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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 9b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 13, 2003

        Kitchen Pantry, Immediately Following

        Max and Liz just stared at each other, neither saying a thing despite needing to say something.


        "I don't trust her!" Liz said

        "Okay, that's a start." Max said, "Now why?"

        "Because from the day she got here she lied to us. We had to spy on her to find out she was an alien, she mind-warped you into you getting this fantasy that you were making out on the class desk, she did everything in her power to split us up..."

        "We don't know how much of that was Serena, not Tess!" Max said

        "Granted but one part I do know. You kissed her, right out on the street in front of me. God knows what would have happened if we went to the dance instead of here...hell Alex could be dead by now." Liz said

        "Now Alex being mind warped, that was Serena Liz. A lot of the bad things that have happened between us is down to her. Tess may have set the ball rolling but..." Max said

        "That's exactly what I'm saying Max. I hate to sound like a five year old but she started it. Look at how much time we wasted."

        "We're together now Liz and we're even closer. Besides you were the one that walked out of the Pod Chamber and didn't speak to me for that entire summer." Max said

        "Up until that point you were the guys I was madly in love with who happened to be an alien. Then you became a king who's people desperately needed you and now we find out that most of that message was a fake. Kalen said the signal came from an Antarian satellite outside the solar system but how do we know that it wasn't one of Tess's mindwarps?"

        "Because I trust Kalen, and I trust least now I do." Max said, "Liz, I know what you want to say...just say it!"

        "It's killing me Max, she has this power over you that I couldn't do anything about...I couldn't fight it!" Liz said

        "Maybe not but you helped me fight it." Max said

        "What do you mean?" Liz asked

        "Liz if it wasn't for you things would have gone a lot further with Tess and a lot faster. You have your own power over me Liz, one a lot more powerful than Tess's warps. I love you Liz, Tess used her powers to cause lust. There was no real emotional connection other than the fact that she is now one of our friends." Max said, " many times has Tess been there for us? Being able to help us cover up what's happened."

        Liz thought for a moment and smiled, "Too many times."

        "Exactly, mind warping those people at that lab where they were doing a test of Pierce's bones, she wiped out those Skin's during the wipe- I need to go on?" Max said

        "No." Liz relented

        "She's proven herself Liz. She can be trusted, hell even Maria is getting closer to her."

        "Yeah, more than you know." Liz mumbled under her breath


        "Nothing, just thinking." Liz said, "What about trusting her with you?"

        "She has Kyle now Liz. They love each other and you know that."

        "What if she gets bored and decides she needs a good old one night stand? Somehow I think you'll be at the top of the short list."

        "Oh come Liz, you know that'll never happen. Besides Isabel, Michael and myself have been practicing on blocking mind warps, we started just after we found out what she could do." Max said

        "You don't trust her either!" Liz said

        "Correction, we DIDN'T trust her. Now we do! you have any problems with her that isn't based on when she showed up?" Max asked

        ", I don't think I do." Liz said as she looked down at the floor

        Max moved closer to her and lifted her chin with his finger. "Are you okay?"

        "I have to accept this don't I? I have to sleep with Tess." Liz said

        "I would like you to think of it more along the lines of wanting to do it, not having to do it." Max said, "After you're with her you'll never have to do it again unless you want to and then we'll be able to..."

        "To have kids." Liz said as she looked into his eyes


        "You know we're still in high school." Liz said

        "We're going into our last year soon. After that I plan on marrying you and making you happy for the rest of your life." Max said as he bent his head down and kissed Liz softly.

        Sheriff's Station, Roswell, Same Time

        Jim walked into his old office to find Hanson sitting behind his desk. His former Deputy was filling out a report when he looked up.

        "Hanson." Jim said

        "Welcome back. God Sheriff, you must have some pretty heavy hitter backing you up in Washington. I've never seen the Judge this pissed before." Hanson said

        "I can imagine. So how'd you find out about this?" Jim asked

        "Someone called the Judge and the Mayor, the Judge called me and now you're back on the job." Hanson said, "How'd you do it?"

        "That's something I wouldn't mind knowing as well." Came a voice from behind them.

        The Sheriff turned round. "Agent Duff, long time no see."

        "Well, are you going to tell me or not?" Duff asked, slightly agitated

        "I wish I could but I cant. All that I'm allowed to say is that the Evans kids stumbled onto something while they were out hiking in Fraser Woods and they told me which got me involved. Certain... agencies in the government, including the FBI, would prefer it if the details didn't get out." Valenti said

        "So, how'd you get you're job back?" Hanson said

        "Like you said, a few heavy hitters! Each of them owing me a favour for my co-operation, they couldn't do anything while this was going on but they were able to pull a few strings now." Jim said and then turned back to Duff, "Now Agent Duff. Unless you have official business here - get out and don't come back."

        Duff smiled, "I'm gonna find out what's going on Jim. Count on that."

        "Duff, expect a phone call from the Director of the FBI when you get back to the office. This that doesn't convince you to back off then the CIA, NSA...and probably the IRS will be making a few visits. The IRS will probably be someone having a whole lot of fun at your expense."

        "What the hell did you get involved in?" Duff asked

        Valenti said nothing, so Duff just turned in left. Hanson sat up from the desk to let Jim take his seat back.

        "The FBI, CIA and NSA. What the hell are you involved in?" Hanson asked

        "Sorry Hanson."

        "Yeah right. No problem!" Hanson said as he turned to leave.

        "Hanson!" Jim called out

        "Yeah boss?"

        "You did a damn good job minding the store." Jim said. Hanson smiled as he left and Jim put his feet up onto the desk - his desk.

        Kyle/Michael's Room, The Island, Same Time

        Kyle was lying on his bed, thinking of everything that has happened in the last week. He had gone from a high school jock with a Buddha fixation to having an alien girlfriend and having a whole lot of sex with her and her cousin.

        "Kyle, you in here?" Tess said as she opened the door.

        "Yeah, what's up?" Kyle said as he sat up

        He watched as his lover entered the room, followed by Maria and them Michael. They all took seats around the room; Tess sat directly in front of Kyle and took his hands in hers. Kyle looked down at their hands and then looked back up to Tess's face.

        "Uh oh!" Kyle said, "What's going on?"

        "It's a good one, believe me!" Michael said

        "Kyle, Maria and I wanted to tell you...I...that is we..."

        Kyle suddenly relaxed as he realised what Tess was trying to tell him. "The two of you are in love." He stated

        "How'd you know?" Tess asked softly but with surprise.

        "What, you didn't think I noticed the looks between you two. It doesn't take a genius." Kyle said

        "I didn't notice." Michael said

        "Point made!" Kyle joked

        "Kyle, seriously...are you okay with it?" Tess asked

        "Maria! Do you love Tess?" he asked

        Maria looked down at the alien blonde and smiled as they gazed into each other's eyes. "Yes, I'm completely in love with her...and Michael."

        "Tess do you love Maria?" Kyle asked his girlfriend

        The two blondes never broke eye contact. "Yes." She said simply

        "Is there room enough for me?" he asked seriously

        Tess quickly turned her head back to face Kyle. "Oh god Kyle, of course there is room for you. I love you; I love you as much as I love Maria. I am not going to leave either of you and Maria isn't going to leave Michael."

        Kyle moved closer to Tess and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "Good, I plan on doing things to you that will make you scream my name." He whispered

        "You better!" Tess whispered as she snuggled up against him

        "They're at it again." Maria said as she moved closer to Michael.

        "Yep." Michael said as Maria started to wrap her arms around him but he stopped her.

        Maria looked confused at him for a moment but then watched as Michael pointed toward Tess. When she had her back to him, Michael wrapped his arms around her and moved his mouth closer to her ear.

        "Have you two been together since you told each other how you felt?" Michael whispered

        Maria just shook her head as she watched her blonde lover embrace Kyle.

        "Go to her, you've got some consummating to do." Michael whispered.

        Kyle could feel what Michael was planning and smiled before backing off of Tess. He just turned her head to face Maria and the two looked at each other. The two men released their girlfriends and the moved to each other. Maria raised her hand and it was met with Tess's hand, their fingers interlocked and they moved in closer. Silently they mouthed the words 'I love you' to each other before moving in for a kiss. At first it was soft and gently but then Tess probed with her tongue, licking Maria's lower lip. Maria then opened her mouth and accepted Tess into her mouth. Their hands glided over their sides as Michael and Kyle moved behind them.

        Each guy reached round their girls and started to unbutton their tops. Their fingers moved smoothly as they slid the buttons through the holes, when the last was undone Michael and Kyle slid the garments from the girls shoulders. They then moved to the girl's jeans and unfastened them; dropping to their knees they pulled the denim from their legs, kissing the skin as they went. The girls were only left in their underwear, barely registering the fact that their boyfriends where stripping them as their tongues duelled and caressed each other.

        Michael caressed Maria's ass, trailing her panty line with his finger as the fabric slipped between her cheeks. Michael and Kyle looked at each other and smiled, Michael watched as his friend's own finger played with Tess's bra strap. They nodded as they moved their hands to the girl's backs and unsnapped their bras. Within seconds the girls were left topless, their naked breasts pressed firmly against each other. It was then that the girls realised just how naked they were and separated from each other and looking at the guys.

        "Well you two have been busy haven't you?" Maria said as she crossed her arms

        Tess then looked down to their jeans and saw the bulges of their swelling cocks. There and then she decided to punish her cousin and her lover.

        "Okay boys, you wanna play that's fine." Tess said, "Kyle you move to the other side of the bed. Michael you stay right where you are."

        Kyle did as he was instructed and moved into a position directly opposite Michael. Maria smiled as she realised that Tess had put them into a position where they couldn't touch each other. She then took Tess's hand and pulled her closer to the bed. When Maria felt the back of her legs come into contact with the bed, she turned and knelt up on the bed where Tess ran her hand down the girl's back, her fingers hooking around Maria's panties before pulling them down her legs and off as Maria rolled onto her back.

        Maria smiled up at Tess as she pulled her own panties off. Tess smiled as Maria spread her legs for her and moved up onto the bed between them. Her hair hung down over her face as she moved onto all fours above Maria, her head bending down to kiss Maria passionately. Michael and Kyle were in pain, unconsciously rubbing their dicks through their jeans. They wanted to be together to enjoy themselves but knew that their positions in the room wouldn't allow that and neither would Maria and Tess. The other option was to strip off and mount their women but they much more preferred to watch them make love.

        Tess started to kiss her way down Maria's body, licking her collarbone, kissing her throat before moving on to the girl's breasts. She circled the nipple with the tip of her tongue while her other hand squeezed and pinched it's twin. Maria was gently moaning, purring as Tess touched her body. Slowly Maria used her foot to caress her lover's body, gently running it back and forth along her leg and over her butt. Then Tess stopped.

        She looked up at Maria with a look of pure love and lust in her eyes that almost brought a tear to Maria's eyes. Never breaking eye contact, Tess slid down the rest of Maria's body and with a final look she buried her face between her lover's thighs.

        "ARUGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Maria moaned, arching her back as she felt Tess's tongue tease her clit.

        "Hmmmmmmmmmm!" Tess mumbled as she started to dart her tongue in and out of Maria

        "OH GOD...TESS...OH YES, YESS, YESSSS!" Maria cried out, as Tess loved her body

        Michael knelt down next to Maria and brushed some hair from her sweat- covered brow. Maria looked up at her boyfriend as he smiled down at her.

        "Enjoy it baby." Michael said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Firmly he started to stroke himself, desperate to cum as he watched Maria writhe in passion.

        Kyle made a similar move to Tess. He hesitantly touched Maria's leg but soon he had a hold of the girls leg and spread her wider. It allowed his access to Tess's head as she pleasured Maria's pussy, tormenting her with her tongue. As he watched Tess, he began to stroke her blonde hair, pushing her head further into Maria's crotch.

        "OH YES...TE...TESSSSS...I'M...OHGOD...I'M CUMMING...OH YESSSSS!" Maria screamed as her body stiffened and then fell limp, Michael shooting his seed from his cock as Maria climaxed.

        Tess pulled away from Maria's core and looked up at Kyle, kissing the hand that stroked her hair while she pleasured her lover. She then knelt up and kissed him tenderly before laying her body squarely on Maria and then kissing her. She backed away when she felt Michael's hand on her back and then watched as he too kissed Maria.

        When Michael pulled away, Maria stared at Tess and the two moved up onto their knees where Maria eased Tess down onto her back. Maria lifted her lovers legs up and brought them together before pushing them back against Tess who took hold of her own limbs. Slowly Maria pushed three of her fingers deep inside of Tess, her free fingers uncovered the small bundle of nerves and pinch it.

        The act caused Tess's body to twist, her hips involuntary moving up and down, humping Maria's hand as she thrust into her body. Kyle then took his dick out, matching his strokes to the movements of Maria's hand and the jerks of Tess's body.

        "MARIA...YES...MORE, PLEASE HARDER!" Tess cried out as Kyle's free hand cradled her head.

        "Tess you feel so smooth. Cum for me baby, please cum!" Maria calmly begged

        "OH...GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Tess climaxed, Kyle shooting his load at the same time.

        Maria moved up Tess's body and held her tightly, both guys stroking the bodies of the blonde beauties. Kyle and Michael moved onto the bed, their exposed dicks nesting between the ass cheeks of their lovers. All four looked at each other and a silent understanding passed between them - they would do anything for each other. If Tess asked Maria to jump up on stage of the Auditorium and masturbate in front of every student at West Roswell High then she would do it without question.

        "Will you be with her? For me?" Tess asked Maria, referring to her lover's hesitation of being with Isabel because she would feel like she was cheating.

        "And for me?" Michael asked, "And our future family?" he asked as he kissed her temple

        Maria nodded happily as she ran her finger down Michael's cheek and then Tess's.

        "What about you? Can you be with Liz?" Kyle asked Tess as he cupped her breast.

        She nodded, "Only if she wants it. I wont force her." Tess said

        "Good girl." Maria said before giving her a quick peck on her lips

        "Oh its nearly lunch time." Michael said

        Maria groaned, "I so don't wanna move." She said

        "Me neither!" Tess said. Both girls were wiped from their activities.

        "Then don't." Kyle said, "Michael?"

        Michael smiled, as he understood what Kyle was suggesting. "You two stay here, wrap up under the sheets and we'll bring you lunch in bed."

        "What did we do to deserve you two?" Tess asked as she snuggled down further into the mattress.

        "As soon as you figure it out let us know." Michael said as he kissed Maria, slipping his tongue into her mouth. When he backed up he kissed his cousin on the forehead, surprising her, "You be good to her."

        Tess nodded with a smile. "You be good to him to." She said while indicating to Kyle

        "Count on it." Michael responded and proceeded to follow Kyle and make lunch for themselves and the girls.

        Kitchen, Same Time

        Alex and Isabel never left the kitchen since they locked Liz and Max in the pantry (who were still there). After making pancakes, Isabel poured the left over batter over her body. Alex took great delight in licking it off every inch of her after putting her up onto the counter. She continued to moan, even under the most delicate of his touch and smiled as Alex brought over a stood and sat on it.

        It was a low stool that put his head at the same height as her waist on the counter. Slowly he parted her legs and began to eat her out.

        "'re really good at this Alex." Isabel moaned as she steadied herself with her arms resting behind her.

        Alex backed off for a minute and kissed her thigh. "Does Liz do it this good?" he asked while licking her inner thighs.

        "Ye...yess!" her voice trembled

        Alex continued to tease her flesh. He tickled his fingers over her legs as he tormented her.

        "Al...Alex, please keep going...please!" Isabel begged

        Alex latched his mouth back onto her core, causing to cry out. "ARGHHHHHHHH!"

        Her naked body was trembling with excitement as Alex licked her pussy, causing wave after wave of pleasure.

        Just then Michael and Kyle came round the corner and saw Isabel sitting naked on the counter with Alex's head between her thighs. Both just stared at the couple. The both had fantasies about Isabel, Michael from when he was having dreams about her and Kyle...well Kyle was a jock and Isabel was one of the most desirable women at school, now, the cream of those women here on this island.

        "OH GOD...ALEX...I'M SO CLOSE...MAKE ME...UGHNNN...CUMMMMM!" Isabel screamed

        Kyle who was holding a cup at the time dropped it and drew the attention of the couple. Alex quickly stood up and pulled on his boxers as Isabel jumped off the counter and grabbed her robe. It took seconds for her to cover her body but both of them still held the stares from the eagle eyed guys.

        "Take a'll last longer!" Isabel said grumpily as she headed off to her bedroom after waving her hand over the lock on the pantry door.

        "Thanks guys!" Alex said, "I really owe you one." He said sarcastically.

        "Sorry, I thought she was over the whole sex in front of other people thing." Kyle said

        "Yes and no. She doesn't like people ogling her when they're not her lovers, even if they are really old friends." Alex said, particularly to Michael.

        "Point taken." Kyle said

        Alex turned away to find Isabel but Kyle stopped him. "Alex for a guy who practically never got any two looked really hot together and really good." He said

        "Thanks...I think." Alex said and went after his girlfriend.

        Max and Liz left the pantry seconds later and looked around.

        "What happened?" Max asked

        "We'll tell you while we make lunch...come on!" Michael said as the all moved to get food and turn on the oven.

        Motel, Somewhere in Arizona, 1300

        "Simulation status...FAILURE. Omega Wave collapsed. Re-Genesis - 0 percent probability. 100% decrease from maximum strength achieve through testing." Said a voice from Serena's hexagonal device.

        She had thought her latest calculations based on Alex's work would have resulted in what she was trying to achieve but instead it completely collapsed.

        "NO!" Serena screamed as she picked up Alex's papers and threw them against the wall.

        She went completely insane, her frustrations took her over and she blasted everything insight, scorching the walls and burning the bedding. She ransacked the room, tearing at everything and anything until she through a lap at the papers that lay scattered on the floor.

        For a split second she saw something in the papers, a pattern she previously missed. Carefully she looked over each of the papers, matching the equations and patterns as best she could. She became more excited by the minute.

        "You bastard you finished it!" She said, "You hid it in the pages."

        She then grabbed her device and put in the new sequence. "Simulation status...Complete. Omega Wave generated. Re-Genesis - 100 percent probability. 100% increase. Omega Wave generation will occur at 0.5 meters from the Granolith." Said the device

        "0.5 meters, not inside the Granolith?" Serena asked

        "Negative, any living matter inside the Granolith will survive but genetic material will spread as predicted."

        Serena smiled. Now not only would her D.N.A be used to create new life forms but she would live to see them develop and become their god.

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