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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 42

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 14, 2004

      Classroom, West Roswell High, 09:00

      As the new school year began thousands of students poured into their classes. Max, Liz and the others were dispersed throughout the school in varying classes but in all of them there were hushed conversations about the rings on the girls fingers. The whole event of the impromptu press conference had been lost on all of the students but not the teachers. In Max and Liz's class, as they entered all the students shut up tightly and their teacher looked at them. More students entered and all took their seats.

      "Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to hell." Their teacher said earning a slight laugh from the class, "For those of you that I haven't taught before, I'm Mr Grier and this is your final year so I'm going to start by saying good luck to all of you. Now, it would appear that a couple of our students are a lot smarter than we all first thought. Max and Liz, you're straight A+ students but none of us, none of your teachers ever thought you'd do something like making this machine of yours. Care to tell us about it."

      "Uh..." Max said

      "We can't." Liz said

      "Oh come on, you've exceeded the expectations of every teacher who knows you. We all knew you'd do good know...after you graduate college." Grier said

      "Sorry Sir, but we really can't. Until all the testing is complete it isn't appropriate. For all we know we could have really messed something up." Max said, "We weren't planning on telling anyone about this until the testing was done but one of the government scientists leaked it."

      "Well this is biology, how about this discovery of yours Liz. This energy that runs through the human body." Grier said

      "Sorry, same deal. We agreed to this once we found out the story was out." Liz said, "As soon as it's all done then we'll tell you and everyone else what you want to know."

      "Well I guess that'll do, I suppose I should get on with the class. It is why you're all here after all." Grier said as he turned to the blackboard and picked up the chalk, "Okay, on your desks you'll find a list of books that you'll find useful on this course, the underlined ones are essential. The library has plenty of copies but remember that other classes use them as well. Today we'll just start off light and simple...cells."

      With that the class got down to work.

      Mathematics Class, Same Time

      As Lonnie stepped into her first class she took a deep breath and sat down next to Alex and Isabel who were also in this class, Sam was nearby next to one of his other teammates. Most of the class were trying to watch Alex and Isabel without being noticed, the ring on her finger all caught their attention and the way the couple were with each other didn't do anything to dissuade their speculations.

      "So." Lonnie said, getting her double's attention, "Why was Stuart being so nice to me...I mean if he already screwed up his chances?"

      "Oh well he's one of your rejects and that usually means..." Isabel started

      "A small dick, yeah. So?" Lonnie asked

      "Well no other girls want to date him." Alex said

      "That and most girls don't like the idea of their dates bragging that they went all the way." Isabel said

      "So why's he being nice?" Lonnie asked

      "Don't know, maybe he just likes you." Alex said

      "Well he's definitely not my type." Lonnie said as their teacher walked in.

      "Okay, ladies and gents. The wonderfully mind numbing world of maths awaits you...and you've got it double today."

      The entire class groaned.

      "Double?" Lonnie whispered

      "Double period...two hours." Isabel said back

      "Now...who have I got in here...hmmm...Isabel? Didn't you have enough credits to graduate already?"

      "Uh yeah but I decided to stick around." Isabel said as she looked at Alex

      "Must be the only person in history not to take the option to leave early. I never thought I'd see the day." Their teacher said as she looked back and forth between Alex and Isabel.

      "Yeah but not everyone has good reasons to stick around. Besides someone needs to keep an eye on her." Isabel said as she looked over at Lonnie

      "Hey." Lonnie said, slightly offended

      "Okay, class let's get on with this. Calculus."

      Social Studies, Same Time

      The rest of the group was stuck in Social Studies. Tess, Kyle, Michael and Maria were all sitting together, talking away and ignoring the rest of the class. Maria actually found a very comfy chair in the form of Michael's lap with her arm around his shoulders and his arms around her waist.

      When their teacher walked in he looked over his class and spotted Maria. "Maria, while I have no doubt you like your chair, perhaps the plastic ones are better."

      "Sorry Sir." Maria said as she slipped off Michael and into her chair


      "Yes Sir?" Michael said

      "You've turned up...I loose my bet."


      "Oh a lot of your teachers thought you'd not show up this year and that the 100% attendance of the last couple of months before the summer was just a fluke."

      "Well before I didn't have responsibilities." Michael said, "Now I do and I'm not going to screw up."

      "That and my mother can scare the hell out of you." Maria said earning a laugh from the class

      "Well glad to see there is some positive influence in your life."

      "Positive isn't exactly the word I'd choose." Michael said

      Maria snapped her head around and glared at him.

      "Enticingly positive...yeah that it." Michael said quickly

      "Whipped." Mumbled one of the class

      Kyle, Tess and Maria cringed.

      "Big mistake." Kyle said

      "No, no I'm going to let that one pass." Michael said getting a look from everyone in the room, "If it happens again, then there will be trouble."

      The student who said it looked into Michael's eyes and quickly turned around.

      "Okay everyone, time to work. I've got the course outline here - study it. This will be what you can expect, at the end of every week there will be a test on what we did that week. I want an accurate read on how well you're all doing so no complaining. I have no intention of letting anyone fail this class and if that mean stapling you're butts to those chairs then so be it."

      Hallway Between Classes, 1 Hour Later

      At the end of the first hour the halls filled up as students made their way to their next class. As they moved down the halls, Max and Liz met up briefly with the others before having to leave but as they approached their next class they stopped dead. They had come face to face with Pam Troy who scowled at them.

      "Pam." Max greeted

      "Max." Pam said, "Listen I don't know how you did what you did that day but I know what I saw. I'm going to find out what's going on with you two."

      "Good luck." Liz said, "And for the record, I don't know what you think you saw...actually I do. And if you think that we'd actually make love in front of you then you're even crazier than I thought you were."

      "I am not crazy." Pam said sternly

      "Oh so that's why you're *not* visiting Dr Solomon?" Max said, mentioning the name of the psychiatrist he one saw. He'd seen Pam visiting his office one day when they were in town.

      "How'd you...I am not seeing a shrink." Pam said

      "Did I say Solomon was a shrink?" Max asked

      "He is kinda the only one in town honey." Liz said

      "Oh yeah, so he is." Max said

      "I am not..."

      "So you go to his office for...secretarial work?" Liz asked with a smirk

      "Bitch." Pam said

      "Never call her that." Max said as he stared at her

      "I'll call her what I want." Pam said

      "Not if you want your parents to remain employed." Max said, it was a threat that Pam knew he could carry out. Now that he controlled Antaris Technologies his contact list was longer than his arm.

      Pam hesitated in her next come back, the life style she was in was all she'd ever known and she and her parents spent money like it was meaningless. "Fine. Just stay out of my way."

      "Ditto." Liz said

      Then as Pam was brushing passed Liz, she got a glimpse of the ring she'd heard everyone talk about. She grabbed Liz's hand and held it up, her gaze locked onto the rocks on her finger, "$100,000 easy."

      "132." Liz said as she pulled her hand back sharply and looked at Pam with distain.

      Pam looked back and just stormed off, she was more determined than ever to work her charms on Sam. Her friends had almost convinced her to back off but now she wanted him back. If nothing else than to sample the money he had access to, that and to feel him inside her again.

      Living Room, Mansion, 11:00

      While the others were having their first day back at school, Ava was having her first day alone for months. She was on the couch, upside- down with her legs over the back of the chair and her head on the floor as she watched television. She started watching one film, then another and another until she just switched over to daytime T.V.

      "God I'm bored." She mumbled

      Games Room, 11:40

      After television she thought some games would be a good idea. She went to the games room and played a game of pool, after potting all the balls without too much effort, she used several arcade machines and then ended up lying on her back on the pool table. She looked up to the star map that had been painted on the ceiling.

      "So very bored."

      She flipped herself over and picked up one of the balls. She used her powers to make it bouncy and threw it against a wall. She watched it bounce from wall to wall, moving over the entire room until she caught it in her hand.

      "Riding...that's what I'll do." She said as she jumped off the table and walked to the gardens.

      Stables, Rear of the Gardens, 11:55

      Ava made her way into the stables and immediately went to her horse. She stroked the animal's coat before she opened the stall and led her out.

      "That's a good girl." Ava said

      Just then Sam's horse opened his stall and moved out. Ava was completely caught off guard as he nudged her back. She almost jumped out of the roof.

      "Hey. Yes you're a good boy." Ava said as she patted him, "Sam's not ignoring you. He's just at school and will be back tonight. I'll make sure he takes you out. A big strong stallion like you needs to run around." Then she paused, "Okay I'm taking to horses like their people, that's disturbing...and now I'm talking to myself. There you go Sam, you're getting married to a nutcase alien."

      Ava mounted her horse and started riding out of the stables.

      Out in the Forest, 7 Miles from the Mansion, 12:15

      After a while of riding, Ava had stopped near a natural spring that was as artificial as the other water features of the dome. Her horse was drinking from it contentedly as she rested by a tree, the sun beating down on her through the glass of the dome.

      "Oh so really bored." Ava said and then her horse looked around at her, "Oh not with you." She could have sworn her horse smiled as she went back to drinking. "Really, really bored. God knows what I'm going to do tomorrow."

      Then she looked around, there had been an idea festering in her mind and it had erupted full force. "Oh no. That's a bad idea...really bad." Ava said as she moved up to her horse and ran her hand along her neck. "I'm really going to do this aren't I?"

      Her horse just moved her head up and down as if she was nodding. "Argh...okay, I'll tell the others tonight. Come on." Ava said as she mounted her horse and they rode off further into the forest.

      "Hmmm...and I'm talking to my horse again."

      Bleachers, Roswell High Football Grounds, Lunch Time

      They had all agreed earlier to meet or lunch at the bleachers. Lonnie was the first to arrive and watched the team out on the field as the coach put them through their paces. He'd been seeing how lax his regular players had become and what the freshmen candidates were made of. As Lonnie watched, her vision locked onto Sam and Kyle who were slumped on the bench after being put through hell. She couldn't help but laugh as they downed bottles of water.

      "Hey, what's up?" Max asked as the rest of the family approached

      "Sam and Kyle, they might be a little out of it for a while." Lonnie said as she pointed down at them

      "Yeah, the coach does like to kill his students before the games have even started." Liz said

      "So Lonnie how's your first day been?" Isabel asked

      "Well, so far I've been hit on five times. I've got a homework load for the first time in my life and there is this bitch in one of my's like she just..."

      "Pam Troy?" Maria and Liz asked at the same time

      "Yeah. I mean you guys filled me in but god. It's like she just enjoys it, what could I have possibly done to her?" Lonnie asked, "You guys didn't put anything in particular in her mind stamp?"

      "No really. She's probably just pissed at you because your one of us." Alex said

      "Oh well how good of her to fit me in to her hate schedule." Lonnie said

      "So, any of the guys who hit on you spark something?" Tess asked

      "What guys?" Sam asked as he and Kyle came running up.

      "Lonnie got hit on five times today." Liz said

      "Oh, really?" Sam asked hesitantly, "So...any sparks, anything at all?"

      "No. Not even a little and judging from the swells in their pants, little is how I'd describe them." Lonnie said, avoiding Sam's look, "So how did you guys go?"

      "We made the team." Kyle said

      "As if there was any doubt." Sam said as they did a high five

      "Yeah, just you remember. No powers of the field." Max said

      "It could make it more interesting honey." Liz said

      Max looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

      "What? I don't like football. Seeing these two humiliate the other team could be fun." Liz said

      "Yeah...lets do that." Sam said eagerly, "I always obey the will of my queen."

      "Yeah but the king has the last word." Max said

      "Unless he wants to have sex." Liz said

      Max looked at her and then look back to the others, "Have fun." He said before they all started laughing and sat down to eat their lunch that DDOK prepared for them.

      "Hey listen, was anyone picking up...I don't know weirdness from Ava?" Lonnie asked

      "Actually...yeah." Tess said

      "Yeah, she's bored." Sam said feeling sorry for his lover

      "Stuck up in the dome with lots of drones, entertainment, the horses, a pool and a lake and Ava's bored?" Maria said

      "But we're not there." Tess said, "It's nice being alone sometimes but Ava enjoys things with company."

      "I wish there was something we could do to help." Max said

      "But there is nothing while we're here." Liz said

      "Oh being here reminds me, did you guys know the teachers had a bet on me showing up this year." Michael said

      "Doesn't surprise me, they bet on everything else." Tess said

      "Oh yeah, like what?" Liz asked

      "Like the two of you." Maria said to Max and Liz, "You guys going the distance is the biggest bet they've got going."

      "Well, then they can pay the winners." Max said as he lifted Liz's hand and kissed her ring.

      "What else do they bet on?" Liz asked

      "Well, all the football games, who'll be expelled this year and...oh yeah students that will go the furthest with their lives." Tess said

      "Won't that be all of you already?" Lonnie asked, "I mean with the company and all..."

      They all nodded as it was a very good possibility.

      "You mean all of *us* don't you?" Isabel said

      "You're an equal partner remember." Max said

      "Yeah." Lonnie said with a smile

      "So anyway. Max and I also ran into Pam today." Liz said

      "Oh yeah, what'd she do?" Maria asked

      "Well, she appraised my ring at $100,000." Liz said, "Just with one look."

      "Nice of her. That's 32,000 out isn't it?" Maria asked

      "Yeah." Max said

      "So do you think she's going to be a problem?" Tess asked

      "Probably." Liz said

      "Definitely." Max said as he looked at Liz, "You're the one who picked up on it."

      "What?" they all asked together

      "I picked up...a nega-vibe I suppose you could call it. It's like she was surrounded by this black light and was focused on you." Liz said to Sam, "She wants you back."

      "Oh give me a break. I thought we settled that problem?" Sam asked

      "You used to date her?" Lonnie asked

      "Oh...yeah. We didn't tell you that part did we?" Sam asked

      "No you didn't." Lonnie said, she had no idea what she was feeling but she hated it. The image of Sam with another girl that wasn't Ava made her feel sick, she wasn't going to even touch on the other image in her head or how it made her feel.

      "Well there really isn't much of a story. Ava showed up one day, I was at a rave and she was there."

      "You could have cut the attraction with an knife." Maria said

      "One day...boom. I ditched Pam, started seeing Ava and we fell in love." Sam said

      "Uh that's so sweet." Lonnie said

      "Anyway, Pam swore last year that she was going to get me back but we sorted that problem." Sam said

      "Obviously not." Lonnie said

      "Well then, well have to do it again." Sam said, "If she thinks she can break Ava and me up then she needs serious help."

      "As in a shrink? Cause she's already seeing one." Max said

      "Well...a team of shrinks could be a place to start." Sam said

      "If she doesn't leave you alone, we might have to consider than." Max said

      "What could she do?" Sam asked

      "Ever hear the term, a woman scorned?" Liz asked

      "She could do a lot. If she keeps watching us, sooner or later we could slip up and she sees something." Max said

      They all looked at each other, "Now that's depressing." Kyle said

      "Yeah, so new rule - absolutely no use of powers outside of the dome. Emergencies only." Max said

      "At least until we can be sure she wont be a problem." Liz said

      "Yeah." Max agreed

      "And here I was having a nice first school lunch." Lonnie said, "So much for getting over the bad crap in my life."

      "Hey don't be like that, it's just one person...a complete bitch, but just one person." Maria said

      "Yeah but then so was Pierce." Tess said

      "He had an F.B.I unit behind him." Max said

      "UFO hunter guy that was after Max because he thought he was Nacedo?" Maria asked

      "Uh just how much have you guys been through?" Lonnie asked

      "Uhhhhhh..."Max said

      "Yeah...I'll be moving back to New York now." Lonnie said

      "Don't even joke about that." Sam said quickly as he stared at her

      Lonnie looked back and smiled, "Oh and why not?"

      "' would kill Ava." Sam stuttered out but eventually got there

      Lonnie lost her smile, "Yes it would." As the bell rang out, they all quickly finished their lunch and ran back to the building.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 16:30

      "Honey, I'm home." Sam called out as he opened the front door.

      In ten seconds flat Ava bolted out of the living room jumped into Sam's arms and wrapped her legs around him. "You're home, you're all home." Ava said as she kissed him hard. Ava unwrapped her legs and Sam let her slip down, she quickly moved over to Lonnie and kissed her just as hard.

      "Bad day?" Max asked

      "Bored. Really, really bored out of my mind." Ava said, "Now, come into the living room and tell me everything about today."

      "Uh babe, it was school." Sam said

      "Yeah and aside from..." Lonnie said

      "Pam Troy." Ava said eagerly

      "...Uh, yeah, well aside from her it was uneventful." Lonnie said

      "What did you do to her? Abject humiliation? Beat her up? Anything?" Ava asked

      " nothing. But you should do something." Lonnie said

      "Why?" Ava asked

      "It looks like Pam's taking up some old habits." Sam said

      "You don't! We dealt with that, she knows she not going to break us up." Ava said, "Okay, that's it. Final doubts are gone, I'm going to do it." She said as she landed back into the sofa

      "Do what?" Max asked

      "I'm going to school." Ava said

      "What?" Liz asked with disbelief

      "As cool as this place is, without you guys to share it with it's just boring. I like being around you guys and by the sounds of it I need to keep an eye on someone." Ava said

      "This'll be so cool." Lonnie said, "I don't have to go through all this new crap alone."

      "My sister gets to go to school." Tess said happily, "We can so tear the place apart."

      "Yeah and with all of us there we can do a major tag team on Troy." Ava said, "Besides I've got a finger to show her and it isn't my ring finger."

      "So, how do we do this?" Michael asked, happy that his other cousin will be at school as well

      "We can fake records from another school in New York. Ava can use them to register in the morning." Max said

      "Yeah but why wasn't she here today to do that? You know they'll ask." Liz said

      "Easy. I was in bed with a killer head cold." Ava said

      "Sounds like a plan." Kyle said

      "The whole family at W.R.High, let the bad guys be warned." Isabel said

      "Should definitely be interesting." Max said with a smile, "So what's DDOK got in line for dinner."

      "Oh actually I'm cooking." Ava said

      "You are?" Michael asked seriously

      "Yeah. Is that a problem?" Ava asked

      Michael looked around at everyone and gave a fake smile. "No, absolutely no problem."

      "Michael?" Max asked

      "Yeah, Michael." Ava asked, "What exactly is wrong with my cooking?"

      Michael started to move to the phone but Ava stopped him, "What are you doing?" she asked

      "Just making a call...I want to see if Pizza Hut delivers out here." Michael said

      Ava grabbed a cushion and threw it at Michael, "There is nothing wrong with my cooking Michael. I'll have you know I had DDOK teach me a few things."

      "Really?" Michael asked

      "Really." Ava said

      1 Hour Later...

      "Ughhhhhh...Where's the Antacid?" Sam groaned, earning him a slap on the back of his head from Ava, "Oh honey, I'm only kidding." He said as he slumped into the chair, taking Ava with him into his arms, "It was great."

      "Yes, it was good." Michael said and Maria slapped his arm, "Great, it was great."

      "Yeah it was." Max said

      "Maybe DDOK can teach us a few things." Liz said

      "Yeah but if it does then what would it do around the house?" Tess asked

      "Hmmm...that would be the good and valid point." Liz said

      "That is why DDOK is here." Max said

      "Okay, forget that." Liz said, "Anyway, homework time."

      "Blachhhh, what kind of sick ass teacher gives out homework on the first day of the year?" Ava asked

      "Ours." Liz said

      "And as of tomorrow, yours." Michael said with a smile

      "Oh well that sucks." Ava said

      They all smiled as Ava snuggled into Sam needing the extra comfort to deal with her decision. Then they all dispersed to the library to do their homework while Ava went to her bedroom to get her accounting books to continue her studying.

      On the Trails, The Dome, 18:30

      After letting their meal sit for a while, Sam and Lonnie went out on their usual run. They never went too far into the forest; in fact they were usually in sight of the mansion. The first time Sam saw Lonnie kitted out in her new workout clothes his gaze lingered longer than he knew he should have but he couldn't help it, the fabric clung to every curve. Ever since then he didn't look at her during their exercise time.

      They jogged along the paths in the forest, the bark chips cracked beneath them as they worked up a sweat. Lonnie had taken to Sam's routine with eagerness and determination, and it was getting to the point that Sam could put everything he had into it and she could keep pace with him.

      "So, hit on five times." Sam said

      "Yeah." Lonnie answered

      "That's got to be...flattering." Sam panted out

      "It is. I still haven't seen any new faces that I like, some are cute but...I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Most guys didn't look twice at me in New York, not that Rath would let them, but I guess I did look like a freak." Lonnie said

      "No you didn' were just hidden." Sam said softly through his heavy breathing

      "Thank you." Lonnie said

      As the evening sun was beginning to set, they both started towards their home. All of a sudden Lonnie tripped, she was right beside Sam and he spotted her tumble.

      "Oh...Aghhhh." Lonnie cried out in pain as she lay on the ground

      Sam ran back over to her and knelt by her side. "Lonnie..."

      "My ankle...I think I twisted it." Lonnie said wincing in pain. Sam looked down at her ankle and gently touched it, "ARGHH...okay, I definitely twisted it." Lonnie said

      "It'll be okay I can fix this." Sam said

      "You can?"

      "Yeah, I've got Max's healing in me remember." Sam said

      "Oh right."

      "I just hope I can remember how this works." Sam said as he rested his hands on her ankle and closed his eyes.

      Lonnie felt a gentle warmth spread through her ankle and then on to the rest of her body. Her eyes closed and she smiled, Zan had healed her plenty of times but it never felt like it was now. Then the warmth stopped and she opened her eyes, she looked straight into Sam's. His hands were still on her ankle, feeling the skin just below the bottom on her legging. Then his hand moved upward, caressing her toned calves under the stretchy fabric. Lonnie loved his touch and gasped slightly as he touched a sensitive spot.

      Then he quickly backed off and jumped to his feet. Thoughts of Ava, his beloved future wife, flooded his mind. He wanted to tear his own head off as he looked back down to Lonnie.

      "Uh...well that's kinda the best I can do just now. You should be able to put weight on it but max can finish the job better than I can." Sam said as he reached out with his hand.

      Lonnie took it and he helped her to her feet. Sam was right, she could put weight on it but she still limped. Sam put his arm around her waist to help support her until they got back to the mansion. It was a slow pace but the got there and found Max.

      Meanwhile from her bedroom window, Ava watched the whole interaction between her two lovers. She watched the subtle looks they gave each other before they left, she watched Lonnie fall and she watched Sam caress her leg. She wasn't angry, she wasn't jealous but it did arouse her.

      "Well, that confirms it. They're hot for each other." Ava said to herself.

      The idea of the two most important people in her life (next to her sister Tess and cousin Michael) being together was in her mind since she spotted Lonnie watching Sam and her together in the exercise room.

      {No.} she thought, it wasn't the image of Sam and Lonnie, the two of them being together that turned her on the most, it was the image of the three of them. She loved Sam completely and without reservation. That fact that on their wedding night he planned to take her to the altar and conceive their first child isn't even an issue, as she wanted it just as much as he did. Neither did she hold any reservations on her love for Lonnie, not any more. Both made her feel content and whole but the idea of them all together raised that contentment to a level she never thought possible.

      "No, I'm not even going to deal with this." Ava said, "I can't put Sam through something like this." Ava slumped on her bed, she told herself that under no circumstances would she pursue this issue.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 19:00

      Ava didn't last very long before she decided that she at the very least needed to talk to Lonnie. Her own subconscious was driving her, after showing off Sam's body to Lonnie, displaying their love and passion freely in front of her and her constantly feeling guilt from both Sam and Lonnie ­ she needed to talk.

      She went in search of her fellow New Yorker and found her in the living room. There were earphones plugged into her ears and she was sing along to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Her eyes were tightly closed and completely unaware of anyone else's presence.

      "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

      Mama, just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead Mama, life had just begun But now I've gone and thrown it all away Mama, ooo Didn't mean to make you cry If I'm not back again this time tomorrow Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

      Too late, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine Body's aching all the time Goodbye everybody - I've got to go Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth Mama, ooo - (anyway the wind blows) I don't want to die I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

      I see a little silhouetto of a man Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo Figaro ­ magnificooooooo

      But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me He's just a poor boy from a poor family Spare him his life from this monstrosity Easy come easy go - will you let me go Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go Will not let you go - let me go Never let you go - let me go Never let me go - ooo No, no, no, no, no, no, no - Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me for me for meeeeeeeee"

      Then Lonnie let loose with the head bashing, her hair was waving all over the place. The music was up loud enough for it to be heard by Ava, even through the earphones. Lonnie wanted nothing more than to drown out every thought of Sam she had.

      "So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye So you think you can love me and leave me to die Oh baby - can't do this to me baby Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here"

      Then she opened her eyes and got a look at Ava. Her first instinct was to dive up from the sofa, pull the plugs from her ears and turn off the music and that was what she did, only it wasn't graceful. It was all very clumsily done. She was completely embarrassed about being caught but Ava clapped.

      "You're a good singer." Ava said

      "Well, you know...the songs fun." Lonnie said

      "Especially that little head bashing thing." Ava said

      "Wayne's World." Lonnie said as she pointed to a DVD she had finished watching.

      "Listen, Lonnie. I need to talk to you about something...something that I'm guessing is very important to both of us." Ava said



      Lonnie's heartbeat tripled and she panicked, the last thing she wanted was to loose Ava over a simple attraction that she would be over in a few weeks. She wanted to look Ava in her eyes but couldn't, she just waited for her to begin.

      Liz and Max's Bedroom, The Mansion, 21:00

      Max came into his bedroom after having a shower wearing nothing but his robe. He was finishing up writing in his notebook for the official press conference and never noticed Liz lying on the bed.

      "Hello lover." Liz said getting his attention

      "Hi Hon...ey." Max said as he saw Liz

      There she was on their bed, completely naked but her skin was a rich shade of green with her old waitress antennae on her head. There wasn't one millimetre of her skin that was it's usual colour and Max was completely taken away. It looked as real as her natural skin colour.

      "What is this?" Max asked

      "Well I know you've had one or two fantasies, especially with these." Liz said as she moved up onto her knees and ran her hand over her antennae.

      "Oh more than two." Max said as he shirked off his robe, his dick was already at half-mast and well on it's way to being fully erect.

      "'ve also had one or two fantasies. Alien fantasies." Liz said

      "Well I could say that that you're already making love to an alien but...what did you have in mind?" Max asked

      Liz smiled and inched closer to the edge of the bed where Max stood. Her green finger touched Max's bare chest and in seconds his skin was completely blue. Max smiled at her work as he caressed her skin.

      "Very nice." Max said

      The couple were inches apart and soon were kissing like they hadn't seen each other for months. Their arms wrapped around each other and Max ran his fingers through her luxurious dark green hair. Liz's fingers trailed over the muscles on his back, her fingernails scraping his skin. As Max's hands slipped down to the back of her thighs, they parted and gazed at each other.

      "Do you want me?" Liz asked

      "Is that a trick question?" Max countered before pulling on her legs and sending her backwards to her back. Max moved on top of her and their lips fused once more, his cock pressed against her stomach. Both squirmed on the bed, desperately needing to feel each other. The colour of their skin wasn't the only thing that had changed; their skin was a lot more sensitive and the slightest touch sent waves through them.

      "Oh god Max, I need you." Liz gasped, "I need to feel you in me."

      Max was eager, very eager, to push his dick into his fiancé. His hand ran long her thigh and moved it between her legs. Max spread her wide and moved so that his waist was cradled between her legs. The colours of their skin enflamed them, both fulfilling a fantasy long held in their minds. While Max may have been and alien he certainly didn't look the part but now he did and Liz's antennae and green uniform always drove Max nuts when he saw her.

      Liz reached down and wrapped her fingers around his dick. Slowly she pumped him, she loved the feel of him in her hand but always loved it more when he was inside her so she pulled the head of his dick to her soft folds. Both could feel him pressing against her entrance and gazed into each others eyes as Max pushed forward.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnn..." Liz gasped as every inch of him slowly entered her until her was completely buried

      She warped her legs behind his back and they kissed as Max withdrew even more slowly. He pushed back in and then out, building up a gentle rhythm as their bodies slid against each other. Max pushed and pulled with his hips, sending and retrieving his throbbing member. Liz could feel him inside her, every pulse and throb form his erection was picked up by her inner walls each time he thrust deep within her. She gasped and cried out her passion as she worked her hips in time with him. Her blood pounded in her ears as her hands snaked their way down to his ass, which she gripped tightly. Her hands on his ass caused him to start thrusting harder and faster and with each one.

      " good...ohhhhhh...Uhnnnnn YEAH...Max...Max...harder...oh god I want you so much." Liz moaned wantonly

      " tight Liz...I love you...ughnnnnnnnn..." Max groaned

      Liz then took action and flipped them around so that Max was on his back and Liz was on top. Max's dick was pointing straight up and still lodged deep in her soaked core. As Liz caressed his hard blue chest as she started to move on top of him. Her hips rocked back and forth, circling and grinding her body into his.

      "Max...ughnnnnnnnnnn...Max." Liz cried as she started to bounce on him.

      Her whole body was almost off of his as the bed springs squeaked again and again. Sweat poured from their brows and limbs, Max ran his hands over her deep green thighs and up her body to her breasts. He pinched her nipples and sparks shot straight through her.

      "Aghnnnnnnnnnn...Max...ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." Liz cried as Max pinched again

      "Oh Liz...Ughhnnnn...yeah baby...oh god I'm gonna...ugh...Liz...ughnnnnnnnn!" Max groaned as the pressure built in his groin

      "Max...oh please Max...I'm so close...make me cum please..." Liz panted

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" both lovers cried together, as Liz's body collapsed onto his and Max shot his seed into Liz.

      Max wrapped his arms around Liz as they rolled onto their sides. "Do... do you think it's possible for us not to cum together?" he asked

      "Definitely not in this life time." Liz answered, "Lets just hope we never get tired of sex."

      "That isn't even a possibility." Max said

      "Hmmmm..." Liz sighed contentedly as she snuggled into his chest. "Guess what."

      "What?" Max asked

      "Lonnie is getting really turned on by Sam." Liz said

      "What? How'd you know?" Max asked

      "I can feel it when they're around me." Liz said, "And Ava wants them to do it as badly as they do."

      "Sam wants her as well?"

      "Oh yeah." Liz said, the images from her friends own fantasies invaded her thoughts.

      "I think we better have a talk with them." Max said

      "Don't you even dare. This is for them to work out, they'll come to us if they need anything." Liz said

      "Hmm, if you're sure." Max said slightly concerned of the unknown ramifications

      "I am, and we have our own lives to plan and get on with." Liz said

      "Yes we do...have you thought about a date yet because, apparently, the others are waiting for us." Max said

      "Well, we could always wait for graduation." Liz smiled

      Max smiled as well, "It'll drive them nuts."

      To Be Continued...

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