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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 9

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 8, 2003

        Maria/Tess's Bedroom, The Island, 08:00

        The two blondes woke up at the same time, their bodies pressed firmly against each other and their legs interlocked. Tess remembered what Maria had said to her while she thought she was sleeping and smiled but was still concerned about what Kyle and Michael would do. Gently she bent her head down and kissed Maria's naked shoulder, eliciting a warm smile from the girl.

        "Hey." Maria said softly

        "Hi. How'd you sleep?" Tess asked, her hand over Maria's belly and started to rub it.

        "Okay. A little problems getting there but..." Maria said as she caressed her lovers' upper arm with the back of her hand.

        "So what do you want to do today?" Tess asked

        "I was thinking about spending some time with Liz, it's been a while since I've really sat down and talked with her." Maria said

        "Yeah, come catch up time would be good for the two of you." Tess said knowing that Maria needed to confide in her best friend before deciding what to do. "I think I might spend some time with Michael."

        "Oh getting to know your cousin?" Maria asked

        Tess smiled brightly, "Yes. God, I still can't believe it."

        "Believe what? That Michael is your cousin or the fact that you've screwed Kyle and me in front of him." Maria enquired playfully

        "Ehhhhh...both I think." Tess said


        "One or the other is definitely running a close second." Tess said, trailing her finger between Maria's breasts, "Come on lets get cleaned up."

        Both girls got out of bed and grabbed their robes before heading for the bathroom.

        Liz/Isabel's Bedroom, 30 Minutes Later

        After Maria dressed herself in jeans and a tank top she headed off to her best friends bedroom. When she arrived Maria knocked the door and heard Liz beckon her in.

        "Hey Maria." Liz said as she sat in front of a mirror, brushing her damp hair.

        "Hi Liz. How are you?" Maria asked carefully

        Liz looked up at her friend after hearing her tone. "Fine."

        "Where's Isabel?"

        "She's still in the shower...Maria, what's up?" Liz said

        Maria moved over and sat on the other chair next to her friend and looked down at the desk.


        "I'm in love with Tess!" Maria said just as the door opened and Isabel walked in causing both girls to look at her.

        Isabel looked at them both, she heard load and clear what Maria had said. "I'll come back later."

        "No, it's okay. You might as well stay." Maria said

        Isabel moved further in to the room and sat on the bed. "So I didn't mishear."

        "No. I'm in love with her." Maria said causing Liz and Isabel to look at each other.

        "Are you sure? I'm it might be..." Liz said

        "Liz, it's not some fake emotional connection because we've been making love." Maria said, "She makes me happy, she pisses me off. She knows what buttons to push and she can make me...well you know."

        "Yeah, we know." Isabel said, "What about Michael?"

        "Oh I still love him. Every day that I spend with him I think I love him more and, god help me, I think we're going to be together for a very long time." Maria said

        "You need to tell her!" Liz said

        "Probably after you tell Michael." Isabel said, "You need to find out how much this is going to bother him before even trying a relationship with Tess and you can't keep it a secret from him."

        "If this place has taught us anything its that we need to be completely open with each other." Liz said as she took her friends hand

        "Yeah but what's the point. After we leave here it'll be Michael I'm with, anything I have with Tess is going to be non existent."

        "Maybe with everyone else but we'll know." Isabel said as she moved up and put her hand on the other blondes shoulder

        "You mean you wouldn't mind?" Maria asked

        "Why would we mind? As long as you, Tess, Michael and Kyle are all fine with it..." Liz said as she hugged the blonde, "Now, go find Michael and talk to him."

        "Uh...there is a slight issue." Maria said

        "What?" Isabel said as she sat back down

        "Well...I've been thinking about what we need to do here, about me being with you Isabel." Maria said

        "What about being with me?" Isabel asked.

        "I don't want to do it!" Maria said plainly, "Ever time I thing about it I feel like I'm going to be cheating on Tess and then I think about Tess being with Liz and I feel..."

        "Jealous?" Liz asked

        "Yeah." Maria confirmed

        "Well, you really don't need to worry about that!" Liz said

        Maria looked up at Liz sharply, "Why? What's wrong with Tess?" she said quickly and with a slight prang of anger

        Liz and Isabel looked at each other and then back at Maria.

        "Sorry, I'm sorry Liz. I don't know where that came from." Maria said as she turned the chair around and put her forehead on the desk. "I've really mucked this up."

        "No sweetie, you haven't." Isabel said, "You've just given us something else to work through."

        "Yeah, if anything this can make us closer. Besides I still haven't gotten over this Tess thing." Liz said

        "She really is sorry about all of that Liz. Of everything she did when she turned up and then everything Serena made her do." Maria said

        "I know. It's just that every time I see her I see her and Max in that kiss." Liz said as she tried to take the image from her mind.

        "Maybe after you've spoken to Tess the four of us should sit down and talk. We all have issues, maybe its time we deal with them once and for all." Isabel said, "But any way, go...speak to Michael."

        "Yes ma'am!" Maria said as she stood up and left the room.

        Liz stood up and sat on the bed next to Isabel and together they lay back.

        "Well that was unexpected." Liz said

        "Tell me about it." Isabel said

        "How do you think Tess will react?" Liz asked

        "I'm not sure, but know that I think about it...I think she might love Maria." Isabel said

        "Are you sure?"

        "Well, no! It's just little things, the way they are with each other, their openness with each other and the guys..." Isabel said

        "I guess. I still can't believe that she's in love with Tess of all people." Liz said

        "Honey, you really need to get over this." Isabel said

        Liz turned her head, "Did you just call me honey?" she asked, causing Isabel's face to become bright red.

        "I...hey don't change the subject. Liz this is serious, we're here to bond. Now you and I have done great in that department but I'm looking forward to spending time with my nephew or niece and the only way that's gonna happen is if you complete the change in you and be with Tess." Isabel said

        "A little selfish motivations there?" Liz said, "Just know that if Max and I ever have kids, you will not be spoiling them."

        "That's where you're wrong Liz. I'm so gonna spoil them and their mother as well." Isabel said as she began to nibble on Liz's ear.

        "Hmmmm...don't! Please or we'll never get out of bed." Liz said

        "And your problem with that is?"

        "Uhhhhhhh!" Liz struggled to find a reason, "Max!" she said quickly, "I promised I would teach him how to make pancakes!"

        Isabel backed up from Liz and looked down at the brunette, "Liz, Max already knows how to make pancakes."

        Liz looked at Isabel. "But he said...that no good..."

        "Got to admit, he certainly can come up with excuses to get you alone. Especially since you'll have to go into that tight, confined space of a pantry with most of the ingredients on the top shelf out of your reach." Isabel said with a grin

        "He needs to be taught a lesson!" Liz said

        "Hmm, a woman after my own mind!" Isabel said.

        The two girls got up; Isabel changed out of her robe and got dressed as Liz waited for her. When both were ready they left to go in search of the king.

        Michael/Kyle's Room, Immediately Following

        Kyle and Michael had way too much time on their hands, Kyle had written a letter to his father and Michael had sent one to Maria's mother, thanking her for being so understanding. When that was done they pulled out a Playstation that Kalen had arranged for them.

        "Oh come on!" Kyle yelled, "You cheated."

        "No, you suck!" Michael said

        "I have played this game a thousand times...that tank is always there. It never disappears from one space and appears in another." Kyle said

        "Okay then it was a glitch but I did not cheat." Michael said

        "Look at me in the eye and say that." Kyle said and Michael turned his head to face him.

        "Kyle, I did not cheat!" Michael said but couldn't hold back the smile that formed

        "Bloody hell, I knew it. Michael...I..."

        Just then Maria knocked at the door and opened it, her hand over eyes.

        "Is everyone decent?" Maria asked

        "Maria, what's with the hand?" Michael asked

        "Yeah, you've seen us naked plenty of times." Kyle said

        "That was during mind blowing sex! This is social." Maria said

        "Sounds like you did one hell of a job on her." Kyle said to Michael

        "Very funny Kyle!" Maria said, "Michael, can I talk to you?"

        "Sure, be back soon." Michael said to Kyle and then went to follow Maria.

        The Beach, A Few Minutes Later

        Michael caught up with Maria and found her sitting on the beach, just in front of the water line.

        "Hey, what's up?" Michael asked as he sat down next to her, both looking out onto the horizon.

        "Michael, I have something to tell you." Maria said

        Michael looked at her, not liking her tone. "Maria?"

        "Michael, I...I've fallen in love with..."

        Now Michael got really panicky. "Maria, I love you...I love you so much, please don't..."

        Maria knelt up and put her finger over Michael's mouth. "Michael, I love you! I could never leave you." She said, "It's just...I've fallen in love with...Tess!"

        "What?" Michael asked calmly

        "Michael, I love her."

        "Well, that explains a lot." Michael said

        "Explains what?"

        "Uh...nothing, I choked. Couldn't think of anything to say." Michael said

        " how are you feeling?" Maria asked

        "Actually, I'm not as surprise as I think I should be." Michael said, "You two just look...happy together. But you're still in love with me right?"

        "Yeah Michael. I'm so in love with you I think I could burst but I still love her."

        "Does she feel the same?" Michael asked

        "I don't know. I wanted to tell you before I tell her."

        "Well, then I guess you better get to it. Just a little piece of advice - don't be surprised if she already knows." Michael said

        "How could she know?" Maria asked

        "I don't know but I saw her this morning and she seemed a little out there. She had this look on her face..." Michael said, "Go, go on and tell her."

        Maria stood up and started back down into the facility.

        "Maria!" Michael called after her


        "The sex! You still like making love with me right?"

        "Michael Guerin did you just call it Making love?" Maria asked

        "That's what it is Maria, I love you. Whenever I'm with you, in bed or out of it I'm loving you, your body, your mind and your heart."

        Maria had a tear running down her cheek and moved back to Michael and hugged him tightly, their lips fussing together.

        "Yes Michael, I love being with you. You're incredible!" she told him honestly as she cupped his cheek.

        Common Room, Immediately Following

        After Maria left to speak to Liz, Tess sat at a table in the corner nearest the bookshelves. She didn't care what she read so she just picked out the first book that came to Antarian/English dictionary. She just sat there reading the words and flicking the pages as she waited for Maria to come back to her. She was dying to know how Liz reacted but more over she was dying to know how Michael reacted.

        Tess had seen the pair leave for the beach earlier and she instantly knew that Maria was going to tell him. Then she saw Maria come back inside and their eyes immediately connected and she stood up. Never breaking the gaze into each other's eyes the silently moved toward each other.

        "Hey." Tess said

        "Hey." Maria answered

        "So is everything okay? When I saw you and Michael leave earlier you looked..."

        "Concerned?" Maria asked

        "As good a word as any." Tess said, "So..."

        "Everything is fine, I just had to tell Michael something." Maria said as she walked Tess back to the table and the two sat down. "Tess, I need to tell you something. I...I...god this is so awkward. Tess, I..."

        "I'm in love with you too." Tess blurted out

        The both looked at each other.

        "How did you know?" Maria asked softly

        "I wasn't asleep last night. I heard you when you said..."

        "I love you. Tess, I'm so in love with you." Maria interrupted

        Maria stretched out her hand and put it over Tess's.

        "Where do we go from here?" Tess asked

        "We need to tell Kyle."

        "How did Michael take it?"

        "For a second he thought I was ditching him. Then I set him straight that I have no intention of not being with him." Maria said

        "Kyle's gonna think the same thing...what about Liz and Isabel? God this is gonna cause problems." Tess said

        "Sweetie it's okay. I talked to them and their okay with us being together, as for you having to be with Liz and me being with Isabel... we'll have to work out something." Maria said

        "Yeah. I really need to sort this thing with Liz...hell maybe you should just lock me in a room with her so I can bang her." Tess joked

        "Tess, Sweetie, there has to be an emotional connection for all this to work."

        "Oh there's an emotional connection between us all right. We just need to change it to a positive one." Tess said

        "So should we tell Kyle now." Maria said to get off the topic of Tess being with Liz

        "Yeah." Tess said, knowing what Maria was doing. "Come on he should be in his room just now."

        With that the two girls walked hand in hand to speak with Kyle, both knowing that by now Michael would be back with him.

        Kitchen Pantry, Same Time

        Liz had decided to play along with Max's little plan to get her alone and had gone into the pantry to get the ingredients of their pancakes. They had placed a chair in here as they passed by the room earlier. As Isabel suggested, Liz found the ingredients on the top shelf out of her reach and with no ladders to climb she required the assistance of Max.

        "Max!" she called out

        Max ran into the small room. "Liz." He said as he moved closer

        "I can't reach up there, could you help me get them down?" Liz asked innocently

        "Sure." Max said as he moved closer to Liz, squeezing up against her as he went to the shelves.

        Just then Isabel slipped round from the corner and threw a hood over Max's head, before tying his hands with some thick string she found. Max had no idea what was happening and struggled to get free but his hands where to tightly bound together for his to use his powers on the string. The next thing he felt was a slap on the back of his head.

        "Bad boy!" Isabel said, "This is what you get for manipulating your girlfriend." Isabel then sat him on the seat.

        "Isabel??" Max mumbled through the mask. All he heard was the smacking of lips as Isabel kissed Liz on her way out while telling her to 'have fun'! Then he heard the door click closed and some shuffling around.

        Liz ran her hand over Max's cheek through the hood as she circled the chair. She then stood before him and pulled the hood off of him, revealing her naked body to him and then Max realised that the shuffling around was Liz stripping off her clothes.

        "Liz, I..."

        Liz clamped her hand over his mouth to silence him and looked angrily at his eyes. "You speak when spoken to Your Majesty!" she said sternly as she removed her hand and replaced it with her mouth, kissing her lover passionately and taking his lower lip between her teeth as she withdrew.

        Max just nodded as Liz's command and watched as she unfastened his jeans and reached inside and gently stroked him before taking the edges of the denim in her hands.

        "Lift!" Liz commanded but Max did nothing

        "LIFT!" she said again but this time her hand wrapped around Max's length and squeezed tightly, causing him to arch up. Liz smiled and pulled of his jeans before straddling his waist.

        Parker Residence, Same Time

        One of the new routines for the families of the group was to gather at the Parker's and talk about their children. Each parent loved to tell stories that would embarrass the hell out of their offspring but still they did it. Each took delight in knowing about the people who that had no doubt would be their in-laws and they liked to know about any instances that the men in their daughters lives would not like to get out!

        However, Jeff had a look on his face that did not go unnoticed from any of the others. It had been on his mind for a while but now it was moving to the forefront of his brain.

        "Okay Jeff what's up?" Philip asked

        "Hmm, just that I've been thinking. Eight kids on an island, relatively unsupervised, and with raging hormones." Jeff said

        Philip suddenly looked up, along with Amy. Both now concerned about what their daughter's were doing with their boyfriends.

        "Oh please." Diane said

        "Yeah, Max and Liz are the most responsible teenagers I've ever seen." Nancy said

        "They'll keep the others in line." Diane confirmed

        Kitchen Pantry...

        Liz had gotten past her fake angry routine and had untied Max. Both were naked but still on the chair, Max's dick erect and penetrating Liz's core. Their hands glided over their slick bodies and they looked into each other's eyes. Liz had her legs wrapped around his body as she raised her body up and sank back down, over and over again.

        "Oh god...FUUUUUCKKK LIZ!" Max strained out

        "Uh...uhhh...Hmmmmm!" Liz moaned, "Max...I...I love you!" Liz said as Max's cock sawed inside her

        Max moved his hands down to her hip, caressing her skin as she gyrated above him. Liz had her arms loved around her lover's head, her hands running through his hair, which was quickly soaking up the sweat from his brow.

        "UGH...LIZZZZ...PLEAASEE!" Max said as she squeezed down on him. We still couldn't get used to being inside of her, even with Alex he had never felt anything like this.

        "MA...MAXXXXXXXXXX!" Liz said as her moved movements picked up speed as she climaxed, Max thrusting up into her.

        "OH YES, LIZ GOD...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Max said spurting his seed into her again as Liz collapsed into his arms.

        The light of their initial melding was absent; their minds were completely in tune with each other, both knowing instinctively how to please each other. They could feel the tingling on their skin as the pheromones interacted with their systems but to no effect.

        "I love you!" Max said as he caressed Liz's hair as her head rested on his shoulder

        "I love you too." Liz whispered into his ear.

        Ten minutes later they were down from their high and dressed in their clothes. Both were staying close to each other while giving their lover subtle stares and gentle touches.

        "You know when we're finished on this island we really should get some practice in on controlling that pheromone. Our parents would kill us if I got you pregnant while we're still at school." Max said

        "You mean my dad will kill you." Liz teased

        "That too."

        "I guess you're right. I wonder if Kalen as any reading material on it instead of him talking to us about it?" Liz pondered

        "Maybe it's just as simple as just no touching or kissing our wrists." Max said

        "Nothing's that simple honey! Besides I don't think I could not touch you anywhere when we're together." Liz said

        Max moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "I know what you mean." He whispered

        Both then moved to the door and Liz went to open it. She failed! Liz continued to try and turn the handle but found it locked and then looked at Max who tried to use his powers but that didn't work.

        "Isabel!" They said together as they looked down at the floor and saw a small piece of paper

        Liz bent down and picked it up and read it. "Dear Max and Liz, since what ever you do in there will get my blood boiling as well as Alex's we decided to punish the two of you while we enjoy ourselves. Don't worry about the pancakes we'll make them! After we've liked this batter off our bodies. Love Isabel and Alex."

        "I so did not want to hear that." Max said as the image of Alex licking pancake batter off of his sister's body enter his mind.

        "So what now?" Liz said

        "We" Max suggested

        "Good call." Liz said and sat up on counter while Max sat back down on the chair. "What do you want to talk about?"

        "How about, you and Tess!" Max said


        "I know but you need to get this off you're chest and I'm a part of that problem." Max said and Liz just nodded and proceeded to discuss the past.

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