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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 35

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 3, 2003

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, 08:00am The Next Morning

      Maria and Tess were sitting around wearing silk kimonos that they bought each other. They had showered, had breakfast and cleaned up so now they were just lying in each other's arms on the sofa, their feet were rubbing together.

      "It was really nice of your mom not to come home last night." Tess said

      "Oh don't remind me." Maria said

      "Ahhh...poor baby, don't you like thinking about your mom and Jim spending an entire night alone in a hotel room?" Tess said

      "God, Tess. I said don't remind me." Maria said with a playful punch to Tess's arm

      "You know you're really cute with those pouty lips. Makes them look so kissable." Tess said

      "Then why don't you?" Maria asked seductively

      "Because you punched my arm." Tess said, pretending to be hurt

      "Oh did I hurt you?" Maria asked with mock sympathy

      "Maybe. I think you should kiss it better." Tess said

      "It'll be my pleasure." Maria said as she kissed Tess arm through the silk, "Where else does it hurt?"

      Tess smiled as she pointed to her shoulder. Maria kissed the spot and then Tess moved her finger along to her throat. "And here." She said and Maria kissed it. Then Tess's finger descended to her breast.

      Maria smiled as she folded back the silk covering Tess's breast but she didn't kiss it. She licked the small bud with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth and caused a deep-throated moan from the hybrid. Maria didn't let go; she kept sucking like a nursing baby until someone rang the doorbell. The two girls jumped apart and Tess fixed her kimono back over her chest.

      "If that's some reporter guy I'm gonna give him a mind warp that will make him see his mother every time he looks at a naked woman." Maria said angrily. Tess had really gone all out in teaching Maria to use that gift within her so both knew that Maria could do as threatened.

      Maria got up and moved over to the door. She made sure that she was completely covered, well as much as her kimono would allow and then opened the door. "KYLE!" Maria yelled, "Jesus your timing really sucks."

      Kyle moved into the room and saw Tess sitting on the sofa, her entire body smouldered as Maria closed the door and sat back down next to her and Kyle sat across from them.

      "Damn, you two look good. How come I've never seen these little outfits before?" Kyle asked

      "Because there for us and the girls." Maria said

      "But I think a private showing can be arranged." Tess said with a smirk

      Maria looked at her girlfriend whose eyes were locked onto Kyle's, "God girl, you're insatiable. So Kyle, what can a couple of hot sexy blondes do for you?"

      "Wow...dream flashback." Kyle said as he shook himself out of the fantasy, "Anyway. I got a call from dad this morning and asked me to meet up with him, Amy and you guys here. Uhh, also to make sure you two are dressed by nine o'clock."

      "What's going on?" Maria asked

      "I have no idea." Kyle said

      "Well I guess we better get dressed then." Tess said as she got up and moved into Maria's bedroom. Maria followed and soon the two returned fully dressed. Tess planted herself in Kyle's lap and kissed him. "So did you and Michael have a good time last night?"

      "You better believe it. We must have driven for miles on those bikes." Kyle said

      "But within the speed limit right?" Maria asked

      "Yes, yes. Don't worry. No laws broken, no accidents and no shattered limbs, just some wind swept hair." Kyle said and then paused, "You know I think I just said something that I wasn't supposed to and I can't think what it was."

      Tess got out of his lap and Maria stood next to her. "You drive a motorbike without a helmet?" Tess asked, the girls crossed their arms

      "Yeah, that would be it." Kyle said

      "KYLE?" They said together

      "Okay I'm sorry." Kyle said

      "Sorry. You think that cuts it?" Tess asked

      "Wait till I get my hands on him." Maria said, "I'll cut his balls off and run them over with that damned bike."

      "Yeah. I'm in on that." Tess said as she stared at Kyle

      "Tess I'm sorry. But we weren't going fast, we were just giving them a spin around the desert outside the dome." Kyle said softly

      Just then the door opened and Amy and Jim entered.

      "We're talking later." Tess whispered, "Hey guys what's up?"

      "Uh you all might want to sit down." Jim said and they did

      " was your night?" Amy asked

      Maria looked at her mother, "Your avoiding something mommy dearest."

      "Yes." Amy said and then held out her hand and showed her daughter the diamond ring on her finger, "We're getting married."

      Maria looked back and forth between her mother and Jim; her eyes were wide. "Are you serious?" she asked

      "Yes." Amy said, hoping her daughter would be happy for her

      Maria then looked at her mother dead in the eyes, "Do you love him?"

      "Yes." Amy answered confidently

      Then Maria turned to Jim, "Do you love my mom?"

      "Most definitely." Jim said

      Maria stood up and moved over to her mother. The young woman wrapped her arms around her mother. "There's gonna be a wedding." She said happily

      "Kyle?" Jim asked

      Kyle stood up and moved over to his father. "I'm just...just floored. I was so not expecting this."

      "But are you...I mean...Kyle you're my son and the most important person in my life..." Jim said

      "Dad." Kyle said, interrupting his father.


      "Go for it." Kyle said with a happy smile as he shook his dad's hand. Then his expression became reviled, "Oh hell no."

      "What?" Jim asked

      Kyle looked at Maria, "Sister?"

      "Brother?" Maria said with the same expression

      "Oh god." They said together

      Jim and Amy just smiled as Tess came up behind their kids and wrapped her arms over both their shoulders. "Yep and you're gonna raise hell."

      "That could be the biggest understatement yet." Amy said

      "Oh wait." Maria said as she looked at her mother, "You're not pregnant or anything are you?"

      "What? Oh god no Maria. How could you even think that?" Amy asked

      "Well Kyle is right, this is kinda sudden." Maria said

      "Maria I'm not pregnant, but being on the subject...there wont be any sign of grandchildren for a long, long time. Right?" Amy asked

      Maria looked her mother in the eye.

      "Right?" Amy asked again

      "Mom, with every inch of respect and love...that's kinda between me and Michael. And to be honest I don't think it would be too long a time." Maria said

      Kyle then looked at Tess and she nodded, "Actually we've been talking about it too." He said

      "Now I'm feeling old." Jim said as he slumped back down in the chair

      "Kyle, Tess...I don't know where to start. How about you just think about this for a while. Say oh about another could finish school at least?" Jim said

      They looked at each other again, they knew they should wait and wanted to for Jim but the instinct was there, the instinct for Kyle to take Tess on the altar was in Tess mind thanks to the dreams and through her it was inside Kyle neither could deny it.

      "We'll...wait. I can't guarantee how long but there is something else we need to discuss." Kyle said

      "You want to move to the dome?" Jim asked but it was more of a statement

      "Yes." Kyle said

      "And since you're getting married, I'm kinda guessing you'd like a house without kids in it for a while." Tess said with a grin

      "Tess." Kyle and Maria said together

      "What? What did you think they did last night?" Tess asked

      "TESS!" everybody, including the parents, said

      "Hey am I right or wrong?" Tess asked, {You've been hanging around with Ava too much.} She heard in her head from Maria

      "You're right. About the house thing as well." Jim said, "That's why I already decided to let you go there."

      "Really?" Tess and Kyle asked

      "Yeah." Jim said, "Just give it some, it's time you lived you're lives. You can go whenever you''re ready." Jim said

      "Mom?" Maria asked

      "We'll discuss that tonight with Michael." Amy said

      "Okay." Maria said

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 13:00

      Jeff, Nancy, Philip and Diane were sitting having coffee. They knew Max and Liz wanted to talk to them and the pretty much knew what it was about but that didn't make it any easier.

      "Well, they're late." Jeff said

      "Probably still looking over the plans to the mansion Kalen gave Max." Diane said

      "Yeah apparently there is a huge swimming pool under the house, complete with Jacuzzi and hot tub." Philip said

      "Well, we always did want what's best for them and it looks like they're certainly getting the best." Nancy said

      "You can say that again. Isabel gave me a tour of her bedroom for decorating ideas and they've got silk bedding." Diane said

      "That I don't want to know." Jeff said, "Hey does Max know anything about running a company of this size?"

      "Absolutely not. He's considering taking business lessons when he's at certainly puts the lawyer and doctor ideas out the window. But, from what I'm told most of it will be taken care of, it's just mainly a cover so the tech heads can start "inventing" things. There was something, Max's "grandfather" was supposed to have been working on some miracle development but could never get it to work. Kalen's plan is for Max to solve the problems. After that everybody else in the other offices and labs do the work but once and a while Max or the others comes up with something." Philip said

      "Well I hope it works." Jeff said

      That was when Max and Liz came in through the front door. "Hi guys, Mr & Mrs Parker." Max greeted

      "Afternoon Max. And for gods sake call me Nancy." She said

      "Really?" Liz asked, slightly surprised

      "What? We're all family here aren't we?" Nancy said

      "Yeah." Liz said carefully, "Are you guys having fun with us?"

      "No." Jeff said, "But Max, you still call me Mr. Parker."

      "Yes sir." Max said

      "Okay you two. Sit down and tell us what this is we couldn't guess." Philip said

      "Well, okay...uh..." Max started, nervousness becoming a permanent resident in his mind.

      "We would like to move to the mansion." Liz said as she took his hand in hers, an action that was not missed by anyone

      "Do you really have to?" Jeff asked, already knowing the answer

      "Yes." Liz said

      "Mr Parker, I love Liz, you already know that. But I don't want anything to happen to her and in the dome we'll all be safe. Out here we're always looking over our shoulders, wondering if someone's watching us or if we're doing something subconsciously that we don't want others to see." Max said

      "You're going to be living in a glass bubble." Philip said

      "We're not going to spend all our time there, we'll be in town most of the time but that will be our home. We can be completely open with each other there. Just like we were on the island." Liz said

      "What about the press? All of you moving in together and given your age, a lot of people are going to...comment." Nancy said

      "We don't care about them but if it's going to be a far as they know we all have separate bedrooms and first and foremost we are all really good friends." Max said

      "Separate bedrooms wont stop people imagining what you'll be doing." Diane said

      "Well...we probably would be doing all that stuff anyway." Liz said

      "Liz." Jeff warned, not wanting to here it

      "Sorry. But as for the press, all the tabloids can do is print fake crap that they've guessed. There can never be pictures because they can't see through the dome during the day because of the glare from the sun and at night, the mansion is 10 miles inside the perimeter through dense rainforest. They also can't get inside without one of the keys which only we have." Liz said

      "There is literally no where on the planet safer than the estate. Kalen had this built for us. At the very least we get a head start on learning to actually live together. We can weed out any problems early on like a `running your house school'." Max said

      "You don't really believe that do you?" Diane asked

      "No but she thought it and it sounded good...did it work?" Max asked

      The parents looked at each other. Max looked back and forth between them as they silently communicated. Then they turned back to their children.

      "Okay." Jeff and Philip said together

      "On one condition." Diane said

      "You wait. One month. It'll be in the middle of summer by then, busiest time at the Crash but we're going to be taking on a couple of new people to replace Maria, Michael and you." Nancy said

      "You guys are replacing me?" Liz asked

      "Well, you'd be at college soon enough when we talked about it but now you've got a company to run and gizmos to invent." Jeff said

      "Somehow I don't think Kalen has gizmos in mind. It's probably along the lines of world changing gadgets." Liz said

      "Well whatever it is, you have our permission to move to the mansion in one month...not one day earlier." Philip said

      Max and Liz looked at them. "You guys already discussed this." She said

      "From the second we started driving back." Philip said

      Michael's Apartment, 19:00

      Amy and Maria had arrived on time and Michael already had the table set with the roast chicken and boiled potatoes ready to go. Before she was already passed the threshold, Amy's mouth drooled at the smell coming from the small apartment.

      "Amy Deluca...or should I say Valenti?" Michael greeted

      "Not yet...oh what is it...Spaceboy?" Amy said

      "Oh please, please never call me that." Michael said

      "Come on mom, don't embarrass my boy any more. At least not until I'm through with him." Maria said

      "What'd I do?" Michael asked

      "Riding that bloody machine without a helmet. Sound familiar?" Maria asked

      "Oh." Michael said

      "You drove a motorcycle without a helmet?" Amy asked

      "Oh god." Michael said

      "Yeah. Pray cause right now that's the only thing that would save your ass." Maria said

      "Honey. I'm really, really sorry. We just didn't think about it until we were on our way home." Michael said

      "Yeah, you didn't think. To busy getting your kicks and I'm guessing it was on your way home that you decided to keep it to yourselves?" Maria said

      "Maria. I promise you that it will never happen again. We decided that the next time we go up there we put the helmets on the bikes so we don't forget them." Michael said

      "Yeah?" Maria asked, more calmly

      "Yes." Michael said

      "Well then, I think we better sit down to dinner." Amy said, happy with the fact that her daughter could stand her ground with Michael.

      Michael showed them to the table and they all sat down quietly.

      "So, want my one and only daughter to move in with you?" Amy said

      "That's one way of putting it." Michael said

      "What's another way?" Maria asked

      Michael leaned over and whispered, "I'll tell you later."

      "Oh." Maria blushed

      Then he turned back to Amy. "Yes. I would like Maria to come live with me at the estate."

      "And you want my blessing?"

      "Very much so." Michael said

      "And if I was to say no?"

      "Then I wouldn't be happy but I would respect it. If you wanted us to wait until we're married..."

      "Did you just say married?" Maria asked

      "Yeah, you didn't think I haven't thought about it did you?" Michael asked

      "Well you's you." Maria said

      "Oh come on, you're going to be the mother of my kids and you don't think I'm going to marry you?"

      "Speaking of mothering kids..." Amy interrupted

      "You would like us to wait." Michael said

      "Yes." Amy said

      "I'd like to be able to say that but I can't. Sometimes when we're together, instinct is very close to taking over. It's wouldn't be a stretch for it to control us but I can tell you this, if Maria became pregnant I would be really, really happy." Michael said

      "Michael, since I've met you you've become a lot more mature, more responsible. Can you tell me right here and now that you would do anything for Maria and that no matter how hard things got you wouldn't abandon her and any kids you have." Amy said

      "Amy, I'm sorry about what happened between you and...he who is nameless, but I'm not leaving Maria. Besides if I did, we're connected, she could track me down in a heartbeat." Michael said, "So that answer is most definitely no."

      "Good, Nameless Slime Loving Space Monkey doesn't suit you." Amy said, "Okay."

      "Okay?" Maria asked

      "Okay." Amy said

      Maria and Michael looked at each other, jumped up out of their seats and hugged, "OKAY!"

      "I'm still pissed at you." Maria said

      "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Michael said

      "And you're sleeping alone tonight." Maria said

      "Oh but..."

      "No buts; that's your punishment and Kyle's getting the same thing. Oh and so is Sam if Ava doesn't give into him again." Maria said

      "And like the manly man I am I will accept this punishment." Michael said

      "Such the martyr." Amy said, "Come on you two, eat. This is great Michael."

      "Thank you." Michael said as they sat back down and enjoyed the dinner

      Dinning Room, Reese Residence, 21:00

      At his parents request Sam invited Ava over for dinner and all evening they had been surprisingly civil. While Ava didn't care whether his parents liked her, she did care that they were being nice to her because of all the zeros that was now in her bank account. All through it, the two young lovers played with each other's feet under the table.

      "So Ava, do you have a plan on being in this company?"

      "Yeah, well my grandparents were Max's granddad's partners so Tess, Michael and I are going to be his and Isabel's partners. We'll control everything but I am going to be taking some accounting classes. Mr Parker thinks I have a good head for numbers and that I can do it. I do have one fifth of 98 billion to look after." Ava said

      "You do have a head for numbers, you did that entire stock take at the Crash in half the time it usually took Mr. P." Sam said

      "Gosh sucks, Sammy, you'll make me blush in a minute." Ava said

      "I told you not to call me Sammy." Sam said

      "But you're just so cute when you're flustered like that." Ava said

      "Grrrr." Sam groaned

      "You a new cuteness." Ava said

      "Ava." Sam said

      "So what are you two doing during the summer?"

      "Actually that was something I wanted to talk to you about." Sam said

      "Sam." Ava warned

      "Babe, it's okay. Mom, Dad...Ava and the others are going to move up to their estate. They've invited Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle to live with them up there...separate bedrooms before you say anything, and Ava's invited me and I want to go. But I'm not 18 yet so I need to ask you guys." Sam said


      His parents looked at him and then to each other. The cha-ching sound rang aloud in their heads. Sam saw it in their eyes and genuinely wanted to throw up and he wanted to do it over them, he certainly knew that it would entertain Ava. However, he just decided to keep it down, his priority was Ava.

      Isabel's Bedroom, Evan's Residence, Midnight

      Once more Liz was spending the night with the Evans family. She'd already been with Max and he was utterly wiped but now she needed to feel a softer body against her own. The feel of Isabel's energy in the next room vibrated against her own and was drawn to it like a moth drawn to flame. Quietly she slipped into Isabel's bed and was pleased by the feel of her naked body. Isabel felt her lover's approach and woke up to welcome Liz into her arms.

      They kissed, their lips pressed together before Liz latched her mouth onto Isabel's hard nipple and the taller girl gasped as pleasure instantly shot through her. Then Isabel backed off. When Liz opened her eyes, she looked down into Isabel's face just as her moist lips parted provocatively. The pink of her tongue peeked out, lightly grazing her rosy, soft lip.

      Isabel's entire being invited Liz to share in her fire building within her, to taste and explore. Liz accepted, engaging her in an erotic, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues barely touching. Then slowly Isabel's tongue delved deeper, caressing the other girls tongue harder, until Liz felt as if Isabel was drawing every sensation out of her body and into her own through their joined mouths.

      Liz's body pressed tighter against Isabel's, wanting, needing to feel her hot, silky flesh against her own. As their bodies melded together, Isabel's hungry mouth worked its way down the curve of Liz's throat, leaving warm trails of wetness down the creamy skin. With a gasp, Liz urged Isabel's face back into her chest, relishing the heat of her lips and tongue and the whispery caress of Isabel's hair against her skin.

      Isabel turned her face from side to side, nuzzling her smooth cheeks into the valley of Liz's baby-soft breasts. The tender teasing had Liz whimpering for more, and Isabel gave it willingly, not only for Liz's enjoyment but also for Max, she knew that Liz was projecting her thoughts and feelings into Max's dreams. Her tongue reaching out in a languid lick, sampling the sweet softness.

      "Oh, Isabel." Liz purred, she was revelling in the warm waves of delight that rocked her body and soul with every stroke of Isabel's knowing tongue. It was as if Isabel's mouth moved over her in slow motion, bringing the flesh at the point of contact to life, exciting the skin that had not been touched to start quivering in anticipation of the fiery caress, yet she left the skin which had been left behind trembling with the want of knowing such supreme pleasure again. The long, slow licks gave way to Isabel's lips, which wrapped around the tempting bud. Then came the teeth grazing gently in a caress so ecstatic it had Liz yearning for more.

      Liz could hardly stand it any longer. She wanted to do more than simply let Isabel make love to her yet she hated to have Isabel stop; she wanted to taste and touch and explore the woman pleasuring her. However, Isabel had already started down her trembling body again, Isabel's fingers stroked her inner thighs, brushing against the wet skin of her womanhood.

      Isabel licked her lips at the sight of Liz's waiting slit and parted her legs further. She bent forward and slid her tongue down the soft, pale flesh of Liz's inner thighs, descending with maddening patience to the apex of the brunette's legs. Then, all sensation ceased as Isabel paused, depriving Liz of her touch. Liz, her body tight with anticipation, spread her legs further apart and as wide as they would go, leaving her vulnerable. She could no longer take the suspense. "Please, Isabel...please eat me."

      Isabel's smile was hungry and was like a predator as she traced a finger along the moist, sensitive folds of Liz's slit. Liz squirmed against the pillows at the head of the bed, trying to work Isabel's finger closer to her clitoris. She felt a snarl of impatience curling her lips when Isabel failed to cooperate; however, her dissatisfied rumble became a startled yelp as Isabel pushed a finger into her vagina and started stroking.

      "Ugnnnnnnn...Oh my god." Liz screamed

      Then a second finger joined the first as Liz bucked her hips to meet Isabel's thrusts. However, the finger @#%$ just wasn't doing it, it wasn't going to send her over the edge. Liz was on the verge of letting go and forcing Isabel's head between her legs when she felt the exquisite tickle of Isabel's soft hair brush her heated flesh as a prelude to the explosion of hot air breaking upon her anxious sex.

      "Yes." Liz shrieked when at last Isabel's tongue broadly swept across her painfully hard button. She was taken by surprise when Isabel savaged her clit with ravenous licks; she had been expecting as torturously slow a session as everything else Isabel had done thus far. Isabel felt herself rapidly swept away on the ecstatic tide surging through her body as the water lapped against the rest of her skin, her body sinking into the shallow water.

      "Uhn...uhnnn...OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS." Liz cried out before her climax hit. Her vision swam, and her head tilted back as her body arched like a bow as she came with thunderous intensity, her cries would have rang through the thin walls of the house if it wasn't for alien sound proofing.

      "Lay back." Liz commanded Isabel.

      Isabel did just that, obeying the command of her beloved queen and lover, resting up on her elbows that sank into the soft bedding of the mattress. Liz leaned over her, working her lips from Isabel's hot mouth to the valley between her breasts. The contrast between the softness of the swells and their stone-hard tips, the pleasure just a simple touch could bring, the heady sound of another moaning in rapturous joy all because of a tiny brushing of the tongue...Liz shivered with as much delight as Isabel when her mouth closed over a quivering breast.

      "Mmm ... yes." Isabel cried out, her legs working around Liz's body, pulling her closer and bracing herself at the same time. "Liz...please." Isabel begged with desperation akin to Liz's former state. Only then did Liz draw her tongue across and down Isabel's quivering belly.

      Isabel's heady scent filled her senses as Liz drew closer to her sex, and the smaller girl found herself licking her lips in anticipation of tasting Isabel, princess of the Antarian people but first and foremost her lover. Isabel's hips thrust forward, seeking contact and satisfaction. Liz grinned, ignoring the demanding requests made by Isabel's body, she wanted to draw this out as much as possible.

      To prolong the delicious agony, Liz pulled away from her lover and pressed her legs closed. She folded Isabel's knees and pressed her legs back against her chest, causing her butt to tilt upwards. She glossed her hands over Isabel's swelling butt-cheeks and was rewarded with a thick moan. Her fingers drizzled over the pale mounds, completely ignoring the pouting lips peeking through Isabel's closed thighs. Isabel whimpered in frustration. Grinning wickedly, Liz dipped in closer and drew her tongue across a taut globe, causing Isabel to nearly collapse into the water.

      "Liz..." Isabel gasped. This time, Liz took a playful nip, forcing a squeak of delight to chirp out of Isabel's throat. Sensing that Isabel was at her breaking point, Liz ran her tongue to her juicy slit, and Isabel's subsequent exhalation was more like a growl.

      With a wicked grin, Liz ran her tongue down the back of one of Isabel's legs, then she parted them, allowing her access to Isabel's pink treasure. Liz's tongue lightly played over Isabel's pulsing lips, tempting and teasing. Wanton tremors of pleasure shot through Isabel's straining body, but she was unable to give them free rein. Isabel's hips ground so insistently against her face that Liz couldn't indulge for long.

      "Oohh," Isabel groaned as Liz at last applied her tongue to her throbbing clit. Isabel swirled her tongue round and round in ever tightening circles until the very tip fairly vibrated on one small spot. The sensation was so intense that Isabel lost all control. Her legs locked around Liz once again as her hands swept across her feverish body, pausing to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples. They continued lower until she lost her fingers in Liz's silky brown tresses. Both hands forced Liz's face deeper between her legs.

      "Uuuhhhnnn." Isabel screamed as her climax hit, the recoil of her tensed muscles pulling her up further up off the bed. She held Liz so tightly into her as she writhed about in ecstasy that Liz couldn't have pulled away if she wanted to. For the moment, though, she was content to drink deeply of Isabel's warm juices as they filled her mouth. Her tongue sought to soothe the ecstatic tremors rocking Isabel's @#%$ even as her hands sought to do the same for Isabel's spasm wracked frame.

      "Oh, God." Isabel sighed, finally collapsing on the beam exhaustedly, releasing Liz. "Mm, that was intense." It took both women several minutes to catch their breath and regain their senses.

      Together they embraced each other tightly as they lay in bed. They drifted off into a deep and contented slumber and the next morning, Max wasn't worried about Liz being missing from his bed. He knew exactly where to find her the next day. Max woke Liz with a kiss and kissed Isabel's forehead to wake her up.

      Isabel ragged on him for being in his room without knocking but it only lasted a second before she left to shower in their shared bathroom. Max took Liz through the same bathroom to his room where they made love again until Isabel interrupted them for Liz's turn in the shower. Max and Isabel left and waited for her to join them at the breakfast table.

      The Mansion, Antaris Estate, Noon, Saturday, 1 Month Later

      On mass the ten teenagers entered the front foyer of the mansion and dumped their bags on the floor. Each looked around the vast hall and left liberated...utterly free from the imposed constraints of the outside world and their parents.

      "Ladies and gentlemen...welcome home." Max said

      Within seconds drones appeared and removed their bags, taking them to the rooms of the family. They all just shrugged their shoulders and separated into their couples. Max and Liz took a walk by the lake while Alex and Isabel went down to the pool and hot tub, stripped off and jumped in. Michael and Maria decided to christen their new bed as Tess and Kyle were in their private bathroom, bathing each other in the giant 6-foot diameter circular bathtub. Ava and Sam decided to walk through the forest, given the size they didn't go very far into it but they did explore the edge of the massive clearing that held their new home. It wasn't long before they were naked with Sam pushing deep into Ava against an outcrop of rocks.

      By the time the sun set they were all exhausted and enjoyed a peaceful slumber in their beds.

      To Be Continued...

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