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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 8

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 28, 2003

        Lagoon, The Island, 12:45

        Instead of indulging their carnal desires the minute they hit the beach they just stripped down to their underwear and lay under the baking sun. There would be plenty of time for Liz to conduct her experimenting later but they had a hell of a night and just wanted to rest. Thanks to Isabel's powers and experience of laying out in the sun over the years none of them would get sunburned.

        "This is great." Isabel said

        Alex and Isabel looked over to her and smiled. The pair watched as a bead of sweat ran down the swell of her breast and rested in her cleavage.

        "You can say that again." Alex stated, causing Isabel to smile. Her eyes may have been closed but she knew where her lover was staring.

        Max on the other hand never moved. He was on the other side of Liz, lying on his front as he looked out over the massive expanse of ocean.

        "Do you guys think about what it would be like when we're back home?" Max asked as he moved up and onto his back, looking over Liz's body.

        "Of course." Liz said, "Why, is something bothering you?"

        "I'm not sure. It definitely wont be like old times." Max said

        "Hmm...Skins are being hunted, no need to worry about the government and our families know. I like it more and more every time I think about it." Isabel said as she rolled onto her back and undid her bra strap.

        "We still need to hide from everyone else though!" Alex said as he gazed over the flawless skin of Isabel's back

        "Yeah, at least that we'll be able to do without too much worry." Liz said, "But I hate the fact we'll have something else to hide from our parents."

        Max looked over to Liz and thought for a moment and then realised what she was talking about. "Well somehow I think that we would be keeping the fact we're having sex from them anyway."

        "Besides, if we wanted to be together we could just tell them we're having a girls night." Isabel said with a sly smile and then kissed Liz's shoulder, Max watching the interaction closely. Isabel then turned over, keeping her arm across her chest so that her bra wouldn't fall way until she fastened it. "I'm up for a swim, anyone want to come?"

        "Yeah I could do with a cool down." Liz said and then the two girls ran off to the water.

        Max and Alex sat up and just watched the butt's of their girls as they ran and then started splashing water on each other.

        "Max!" Alex said softly


        "I know a brother doesn't want to hear this but I am really in love with Isabel." Alex said confidently

        "I know and I know that she smiles a lot more than she did before you were brought in on our little circle." Max said, "I'm glad that she found someone who makes her happy but if you hurt her..."

        "I know, I know." Alex interrupted, "And the same goes with you and Liz, the two of us grew up together. She and Maria are the closest things I have to sisters."

        "No problem man. At least now I know that most of the things over the last year or so that's come between Liz and myself was not completely our fault." Max said

        "Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it you that kissed Tess when she first turned up?" Alex said

        "Yeah." Max said sadly, "But she...or Serena...which ever one it was, was using mindwarps to influence me."

        "Yeah I know, but it still hurt Liz. I'm glad you two were able to get by all of that crap." Alex said as they watched the antics of the girls.

        In the Water...

        "Are they still watching?" Liz asked

        Isabel angled herself to look and nodded, "Oh yeah." She said

        "Wanna play?" Liz asked with a grin

        "Hmmm...what happened to that sweet innocent girl my brother had a crush on?" Isabel asked

        "She made hot, sweaty passionate love with that brother and his sister." Liz said as she moved closer to Isabel, gently running her fingertips over the swell of the blonde's breasts.

        The two closed the gap, their lips fused together, their bodies pressed tightly together as their hands glided over their skin.

        On the beach...

        As the two girls duelled with their tongues the guys watched and their bodies suddenly stiffened as they saw them coming together.

        "Okay, I guess I was wrong!" Alex said

        "Wrong about what?" Max asked

        "About never catching a live show." Alex said

        In the Water...

        Slowly Liz broke the kiss and moved behind Isabel, caressing her soft skin as she moved until she reached the catch of her bra. As she started to undo it Isabel quickly turned around and stopped her.

        "Liz...Jesus...Max is right over there!" Isabel said

        "Yeah and so is Alex." Liz said

        "Liz!" Isabel said a little angrily, "My want me to strip in front of my brother?"

        "Isabel!" Liz said softly, "We're here to bond with each other, to be completely open with each other in every way...correct?"

        "Yes." Isabel answered cautiously

        "Now apart of that is for the two of us to make love not for me and Alex, not for Kyle and Maria, not for Michael and Tess and not for you and Max! How can we be completely open with each other if we can't even be naked in front of everyone on this island and enjoy ourselves in front of the others? Knowing what happens is completely different from accepting it." Liz said as she trailed the underside of Isabel's tits.

        "Liz...I just..."

        "Shhh...let it happen! Do what we've always done since we got here and trust your instincts." Liz said as she moved back around Isabel and undid her bra and letting it slide off of her arms.

        Gently Liz kissed the skin of her back where the confining garment had covered. "There that wasn't so bad now wasn't it?" she asked

        Slowly Isabel shook her head as she looked over to the shore where her brother and her lover sat.

        "Isabel, you and Max were found naked together. You came out of those pods naked. There is nothing wrong or forbidden about something that is so natural...that's just something humanity has to grow out of." Liz said as she reached out to cup Isabel's breasts, teasing her nipples with her fingers.

        Liz looked up to the shore and could see that Alex was keeping Max where he was, preventing him from moving and probably talking to Max the same way as she had to Isabel. Then she watched as the two guys started to kiss and she smiled. He slid her hands down over her smooth skin to her underwear, pulling the waistband out so she could slip her hand inside.

        Isabel gasped as she felt Liz's fingers on her. Slowly Liz tormented the blonde by trailing her index finger over her outer lips before squeezing her clit. When she did that Isabel quickly reached her hand back and held onto Liz's thigh, pulling her closer. The two girls leaned forward, Isabel pressed her firm ass against Liz as the brunettes breasts were pressed against Isabel's back who's own tit's hung down.

        "God, LIZ!" Isabel gasped quietly

        "Let it go Isabel." Liz begged as her free hand caressed her back, "You're still holding back...just let it go."

        Her hand was busy in Isabel's white panties. Stroking her fingers back and forth, in and out of the blonde's soaked core. Isabel was desperate to hold back, se didn't want her brother's lover to bring her to an orgasm while her own lover made Max sit on the beach and watch it happen. It was a battle she quickly lost!

        "OH GOD LIZ...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Isabel cried out as Liz held her body as she convulsed

        Liz gently kissed Isabel's back as she regained control of her senses but Isabel was awash with conflicting emotions...fear, exhilaration, panic, lust and a few others that she couldn't process. She wanted to turn the tables on Liz but for some reason she felt she had to get out of there. Isabel just grabbed her floating bra from the water and walked topless out of the ocean and back into the facility, her two lovers and brother hot on her trail.

        Liz felt horrible. Thinking that she had pushed Isabel into something she was completely unprepared to handle. While the thought of loosing Isabel as a lover was in her head it was dwarfed at the thought of loosing her as a friend and right now she wanted nothing more than to be by her side, comforting her and apologising.

        Inside the facility, Tess was sitting on the table as Maria kissed her way from her toes up her leg and to her thigh. All of a sudden Isabel walked quickly by them and down the halls and into her private room.

        "Uh oh." Tess said as she looked down to Maria just before the other three went by.

        "Hey what happen..." Maria started to say but the others just left

        "Later! You guys just go back to whatever you were doing." They heard Alex call down the hall.

        "Uhhhh...lets go get the guys. We should probably wait to find out what's going on." Maria said

        "Yeah!" Tess agreed as she looked concerned and then both went off in search of Michael and Kyle.

        Observation Room, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

        "I don't get it. How does a human know more about how we do things than the actual hybrids?" One of the observers on duty said

        "Its just instinct. Nothing major." His colleague said

        "What's going on?" Kalen asked as he came up behind them

        "Sir...the human, Liz. She was with Isabel in front of Max and Isabel is now having...issues."

        "Okay number 1, that human is our future queen. Number 2, I wanted to be informed of anything major like this." Kalen said

        "Sorry Commander, but it did just happen. Isabel is in her room right now with Alex, Max and Liz outside in the hallway."

        "Well it looks like I've got more talking to do." Kalen said, "Transport them to the waiting room...might as well make them comfortable."

        "Yes sir!"

        Waiting Room, A Few Minutes Later

        All of a sudden the quartet materialised in the room and quickly looked around, all still wearing nothing but their underwear and Isabel had put her bra back on.

        "I really hate it when that happens!" Max stated as he realised where he was, "Kalen!" he called out

        "I'm here, I'm here!" Kalen said, as the door opened, "Liz, you really shouldn't have done that. Never force an encounter it always has to be free with no coercion."

        "Yeah...I'm kind of getting that." Liz said sadly as she looked at Isabel

        "Okay, I'll bite. Why are we here?" Alex asked

        "Liz?" Kalen asked, "Why did you do this?"

        "I...wanted...I wanted Max and Isabel to be completely open with each other." Liz answered


        "I wanted Max to see what Isabel and I did together. In the future, if I'm with either one of them I didn't want the other to walk into the room, see what was happening and then just leave. I want them to be able to look each other in the eye all the time, no matter what I do with them." Liz said honestly

        Kalen smiled and nodded before turning to Isabel. "Isabel, why did you leave?"

        Isabel just looked up at him with disbelief. "Are you kidding? Liz made front of Max!"

        "Yes I believe that is what happened but that isn't why you left." Kalen simply stated

        "What are you..." Isabel started to say

        "Isabel, please be honest. The reason you ran was because you liked it. You liked Max knowing what his lover was doing to you; you liked being that open with him and the others. Now due to the fact you were raised as a human this causes problems for you."

        Alex was now sitting next to Isabel, taking her hand in his.

        "I take it sex is different for Antarians?" Alex asked

        "Well for the most part it is similar but we don't have many hang-ups about it. Antarians are completely open with each other. Nothing is taken, it has to be completely given freely...we never even had a word for rape until we encountered your race. Mating is not like it is here on Earth, yes there is the pleasure aspect but for us it's exposed to everyone and is rarely shied away from."

        "So a couple could get hot and heavy in a crowded street?" Max asked with disbelief

        "No!" Kalen said while shaking his head, "There are still a few... etiquette rules. Privacy is still preferred but it's not uncommon for family members or close friends to walk into the room. There is no embarrassment or regret, knowing and seeing the relations of our families are completely normal."

        "So having sex in front of each other happens regularly?" Max asked

        "Pretty much. I am surprised that it's Liz that helped bridge the gap between the two of you...even though you aren't completely there yet." Kalen said before taking a moment. "The reason you are here is to bond yourselves together as well as making yourselves able to procreate. Knowing every aspect of each other, being a part and loving each other completely is necessary to make you into a tight family's our way. Besides just remember this...Tess and Michael don't seem to have a problem."

        "Tess and Michael aren't related." Isabel said

        "What are you talking about...of course they are!" Kalen said, "Wait... you really meant that. You honestly don't know."

        "You mean Michael and Tess are..." Liz started to said

        "Well they're not siblings but they are cousins...I don't understand, surely Nasedo would have told her and then all of you when they showed up in Roswell." Kalen said

        Max and Isabel stood up and looked at each other before turning back to Kalen.

        "They never told any of us about it." Max said

        "I don't think Tess knows anything about it." Isabel said as she crossed her arms

        "Oh I'm gonna love this!" Alex said causing all four to smile and then he moved to beside Isabel. "Are you okay now?"

        Isabel looked at Max and then Liz, "Cultural differences! I'll get over it but...Kalen you were right I did like it. Knowing that Max has seen how I am with Liz and how she is with me..."

        "I understand Isabel." Kalen said

        Max smiled and moved closer to Isabel and hugged his sister. "We've always been close Isabel...this just makes us closer."

        "Just don't expect me to screw Alex in front of you." Isabel joked

        "Wouldn't dream of it." Max said and extended his arm toward Liz.

        Liz looked at Isabel and the blonde nodded. Slowly she moved into Max's arm and Alex moved into Isabel's, resulting in a four-way hug. As they parted Isabel moved closer to Liz and held her, bending her head down to her ear. "Thank you...just don't ever do that again."

        "I promise, not until you're ready." Liz said and then the two girls just gave each other a soft kiss.

        Alex was standing beside Max as they watched their girlfriends grew even closer than they were before. "You got to admit, that is one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen." Alex said

        "No, it is the most beautiful. What we saw on the beach...that runs a close second." Max said.

        The girls separated and blushed as they turned to their boyfriends.

        "So...who tells Michael and Tess!" Max asked

        Liz jumped up. "I'll cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week if you let it be me."

        The other three just looked at other.

        "Liz!" Max said

        "What? Can't a girl have a little fun?" she said innocently

        "How about we just play this by ear?" Alex suggested and the other's nodded

        "I think we better get sent back to our rooms first so we can dress." Isabel said, realising she was barely covered by her underwear but then stopped and turned back to Kalen. "You're not expecting us to go naked in front of each other are you?"

        "No, not unless you're completely at ease with it." Kalen said drawing a look from Alex

        "So some Antarian families are on the naturist side of things?" Alex asked

        "Naturist?" Kalen asked, "Well no not really but as I said, families rarely have things to hide from each other including our bodies."

        "Okaaayyyy!" Isabel said, "Let's get back to the island."

        The next thing they knew was that they were in their rooms. Isabel and Liz threw on light dresses while Max and Alex pulled on jeans and t-shirts. The girls walked down the halls to the common room after checking Tess and Maria's bedroom.

        "Please can I tell her?" Liz begged

        "Liz, do know that some day soon she's going to be in you're bed." Isabel said

        "Yeah, I know." Liz said dejectedly, "I just feel like I still owe her for all the crap Max and I went through."

        "Maybe you should let it go. I doubt you'll ever know how much was down to her following Nasedo's orders, how much she wanted to do and how much was down to Serena." Isabel said softly

        "I guess, it still doesn't make it any easier." Liz said as they reached the door to the common room.

        When they opened the door the saw Max and Alex enter the room at the same time with their friends all sitting round the table.

        "Hey guys!" Maria said cautiously, "What's up?"

        "Isabel, are you okay?" Tess asked, "You looked a little upset."

        "Upset doesn't cover it but I'm okay now oh by the way you and Michael are cousins." Isabel said quickly

        "Hey I wanted to tell them." Isabel whined

        Tess and Michael just stared blankly at them. "Could you say that again?" Michael asked

        "Kalen told us that you two are cousins." Liz said

        Michael and Tell then looked at each other. "No, no way. Nasedo would have told me." Tess said

        "That's what got Kalen confused. He thought we already knew and that Nasedo would have told us." Max said

        "Wow...cousins!" Michael said as he smiled but then lost it. "I had sex in front of my cousin."

        "Oh god." Tess said but wasn't was disgusted as she thought she would

        "Believe me I know how you feel." Isabel said

        "But apparently it's common for Antarians for that to happen." Alex said

        Kyle then smiled as he moved closer to Tess. "You have family Tess. Living flesh and blood." He whispered

        "Yeah, I do!" Tess said, perking up, "Hey cus!"

        "Hey yourself! Now what about the sex thing." Michael said a little agitated

        Maria moved her chair closer to him. "Babe, you hardly ever see Laurie. Tess is your only other family. Chill! Get to know your cousin, then we'll deal with the fact that she's seen your dick sliding in and out of me and Kyle."

        "Oh god, don't remind me!" Tess said

        Over the next several hours the group just talked. They talked about everything from what happened on the beach and subsequent talk with Kalen to Tess's life with Nasedo. By the time they were ready for bed each of them was much closer than they had ever been. Even Liz started to see a new side of Tess that she had never seen before when the blonde talked about everything Nasedo had put her through while teaching her about her powers.

        Tess & Maria's Bedroom, 22:00

        Tess was lying on top of Maria under the covers of the bed, their breasts crushed together. The girl's thighs were between their lovers legs, pressed against their slits as they ground against each other.

        "OHGGGGGGGG...OH GOD TESSSSSSSS!" Maria moaned

        "MARIA...HARDER BABY...PLEASEEE!" Tess groaned

        Maria slipped her hands around and down to her lover's ass, pressing her harder against her leg, which resulted in Tess's leg being pressed harder against her. Both girls moaned loudly as their hips circled and their hips moved up and down over their cores. They continued to look into each other's eyes, their bodies coated with sweat that caused the sheets to cling to their bodies as they moved.


        "MARIA...MARIA...OH DEAR GOD MARIA!" Tess called as their moved sped up into a frenzy.

        "TESS...I...OH GOD TESS! I...I LO...OH TESS!" Maria screamed as she climaxed

        "MAIRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Tess cried as she joined her lover over the edge.

        The two girls looked at each other, neither saying anything. Their bodies were as hot as flame and so was they way they were looking at each other. Tess licked her lips as she looked down at Maria's mouth and then bent down to kiss her lover passionately.

        "It's never been like that before." Tess said breathlessly as she parted from Maria

        "Yeah, that was intense." Maria concurred as Tess slipped down to rest beside her.

        Tess covered Maria's body with her arm as her head hit the pillow and fell asleep.

        3 Hours Later...

        Maria lay awake as her lover slept soundly beside her, breathing gently. Maria turned her head and looked at Tess, watching her face as she breathed and moved. She realised it the yesterday as she kissed Tess while Michael was inside her. Maria wanted to tell her as they made love but she held back and now that the girl was a sleep she could say it without any recriminations.

        "I love you." Maria whispered before sinking down and falling to sleep.

        When Tess felt Maria turn she opened her eyes and looked at the naked skin of her back. She was wide-awake for the last few hours, trying to find sleep but being unsuccessful. Tess had heard Maria soft declaration. A part of her heart jumped and was exhilarated but a part of her was concerned about what possible future they had.

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