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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 39

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 8, 2004

      Max/Liz's Room, The Mansion, Immediately Following

      A light flashing in their faces and a gentle, agreeable ringing in their ears woke Max and Liz up. As they opened their eyes, the couple looked at each other and then over to the clock on their bedside cabinet. After a few minutes of post sleep grogginess they recognised it as their visitor alarm and Max got out of bed. He moved over to some doors on the wall and pulled them apart to reveal a monitor.

      "Oh hell." Max said

      "What? Who would visit at this time of night?" Liz asked

      "You're not going to believe this." Max said

      Liz came up beside her new fiancé and looked at the screen and instantly became worried.

      "You better wake the others...except Ava. She doesn't need this." Max said

      "Right." Liz said, "Are know, gonna let them in?"

      "Better having them in here than out there when the press get back here for their usual photo ops." Max said

      "Yeah...Tess and Ava being twins we can handle but a second Isabel and Michael?" Liz said before heading to the door.

      "Liz." Max said


      "Robe?" Max said, as much as he liked looking at her naked body and as comfortable as they were without clothes in their own home, having people around whom you wouldn't trust to hold a loaf of bread did warrant some modesty.

      "Oh yeah. Thanks." Liz said as she went into her wardrobe and pulled out her robe. She put it on and then went to wake the others.

      Living Room, 5 Minutes Later

      Two by two the couples all came into the room to find Max watching another monitor. They all moved around him to watch as Rath and Lonnie walked down the main, 10-mile road to the mansion.

      "You just opened the gate?" Isabel asked with disbelief

      "Yeah but just enough for them to get through and not their car." Max said. "It's closed now so they're not going anywhere."

      "Max this place is huge, they can hide for years in those trees." Michael said

      "Relax, it's all on the security net. One flip of a switch and we'll find them." Max said

      "Why not send a car for them?" Liz asked

      Everyone glared at her.

      "What? It'll get them here faster." Liz said

      "I think I want them exhausted by the time they get here." Alex said, "Safer for us that way."

      "Yeah there is that. But I just want to watch and listen for a while." Max said, "Listen...Isabel, Michael I want the two of you to stay close to Alex and Maria. Just in case they try to pull a switch on us again."

      "They wouldn't try that would they?" Maria asked

      "They've done it before. It was like they wanted a wedge between the there of us..." Max said while looking at Isabel and Michael, " was to get me to New York."

      "Well Spaceboy, until they're gone you don't move more than five feet from me." Maria said

      "Ditto." Alex said to Isabel

      3 Hours Later...

      After a while Lonnie and Rath were sitting in the living room with everyone surrounding them.

      "So what do you want?" Max asked

      "Well some booze if you got it and a place to bunk." Rath asked

      "This house is dry. As for some where to sleep, you wont be here that long." Max said

      "Why are you here?" Liz asked

      "Hey listen, why don't you little monkeys fuck off while the grown ups talk." Lonnie said

      Isabel didn't even hesitate in slapping Lonnie's face. It was completely unexpected to the Dupe but all the women smiled. "Talk that way to her again and I'll do to you what you did to Zan." Isabel said

      Lonnie looked back and forth between Isabel and Liz. She caught a look between them and smiled. "So, you two enjoying a little bit of the "woman's touch". Didn't think you had it in you sis." Lonnie said

      "I am not your sister and that is none of your business." Isabel said

      "But you should know that Liz is your queen now." Tess said

      "Bullshit." Rath said

      "Actually she is." Max said as he moved behind Liz. He used his powers to illuminate her Seal and upon seeing it, Rath and Lonnie bowed their heads as all hybrids were programmed to do.

      "What the hell was that?" Rath asked

      "It was programmed into us all, so that all hybrids would know whom the Royals were and that they were genuine." Max said, "So back to my question. Why are you here?"

      "Well it's the funniest thing. One day we were in a motel and all of a sudden the papers are filled with the multi-billionaire teens of Roswell who we just so happen to know quite well." Lonnie said

      "You want money." Isabel said

      "Got it in one babe." Lonnie said, "We figure we're entitled to about 9 or 10 million. Oh and the Granolith...we want to go home."

      "Forget that." Came Ava's voice from the door. She had her arms crossed with Sam standing behind her. "You guys should have woken me."

      "We didn't want to worry you." Liz said

      Ava marched into the room and stood before them. "You know I don't have all of Serena's memories but I'm pretty sure she watched the two of you die and she took a lot of pleasure out of it."

      Rath smiled, "You of all people should know never to trust what you're seeing."

      "Yeah I've got that power...everyone in this room has it now but you don't." Ava said

      "Yeah but then there is always a well placed manhole cover to slip under when things blow up." Lonnie said, then she gave a sexy smile to Ava. "Why don't you and I go upstairs and...renew old ties."

      Ava sighed with disbelief. "I wouldn't count on it. I've got everyone I need right here."

      "Oh come on Ava. A little eye candy for old times sake?" Rath asked

      "Say that again and I'll put you down so fast you'll..." Sam started but Rath interrupted

      "Who the hell is the new guy?" Rath asked as he stood up to stand face to face with Sam

      "I'm Sam...Ava's fiancé." He said

      "What?" Lonnie asked and then spotting on Ava's finger

      Rath looked at Ava with a disgusted look. "You're letting a human fuck you. You've gone from the sewer straight into the septic tank."

      That did it. Sam already had his fist balled and then sent it straight into Rath's chin but along with it he sent a little blast of power. Not a lot, but more than enough to send Rath flying behind the sofa.

      Lonnie smiled and stood up. "You guys really don't know when to stop with the healing don't you?"

      "We didn't heal him, we Shared with him...with all of them." Tess said

      "You guys really don't know why we're on Earth do you." Ava said

      "Uh...yeah! Hiding from Kivar and Skins." Rath said as he got up, rubbing his jaw

      "Oh god, here we go." Max said, "Okay. There is a virus. It's wiped out all life up there including Antar. There is nothing left to go home too."

      "Well that's crap. If that's true how come we're all still here?" Lonnie asked

      "Humans are immune. The virus was an attack from another universe, a rebel group on that side sent an antibody to Earth before they were wiped out and before you ask, none of our scientists could find the antibody let alone replicate it. We were hybridised with humans to find human mates we could trust and keep our D.N.A alive. If we have children with other Antarians or hybrids, they will be susceptible to the virus. It'll only work with humans. There are thousands of us on Earth and most have found people they could love and who love them. You and a few others failed." Max said

      "So the Granolith wont be doing you much good. Oh and that money is for us. It's for us to use to help the other families...which you aren't." Michael said

      Rath moved back around the sofa, never taking his eyes off of Sam. He wasn't going to be taken unawares again. "Well then, your lives around here should be fun. Try explaining us away when we go everywhere with you."

      "Try leaving. Nobody but use can get in or out of here. This dome is made to protect us." Max said, "And after what you did to Zan..." he stopped when he saw the look on Ava's face. She might not have loved Zan even a fraction of what she felt for Sam but she still cared for him.

      "Didn't you ever wonder what it was for? That purple mist that happened when you and Ava first had sex." Liz asked, the blank look on Lonnie's face told Liz that she didn't and just assumed it was an alien thing. "That was your pheromones waking up, a part of Antarian bonding rituals to prepare you for having kids. Mind you Rath and Zan would have to do it as well."

      "You guys had sex?" Rath asked as he looked at each male

      "Just call Kalen." Ava interrupted, "Let him deal with them. I'm pretty sure murder of a Royal is not a nice thing under Antarian law."

      "We can't." Max said

      "Why not?" Isabel asked

      "I got a message a while ago. Kalen has ordered all Antarians on Earth to be placed back into hibernation. They're the last pure blood a few more years the viral mutation that's lethal to their enhancements could happen so he thinks this will keep them alive longer." Max said

      "As ice cubes." Alex said

      "It's their only option." Liz said

      "So what do we do with them?" Kyle asked

      "We can't deal with them alone, we've got school starting back in a week...well for some of us." Liz said while looking at Ava

      "You know what I think." Ava said, "I'm sure there are trucks driving nearby that could make a couple of hybrid pancakes."

      "Ava." Max said

      "She's entitled to it man." Sam said

      "I know. But lets not sink to their level." Max said

      "Well I can tell you now that if we don't get anything...well I'm sure the press would like to hear a few things. The public just loves a sex scandal and what better than ten horny teenagers who their parents let live together. What will that do to your folks little diner, or that law firm...oh and dare we forget the good upstanding sheriff?" Lonnie said

      "Try it, any of it and I'll kill you myself." Kyle said

      "What about you Oopie. Remember that little threesome chat we had when I was here last." Lonnie said

      "Okay that's it." Isabel said as she grabbed her clone's hair and started dragging her to the door of the living room where a couple of security drones waited outside.

      "Let go you bitch." Lonnie screamed

      All the girls laughed. Rath jumped up to try and grab Isabel but Alex grabbed his arm.

      "Don't touch her." Alex said

      "You? You really think you can take me on." Rath said

      "I've got the powers of everyone in this room. Do you want to try it?" Alex asked, "Look behind you."

      Rath quickly looked round to see a second Alex, a mind warp that Alex created that took a swing at Rath's face. The alien ducked but it was enough of a distraction for the real Alex to hit the gut. Rath doubled over in pain and that was when Michael and Kyle picked up his arms. They dragged him over to where Isabel had taken Lonnie and just dumped him there.

      "Take them up to the rooms you prepared." Max ordered the drones, "Full security."

      "Yes Majesty." The drones said together.

      The two picked Rath and Lonnie up and met up with six more drones before heading to rooms on the second floor. They were at opposite ends of the mansion, completely away from each other and complete with energy barriers on the windows and doors. The drones activated the fields after making sure that their powers were subdued.

      Sam/Ava's Bedroom...

      A little while later, after calming down a little all of the group went back to bed...not that they slept. Ava lay in her bed with Sam's arms wrapped around her. He could feel her shake slightly at the thought of her former family being in the same house.

      "I wont let the touch you honey." Sam said

      "There's nothing that we can do with them that isn't gonna cause problems. If we give them money, they'll keep coming back for more. They can't stay here, we'll never be free from watching them and we certainly can't walk around like we usually do."

      "We'll think of something." Sam said

      Ava turned around in his arms and faced him. Sam gently brushed aside a small lock of hair from her face and kissed Ava's forehead.

      "Can...can I tell you something?" Ava asked

      "You know you can tell me anything." Sam said

      Ava smiled, "I don't want to wait long before our wedding. I don't care whose there except for the others, I don't care if it's big or small...hell I don't care if we have to have a ship's captain do it. I just want to be your wife."

      "Can I tell you something?" Sam asked

      "As long as its not that you want to dump me after what I just said. I don't want to rush you or anything..." Ava rambled until Sam up his finger over her lips

      "I don't want to wait either. I want to marry you Ava and the sooner the better, we probably should wait for Max and Liz though." Sam said

      "Yeah...I guess. And their parents are going to want something a little substantial." Ava said

      "Probably." Sam said, " about, the day after their wedding we take a trip up to Vegas."

      "Ooh, now that's a plan I like."

      "And if it's not rushing you...cause I really don't want to do that, that night, I'm going to bring you home and make love to you on that altar out there." Sam said

      "You want to have a baby?" Ava asked with a smile

      "As long as it's you I've never wanted anything more. I love you Ava and I want us to be a family...well more than we already are." Sam said

      Ava grabbed onto him and kissed Sam hard, their bodies pressed together as they made love with their mouths.

      "What about your parents?" Ava asked

      "Screw them, they have been nothing more than a headache to me my entire life. You're all I need in my life. I don't want to have them at the wedding...hell I don't even want to tell them we're engaged."

      Ava kissed him again, their tongues duelled together, their hands were everywhere but then Sam broke the kiss.

      "Do you think we're a little young for this?" Sam asked

      "We're young." Ava admitted, "But we'll learn just like everyone else. We'll probably need help now and then but we've got a good family just outside that door who you just know will love spending time with their new niece or nephew. And there is their parents who'll have plenty of advice."

      "Yeah." Sam smiled.

      "Maybe we should get in a little practice for that night. You know, so we're on top form when we have an audience." Ava suggested

      "Another plan I like." Sam said

      The two lovers wrapped their arms around each other and Sam eased her onto her back.

      Alex/Isabel's Bedroom...

      This couple was also in bed, holding each other contently. The pillows propped up Alex and Isabel's head was resting on his chest.

      "I still can't believe you dragged her by her hair." Alex chuckled

      "Nobody, and I mean nobody offers sex to my man. Even if she is identical to me." Isabel said as she kissed his chest and Alex stroked her hair, "And I have to admit, that trick to pulled on Rath was first rate."

      "Well I do my best. Especially when it's with someone like those two. I don't like having them here but at least they're not out making headlines." Alex said

      "Yeah. But we can't keep them...even if you do like the idea of a threesome." Isabel said as she poked his ribs

      "Hey...I am a guy and we get turned on at the drop of a hat but I could never be with anyone who didn't look like you. And Lonnie's out because she's just pales in comparison on the personality stakes. You are undoubtedly the only girl for me." Alex said

      "Today was almost a great day as well." Isabel said

      "Almost?" Alex said

      "My brother gets engaged, then Sam and Ava and then we had a very, very nice celebration. Those two...they had to bring it down." Isabel said

      "Yeah. Max and Sam certainly have got more guts than I do." Alex said

      "What are you talking about? Is this the same guy that just took on Rath?" Isabel asked

      "Rath is one thing, I had powers and the rest of you to back me up. Max and Sam had the guts to forget about out ages, what our parents would say...everything that's the real world outside the dome. I've been wanting to ask you to marry me since the day we got here." Alex said

      "What?" Isabel asked as she tilted her head back so she could look up at him.

      "Isabel, would you marry me?" Alex asked

      "Wha...what? Alex you're not just doing this because Max and Sam asked..."

      "No, I'm doing it because I've been in love with you forever. We're together and I want to marry you...Max and Sam doing it just gave me the courage to ask you." Alex said, "Actually I'm pretty sure that you're not the only girl getting asked tonight. Michael has always been afraid about what Amy would do to him if he asked and Kyle's lived with Tess so long they act like they're married...they just had the age thing to worry about. Max and Sam did more today than ask Liz and Ava."

      "Oh well then, since I'm not the only girl getting asked then it would do for you to be getting a `no' to that question." Isabel said

      "Isabel I don't want you to say yes because you feel obligated."

      "I'm not. I'm saying `yes' because I love you and want to be your wife." Isabel said

      "You're saying yes?" Alex asked, and Isabel nodded, "You are saying yes?" he asked more excitedly

      "Yes I'll marry you." Isabel said

      "WOO HOO." Alex called out and raised his arms in the air. "Oh no wait. It's not right, we need a ring."

      "Alex I don't need a ring. I just need you." Isabel said

      "Yes but my mother would kill me if I didn't give you this." Alex said.

      He slipped out of their bed. Alex moved over to one of his drawers and pulled out a small ring box. Isabel sat up in the bed and let the sheet fall away from her body as she looked at Alex.

      "My mom gave me this when we moved in here. She said she wanted you to have it...I guess she knew I would ask you sooner or later." Alex said as he sat back onto the bed. He opened the ring box and slipped the ring onto Isabel's finger, "This was my mothers, my grandmothers and my great grandmothers. Now it's yours."

      "Alex, I can't take this. This is like a family heirloom or something." Isabel said

      "And you're apart of my're my wife, we just need to make it official." Alex said

      Isabel looked at the diamond ring on her finger and melted completely. She grabbed hold of Alex and pulled him down onto the bed. The sheets folded over them and they just held each other, both looking at the ring.

      "You know Alex, when...when I was with Tess and Ava earlier, Ava did something to me that...well I liked it, I liked it a lot." Isabel said shyly

      "What did she do?" Alex asked, he always liked it when they talked about sex but was always interested when Isabel discovered something new.

      " her wrist was up against butt. When her fingers were moving inside me her wrist moved back and forth and I...I just loved it." Isabel said

      "Oh so..."

      "So I was wondering if we could try it? You know, uh...anal. I know you've done it and Liz had Max do it to her a while back. I've just gotten really curious now." Isabel asked

      Alex was caressing her arm as they lay side by side, his hand moved up to her cheek and he kissed her softly. "You know me, I'm always up to trying something new."

      Isabel bit her lower lip; her excitement grew with those few words. She and her lover kissed passionately. Alex eased back and moved onto his knees. They looked at each other as Alex caressed her legs, the looks between them was enough for Isabel to move onto her hands and knees. She threw her hair back as she looked around to Alex. Her long, luxurious hair hung seductively from her head and her eyes were filed with pure heat.

      Alex looked over her, smiling as his hands caressed her thighs and then stroked the soft flesh of her ass. The feel of his hands sent a shudder through Isabel, her blood burned her veins with need, a need that Alex felt and revelled in.

      "Alex...please, don't make me wait. I want you." Isabel said

      He winked at her and moved over behind her. He bent down to kiss the small of her back as he grabbed his dick. He ran his hand over the length of his cock, stroking himself a few times until he was sufficiently hard. Without any warning he thrust his dick into her pussy, pulled out and then dived straight back in causing her to gasp. He withdrew from her as soon as he was satisfied that his dick was lubed up enough; he wanted to use her own juices for taking her ass. Alex stood up on his feet before bending his knees. He aimed his rod for her butthole and as he descended he touched his tip to her tight opening. Isabel lowered her head, her eyes closed and her hair fell down around her. She relaxed herself yet at the same she braced herself for what was to come.

      "Alex..." Isabel begged him

      Alex pushed down; the tip of his cock entered her body. Just a little at first, slowly pushing into her until the full head of his cock was within her. He looked down to Isabel's hands and saw them tightly grasping onto the bedspread. More and more he gently eased himself inside his lover and with each centimetre he paused, letting Isabel adapt to his presence.

      Then he pushed a whole inch inside her, he eased back and then pushed in another inch. Isabel pushed her hips back, thrusting her ass in an unmistakable invitation that Alex eagerly accepted. He thrust down, sending the rest of his cock into her so that he was completely engulfed.

      "Ugnnnnnnnnnn..." both groaned together with utter rapture. Alex had never felt a grip this tight and Isabel had never felt anything like it before. Sweat was already forming on their naked skin.

      They paused.

      Alex let Isabel get used to the feelings and as soon as she started to gently push her hips back and forth, he took it as a side to continue their coupling. He pulled out of her body and pushed back inside, slowly at first but was gradually increasing. The sweet fire raging through her body, eagerly waiting to erupt like a volcano, consumed her. She and Alex slammed together in primal need, his hips smacked against her butt. Wave after wave of bliss seared over her senses, sending her surging towards an orgasmic eruption.

      "AUGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" She screamed in an absolute fury of lust as her orgasm ripped through her. She bit down hard on the plush pillows and clenched her ass tightly, making him cry out as she continued to rock against him until her trembling abated.

      At the same time Alex had lost all control and pushed his dick into her. He shot his load into her bowels, his face contorted in utter contentment. Isabel had become weak as a kitten and sank onto the bed, not even noticing or caring that Alex had eased himself from the tight grip of her ass. He collapsed onto the bed next to her, she rested her front and Alex was on his back. Both were breathing heavily.

      "" Alex panted

      "But totally...unbelievable." Isabel wheezed

      Alex looked over to his fiancé and looked over the back of her body. He grabbed her arm lightly and tossed her over. Alex kissed Isabel like he had a thousand years of pent up frustration.

      "We need to do that more often." Alex said as he smiled down at her

      Isabel smiled back, "Like right now?"

      "I wouldn't say no." Alex said

      Isabel quickly moved on top of Alex, her back facing down towards him. She took hold of his rode and sank down onto it, each delicious inch entering her easier than it had just a few moments ago. They made love like that for over an hour before they stopped. In each other's arms they stayed, neither falling asleep as they looked at the ring on her finger and then out the window as the sun crept over the horizon and filled the dome.

      Kyle/Tess's Bedroom...

      As Kyle prepared for bed, Tess surprised him by coming out of the bathroom wearing a long sheer pink camisole that was laced up between the breasts with delicate strands of silk and had matching panties. He could clearly see her body through the transparent material. While Kyle knew every inch of her body, the mere fact that it was slightly covered excited him and tantalised his senses.

      As Tess moved further into the bedroom, Kyle approached her. His finger trailed up her body from her thigh, up her tight stomach and over her breasts. Kyle lingered there for a few moments as he circled her nipples and caused her to shudder and tremble with excitement.

      "You look beautiful." Kyle said

      "More than usual?" Tess asked, she hadn't really put a lot of effort into her appearance, the unexpected arrived caused too much concern and provided too much of a distraction.

      Kyle shook his head, "You're always beautiful to me. Hell you could be covered head to foot with mud and you'd look beautiful."

      Tess smiled with a knowing smirk, "And being covered with mud, would Maria be there...or is it just any girl?"

      "Well you do look good with the others." Kyle said

      "And would the mud happen to come from a pit that's used for...uhmmmm... wrestling?" Tess pondered

      Kyle smiled, "Wrestling that so happens to come with a large quantity of moist dirt does have an appeal."

      Tess quickly reached her hand forward and cupped Kyle's dick. It was nearly breaking out from behind his sweats and he groaned at the touch, "It most certainly does have an appeal." She said as she let him go and circled him, running her finger around the front and back of his torso. "Hmmm, muscles seem harder than usual. Did you use the gym?"

      "Just needed to blow off a little tension. Having them around..." Kyle said

      Tess returned to his front and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Lets forget them tonight. Right now, it's just you and me about to make love in our bed."

      Tess loosened the drawstrings on his sweats and pushed them down. As he stepped out of them, Kyle looked over Tess's outfit. "It's almost a shame to take this off."

      "It looks that good?" Tess asked

      "Makes you look good enough to eat." Kyle responded as he picked her up in his arms.

      Kyle held her securely as he carried her over to their bed; he kissed her belly through the fabric and looked up into her eyes before they fell onto the mattress. They continued to roll around in each other's arms, kissing and touching. Kyle's strong hands glided over the delicate material. He traced her skin along the edge of the fabric and felt Tess shake with anticipation.

      Kyle stopped kissing her mouth and rolled Tess onto her back, pinning her there beneath him and her chest heaving with each breath. Delicately he kissed the blonde's chin and then the side of her neck. Then that kiss grew as he sucked and scraped with his teeth, he marked her flesh, leaving a hickie that she had no intention of covering.

      After Kyle left her neck, Tess reached up and felt the area and smiled. "Branding me again?"

      "This time it's in a place where I can show off to everyone." Kyle said as he kissed the camisole between her breasts.

      "Kyle we walk around naked, you know like on a daily basis. Anywhere on my bod is going to be seen." Tess said

      "Yeah, but outside the dome we were clothes. When school starts back next week I am going to give you another and we are going to show it off to every guy that sets his sights on you." Kyle said

      Kyle slid his way down Tess, his hand trailing between her breasts and to her thighs. Tess propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her body as Kyle got up onto his knees. He reached up under her camisole, his hands stroking her thighs until he reached her pink lace and silk panties. He hooked his fingers around the thin waistband and Tess lifted her butt from the bed, helping Kyle ease them off. As he started pulling them down her legs Tess eased herself back down and raised her legs up into the air. Kyle stoked her legs as he slid her panties up them. When he reached Tess's feet he threw her underwear off to the side, landing on the corner of a large mirror as Kyle kissed the soles of her feet (which had been cleaned during her bath).

      Tess smiled and gritted her teeth together to keep from crying out. Ava had told her how her feet were one of her hot spots, their bodies were identical so they guessed that Tess also had sensitive feet but Kyle hadn't stimulated them ­ until now. Kyle continued to kiss her feet, moving around to the top, around to her ankles and tickling her.

      She started to squirm on the bed, desperate to keep from laughing out loud but Kyle kept going. On and on he went, eager to make Tess laugh for him but she never did. Her restraint was nearing breaking point but eventually he stopped.

      "I'm impressed." Kyle said

      "Don't do that, you know how ticklish I am." Tess panted with lust

      Kyle smiled evilly at his lover, "You better believe it."

      Kyle held her legs together and looked down the length of them, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin before he looked round to her dripping sex.

      "What?" Tess asked

      "Like I said...good enough to eat." Kyle said

      "Oh god." Tess said with wide eyes

      Kyle quickly parted her legs and dived his head between her thighs, his mouth latched onto her pussy and his tongue almost immediately found her clit.

      "UGHNNNN GOD!" Tess cried at the sudden contact

      Kyle kissed her slit several times before licking her, lapping at her body and causing her juices to flow into his mouth. With each lap Tess's body twisted and contorted, she grabbed hold of her pillow and pressed it into her face to muffle her cries of pleasure but they still came through loud enough for Kyle's enjoyment.

      "Ugnnnn...ohhhhhhh...a...a little to the...oh yeah right there...oh god yeah..." Tess moaned

      Then Kyle tongue circled her clit before he sucked it into his mouth. Tess's pupils dilated and her eyelids opened wide as possible. She was a quivering mass of flesh that was about to erupt in a massive orgasmic explosion. Kyle could feel it approaching and, wanting the woman beneath him to get pleasure first, kept on going.

      Carefully he sucked softly and then hard, soft again and then hard again. All the while his tongue scrapped against the bundle of nerves before darting between her soft folds. Tess's body was going completely wild and she couldn't get enough of it and then she became as stiff as a board.

      "OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Tess's climax started at her sex and sent over muscle in her body into overdrive.

      Kyle came up from the apex of her thighs and looked up her body. Hearing her cry out made his cock even more solid, he wanted and needed to be inside of her body but he also wanted to feel her skin against his. Quickly he grabbed hold of the silk crisscrossing on the front of her outfit, he pulled them apart, tearing the silk right down the middle. He told himself he'd repair it later as he leaned over her body and without any aiming Kyle smoothly pushed his dick into Tess's waiting cunt.

      Her inner muscles clenched him tightly, rippling on his dick as they continued to ride out her orgasm. They both groaned loudly, their eyes shut tightly but as they opened them their eyes locked together, as did their minds. A complete fusion of thought and sensation occurred and their hearts beat as one.

      "Kyle..." Tess gasped, begging him with but a single word

      Kyle knew her request and slowly pulled his hips back, easing his dick out of her inner grip. When there was nothing but the bulbous head of his dick inside her, Kyle thrust forward and sent his rod back inside her. He filled her completely and gently eased back and then pushed inside.

      Their moans went hand in hand with their movements. Each loving touch, each tender thrust. Their bodies moved together with the perfect precision that that they learned through all their times together that would please each other.

      " so good...oh Tess." Kyle sighed, his face over hers. As he breathed out, Tess inhaled and as she exhaled Kyle breathed in.

      "Oh my...Kyle...ugnnn...Kyle, keep going...agnnnnn...don't stop...please, never stop." Tess gasped with each breath and with each breath, hers mixed with Kyle's. It was as though their very souls mixed.

      His kept his hips moving, sawing his cock in and out of Tess over and over again and becoming a little more urgent each time, bringing them ever closer to their mutual climax.

      "UHNNN...OH GOD...YESSS...TESS...OH GOD TESS, MARRY ME!" Kyle groaned loudly, it was a demand and request all mixed in together.

      "UGNNNNNN..." Tess sighed with a high pitch, "YESSS...OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSS!" She heard his question and the almost undetectable begging tone in his highly aroused voice.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kyle shouted as he pushed his dick as far into his lover as possible when his seed spurted within her.

      Tess wrapped her legs and arms around Kyle, holding tightly onto him as she felt his dick pulse and throb. Then came the all too familiar swelling and the sensation of his semen was released into her body. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she cried out, the pitch was almost enough to crack the windows and mirror but the sound was completely agreeable to Kyle.

      The stayed still for a few minutes, Kyle staying buried inside his lover as their foreheads rested together. Soon his dick softened and slipped from her warm grip. He rolled onto his back but Tess stayed with him, her head resting on his shoulder with his arm wrapped around her.

      20 Minutes Later...

      As they rested against each other, lovingly holding each other.

      "Did you mean it? What you asked?" Tess asked

      "Did you mean the answer?" Kyle asked

      " about we answer at the same time?" Kyle asked

      "Okay." Tess said

      "1...2...3...yes." They said together

      They dived to each other and kissed.

      "Oh god Kyle I love you." Tess gasped, "I'd love to marry you."

      "I love you Tess, I love you so much." Kyle breathed out.

      "You didn't just ask because of Sam and Max?" Tess asked

      "You know how I feel about you. You're already my wife in every way; hell we lived together for long enough and every second of every day I can feel you. I was just waiting for Max. Don't ask me why but I kinda felt he had to go first in this." Kyle said before they made love once more, after which they fell into a very deep sleep.

      Max/Liz's Bedroom...

      Together they lay in each other's arms, neither could sleep at the thought of Lonnie and Rath being in the same house ­ secure or not. However, throughout this sleepless night one thing was in their heads.

      "You know, I think someone's having sex in this house." Liz said

      "Oh I think there's more than one couple making love right now." Max agreed

      "Want to be left out?" Liz asked

      "Not on your life." Max answered and soon Liz was on top of him with his dick nestled in her core. Liz constantly rocked her hips back and forth bringing them both the best pleasure the world had to offer.

      Dinning Room, 08:30

      Alex was right. At breakfast Maria also showed up with a smile on her face. The fact that they had a couple of very unwanted houseguests was almost completely gone from their minds. As she came into the room, Maria just sat down in Michael's lap and kissed him for five solid minutes.

      "So you too huh?" Isabel asked

      "Me too what?" Maria asked, knowing what Isabel was talking about, as Michael kissed her throat

      Isabel then held up her hand and showed Maria the ring.

      "Hey you got a ring. How come?" Maria asked

      "It was Alex's mothers. She said she wanted me to have it and Alex kept it until last night." Isabel said

      "Thank god Max and Sam got up the guts to ask otherwise we might be waiting a few more years." Tess said as she looked at Kyle, straight into his eyes

      "Ah but at least we would have asked. There are some guys out there who wouldn't have." Kyle said

      "That's true." Maria said

      "Yeah we got very lucky." Tess said

      "Yes we did." Isabel said as she looked at Alex longingly

      "Just to be guys are gonna wait for Max and Liz right?" Michael asked as he came up from Maria's neck.

      "Oh yeah." Alex said

      "Definitely." Kyle confirmed

      "I don't know what it is but it just seems like they should be the ones to go first." Tess said

      "Ach its just another king and queen thing." Isabel said, "Besides, so long as it's not a long engagement I'll be fine."

      "So what are we all doing today?" Michael asked

      "Well, we're telling my mother." Maria said

      "Same here, daddy Sheriff is going to freak." Tess said looking at Kyle

      "He'll be very happy just know he will be." Isabel said, "But before Alex and I pay a visit to our parents I have to do something else."

      "Isabel no." Alex said

      "You know I have to. She and I have a score to deal with." Isabel said

      "Damn, you had to remind me those two are in the house. Couldn't we just brick up the doors and windows?" Maria asked

      "That's an idea." Max said as he came in with his arm around Liz

      "You two look very chirpy this morning." Tess said

      "Well we had a relaxing night...after *they* showed up at least." Liz said, "Are you really going to talk to Lonnie? Cause, I have to agree with Alex."

      "Yeah. So when are you going to tell mom and dad?" Isabel asked

      "We've decided to through a little get together at my parents place later today. You're welcome to join us and kill two birds with one stone." Liz said

      "Yeah it might be easier if all four of us are there." Max said

      Alex looked at Isabel, silently communicating with each other and then nodded. "Yeah that would be great."

      "So where's Sam and Ava?" Kyle asked

      "From the sounds of it, they wont be up and around any time soon." Max said

      "They were very vocal this morning." Liz said and everybody smiled

      "Do you think Sam's going to tell his parents?" Michael asked

      "Honestly? I have no idea. I doubt it though, he hasn't called or even seen them since we moved up here." Max said

      "Well it is his choice." Kyle said, "And given his parents attitudes to everything, if they were mine I wouldn't want them at my wedding."

      "Which is why I'm going to tell them right after Ava and I are married." Sam said as he and Ava came hand in hand through the door.

      "We thought you two wouldn't be out of bed for a while yet." Max said

      "Well we just found out that it's impossible to make love, literally, all night long." Ava said, "Some people...actually parts of them just don't seem *up* for it."

      "Yeah that is the downside of guys." Isabel said

      "HEY!" all five said at once

      "I'll have you know we kept going and going and going..." Sam said

      "Right up until 10 minutes ago at which point, no matter what I did he just couldn't get hard again." Ava said, "I think I broke him." She said sadly

      "Well we could always heal him." Tess said, "I wouldn't want my sister to go without."

      "Hey I'm not broken, I just need a little recoup time." Sam said

      "So, Sam, you were saying about your parents?" Max said

      "My parents are my parents, I can't do anything about that but the people in this room are my family. You're all I want at my wedding. Besides, I did a dream walk on them last night. They only like me seeing Ava because of the money. I don't need or want them if all they see in the woman I love is her bank balance." Sam said

      "Why'd you dream walk them in the first place?" Isabel asked

      "I guess I was hoping that not seeing me for over a month would have caused them to re-evaluate some things. It hasn't." Sam said disappointedly

      "Well, since we've got a busy day ahead of us I better go get mine started." Isabel said.

      Together she and Alex stood up from the table and headed out of the room.

      "Where are they going?" Ava asked as she looked back to her family

      "They...uh...they went to talk to Lonnie." Max said

      "What?" Ava said

      Hall Outside Lonnie's Room, 20 Minutes Later

      As Alex and Isabel climbed the stairs to the next floor, Lonnie had opened her bedroom door. As she tried to leave she dumped into the force field that gave her a very mild electric shock. She tried using her powers to get passed it but they were gone. She knew immediately that the group had taken their powers for security purposes; she knew it would happen.

      The last thing she wanted was to come here but Rath insisted with his usual arrogant self, besides he would never let her drive! She was his to command, as confident and self-assured as she was she couldn't say no to him, no matter what the consequences were. That was the price she paid for going out on a frozen pond during winter when they were younger, she fell through, he saved her life and now Lonnie belonged to Rath. She never understood why she was so stupid or why she just didn't say enough was enough but all she ever wanted where Rath was concerned was for him to stop. Everything that had happened had been at Rath's initiation, she'd taken advantage of the opportunities whole heartedly but she'd never have taken the steps that Rath took...she just wanted to go home to Antar and now, as she had just discovered, that was impossible.

      Even now she could hear him from the other side of the building, desperately crashing his body into the invisible barrier that sealed him in his room. Each time he hit the field he yelled, a yell that was quickly followed by a yell of pain that was getting incrementally louder.

      "God damned fucking moron. How many times does it have to hurt him before he gets a clue." She said quietly

      She'd played her hand well last night, she knew all to well what would get under Isabel's skin. Although she didn't anticipate being dragged by her hair, her scalp still stung. Lonnie knew that it would keep them in the house; she didn't care what happened to her after that just so long as she didn't have to listen to him anymore. She eventually sat down on her bed and reached into her pocket. Lonnie pulled out the only picture she ever had of Zan and herself, they made it a year before his death and then tore it in half. She had the half with Zan and he had her half, after his death she retrieved the other half and rejoined them. Lonnie never told Rath, she knew he'd destroy it.

      "Funny, I never pegged you for being sentimental. Especially with someone you murdered." Isabel said from the door, Alex was leaning against the wall behind her.

      "Rath killed him and it's none of your business." Lonnie said as she stood up and moved to the field, "So you here to tell me what you've decided to do with us?"

      "Actually I'm here to talk. I want an explanation." Isabel said

      "Of what?" Lonnie asked coldly

      "You told Max about Vilandra." Isabel said

      "Oh yeah, that." Lonnie said

      "That's all you can say? `That?'" Isabel asked, "You took away any time I had to deal with it, Max had to learn about it from a stranger when I was going to tell him. Do you have any idea what you did to us?"

      "Pretty much yeah. That was the whole point; Rath wanted him in New York. He needed you two to split." Lonnie said

      "And you're not sorry about it, not even when you tried to kill him. It wasn't enough that you killed your brother, you had to kill Max too." Isabel said

      "I wanted to go home, Nicholas wanted him dead." Lonnie said

      "And you completely walked into it, you bought every lie and promise." Alex said from the back

      Lonnie lost her smile and turned her back. She was promised a lot and the price was high, she paid it with hesitance but then Rath told her to do it. "Why shouldn't I? I could remember Kivar and Nicholas; hell every guy that crossed Vilandra's path wanted her."

      "Is that all you remember? That she was hot? For god sake Lonnie, she screwed over her brother for a guy who killed her for it." Isabel asked

      "Vilandra's death was an accident. Kivar wanted her alive not dead." Lonnie said

      "Sorry Lonnie; kinda missed the point. She caused his dead just like you did with Zan."

      "Rath killed Zan." Lonnie said with strain,

      "And you didn't stop him." Isabel said, "And you could have."

      "And he would have killed me. Rath..." Lonnie said

      "I thought you and he were..."

      "We use each other for sex." Lonnie said, "Vilandra was attracted to the first Rath and he did care about her but Rath and I never felt anything more than a need to fuck."

      "Bitch." Isabel said

      "Wait..." Alex said, something had hit him during the conversation and now, after mulling it over he got it, "...Why did you agree to kill Zan? You're sitting in here looking at a picture of him, if you cared that much about why did you do it? You couldn't have wanted to leave alone."

      Isabel looked back and forth before her gaze fixed on Lonnie's face. "What?" she asked Alex

      "Lonnie, who told you to kill Zan and Max?" Alex asked

      Isabel was surprised to see tears running down her clone's cheeks.

      "Rath killed..."

      Then he completely understood it, "What does he have over you?"

      "Alex? What's going on?" Isabel asked

      "Rath is telling her what to do. Listen to her...Rath killed Zan, Rath wanted Max in New York."

      Isabel turned back to Lonnie, "Is that true?"

      "No, I let my brother die because I'm in love with the moron who's hitting his head against an energy field." Lonnie said sarcastically

      "Then why?" Isabel asked

      "Antarian custom, it's in some Earth cultures too. He saved my life it belongs to him. He get what he wants from me. If he wanted me to get him food I got it, he wanted to see me and Ava...if Zan didn't have any problems then we did it." Lonnie said

      "If he wants you to tell Max about Vilandra?" Isabel asked

      "Then that's what I do." Lonnie said, "You know before he saved my life I was a lot like you? A little harder, still had the tats and I did what I needed to survive but I was quite the princess. You might have even called me sister once upon a time."

      "Yeah right." Isabel said

      "Hard to believe ain't it." Lonnie said

      "So you're not to blame for any of it?" Isabel asked

      "No, I'm as guilty as he is. Zan could have stopped it long before we killed him but I never told him Rath had me and let me tell you, Rath loved having me...especially when he watch Ava and I mak...fuck each other."

      Isabel stared at Lonnie, "How long have you been in love with her?" She caught the slight slip; she knew that Lonnie was going to say `make love'. Besides, she could understand it. She herself was attracted to Tess and Ava, even Maria, she would never have slept with them if she didn't.

      "Since that first time. We did it almost every day because Rath and Zan wanted it. They liked watching. After a while...I don't know...I just realised that I was in love with her and that I had always loved her. I know she never felt the same but..."

      "You're wrong." Ava said as she came round the corner, she came up almost immediately after Alex and Isabel did. She wanted an explanation to everything but most importantly Zan's death. Ava cared a lot for Zan and Lonnie's betrayal almost killed her as much as Zan's death. When she heard Lonnie's confession, her feet pulled her around the corner.

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "I was in love with you for so long. That's why I's why Serena tried to kill you. She knew that you could help bring me out again." Ava said, "I hated you so much for Zan and then Max. Why didn't you ever tell me that Rath was using the `Owned Life' on you? I thought you, you just liked doing things for him." Ava asked

      "You couldn't have done anything about it. If I told you, you couldn't have told Zan...only I could and I didn't." Lonnie said

      "Lonnie is the one in you're heart?" Isabel asked; they could all feel that Ava kept someone in her heart other than Sam but assumed it was Zan. Sam never questioned it or was jealous from it since he was gone what what's done is done.

      Ava nodded but then remembered every little thing that Lonnie had done over the years. "No. This is total B.S. I cared about you Lonnie, a lot more than I did about Zan but the things you may not have tried to stop Rath killing Zan but you smiled. And all those other enjoyed them...and trying to seduce Nicholas during the summit? You hated that guy, even if Rath told you to you wouldn't have. You might have disagreed with Zan at times but you never would have let him die." She said angrily

      Lonnie hesitantly held up her hand and turned it to the side. There was a small scar, Ava looked at it and then back at Lonnie.

      "I don't get it?" Ava said

      "He mixed our blood, Ava. It was the only way he could completely guarantee cooperation." Lonnie said

      "What's she talking about?" Alex asked

      Ava looked down at the floor, it was a dark part of her history with Zan, it was something she really wanted to forget about. "Mixing our blood mixes our energies, only it's completely chaotic. Not like the Sharing. Its effect...basically its L.S.D. for hybrids and about twice as addictive. Zan and I, when we were younger, did a sort of blood pact with each other, that's how we discovered it. It caused a half hour high that we couldn't get enough of. It took everything we had to get us to stop but we did it."

      "You didn't Share that with us." Isabel said

      "I did with Sam and Tess, we keep it private." Ava said

      "If it only lasts half an hour what's the big deal?" Alex asked

      "The high lasts 30 minutes. There is another effect that lasts a month...40 days at the outside. It forms a mind link; if Zan's blood mixed with mine I took on a little...okay a lot of Zan's personality and if my blood mixed with his he took on mine." Ava said

      "So if Rath mixed his blood with Lonnie..." Isabel said

      "I took on his personality." Lonnie said, "I basically was like him."

      "How did you guys even know about it? Zan and I kept it a secret." Ava said

      "I didn't know about it until Rath did it to me. He...he told me that he saw you do it one time. After having my life at his command, he could order me to sit still long enough so that he could cut my hand and put his blood in the wound." Lonnie said

      "How long?" Ava asked

      "30 days ago." Lonnie said

      "So it's started to wear off." Ava said

      "Rath didn't do his top up yet this month. He probably knows it's about to fade but so long as I can play the act...look I don't care what happens to me. I just want him out of my life. At the very least I was hoping to provoke you enough to lock us up and make him disappear. Ava...with that guy...are you happy?" Lonnie asked

      "Very." Ava said and Lonnie nodded, "Look I don't know what Max will decide to do but..."

      Then everyone else came up into the hall. All were looking at Lonnie intently.

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Is all that true?" Max asked

      "You heard?" Isabel asked

      "Everything. You forgot to close our link." Maria said

      Max pushed his hand through the barrier, "Take it, open up to us."

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Do it." Max ordered

      In seconds Lonnie's thoughts mingled with all of the others. Her memories flooded them like a Sharing but it was far less intense. When it was over Max pulled his hand back out of the field.

      "You're released from the Owned Life. Rath doesn't have any power over you." Max told Lonnie, as Zan was his clone he was the only one who could release her. "Everyone...downstairs." He ordered

      They all started to leave but Ava lingered.

      "Ava." Max called back

      "Yeah sorry." Ava said and then left.

      She caught up with Max and they walked down to the living room.


      "So what do we do about her?" Max asked as they all sat around.

      "Ava?" Liz asked

      "I...I can't have any input on this." Ava said humbly

      "You're still in love with her?" Tess asked but it was more of a statement

      Ava didn't look up from the floor

      "Ava it's okay." Sam said, "You are in love with her."

      "Which is exactly why I shouldn't say anything." Ava said

      "Look, we scanned her. She's telling the truth, at least as she remembers it." Maria said

      "What about Rath?" Michael said

      "What about him?" Alex asked

      "We should talk to him." Michael said, "He is my double, I have as much responsibility to him as Isabel does to Lonnie and Tess does to Ava."

      "Looking out for Ava is not a responsibility." Tess said as she held her sisters hand

      "Yeah but if either one of you screwed up then the other helps clean up the mess." Michael said

      Both sisters looked at each other and nodded.

      "Well, come on." Max said

      Together he, Michael and Maria headed upstairs to speak to Rath.

      Hallway Outside Rath's Room...

      As the trio approached the room they continued to head the rippling thud of energy as Rath battered his body against the confining barrier.

      "Well, looks like we know who got the genes with the smart juice in it." Maria said

      "He was smart enough to manipulate Lonnie." Max said

      "Yeah, but we've been down this road before. Tricking us into seeing one thing while they do something else." Michael said, "We need...I need to be sure."

      They stood outside the door and looked in.

      "Hey bro, when's breakfast?" Rath asked

      "In a little while. We wanted to talk first." Michael said

      "Oh yeah? About what, like I don't need to guess?" Rath said

      "Well, there is Zan. They was you and Lonnie manipulated Max." Michael said

      "What's she told you?" Rath asked

      "Well there was a little thing about you telling her what to do...after saving her life?" Max said

      Rath smiled, "Oh yeah...that."

      "Rath, you've got one chance to get it out." Michael said

      "Well then, let's see. I killed Zan and Lonnie was an innocent who I ordered to help me in everything I did. I told her to do anything she needed to do with Nicholas in order to get us home...oh yeah and she was a totally innocent little kid until I got her under my thumb at which point I took her again and again and again. And you and Tess caught part of the live show before you took a walk in the tunnels." Rath said with a smirk

      "So you admit it." Max said

      "No." Rath said, "Lonnie has quite the imagination...and one hell of a bod."

      "She made it all up?" Michael asked

      "And you believed all of it." Rath smiled, "Oh for...she's empathic, or what ever you call it. She can feel peoples emotions."

      "How come Isabel can't do it. Or the rest of us for that matter?" Maria asked

      "Uh...oh lets see; could it be because you guys were a little early coming out the pods?" Rath asked

      "We scanned her. She was telling the truth." Max said

      Rath then started laughing. "How the hell can you idiots be the prime group? Linking with her lets her show you what she wants to and manipulate all those teeny tiny emotions of yours. Oh let me guess, she told Ava she was in love with her?"

      "She's not?" Max asked

      "Oh Lonnie has a thing for little blondes alright, she tells them all the same thing. I wont deny that I like watching, or joining in. But Lonnie finds them, loves them, enjoys making them love her and leaves them...usually at the bottom of the Hudson." Rath said

      Max looked at Michael and Maria. Downstairs they had all heard the conversation and Ava had a tear running down her cheek.

      "What about this blood mixing thing?" Maria asked

      "Hey, she kept pushing me. It's like she's a god-damned junkie, I would have preferred not cutting my hand every other day." Rath said

      Max pushed his hand through the barrier and held it out to Rath. "Take it and open your thoughts to us."

      Rath did it and opened his thoughts to Max. They scanned each of his thoughts and memories just as they had done with Lonnie. In a few short minutes it passed to all the others and not one of them could find anything to refute what he told them.

      The trio headed back down stairs and left Rath alone.


      Max and the others came back inside the living room to see Ava being held by her fiancé and Tess. As they came closer Max put his hand on Ava's shoulder to comfort her; he didn't know what to say, none of them did.

      "Are you okay?" Max asked

      "No." Ava answered, "Sorry, I thought I could handle this."

      "It's okay, there's no need to apologise." Max said

      "What about this empathy thing. Can Lonnie do it?" Michael asked

      "I don't know. I've never seen her use it but then I wouldn't if she used her powers on me." Ava said

      "So what do we do? Who do we believe?" Liz asked, "We've scanned them both and as far as we can tell they're both telling the truth."

      "If it's Rath then he's explained Lonnie but what if it is Lonnie who's telling the truth then why couldn't we feel the deceit in Rath?" Alex asked

      "What if it's Rath who's the empathy?" Sam asked

      "No, before the Sharing my powers were always physical and not directed to someone's mind like Tess and Isabel. I don't see why Rath should be different whether or not we were premature." Michael said

      "We could spend all day debating this." Max said as he sat next to Liz

      "Whatever we decide to do, we can't do it to both. If Lonnie is telling the truth she was as much an innocent in this as Zan and Ava." Isabel said

      "What if Rath was telling the truth, and even if he was he was and is just as bad as Lonnie." Tess said

      "Well it sounds like you need help." Feln's voice came from the door.

      "Feln, what are you doing here? I thought Kalen ordered you all to head out to Alpha 1?" Max asked

      "My responsibilities to you are still in effect until I enter into hibernation. However, we did place sensors in the mansion to detect multiple genetic signatures from Michael and Isabel in case Rath and Lonnie showed up. Their presence alerted Kalen and he sent me. Let's see if I can help you out and be assured, if you decide to remove either or both of them, I can take them to Alpha 1 and have them entered into hibernation along with the rest of our well as any other rouge hybrids we've tracked down. So, tell me what they've told you."

      To Be Continued...

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