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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 40

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 20, 2004

      Living Room, The Mansion, 20 Minutes later

      Feln had sat and listened to each of Rath & Lonnie's stories. Once they had finished he asked to connect with Max in order to take a look at the memories of each one and see for himself what they had seen.

      "So what do you think?" Max asked

      "Well it is difficult. Here's the problem ­ Isabel, your genetics do suggest a possibility of developing empathic abilities. In time you probably would get them and soon after the rest of you would get them. Michael...your genetics suggests a potential for neural control." Feln said

      "What control?" Michael asked

      "Well, you see the connections you all have and the ones you formed with Rath and Lonnie were completely consensual and that's how it's been with the development of our psychic abilities. However, some people abused that power. They committed a sort of telepathic rape..."

      "That thing that Nicholas does?" Maria asked

      "Yeah, we know about it. We nicknamed it Mind Rape." Max told Feln

      "Ah, okay. I wont ask how you discovered it; I'm guessing you wont want to relive it. Anyway, with the arrival of that kind of abuse some of our people developed a counter measure. They learned how to direct the invading energy, to show them what ever the person being probed wanted...whether it was real or not. We called it Neural Control. That kind of ability is...was highly sought after back on Antar, protecting high level secrets and being immune to telepathic probing is a good thing. It's how Rath, the original Rath, initially ascended to a high status in the military." Feln said

      "So when we probed Rath he could have shown us exactly what he wanted us to see?" Michael asked

      "I'm afraid so." Feln said, "And Lonnie's empathy could have manipulated you just as much." He could see Ava trying to hide pain, he didn't mention anything about it but he was always a little more protective of her than the others. He always admired her spirit after going through what she did under Serena's control.

      "So how do we tell how's lying?" Liz asked

      "You leave that to me. One way or another I will learn the truth, Your Majesty I need your permission to utilise any method I might need to get to the truth." Feln said

      Max was slightly taken aback. It had been a while since Feln had called him by his title and knew that Feln was being very serious. "Anything but torture. I don't want them hurt in least until we know which one is lying. I just hope they both aren't." He said

      "Thank you. Now...I believe you all have some news for your parents." Feln said

      All looked up at him. "How the hell did you know about that? It just happened." Isabel asked

      "Well, there is a subtle change in your auras. I can see them and that usually only happens once a certain question is asked." Feln said, "All of you?"

      "Yes." Max said

      "Well, congratulations. Now, you have people to see and I have work to do." Feln said

      "Thank you Feln." Liz said

      "Well, we don't have any parents to visit." Sam said

      "You're not telling your parents?" Feln asked

      "No. They don't need to've scanned them, you know them more than I do." Sam said and Feln just nodded, "So, how about we go riding on those...horses."

      "You sure you're up to it?" Ava asked

      " the very least I suggested it." Sam said

      Ava smiled, "Yes you did. And you better not chicken out when you see him, that horse of yours likes you and is a little sensitive when you put him down."

      "He's a horse." Sam said, a comment that earned him a look from his future wife, "Okay, okay I'll be as nice as possible...well as nice as fear allows."

      "The animals do contain a piece of you, they are connected and you have nothing to fear from them." Feln said

      "Tell me that when I'm trying to get onto him." Sam said, "Well, might as well try it."

      Ava took hold of Sam's hand and they walked out to the stables while the others got into their limo and drove out to town. Feln looked at the time and then to the stairs leading to the next floor, to Rath and Lonnie's rooms.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 13:00

      It had taken a while for the young family to drive into town. Word had been spreading that they had been developing a new device that was nearly ready, thanks to appropriate leaks from Feln's department, and that they were going to announce it soon. As a result the press were coming back into town on mass, preparing for the upcoming press conference. It was also the busy time of year when tourists came in to visit the infamous Roswell and it's alien tourist hotspots.

      Max and Alex called ahead to ask them to meet with them at the Parkers. They didn't say more than that, they wanted their news to be a surprise but within ten minutes of the phone call, the Whitman's and the Evans dropped what they were doing and arrived at the Crashdown. Thanks to a phone call from Liz, her parents were ready. While they were stuck in traffic all three sets of parents were sitting around talking.

      "So what's going on this time?" Philip asked

      "Maybe they want to tell us about this gizmo their working on? Max has been studying up on the thing since they moved to the house." Diane said

      "Liz too. I think that's all they spend their time doing." Nancy said

      "I think we all know that's not true...unfortunately." Charles said

      "I tell you, if Isabel tells me she's pregnant...I hope you don't mind attending a funeral in a couple of days." Philip said to Charles

      "Oh don't worry about that. If that is their news you can point the gun at Alex...I'll pull the trigger." Charles said

      All the parents chuckled, all except Jeff who was hoping his daughter wasn't pregnant and that was the reason for the impromptu family meeting.

      "I heard from Max, Kalen and the other Antarians are going to re- enter their sleep tube things." Jeff said, quickly changing the subject.

      "Are they sure that's wise? I mean there must be some security concerns for our kids, and the other families for that matter." Diane said

      "That's what I said but apparently they all have domes in one form or another, the one outside of town is the largest by far but they are all safe. There are also a lot of security drones." Jeff said

      "Enough?" Philip asked

      "Actually I think the word Max and Liz used was overkill." Jeff said, "Most are just redundant, backups and such but if they're needed they can all be used."

      Just then the door opened. Liz, Max, Isabel and Alex all came inside.

      "Mom." Liz said as she moved over to her mother and hugged her. Then she moved to her father and hugged him, "I missed you guys."

      "Well you know you can always move back home." Jeff said

      "Yeah, you all could." Philip said while looking at his son and daughter

      "Ha, nice try." Liz said

      "Yeah, and here was me thinking you'd enjoy having us out of the house." Isabel said

      Philip and Diane looked at each other and blushed slightly, they had enjoyed having the house to themselves but they missed their kids.

      "Well that's for later. What's the all important news you wanted to tell us?" Charles asked

      "Uh, you might want to sit down first." Liz said to all but looked at her father

      {Oh god} Jeff thought as he sat down, "Okay, what's going on?" he asked

      The four teenagers stood before their parents, they were nervous enough to be quaking in their boots if they were wearing them.

      " do we do this?" Max asked

      "Yeah, I had this all worked out in my head and now it's blank." Alex said

      Liz and Isabel looked at their lovers and then to each other, both shaking their heads at the two men in their lives back away.

      {So much for the king.} Liz thought

      {Hey!} Max thought back, {I'm nervous...the look your dad is giving me... he's not liking me.}

      {Same here.} Alex thought

      {Oh okay, we'll take the lead.} Isabel thought

      {Yeah.} Liz thought

      "They're doing the telepathy thing again." Diane said

      "We'll never get used to them having conversations we can't listen in on." Nancy said

      "Come on you four, what's going on?" Alex's mother asked

      "Okay." Liz said, "Max...Max and I are getting married. We're engaged." She said happily and with a smile brighter than her parents had ever seen

      "Alex asked me as well." Isabel said as she held out her hand to show her engagement ring.

      "Oh thank god." Jeff breathed out

      "Come again?" Liz said

      "There was some concern about the pitter patter of tiny aliens." Nancy said

      "Oh..." Isabel said, "Well not yet at any rate."

      Suddenly all the parents stood to their feet and surprised their kids by hugging them tightly. Each mother embraced their future son or daughter-law warmly while the father's shook Max and Alex's hands.

      "Well, it's about time." Diane said earning her a look from her husband

      "Yes, congratulations." Philip said, his hand gripping Alex's tightly enough for him to wince

      "Uh, sir...that's a good grip." Alex said

      "Thank you Alex." Philip said

      "Daddy." Isabel said with a tone of warning

      Philip let go of Alex's hand and smiled, "Okay seriously. Congratulations you two. Alex...take care of my little girl."

      "Count on it sir." Alex said as he looked at Isabel

      "And I'm not a little girl anymore dad." Isabel said

      "Not to me." Philip said as he hugged Isabel

      "So your happy for us?" Isabel said

      "Ecstatic." Philip said

      "Dad?" Alex asked

      "Are you ready for this?" Charles asked

      "Oh yes, never been ready for anything more in my life." Alex said

      "Max, I'm giving you my one and only daughter." Jeff said, "If there is even the slightest hint of a reason for divorce..."

      "Dad." Liz said not believing her ears

      "'re my daughter." Jeff said

      "I know. But you knew this was going to happen." Liz said

      "Yes I did, doesn't make it easier." Jeff said

      "But we want you to be happy Liz." Nancy said, "And right now we've never seen you happier."

      "Thanks mom." Liz said

      20 Minutes later...

      They were all sitting and talking; the girls were off in the corner and were already talking about wedding possibilities. Every so often they would start laughing and resulted in them getting looks from the men.

      "Can we help you?" Liz asked

      "What's with the laughing?" Max asked

      "Max, it's best not to ask those kinds of questions." Jeff said

      "Believe me, you let them have their conversations and your lives will be quiet...up to a point." Philip said

      "Excuse me?" Diane said

      "Yes my dearest." Philip said innocently

      "Hmmm." Diane said while scrunching up her eyes and staring at her husband.

      "So what would you two like to see in your weddings?" Nancy asked Max and Alex

      "Oh nothing much, just Liz being there." Max said

      "And Isabel...oh and perfect for them. Big, small, grandiose or simple. Whatever they want they shall have." Alex said

      "Didn't we find perfect guys?" Liz said to Isabel

      "Make me want to tie them up and..." Isabel said but her father cleared his throat ­ a clear warning not to finish that sentence, "and keep them forever." She finished but it wasn't what she was going to say.

      "So will there be any problems?" Charles asked

      The word problem immediately hit them in the head and Rath and Lonnie returned to their thoughts.

      "There might be a...teeny, tiny problem." Max said

      Everyone say back in their chair and looked at the children. On the problem scale for their kids they had learned that teeny, tiny could mean that aliens were ready to detonate a nuclear bomb.

      "What's going on?" Philip asked

      "Well..." Max started

      "Rath and Lonnie." Liz said

      "Yeah, Michael and Isabel's clones from Ava's group. They're dead." Jeff said

      Liz frowned.

      "Not dead?" Charles asked

      "Not so much dead but rather...alive and kicking and up at the mansion right now." Liz said

      "WHAT?" All six parents yelled

      "Ouch...eardrums." Isabel said as she rubbed her ears.

      "What the hell's going on up there?" Jeff asked

      Max proceeded to tell them everything from their arrival, then being locked up and then to Feln being up at the mansion talking to them at the moment.

      "Are you sure this is wise?" Nancy asked

      "Not so much, no." Max said, "But if there is a chance that Lonnie is telling the truth then she doesn't deserve what we want to do to her. Rath does either way but at least we can send him on his way, keep an eye on him once he's...well once he's been tagged so we know where he is."

      "What if Lonnie is telling the truth? How are you going to deal with can't exactly bring her into the family? People are going to notice she's Isabel's twin and that she suddenly shows up in town. It'll cause no end of suspicion if a second twin that no one knows about suddenly turns up." Diane said

      "Tell me about it." Isabel said, "And like hell is she going to be a sister to me, Michael feels the same about Rath."

      "Honey, I can't even begin to guess how you must feel." Diane said, "But if she was telling the truth and Rath used her..."

      "Yeah...maybe. If she was telling the truth about all of it but the fact is I don't trust her and I don't think any of us do." Isabel said

      Max, Liz and Alex looked at each other. They had to agree, they didn't have a choice in the matter. After years of being manipulated, used and abused they had no idea what that had done to the real Lonnie. Rath's case was completely different, he had already admitted to mixing his blood with Lonnie's, it was his personality in her but his claim was that she demanded it.

      "So what is your plan for dealing with them?" Philip asked

      "Well if either one or both are lying then they'll be taken to Kalen's island and...frozen. If Rath is telling the a little bit too much of a risk to keep in Roswell. We'll probably set him up somewhere out of the way, it's what he came for anyway but if it keeps him quiet..." Max said

      "And if Lonnie is telling the truth?" Jeff asked

      "That's a little more complicated." Max said

      "Why?" Charles asked

      "Ava." Liz said

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, Same Time

      "Mom? You home?" Maria asked as she unlocked the front door and came inside with Michael.

      "In here Maria." Amy called out.

      The two teenagers walked into the living room to find Amy sitting in a large, plush armchair with a cup of tea and was watching her soaps. The chair was new; Michael and Maria had bought it for her as a present a week after Michael took over his old building.

      "Hey mom." Maria said

      "Mom." Michael said

      "Michael that word has never sounded more disturbing than it has coming from your lips." Amy said

      "Uh...okay." Michael said

      "So what can I do for my beautiful daughter today?" Amy asked

      Maria sat down on the edge of the coffee table in front of her mother. "Mom...last night Michael proposed."

      "He what?" Amy asked

      "He asked me to marry him...and I said yes."

      "He himself, no prodding or hint dropping by you?" Amy asked

      "Is it really that unbelievable?" Michael asked


      "Oh come on." Michael yelled

      "Relax Michael, I'm teasing. I remember that little dinner you threw for me before you moved into the mansion." Amy said as she stood up and moved closer to Michael, "Hurt my daughter and I'll castrate you within the first hour."

      "Yes ma'am." Michael said calmly, he knew she would.

      Then Amy smiled and hugged Michael. He was surprised at first but soon started to hug her back. Off to the side Maria smiled and went Awwwww. Amy then pulled her daughter into the hug.

      "So now we've got two weddings to plan." Amy said

      "No, actually we have 6 weddings to plan." Maria said, "All of us got engaged last night."

      "And speaking weddings, have you and the Sheriff set a date know just so we don't overlap?" Michael asked

      "Actually I was going to tell you. It's in a month." Amy said

      "Mom, a month is so not long enough to plan a wedding. I mean...oh god how could you do this to us?" Maria said in full panic mode

      "Maria...chill." Michael said, "Amy...are you nuts?"

      "Correct me if I'm wrong but you came here to ask me if you could marry my daughter?" Amy said

      "No, we came here to tell you that..." Then Michael twigged what Amy was doing, she had him over a barrel with this. "Yes I came here to ask if I could marry her."

      Amy smiled.

      "Okay...not nuts. But a month?" Michael said

      "Listen to me, both of you relax now. It's all taken care of." Amy said

      "What do you mean it's all taken care of?" Maria asked

      "We're keeping it small, we're already booked for a judge to perform the ceremony at the courthouse. The only people invited are very close friends and family." Amy said

      "Such as?" Maria asked

      "You really need to ask?" Amy asked

      Maria smiled, "Uh, I guess not. What about a, drinks, party stuff?"

      "That, Jim and I agreed to leave to you and Kyle." Amy said

      "You really are nuts." Michael said earning him a punch on the arm from Maria, "OUCH!"

      "Yeah." Maria said to him, "Mom, are you nuts?"

      "Maria, you can do this. So can Kyle." Amy said

      "How about up at the mansion?" Michael said, "We do have a very big garden."

      "I'd like that. I think Jim would too." Amy said

      " least we'll see how well DDOK does on a big scale." Michael said

      "Who's DDOK?" Amy asked

      "Our robot cook." Maria said

      "You really have it easy don't you." Amy said

      "Hey, we do cook from time to time and we still have responsibilities. It's just the really big ones haven't started yet." Maria said

      "I know Honey. You've got the last of a species to keep going." Amy said, "Anyway, you two...congratulations. If there is anything you need..."

      "We know where to find you." Michael said

      "Hey wait a minute." Amy said as she looked at Maria's hand, "You don't have a ring."

      "We're going shopping for one later. Max and Sam recommended a jewellers in town that I'll be spending a lot of money in." Michael said

      "Good." Amy said

      "And there is some bad news..." Maria said

      Jim's Office, Sheriff's Station, Same Time

      Jim was at his desk as usual. He was filling out more forms and then more forms...and then more forms. Jim needed help; the small number of deputies he had weren't cutting it. All he needed was just one extra pair of hands around. Pierce had already screwed up his chances last year when he took up the extra post and removed Jim from getting another, genuine, deputy. At the very least he could put in the request.

      "Hey Sheriff. You busy?" Hanson asked from the door

      "A little Hanson, what's up?" Jim asked

      "Your son and Tess Harding are here." Hanson said

      Jim smiled, "Send them in Hanson."

      A few seconds later the two were at the door.

      "Hey dad." Kyle said

      "Hi you two. Long time no see." Jim said

      "Yeah, sorry we haven't been in town much." Kyle said

      "It's okay Kyle, you've got your own lives to lead now. So what can I do for my favourite son and soon to be daughter in-law?" Jim said

      "Dad I'm your only'd you know that...?" Kyle said

      "Simple. Tess has the same look in her eyes that you're mother did when I asked her to marry me." Jim said as he stood up from behind the desk and moved around. He kissed Tess's cheek and shook his son's hand, "Never thought I'd see the day."

      "Oh come on, this is me not Michael...and for the record he asked Maria as well." Kyle said

      "Really?" Jim asked

      "Yep, we're all getting married. Every single last one of us...except Rath and Lonnie." Tess said

      "What's going on?" Jim asked

      "What makes you think something's going on?" Tess asked

      "Cause I know the two of you and there was something in the voice when you said Rath and Lonnie." Jim said

      "Hmmmm...okay, they're up at the mansion." Tess said

      "Arrived last night." Kyle said

      20 Minutes Later...

      "Holy crap." Jim said after hearing the story

      "Yeah." Kyle said

      Outside Lonnie's Room, The Mansion, 13:30

      Feln didn't go to the two "guests" immediately. He observed them for a while, watching their movements, their actions, everything. Then he decided to make his way there.

      Lonnie spent most of her time at the window. If she wasn't looking at the photograph of Zan she was looking out over the gardens and the forest beyond. In some way, part of it reminded her of Central Park. Every so often she could actually see herself and Zan as children playing amongst the trees. Then she saw Sam and Ava on their horses. Each were going very slowly as Sam grew accustomed to being that close to his fear.

      "Now that is a damn fine looking man." Lonnie said

      "And spoken for." Feln said from the door

      "Who are you?" Lonnie asked

      "Generite Feln of the Antarian High Command, my lady." He said with a bow, "My purpose is to track hybrids on Earth prior to their removal to the Islands where they undergo the rituals of binding...where they become mates with their chosen humans. And them help them reintegrate back into their lives with the provisions they need for their families."

      "Like this place?" Lonnie asked

      "Yes." Feln nodded

      "So this virus is the real deal?" Lonnie said

      "I'm afraid so."

      "And my group failed big time." Lonnie said

      "Yes. But you're not alone in that. There are twenty or so hybrid units that failed to trust humans. However there are only three that are as...extreme as yourself and Rath." Feln said

      "Rath...not me." Lonnie said

      "Yes I've heard your story and Rath's. He claims that you used your empathic abilities to illicit sympathy from the others and that you demanded the he mix his blood with yours."

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "You claim he forced it in order to gain complete co-operation. Max scanned his mind and found no deception, same with you."

      "Then the boy king needs a tune up. I am not lying." Lonnie said

      "Rath has the potential to control what is revealed in a scan. It does present an unique problem...which is not lying, if either of you are being truthful at all?" Feln said

      "I'm telling you I'm not lying. Not about any of it." Lonnie said

      "Including your feelings for Ava?"

      "She told you?" Lonnie asked

      "They trust me implicitly. They have no secrets from each other or from me." Feln said

      "Ava doesn't...didn't trust easily." Lonnie said

      "Yes I know. But she has come along way since New York. She has a loving fiancé, close friends and a family who love her unconditionally." Feln said

      "I got to admit, Ava and...what was his name...Sam, Ava and Sam do look good together." Lonnie said

      "Unless I'm mistaken there's a touch of jealousy in your voice." Feln said

      Lonnie looked away form the door and crossed her arms. "I am in love with her. I always looked forward to our times when Rath or Zan weren't around."

      "But the two of you never made love, it was always sex."

      "Nether of us let our emotions into it." Lonnie said

      "So it was always just for pleasure, never anything more and you were okay with that?"

      "No." Lonnie said, "I never suspected she might feel the same."

      "And she does. Right now she's doing a good job of hiding her pain but it's there and Sam is helping. Tell me why I and the others should believe you Lonnie." Feln said

      "I cant. If a connection wont work because Rath can change what you see then you can never be sure. All I have is my word."

      "And that doesn't count for much from someone who helped kill their own brother." Feln said

      "So I'm screwed. So what, go speak to Rath and see if you believe him." Lonnie said

      "I'll do that. So far I haven't heard enough to convince me to keep you out of suspended animation."

      "I don't care." Lonnie said softly

      "What?" Feln asked

      "I don't care what happens to me. I just don't want Rath hurting anyone else." Lonnie said

      Feln looked at her. "I have an ability. Its difficult to use and painful for the recipient. I can stimulate a division of the mind."

      "I don't understand?"

      "Within each sentient being there are two mind, two personalities. One of light and the other of dark. In all cases all are as one, a mix of the two, both good and evil. Many people suppress the worst of their darker natures. The result is people like Max, Liz and the others. But there are some people who are darker than light."

      "Like Rath...and me if I'm lying to you." Lonnie said, "Do it."

      "It will be like a fire in our mind, like it's being torn apart again and again." Feln said

      "I said do it." Lonnie said

      Feln nodded, "Touch your hand to the energy field."

      Lonnie did it; her hand tingled with the energy. As Rath reached up, his hand passed through the barrier and it passed through. Their hands clasped, fingers between each other and Feln focused.

      Lonnie felt weird. It was like pins were inside her skull, trying to drill their way out. "What is...ARCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, "STOP IT...OH GOD IT...ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

      Lonnie was blasted back into the room and then suddenly became suspended in mid-air, contained in a blue bubble of light and unconscious. By the door two more Lonnie's shimmered into existence. One with long hair like Isabel's dressed simply in a t- shirt and jeans, the other was the short dirty hair of Lonnie's and dressed in tight shorts, a torn black top and fishnet stockings.

      "Hello Lonnie." Feln said

      "Hi." Said one

      "Hey babe." Said the darker one

      "And here I was thinking I'd have problems telling you apart." Feln said, "Okay, which of you is dominant in her mind?"

      "I am." Said one of the duplicates.

      Feln smiled as he got his answer and learned his answer, he knew who was lying.

      Outside Rath's Room, 14:00

      Rath was once again battering his body against the field. He never tired of it, with each wave of pain their was even more determination behind his action.

      "That has to hurt." Feln said as he came round the corner.

      "Who the hell are you?"

      "My Lord Rath, I am Generite Feln...a loyal subject of your house." Feln said as he moved to his knees and bowed

      Feln smiled, although Rath didn't see it. Rath also smiled, he never had someone bow to him before.

      "Well, if your one a my guys, get me out of here." Rath said

      "I cannot my lord. My duties to this project are important, although I can arrange for Max to allow you to leave here." Feln said

      "What about..."

      "Your information regarding Lonnie's empathy has them doubting their instincts on this matter. I arrived to mediate the matter. My lord, I must know...if I am to be sincere enough to trick Max and the others then I must know if what you told them was the truth."

      "Are you screwed in the head? Of course it's true, every single last word of it." Rath said before he started laughing, "What will happen to Lonnie?"

      "Only one of you can leave this place. That is you. She will be placed in suspended animation."

      Rath smiled, "An ice box for the ice queen. You know that bitch never put out unless I gave her a dose of the good old Rath blood. Hell the only time she was any good was after Ava got her fired up. Okay, if you need to hear it ­ I used every last trick I knew with Lonnie. I loved that bitch but she never wanted me for more than just a quick screw. It was always like she was waiting for someone else. I saw the way she looked at Alex, no, actually scratch that, that guy Sam got more of a rise out of her. You could see it in the eyes. She wants him. Better tell Ava to watch her property. So how long before I walk?"

      "Later today." Feln said while thinking that Rath was either crazy with a touch of jealousy or just trying to still more trouble, "You sound jealous my lord, my understanding was that Lonnie is not partial to humans."

      "Only to a few I'm sorry to say." Rath said with distain.

      Feln smiled, it now turned out Lonnie wasn't as far from her mission here as he previously thought. "The family will be returning soon. I must go to greet them."

      "Whatever; just make sure that I leave here with a lot of green paper." Rath said

      "Hard cash will be difficult, but I will see what I can do." Feln said as he stood up and walked away.

      Downstairs, 20 Minutes Later

      Feln sat and waited for the family to return. He got the signal that the limo was approaching the dome and when they were coming up to the mansion he went to the front door to greet them.

      "Hey Feln...what's the word?" Max asked, "I take it you have found out which one is the problem?"

      "Oh yes Majesty. I know which one to send to Alpha 1." Feln said

      They all went inside as Feln told them what he'd learned.

      Outside Rath's Room, 15:00

      Rath watched as the family moved along the hall towards his door. At Max's side was Liz and to the other was Feln who gave a slight nod to Rath. Behind them, two security drones held Lonnie securely, twisting her arm behind her back enough for her face to show pain.

      "We thought you two might want to say goodbye." Max said

      "So I'm getting out?" Rath asked

      "Yes." Max said

      Michael moved closer with a backpack in his hand, he opened it and showed the contents to Rath. Inside he saw stacks of hundred dollar bills.

      "Now that's what I'm talkin' about." Rath said rubbing his hands together, "Come on guys, open up."

      Michael looked back at Max who nodded. "Drones; deactivate the field." Michael said

      The drones inserted their fingers into the field and it switched off. Rath took a slow, careful step out and once his foot was in the hall he smiled. He jumped out and took the backpack from his double.

      "Lonnie, Lonnie, Lonnie. I'll say hi to Vegas for you." Rath said as he moved up until he was just a few inches from her. "You know, I think I'm going to like being on my own for a change. Having you around was useful and certain at my pleasure."

      "Now." Feln said

      The two drones holding Lonnie let go and she kicked him in the balls. Every guy in the room winced a lot at the look on Rath's face as the two drones that guarded his room came up behind him. Feln approached the squirming Rath and dropped a small sphere on him. In less than a second after the contact, Rath looked like he'd been frozen in time.

      "Just a little paralytic. It's the solid version of the gas we used when we first took you to the island." Feln said

      "So then he can't feel any pain?" Lonnie asked

      "Well I wouldn't say that." Feln said

      Lonnie smiled. She kicked his face a couple of times, "This one's for Zan." She said before kicking his gut.

      Ava moved to her side her put her hand on Lonnie's shoulder. Lonnie looked down at her, the taller blonde's eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears.

      "We'll take care of him now." Ava said softly as she looked into her eyes.

      Lonnie nodded and walked away. Michael picked up the backpack and ended the mind warp of there being money inside. Feln moved over to Rath and planted a Hexagonal device on his body, in seconds Rath disappeared.

      " the hell did you get him to say it?" Alex asked

      "I bowed to him." Feln said

      "Bowed?" Isabel asked

      "Rath has one hell of an ego." Feln said

      "What did you do with him?" Max asked

      "Transported him to a helicopter 100 miles east of here. That will take him out to Alpha 1"

      "Good way of putting it." Kyle said

      "Only way of putting it because that's what it is, even for the rest of us." Feln said before he then disappeared.

      The rest of the family then went downstairs.


      The walk between Rath's room and the living room had calmed her down. He didn't stop moving until she reached one of the windows that looked out over the garden. Just the sight of it in the afternoon sun seemed to sooth her spirit; she'd never felt anything like it.

      "Yes!" she cried out as she slumped back onto a chair. She ran her hands over her face before grabbing a cushion and held it up to her face. She was finally free of him.

      "Are you okay?" Ava asked

      Lonnie dropped the cushion onto her lap and looked at Ava. "Never better. I just wish..."

      "Wish what?" Ava asked

      "I wish that Zan could be here...but then that would be bad for you and Sam." Lonnie said

      "Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know now but I like to think he'd be happy for me." Ava said

      "He would have been. Believe me Ava he would have been." Lonnie said, "I take it that the freezer is still on for Rath?"

      "Yeah, he's being shipped out now. And...well you're not going to want to here this but Max and Liz will probably tell you that that option is still available for you."


      "I'm sorry Lonnie. They don't trust you...yet. Just give them time." Ava said

      "Which is what we're giving you." Max said as he entered with the rest, "Lonnie, Ava is right. We don't trust you, we want to but...well that's the way it is."

      "So I can stay?" Lonnie asked

      "If that's what you want. This place was built for the American hybrids, which you are one of." Max said

      "So what do you want me to do?" Lonnie asked

      "Simple. Be yourself. You told Isabel that before Rath can his hands on you, you were a lot like her. This is your chance to prove it. You can reclaim what you had, be who you want to be." Liz said

      "I take it this comes with rules." Lonnie said

      "Did you really expect anything else?" Isabel asked and Lonnie shook her head, "Well first off get rid of the hairstyle. The mini dreadlock thing...or whatever it is really doesn't suit you."

      "You mean like this..." Lonnie said. She closed her eyes and started shaking her head back and forth quickly. As she did it her hair grew and flew out until it was longer but it stopped just before her shoulders.

      "What was that?" Isabel asked; she was surprised that Lonnie didn't object to the change.

      "A long time ago Rath had this thing about looking alien. You know the whole bald thing." Ava said

      "We all told him to go to hell but he demanded I do it. I compromised. I have hated that for years." Lonnie said, "So what else?"

      "The punk look goes." Max said

      "Excuse me?" Lonnie said

      "You're not living in the gutters of New York now. Besides that nose ring...that has got to hurt." Alex said

      "Actually it doesn't." Lonnie said with a smile

      "The look goes Lonnie. We wont stop you dressing the way you want, besides we spend most of our time naked or in something that isn't very covering but at the very least you can look like you don't want to rob the store you can go into." Max said

      "Okay, the piercings go. Well at least the ones in the more unusual places. I'll dress better but not any But what about the tattoos?" Lonnie asked

      "Ava has kept her one of the whirlwind symbol but she moved it to the back of her right shoulder." Tess said

      "Yeah the four square didn't seem appropriate any more since there are ten of us in the family...11 now, and the others were just decoration anyway." Ava said

      "Next, and we're not going to push you with this but...okay. We're here to find humans we can trust, to take as lovers and mates."

      "And that's what you want me to do?" Lonnie said

      "Like I said, we're not going to push it. It's ultimately your call. However, you will not bring guy after guy up here. This place is for family and we wont risk someone on the outside seeing something that could hurt us."

      "Nuf said." Lonnie said, agreeing with it

      "That being said, if both you and Ava want to pursue a relationship then no-one here will stop you."

      "But you and Sam..." Lonnie said looking at Ava

      "Well, I'm with Liz and Isabel is with Alex but that hasn't stopped their relationship." Max said, "Same with Tess and Maria, myself and Alex, and Michael and Kyle."

      " guys?" Lonnie asked with an excited smile

      They all nodded.

      "That is something I gotta see. Rath and Zan never...well they never." Lonnie said

      "Maybe." Max said, "But that relationship, only if you both want it. Also, there is a slight requirement of you, well it's an acknowledgement of Liz being the head woman of this house."

      Lonnie paused for a moment and thought. "Okay, you're head woman." She said to Liz

      "It's not that simple." Liz said, "You, the other girls and I have to have sex. It's all done through that."

      "Doesn't that cause problems?" Lonnie asked while looking at each girl

      "No. We all care for each other very deeply and we know where our hearts lie." Liz said

      "Oh and one more thing. You will never pretend to be me ever again." Isabel said, "Try it and I'll kill you."

      "On that subject. If you try anything, pull anything or manipulate us. If you do anything that would have been done by you while under Rath's control..."

      "Anything that you think I'm capable of?" Lonnie asked

      "Yes. We'll send you to Alpha 1 to join Rath in the freezer." Max said

      "It's just that..." Liz started

      "That you don't trust me. And I need to earn that trust." Lonnie said

      "Yes." Isabel said, "And it wont be easy, at least for some of us." She knew she was speaking for herself. She knew Ava wanted to trust her more than anything while she would be more difficult to convince. The others would be somewhere in between.

      Lonnie stood up and moved closer to them, "Then I'm going to say this. I'm not only going to earn that trust but you're going to love having me around. Now that I'm free...I'm not going to do anything that will cause problems for you. If...if you ask me to leave I'll... I'll go."

      "Well we're not at that stage yet and hopefully we wont be." Max said

      "I do have one question." Lonnie said

      "Yeah?" Max said

      "How do you plan on covering up my sudden appearance?" Lonnie asked

      "Simple." Max said, "You didn't just show up. You've been here for years. Say oh about since the time when we hatched from the pods."

      "Excuse me?" Lonnie asked

      "As far as anyone is concerned you're our sister." Isabel said reluctantly

      "Not the best of sisters I'll bet." Lonnie said

      Isabel didn't say anything.

      "Tess and Ava fell into the roll easily." Kyle said, "With you...we'll just have to wait and see."

      "Is this going to be how everybody suddenly just knew this dome had been out here since the sixties?" Lonnie asked

      "More or less. That took a lot of power given its complexity but just adding you in will be easier. We'll make up some documents, add your name into the newspaper articles that concern us, oh and some school records."

      "School?" Lonnie said with concern

      "Yeah, you're an Evans now. Sorry but it's the only way to cover this up. We'll make sure you're prepared, don't worry and we'll help you when you ask for it." Max said

      Ava tried to hide her smile but failed to the point that she started laughing.

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "I kinda don't need to do the school thing. I got out of it through my cover." Ava said

      "So why can't I use the same thing?" Lonnie asked

      "Because one unknown twin showing up is a daytime soap opera, two, that causes problems. Consider it..." Tess started but stopped

      "Consider it my lot in life and my punishment for what's happened." Lonnie said

      "Yeah." Max said, "Well, we might as well do it just now before we have to deal with anything else unexpected."

      "Right, so...where to?" Lonnie asked

      "This way." Isabel said

      Pod Mountain, 19:00

      They had led Lonnie out through the gardens to the stables. Each moved to their horses but found an extra one already there. They questioned the stable drone about it and learned that Feln had ordered its creation while he was here. Not bad work for a couple of hours.

      Lonnie had no idea what to do. Ava smiled as she watched Lonnie and moved over to her. She helped Lonnie up to the horse and explained that Antarians always rode bareback. Within minutes they were riding out along a small trail through the dense forest. There wasn't any hurry so the horses trotted along, something that Sam was thankful for since he still wasn't too sure about horses.

      Eventually they came out of the forest at the northwestern edge of the dome. It was an area that was taken up with a large valley that required the dome to dip down into it to secure it completely. They Antarian builders of the dome even included a small fake river to flow along the bottom of it but on the other side was the mountain that held the Pod Chamber.

      "Wow that looks different." Isabel said

      "What does?" Lonnie asked

      "The mountain. It's covered with trees now, before it was just dust and rock." Max said

      "So how do we get across to it?" Lonnie asked

      "Feln said there was an invisible bridge across the valley about a kilometre up that way." Max said as he pointed to his left

      "An invisible bridge?" Liz said

      "Yeah, given that we're close to the dome edge they didn't want anyone outside thinking that mountain was important to us." Max said

      "Good plan. But if we can't see the damn think how do we cross it?" Michael asked

      "Apparently these guys can." Max said as he patted his horse

      They moved up the valley and suddenly the horses stopped after a while. Without any instruction they started to cross the bridge. Each time a foot stepped onto it, there was a ripple of energy. It would have looked like the eleven horses were floating in mid air if anyone looked in but the only clear line of sight to that area was out of a normal humans range.

      Soon they approached they mountain and moved right up to the base of it where there was a trail that led up the side and through the trees.

      "You know, I thought the mountain was in the opposite direction from us?" Kyle said

      "Yeah...uh...Kalen had it moved." Max said

      "He moved a mountain?" Maria said

      "Actually he said it wasn't as hard as we might have thought." Max said as they dismounted

      They climbed the trail, each following Max and Liz as they came to the cave entrance. Only it wasn't sealed, the cave was wide open and had no door.

      "Uh where's the door?" Michael said

      "Not needed. Not in an impenetrable dome that no-one but us can get into." Max said as they went inside.

      Lonnie looked around as she found herself with the four pods in the frame and then as they moved through Isabel's pod. Lonnie moved through the black doors and found herself before the Granolith.

      "What is that?" Lonnie asked

      "The Granolith." Max said

      "That's the Granolith? Funny I thought it would be...I don't know." Lonnie said

      "Not impressed?" Isabel asked

      "Not really. Especially not after all the fuss Nicholas made about it. It doesn't look worth it." Lonnie said

      "Well believe me it is." Liz said, "This thing is capable of a lot."

      "Like playing with peoples memories?" Lonnie asked

      "That's the least of it." Alex said

      "Okay. Let's do this." Max said

      He moved up to the Granolith and held out a hexagonal device that Feln had given him with the relevant programming. He pressed it onto the hard surface and the Granolith buzzed to life. It became charged with a white field of energy that blasted out. The wave was absorbed by the glass of the dome and a second later it surged out, magnified a lot more that it was and covered the planet in seconds. The only ones not affected were all of their parents and any of the other hybrid groups were given an update of their status. While Lonnie would play the role of sister and daughter, she was not there yet in reality. She still had a lot of work ahead of her in earning their trust.

      "That's it?" Lonnie asked

      "Yeah. As far as anyone is concerned you are now Lonnie Evans, adopted daughter of Philip and Diane Evans, twin sister of Isabel...and me since we hatched at the same time. Fellow heir to the Carson Antaris fortune with a high average Grade Point Average at school." Max said

      "High average?"

      "Well we thought an exceptional score would be a little to much." Liz said

      "Guys, I've never been to school in my life. I've learned what I've learned on the streets just like Ava." Lonnie said

      "Relax." Sam said as he put his hand on her shoulder to reassure her, "You'll do great."

      Lonnie looked round to him and smiled. "Thanks. I think I'm going to need more of those from time to time."

      "Just tell me when." Sam said as he held Ava's hand, her thumb moving back and forth over his hand. It caused his entire body to tingle and Lonnie smiled as she picked up on his reaction to Ava's touch.

      "Oh just one more thing." Max said, "Give me your hand."

      "Why?" Lonnie asked, Max just looked at her and soon she extended her hand.

      Max took hold of it and fixed his eyes onto her. They both felt the connection snap into place and Max started she send his healing energies into her. After a few seconds it stopped and Max released her hand. Lonnie looked at it and noticed that the scar from where Rath continually cut her to mix their blood had completely healed and faded.

      "New start Lonnie." Max said

      "Anything painful from what you've known...we'll do what we can to make it go away." Liz said

      She smiled, she hadn't expected it and it caused her to feel warm inside. "So." Lonnie said, "About you guys going around without clothes? I'm I included in this...liberty?"

      They all smiled as they started walking out the chamber and down to the horses. Before long they were back inside the mansion. On route, they discussed the situation through their bond. Liz felt that as much as Lonnie had to earn their trust, they should do everything they could to make her feel welcome. To that end they arranged for DDOK to make the best meal that Lonnie ever had and that's just what she got. It was in that night that everyone agreed that if Lonnie was to completely regain her life and be free from Rath's influence, then they would give her every chance to do it. Even Isabel couldn't refuse giving that chance to her, her life could easily have been Lonnie's if the Evans didn't find them.

      Michael & Maria's Bedroom, The Mansion, 21:00

      Michael and Maria were preparing for bed. As always they had a bath together, Michael tolerated the mass of bubbles for Maria. He would never have admitted that he found them relaxing even though Maria already knew it. When finished, they dried themselves off and returned to their bedroom where they slipped under the covers.

      "Well, she's part of the family now." Michael said

      "Not yet she's not. Not until she submits to Liz being queen and until that happens she will not be a part of us." Maria said

      "Perhaps. Say she does accept Liz and you all sleep with you think it'll work?" Michael asked

      "Honestly I don't know. We can give her all the help we can but she has to want it, I hope she does."

      "Me to, but lets just keep an eye on her." Michael said

      "You said that about Ava when she first showed up. Look how that turned out." Maria said

      "Maybe, but being difficult to win over is part of my charm." Michael said with a smile.

      The look Maria gave him caused him to loose his smile and he leaned back onto their silk covered pillows. Maria rested her head on pillow behind her and looked at Michael, trailing a finger up his chest. "Charm is not a word that works with you babe, but you certainly do have a...a quality."

      "Well it's better than nothing." Michael said

      Then their bedroom door opened. Kyle and Tess walked inside; Kyle had his arms wrapped around his lover and his chin rested on her shoulder.

      "Hey guys, what's up?" Maria asked

      "We're missing you two. Can we sleep here tonight?" Kyle asked, almost child like.

      Maria smiled as she looked into Tess's eyes. Michael locked onto Kyle's as he pulled back the covers, revealing their naked bodies.

      "Always room for more." Michael said

      Tess bit her lower lip. She slipped out of Kyle's loving hold and walked over to the bed, Kyle right behind her. Carefully she crawled over her cousin, never breaking her gaze with Maria until they were in each other's arms. As Kyle slipped in next to Michael, the hybrid pulled the covers back over them.

      Within seconds Maria and Tess were making love to each other with their mouths, both were kissing softly but at the same time filled with passion. Hands glided over each other's soft bodies as Tess lay on top of the human, breast pressing against breast. Their nipples were hard and were perfectly aligned, each scraping against the ones on the other girl as they squirmed.

      "Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've seen?" Kyle asked

      "Hell yeah." Michael said; the sight of them together caused more and more blood to rush to his increasing erection.

      The girls broke their kiss. Tess turned her head to look at their men as Maria kissed her cheek and jawbone. "Haven't you guys got something better to do?" Tess said as her eyes shifted down to their manhood's and then back up.

      "Oh that'll come. Right now, I think we'll just watch." Michael said

      "Well that's just fine, boys. Just expect us to return the favour." Maria said as she ran her fingers through Tess's hair and onto the back of her head. She brought her girlfriend back down for another kiss.

      The girls moulded together, Tess's hair feel down and completely covered both their faces. Their bodies were in a complete state of unity, heartbeats were synchronised and their breathing was just as in tune. Maria's hands glided up Tess's arms and over her shoulders, moving down to cup her breasts.

      "Hmmm..." Tess moaned into Maria's mouth; it was barely audible but all three heard it.

      Tess pulled away from Maria and moved down slightly. Her own hands covered Maria's breasts; the human squirmed slightly and pushed her chest up further into Tess's enticing touch.

      "Tess...t...touch me." Maria begged with a whisper

      Tess smiled and moved her hands further down. She trailed Maria's lower ribs as she lightly flicked her lover's nipples with her tongue. She wiggled her tongue back and forth over the pebble hard nipple, licking it with her tongue over and over again before moving over to its twin.

      "Ugnn...Tess..." Maria gasped

      For the next half hour Tess drove Maria nuts simply by making love to her upper body. Her nipples were digging into Maria's skin and added to the sensations they were both feeling. Then she moved off Maria, she moved to her side and brushed back her hair. Tess trailed small circles over Maria as she looked down at her, there was a moment of silent communication and soon she shifted her position.

      Tess moved around so that her legs were by Maria's head. She straddled her lover, placing her sex over Maria's face while the human bent and parted her legs. Tess lowered her body and the girls entered a 69, Maria eagerly attacked her slit as she latched her mouth onto Maria's.

      With each lap the girls moaned loudly although they were muffled. The sight of their girls in the passionate clinch had Michael and Kyle wanting to take them away from each other and fuck the living daylights out of them. However, they held back. Tess and Maria's hips were gently moving, rocking back and forth and grinding their wet slits into their lover's face.

      Their breathing was had and fast, the fire coming from between their legs became an inferno each time their tongues penetrated their soft folds.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNN...OH GODDDD." Tess groaned, having to pull away when the irresistible urge to cry out came upon her. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH...MY...." She called before returning her mouth to Maria

      Their hips were moving more wildly now; they were a writhing mass of flesh. Their hands were caressing each other and Maria couldn't resist grasping both of Tess's ass cheeks as she licked away. Once and a while, fingers joined tongues as they moved inside of the lover. They twisted; they stabbed in and out, over and over again. With each movement they whimpered and cried with pleasure.

      Soon, almost at the same time, the girls located each other's clits. Neither could resist it so they didn't. Tess continually tapped Maria's before moving her fingers over the hard button in a circle. Maria used her mouth, she bit down softly on Tess's clit and at the same time they backed away from each other with a resounding, "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

      Their orgasm crashed through them like a Tsunami crashing over the land. It had left them completely exhausted but neither could move. They just stayed in the position for a while kissing each other's openings softly.

      "I'm just exhausted looking at them." Kyle said

      "You better not be." Michael said

      He pulled Kyle over him and kissed him as hard as Maria and Tess had kissed. His hand wrapped around Kyle's hard dick and gently started to stroke him.

      "Hey, hey, hey. Don't start until we're ready to watch." Tess said as she looked up from between Maria's thighs

      She moved off of Maria and re-orientated herself. The two girls adjusted the pillows so they could look over to their men while they snuggled. Tess had an arm draped over Maria's stomach, her finger gently teasing her bellybutton. Both had their gaze fixed on Michael and Kyle as they started back up again.

      The two of them pressed up against each other and Kyle's took hold of Michael's rod. Both knew what they wanted and as they kissed their hands moved quicker and quicker by the second.


      "Oh fuuuuuckkkkk." Kyle gasped

      Both kept their hands moving up and down their straining hard dicks. The throbbing was felt by both of them.

      "Oh my...oh god Kyle." Michael groaned

      Then Kyle stopping jerking him off and Michael looked at him. He'd seen what the girls did and he wanted to do that himself. The second Michael saw into Kyle's eyes he knew what he wanted. Together they adjusted themselves and within seconds their dicks were engulfed with the warm and wet sensations that came with blowjobs. They started sucking while bobbing their heads back and forth.

      The moaning that came along with it sent vibrations down their sensitive flesh. Then came the surprise. Tess and Maria decided to help them along and cupped their men's heavy sacks. Gently they massaged them, feeling their balls and the soft skin.

      "OH sweet fu......." Kyle yelled loudly as Tess coaxed his seed from his sack and shot it down Michael's throat.

      At the same time, the exact same thing happened with Michael. He stained back his cries of rapture as he swallowed and as Kyle swallowed his semen. By the end of it they were just as exhausted as Tess and Maria had been.

      "Is it just me or are they hot every single time?" Tess asked

      "Oh it's not you." Maria said, "God, I'm wet just form looking at them."

      " too." Tess said

      The two guys were so wiped that they were barely aware that the moved themselves back around. Guy to guy and girl to girl they fell into a deep slumber in each other's arms. They were so completely sated that none of them would wake until well into the next say.

      To Be Continued...

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