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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 7c

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 21, 2003

        Hallway Outside Kyle's Room, Same Time

        Maria and Tess had walked their way through the facility and reached Kyle's room first. Maria hugged the alien blonde and kissed her softly on her mouth.

        "Good luck." Maria said

        "Thanks, you too." Tess said

        Tess moved to her boyfriends' door and opened it before slipping inside. Maria started to head off to Michael.

        "Maria!" Tess called after her

        "Tess, what are you..."

        "Kyle isn't in his room." Tess said with a smile

        Maria then smiled as both walked hand in hand to Michael's room. When they arrived they opened the door just a crack and found Michael and Kyle sucking each other's dicks. For a few minutes they just watched as their boyfriends pleasured each other before shedding their robes and quietly slipping inside.

        Neither of the guys heard the approach of the blondes until it was too late. Maria grabbed Michael and quickly rolled him on to his back. Before he could react Maria jumped on him and straddled his waist, pressing her core against his hard dick, as she bent down and kissed him passionately. Tess did the same, grinding herself against Kyle before both girls sat up and looked down at each other before looking back down at their lovers.

        "This is a surprise." Michael stated as he ran his hands along Maria's thighs that rested at his sides.

        "Yeah, I thought you two would have wanted to be..." Kyle trailed off

        "What, we can't do both?" Tess asked as she trailed her finger down his chest

        Both girls reached down and grabbed their dicks; they looked at each other as they raised themselves up onto their knees and lowered themselves down. Very slowly they sank down, stopping for a moment before raising back up and then crashing back down.

        "ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the girls cried out at the same time, loosing their virginity at the same time.

        Both the guys groaned as they became buried inside their girls.

        "Oh Tess!" Kyle groaned

        "Oh Maria!" Michael moaned

        Side by side they made love, Michael's head by Kyle's feet allowing the girls to occasionally look at each other as they rode their men. Kyle reached up and cupped Tess's breasts, tweaking her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.

        "Oh god...oh Kyle!" Tess moaned as she steadied herself by planting her hands on his chest. She kept rolling and rocking her hips, Kyle met her gyrations, thrusting up into her.

        Maria and Michael looked at the mating couple. Kyle and Tess looked at them, both girls looking down at the dicks sliding in and out of their girlfriends' slits. It was a mass of gyrating flesh; Maria reached her hand over to Tess's cheek and pulled her over into a heated kiss. Watching the girls caused the guys to grow harder and thrust more forcefully up into the blondes.

        "OH GOD, MICH...MICHAEL!!! SO GOOOOOOD!" Maria screamed after breaking the kiss but Tess held her body close.

        "UGHNNNNN, KYLE!!" Tess cried out, burying her head against Maria's neck

        The guys pulled their girls from each other and rolled them over. They started to grind against each other; Maria wrapped her legs around Michael as Tess forced Kyle off of her. She moved back on to her knees and then on to all four, her head aligned with Maria's and the two kissed. Kyle moved up behind her and entered her once again.

        Tess moaned into Maria's mouth. Kyle and Michael thrust into them, their bodies soaked with sweat. The glands in their wrists rapidly becoming stimulated and their bodies began to glow.

        "UGHNNNNNNNN!" The men called out

        "OH YESS, YESSSSSSSS...UHNNNNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSS!" The girls cried out as their orgasms overtook them and the guys shot their loads into them.

        There was a bright flash from both couples, it was so intense that the door melted slightly and the walls singed.

        5 Minutes Later...

        The couples dislodged themselves from each other and were all lying next to each other on the bed with Tess and Maria in the middle. Michael and Kyle stroked their bodies, whispering sweet nothings in their ears. Soon their bodies calmed down and their breathing became normal.

        "Does anyone have any issues about the fact we seem to like having sex in front of each other?" Maria asked

        "This is the second time it's happened." Kyle said as he nibbled on Tess's ear

        "We do seem to have a slight exhibitionist streak!" Tess giggled as Kyle nibbled.

        "As well as being voyeurs." Maria said

        "Or we just like having sex and don't care who's nearby." Michael suggested, "Hell, the other's would probably be doing it if Max and Isabel weren't brother and sister."

        "Uh guys...what happened to the door?" Tess asked as she looked up and then looked around the room, "And the walls, the cabinet, the desk..."

        "Someone loose control of their powers?" Maria asked as she looked at Michael and then to Tess

        "Not me?" Tess and Michael said in unison.

        Michael stood up and walked over to the door. Maria smiled as she watched Michael's naked ass move. When he touched the door it started to regenerate it's melted parts and everything else in the room that had burn marks began to repair themselves.

        "Way cool." Kyle said as he snuggled in close to Tess, pressing his dick into her ass.

        Tess looked over her shoulder at him as she felt his cock. "Getting a little excited?"

        "Can't help it, you're too beautiful." Kyle said as he kissed her shoulder and then her cheek.

        "Sorry babe, not tonight...I'm a little sleepy." Tess said

        "Well then, how about we leave these two alone." Kyle said as he stood up from the bed. He took Tess by surprise by picking her up into his arms and carrying her out of the room and headed off to his room.

        Maria smiled as she watched her giggling girlfriend being swept off her feet. Michael got back onto the bed and pulled the blanket over their bodies.

        "That was amazing!" Michael whispered in her ear.

        "It was, but next time we really should try it without the others." Maria said as she rested her head on Michael's chest. The two then fell into a deep sleep.

        Empty Office Building, Roswell, The Next Day

        A Skin looked through a sniper scope to a window across the street. He saw Philip walking back and forth in his office, reading a file in his hands.

        "Nicholas, I have Evans." He said over the radio

        "Good, do nothing. Any sign of Zan or Vilandra?" Nicholas said

        "No sir, nothing all day."

        "Odd, this is usually Vilandra's free day. My last report said she usually assists her father in the office." Nicholas said

        "Confirmed sir, I made that report."

        "Stand down...find those freaks..." Nicholas started to say

        The Skin then watched as a silhouette entered the room. "Sir stand by!" he paused and looked back through the scope.

        "Sir, Vilandra just entered. She's proceeding like she normally would..."

        "Very well!" Nicholas said and then the radio cut off.

        Just then the door burst open and three of Kalen's men blasted the Skin until the seal on the husk cracked and he disintegrated. One of the men then held up his hand and shape shifted to match the appearance of the Skin.

        "Commander, this is Watcher 2. Watcher 3 is in place and the hostile is neutralised."

        "Excellent, if Serena has aligned with the Skins then he may find something to locate her. Wish him good luck and then evacuate, just keep an eye on the parents." Kalen said over their comm. system

        "Yes sir." He said and then turned off the unit.

        "Well you heard the man, good luck!" he said to the shape shifter

        "Thanks, I'm gonna need it!" The shifter said as he picked up the Skins equipment and turned on the radio.

        "Nicholas...are you there?"

        "Confirmed, what happened?" Nicholas asked

        "Technical malfunction, this human technology is...primitive."

        "Continue your observations, I'll call you later with the co- ordinates to meet the others." Nicholas said

        "Confirmed." He said and then turned off the radio, "All done. You two better get back to your posts."

        "Remember only break comm. blackout if there is an emergency."

        "I'm guessing you don't call the Omega an emergency."

        "Oh that's an emergency but call in when you find out when it's set to go off."

        "I doubt a Skin is going to find that information, I don't even think Serena has informed Nicholas."

        "Well, we'll see. Stay alive!"

        "You to." Said the shifter as he watched his two colleagues leave the room and then the building.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, 12:00

        "Any further information on the other hybrids?" Kalen asked

        "Yes sir, we were able to get a genetic scan. It looks like it's Vren, son of Lord Kulen. Jana, daughter of Lord Krath and Tela, daughter of Lord Mulca. Humans raised both sets of hybrids and they are aware of their...unusual nature. They really look out for them!"

        "Are the two sets aware of each other?" Kalen asked

        "No, they were raised on different islands but all six have human mates."

        "Excellent." Kalen said, "Anything further from the watcher team?"

        "Not since our operative was planted."

        "Very well, contact Lord Larek. Inform him of the Philippine hybrids." Kalen said before leaving the room.

        Common Room, Facility, 12:30

        Everyone was sitting around the table having a late breakfast, everyone but Alex and Isabel. None of them had any intention of leaving their beds early and enjoyed seeking pleasure in their lovers' arms. Each of them had a dreamy look on their face as they ate quietly, smiling and looking into their lover's eyes.

        A few minutes later Alex and Isabel walked in, hand in hand wearing only their robes. As they looked around their friends they saw the looks on their faces and immediately knew how they spent their nights. Max and Liz looked at them, remembering the intense orgasm they experienced when the lover's climaxed in a room down the hall.

        "Hey guys." Liz said happily, "Have a good night?"

        "Oh yeah, we had a very good night." Isabel said as she looked at Alex who had his hand on her thigh.

        "How was your night?" Alex asked Michael and the others

        "Our night...well..." Michael stammered out

        "What?" Liz asked

        "We...we kind of had an orgy." Maria said, not knowing how her best friend would react.

        "What?" the other four asked with disbelief

        " know...we were all together!" Kyle said

        "But I wasn't with Michael and Maria wasn't with Kyle." Tess said quickly

        "Wow!" Liz said

        Alex's mind was suddenly filled with images of Tess and Maria with Kyle and Michael. He instantly became hard and Isabel's hand snaking its way into his robe wasn't helping. "Wow is right."

        "Wait, you guys don't have any problems with it?" Tess asked

        "No, not really!" Isabel said

        "If its what you all want and nobody's forced." Max said drawing looks from the others. Of the other four, they all thought that Max would have had issues with it.

        "So any foursomes on the horizon for you guys?" Kyle joked

        "She's my sister!"

        "He's my brother!"

        The two siblings spoke together.

        "Guys chill! I was kidding." Kyle said, "Besides, you two would be with Alex and Liz - not each other."

        "Kyle...gross! I would still have to be naked in front of my brother... hell no!" Isabel said

        "Got that right!" Max said, "I think we'll be keeping things the way they are."

        "So, was it fun?" Liz asked, curiosity getting the better of her

        "The door melted, walls were burned...oh yeah it was fun." Maria stated

        "The door melted?" Max asked, suddenly concerned

        "Yeah...that didn't happen with you?" Tess asked

        "There was an energy release but it was just light." Liz said

        Just then there was another flash of light and Kalen appeared in the room.

        "Actually that light was your minds coming together...linking you to your mate." Kalen said, "It was so intense with you four because your first times were together."

        "Kalen...why did we...last night Max and I felt..." Liz said, having to trail off due to embarrassment

        "Yes!" Kalen said understanding what she was talking about. "It's simple, Isabel and you are connected as well as Maria & Tess, Michael & Kyle and Max & Alex. Isabel's pleasure is yours and yours is hers. You're going to feel it every time but eventually you will learn to control it."

        "Well this could be fun." Maria said with a smile, suddenly getting the idea of getting herself off to tease Tess

        Tess had the same idea and knew Maria was thinking about it. "Hey don't you get any ideas!" Tess said

        "I could say the same to you." Maria said as they openly flirted

        " are thinks on the Serena side of things?" Max asked

        "We have it handled Max. Relax, enjoy yourself."

        "I just don't like being in here while our families are out there with her. Besides this is partly our mess." Max said

        "How is it your mess?" Kalen asked

        "Because we were with Tess for a while and we never saw it...if we did..."

        "Max you couldn't have done anything." Tess said, "I didn't even know she was a part of me."

        "Anyway, I hope I have at least taken some of your concerns away. I have more duties to attend to." Kalen said and then left

        "So...every time we get it going you're gonna feel it!" Isabel stated to Liz

        "Ditto...could be interesting." Liz said, "From a scientific point of view of course."

        "Oh of course!" Isabel responded as the two stared at each other and then to their male lovers

        "Alex! Interested in helping Liz with her...experiments?" Isabel asked

        "I think I can be persuaded!" Alex said and looked at Max who nodded. All four then disappeared to the surface of the island.

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