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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 43

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2004

      Lonnie's Bedroom, The Mansion, Same Time

      After Ava approached her in the living room, the two girls came up to Lonnie's room to talk privately. The situation was laid out, they girls admitted their feelings and within thirty minutes a decision was reached about their problem.

      "Are you really sure you want this?" Lonnie asked

      "Yes. I've been thinking about it a lot and I see in your eyes, both of you. I know Sam's having issues over it but I think it's going to happen no matter what...and I want to be apart of it." Ava said as she reached out and Lonnie her girlfriend's hand.

      Lonnie looked down at her hand and then looked back up at Ava with heat in her eyes. The taller girl ran her other hand down Ava's cheek until it was by her mouth and she kissed her palm. Both knelt on the bed, their breasts pressed firmly together as they stroked each other's arms. The two girls kissed each other gently, giving themselves to their first time together since Zan's death.

      Lonnie pulled off Ava's top and then Ava reciprocated leaving both in shorts and their bras. Their hands ran over their skin and their breath was quickly becoming heavier with each touch. Ava's finger trailed over the curve of Lonnie's breast and down into her cleavage. She found the fastener of the lace garment and eagerly undid it before she pushed her hands up over Lonnie's shoulders, taking the bra with her. It fell down Lonnie's arms just as Ava took one of her lover's nipples into her mouth.

      Lonnie gasped, her fingers ran through Ava's hair as she pressed the girl's face deeper into her chest. Ava moved back and forth over each breast, bathing each hard little nubbin with her tongue. Lonnie reached down Ava's back and unfastened her bra, letting it fall to the bed before Lonnie tossed it off to the side. Ava raised her head and both gazed longingly at each other.

      The dived at each other and kissed passionately as they fell onto the bed with their arms wrapped around each other. Two pairs of hands reached down to their waists, both struggling to undo the other's shorts. The lover's laughed as they continued to kiss intermittently and upon successfully unbuttoning the shorts both girls pushed them off their hips.

      "You are so beautiful." Lonnie said as she caressed Ava's face

      "So are you." Ava said

      Ava started to kiss her way down Lonnie's body, which arched higher and higher with each touch of her lips. Ava caressed every inch of the body beneath her, her hands squeezed Lonnie's breasts but her tongue circled around her belly button.

      "Ugnnnnnnnnn..." Lonnie gulped in air as her back arched completely off the bed.

      Ava smiled, "Nice to know some things haven't changed."

      "You always knew where to touch me." Lonnie said

      "And I'm going to love teaching Sam." Ava said before heading further down.

      She brought her hands down and touched her thighs, spreading them wide without any resistance. Ava waved her hand over Lonnie's panties and they vanished leaving the newest family member exposed to her. Ava took a long and slow lap at Lonnie, dragging her tongue over her pussy. She savoured in the taste of her lover that she had missed for so very long.

      Lonnie pressed her head firmly into the silk covered pillow and grabbed tightly onto the sheets. Ava started to lap her tongue faster, flicking the tip of her tongue over Lonnie's clit. Lonnie squirmed over the bedspread; Ava's fingers danced over her skin and ran her fingernail under the swell of her breast.

      "Ugnnnn god...Av...Ava." Lonnie gasped

      Her grip got tighter and tighter until she was pulling the sheets from the bed, her body was flushed and sweating. Lonnie reached down and put her hands under Ava's arms; she pulled her up and kissed the girl hard and with fire. Their lips locked and Lonnie reached down, took hold of Ava's underwear and tore them from her body.

      "Feeling frisky?" Ava asked

      "You have no idea." Lonnie said before kissing Ava again.

      Lonnie pushed Ava onto her back and knelt by her body. She caressed and kissed each of her legs, paying special attention to her red- painted toes. Soon the taller girl lifted her knee and moved it over Ava's body, straddling the girl before bending down between her legs as she lowered her own sex to Ava's mouth. Both tongues darted, licked and danced in the slits of both women.



      Their bodies writhed together; the heat between them was as enticing as what they were doing between their legs. Sweat mixed and hands stroked. Over and over again they teased their lover's clit and other hotspots. Both knew what to do to each other, they had plenty of practice but for the first time it wasn't for anyone's entertainment other than their own.

      "UGHNNNNN!" Lonnie screamed as her head was thrown back. Then she returned it between her lover's thighs and went back to work.

      Then, at the exact same moment, the girl's fingers joined their tongues and focused on the little bundle of nerves. They pressed and circled resulting in their cries of passion getting higher and higher in pitch.

      "OH GOD...YES...YES...YESSSS!"

      "BABY...SO GOOD...OH MY...YES...I...OH YES!"

      They kept going until, with a single soul filled scream, the girls reached their climax and came together. Heir bodies jerked and dripped with sweat, their bellies convulsed as their hot breath caressed their overly sensitive sex. Eventually Lonnie got off of Ava and lay by her side. The two girls reached out and held each other tightly, both feeling closer than they ever had.

      "I missed you." Lonnie whispered

      "So glad you came out here." Ava said, "I love you."

      "I love you too." Lonnie replied as they gave themselves over to sleep.

      Dinning Room, The Next Morning

      As the done filled with sunlight, everyone came down for breakfast. Sam had spent the night alone in his bed but the thoughts and pleasures coming through his connection to Ava made it very worthwhile. When he came in to the dinning room he could see his fiancé and her lover quietly talking to themselves and both very happy.

      "Have a good evening?" Sam asked as he kissed her forehead

      "You have no idea." Ava said

      "Oh I wouldn't say that. You were broadcasting very loudly." Sam said resulting in a blush from her.

      "You don't have any problems with you?" Lonnie asked

      "Not in the slightest." Sam said, "Whatever makes my girl here happy and you make her happy."

      "You both make me happy." Ava said

      Then Max and Liz came in wearing robes. Everyone looked at them, looks that got the attention of the couple and looked back. "What?" Max asked

      "Uh...nothing...nothing at all." Isabel said trying to hold back a snigger

      "You guys...had fun?" Alex asked

      "Okay what's going on?" Liz asked

      "We should be asking you that Ms. Green." Maria said

      "Huh?" Liz asked and then she remembered, "OH."

      Her skin was still green from last night and Max was still very blue. Their family laughed as Liz touched Max's skin and returned it to its normal could before doing the same to herself. They sat down and tried to hide their embarrassment.

      "So...the long standing alien sex fantasy happened?" Maria asked eagerly

      "Yes." Liz said quickly

      "Hmmm...interesting." Maria said

      "Uh, honey. Our sex life maybe kinky but I'm not doing the skin thing." Michael said

      "Awwww." Maria moaned

      "So Ava." Liz said quickly changing he subject, "Ready for school?"

      "Yep. All forged documents ready, Tess has filled up my head and my finger is fully loaded." Ava said

      "Your finger?" Max asked

      "Yeah...for scrambling Pam Troy's brains if she messes with my man." Ava said

      "Is it wrong for me to be turned on by that?" Sam asked

      "Not at all Babe." Ava said, "Turns me on too."

      "Just be sure not to do any permanent damage." Sam said as their eyes locked and they reached into a kiss

      Tess cleared her throat and the two parted, "Yeah, no damage...unless she really deserves it."

      "Excuse me?" Max asked

      " damage that can't be traced back to us." Tess said

      "That's better." Max said, earning a surprised look from Liz and everyone else, "Hey this is my family she's messing with and she's never exactly been nice to Liz."

      "You can say that again." Liz said

      "I was so hoping she got the message last term." Sam said, "I had a few girlfriends but I've never regretted dating any one of them except for Pam."

      "And that is a topic that will not be brought up again." Ava said

      "No, I've met the girls/girl I'm going to spend the rest of my life with." Everyone heard Sam's slip of saying girls and then correcting it to girl. However, as Ava and Lonnie subtly smiled at each other, Max and Liz knew what it meant and the others dismissed it. "Okay... yummy treats...where's DDOK?"

      "Throwing something together for us." Isabel said just as DDOK emerged from the kitchen with their breakfast.

      West Roswell High, 08:30am

      "You know Tess, I've been in this building before." Ava said

      Tess was showing her sister around the school while guiding her to the office for enrolment. "Yeah I know, a few times while you tried to get with Sam."

      "Time well spent." Ava said

      "I know. But it's not like you spent a lot of time looking around at the actual building." Tess said

      "Well that's true. Sam did seem to be my focus." Ava said

      "And here we are." Tess said as they entered the office.

      "Tess, what can I do for you dear?"

      "My sister has decided to join us this year." Tess said, ", was sick yesterday and couldn't make it."

      "Well glad to hear it. Ava, isn't it?"

      "Yes." Ava said

      "Well, I've got some paperwork for you have your transcripts from your last school?"

      "Right here." Ava said as she reached into her bag and pulled out the documents.

      "Well, lets get this seen too. Tess's why don't you get to class while I take care of your sister."

      "Yes Mrs Pots." Tess said, "See ya later sis."

      "Yeah, bye Tess." Ava said

      Tess grabbed her bag and left the office while Mrs Pots looked out the necessary forms. She sat Ava at a nearby desk and filled them out. She used all the fake information that was created for her by her family, she knew it off by heart and when she was done Mrs Pots processed it.

      "Well, here's your timetable." Mrs Pots said, "You're first class is at nine...I take it Tess showed you around?"

      "Yes ma'am, well a little at any rate but I've been here before and I know my away around. I'll find my classes." Ava said

      "You're sure?"

      "Oh yeah. Don't suppose you can tell me how many classes I have with Pam Troy?" Ava asked

      "Oh yes I heard about that. Still after young Mr Reese is she?"

      "You know about all that?" Ava asked

      "Oh yes. We have quite the grapevine here, and I have to say that is a very nice ring."

      "Uh yes it is." Ava said

      "Have you set a date?"

      "Would this be part of that little gambling pool you all have on my family would it?" Ava asked

      "Now how'd you find out about that?"

      "Oh we have our sources."

      "Well I have to admit we do have a little vice, especially with you're little group. As for Pam Troy, I can't tell you what classes she's in, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings should let you see some familiar faces or shall we say a familiar face." Mrs Pots said

      "Thank you." Ava said

      "Looking for some confrontation?"

      "Only if she tries to go where she's not wanted." Ava said

      "Do you trust Sam Reese, I mean he did date her once?"

      "I trust and love him more each day." Ava said, "And that you can bet on."

      Mrs Pots smiled. "Well, you've got art class in 10 minutes and I believe Mr Guerin is in there."

      "Then I better get going." Ava said as she looked at her timetable, noted the class number and made her way there.

      When she arrived Michael was already there with a space empty next to him.

      "Hey cous." Ava said

      "Ava I didn't know you'd be taking art." Michael said

      "Yeah well I needed something to fill a space, besides I might be good at this." Ava said

      Their teacher then walked in and looked over his class, then he did a double take on Ava, "Tess, you're not in my class."

      "Uh, Ava...not Tess." She said

      "Ava...oh the twin that showed up in gym class that day."

      "That's me sir." Ava said

      "You know, this has been bugging me but why did you slap Tess. Something about head problems."

      "Oh just a little argument between sisters." Ava said

      "Believe me, that's the best of an explanation your going to get." Michael said

      "You're their cousin and you don't know."

      "Sisters." Michael said with a shrug

      Ava then punched his arm.


      "Yeah." Ava said, "That'll teach you."

      The class was filled with sniggers until Michael glared at them. "She's my cousin, she gets away with it."

      "Okay, everybody settle down. Today, we're going to discuss Picasso and you get to paint a bowl of fruit."

      The class got down to work, Michael shared his books with Ava and by the end of the class they had begun to paint a bowl of fruit.

      Outside on the Grass, 11:00

      It was a free period for the entire group. They decided to meet out on the grass to relax and enjoy each other's company before having to head back into classes. Ava and Isabel had bet in the halls and walked outside together. When the shorter blond saw Sam sitting with the others looking over at them, he stood up and she ran toward him. Ava jumped into his arms, wrapped her legs behind his back and kissed him hard.

      From a window in one of the upper floors of the school, Pam Troy watched the group but her gaze was fixed on the couple and in particular her nemesis. Her face was filled with pure hatred, a hatred that grew stronger with Sam's look of happiness.

      Sam let Ava down onto her feet, his arms wrapped around her. "So how's your day going?"

      "Well I'm not bored that's for sure." Ava said

      "Michael told us you're in his art class." Max said

      "Yeah. I've always enjoyed doodling."

      "It's a little bit harder than drawing doodles." Michael said

      "Well yeah, but I needed something so I put in for art." Ava said

      They all lay down on the grass and got comfortable. The sun beat down on them as they got their books out; they had to, at the very least, make it look like they were studying.

      "Oh that, Mrs Pots? Yeah, she was asking if we had set a date yet." Ava said

      "Oh really?" Sam asked

      "Has anyone actually thought about dates yet?" Isabel asked hoping that Max or Liz would take the bait.

      "We have." Liz said

      {Bad girl, you're really going to go with this aren't you?} Max thought to his lover

      {Of course.} Liz thought back

      Max smiled and decided to have fun too; "We've actually decided to cause as little disruption to this year as possible. So...we've decided to wait until after graduation."

      The look on their faces was like they had just watched a nuclear bomb drop from the sky. "I've always kind of liked the idea of a long engagement anyway." Liz said

      "You guys are kidding right." Maria stated

      "No, why?" Max asked

      "You guys HAVE to be kidding right now." Tess said

      "Why?" Liz asked

      "Because you two two just...aghnnnnnnnnn..." Isabel said barely comprehensible.

      "You know I've never actually seen her like that." Max said to Liz

      "You two are not only the royals but you're the heads of our house. You two get married first and then it's the rest of us, that's the way it is." Alex said

      "You guys are waiting for us?" Liz asked already knowing the answer

      "Yeah and as much of a subconscious thing it is for hybrids, according to those books in our library that is the way it was on Antar." Sam said

      "Oh so us waiting until graduation would probably..." Max started

      "Be a bad thing?"

      "Earn you a death sentence."

      "Torture, pain, and absolutely get you a place in hell."

      "Oh yeah." Each of the girls said one after the other.

      "Did you guys practice that?" Liz asked with a smile

      "Ha, ha." Isabel said

      "Come on guys you can't do this to us." Maria said

      Max and Liz looked at each other and smiled

      "What? What's with the smile?" Michael asked

      "Well, we don't actually have a date set yet." Liz said

      "Oh you..." Maria said, "That's it, I'm going to kill my best friend."

      "Nuh uh, get in line. She's my girlfriend." Isabel said

      "Isabel..." Liz said as she started to crawl backwards, "Oh wait...ha, ha... Queen commands."

      "Oh hell." Isabel said, "So when are you thinking about?"

      "Soon, but...there's just so much to deal with right now." Liz said

      "Yeah." Max said, "There is a lot to go over and you know our parents will go crazy."

      "Then how about we sit down this Saturday and start discussing this... seriously." Kyle said

      "Can't, not this weekend. If any of you have plans then consider them cancelled." Max said

      "Why?" Sam asked

      "Kalen's people are returning to hibernation. I got the call this morning; all the families are going to be there. It'll be the first time we'll all meet each other and Kalen would like to make the introductions." Max said

      "They're really going to do this?" Sam asked

      "All the families are set up, they don't have any reason to stay out and they've made sure that none of the human government people that know about us can take action against us. Their mission is complete." Max said

      "And Feln too?" Isabel asked

      "All pure blood Antarians." Liz said

      "Then we'll be there." Tess said

      "And it gives us the chance for Lonnie's Sharing." Sam said

      "Sorry no, not until you have a mate Lonnie." Max said

      "Oh, okay." Lonnie said

      "But we really should start you with the rest of the family. Us girls should really be getting together." Liz said

      "But Ava and me..."

      "It's all part of the bonding, Ava did it and if you don't want to continue with us afterwards then that's fine." Liz said

      "But believe me, you will." Ava assured her lover

      "Okay, so what do we do?" Lonnie asked

      "It's simple, you have sex with each of the girls and then you all have sex with Liz." Maria said

      "It's good to be you." Lonnie said to be Liz

      "You have no idea." Liz answered

      Hallway in the School, Immediately Following

      Pam and what few friends she had left moved away from the window. The people she was with saw the look on her face and immediately regretted passing by that window. "Pam, don't do it."

      "Why not? He is mine and that whore stole him from me." Pam said

      "Come on Pam."

      "No." Pam said

      "Pam, last year you lost friends because you didn't know when to stop."

      "I lost friends because I watched Max and Liz do it in the eraser room." Pam said

      "Oh don't start that again Pam, I was in the Library and I saw them come in a good half hour before you did."

      "I am so sick of this, I know what I saw and if I have to do this alone then I will." Pam said, "This bitch..."

      "Pam, she's wearing an engagement ring. And it's a huge god damned rock. You don't give a girl something like that if it isn't the real thing."

      "Then that'll be the price he'll pay for dumping me." Pam said, "I take it you got the camera?"

      Her friend breathed out a deep sigh and looked at the others, "Yeah. I borrowed it from one of the Audio/Video geeks. It's in my locker just now."

      "What did you have to give him?" Pam asked

      "Don't ask. You just better be prepared to pay back the favour when I call on it."

      "This sounds good, what did you give him?" Pam asked

      "Two...three blowjobs a week for a month."

      "Eww...sorry." Pam said with genuine sympathy

      {You wouldn't be saying that if you saw him with his pants down.} her friend thought, "Yeah just remember that."

      "Three a week? For a camera?" Pam asked, "Isn't that a bit much?"

      "He knew it was for you and ever since Sam did that whole apology thing to the geeks and nerds...well lets just say you aren't as popular."

      Pam just looked at her sharply. "Okay, lets just get the camera."

      The girls made their way to the locker and retrieved the camera.

      Eraser Room, Later

      Sam walked through the halls. While everyone else was in class he was sent to pick up some paper for a printer in his class from storage. Pam had removed it earlier, knowing that the teacher would send Sam to get it ­ he always did. Then all of a sudden arms grabbed him and dragged him inside the room once again.

      "Oh not again." Sam said as the door clicked shut

      Pam smiled at him and moved up to Sam, her hands running over his torso until he grabbed them and yanked her hands away.

      "Oh come on Sam, you know you want it." Pam said

      "God you really don't know when to quit." Sam said, {Ava, Pam's playing her games again.} he thought

      {Gotcha Babe.} Ava thought back

      "Not when I know I'm right. You want me, I know you do." Pam said

      "I don't, believe me if I had a choice I would only touch you with a 30 foot metal poll and even then, only in a hazmat suit." Sam said, "Leave me alone."

      Pam lost it and pushed him back into a bunch of shelves. He collapsed on the floor as she grabbed her hair and screamed out in frustration. "You do want me. We made love."

      "Crazy, we didn't. We rutted like a pair of animals on the floor of my room and in the back of my old car. What Ava and I do is making love, us, what we did was fuck the living crap out of each other and not once was it as good as what I have with Ava. I have asked her to marry me and we're getting down to that as soon as possible." Sam said as he rubbed the back of his head, he knew that if he tried to stand back up he'd fall back down so he stayed where he was.

      "No, you're not." Pam said as she moved over Sam. Her feet were on either side of his legs and she lowered herself down onto her knees. She unbuttoned her blouse and quickly kissed Sam.

      In that second there was a flash from the camera and Sam pushed Pam off of him. "What the hell was that?" Sam asked as the door shut again.

      "A friend with a camera."

      "Why? For gods sake why?" Sam asked

      "Because when that whore sees the picture, she'll throw that ring back in your face. After that, the only girl in Roswell who'll touch you is me." Pam said

      "That's your plan?" Sam asked

      "Sometimes the simplest one works best." Pam said

      Sam stood up and held onto a shelf to keep his dizziness and sore head from making him fall. Once he was able to stand by himself he moved from the wall and over to Pam. He raised his fist ready to strike her but at the last moment when she flinched, he stopped.

      "I don't hit or mess with people anymore Pam. I got my issues worked out and you can thank Ava. Now for the last time, leave me alone. You are nothing to me but my ex and a regrettable mistake." Sam said

      "Just wait until your little slut sees the picture." Pam said, "You'll be back my way. I just can't wait until you're out of that dome for good."

      "That's my home. I live there with good friends and a woman I love. They know me. We'll just wait to see how well that picture of yours works." Sam said as he walked to the door and opened it. {Did you get all that Honey?} he thought

      {Yes I did.} Ava thought, {I'll deal with her.}

      {Want backup?} Liz cut in

      {Nah, Lonnie and I got it.} Ava said

      {Lonnie?} Maria asked

      {She's...protective.} Ava thought back happily as the feel of Lonnie caressing her ass slipped into the link

      {I bet.} Tess thought

      {But if you need us, we'll definitely be nearby.} Liz thought

      Pam, still inside the Eraser Room looked at the door. Then she looked to her side and saw herself. "Good job Pam. He'll be yours."

      "You had a good plan."

      "It was yours as much as mine."

      "I thought you were gone?"

      "Only as long as you wanted me to go. I'll be with you always."

      Pam walked out of the room and closed the door.

      Outside, Lunch Break

      As the student body broke apart for lunch, Pam was walking around outside the school looking at the picture of her and Sam. Then all of a sudden she was pushed into a wall.

      "What the hell did you think you were doing?" Ava asked as she came out of the shadows with Lonnie.

      "Uh, here. This is what I was doing." Pam said as she handed over the picture

      Ava looked at it, and gave Lonnie a glance before looking at it herself. "But...but he said he loved me, he asked me to marry him." She said sarcastically, however Pam lapped it up

      "He's just a guy, all he wants is sex." Pam said

      "Oh my god, you are thick." Lonnie said

      "I was being sarcastic. Like I would ever believe Sam would kiss you let alone be in this position. What did you do, drag him into the eraser room and push him against the shelves?" Ava asked

      "He is mine." Pam said

      "Is it me or is she pathetic?" Lonnie asked

      "Oh it's not you." Ava answered, "Sam doesn't even get a hard-on when he's around you...he did but not since he got with me. And by the way, Sam told me this once but after he met me at that rave and you two did it...we said my name, not yours."

      "Fuck you, you bitch. Nobody steals what's mine." Pam said

      "If he was yours then he wouldn't have left you for me. But after just a few months he's asked me to marry him. What does that tell you?" Ava said

      Pam just looked at her.

      "Leave us alone Pam." Ava said as she turned her back to walk away

      Pam had no intention of leaving it at that. She rushed at Ava.

      "Ava look out." Lonnie called out but Pam dragged Ava to the ground.

      In seconds the two girls were wrestling on the ground.

      "HEY FIGHT OVER HERE!" a student called out

      It didn't take long for a great many students to circle the girls, each one calling "Fight, fight" over and over again. Max, Liz and the others pushed through the crowd to the front.

      "Oh god." Liz said

      Ava's only actions were resisting Pam's actions. Pam was busy trying to get her hands around Ava's throat; her eyes were filled with abject rage. The human also used her knee, sending it into the hybrid's side.

      "I'll kill you." Pam gasped continually, "He'll be mine."

      Sam burst through the crowd, "Shit." He said as he belted out to the girl's. Sam grabbed Pam off of Ava just as several teachers came out.

      "What's going on here?"

      "Pam attacked Ava." Lonnie said

      "They were talking, Ava was walking away and Pam pulled her to the ground." Max said

      "Ms Harding?"

      "That's more or less it. I didn't do anything to her I was just defending myself." Ava said as she held the sore parts of her body with Sam holding her

      "Ms Troy?" he asked but Pam didn't say anything. "Fine then, Ms Troy you're going to the principles office. Ms Harding, you too. He'll want both sides of this."

      "Yes sir." Ava said

      "Anyone else witness this?"

      "I did sir." Lonnie said, "I saw all of it but everyone else showed up almost immediately. She just went crazy."

      "Very well, you too."

      Pam looked at each of them, as she looked at Sam and Ava as they held each other sparked a huge surge of jealousy. To her side, she looked and once again saw herself, "Do it Pam. Kill her for us."

      Quickly she reached into her coat and grabbed a cold metal handle. The teacher who held her didn't have much of a grip and Pam easily slipped out of it, dashing towards Ava she drew out a knife she had.

      "Fucking bitch, just die." Pam screamed out lunging the knife forward.

      She was right on target but Sam moved fast and stepped between his lover and the blade. The cold metal sliced over his side, cutting into the skin causing him to cry out in pain. He started to fall to the floor, everything moving in slow motion for everyone but Ava who put her arms under Sam to ease his fall. As her hands came back up they were covered with blood.

      To the side, Lonnie felt a piece of her soul crack. It was as if something that wasn't even completed had fallen and all she could do was watch as the rest of their family fell down to his side. Max's hand found it's way to the wound, he knew he couldn't heal it, not with all these people around but he could make it less lethal.

      "What did you do?" Pam asked as she looked to her side

      No one saw anything.

      "No, that wasn't what I was wanting. I wanted her dead not Sam." Pam continued

      Tess looked around, she couldn't see what Pam was talking to and immediately worried about alien manipulation. A mind warp would certainly explain this. She focused her powers and scanned over everything.

      "Tess?" Liz asked quietly

      "There's nothing." She responded just as quietly, "This isn' know. I think she might really need help."

      The teachers moved around, one grabbing Pam, another took the blood- coated knife from her. Others were around Sam, hovering over just above the young family. "God...MRS POTS, CALL AN AMBULANCE NOW!" he called out

      She took out a mobile and dialled. Response time was good and in five minutes an ambulance was at the scene with the crew attending Sam. They looked at the wound. "You'll be okay kid, just a flesh wound."

      "Hurts like hell though." Sam said as he looked at Max, {Thank you.} he thought to Max

      "You'll need a lot of stitches, any further in and she'd have sliced you right open."

      "Really don't need to hear that." Sam said as he looked up to see Kyle talking to his dad and Pam being handcuffed by the deputy.

      The other medic stood up and moved over to one of the teachers, "We should get him to the hospital, you should contact his parents and get them down there."

      "No." Sam called out before wincing in pain

      "Mr Reese we need to contact your next of kin." Said the principle, once he heard what had happened he was on the scene in minutes.

      "My next of kin is right here." Sam said as he looked to Max and the others, "Besides I haven't spoken to my parents in months, I'm free of them and their crap. I'm not going back to it now."

      "Mr Reese..."

      "It's his call." Max said as he looked at the principle, "Six, zero, zero, zero."

      The principle immediately recalled a meeting he had at Max's request. The family had decided to donate $6000 to help upgrade a few things at school that badly needed to be done. "Very well." He had no doubt that 18 year old could easily withdraw the capital.

      "And in case you're wondering I updated my school records yesterday so that any one of these guys are my next of kin. If they're unavailable then it goes to the Sheriff." Sam said as he was placed on the stretcher and carried onto the ambulance.

      "I should go too." Said one teacher and the principle nodded, at least one adult needed to be with him.

      Soon the ambulance pulled away as the Sheriff hauled off Pam and the students were sent back to their classes. All except Max, Liz and the others who were taken to the principles office. Lonnie never said anything but Ava was going nuts despite the fact that she knew Sam would be okay. The principle wanted to hear everything, after calling Pam's parents to inform them of her current location.

      Classroom, Roswell High, 14:00

      A couple of hours later everyone was back in class, they were all sitting quietly and doing their work but their thoughts were elsewhere. The teacher looked at each other the teenagers wanting to do something for them but couldn't. This was so far out of her experience that she didn't know where to begin; Roswell was supposed to be a nice quiet town aside from the tourism. Then the door opened and Sam walked in. Ava saw him and didn't hesitate to move to him to kiss him. The entire class clapped when they saw him.

      "Hey it's the hero." One student called out

      "Sam, you should be in the home at least." Said the teacher

      "Thanks Miss but I want to be here."

      "How are you?"

      "Lot's and lots of stitches." Sam said, {I take it removing scars is no problem?}

      {None at all.} Max thought back

      "Can we see?" Asked a student

      "No." Sam said

      "Awe, come on."

      "Guys, it's gross. Trust me." Sam said, "I'm just glad there wont be a scar."

      Sam sat down next to Ava, wincing at a little pain that Max couldn't completely take away. He'd done his best on it but was still learning about his new healing abilities. "Come on dude."

      "Oh fine." Sam said, getting tired of the other students hogging. He lifted his shirt and exposed the huge stitched slash along the width of his body.

      "Oh gross."

      "Told you." Sam said


      "That is so cool."

      "So you think that being stabbed by a psycho bitch is cool." Ava said


      "Then shut the hell up." Lonnie cut in

      "That's enough...Sam, please." The teacher said

      "Sorry Miss." Sam said as he pulled his shirt back down

      "I know today was difficult, for the eleven of you most of all but please let's continue with our lessons today."

      In the Limousine, Heading Back to the Dome, After School

      "There we go." Max said, "All healed."

      "We can keep the illusion of it up for the doctors but that shouldn't take long." Tess said

      "Good." Sam said as he circled his arm at the shoulder, stretching the area of flesh that had been sliced. " pain. Thanks guys."

      "You're welcome." Max said

      "What the hell happened back there anyway? I never thought she'd go that far." Kyle said

      "When we saw her talking to herself...I thought it might have been a mind warp at first but I didn't pick up on that kind of power being used. Ava and I are sensitive to it but there was nothing." Tess said

      "Neither did I." Ava said

      "I really think she's insane." Tess said

      "But how, I mean yeah she's going to a Shrink but...this." Max said

      "People have been trying to work out mental illness for centuries. Maybe, we tripped her over the edge with that stunt we pulled on her before the summer break." Liz said

      "Or it could be the fact that's she's been obsessed with Sam." Ava said

      "Wait. Everybody stop. None of this is down to us, this is all Pam." Michael said

      "How can you say that?" Maria said

      "Hey we may have had an impact in her life but she made her choices and what we did was no where near enough for what she's been doing to us. We had an edge with our powers but we never did what we should have to her. If we had perhaps today might never have happened." Michael said

      Maria nodded. They were always restrained in the use of their abilities unless forces that could hurt them directly threatened them. "Scary day." Alex said

      "Yeah." Isabel said

      "I thought we might have lost you." Lonnie said to Sam

      "Oh no, I meant when Michael makes sense." Alex said resulting in a smile from everyone

      On the Trails, The Dome, 19:00

      After dinner, Sam and Lonnie went on their regular jog. Despite what happened they were all determined not to let it disrupt their routine. They were moving along the pathways at an easy pace, Lonnie's outfit was much more revealing than usual. Her top was tighter and much smaller; Sam didn't think that was even possible.

      "How's the side?" Lonnie asked

      "Good." Sam said, "You're implant?"

      "Still a little itchy but it's fine." Lonnie said, "Are you guys sure that it's 100% effective for birth control?"

      "That's what we've been told." Sam said

      "Good." Lonnie said

      "Oh. Planning on putting it to use?" Sam asked feeling a touch of jealousy that he was desperate to bury.

      "Maybe." Lonnie teased as they turned a corner and re-entered the gardens.

      "Got a guy picked out?" Sam asked

      "There is one or two that have given me a look today. Haven't hit on me but you never know."

      Sam's fists tightened and his muscles bulged much to the delight of Lonnie who licked her lips. "Yeah, well who ever you choose, just do me a favour and be careful."

      "Oh I will. Hell there is even a teacher at school who's given me the eye." Lonnie said

      "Well you are very attractive. But god Lonnie, a teacher." Sam said

      "Thank you, but he is still quite young." Lonnie said

      "Lonnie." Sam groaned trying to keep himself in check

      "It's not like there's anyone least not one that's already in a seriously committed relationship.

      They continued to jog into the house, entering through the kitchen's back door and stopped at the fridge. Sam opened it and got out two bottles of water, after handing one to Lonnie they both opened them. They drank small sips as they breathing returned to normal.

      "So what you got planned tonight?" Sam asked as he turned around.

      His raised elbow bumped into Lonnie's arm and some of the water spilt out of the bottle and fell onto her body. Sam couldn't help but watch was each little droplet of ice cold water ran down her upper body. Her nipples became more erect than they were and the two locked eyes. In that one simple second all the pretending was over between them and Sam grabbed Lonnie into a searing kiss.

      Their arms wrapped around each other, both holding and caressing as tongues duelled. Both gave themselves completely into the kiss as they pressed against each other. Sam's hands slipped down her side to her hips and she raised her leg to his, wrapping it around his leg. They broke the kiss but only so Sam could begin kissing her throat, an action that caused the girl to moan gently.

      "Gnmm...Lonnie, I need you." Sam moaned

      "I want you Sam. Take me to bed...please." Lonnie begged.

      Their lips fused again and together they walked each other through the mansion, never breaking the kiss. Even as they approached the stairs and walked up them they never stopped kissing.

      Lonnie's Room, Immediately Following

      The second Lonnie's door slammed shut the two started to undress each other. It didn't take long for them to be completely naked and fell onto the bed, both still kissing with Sam now between her legs. Sam enjoyed the feel of Lonnie's body pressed against his, her nipples scrapped against his and neither ever stopped of breaking the kiss.

      Off to the side of the room, Ava emerged from Lonnie's bathroom wearing a silk robe that she took off almost immediately. Ava watched eagerly as Lonnie reached down and wrapped her hand around Sam's length, she started to explore his cock, feeling every millimetre of it before she pulled him towards her slit. Ava couldn't help licking her lips as he touched her entrance.

      Then he entered Lonnie's body and she gasped. Gently Sam pushed in a little and then pulled out and repeated the process until he was completely buried inside his new lover. That was Ava's cue to make her presence known and she lay on the bed next to the copulating pair. The second she did, Sam looked up and Ava kissed him. Her hand was on the back of his head, holding him there as he started to thrust deep into Lonnie. He couldn't help it but he never wanted to stop.

      Ava broke the kiss and then kissed Lonnie, her hand cupped Lonnie's breast as her thumb flicked back and forth over the nipple. Her right leg moved over Sam's leg while her left moved into the gap made by the bend in Lonnie's. She used her inner thighs to stroke both lovers.

      "Ugnnnnn!" Lonnie gasped

      "I told you he was good." Ava said

      "Oghnnnnn...yes...good." Lonnie cried out

      Sam continued to move within Lonnie, thrusting in and out and both working up a sweat. Ava looked at each of them, the heat in her eyes was unmistakable and filled with more desire as she looked between them to his thrusting rod.

      "Ugn...Sam...deeper...ugnnnn yes." Lonnie moaned

      "Lonnie...oh god, you feel so good...ugnnnnnn..." Sam groaned, she was so tight around him that he felt he could pop any second.

      "Oh...god Ava...ugnnnnnn...I've this." Lonnie screamed but was silenced when Sam kissed her and when he pulled back his lips were replaced with Ava's.

      Sam's thrusts were getting faster, driving his had dick as far into Lonnie as possible. Ava's hands were caressing both her lovers, she was biting her lower lip as she felt both of their orgasms on fast approach and she was here sharing it with them.

      "LONNIE...OH LONNIE...OH UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Sam cried as he pushed in and held it there was he shot his semen.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Lonnie gave one long groan into Ava's mouth as she came.

      At the same time there was a blinding flash of light and Lonnie became entwined with Sam and Ava's connection. All three linked but it invigorated them and instead of feeling exhausted, they wanted more. Sam pulled out of Lonnie but still had his erection and in seconds we was thrusting into his fiancé.

      Sam was on his knees pushing and pulling his hips to send his rod even deeper into Ava. Lonnie never stopped looking at them. She could feel the love from them and as alien as this new bond was, she loved being apart of the couple. With a glace from Ava and a lick of her lips, Lonnie couldn't resist and straddled Ava's head. Ava started to eat her pussy, the taste of both her lovers soon passed her lips and she wanted more and more.

      Lonnie started to whimper before leaning forward and kissing Sam once again. Sam's hands were all over Lonnie, exploring her body with relish and getting to know it as well as he knew Ava's. Lonnie felt Ava moan into her cunt and Sam also felt it as if Lonnie was a conduit. Hands were everywhere, all three were moving against each other in perfect synchronicity. Sam took a hold of a breast on each girl and squeezed gently and lovingly resulting in a moan of delight.

      All of a sudden Lonnie moved off Ava and kissed her nipples, nibbling them with her teeth and flicking with her tongue. Sam kept his pace as he watched the two girls together and knew he would last much longer.

      "UGAHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Ava moaned loudly

      Her body gyrated under the ministration of her two lovers. Lonnie ran her foot up the length of Ava's smooth leg before using it to tease Sam's. She then moved behind Sam and started kissing his back as her hands moved around to caress his smooth chest. Slowly her hands crept down to his thighs and as she pressed her front to his back. With each thrust of Sam's hips, hers moved in time with him as though she was thrusting into Ava.

      "Ughnn...oh GOD...yes...yess...YESSSSS...oh god SAM, YES, I'M GOING...UGHNNNN...TO... UGNNNN...I'M CUMMING...YESSSSSS!" Ava cried

      Sam just growled with three short but deep thrusts and on the last one he cried out with passion before shooting his second load into his future wife. The energy still rippled over them, connecting them, binding them to each other and as a result all shared in the blessing of their climax. As a result they collapsed onto the bed and soon found sleep.

      The Next Morning...

      Sam woke up early the next morning to feel himself surrounded by warm flesh. He looked to see the heads of two girls using his chest as a pillow. Both were sound asleep with their bodies pressed up against him.

      "Oh my god." Sam whispered as he remembered what he did with Lonnie last night.

      His head suddenly filled with fear of what might happen, of loosing Ava and the rest of the family. He couldn't bare it if that happened and couldn't look at either of the girls right now; he was too ashamed of himself for being weak. Quietly he slipped down between the women and out of bed without waking them. As he grabbed a robe and headed to the door he looked down at the bed as both girls got uncomfortable at the loss of his body and sought each other out, inching their way closer to each other to continue the warmth. He slowly turned the door handle and headed downstairs. Sam found Max sitting in the study, looking over an unorganised pile of notes with a mug of coffee in his hand.

      "You're up early." Max said

      "Likewise, what's all this?" Sam asked

      "Notes for the press conference. Those..." Max held his tongue, "government scientists did another leak. Our new toy has passed their tests and they were so eager about it that they blabbed again."

      "So, press conference it is then." Sam said

      "So...why are you up?" Max asked. Sam turned away from Max and looked out the window. The domes sprinkler system had activated and outside there was a gentle rain falling onto the forest and the house.

      "Sam, you know you can talk to me. What's wrong?" Max said

      "Last night, I...I slept with Lonnie." Sam said

      "Oh." Max said as he straightened the stack of notes and put them to the side. "Sam, sit down."

      Sam did so but never looked at Max, only to the table before him. "I can't loose Ava. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." Sam said

      "You should have thought of that before you had sex with her girlfriend. Have you spoken with her yet?" Max asked

      "No, she was still asleep when I left the bedroom." Sam said

      "So she was with you last night?" Sam asked but it was a statement, he already knew the answer.

      Sam quickly looked up to Max and then nodded.

      "So why would you think that Ava would break up with you?" Max asked

      "Because I didn't just have sex with Lonnie, I...we made love." Sam said

      "Are you sure?" Max asked

      "Of course I'm sure." Sam said

      "No, what I meant was..."

      "Max, every girl I've been with before Ava...I've never made love to a girl before that, fucked yes but...last night I put my soul into loving Lonnie and she did the same." Sam said

      "Okay." Max said, "And what do you intend to do, I mean Lonnie is technically my sister?"

      "I honestly have no idea. I need help Max." Sam said

      "No." Max said

      Sam looked up at him again.

      "Sam, I'm the head of this house. King or no king I could order you not to pursue a relationship with Lonnie but I'm not going to. You, Ava and Lonnie need to work this one out. As much as I want to make this easier for all three of you...I think it's best if I stay out of it." Max said

      Then a grandfather clock in the side of the room started to chime. The clock struck 7am and Sam knew that Lonnie and Ava would be waking up soon.

      "Well, they'll be up soon." Max said

      "Yeah." Sam said, "I can't see her yet."

      "Which one?" Max asked

      "Either of them." Sam said, "I'm going to school early, I'll take one of the bikes...I've got some work to do there anyway."

      "Work." Max nodded, "Work or avoiding?"

      Sam looked at his king, "I'll speak with them tonight, I promise."

      "Okay." Max said and Sam left. "I hope to hell they know what they're doing." He said before turning his attention back to his notes.

      20 Minutes Later...

      Everyone had woken up and came down for breakfast. Their mouths watered at the thoughts of what DDOK was cooking up for them. They arrived to find a complete fry-up already at their table and all sat down to enjoy it.

      "Does anyone know where Sam is, he was already awake when I woke up this morning?" Ava asked

      Max looked at them, "Uh yeah, he had to go into school for early training for the team."

      Lonnie immediately got suspicious, her new link to Sam was telling her the same thing it was probably telling Ava. Sam was having regrets and was terrified of what Ava was going to say to him the next time he saw her. "Did he leave for training or to..." The look from Max's face told her she didn't need to continue.

      Lonnie got up from the table and ran out of the dinning room, Ava in persuit.

      "So they finally did it huh?" Isabel asked, everybody knew of the attraction and had accepted it. All knowing that sooner or later it was going to happen

      "You know about that?" Liz asked

      "Of course." Tess said

      "The heat between those three could be cut with a knife." Alex said

      "Well yeah, they did." Max said, "Sam is terrified of loosing Ava."

      "Wasn't she there with them?" Kyle asked

      "She was. This is just something they need to work through." Max said

      "Yeah." Liz said

      In the Hall...

      "I knew this would happen. And now..." Lonnie said

      "Hey, I wanted this as much as you did...and Sam." Ava said

      "No." Lonnie said starting to cry, "This ends now...I'll...I'll find my own guy."

      Lonnie walked away and ran up the stairs with tears streaming down her face. Ava leaned back against the wall.

      "What have I done?" Ava whispered to herself

      Halls, Roswell High, 11:30

      As they arrived at school, Lonnie arrived with the sole intention of finding a mate that aroused her and was not Sam. She had dressed provocatively and walked through the halls like a lion stalking prey. Those few hours after school began she drew the attention of almost every male in the building. Eventually she found one. If she was honest to herself she was no more attracted to him than the guys who first hit on her on day one but she wanted to drive Sam from her very soul.

      "Lonnie." He greeted

      "Hi. What you doing?" Lonnie asked

      "Just hanging. Do you mind if I ask...what is Lonnie short for?"

      "Vilandra." Lonnie said, "But I don't like it very much."

      "Vilandra. I like it, sounds like it belongs with a princess."

      "Hmmm." Lonnie said liking the statement

      "So what's a beautiful girl like you wondering these lonely halls all alone?"

      "Heading to the eraser to join me?" Lonnie asked as she walked past him, brushing her hand over the front of his pants.

      He followed like a lapdog as she moved through the halls to the eraser room and upon entering they were all over each other.


      Sam had been avoiding everyone since his arrival. As much as he enjoyed being linked with his family, he wanted to be completely alone. Every time one of the others approached, he sensed it and quickly headed in a different direction. The only one he couldn't avoid was Kyle who he had practice with. Kyle tried to talk to him but Sam couldn't even look him in the eye.

      When Sam was passing the eraser room he stopped dead at the door. He felt fire surge in his blood and instantly knew who and what it was he was feeling. Quickly Sam burst the door open to see Lonnie in a heavy make out session with his hand down her jeans and her hips rocking. Sam saw red, his blood pumped and he felt a rage he had never felt before.

      When Sam entered the two quickly parted but Sam just marched up to them and punched Lonnie's companion square in the jaw. The blow was the strongest he had ever given and sent the boy hurling back and then to the ground.

      "Touch her again and break your legs." Sam said

      "What the hell is your problem?" he said as he got back onto his feet, " I thought you were with that bitch Ava?"

      Sam punched him and he was back on the floor, "Talk about her like that again and you won't be getting up again."

      "So what the fuck is this?"

      "She's..." Sam started and looked into her eyes, "She's a close friend. And like hell I'm letting her screw up because of me."

      " wasn't you it was..." Lonnie started but stopped when Ava opened the door and crossed her arms.

      Ava looked at Lonnie's would be lover. "Get out."

      He stood up and looked at all three of them, "This is totally fucked up." He said as he started towards the door.

      Ava turned her head sharply and started altering his memory of the events he just participated in. In seconds it was all gone and as far as he was concerned he just simply walked by the room. Once outside, Ava locked the door.

      "So, what's going on here?" Ava asked

      Sam looked away and Lonnie leaned back against the table, neither said anything. Ava looked back and forth between them, shaking her head.

      "Okay, none of us are leaving here until we get this worked out." Ava said

      "How can you say that? I...I cheated on you." Sam said

      Ava moved over to Sam and wrapped her arms around him, "Oh god Sam, no you didn't." she said as he cautiously put his arms around her. "In case you didn't notice I was in that bed with the two of you. You made love to the both of us last night. Now, do you love me?"

      "Yes." Sam said

      "And do you love me?" she asked Lonnie

      "Yes, more than anything." Lonnie said

      "And what do the two of you feel for each other. And don't say that your just attracted cause I saw the two of you together." Ava said

      The two looked at each other, they fixed on their eyes and both felt their heartbeats quicken. Ava looked back and forth between the two and smiled. "See." Ava said

      The two shook themselves out of it and looked to their lover. "So what do we do?" Lonnie asked

      "Well, it's not like this is unprecedented. There are our Australian friends. Two girls and a boy." Ava said

      " cant be serious, I's not like I can marry you both. Bigamy's kinda illegal." Sam said

      "Oh." Ava said with a smile, "Do you want to marry us?"

      "Well...I...uh...sorry Lonnie but..."

      "But technically we just got together." Lonnie said, "And I've just moved in and you don't know me as much as you do Ava."

      "Yeah. Pretty much, that's it." Sam said

      "So you two need to get to know each other better, we'll work out something but in the mean time..." Ava said

      "In the mean time?" Sam asked

      "Lonnie has found her man...he just happens to be the same one as mine." Ava said

      "Do you think this can work?" Lonnie asked

      "Well, it worked very well last night." Sam said

      Lonnie blushed; Ava had never seen her do that and liked it. "That was incredible." Lonnie said

      "Very incredible." Ava said, "Now...Sam, Lonnie, I want you two to kiss and make up."

      Lonnie and Sam looked at each other; she bit her lower lip as they moved together. Ava watched intently as her lover's hands gently touched each other's bodies. Closer and closer they crept until their bodies were completely pressed up against each other. Slowly the reached forward and when their lips touched both quickly pulled back. They smiled as they came back together, their mouths opened and their tongues entered their opposite's mouth. Both completely gave themselves over to it and Ava smiled with satisfaction.

      "Nice, very nice." Ava said as she watched them come apart, both smiling and looking at each other. "But, it's not exactly what I had in mind."

      Ava moved up behind Lonnie, her hand trailed over the length of Lonnie's arm and then over her ass. The shorter blonde ran her hands up Lonnie's back and took hold of the shoulder straps of her red top before easing them down, exposing her breasts. Ava's hands reached around and cupped Lonnie's firm mounds, her fingers trailing over Lonnie's nipples and causing her to gasp.

      Sam looked into the eyes of both girls before he bent down and started to kiss Lonnie's breast. His own hands caressed the flesh and Lonnie leaned back into Ava. As she looked back her vision found Ava looking back at her with fire in her eyes and their lips sought each other out.

      "S...Sam...Ava." Lonnie gasped

      Then the bell rang out and they jumped apart, Lonnie quickly pulled her top back up. "Oh thank god, it's only the bell. I thought..." Lonnie said

      "Yeah." Sam said thankful that the door was not going to open.

      "I guess we should finish this talk later." Ava said

      "Definitely." Lonnie said looking at both of them

      "And we are going to be careful now. Everyone knows about you two... the three of us..." Lonnie said

      "Will have to be kept to the dome." Ava said

      "You know...Isabel and Tess are gorgeous and attractive and all but I've never really been attracted to them. And here come their twins, identical physically despite a few differences and I can't stop thinking of either of you."

      "Like almost everything else in our lives." Sam said, "So what's new."

      "You know...Isabel and Tess are gorgeous and attractive and all but I've never really been attracted to them. And here come their twins, identical physically despite a few differences and I can't stop thinking of either of you." Sam said

      "Maybe you're just hot for New Yorkers." Lonnie said as she grabbed his ass.

      All quickly finished fixing their clothes and appearance before Ava unlocked the door. "So." Lonnie said as they stepped out

      "So." Ava said

      "How exactly do we" Sam asked

      "Well there are one too many of us for a couple...we're a triple." Ava said

      "I don't know...sounds weird." Lonnie said

      Sam and Ava smiled. "Welcome to the family." Both said together and got on with their day.

      "Oh, and you're moving into our bedroom." Ava said as she took Sam's hand

      To Be Continued...

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