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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 36

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 20, 2003

      Max/Liz's Bedroom, The Mansion in the Dome, 09:00am The Next Morning

      Max and Liz slept in each other's arms. It was the first night since the Island that they knew that when they woke up, their lover wouldn't be getting ready to go home. As a result, they couple had the most relaxing night's rest they had in ages. Around their naked bodies, the silk sheets covered them. The sensations added to their relaxation as did the absolute silence that came with being miles from Roswell, and the giant glass bubble that prevented the press from getting to them.

      The reporters hadn't ceased in their efforts to get to the group and the paparazzi attempts to get inside the glass was proving to be all day entertainment for them. The first day they were inside, some of the press even tried to scale the outside in the hopes of finding a loose panel or some other way inside.

      Some even used a helicopter to reach the top of the dome so they could get a camera angle straight down to the house; the young family were effectively the richest people on the planet after all. However, none succeeded. They sheer size of the dome was too much for them to get a clean shot into the mansion skylight.

      Max was the first one awake; he found Liz's head peacefully resting on his chest and his arm wrapped around her while his other arm was under the pillow. He kissed the top of her head and a few seconds later she woke up.

      "Good morning." Max said

      "Very good morning." Liz said as she stretched out under the sheets, "How long have you been awake?"

      "Not long." Max said as his hand caressed her back, "You know it feels really good not having to hurry up and leave."

      "And just think, my dad isn't in the next room with a shotgun." Liz said

      "Oh know that's not funny." Max said

      Liz smiled and leaned up to look at Max, "I know, I'm sorry. But think about can take me anytime, anywhere you want me."

      "That goes the same for you as well." Max said

      "Oh but I'm sweet innocent Liz Parker. It's not appropriate for me to do that."

      "That'll work with all the people at school, but not for everybody that lives in this house. Besides, aren't you the one who got Isabel off in the ocean while Alex and I watched?" Max asked

      "Oh well yeah, there is that." Liz said

      "See." Max said

      "Hmm..." Liz sighed as she snuggled into Max, "So, what do you have planned today?"

      "No idea. I was thinking about taking a swim in the pool before breakfast."

      "That's an idea, mind if I join you?" Liz asked

      "Not in the least. So long as we go back to swimming naked." Max said

      "Ohhh, you can count on that lover." Liz said as she slipped out from beneath the smooth fabric. As Max did the same, Liz stretched out her arms and caught sight of a drawer that was marked with the whirlwind symbol. "Hm, I didn't notice that before...I wonder what's inside."

      "What's inside what?" Max asked as he followed her line of sight and then saw another marked drawer near by. "Oh there's another one. What's in yours?"

      Liz opened the drawer and smiled, "Ohhh kinky." She pulled out a couple of garments that were golden in colour and made of a light metal in small rings.

      "Oh hey." Max said

      "What?" Liz asked

      "When I've had those dreams about making love to you on the pyramid and altar, this is what you wore." Max said

      "Oh so ritualistic `getting knocked up' clothes." Liz said as she put them to the side and looked into the drawer. Next she pulled out a loin cloth that was nothing more than a gold trimmed string with a couple of scraps of material hanging from it that were a foot long, and with it came a matching bra that had gold strings that would crisscross down over the belly to connect with the loin cloth. "Any ideas?"

      "Actually yeah, this would be the ritual clothes for first night as husband and wife." Max said

      "Okay dokie." Liz said as she looked back into the drawer and pulled out a Roman style toga for women, there were several of them. "What is this?" she chuckled out

      "Well, Kalen did say they did a little bit of interfering in our past. This is what Antarians wear day to day. I guess the Romans decided to take after them." Max said

      "Okay then, I'm guessing it's optional around this house." Liz said

      "Honey, this house is a complete clothing option zone." Max said

      "Well that's it for my drawer...what do you have?" she asked

      Max opened his drawer and looked inside. He pulled out the first items and just like Liz, there were seven items, one for each day of the week; "Well I have my own day to day togas...only it looks like they're for the waist only. So my bare, hard, chiselled and all manly physique will be shown to all."

      "Amen to Antarian fashion." Liz said as she looked over his body and the gold trimmed cloth, "Next."

      "Okay, next...ah yes, my outfit for when we decide to have kids." Max said as he pulled out some gold cloth. It was like a pair of swimming trunks; only they were smoother, softer and would do nothing do hide what was underneath.

      "I think I'm going to enjoy the day when you wear those." Liz said

      "Yeah, well you don't have to try and keep anything down that day." Max said as he looked down, the talk of being with Liz on the altar was already giving him an erection. He thanked the universe (he never did believe in god) that the water in the pool would be slightly chilled enough to calm the fire in his blood.

      "Max, that day, I'm so hoping you have every problem imaginable to keep that down. Cause, what that day will bring, you kinda need to be `up' for it." Liz said

      "You know that's a very good point." Max said

      "I know." Liz said as Max turned back to the drawer

      "Okay and last but not least, what I will be wearing for our wedding night..." Max said as he pulled out a very tiny scrap of cloth.

      "What the hell is that?" Liz asked, looking over the cloth that was even smaller than the things she had.

      "Well, it looks like a cross between a thong and a condom." Max said. The item was gold and nothing more than a string around the waist that was made of a strange elastic material that was as soft as silk. A second string was attached to the back, moved between the cheeks of his ass and up round to a tube of the same material that was like a glove for his dick.

      "Well, you'll look so cute in that." Liz said, trying in vain to hold back a smile

      "Honey." Max warned

      "And by the looks of it, it was made to fit its...owner." Liz said as she slipped her fingers inside the pouch.

      "I think we better go for a, right now." Max said as he placed all his stuff back in the drawer and then did Liz's before he started to walk to the door.

      Before he even took three steps, Liz grabbed his arm and gently pushed him up against the door before stepping up on her tiptoes to kiss her mate.

      "What..." Max gasped as the kiss ended

      "You said I could take you. Anytime, anywhere." Liz said

      "That you can." Max said as he quickly span Liz around so that she was pinned up against the door.

      They kissed again, their hands traced every line of each other's bodies and with each loving caress there was a shudder of excitement. Max slowly reached his hands down the length of Liz and round to her ass. Liz's body moulded into Max's, she jumped slightly as Max tightened his grip.

      "Ughhhhhaaaa...Max." Liz sighed

      Their breathing was heavy and their chests rubbed against each other with each inhale and exhale. Max looked into her eyes but the connection was fully opened to each other, it was her soul he was seeing into. Their minds touched and gave just as much stimulation was their bodies were receiving. It took mere seconds for Max to be fully hard and for Liz to be just as ready to have him inside her.

      Liz pushed herself up and Max caught her, wrapping his arms around her as she wrapped her slender legs around him. Their locked gaze never broke, Liz's fingers trailed light circles over Max's chest and paying special attention to his nipples. Teasingly slow Liz dropped her hand between her legs and wrapped her fingers around his length.

      "Grnnnnnnnnn..." Max groaned as his eyes shut tightly.

      "A little sensitive today aren't we?" Liz said

      "You have no idea." Max said

      "Actually I do." Liz said.

      Delicately she used her other hand to make a trail over her breast and flicked a nipple, all of which Max felt all to clearly. Then she returned her attention to the swelling rod in her hand, Liz stroked him a few times before positioning him at the entrance to her body. As Liz sank down on to him, Max gently pushed his hips forward, sending his cock up into her. Liz's mouth hung open as he filled her completely.

      "Oh god Max." she breathed out

      They stayed still for a long time, just revelling in the fire that was ignited by the simple fact he was inside her. As their eyes drifted open their mouths latched together and let their tongues caress each other as their hands did.

      Then Liz lifted herself up a little before sinking back down.

      "Ghnnnnnnnnnnn..." Both lovers groaned together

      Liz then did it again, clenching her muscles around Max's dick and causing him to groan again.

      "Max...oh yes." Liz sighed

      " good..." Max groaned

      Before long Max was thrusting up into Liz, meeting each of her downward strokes. Her arms locked behind Max's head as tightly as her legs were behind his ass.

      "OH GOD, MORE, OH MAX!"


      Max moved in and out of his queen, reaching into her as much as he could with his long and swollen manhood. With each thrust there was a push against the door, causing it to rattle on its hinges.

      Outside the Bedrooms, Same Time

      Each of the young couples emerged from their bedrooms, sufficiently awake thanks to showers with phenomenal water pressure. It didn't take long for the doors to Max and Liz's room to start shaking with an all too familiar rhythm and the cries of passion to leak out to their ears.

      "Weren't they at `til late last night?" Tess asked

      "Yeah." Michael said

      "You'd think they'd have gotten enough by now." Michael said

      "We never do." Maria countered

      "Come on, there's food downstairs with our names on it." Isabel said

      "Well right now I'd prefer a swim." Maria said

      "Actually you guys go ahead, Ava and I have something to do." Sam said

      Ava looked at him with curiosity as he took her hand and pulled her back into their bedroom.

      "Oh well, ten guesses to what those two will be doing but you'll only need one." Michael said

      "Actually I'm not sure." Tess said as she looked at her sister's door.

      "Well come on, lets leave them to do whatever they're doing." Alex said as the remaining three couples moved into the elevator and made their way down to the ground floor of the mansion.

      Back in Max and Liz's Bedroom...

      Soon Max couldn't take anymore of the position they were in, as much as he liked it Max wrapped his arms around Liz's back and carried her over to their bed. Still inside her, he rested her on the silk and he was on top of her. With soft, shallow strokes he started to rock his hips, pushing in and out of her flushed body.

      Then soft and shallow became a little faster and deeper, their bodies moved together with perfect synchronism. One by one, Liz brought her legs up his body, caressing his sides with the silken soft skin of her inner thighs. Then Max hooked his arms around her legs and propped them up on his shoulders. As he pressed them back, he slightly changed the angle of her slit. All too soon he was pounding into Liz and with each stab of his dick he sent a wave of his love to her mind, which she promptly returned.

      "UGN...MAX...OH GOD KEEP GOING...DON'T...DON'T STOP!" Liz cried out, the bed shaking beneath them with each thrust

      "AGN...AHHNNNN...AHNNNN...LIZ...I LOVE...AUGNNNN...YOU...OH GOD!" Max groaned



      The movement of their bodies was an utter frenzy; the passion in their senses overtook them yet they remained in tandem with each other. Their bodies were apart of each other just as their minds and souls were.



      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" They cried together, Liz's body seized up before every muscle in her trembled as her orgasm hit her at the same time as Max thrust if dick deep inside her and shot his cum into her.

      They stayed joined together; gently touching and caressing each other as they savoured the feelings their bodies were sending to their minds.

      "Will you marry me?" Max asked softly

      Liz looked up at him; the sincerity of the question came through louder than anything their connection ever provided. She didn't even need a second to think about the answer. "Yes."

      The following kiss was as gentle and as loving as it had ever been.

      "Too bad I don't have a ring." Max said

      "It doesn't matter, I don't need one." Liz said

      "But you will be getting one, because I plan on asking you again with a decent ring and in front of the others in a much more romantic setting." Max said

      "Well I certainly wont stop you." Liz said, "But if you're going to ask again, lets not tell the others until then. I want this just for us for now."

      "The girls will know, especially Isabel. She's connected to you a lot more than the others...well maybe Maria, she's been your best friend since forever." Maria said

      "I know how to keep secrets Max." Liz said

      "You told Maria I was an alien after a couple of days." Max said

      "I've learned to keep my mouth shut since then, besides, there is a little corner of my mind where I can keep anything from anyone...even you and Isabel." Liz said

      Soon they dislodged from each other and moved into the bathroom for a quick shower together before heading down to the pool.

      Pool Room, Beneath the Mansion, 10:00am

      Max and Liz weren't the only ones to have the idea of an early morning swim. Maria, Michael, Kyle and Tess were also floating around in the water all were very much naked. However, Kyle and Tess were making use of the hot tub by the main pool. Tess had straddled her boyfriend's waist and had taken him inside her, neither caring about the proximity of their other family members as they made love.

      "So glad to see they're back to normal...well normal for us anyway." Liz said

      "Hey I was wondering when you two were going to show." Maria said as she swam up to the edge of the pool. She looked at Liz and then Max, she spotted something in their eyes but couldn't place it so she just pushed it to the back of her mind.

      "Morning...ugnn...guys." Kyle groaned as he and Tess writhed together

      "Oh Max. Piece of advice, if you want some private time with Liz... don't do it up against a door." Michael said

      "Hey she started it." Max said defensively

      "Hmm, yes I did." Liz said as she pressed herself against Max and kissed him

      "So where's the others?" Max asked

      "Well Isabel and Alex came, swam, made out under water for at least 4 minutes before they needed air, and then went for breakfast. Sam and Ava, we haven't seen yet." Tess said as she continued to raise and lower herself

      "Well then, how's the water?" Liz asked

      "It is great." Michael said as he held his breath, dived under the water and started to tickle Maria. Soon she too sank under the water.

      Max and Liz just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and dived right it. When both couples emerged they were joined together in a lover's embrace but lack of oxygen forced them to separate.

      "Oh hey." Maria said, "Have you guys seen the glass window in the pool wall?"

      "No, what window?" Liz asked

      "It looks like there is a corridor just by and under the pool. The door into it is over by those ferns." Michael said

      "Oh yeah? Where does it go?" Max asked

      "Out to the lake. It looks like it's all the same water source because there are pipes just under the lake's surface taking water into here." Maria said, "But if we ever want to go for a swim under the sun then we can just go out through there."

      "Cool." Liz said

      "You know, I gotta asked...where is this sunlight coming from?" Max asked

      "Oh Kalen showed me the blueprints. There are shafts that are filled with mirrors, they bounce the sunlight down here." Liz said

      "Nice, so have you guys seen what was left in our drawers?" Maria asked with a gleam in her eyes.

      However they were interrupted.

      "UGNN...OH GOD TESS...UGHHHHH...UGHHH I'M SO CLOSE BABY...UGNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Kyle groaned, thrusting his hips up deep into the warmth of his beloved alien.

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Tess screamed as she felt Kyle's seed shoot inside her.

      They continued to rock together, gently moving their hips to keep up the friction as they held and rested against each other.

      "That was a good one." Liz said

      "That's my girl." Maria said as Tess briefly met her gaze.

      Kyle and Tess continued to hold each other for a long time before they got up out of the hot tub and moved into the main pool.

      "Enjoy yourselves?" Liz asked

      "You better believe it." Tess said

      "Anyway, back to my question?" Maria said

      "Oh yeah, I've definitely found our clothes." Tess said

      "Yeah but why silver, kinda sucks." Kyle said, "No offence to anyone's cultural heritage thing."

      "None taken." Tess, Michael and Max said together

      "Well I liked mine, nice, shiny and gold." Max said

      "Gold, how come they get gold?" Michael asked

      "Honey, they're king and queen." Maria whispered in his ear

      "Hm? Oh yeah." Michael said

      "Well that is a bummer." Kyle said

      Half an hour later, the six teenagers got up out of the water and dried themselves with nearby towels before heading up to the dining room.

      Dinning Room, Ground Floor, The Mansion, 10:40am

      "Good morning. I was wondering when you guys were going to come up." Isabel said. She was seated at the table with Alex and both were having a nice little intimate chat when the noticed the three other couples entering the room. They were both dressed in their underwear but didn't think twice when they all came in naked. However, something drew her attention to her lover and queen, a new glimmer was in her eyes and spotted the same thing in Max.

      She'd seen it once before when Max slipped the ring on Liz's finger at her birthday and knew what it meant to see it now. She also knew that if they hadn't told her the second they came into the room then they didn't want her or the others to know just yet and so she let them have their privacy until they were ready to share. She would rather jump for joy and hug her brother tightly but she'd get to that later. So she just smiled at them and held her tongue.

      "Morning." Max said as he kissed his sister's forehead, "You should have joined us, the water was great."

      "Yes well, Isabel and I had better things to do." Alex said with a wide smile

      Maria looked at them both and then freaked, "Oh come on you two. We have to eat off this table."

      Isabel then raised an eyebrow and stared at Maria.

      "What?" Maria asked

      "Maria, when we were on the Island we kind of did it on the table as well." Tess said

      "Oh...yeah...that was kinda great wasn't it?" Maria said

      "Can't wait to do it again." Tess said

      "Guys. Maria was right." Max said, "Let's keep it off anything we eat off of."

      "But..." Liz started but everyone looked at her. They were all surprised and their looks of amusement caused her to hold her tongue.

      "But?" Isabel asked

      "Nothing." Liz said, "Our king has given his order."

      "Well it's more of a guideline than an order." Max said

      "Oh well then, lets get down and dirty." Kyle said

      "No, breakfast first." Max said, "And that is an order."

      "Hey, where are Sam and Ava?" Liz asked

      "Don't know they got up at the same time as the rest of us." Isabel said

      "Maybe they're back out at their rock." Tess said

      "Their rock?" Max asked

      "Yeah, they found some kind of formation just inside the forest. The look on their faces when they got back in last night...they really liked it." Tess said

      "Hey everybody." Ava said as she and Sam entered the room wearing their Antarian clothes, "Who do we look?"

      "What is this?" Max asked

      "Well, they're nice and comfortable. Especially with the humidity in the dome, so we decided to go native." Ava said

      "Besides, I'm all manly man in this." Sam said as he did a Superman pose with his fists on his waist.

      "Got that right." Ava said, licking her lips as she looked at his chest

      "So what's on the menu for breakfast?" Michael asked as they all sat down

      "What ever you want." Came a drones voice from behind them.

      "Anything?" Sam asked, "Like a cheese and pickle sandwich, Pringles and a bowl of raw coffee?"

      Everybody just looked at him.

      "It is not recommended given the lack of nutrition in the meal but if it is what you request then is what I shall bring you." The drone said

      "Raw coffee?" Liz asked

      "What? You guys never needed to wake up quickly in the morning?" Sam said

      "I so don't want to know any more." Ava said

      "Relax guys I'm kidding." Sam said

      "I'm glad cause, that kind of coffee breath with pickle...I would so not be kissing you." Ava said

      "How about we just keep this simple for our first morning. Eggs for everybody?" Max asked

      "Yeah. That's good." Liz said and everyone else nodded

      "Eh...what do we call you?" Max asked

      "I am Domestic Drone Operation: Kitchen." The drone said

      "Uh huh, okay." Max said

      "Can we call you DDOK?" Liz asked

      "If that is your command." DDOK said

      "It's not a command, it's a request." Liz said

      "As requested." DDOK Said

      "Okay. DDOK, eggs all round."

      "Very well Majesty. You're preferences are all stored in my databanks. Would you like drinks with your meal?"

      "Uh yes, orange juice?" he asked his family and they all nodded, "Oh and could you bring us some..."

      "Tabasco sauce, yes Majesty. You're breakfasts will be ready in 1.3 minutes." DDOK said

      "That's a little fast isn't is?" Sam asked

      "All meals are prepared through a method of particle synthesis. The food is identical to natural produce in every way, including taste and nutrition, with the exception that it is replicated." DDOK said before leaving into the adjacent kitchen.

      "Well, no baked on egg to try and scrape off when the dishes get done." Michael said

      "Always a plus." Maria said

      "Oh Max, mom is coming up later today." Isabel said

      "Why?" Max asked

      "Because we've moved out and hasn't quite gotten used to an empty house." Isabel said

      "Neither have my parents." Liz said

      "Or my mom." Maria said

      "Mine have." Sam said

      "Yeah?" Kyle asked

      "When I asked my parents if I could move in here with Ava, they couldn't have agreed fast enough and it's only because of the money." Sam said

      "They'll probably do anything to encourage us to get married, then the cold shoulder to get Ava to get stressed, then divorce me so that I get a chuck of cash." Sam said

      "I'm sure it's not that bad." Liz said

      "Oh it is. Sam asked me to use my new dream walking powers, very cool by the way, to check them out." Ava said

      "Oh, sorry guys." Max said

      "To be honest I really don't care about them anymore. As far as I'm concerned, yesterday was the last major contact I'll ever have with them. Right here I have all the family I want or need." Sam said

      "Good to here." Kyle said

      "Are you really sure about this?" Max asked

      "Max, here I am free to be me. There I keep my mouth shut on anything I disagree with while they rant and rave like...well, that's not important now." Sam said just was DDOK returned with a cart with plates of food on it.

      "Thank you DDOK." Liz said

      "You're welcome Majesty." DDOK replied as she placed the plates before the teenagers and then left

      In seconds the smell got to them and they dove into the meal, buttering toast, pouring the Tabasco and enjoying every bite.

      "This is good." Michael groaned as the flavour permeated his mouth

      " are so right. DDOK is a very good cook." Tess said

      30 Minutes Later...

      With the plates wiped clean and glasses empty, DDOK returned to clear the table and the family left. Sam and Ava decided to sit outside and enjoy the view of the lake while the others went to get dressed. Max and Liz decided to try out their Antarian clothes, she slipped into to toga style garment quite easily as Max wrapped his around his waist. Alex and Isabel put on some of their regular clothes as did Tess and Kyle but Michael and Maria only put on a pair of shorts, with a skimpy top in Maria's case.

      Soon they were all outside together, having fun and running around like others of their age.

      "So, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" Ava asked

      "How about we just relax and enjoy the day. We can finish getting our rooms the way we like them tonight and get to know where everything is in this place. Tomorrow I think we better look into this company we've been lumbered with, especially this miraculous development I'm supposed to finish for my "granddad"." Max said

      "I'm sure there won't be any press conferences until you know what you're talking about with it. Kalen wont let you do it until you're ready." Liz said, "And neither will I."

      "Why?" Maria asked, spotting a familiar look in her friend's eyes.

      "Because Kalen told me that I'm supposed to help you on it." Liz said, "So we'll both be up there together with a world changing device...whatever it is."

      Then there was a beeping from the front porch.

      "Hm? What's that?" Michael asked just as another drone arrived from the house.

      "There is a vehicle approaching the dome, it carries your mother your Majesty." The drone said to Max

      "Oh...uh let her in please." Max said

      The drone left and went back into the house. It activated a remote to the gates of the dome and ten minutes later Diane pulled up.

      "Hel...lo." Diane started to say as she saw what her son was wearing, "What is this?"

      "Antarian day to day clothes. We'd thought we'd try them out." Max said

      "Okay. Well just don't wear them outside of the dome, I don't think the outside world is ready for it...well maybe during another heat wave." Diane said, "So are you five ready?"

      "Huh?" Michael asked

      Then the girls all got up and started to move into the house, "We'll be ready in about five minutes mom." Isabel said

      "Yeah, we're meeting up with my mom, Mrs Whitman and Ms Deluca and we're all going shopping." Liz said

      "For what?" Kyle asked

      "Whatever we's called a sale." Maria said

      "There isn't a sale on." Alex said, he usually knew about the ones in town that would draw Isabel's attention

      "It's up in Albuquerque." Isabel said and then all disappeared in the house.

      A few minutes later they all appeared wearing regular clothes and nothing to revealing. Instead of using Diane's car they all piled into one of the Limos and left to pick up the others in town, aside from Liz they all loved to draw attention with the very long car.

      To Be Continued...

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