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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 7b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 19, 2003

        Alex's Bedroom, Same Time

        Isabel's plan to distract Alex and keep him away from Max until the morning had worked admirably. After she blew him they just lay side by side on the bed, Alex's hands glided over her body exploring every curve.

        "So I take it things are going well with Max and Liz?" Alex asked

        Isabel twisted her head quickly and looked at him. "How'd you know?"

        "I got flashes from you." Alex said happily

        Isabel smiled brightly as she realised that it was no longer her brother and Liz that could look into each other's souls.

        "You two look really beautiful together." Alex stated as he caressed her cheek and Isabel blushed, realising that he had a glimpse of her and Liz.


        "Isabel, you don't have to be embarrassed. I meant it, the two of you looked incredible...too bad I wont be able to catch the live show!" Alex said

        Isabel smiled and pushed him back, "Men!" she stated

        "So back to Max and Liz...everything is fine with them now? No problems?" Alex asked

        "Well not that I like to think about my brothers sex life but right now I wouldn't be surprised if they were already in bed...especially with what I dressed her in." Isabel said with a smirk

        "Liz wont...I mean she can't get...will she?" Alex asked

        "Pregnant? No!" Isabel said, "The pheromone from Max causes Liz to become fertile and the same from Liz to Max but until Liz is with Tess the pheromone wont be stable enough to effect Max's...well."

        "Good to know. Was your letter okay? I mean any problems with your parents?" Alex asked

        "No...well they're a little upset that Max and I kept it a secret from them all this time."

        "Well I guess that was expected." Alex said

        "Yeah, but they did say they loved us no matter what and they were looking forward to getting to know all about us." Isabel said

        "Well maybe not all about you. Somehow I doubt they'll want to know what's going on here." Alex said

        "Yeah." Isabel said, "Oh god I can just imagine it...oh it was great mom, it spent my time sleeping with my boyfriend as well as Liz and then Maria."

        "She accepted the whole alien thing." Alex said

        "Yeah but bi-sexual aliens are something else." Isabel said

        Suddenly they felt a tingling in their bodies. Their skin became covered in Goosebumps and they felt pleasure beginning to surge through their nerves.

        "What the hell?" Alex asked as he felt pressure building in his groin

        Isabel also felt it; instinctively her hands began to caress her skin.

        "Hmmm...oh god...Ah...Alex...what's happening?" Isabel cried

        The two held each other tightly, beads of sweat formed on their brow.

        "OH GODDDDDD!!!" they cried together

        It lasted only a second but it left them breathless. They looked into their lover's eyes; Alex brushed aside a lock of Isabel's hair that crossed her face as their legs intertwined.

        "I think...I think Max and Liz just..." Isabel said

        "Yeah!" Alex stated, "! I don't know exactly what happened had to be illegal." Alex had his hand on Isabel's waist but them slowly glided it up her side.

        Isabel was still trembling from the sensations. "Alex...make love to me."

        Alex smiled at her and the two moved up so that they were resting on their knees. Alex took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head, leaving her topless and open to his gaze for the first time. Alex reached out, intent on caressing her breast but at the last possible second his hand changed course and cupped her cheek.

        Isabel smiled softly and reached up and took his hand, moving it down to her heaving chest. "Alex you never have to hesitate with me, if you want me...I'm yours!" she said

        "I love you Isabel." Alex said as he started to stroke her firm mound and then brought up his other hand to caress its twin. Gently he began to play with her nipples, causing Isabel to become more excited.

        "I love you too." She responded

        Isabel then reached over and pulled off Alex's shirt, his shorts were still undone from Isabel earlier blowjob so they both stood up and stripped off their remaining clothes. They came together in a heated kiss, their naked bodies pressed together allowing Isabel to feel Alex's smooth, hard cock against her belly as well as Alex feeling her breasts crushed against his chest, her nipples digging in to his skin.

        Isabel backed away and then took hold of Alex's hand. She sat down on the bed and pulled Alex down to her until both were lying on the bed. Alex kissed her mouth, and then led a trail of kisses down her body, between her breasts and across her belly. As he went Isabel parted her legs for him and he moved between them. Alex's head was between her thighs, he kissed the soft skin of her legs and then moved on to the apex.

        He ran his tongue along the length of her slit before stabbing it in and out of her core. Isabel gasped and her body jerked as her lover latched his mouth onto her.

        "Oh god...Alex!" Isabel moaned loudly as he gripped the sheets tightly as her other hand went to behind Alex's head, holding him in place.

        Alex just kept poking away with his tongue, twisting it inside her. Isabel's body twisted as well, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it to muffle her cries. Alex moved his arms under her legs and around so they locked them in place, he had no intention of letting Isabel go until he made her climax and was trembling from his touch.

        "GHHMMMMMMMM!" Alex mumbled, as he tasted her juices

        "ALEXXXX!" Isabel said as her back arched, pushing her pussy closer to Alex's mouth. "Oh my...GODDDDDDDDDDDD!"

        Isabel's entire body was flushed; her skin was red and completely covered with sweat. Her grip on Alex's head relaxed and he removed his arms from her legs before sliding up her body so that their bodies were aligned. Isabel began to stroke Alex's chest as the she recovered from her first orgasm of the evening.

        "That was..." Isabel trailed off

        "Yes?" Alex asked

        Isabel looked up into his eyes and smiled, "That was illegal!" she teased playfully

        "Okay so that was bad word choosing!" Alex said as he thought over what he said

        Suddenly Isabel's face became serious. "I want you Alex." She stated

        Alex positioned his penis and gently eased himself inside her, both holding each other tightly as they became connected. Alex pushed in very slowly, wanting to draw out the first contact as long as possible for them both but then he felt her virginity and stopped, he looked into her eyes with surprise in his face.

        Isabel smiled at him, she realised that he thought she wasn't a virgin and given her status at school and the number of dates she had been on she couldn't blame him for his assumption.

        "I saved myself for you Alex. All my life I've been waiting for you." Isabel said softly and with love

        "I love you so much Isabel." Alex said to her again before gently withdrawing and then plunging quickly into her and taking her completely

        "ARHHHHH, ALEX!" Isabel called out as Alex was completely buried inside her

        Alex stopped; he didn't want to move at all until he was sure that Isabel was ready to continue. "Are you okay?" he asked softly

        Isabel took a moment before answering. "I'm fine Alex." She said but Alex could hear some pain in her voice and wanted more than anything to take that away from her. Isabel sensed that Alex wasn't going to continue until he knew she was feeling no pain so she reached down to her own abdomen and used her powers to ease the pain away.

        Alex knew what she was doing and when she removed her hand he pulled back out of her and then slid back in. Isabel bit her lower lip as their bodies moved together, her hips rocked back and forth as Alex made love to her.

        "Alex...pleaaase...God...please, more!" she whimpered

        Alex went faster, grinding his body rapidly against the alien princess who was giving herself to him completely. "Isabel!" he groaned out

        In and out, over and over again he plunged his dick into her. Her virginal walls gripped him tightly, pumping his dick firmly as they approached their orgasm.

        "ALEX, GOD!" She screamed out as she wrapped her legs around his butt, pulling him into her harder.


        "OH YEAH...AGHHHHH, UHNNNNNN...OH GODDDDDDDDDD!" Alex said as he shot his seed into her.

        As with Max and Liz, their bodies glowed brightly, sending beams of light out of the corners of the door and into the hall. The gaseous chemicals produced from their stimulated glands surrounded them and as with their lovers in the nearby bedroom it had no effect on their reproductive systems.

        Gently Alex withdrew from Isabel and rolled off of her, lying by her side he pulled her body close to his before covering them with the blanket. Neither was tired, they just gazed at each other. Both of their faces were filled with pleasure and love, even being with their other lovers hadn't given them feelings they were experiencing now.

        "I love you so much Alex, thank you for making this perfect." Isabel whispered

        Alex just held her tightly against him, their legs interlocked and his hand was on her butt cheek. "Isabel, you are the most important person in my life. I am going to spend everyday loving least the times you aren't with Liz."

        With that they just lay on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms. Neither knew where Alex finished and Isabel began, they were just one mass of limbs and flesh.

        Max's Bedroom, Immediately Following

        Max and Liz were also in each other's arms, neither asleep but they were still gong over the night's activities. All of a sudden they felt pleasure spiralling through their bodies, both of them convulsed as they reached their sudden and unexpected climax. When it was over they sat up and looked at each other, neither feeling the need to cover their nakedness from their lover.

        "Did you do that?" Liz asked as she looked around

        "!" Max said

        "Then what..." Liz started to say but then remembered the last time she saw Isabel.

        "Liz?" Max asked as he saw her face brighten

        "I think Isabel and Alex just..."

        "No!" Max said

        "Max, don't do the brotherly thing. They..."

        "No, it's not that. I'm happy for them but the last thing anyone needs is to feel their sister's and her boyfriend's orgasm whenever they do it." Max said

        Liz's face cringed a little, "Yeah, that would be a little weird."

        "A little." Max agreed as he lay back down on the bed. Liz lay down once again, her head resting on his chest as she pulled the blanket back over their bodies.

        "Are you really happy for them?" Liz asked

        "Yeah, I am. Just don't make me picture it in my head! It was...odd seeing her in those flashes." Max said

        "Oh my god, you saw us?" Liz cringed, "How much?"

        "Not everything but lets just say that unless it's you, full frontals are not good!" Max said

        "Oops! Lets not tell Isabel that." Liz suggested, "And I promise I'll keep some of those images from you."

        "Thank you my love! Now how about we try to get some sleep before anyone else...disturbs us?" Max suggested and then felt Liz nod her head against his chest.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, 4 Hours Later

        "Report!" Kalen said as he entered the room

        "Sir, we've located another set of hybrids that have taken humans as potential mates." His first officer said


        "In the Philippines sir!" the officer said, "Even their duplicates have humans as mates."

        "Both sets? That's encouraging for the other groups." Kalen said

        "Yes sir. How long do you wish to wait before we bring them here?"

        "We'll wait until our concerns about Liz and Tess are no longer an issue. Then we can be assured that an heir will be produced." Kalen said

        "As you wish sir."

        "Is their anything else?" Kalen asked

        "Captain Kelus would like to speak with you. He received information from our operative trying to reconstruct Alex's trail in the U.K. He's analysing it now."

        "Very well." Kalen said. He stood from his chair and headed out the door. He headed towards the furthest area of the compound where his head of intelligence had his resources.

        Maria & Tess's Bedroom, 21:00

        Maria was having a shower; as much as she wanted to read her mother's letter immediately she needed a shower from today's activities. Tess was lying on the bed, dressed only in a g-string as she read her letter from the Jim. Even though she lived in his house and had been made to feel a part of the family, especially at Christmas, she felt there was always a part of her that didn't belong. That feeling was gone!


        Dear Tess, Well, I always knew the second you kids disappeared it would be an alien thing. At least it was good aliens and not the Skins. Tess when I was told about your little holiday I was given some memories of yours and the others and threw it I felt a couple of your emotions. I know how you and Kyle feel about each other and if it is truly what you want then I'll be beside you whenever you need me.

        I've never had a daughter but if I did I would hope that she was at least a little like you. I hope you can put the past behind you and move forward with Kyle and let Max and Liz go. I still can't believe everything that you've had to go through but when you get back I'll have a surprise for you and Kyle.

        At any rate, I miss you both so much. Come home soon and since I have a feeling this "bonding" thing you have to do is binding I'll say this...welcome to the family my girl! I look forward to making it official.

        Love, Jim


        Tess had a tear running down her cheek when Maria walked into the room in nothing but a towel.

        "Hey are you okay?" Maria asked softly, trying not to pay attention to her lover's body

        "Yeah, I'm great. For the first time...I think I'm really going to be happy." Tess said as she stood up.

        Maria couldn't ignore her form any longer and let her arms fall to her side. The two fell with them, not that Maria noticed but Tess did. Slowly the two moved to each other until they almost touching, they were barely a centimetre apart but their nipples were touching each other.

        Maria lifted her hand and ran it down along Tess's arm, she smiled as she sank down to her knees where she kissed the other blonde's bellybutton and pulled down her underwear. Tess gasped when Maria trailed her hand up her inner leg to her core and then pushed her index finger up inside her.

        "Ma...ria!" Tess panted

        After a few slow strokes and teasing Tess's clit, Maria pulled out her finger and stood back up. They looked at each other, Tess slightly disappointed without Maria's finger in her.

        "Why'd you..." Tess said

        "Because as much as I want you right now, we need some meat. Some hard, silken smooth meat!" Maria stated

        "Let's go!" Tess said determinedly.

        The girls grabbed their robes, not wanting to be caught naked out in the halls and headed to find their men. Only stopping briefly to kiss each other.

        Intelligence Department, Immediately Following

        "Kelus, you wanted to see me?" Kalen asked as he looked around at the number of documents that littered his office and were piled high on his desk. It was obvious that Kelus was looking for something.

        "Sir! My operative in Britain completed his report...I know what Serena had him doing?" Kelus said


        "Well his first few locations he was translating the destiny book that Tess recovered from Roswell Library. It looks like he was decrypting it to determine our alphabet and numerical system for a serious calculations...sir Serena is trying to develop the Omega Wave." Kelus said

        Kalen looked blankly at Kelus, not recognising the term. "Remind me?"

        "Oh right, sorry. Eh...the Omega Wave...its anti-life. Once the Granolith is programmed with the correct settings it will emit the wave over a radius of 300 light-years. It'll wipe out all life in that field!" Kelus said

        "Including her!" Kalen said

        "That's the thing sir. It causes an event that was termed Re- Genesis. It restarts life and it'll use Serena's genetic code to do it, will be 2 million times faster and will result will be a humanoid species within one hundred years. At the outer edges of the wave there will be a residual barrier effect. Anything that attempts to penetrate it will degrade at the atomic lever...machines, rock, and living matter. Nothing will remain intact."

        "Well my day just got better. I want all of your operatives in the field now. Hunt her down, follow any lead!" Kalen said as he turned out the door.

        "Yes, sir."

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