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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 37

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 28, 2003

      Command Room, Alpha 1, 12:00

      Kalen paced back and forth in the large room as his people moved around him. Each was working towards the final phases of their mission here on earth and they were nearly there. Right now they were compiling a massive database of technology that the Antarians developed from the point where humans are just now. Once complete it would all be installed onto the computer inside the mansion, each stage of development, each mathematical equation, testing documentation and detailed schematics. After that it would just be a matter of Max dispersing it through the company.


      "Yes." Kalen said as one of his subordinates approached him

      "Sir, the last of the hybrid/human family groups have completed their bonding. They'll be returned home by nightfall."

      "Very good...remind me, where does this group come from?" Kalen asked

      "The Congo, sir. Western boarder."

      "And we have a plan for setting up a company office in a jungle region like that?" Kalen asked

      "Yes sir, actually we already thought of it when we decided to construct the dome and put the rain forest inside. We just dedicate a segment of the company to environmental research. There are some dormant volcanoes in the region that could easily be dug into to create a suitable building site. The United Nations group that deals with us has already arranged for the Congolese government the other way while we build it. After that the Granolith memory pulse can be fired again to make everyone think it's been there for 20 years."

      "Good, how long before we're ready to go?" Kalen asked

      "Around three days sir. The initial project is ready to go when his Majesty activates the system. He'll get all the information he needs."

      "Make sure of it, there will be a lot of humans asking him questions and I don't want him stumped." Kalen said

      "The computer system does have a Direct Neural Interface, every aspect if the project can be downloaded into his brain."

      "When did that happen?" Kalen asked

      "It was installed when the final furnishings were brought in, I thought you knew. Your brother Feln ordered it due to the current time constraints."

      "Yeah, okay. I guess it was a good idea but call my brother. Tell him I would like to speak to him." Kalen said

      "Yes sir, I'll place the call immediately."

      With that he walked off to the main communications station. He activated a sequence of buttons and within minutes Feln appeared on the screen.

      "Sir I have Feln on the screen."

      "Transfer to my private quarters. I'll take it there." Kalen said as he walked out the door

      Kalen's Quarters, A Few Minutes Later

      As Kalen entered his room, he tapped a button on his desk and on one of the wall monitors the image of his brother appeared. "Hello Kalen."

      "Feln, how's things?"

      "Not bad. I've just done another analysis of the area we wiped out the Skins." Feln said

      "Anything wrong?" Kalen said

      "No, just to make sure that there was no residual radiation from that nuclear weapon we set off. There is a little left but no more than from what was already there when the humans used the area for testing. Anyway, what can I do for you?" Feln asked

      "You ordered a D.N.I to be installed in the mansion computer network." Kalen said

      "Yeah...oh I forgot to tell you." Feln said

      "Yeah pretty much. But that's not the problem just now. Feln, D.N.I's were designed for our brain physiology. It took us decades for us to prefect them without side effects and we have no idea of their effects on hybrid or human brain chemistry. Hell they could fry every synapse they've got."

      "Kalen would you relax. While you guys were in the deep freeze for the last sixty years I did a little research into D.N.I. systems. I did my homework and managed to adjust them for human and hybrid use."

      "Oh." Kalen said

      "Yeah, you see what happens when you jump the gun." Feln said, "Anyway I uploaded the details into your system, it should be compiled with all the data going to the mansion."

      "Okay, good...when is the scheduled development for it?"

      "The technologies that will lead to it will be developed by Max's company in the next few years. After that, I'm sure one of the other families can make a timely idea here and there that would give it to humans." Feln said

      "Okay. That's good work brother. Hey...Feln, listen. You know what I'm going to order don't you?" Kalen said

      "I have an idea." Feln said seriously

      "Aside from the hybrids, we are the last of our race. A cure might still be found in the future..."

      Feln stopped him, "I know. It is the right thing to do and after all of the "company's" offices have been set up then there wont be much for us to do. We can't watch over them forever and we've made sure that none of the governments can decide to go back on their end of the agreement. The Granolith memory pulses have the added benefit of making people stick to agreements."

      "That is a you want to borrow it for some of these Hollywood guys you work with?" Kalen asked and Feln chuckled, "Anyway, I'll give the order for all our people to be recalled to the base and the cryogenic tubes to be reactivated. As for you..."

      "I'll be with our people Kalen." Feln said

      Kalen nodded with a smile, "Now all we have to do is tell our king. How do you think he'll take it?"

      "Not good, but he'll accept the decision." Feln said

      "Oh by the way, he picked up a hyperspace signature headed towards Earth." Kalen said

      "What? Earth was declared restricted space when the virus reached the last mutation."

      "I know. It's broadcasting a message to us. The Council of Nobles sent it out on autopilot; it's carrying the contents of the Museum of Heritage. Every piece of artwork, literature and cultural information of Antar is heading this way. I guess they wanted their children to know where they came from. And it's not the only one; every race that we were in contact with is sending a similar ship to Earth. They are all sending the same message, "The greatest people of our race created these, but none of us are left to enjoy them. Take these gifts and know the light that was within us and know us for what we were". Anyway they will be in orbit in about five years. We'll be on ice but by then there should be a significant presence in local space, I'm sure Max would be able to arrange their safe arrival without too much attention." Kalen said

      "I'm sure. He'll probably find a way." Feln said, "But I'll conclude my business out here and join you on the island."

      "Well, at the very least it will halt the virus in us again and we'll be preserved for as long as we have power."

      "Which should last forever." Feln said, "See you soon brother."

      In seconds the image faded while Kalen sat back in his chair. "System." He called out

      "Online." Came a voice from the computer

      "How long until complete power up for the cryogenic suspension tubes?" Kalen asked

      "At current power usage, 12 days."

      "Begin now, do not disrupt power flow to any other department." Kalen ordered before heading back out to the control room.

      Games Room, Second Floor, The Mansion, 13:00

      Kyle had gotten a little bored without Tess around. He didn't know what to do with himself and as much as he loved being in the dome with all it had to offer, there were only 9 other people here. After sitting in front of the television for a few hours and watching a few repeats of America's Most Wanted, Michael appeared and challenged him to a game of pool.

      Kyle had nothing better to do so he accepted and the two young men headed upstairs to the games room where the pool table was to be found. When Kyle saw that Michael had already set up the game.

      "How'd you even know I'd say yes?" Kyle asked

      "Because I know you, I thought you would know that by now." Michael said

      "Okay so how do you want to play it?" Kyle asked

      "How about the usual way? Strip pool." Michael asked

      Kyle smiled widely, "Too bad the girls aren't here for it. You know how they love the game."

      "Oh I know all right but I'm sure we can have our own fun without them." Michael said

      "Count on it." Kyle said as he looked heatedly into his lover's eyes.

      "Hey where's Sam?" Michael asked

      "In the library, he's learning about Antarian customs and things." Kyle said

      They two of them picked up their pool cues and chalked the tips of them. Then Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin. "Heads." Kyle called out and Michael flipped it in the air.

      The coin landed heads up in the middle of the table and Kyle smiled. "Damn it, you always get to shoot first." Michael said as he stuffed the coin back into his pocket.

      "Yeah well it's your coin." Kyle said as he leaned over the table, placed the cue on his hand and lined it up to the white ball.

      As Kyle did lean over and the fabric of his pants stretched over his rear, Michael smiled satisfactorily.

      "Take that look off your face. Remember, you only get me if you win." Kyle said

      "Ditto." Michael said back as Kyle struck the ball, sending it into the others and scattering them.

      A striped ball then rolled away, bouncing a couple of times off the edges before slipping into the pocket. "Okay, you're solid and I'm striped." Kyle said

      "Yet again. Just shoot." Michael said

      "Afraid you'll loose? Or more afraid of what I'll get you to do?" Kyle said as he struck the white ball once again

      Michael winced as another striped ball gently rolled along the edge and into the side pocket. "I never loose."

      "You mean you've never lost...yet." Kyle said, "Come on."

      Michael shook his head and pulled back the sleeve of his sweater to reveal his watch. He unfastened the clip on the strap and took it off, before placing it down on a nearby chair he held it up for Kyle's inspection.

      "Weak." Kyle said

      "I'm wearing it so it counts." Michael said

      Kyle shook his head and leaned back over for another shot, "I'm gonna want something more substantial with this shot." He pulled back the cue and sent it forward and into the white ball.

      When it was done Kyle looked up and smiled, not even watching where his ball went. However, Michael did. "Fine." Michael said

      He grabbed the bottom on his sweater and pulled it up over his head, revealing his bronzed chest to Kyle whose smile was filled with over confidence.

      "Oh by the way, next time you give a sex toy to Maria, don't let Tess know about it." Kyle said

      "Why?" Michael asked

      "Because that cousin of yours made a lump of rubber and then used her powers to make it identical to my...well you know. Then she used it to get herself off while I watched." Kyle said

      "Sound like you had fun? What's the problem?" Michael asked

      "Cause then she turned it into a strap on and fucked my ass with it." Kyle said, "And I can tell you, there aren't many things in this world that are as uncomfortable as that."

      "No lube?"

      "Oh she used her own for that but's just not the same. For this guy, it's all natural or bust." Kyle said as he prepared to make his next shot

      "You know, Tess and myself aren't exactly products of nature." Michael said just as Kyle hit the ball. He missed, causing a smile from Michael

      "Damn." Kyle said

      "You know the rules." Michael said

      "Yeah, yeah. A miss for me is a kiss for you. You know Maria really needs to work on the rules." Kyle said as he moved over to Michael, the two of them looked at each other and Kyle kissed the alien, his tongue delving deep into his mouth. "Okay so, nearly all natural or bust."

      Michael took up his position at the table and struck the white ball with the tip of his cue. He pocketed five of his balls, resulting in Kyle being reduced to his underwear. Michael was whistling a little between shots, he was as happy as a clam and just as over confident as Kyle was and it was then that the human decided to use his powers. He used a mind warp to make Michael see a mini-Maria doing a little strip tease on the table. Instead of striking one of the coloured balls, the white one went flying through the air and out a window that promptly repaired itself.

      "Hmm. I think Kalen didn't tell us everything about the toys in this house." Michael said

      "Got that right." Kyle said

      Then Michael turned to Kyle with an angry look on his face. "Hey you cheated."

      "Did not." Kyle said

      "Oh so the Maria that was shaking her booty just showed up on the table by itself?" Michael asked

      "Oh no I did that but I don't remember anything in the rules about no powers." Kyle said

      Michael just shook his head. "Hey where did see your step sister do a strip tease to get it that accurate?"

      "Future step sister, our parents aren't married yet." Kyle pointed out, " mean Maria does strip teases for you?"

      "Oh yeah. Did she ever tell you about BYOG?" Michael asked

      "No but Alex did, Bring Your Own G-string. I take it she's like Tess and only wears underwear for your pleasure?"

      "Yeah...oh crap, how about we forget the game and just have sex?" Michael said as the mentions of g-strings caused his pants to become uncomfortable.

      "Fine with me. Well, your wining so command me oh great alien." Kyle said

      "Take off your briefs." Michael said

      Kyle smiled and obeyed the command. He slipped his underwear down his legs and kicked them off. Michael smiled as Kyle's dick bobbed back and forth as it came into view. Kyle moved toward Michael with a predatory gleam in his eye.

      "Kyle, you look good enough to eat." Michael said as he looked up and down his lover's body.

      Kyle walked toward Michael like he was on a mission and ripped off the alien's remaining clothes. Kyle grabbed the stunned Michael and kissed him before planting kisses over his naked chest and then moved up to his ear.

      "Does this make you hot?" Kyle asked as he reached down to Michael's crotch and started massaging his cock.

      "Gnnnn...yeah." Michael said as he pushed Kyle back against the pool table and licked the human's chest.

      Michael kissed Kyle hard and passionately before heading down, kissing and scraping his teeth over Kyle's skin. Then Michael started to spin him around and bending him over the table. Michael grabbed his cock and pushed it inside Kyle.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnn." Kyle groaned as Michael inched his way inside.

      "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh." Michael said as he closed his eyes and Kyle tightened around him

      Slowly Michael withdrew and thrust back in while he reached round to grab Kyle's dick. While he thrust in and out of Kyle, Michael pumped his cock vigorously. Kyle closed his eyes tightly and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that Michael sent through his body. Then one hand grabbed tightly onto the table while the other joined Michael's on his dick. Both moved in time to the thrusts to his ass.

      "Uh...Ughh...Ugghhhh...uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh." Michael grunted over and over

      "Michael...oh god that's it...ughhh....god god you need to give lessons to Tess." Kyle wheezed out

      Kyle's hold on the table became tighter as Michael continued to pump him, so tight that Michael thought he was going to break a chuck of the wood off. Sweat formed on his brow as he approached the brink of his orgasm. Michael put one of his hands on Kyle's hips to steady them both as he felt pressure building in his groin.

      "GOD...MICHAEL." Kyle yelled as Michael's hand finished it's job and he shot his seed onto the green cloth and balls on the table.

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS." Michael strained out as he joined his lover in pleasure.

      Both slumped onto some nearby chairs to catch their breath but then another drone, similar to DDOK came out of a door in the wall and cleaned up the table. The two men just looked at each other as the machine left the room.

      "Those guys could get very handy." Michael said as they just relaxed in the chairs.

      Pier, Lake by the Mansion, Same Time

      While Sam continued to study Antarian customs in the library, Alex and Max were out on the pier. They had decided to enjoy the lake and all that it had to offer but despite having no fish in it, they two of them continued to dangle fishing lines into the water. "You know, before our minds connected I wouldn't have pegged you for the fishing type?" Max asked

      "Yeah I know...same goes for you." Alex said

      "Well camping trips. Dad really isn't that good at it." Max said

      "Yeah it was my granddad that got me into it...I never catch anything, I just find it relaxing but I don't want to get one on a hook."

      "Why not?" Max asked

      "Because I hate fish and would never eat it. That only leaves the sport of it but that I hate even more, I mean I don't understand how people can say fish don't feel pain...they're alive aren't they and well the amount of squirming and wriggling...that just has to hurt." Alex said

      "Yeah I know but some biologists say that their brains aren't big enough or work differently so they don't register pain." Max said

      "Not any biologists we know right?" Alex said

      "Absolutely not." Max said seeing the look in his boyfriend's eyes

      "So do you know what this invention of yours is yet?" Alex asked

      "Yeah I looked it up after the girls left. The way that it's supposed to go is that Liz will read some of the files that were left by "Granddad" and put two and two together. She'll discover that the small electrical current that runs through the human body is responsible for healing and general feelings of well-being, but more importantly, in all humans the frequency of that energy is identical. "Granddad" was supposed to be working on a device to emit a more focussed form of that energy and funnel it into any part of the body."

      "Healing stones for humans?" Alex asked

      "Except it's not a stone. The schematics that Kalen put into the computer is of their first machine and...well it's basically the size of a CAT scan machine." Max said, "And I'm freaked about getting it right."

      "You need to relax more and there is something even more relaxing than fishing." Alex said

      "I really doubt it." Max said

      10 Minutes Later...

      Soon enough both were completely naked. Alex's mouth was gently wrapped around his king's hardened manhood. Max's hand held the back of Alex's head as he bobbed up and down.

      "Oh yes!" he sighed as Alex ran his lips up Max's shaft and around his glands. Then he trailed down to his base and at the same time he was lightly running his teeth down his length. The exquisite sensation had him curling back his toes. As Alex concentrated on rhythmically swallowing Max's ample length, he could feel the telltale signs of his cresting orgasm. Already he could feel his cock swelling in his mouth as the semen surged in his balls.

      "Ugnnn...oh that's good." Max groaned

      "Hmmmmmm." Alex mumbled appreciably

      "Aghnnnnn Alex...oh I'm there...URGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Max cried out as his seed shot from his cock and into Alex's mouth

      Alex continued to lap at Max's length, swallowing every drop and cleaning off Max just as Isabel had always done with him.

      "See told you there was something more relaxing than fishing." Alex said

      "Yeah, I stand corrected." Max said as he moved over to push Alex onto his back to do for Alex what he just did for him but Alex stopped him.

      "Nu ah, that was for you. You've got studying to do on this little invention of yours and now you're relaxed and in the right frame of mind." Alex said

      Max smiled and thanked Alex while he zipped up his pants. They gathered up their fishing gear and headed back into the mansion. When Max reached the main computer system in the lower level of their home, he pulled up the specifics of the device and started to study.

      Front Terrace, The Mansion, 18:00

      After spending all day shopping, the limo with the women pulled up at the main entrance to the house. The guys knew they were coming, they could feel their approach long before the signal went off in the house that the gates to the dome were opening. Once they knew their lovers were close, they moved out to the front of the house to welcome them home. The doors of the car opened and out came Liz, Isabel, Maria, Tess and Ava. They had dropped their mothers back at their homes before coming home themselves with a trunk load of boxes.

      "Hey guys, you want to give us a hand?" Isabel said

      They knew it was pointless to argue; besides there would be a little bit of punishment if they didn't. So one by one they lined by the trunk as the girls pulled out packages and lumbered them into their arms until it almost covered their line of sight. "Okay, credit cards are getting a limit put on them." Max said as he struggled to turn and make for the door.

      "Oh I know you don't mean that my dear sweet brother." Isabel said

      "Don't I? Isabel a sale doesn't mean buying every piece of stock they have. I mean what's in this lot?" Max asked

      "Oh the usual, tops, skirts, dresses, stockings, garter belts, thongs... that's about twelve of the boxes." Liz said before planting a kiss on Max's cheek

      "Twelve?" Michael said, "What the hell's in the rest?"

      "Shoes." Maria said

      "And it was so cool, I've never been shoe shopping before." Ava said as she planted the last of her boxes in Sam's arms, "I've got a something a little special for later on." She whispered in Sam's ear

      "Oh really? Something for me?" Sam asked

      "Definitely for you." Ava whispered back before they all headed inside

      Sam/Ava's Bedroom, 3 Hours Later

      Sam was lying naked in bed, twiddling his thumbs as he waited of Ava to come out of their bathroom. When she did Ava was wearing a silver negligee that was mainly made of silk but the area covering her breasts were a very thin lace. The way it shined in the light, it made it look like it was made of millions of shiny flecks. The outfit brought a sparkle to her eyes as she stared at her boyfriend, under the sheets she could see a tent forming as his dick rapidly became hard.

      "Wow." Sam said, he could tell that what he was seeing was all that Ava wore and that nothing but skin was underneath.

      "For your eyes only lover." Ava responded as she moved up on to the bed, "I've got a lot more things as well. This is the tame one."

      "Tame? Do they get you all wild?" Sam asked with an evil grin

      "Well there's you Tarzan, me very naughty Jane. There's a nice little schoolgirl outfit, oh and a head mistress one. Nurses' uniform...a whole lot of things. I'm gonna find out what drives you over the edge." Ava said

      Sam took her hand in his, kissed her knuckles and then brushed the side of her face with his hand. "You drive me over the edge."

      "That's sweet honey but seriously."

      "I am serious Ava." Sam said before kissing her softly

      "Really? Cause Zan had me dressing up as Little Bo Peep every night and Rath, Rath reeeeaaaaally liked Lonnie's dominatrix routine."

      "Well I'm not Zan, Rath and you are not Lonnie, and could we not talk about you're ex. If that's how they got their rocks off then that's their business. I love you as you are...but I have to admit, what you're wearing right now makes you even more beautiful. I don't need to pretend you're anybody but you to get it on with you."

      If Ava could, she would have melted right there and then but she couldn't so she just wrapped her arms around Sam and kissed him. "What about the Tarzan thing?" Ava asked quickly

      "Got a little plan for when we're out in our forest?" Sam asked

      "Well girls have fantasies as well. Not that I need to pretend you're anyone different but...well, you're half of the outfit, totally can't wait to see you in it." Ava said

      Gently Sam smiled as he started to caress her arms and soon enough they were making love to each other. Both came with more passion and intensity than ever before and that night Ava dreamed of the pyramid for the first time. When they woke up she knew that they were ready for what was to come. They just needed to talk about it first but one thing, the only thing, from Sam's upbringing remained in head even after the freedom of being here marriage became before pregnancy. It was the one thing he was going to make sure happened.

      To Be Continued...

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