offered hand. Maria softly pulled and Lonnie stepped into the shower with the two girls. She faced Maria with Tess standing behind her and their fingertips dancing over her skin.

      Tess placed her hands on Lonnie's waist and glided them up to cup her breasts, taking her nipples between her fingers. Maria looked at Lonnie with heated eyes, running her finger up and down her cleavage before she moved her hands up and moved her fingers through Lonnie's hair. The longs strands of blonde hair became wetter as Lonnie's tilted her head and tentatively bent down. Softly she kissed Maria just as Tess kissed her shoulder, looking over it to watch as their lips connected.

      "Soft, aren't they?" Tess asked

      "Yes." Lonnie whispered

      "Kiss her again...she really likes being kissed." Tess said

      Lonnie looked at Maria and they came together in another kiss that lingered. Maria licked Lonnie's lower lip, a gentle indication that she wanted in and Lonnie accepted it. She opened her mouth a little and Maria sent her tongue in, slowly and gently at first as she probed but soon both girls were heavily involved in an open mouth kiss. Tess continued to kiss over Lonnie's neck and shoulders while pressing her breasts into her back.

      As they broke their kiss, Lonnie turned her head back to look at Tess who brought her head up from the hybrid's skin. They only looked at each other for a second before they kissed and both engaged in it with enthusiasm. As much as she didn't want to compare her girlfriend to any other the girls, especially to Tess, Lonnie was curious about any differences between the two. As Tess's hands moved down from Lonnie's breasts, Maria replaced them with hers. As they broke the kiss, both looked at each other and smiled.

      "Well?" Tess asked

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Oh like you we're comparing that kiss to Ava's." Tess said

      ", uh..."

      "It's okay Lonnie, I wont be offended." Tess said

      "Okay, well, you use a little less tongue than Ava...a bit more reserved I think." Lonnie said

      "That's only because she's not in love with you." Maria cut in; "Believe me, Kyle and I both agree that when she's with us reserved is the opposite of what we'd describe."

      "So Lonnie, what do you want?" Tess asked

      Lonnie's eyes moved up and down as she looked over Tess's face, "Kiss me again."

      Tess was more than happy to comply as she latched onto Lonnie's mouth. Maria squeezed her breasts and enjoyed the moan that came from deep within Lonnie. The human bent down and licked Lonnie's nipple, her finger traced the curve of the underside of Lonnie's breast.

      "Ugnnnnnnnnnn..." Lonnie sighed as she broke away from Tess, her eyes closed tightly and her head tilted back.

      Tess smiled as watched Maria move down to her knees, Lonnie looked down as well before looking back to Tess. Maria moved her hands all over Lonnie's legs before lifting one and putting it over her shoulder, giving her clear access. Tess lifted her foot slightly, rubbing it over the taller girl's ankle and lower leg.

      "You'll love this." Tess whispered in Lonnie's ear

      "Oh?" Lonnie said

      "Maria is *very* good at going down on someone, you should hear Michael when she's giving him a blowjob."

      Maria buried her face in the apex of Lonnie's thighs and reached her tongue out, touching her clit barely for a second but the response was incredible.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Lonnie groaned as her legs bent slightly.

      Tess placed her hand on Lonnie's butt and pressed her back against Maria's head. Maria started to slowly run the tip of her tongue along the length of Lonnie's sex as Tess kissed her again. The moans from the girl were music to Maria and with each one the laps became faster. Tess then sent her hand around Lonnie and slipped her fingers in to join Maria's tongue.

      " god." Lonnie breathed as her body has a sudden spasm

      Tess moved her fingers slowly as Maria licked faster and faster. Lonnie had one hand pressed tightly onto the tiled wall of the bathroom to keep her steady while her other hand pushed Maria deeper into her stimulated slit. Her hips circled under the ministrations of both girls and her mouth opened wide but no sound came out. There was a thunderstorm in her body that was becoming more intense and threw her head back to rest on Tess's shoulder.

      "Tell her how much you like it Lonnie." Tess said


      "Scream her name...our names." Tess said

      "Tess...MARIA...UGNNNNNNNNNNNNN GODDDDDDDDDDDD!" Lonnie screamed out. She was loving every touch these two girls were giving her, her hips rocked over and over again, trying to get more from each contact.

      "Hmmmmm..." Maria moaned as she backed off for a second, "louder." She commanded as she went back to work.

      "Much louder." Tess said as she nibbled on Lonnie's ear.

      "YESSSSS...OH FUCK, YES. UGHHNNNNN...FUUUUUUUUU!" Lonnie screamed out

      Tess picked up the pace with her fingers, moving to the opposite of Maria's motions. As the human pushed in with her tongue, Tess pulled out and as Maria pulled out Tess thrust in as deep as she could go. Tess's other hand mauled Lonnie's breasts, moving back and forth between them and feeling the hardness of her nipples with her fingers.

      "Does Ava do this to you baby." Tess said through gritted teeth, "Does she make you feel this good?"

      "Uhgrrrhnnnnn...yes...oh god yes." Lonnie said

      "Is she better? She is isn't she" Tess said, "Every one of her touches make you lover her more, makes you want to cry out enough to bring the walls down."

      "YESSS...OH GOD...UGNHNNNN...YESSSSS...YESSSSSS...OH I'M CUMMING...TESS...MARIA...UGN YOU'RE BOTH SO GOOD!" Lonnie groaned, "UGNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she cried out as she came, her body convulsing over and over again.

      Tess held Lonnie securely as she rode out the orgasm. Maria stood back up and as Lonnie saw her, she took Maria into her arms and hugged her tightly. When she released the human, Tess and Maria kissed passionately.

      "That was good." Lonnie chuckled

      "Thank you." Both lovers said in unison

      "But now..." Tess said as she sat Lonnie down on the edge of the tub

      "It's our turn." Maria said as she trailed her finger along Lonnie's cheek.

      Lonnie looked up at both of them, "I'm good but I don't think I can do both of you at the same time."

      "Why don't you leave that to us." Tess said as both girls took hold of a leg and parted them

      Lonnie smiled as she realised what they had in mind. Maria and Tess straddled each of Lonnie's thighs and sat down on them, their slits pressed tightly against her soft skin. Lonnie placed a hand on each of their butts as they slowly started to move against her. Each of the two girlfriends put a hand on Lonnie's shoulder while their other arm wrapped around each other's back.

      Slowly their hips rocked back and forth, their eyes closed as the initial sparks started. Lonnie leaned forward slightly and took Maria's breast into her mouth, sucking on the hard little nubbin. Maria squeaked slightly but groaned in disappointment as Lonnie left her chest and moved on to Tess. Their hips started moving faster, sliding along Lonnie's thighs, as they grew wetter.

      Both girls whimpered and moaned, holding each other tightly as they became carried away with the pleasure. Lonnie continued to move back and forth between their breasts, making sure they got equal attention.

      "Ughnn..." Maria moaned

      "Oh god..." Tess sighed

      Lonnie's hands caressed their thighs; she hummed against their breasts sending little waves of desire through their bodies. The two lovers then reached for each other and kissed. Fire flowed between them and their connection as a new one gradually started to take shape between them and Lonnie. Lonnie ran her hands over every inch of them as she saw and felt the excitement grow in them. Their breathing became heavier, sharing their breath with each other.

      "Hmm...ughnnnn." Tess sighed, "Ughnnnn, you guys are incredible."

      " too baby." Maria groaned

      They ground their bodies against Lonnie, their increased body heat added to the heat from the shower. Their skin was red and sweating, and then suddenly Maria broke her kiss with Ava and kissed Lonnie. She started riding the girls' thigh vigorously, brushing her clit against Lonnie's leg.

      "UGHHNNNNNN...YES!" Maria cried

      Tess watched her lover's movements with ever-increasing arousal, her own hips started staring to move in time with Maria's. Both leaned over slightly, their hair falling over their faces and panting.

      "Oh that's it...ughnnnn...ughnnnnnn...oh yes." Tess moaned

      "You guys cumming?" Lonnie asked huskily, her hands were now squeezing their breasts

      "Oh yes!" Tess whimpered

      "Oh god...major yes." Maria moaned

      All three were gyrating their hips, Lonnie started to rub her sex against the rim of the tub. She kissed both of the girls, and in sending her hands down between their legs Lonnie pressed against their clits.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Both girls cried out with a high- pitched scream as they came.

      They both slipped of her thighs and rested in the tub before Lonnie. Maria and Tess held each other as Lonnie stroked their arms and kissed their heads. Tess then looked up to Lonnie and spotted that her legs were still spread wide, the lips nestled there between them instantly drew the fellow hybrid in. Lonnie was still rocking slightly, seeing the two of them cum above her really got to her. The second Tess's mouth reached her sex Lonnie pulled her away.

      "I've already cum..."

      "But not from me." Tess said, "Besides, this is about you."

      "All about you." Maria said as she stood up and sat next to Lonnie.

      Tess went back in as Maria started to stroke Lonnie's breasts softly. Maria and Lonnie looked at each other intently before they kissed passionately, Tess's head moved a little in what space Lonnie's thighs could afford.

      "Ugnnnn..." Lonnie gasped into Maria

      "You like that?" Maria asked softly

      "Ugnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...yessssssssssss...she's as good as you." Lonnie panted out

      "You know it." Maria said with a smile

      "She' good." Lonnie said

      Maria kissed her again; tweaking Lonnie's nipples while her fingers ran through her fingers through her hair. Tess licked and lapped, lapped and stabbed and then pushed three fingers right into Lonnie's body.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Lonnie cried out as Tess started moving her fingers within her.

      She thrust her digits in and out of Lonnie's slick passage, feeling the contractions of each muscle inside her. The movements of her hips sped up, pushing against Tess's face. Maria ran her foot up and down Tess's back and then around the curve of her ass. Both Maria and Tess knew that Lonnie was close to her orgasm again. Maria sucked on Lonnie's tongue and Tess moved her fingers in and out as fast as she could go.

      Lonnie broke away from the kiss, completely unable to refrain from crying out. "Ughnnn...ughnnn...ughnnnnn...oh you guys...oh hell... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Her whole body trembled, her scream of passion echoed through the family bond.

      They stayed together in the tub as the unending spray of hot water washed their exertions from their sated bodies. However, they soon left the tube and wrapped short towels around them as they went back into the bedroom. Lonnie lay down on the bed as the two other girls walked by her, running their fingers along her body and smiling at her as they left.

      "See you later Lonnie." Maria said

      "You were amazing Lonnie." Tess said

      "Not that I did much." Lonnie said, completely relaxed on the bed

      "Well, Ava is definitely a lucky girl." Tess said

      "So are the two of you." Lonnie said back as the two girls stepped back out of the bedroom and closed the door.

      Outside, they ran into Sam and Lonnie who where resting on the plush cushions in the centre of the room where the altar would rise from. Both were waiting for Lonnie to be finished with her first bonding sessions before they intruded and as they watched the towel clad Maria and Tess walk out, Ava thanked her sister and Maria. Then they walked into the bedroom and stripped naked before removing Lonnie's towel and pressed their bodies next to her.

      "Have fun?" Ava asked

      "It was incredible...and the connections..." Lonnie said while shaking her head

      "It doesn't go away." Sam said as he caressed her heated body, "And after the Sharing..."

      "You'll feel the love in this family all the time. It'll be apart of you and what you feel for the two of us will be added to it." Ava said

      "Everything you are will be apart of us and we'll be apart of you." Sam said

      "Does that scare you?" Ava asked

      Lonnie shook her head, "Bring it on."

      "We love you Lonnie." Ava said for both herself and Sam

      "I love you two too." Lonnie said

      Sam pulled the covers of the bed over them and they relaxed for a while before deciding to do anything else.

      Library, Same Time

      Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex were all in the library. They had finished their homework in record time, even for them and decided to look into a way of helping Sam, Ava and Lonnie. They had pulled every law book in the library off the shelves and stacked them on the central table; each one of them was going through every law they could find and looking for a loophole that could help the resident threesome.

      "There must be something in here. Everything else has a loophole that usually get exploited by lawyers and people with tons of cash." Liz said

      "And we certainly have the cash thing down cold." Alex said

      "And a potential lawyer." Isabel said as she looked at her brother with pride in her eyes.

      "Speaking of that, have you decided what you're going to study at college yet?" Max asked never looking up from the book in his hands.

      "No. Not yet." Isabel said, knowing that Max knew fine well she hadn't decided.

      "Well, you know mom and dad are going to start asking soon." Max said as he closed his book and threw it to the side, "Argg...nothing. Okay, even Kalen told us back on the Island that it was one man to one women."

      "Yeah." Liz said

      "Yeah but maybe not always." Isabel said as she held up her current book.

      "What's that?" Alex asked, just as they felt Lonnie's orgasm rip through the family. All smiled as they knew that Lonnie had eagerly begun her final steps into the family.

      "That's your turn with her soon." Isabel whispered in her ear

      "All girl orgy...can't wait." Liz said seductively

      "Anyway, back to my question...what's that?" Alex said

      "It's one on Antarian customs and stuff. Apparently threesomes or sometimes...moresomes...lucky girl, were common, very common actually. Just not in recent history. There were only about 80 in the last... what 600 years or so. So under Antarian Law it is legal for them to marry each other and since Max is king, you can officiate." Isabel said

      "So, in this dome and with the other families it will be legal but that doesn't help us outside of here, in the real world where we spend a lot of time and will work..." Max said

      "What about the Granolith?" Alex said, "Alter the laws out there, change peoples concepts of...what...morality?"

      "In that case, why not just come completely clean about what we are. Using the granolith to protect ourselves and making sure people don't send their attention our way is one thing but we can't keep using it to change people. It never sits right when we do." Max said

      "Yeah, I guess." Alex said and everyone nodded in agreement, as tempting as it was to use it to make their lives easier they couldn't do it. There was enough manipulative &^*&% in this world as it was.

      Just then DDOK arrived with a tray of coffee's and sandwiches. "As requested." The drone said

      "Thank you DDOK." Liz said as she looked up at the Drone before looking down at her book. The she quickly looked up at the drone and smiled.

      "What?" Isabel asked

      "Idea." Liz said, not stopping her gaze to the drone. By the end of the night she was working away at her idea hoping for it to be a surprise for Lonnie in the morning.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 08:00

      Everyone had their breakfast and started to pack up their bags for school. It was their usual routine but the only one absent was Liz who hadn't gone to bed. Max even went in search of her but never got passed the door into the room she took over.

      "Does anyone know what Liz is actually doing in there?" Maria asked

      "All I know is that we were talking about helping you three with your... situation and then she got an idea." Max said, "She wont even let me in."

      "An idea to help us?" Ava asked

      "Yeah, she wants it to be a surprise." Isabel asked

      Liz then came into the living room followed by a handsome young man. He had the same build and height as Sam but had long dirty-blonde hair and a couple of days hair growth on the face. His eyes were an intense green that could draw anyone in.

      "Uh Liz, who's this?" Max asked

      "This, if she'll take him, is Lonnie's new boyfriend." Liz said

      "What?" Sam, Lonnie and Ava all said together standing up.

      "What the hell do you think you're doing bringing some guy..." Sam said his face red with anger

      "Sam." Liz said sternly, "Number one, it's just for appearances. Number two...he's not real." Liz moved over to the young man and pulled the eyelid up slightly, exposing blinking lights and metal.

      "He's a drone?" Max asked with disbelief

      "Yep but not just that. Since you guys can't have dates together without causing tongues to start up, this drone goes along. He can participate as much as you like but if you get wrapped up in each other then he can emit a signal that's like a mind warp. All anyone around you would see is two couples having a double date. Like I said he's for appearances. He'll do anything you want him to and is equipped with Sam's brain patterns so he'll act and talk just like Sam."

      "You're serious about this?" Lonnie asked

      "Yeah. And if you guys stick at it and do decide to tie the knot, the there can be a public wedding with fake boy here and a private one for you guys. In case anyone goes looking, all public records will have his name on the wedding certificate if you decide on one for him but the one you have will say that your husband is Sam." Liz said

      Lonnie and Ava moved over to the drone and looked it over, examining every detail on the fake but very realistic skin.

      "Oh and he's also equipped with this." Liz said as she pulled a small device out of her pocket and moved over to Sam. She placed it behind Sam's ear and it vanished, "There."

      "There what?" Sam asked

      "He has a receiver in his brain and you have a transmitter. Your thoughts and memories are now apart of him so that if you're not around will be." Liz said

      "Nice." Lonnie said, "Very nice."

      "You want to try this?" Sam asked

      "At least for a while to see how it goes. If it works then at the very least we can be together even if anyone else sees that we're not." Lonnie said

      "I know you guys would probably want to climb the tallest building and say that you are together but given how things are out there..." Liz said

      "Yeah I guess." Sam said, "Well, this is Lonnie's call."

      "I have to agree but for my money I think you should try it." Ava said

      Lonnie looked over the drone and shrugged her shoulders while nodding. "Okay, I'm in. But if I want to, we can just switch him off right?"

      "Oh yeah totally." Liz said, "There is just one problem."

      "And that would be?" Ava asked

      "He's not entirely accurate...anatomically speaking." Liz said

      "Meaning?" Lonnie asked

      "Meaning that in no way can he be used as a sex toy." Liz said

      "Bummer." Ava said

      "Good." Sam said, "Not that I don't mind you ladies know but you using this..."

      "He's jealous." Ava teased

      "I'm not jealous of a machine." Sam said, "I just don't like the idea of Lonnie being with anyone but us. Especially kissing in will be doing that wont you?" he said but the last part of a distinct statement.

      "He is jealous. Awe, that's so cute." Lonnie continued

      "Definitely deserves a reward." Ava said

      Both girls looked at Sam with heat in their eyes.

      "Later you two." Liz said, "We have school to get to."

      "Double bummer." Lonnie said, "Hey does he go to school to because if I suddenly show up with a stranger to the town..."

      "He's a college guy. He's got a driver's licence, birth certificate and even a timetable from the local community college. He can even go to a few classes there in case..."

      "In case someone digs." Max said, "Isn't my queen an absolute genius?"

      "Uh, is that a trick question?" Michael asked earning him a glare from Max, "Oh yeah, she's a genius. Smartest person here without a doubt." He said sincerely with a little fear from Max's glare.

      "A college guy." Lonnie smirked, "I will be totally envied."

      "Come on." Sam said, "We've got to go or we'll be late."

      He took hold of his lover's hands and walked both girls out to the car as everyone else quickly followed.

      "Do we just leave him there?" Isabel asked

      "Well his autonomic system isn't complete yet. I did put a program into him so that he'll sit down and read in the library if none of us are around." Liz said

      "Read?" Tess asked

      "Yeah, well I thought he could learn a few things on his own until the download from Sam's brain is done. When that is done everything about him will be like Sam."

      "You know I kinda like the idea of a guy you can put in the closet when you're done with him." Maria said with a smirk. Michael looked at her and just wrapped his arm around her tightly.

      "Not while I'm with you." He said, "However, we could make a fortune on the fully interactive sex toy."

      "Michael." Max warned

      County Courthouse, Roswell, 09:00

      Pam had been shown into the courtroom with her doctor and lawyer in tow. Her parents followed and sat behinds her. Her entire appearance was the opposite of her usual, there were bags under her eyes and she wore no makeup.

      "Okay." Her lawyer said to Pam, "This is just an arraignment. Today is just a formality, the important thing is to get you home to your parents."

      "Yeah." Pam whispered as she looked back at her parents who smiled at her

      Then the door to the judge's chamber opened and the court officer stood up. "All rise, the Honourable Judge Reynolds presiding. All those with business before those court stand and ye shall be heard." Everyone in the room stood up as the judge entered the room and sat down in his chair. The court officer handed the paper work to the judge and looked over it, "People Vs Pamela Troy. Assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and GBH."

      "Okay, Mr Collins...where is prosecution stand?" Reynolds asked

      "Your Honour, the D.A is recommending that Ms Troy be detained by the state until trial without bail." Collins said

      "Mr Devine, defence?"

      "Your Honour, this was a case of temporary insanity. A moment of jealousy that got out of hand." Devine said

      "Oh please." Collins said

      "Mr Collins." The judge warned

      "Defence is asking that Ms Troy be allowed to return to her parents supervision." Devine said

      "Your Honour, she took the knife with her to school that day. Her intent at that moment, whether premeditated or not, was to kill Ms Ava Harding. Her fiancé Mr Reese moved in front of Ms Harding and took the hit. His injury wasn't life threatening but it could have been significantly worse if there wasn't teachers on the scene and the prompt action of the ambulance service." Collins said

      "And from what I'm reading here, she had what is described as a discussion with someone who wasn't there. And there was an incident at the end of the last school term that resulted in her suspension. I understand that she's been seeing a psychiatrist since then." Reynolds said

      "That is correct your honour." Collins said

      "Your honour, up until recently Ms Troy has had no problems with the law, she has no criminal record and her friends..."

      "Don't go there, Mr Devine." Reynolds said

      "Your Honour?"

      "I've seen enough lawyers argue that the kids that come through here fell in with the bad crowd. I've heard it time and time again and I have believed it in a few of them. From what's before me, Ms Troy actually lost a lot of friends over the incident that led to her suspension and that she had actively pursued Mr Reese despite the fact that he has made it clear he is in a serious relationship with Ms Harding and on occasion with Max Evans; also I have reports from teacher's observations of Ms Troy's...interest in the current residents of the Antaris Estate. Ms Troy's psychiatrist's report that you place in evidence for the defence states that she is of no danger to herself or others but clearly she is, at the very least to Ms Harding, her sister Tess, the three Evans, Ms Parker, Ms Deluca, Mr Guerin, Mr Valenti, Mr Whitman and most definitely Mr Reese."

      "Your Honour..."

      "No, I've seen enough. Ms Troy, I am remanding you until trial. You will be held for observation by the state at Blackwood Psychiatric Hospital. Medium security."

      Throughout it all Pam never said anything. She just looked state forward with a blank stare, she didn't resist at all when the officers helped her out of the chair and out through the side door. Her mother dived forward to try and stop them but another officer held her back until Pam was out the door.

      "What did those bastards do to my baby?" her mother cried

      "I don't know." Her husband said as he held her, "But they'll regret it."

      Together they walked out of the court.

      "Frank, I'm gonna take five in my chambers before the next case." Reynolds said

      "Yes, Your Honour." The court officer said as the judge stood up and entered his chambers

      Judge's Chambers...

      "It's done." Reynolds said as he entered the room

      "Thank you, Jake." Feln said as he came out of the shadows in the room

      "Listen...Feln I trust you but I need to hear it. None of this is falsified right?"

      "No, nothing. It all happened just as it's in your notes." Feln said, "Max doesn't want her to go through hell, even though she deserves it for what she's done to them. As long as she's safe and taken care of then he's fine with what you decide. Besides, you know it's the right thing or you wouldn't have done it."

      "Yes...yes you're right." Reynolds said, "How are our resident aliens?"

      "They're fine. They're just happy to be together and that Sam wasn't severely hurt." Feln said

      "Well, give them my regards when you see them." Reynolds said as he shook Feln's hand, "You know, I've just realised that I might not see you again will I?"

      "I doubt it. We'll probably remain in stasis indefinitely." Feln said

      "Well then my friend, this could be the last time I get to say this. Thank you for saving my life that day." Reynolds said

      "22 years...where does the time go?" Feln said

      "Well, definitely not on your face. You still look the same as that day where as I..." Reynolds said

      "Look like a dignified human being...and a good man." Feln said

      Reynolds smiled, "Goodbye my friend."

      "Goodbye Jake, it has been a privilege to know you." Feln said

      "The privilege is all mine, I am one of the few humans who know that aliens exist. You know, I think I'm going to miss our annual dinners together just as much as our talks."

      "Me too." Feln said as he took out the hexagonal device and vanished.

      Reynolds took a second and returned to the court.

      Staff Room, West Roswell High, Immediately Following

      Max was walking through halls, continually reading over all of his notes for the press conference. However, he needed to take care of once small snag with the timing of the event. He arrived at the staff room and gently knocked.

      "Come in Max." He heard from inside and got a confused look on his face.

      {How the hell did they know it was me?} he thought as he opened the door and stepped inside.

      He saw the staff sitting around drinking coffee; some were still marking student's work while others watched television.

      "Morning Max." said a few teachers one after the other

      "Morning...uh...busy morning?" Max asked earning him a look from the teachers. "Sorry. How did you know it was me at the door?"

      "Your knock. It's been the same since you and Liz Parker got together." Said one teacher

      "Oh." Max said with a slight blush

      "So what can we do for you Max?"

      "Well one of those science guys going over my machine did another leak. So we had to call a press conference for later today but that got messed up because of the news outlets. Basically we're going to have to miss the afternoon classes today." Max said tentatively

      "Your machine is ready?"

      "Oh yeah. It passed so good they got really excited about it and blabbed." Max said

      "Max, I don't want to...but, you're not exactly the greatest public speaker."

      "Don't remind me." Max said

      "So you are going to do this?"

      "With Liz, Isabel, Lonnie, Maria, Tess, Ava, Michael, Alex, Kyle and Sam right beside me. Believe me, I tried to talk them out of being there but...well, they're family." Max said

      "Where are you holding the conference?"

      "Out front of our home in the dome." Max said, "And I can't believe I agreed to that one, letting them in there..."

      "Like your privacy don't you?"

      "Well yeah, who doesn't? We just have the added bonus of having a big impenetrable dome around our place." Max said

      "Well I for one have gotta hear what this machine is all about, and I wouldn't mind getting a look at your house. Roswell has very few mysteries."

      "So it's okay with all of you?" Max asked

      "Yes but I want you to go over what your teachers had planned for your classes today and get any homework."

      "Of course sir." Max said, "We were planning on doing that during lunch before we leave."

      "Should have known." His teacher said as he looked to the other teachers of the students who all nodded. They were their prize students, and were all eager for the conference.

      Max turned to leave but was stopped when one teacher said, "Oh how's Sam doing this morning?"

      "A little sore. He's got a huge slide along his side with stitching coming out of it so..."

      "Of course. And Ava?"

      "Never letting him out of her sight." Max said, "At least until he's fully healed."

      "I'm glad. I think you might want to know...Pam's arraignment was this morning. She's been taken into psychiatric care."

      "Yeah I know." Max said

      "Already? We just got the call in before you knocked."

      "Oh I've got contacts everywhere since I took over the company. I even found the personal phone number of the United Nations Secretary General a couple of weeks ago."

      "Have you called him?" one teacher asked with disbelief

      "Oh yeah, he gave me an open invitation to head up to New York for dinner sometime. He said just call and he'd clear is schedule." Max said like he was joking but he wasn't. He had the number and used it. The Secretary General was eager to meet Max, he wasn't only the elected head of the UN but he was also the head of the secret group of international representatives that dealt with their alien guests. "Anyway I better get going to class."

      Max left and all the teachers stared at each other. "Can someone tell me when the dictionary was rewritten?" one asked

      "What do you mean?"

      "You know, to let the good guys finish first instead of last."

      They all chuckled.

      Bathroom Adjacent to Max and Liz's Bedroom, The Mansion, 14:00

      At time drew closer to the event, Max's stomach started to turn. It kept going and going until he was face down over the toilet, bringing up his breakfast, lunch and whatever else he ate.

      "I hate this." Max said as he took a drink of water

      "Well consider this a little taste of when I'm pregnant." Liz said from the doorway

      "Well then I have a new found respect of a women's body and what it goes through." Max said

      "Glad to hear it but that still wont do either of us any good after we have our fun on the Altar." Liz said as they walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom where Max had a suit laid out on the bed and Michael was looking out the window.

      "Hey, there are three more cars pulling in to the driveway." Michael said

      "Local or national press?" Max asked as he took a deep breath as he bent his body slightly to sit on the bed.

      "Uh, international." Michael said

      Max's butt never touched the bed; he immediately straightened up and ran back to the bathroom. All the others could hear was the sound of wrenching and the splatter of his vomit as it fell into the bowl.

      "Still gets speech sick huh?" Isabel asked as she came in

      "Yeah." Liz said

      "Maybe he'll get used to it after a few." Isabel said

      "A few?" Max said at the door before diving back in to the bathroom.

      "How the hell can he have anything left to bring up?" Maria asked

      "Oh you'd be surprised what we can throw up." Lonnie said as she came in, "There was this time after an all night drinking binge...but that's something that doesn't need to be talked about here."

      "Oh well, the cameras are being placed. Time for the suit bro." Michael said

      "Yeah, yeah." Max said as he came into the room and started stripping his clothes off and began putting on the suit. Liz straightened his tie as Isabel dusted her brother off and after a few minutes he was ready...after brushing his teeth and swallowing several breath fresheners. "Okay...let's party." He said as he led the others out of the bedroom and down to the ground floor.

      Outside the Mansion, A Few Minutes Later

      Almost a quarter of the clearing that held the mansion was filled with press. News vans had their satellite dishes ready with cameras set up, pointing to the front door of the mansion. There were a few reporters taking some film of the interior of the dome, this was probably the only chance they'd ever get at it so while they waited they went on a little walk.

      Shots were taken of the rainforest, the lake, outside of the mansion and the gardens. One even found their way into the stables and filmed the horses. Then came the announcement that Max was on his way and everyone ran to their positions. Bulb flashes and camera lights all shown on the front door as it opened. Max stepped out and took his position before them.

      It had already been agreed that Max wouldn't stand behind a podium or have a sound boom floating over his head so he wore a small, barely detectable microphone on his lapel. The family were all smartly dressed, even Lonnie although she found it a little uncomfortable. If it wasn't for Sam and Ava being nearby she would have been fidgeting like crazy. It was also the prefect opportunity to try out the boyfriend drone. The download from Sam's mind was complete and acted as if he were human as he stood by Lonnie's side.

      "Ladies and Gentlemen. The last time we spoke, I told you of a theory of my grandfather's that he was never able to bring to fruition in his lifetime. Myself, and my fiancé Liz Parker made a great deal of advancement with this. Together we created a device that had undergone testing by government scientists. I am pleased to announce that that testing has been completed. The device has been called the Accelerated Bio-energy Infuser, or as we've nicknamed ­ Abi. Abi is capable of reversing most conditions that a human could suffer from. Disease, and most certainly all forms of Cancer are of no problem. Limbs that have been severed can be regenerated, must like the ability present in lizards. Paralyses can be reversed, congenital defects to major organs, even brain damage. Invasive medical procedures aren't necessary any more. It is equipped with a device that has a high clarity x-ray style machine as well as an enhanced M.R.I scanner." Max said

      "Mr Evans." The all shouted at once. Max pointed to one for the question.

      "Mr Evans, how long before these machines are in hospitals?"

      "The prototype that was being examined in California is being shipped to General Hospital in Los Angeles later today. Another 51 Abi's will begin construction in less than an hour. As they are finished they will be shipped to a hospital in the capitol in each state." Max said

      "Mr Evans, "A female reporter asked, "Only one per state?"

      "That is the limit for the moment, that our resources dictate. The company office's hasn't bought any new materials since my grandfather died and as we get back on our feet and used to running a company of this magnitude our production levels will increase." Max answered

      "Mr Evan, what of the cost? There has been some speculation that only the rich will be able to afford this treatment."

      "No." Max said, "This technology is available to anyone who needs it. Any cost will be to cover the hospital's administration fees and the power needed to operate Abi. No-one will be turned away."

      "Mr Evans, given that there will be a limited number to being with, queues and waiting lists will inevitably form."

      "Yes, that is unavoidable for the moment. Use of the Abi's will be in basis of immediate need and only one session with the machine should be sufficient. There will be no preferential treatment given no matter whom the person is. If the need is urgent, say from a gunshot wound, then the current list is suspended until that person has been dealt with. Afterwards it will go back to normal. Also, for anyone who thinks they can buy a higher place in the list, you can't. My family and I will be keeping a close eye on the lists and the conditions each patient has. If there is an irregularity with the patients condition and their place on the list then they will be moved to the correct position."

      "The doctors are breaking patient confidentiality by monitoring the patients conditions?"

      "Unfortunately yes, I understand why people want their conditions to be private but this is an entirely new level of technology. Right now, there is a standard level of bio-energy that will take care of all problems. However, it is possible to regulate the amount of energy being fed into a patient depending on their condition. We can only determine the proper settings and as such save power, by monitoring the type of condition being used at that time. Also, by examining how well the machine handles these conditions, we can fine tune and improve the design in the next generation of Abi's." Max said

      "What is the power source?"

      "The power requirements are quite large. However, the unit contains a small device's sort of like a magnifying glass of electricity. The electricity can come in from a standard wall socket and the device will raise focus and concentrate that energy to the levels needed." Max said

      "Mr Evans, are you planning on giving this technology to other countries?"

      "As I have said, everyone has the right to this technology. The plans to Abi will be given to our company's offices around the world for production." Max said

      "Mr Evans you have said that the use of the machine will be inexpensive but how much will the machines cost? You know, as a unit to the hospital."

      "The first round of machines, including the prototype will be free to the hospitals we select. However, if those hospitals need additional machines or for the other hospitals after the first 51...we have estimated that it would cost between $8,000 - $10,000 each." Max said, he heard more than a few hushed groans and comments, "This cost represents a very small fraction of what hospitals spend on drugs, medication, needles, hardware, x-ray development. Abi does almost everything that is done for patient diagnostics and treatments. This money goes to the production of other Abi's and any other device that Antaris Technologies make or will make."

      Max continued to answer questions that were thrown at him. Liz answered a few on the bio-energy and by the end of it, the press still wanted more and more. Eventually Max had to call an end to it, they'd already spent an hour more on this than he originally planned. However, he had arranged for DDOK to put out a few tables of food in the gardens and invited the reporters to stay for a while. They were given a tour of the mansion.

      State Psychiatric Hospital, 15:00

      Walking down the sterile cold halls of the hospital, Pam was being shown to her room that was little more that a comfortable cell. Walking behind her was a burly guard in white medical clothing that kept one hand on her shoulder while her doctor led the way. All the while she was as quiet as a mouse.

      "Okay Pamela, here we go." The doctor said, he kept a syringe filled with a sedative in his pocket but hoped never to use it. Pam stepped into the cell and looked around at the white walls, barred up window. She moved in to the room and sat quietly down on the bed.

      "Pam...Pam," the doctor said, but she just kept staring forward, "Our first session is tomorrow morning. I look forward to speaking with you."

      Pam blinked and the doctor nodded. He looked to the guard and both left the room, the door slammed shut and Pam heard the click of the large lock as the guard turned the key. Then the doctor looked through the flap on the door before closing and locking that. The flap closing caused Pam to jump slightly.

      "Alone again." Pam heard from behind her. She looked back and saw herself relaxing against the wall.

      "Go away." Pam said

      "Why should I?"

      "Because you nearly killed Sam." Pam said

      "Oh no Honey, that wasn't me. That was very much *all* you. Besides, it's not my fault you missed the bitch."

      "Leave me alone." Pam said

      "Nuh ah, you want Sam and he belongs with you. We both want what's best for you because that's what's best for both of us."

      "Well, now we're in here. I'm not going to hurt him again." Pam said

      "What if I could help you get him?"

      "You cant. He's in love with her; I can see that now. There is no way he would have stepped in front of a knife for me but for her..." Pam said

      "Then why am I still here? Why am I just speaking into that pretty little head of yours?"

      "He is in love with you but that whore has something on him, something keeping him from you. He really wants to be with you, wants his hands running over that young supple body, kissing you, making love to you. He wants to feel your legs wrapped around him."

      "Just leave me alone. I don't want to hear this."

      "Why, because you nearly killed him? You felt that knife cut into his skin, you loved the feel of it even if it wasn't Ava."

      "No." Pam said

      "Yes. Admit it."

      "NO!" Pam said

      "The way the knife felt as the metal touched the bone, the warm blood on your hand..."

      "No." Pam said more softly

      "Seeing the pain in his eyes. The fear of death coming over him, hearing that last gasp of life...even though it didn't happen this time. You wanted to hear and see it all. Say it Pam. You loved it."

      "Yes." Pam said with conviction, "I liked feeling that knife in him."

      The Other smiled, "Now that's my girl. First step, get out of here and for that..."

      Doctor's Office...

      "I'm sorry to say you're right Mr Felenus." The doctor said as he looked at the screen. A camera hidden behind a plastic mirror in Pam's filmed everything as she talked with herself and relayed it to his office.

      "Mr Evans, Mr Reese and their family are not vindictive. Whatever Ms Troy is going through...they would prefer seeing her securely away from them and taken care of." Feln said. He was using another alias that he had set up over the years, this one as a psychiatrist for the company.

      "Well, I'll certainly keep her safe and under lock & key. It'll take a while to properly diagnose her condition but the real matter will be for her trial." The doctor said

      "Yes of course but the judge is a good man. I'm sure he'll do the right thing." Feln said

      "Maybe, maybe not but from just watching this...she is dangerous. I guess I should keep a guard on her."

      "That is, of course, your call but I do agree with it. In this day an age you can never be too safe and my concern is with my employers."

      "Yes of course." The doctor said, "If you'd like I can keep you abreast of her condition."

      "I would like that but from this weekend I'll be completely unreachable. I've been assigned to another office." Feln said as he shook the doctor's hand and left.

      Study, 16:00

      The invitations to the press was eagerly accepted but were restricted to the first three floors. Above that was nothing but their bedrooms on the sixth floor and that they wanted to keep private. DDOK's food was eaten and everyone enjoyed it but the time came when they had to leave. All packed up their equipment, made sure they had their notes and all drove off.

      Once the last car left Max and Michael went to the study and activated all the security systems within the dome, just to make sure that they all had indeed left. They looked over the monitors and saw a couple of blips on a map of the dome that was shown.

      "Typical." Michael said

      "You expected that some of them wouldn't try it?" Max asked as he changed the image from the map to surveillance cameras. There were a couple of men on the screen. One was setting up tents and camping gear in the jungle while the other was planting camera pointing toward the mansion and surrounding area.

      "I'll send the security drones out." Max said

      "Nah, I got it." Michael said


      "Relax, I'll take them as backup." Michael said as he left

      Max turned off the monitors and went to find his fiancé.

      Deep in the Forrest...

      Michael and several well-armed security drones went out in a jeep to confront the reporters that had decided to linger behind their colleagues. One by one they found the cameras that had been pointed to each of the rooms in their house and anywhere else. One drone carried all that remained of the crushed video equipment and as they approached the reporters silently, the drone tossed it down in front of them.

      "What the hell?" one asked

      "You know, these guys have a tendency of shooting first and not asking questions at all when they find people where they shouldn't be." Michael said

      One of the men looked at what was left of their camera equipment, "Oh come on, that stuff cost a fortune."

      "Like I care. Now, who are you and who do you work for?" Michael asked

      "Why?" One asked

      Michael looked at the drones and they raised their weapons, pointing them at the men. "Who?" he asked again

      "I...I'm John Rimes and this is James Tyler."

      "And who do you work for?" Michael asked

      "The uh...uh...National Enquirer." Tyler said

      Michael smiled and pulled out his cell phone to call Max, "Max, they're from the National Enquirer." He said as he hung up, "Congratulations guys, you're fired."

      "What?" Rimes asked

      "We just bought 50.9% of the voting stock in that paper so we're calling the shots now. You guys are now unemployed. If this was authorised by someone there then the current editors and management will be joining our on the unemployment line. If it was just you two acting without authorisation then...well it's just you guys. Tell your friends about it, these are our don't come into it unless we let you in and you go when we tell you to leave." Michael said and then turned to the drones, "Get them out of here. Make sure they don't make any calls until we've had a chance to find out if they were the only ones were behind it."

      The drones forced the reporters into the jeep and took them out of the dome as Michael walked back to the mansion. It didn't take long for him to seek out Maria and together they made love against the mantle of the large fireplace in the living room.

      To Be Continued...

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