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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 38

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 15, 2003

      Outside the Mansion, The Dome, 09:00am The Next Morning

      It was the guys turn to disappear for a while today, almost as soon as they got up they were heading back to town. Max and Sam, unknown to each other, were on the same mission while Kyle decided to pay his father a visit. Michael, after having a look at his bank account had bought his apartment out right...then for the hell of it he bought the building. He liked the idea of having something that was his, but since he now lived at the mansion he was going to rent it out and was going to interview some tenants, while telling the current residents that nothing was going to change, except for the quality of the maintenance. When he was living there the building was always a mess, the only way he tolerated it was because he could use his powers to fix things up a little. Alex never left the dome; he took one of the bikes and drove to the woods. Given the sheer size of the dome and the size of the clearing they were in it was the only way to get anywhere quickly.

      That left the girls, Tess and Ava were out swimming in the lake while Maria watched them as she sunbathed on the shore. Isabel and Liz were just walking, hand-in-hand, around the grounds. They mainly stayed in the gardens, walking between the flowerbeds to a line of trees at the far end.

      "I wonder what's behind there?" Liz asked

      "Certainly looks...private." Isabel said seductively

      Together they ran past the tree line to find another building, one they weren't told about when Kalen and Feln were giving their grand tour. The girls moved closer and opened one of the doors. As they moved inside they found themselves in a large stable and saw another drone tending to several thoroughbred horses from Abyssinians and Altai's to Thessalians.

      "Oh wow." Liz said as she stroked one of the animals

      "Why wouldn't Kalen tell us about these?" Isabel asked

      "He wished them to be a surprise for you." The drone said, "Greetings Majesty, Highness."

      "I take it these are for us?" Liz asked

      "Yes Majesty. These animals have been hybridised with genetic material from a similar animal from Antar. They were held in high regard by the noble families and wished them to survive."

      "So what, they're hybrids like me and the others?" Isabel asked

      "Yes, as a result they can survive in a multitude of environments, they are faster, stronger and able to store nutrients for extended periods of time."

      "Cool, maybe we should put them into a race." Isabel said

      "Nah they'd do a blood test. Someone would pick up on it." Liz said, "So, what's your designation?"

      "I am Environmental Drone, Operations: Livestock."

      "Can we just call you EDOL?" Isabel asked, as she thought about asking Kalen to do something about the length of the drone's names

      "Of course Highness." EDOL said

      "Do you guys ever refuse us?" Liz asked

      "It is not in our programming Majesty. All orders given by your family are to be obeyed. While we do look alive, we are machines." EDOL said

      "Okay." Liz said, "Can we take these guys out for a ride?"

      "Of course Majesty. You may choose which ever of the horses you desire." EDOL said

      Liz looked over the horses but was drawn to a particular one, a white Andalusian. Isabel was also drawn to a particular horse that was one of the same breed, but completely black with the exception of white hair around an ankle. They couldn't explain the link to these particular animals; there was just something in their eyes that drew them to them.

      "Commander Kalen will be pleased." EDOL said

      "How so?" Isabel asked as both she and Liz turned to face it.

      "He implanted energy from each of you into the horses. They are bound and will be loyal to you and your young. Commander Kalen was unsure whether you're hybrid and human status would affect the procedure." EDOL said

      "Okay." Liz said as she looked around, "No saddles?"

      "Unnecessary Majesty, unless you so request it. Antarians ride bareback." EDOL said

      "Oh, okay. Should be interesting." Isabel said, "What about reins or something to hold on to?"

      "The animals' mane is stronger and longer than normal for the Earth variety. That will be what you hold onto, it will not cause the beast any pain or discomfort. As for guidance, the energy within them creates a link to you. You will be able to direct them with your thoughts." EDOL said

      The two horses moved out of their stalls and lowered themselves to their knees. Liz and Isabel looked at each other before mounting them and they then raised themselves. EDOL then moved over to the main doors and slid them open before the two girls rode out. There was a trail running by the stable that led out to the main clearing of the property and that's what they followed.

      "Hey lets show off a little." Liz suggested

      "Want to show off your new stallion to Maria?" Isabel said

      "Well we did have our pony phases when we were younger. This will kill her." Liz said

      "Ooh lets race out past the lake." Isabel said

      "You're on." Liz said

      In a spit-second the girls gripped the manes tighter and the horses shot off, speeding past the lake so fast that they were nothing but a blur but when they stopped and looked back to the three girls, all they saw were three jaws hanging open. All the girls had felt was a gust of wind passing them what when they saw the horses they were completely stunned.

      "Where the hell did they come from?" Maria asked, her eyes shinning brightly

      Isabel and Liz rode the horses back to the shore where the girls were resting.

      "Jealous?" Liz asked

      "Oh you so know I am. So spill it...where?" Maria asked

      "Around the back of the gardens, there is a stable that's manned by EDOL." Isabel said

      "Another drone?" Tess asked

      "Yep. And there are three horses with your names written on them." Liz said

      "Really?" all three said eagerly at once

      In seconds they were running to the back of the gardens and a few minutes later all game riding back on their own horses. Maria on a light brown Arabian stallion, Tess was on a brown Thessalian mare with a white patch on the nose and Ava's was identical, twins for the twins.

      "So now that we've all got four legs beneath us, where do you want to go?" Isabel asked

      "How about we head out to the edge of the dome?" Maria said

      "Maria we go up that road every day." Tess said

      "No that's not what I mean. We can go ten miles in any direction; there is an entire rainforest in here that we know nothing about. I say we pick up a stick, spin it and the direction it stops we go." Maria said

      "I like it." Liz said

      "Then that's what we do." Ava said as she held up her hand and a stick went flying into it.

      She threw it like a boomerang and when it hit the ground it kept spinning for a while. When it stopped the girls just took off, riding into the small trails that ran into the immense forest.

      Main Street, Roswell, 09:20am

      Max was walking the streets of the town nervously. He knew the press was still out and about and the last thing he wanted was for someone to know he was out shopping for an engagement ring. As he approached the jewellers, he kept looking over his shoulder and when he got to the door he turned completely around to make sure the coast was clear. It was right then, that someone smashed into his back and he jumped around to find Sam staring back at him. He had been doing the same thing, making sure no one was watching him as he went to the jewellers.



      Both said together as their hearts thundered in their chests from the fright. "What are you..." Max asked, "Are you know...inside?"

      "Are you?" Sam asked

      "Uh, yeah." Max said

      "Me too." Sam said, "I'm here looking for...oh hell, I'm going to ask Ava to marry me. I'm looking for a ring."

      "So am I." Max said


      "I already asked Liz but we want to do it in front of everyone." Max said

      "Congrats man." Sam said as he extended his hand. Max took it and they both went inside.

      Inside the Jewellers...

      As the two young men stepped inside, the old man behind the counter looked up at them and scrutinised them for a second. Then it struck him whom it was before him, he watched the news often enough to know that he was looking at two of the richest people he'd ever heard of. "Mr Evans, Mr Reese. Please come inside. How can I help you?"

      "Oh we're just looking at the moment...for rings...actually *a* ring." Max said, slightly nervous. He knew that there was a chance that the elderly gentlemen before them would be on the phone to the papers the second they left; a slight chance, but it was still there.

      "Well we do have a lovely collection of rings over here. May I enquire as to the occasion?"

      "Uh before we get to that, discretion is a big plus." Sam said, hearing Max's thoughts loud and clear

      "Oh of course sir. I can assure you that I would never tell anyone of the reasons of your visit."

      "That's good cause we've got five beautiful women at the house and, I don't care what they say, they like this kind of stuff...a lot. A person could stand to make a lot of money." Sam said

      "Uh yes Mr Reese."

      "Okay...the occasion. We're looking for engagement rings." Max said

      "Ah yes, this way." The jeweller moved over and stood behind a glass display case that was full of beautiful rings that were both ornate and simple in design. He let Max and Sam look over each ring one at a time.

      30 Minutes Later...

      "I'm sorry, none of these look...right." Max said as he shook his head

      "Yeah, I got to say the same." Sam said

      "Do you have anything that's just really special? Special by your standards...we're kinda new at this." Max said

      "I do have a private collection. My family has been in this business for three generations before me and my father, grandfather and great- grandfather made jewellery with the finest materials. They start at $12,000."

      "For this, price is not a problem." Max said

      "Of course sir." He smiled, "Please come this way."

      The old man opened a flap in the counter and let Max and Sam through. The teenagers followed him through to the back of the shop, into a room with equipment that was obviously used to make expensive items. From that room they moved to the side and he entered his combination into a large safe, which he opened. In a few minutes he removed a hand full of trays and placed them on a table.

      As Sam and Max moved closer he pulled back the velvet cloths that covered them and showed the young men the pride and joy of his family's work. On the fourth tray, near the middle was a platinum ring, set with a diamond and around that were several smaller stones that was both diamonds and rubies.

      "That one." Max said

      "Mr Evans?"

      "This one, the second I saw it, I saw Liz wearing it. That is definitely the one." Max said

      "Nice, very nice." Sam said

      "Yes sir, a very excellent choice. This was made by my great- grandfather when his family still live in Europe in 1862. The diamonds are of the highest quality, as are the rubies and the platinum of the band is as pure as he could make it. He made it under a commission from a British Duke and was intended as a gift to his wife for their anniversary. The gentlemen paid up front for the item but both he and his wife died in an accident before he could collect it."

      "And this is for sale?" Max asked

      "Oh yes sir, it is $132,000."

      Max blinked. Sam moved closer to his king and looked at him.

      "You know what the girls will say, that kind of money could go to charities, helping the other families, ensuring the company can deliver. And you just know that Isabel will bring up that little limit on credit card comment you made." Sam said

      "I know but that is the one. And besides, our friends made sure of everything and they did say we could spend the funds however we wanted. Also Kal...granddad's lawyer told us that two million was set aside for anything to do with weddings." Max said

      "Okay." Sam said

      "I'll take this one." Max said

      The old man reached over to the tray and picked up the ring before placing it carefully into a small box off to the side.

      Sam then turned his attention to the trays and looked over each one. After five minutes he spotted one ring that was made of gold. Like Max's it was set with a diamond but it has two emeralds on either side. The band was etched with a series of intricate lines.

      "Got one?" Max asked

      "I think so." Sam said as he picked it up, it was reflected in his eyes and as Sam stared into the main stone a slash entered his head of him sliding the ring onto Ava's finger.

      "Ah yes. Made by my father at the turn of the twentieth century, he made three of these but I no longer have the other two. This is the last one. They weren't made for any reason in particular but he did enjoy his work. This one is $98,000."

      "I'll take it. Yeah definitely this one." Sam said

      The old man smiled and took the ring. He placed it into a box similar to the one he placed Max's in before he presented each to the young men. They closed the boxes and went back out to the storefront.

      "Gentlemen, will that be cash, cheque or credit card?"

      "You take cheques?" Max asked

      "For special customers."

      "Cool." Sam said

      "Oh well a cheque will be fine." Max said as he reached into a pocket. He pulled out a chequebook for the "wedding" bank account and wrote it out for both rings. After pulling it from the book he handed it to the jeweller who inspected it and smiled.

      "Thank you Mr Evans."

      Max and Sam put the boxes in their pockets but given the value of what they were carrying, they didn't want to risk them being stolen so they used their powers to seal the pockets. They then left and sneaked around as much as they had when they arrived, they didn't want anyone to know where they were. When they made it to the Limo that was parked near the Crashdown, the driver drone drove them off to Michael's old apartment building and picked him up and then went to collect Kyle. After everything was dealt with they all drove home.

      Dinning Room, The Mansion, 18:00

      By the time it was time to eat, the girls had returned their horses to the stables. While they were out they had come across Alex. He had parked the bike by a group of rocks as he slept near a pond that was very similar to the one they all enjoyed back on the Island. When the girls came across him, they woke him up and Alex was startled to see five horses over him but when he saw Isabel on hers, his underwear started to feel tight. They all rode back together and went inside just as the guys drove through the gate.

      Since then, Max and Liz couldn't keep their eyes off each other. They knew that they didn't need to hide anything anymore and that everyone would know they were engaged. Both were thankful for it, the looks Liz was getting from Maria as she tried to figure what was going on with her long-time friend was getting a little annoying. They were actually more surprised that she hadn't figured it out already. At dinner time they all went into the dinning room and sat down. Soon DDOK came in and they requested roast chicken with boiled potatoes for their meal.

      "So what did you guys do today?" Max asked

      "We went horse riding through the dome." Liz said as they started to eat

      "Where'd you get horses?" Michael asked

      "Around back. There is a stable on the other side of the gardens that is filled with the most beautiful horses I've ever seen." Maria said, "Actually it's the only horses I've real life anyway."

      "There are some for you guys." Isabel said

      "Na, no way. Horse bad, really bad." Sam said quickly

      "What's you're problem?" Max asked

      "He's a little afraid of horses." Ava said

      "Ava!" Sam warned

      "Sorry honey but these aren't normal horses. They've been hybridised and will do what ever you want." Ava said

      "Yeah...not going to the back of the garden...ever." Sam said

      "Come on Sam, they're horses. What happened that could know?" Max asked

      "Broken ribs, cracked jaw and whole lot of pain. And it wasn't even trying to do anything, it just kicked back." Sam said

      "Ouch." Michael said

      "Yeah - ouch." Sam answered, "So no horse for me thank you very much."

      "Well we'll talk about it later." Ava said

      "So hybrid horses?" Max asked

      "Yeah, the drone that takes care of them said that they've been crossed with an animal that the nobles liked." Liz said

      "I'll have to take a look. But right now we have something more important to do." Max said

      "We do?" Isabel asked

      "We do." Max said as he stood up. He used a napkin to wipe his mouth and moved around the table. Max stood before Liz and knelt down on one knee while taking the box from his pocket. As he presented it to Liz he opened it and said, "Liz Parker will you marry me?"

      Liz just looked at the ring; she couldn't believe Max would have gotten her something like this. Everyone else was speechless.

      "Yes." Liz said simply as Max slid the ring onto her finger. Then the two embraced tightly

      "Ooh, ooh, ooh. That was the look." Maria yelled excitedly as she worked it out, "You already asked her, this one is just for us." Then she became a tad upset, "How come you didn't tell me?"

      "Because that way it was just the two of us for a while." Liz said as she continued to hold Max.

      "My best friend is getting married." Maria said happily as she moved up and hugged Liz, "WE need to celebrate."

      "Oh we will." Liz said

      "No, I mean we need to *celebrate*" Maria said with a wink

      "I know." Liz said, "You and I have a date in the Jacuzzi later."

      "Mind if I join you?" Tess asked with a sly smile

      "More the merrier." Liz said

      "That's good cause you might have something else to celebrate as well." Sam said as he stood up

      "Oh yeah, what?" Liz asked

      Sam knelt before Ava as Max had done and pulled out his ring, "Ava Harding, will you please marry me?"

      Ava was stunned. After the dream she had of Sam taking her on the altar she had intended to talk to him but wanted to do that in bed tonight. Having him here, kneeling before her was a complete surprise. Ava couldn't say a thing, she just latched onto Sam, wrapped her legs and arms around him as she kissed him passionately for several minutes.

      "Is that a yes?" Sam asked

      She just nodded before Sam removed the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger.

      "Wow." She said as she saw her reflection in the stone, "This must have cost a fortune."

      "They both must have." Liz said

      "Tell me about it, these are at least 90G's." Isabel said after glancing at the stones

      "98,000 here." Sam said

      "132 for this one." Max said

      "WHAT!" All five girls yelled at once

      "Before you say anything else, it's from a fund that Kalen made specifically for our weddings." Max said

      "Oh." Liz said, "Oh well that is different." She said as she started to gaze at her ring again, "My fiancÚ has good taste."

      "Mine too." Ava said

      "Should we be jealous?" Isabel asked Maria and Tess

      "Totally, but lets just be happy tonight. We can be jealous as hell tomorrow." Tess said

      "I agree, besides we have some celebrating to do." Maria said

      "Care to join us ladies?" Liz asked Isabel and Ava

      Isabel looked into Liz's, her girlfriend's, eyes. She desperately wanted to feel her lover's body against her own tonight and being with all the others for the first time since Liz's anointment as head woman of the house was sparking her arousal to the point of insanity. "Wouldn't miss it." She said

      "I'm so there." Ava said.

      The young men looked at each other as they looked at their lovers look at each other. The love and lust was mixing in the air and was so thick that it could have been cut with a knife. "Boy's you'll need to entertain yourselves tonight. We'll be a little busy." Isabel said

      Max moved behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her. "Mind if we watch?"

      "Not at all." Liz said as she felt his confined erection against her butt.

      "DDOK, I think we'll be having coffee in the living room. After that we're not to be disturbed." Max said

      "Of course." DDOK said

      Pool Room, Basement of the Mansion, 30 Minutes Later

      After quietly enjoying their coffee, Liz stood up, took Maria's hand and everybody walked down the stairs. There wasn't any need for swimsuits so they all stripped off but they did bring in towels to dry themselves over. The guys got out a bunch of air mats and through them into the pool, the decided to relax while they watched their lovers enjoy themselves. As they got themselves settled, the girls stepped inside the Jacuzzi.

      Maria looked at Liz's body and bit her lower lip as the brunette dunked under the water to soak her hair. As she came back up her eyes locked onto Maria and both smiled, knowing what was going to happen. Then Isabel came up behind Maria, reached around, cupped her breasts and gently squeezed.

      "Have a good time ladies." Isabel said but then whispered in Maria's ear, "I better get her back in one piece, remember she's mine."

      "Same goes with Tess my beautiful alien princess. But I can tell you this, being with both Tess and Ava...mind boggling." Maria said excitedly

      Isabel smiled, looked into Liz's eyes and kissed Maria's cheek before releasing her breasts. With a wink towards Liz, Isabel turned back to Tess and Ava who looked at her with fire in their eyes. First she kissed Tess, holding her body as close as possible as her tongue reached deep inside her mouth. Ava was only an inch away, her hands running up both Isabel and Tess's back, pushing them together. When Isabel broke the kiss with Tess, she turned to Ava and kissed her, all three pressed together.

      Meanwhile, underwater, Liz and Maria held both hands. Liz pulled her best friend in and their breasts crushed together, the sensation of their nipples scraping against each other sent fire through them. Their mouths came together slowly, inching their way together until their joined together, kissing each other with the fury of a volcanic eruption. Their arms wrapped around each other as they stood in the water, gently caressing each other while their heads moved back and forth as their lips pressed together and tongues intertwined.

      Off in the other side of the Jacuzzi Isabel had lined Tess and Ava next to each other and was eagerly moving back and forth between them. She started kissing them but was gradually moving lower and lower until she was at their breasts. The princess kissed, licked, sucked and teased the firm mounds of flesh on each of the twins. Both Tess and Ava had their eyes closed and let Isabel continue to play with their breasts and play with them she did. Each got equal attention as they lay against the edge of the tub and both wanted more, it didn't take long for the girls to send on hand up and squeezed Isabel's breasts. The resulting clenching of her teeth on Tess's nipple caused the shorter blonde to shudder in intense rapture.

      "Aguuhnnnnnnnnn..." Tess moaned as Isabel did it again.

      Isabel liked the reaction in Tess and moved to Ava. With a gentle flick of her tongue, Isabel latched her mouth onto Ava's breast and bit down.

      "Agh...Isabel." Ava moaned softly

      Liz and Maria broke their kiss to look over to their lovers. They smiled before turning their attention back to each other. Maria licked her lips as she looked at the hard nipples protruding from Liz; she needed to feel them with her tongue, she wanted to taste them and suck on them like a baby. With a quick movement, the blonde reached her head down and wrapped her lips around the pebble hard nipple.

      "AAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm..." Liz sighed in satisfaction; she placed her hands on the back of Maria's head and pressed her into her bosom. The grip wasn't tight, just enough to make sure Maria's head would never be more than an inch from her tits. Maria eagerly took the space to move and jumped back and forth to each breast and nipple. The Goosebumps on Liz's skin created new textures and new sensations that they both enjoyed.

      Liz was soon biting her lip to keep from crying out as Maria followed Isabel's lead and nibbled on the nipples. However, she couldn't help it. Liz could hear Max in her head telling her to just let go and soon a cry rang out that echoed throughout the large room. Maria felt her own satisfaction build and smiled at Liz's bliss.

      The three alien blondes also smiled at Liz's cry, Tess knew all too well how good her girlfriend could make a women feel. However, the delicate and erotic things Isabel was doing to her and her sister was inebriating. Isabel had stopped making love to their breasts and was looking them dead in the eye while her hands glided over their skin. The princess trailed her fingers just under their delicious tits, delicately scraping the underside with her fingernails before heading south. Isabel's hands traced their lower ribs, felt the tightness of the twin's stomach muscles before lingering, with the purpose of drawing out the tease, on her abdomen. Then, a hundred times faster than anything she'd done tonight, her hands dived beneath the waterline and cupped each girl's aching sex.

      Tess and Ava's bodies arched, sending the tits forward while their heads fell back. Isabel just trailed her fingers over their outer lips causing each girl to try and push their hips down in the vain attempt to get Isabel's fingers inside them.

      "Uhhhhhhh...please Isabel." Tess begged as Isabel's fingertip tapped her clit, "Ugnnn..."

      "Oh god damn Isabel...oh god more...I need more..." Ava moaned, rocking and circling her hips to create more friction.

      "You want me inside you?" Isabel asked with a smug look on her face

      "Yes." Tess moaned

      "My fingers can go really deep, do you want that?" Isabel asked

      "Yes." Ava gasped

      "I can get my entire hand in Liz, she really gets off on it. Do you want me to?"

      "YES!" Both girls cried out in pleasure, their hips moving wildly back and forth.

      Isabel smiled and started sliding her fingers in and out of them. At first just one finger each, then she added another and then a third. All the while her thumbs were adding continuous pressure to their clits. She had no intention of fisting them just now, she had no way of knowing if Tess had received it from Maria and didn't want to intrude. Firsts should always belong to their true loves.

      Off to the side, Maria and Liz walked out of the Jacuzzi. The blond rested her friend on the tiled floor while she reached into her rolled up towel. Maria pulled out the dildo Michael gave her only it had a new attachment, a bunch of delicate leather straps. Maria slipped it onto her legs and pulled it up to her hips before using her powers to tighten the harness around her. In less than a minute Maria was proudly sporting a huge erection. Maria knelt by Liz and brought her legs up and the spread them wide. Slowly she moved between the slender limbs. Maria bent down and kissed Liz's slit, causing her to squirm, before she lined her self up over Liz. They were eye-to-eye, breast-to-breast and the tip of the dildo was just inside the young queens slit.

      "I've always wondered what it'd be like to do this to you." Maria said

      Liz felt Maria's hips with her inner thighs and held the blond with her hands on Maria's sides, "Then don't wait to find out."

      Maria bent down and kissed Liz as she pushed her hips forward. Liz gasped as Maria filled her depths, pushing the fake cock inch by inch into the brunette and with each inch, Liz held tighter onto Maria. When Maria was completely inside Liz, their breasts squashed together as they gazed into each other's eyes. Liz brought her legs up and wrapped them around Maria, locking her ankles together behind her butt.

      Maria then withdrew and pushed back in, her hips gently rocking back and forth ever so slightly but her thrusts were increasing. The girls' bodies were soon moving together in perfect tandem. Maria was pushing and pulling her hips, moving the replica of Michael's dick in and out of Liz, repeating it over and over again as they kissed. Liz couldn't help but wonder if this what Maria felt like ever time she had Michael in her.

      "Maria...oh good...ugnnnn...more!" Liz moaned, her body writhed wantonly

      Things had heated up with the other three girls. Tess was sitting up on the edge of the Jacuzzi with Isabel's head between her legs; eagerly lapping at her cunt while Ava knelt behind Tess and held her. Isabel's tongue darted into Tess's soaked core, taking her flavour into her mouth with each lap.

      "UGHNNNNNNN...Isabel...GOD BABY...KEEP LICKING ME...OH GOD THERE...RIGHT THERE!" Tess groaned, her hips circling, grinding against Isabel's face. "OH GOD...OH GOD...OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Her climax hit her like a tidal wave against the land. Every muscle tightened as she fell against her sister. Ava held her tightly as she rode out the mind shattering orgasm, gently stroking her arms to bring her back to reality.

      "Hmmmm." Tess hummed, "You really are good at that."

      "I know." Isabel said softly before kissing her belly button. As she looked back up into Tess's shimmering eyes, her gaze shifted to see the lustful eyes of Ava locking onto hers.

      Tess tilted her head back to look at Ava and then looked back down at Isabel. She didn't need to be told or asked to do anything; she just stood up and let Ava take her position. Tess kissed her sisters cheek as she sat by her side; she took hold of Ava's shoulders as Isabel ran her hands over her thighs. Isabel took a quick look over to Liz and Maria who were still lost in each other; she smiled at the look of utter bliss on Liz's face as her attention returned to her lover. Gently she caressed Ava's soft thighs before she parted them. They never broke eye contact as Isabel once again teased Ava with her fingers, circling and flicking a nipple, feeling the softness of her flesh before trailing her lips. The princess kissed her way up the inside of Ava's thighs until she reached the apex and latched her mouth onto her core.

      "Augnnnnnnn..." Ava sighed contentedly at the contact, resting her head on Tess's shoulder

      Isabel went to work as eagerly and with as much enthusiasm as she had done with Tess. Everything she did was identical to how she pleasured Tess, every nibble, every lick, every scrape of her fingernail on pliant flesh, it was all identical but Ava was responding to it more feverishly than her sister. Fire had been sparked in her blood that was overtaking her.

      "OH ISABEL...OH YES...HMMMM...UGNNNNNNNNNN!" Ava cried with passion as Isabel continued to work her magic tongue on her clit and cunt

      The thrust of Maria's hips against her best friend was driving the men insane. Then all of a sudden, Liz flipped them both over. Now Maria was on the bottom and they remained joined by the fake dick that was lodged firmly in Liz. The queen held it in a tight grip with her muscles and gently started to circle and rock her hips, moving the toy inside her and resulting in the most electrifying sensations flying through her body.

      Liz's hands trailed down Maria's arms and they held each other's hands briefly. The grip was tight but not painful and when they let go Liz's hands glided over her body to Maria's firm breasts. Maria's hands also glided up to cup Liz's and as the brunette lifted herself up and then crashed back down. She did it over again and Maria cried out, the toy rubbed against her hard clit and sent a surge of passion through her body. Soon she was pushing up to meet each thrust again and again. The girls played with each other's bodies, fingers danced on flesh. Moans from all the girls filled the room; Liz and Maria were going wild against each other. Liz bent over, continuing her hips movements but was looking into Maria's eyes and kissing her whenever she could.


      "OH MY...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Maria screamed at the same time

      Their bodies stopped moving and collapsed together. Liz and Maria rolled onto their side as the blond gently removed the dildo from Liz. They continued to caress each other until the moans of Isabel caught their attention. They looked over and watched.

      Isabel had brought about Ava's orgasm and now, as a reward for her very skilled efforts, all three were back in the Jacuzzi. Isabel was standing in the middle, in front of her was Tess and behind her was Ava. Both of the twins had a hand on Isabel's sex and both had two fingers inside her. Tess eagerly kissed and loved Isabel's breasts with her mouth while her sister kissed her shoulders and back. Isabel's hips moved against their hands, the feel of Ava's wrist in her butt cleavage was providing even more stimulation. "HMmmmmmm...Ava... oh god Tess...UGHhhhhhh!" she moaned and groaned

      One of her hands of behind Tess's head, running through her wet hair, and the other hands reached back to hold onto Ava. She looked over and caught Liz watching them, she smiled as both the human girls stood up and returned to the Jacuzzi. They moved to either side of Isabel and took turns kissing her mouth unti...


      Tess and Ava's fingers did their work beautifully, Isabel cried out and slumped against the other girls who each held her and caressed her skin.

      In the main pool, all the guys had been watching and as their cocks got hard from the show before them, they couldn't help but wrap their own fingers around the dicks and started to stoke themselves. As they watched the absolutely euphoric faces on the girls as they had an orgasm, each of the young men shot a load of their seed into the water.

      They kept going until they simply couldn't. At which point they moved to the Jacuzzi and held their lovers as they each came down. Soon they all walked out, hand in hand and with Maria's dildo still jutting out from between her legs, and then left to the living room to enjoy their evening.

      Stables, Gardens, 22:00

      Ava and Sam walked through the gardens to the stables. She almost had to drag him there, as each step was hesitant and full of fear.

      "Sam, it's okay. The horse has your energy in him, he wont hurt you." Ava said

      "I know...I know." Sam said, sweat forming on his brow. He could feel the strain on his ribs that were broken the last time he was near a horse.

      "Well just remember this, you have all our powers. You can make a shield now just like the rest of us."

      "Shield? Yeah, yeah a shield." Sam said as they stepped inside, "Tell me again why I'm out here."

      "Because I love you and I don't want you to be afraid of something like this...and I want to really try out the Tarzan and Jane outfit I got. I would prefer to be out in the woods when we do it." Ava said as she looked over each of the horses, "There he is, the one next to mine. He's yours."

      Sam looked at the horses and as Ava stood by and said hello to hers, he looked at her neighbour. He found an Abyssinian looking back at him; he was a deep shade of brown with a black mane.

      "See, he's nice." Ava said

      All of a sudden the stallion shook his head and startled Sam. He jumped back, closed his eyes tightly and sent his hand forward to form a shield.

      "Sorry about my fiancÚ, he has issues." Ava said to the horse

      The horse extended his head forward and licked Sam's hand through the shield. The icky factor of the contact caused Sam to withdraw his hand but he opened his eyes and looked more calmly at the animal. The horse pushed open the stall door with his nose and moved out and closer to Sam. As he brushed up against the human, Sam tensed completely up but the horse never backed away. Instead it started to lick his face.

      Ava couldn't help but smile and laugh, "You are so not kissing me until you get cleaned up."

      "Ha ha." Sam said

      "He does seem to like you." Ava said

      The horse then pushed Sam with his nose toward his back. The horse lowered himself so that Sam could get on. "Oh I don't think so." Sam said

      The horse shook his head and made a typical horse sound before standing back up. He turned around and went back into his stall.

      "I think you hurt his feelings." Ava whined, "Go apologise."

      "Ava? He's a horse."

      "Apologise." Ava ordered

      Sam looked back to the horse but caught his stare. Sam couldn't help but reach out and touched his hand to just above the animals nose. Ava continued to look at her lover; she concentrated on his emotions and could feel the fear draining slightly. Then he snapped out of it and shook his head, and Ava felt the fear back as he backed off. "What was that?" Sam asked

      "Don't know but I know that you overcame your fear for a minute there." Ava said

      "I...I think we better get back to the house." Sam said

      "You want to try it again sometime?"

      "Yeah, sure. Tomorrow?" Sam said

      "Tomorrow." Ava said with a smile, {That was easier than I thought.} she said to herself

      Together they left but before Sam closed the door to the stable he looked back at his horse and say it staring back at him. He lingered for a second before closing the door and heading back to the house with Ava.

      Outside the Dome, Midnight

      Quietly a car pulled up the road to the dome and two people, a man and woman, got out. They approached the glass and just stood there. "Well is this it?" he asked

      "It's a giant dome in the middle of the fucking desert. Of course this is it." She said, "Moron." She said under her breath

      "Well then, lets visit the family." He approached the glass and held out his hand. The ensuing blast he sent out was sent right back at him, throwing him back and onto his ass. There wasn't even a scratch on the glass, "Rath?" she asked

      "I'm fine Lonnie, no need to tear up. That's some tough shit." Rath said

      "Like I'd ever cry over you." Lonnie said, "Looks like we're going to have to do this the direct way."

      "I was so hoping that you weren't going to say that." Rath said, "Oh fuck it."

      Together they moved up to the glass gate and started jumping about, waving their arms and yelling as much as they could.

      To Be Continued...

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