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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 7b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 14, 2003

        Command Room, Alpha 1, A Few Seconds Later

        "Sir!" called one of the medical officers

        "Yes, what is it?" Kalen asked

        "We just got a spike from Whitman's medical monitor. It indicated that all of them have completed phase 1, they all now have the glands." The medic said

        "That was fast!" Kalen said, "What were they doing?"

        "They went for a walk through the jungle. Apparently they were... stimulated enough to undergo their initial mating."

        "Identify those locations! They may come in handy when we bring in the next set of hybrids." Kalen said

        "Yes sir."

        Common Room, Facility, Immediately Following

        After the little glowing event outside, each of the teens walked silently down the hall and into the common room where they all sat around the table.

        "That was..." Kyle started to say

        "Weird!" Maria continued

        "What the hell was that glowing about anyway?" Max asked

        Isabel and Liz looked at each other, drawing the attention of Tess who realised that they knew what was going on.

        "Okay guys, spill it!" Tess said as she looked at them

        Everyone then looked to the pair.

        "Kalen told us that the wrist glow were glands forming. It's those glands that produce the pheromone." Liz said

        "When did he tell you that?" Alex asked

        "This morning...after we woke up." Isabel said as she stared into Alex's eyes

        The heat between the two grew intensely and was picked up by everyone else, especially by Liz who was caressing Isabel's leg. Max looked between the two and suddenly his 'protective brother' attitude kicked in at full steam and decided to break the two out of it.

        "So!" he said directly, "Whose turn is it to cook dinner?"

        "That would be me." Michael said, "Wanna help?" he asked Maria

        "Sure...I'm sure I could think of a few things to cook!" Maria responded as she looked at Michael before her eyeballs looked down to his lap when she said 'cook'

        Max shook his head at the obvious flirtation between the two. He stood up and went to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. The interaction of the two couples in the room had sent his own desire of Liz through the roof and he needed a distraction. He was pretty sure that Kyle felt the same, especially when he and Tess decided to take a walk but before they left Kalen beamed in.

        "Kalen. Something wrong?" Max asked

        "No, I just brought these. I thought you'd want to see them immediately." Kalen said as he put eight envelops on the table. "We've decided to allow you and you're parents to send letters to each other."

        "Okay, so why is there one for me?" Michael asked as he found an envelop with his name in it.

        "It would appear that Maria's mother has decided to take a greater interest in you." Kalen said with a smirk, as Michael's face suddenly grew a little fearful.

        "Do I want to read this?" Michael asked

        "You'll never know until you do. Besides, Feln told me she took the news about you rather well." Kalen said

        Liz took her letter and looked fearfully at it. She had no idea how they really felt about Max and her relationship with him, this letter would be her first indication other than what was relayed to Kalen. Max saw her face and reached his hand under the table and took hold of hers, in part to reassure Liz but also to reassure himself. Liz's mother and father could be the nail that seals the coffin on their relationship.

        "Exactly how did they send these letters?" Isabel said, "Somehow I doubt they put them in a post box of the U.S Postal Service to deliver them."

        "Actually they did." Kalen said, "Feln is undercover in L.A. they posted the letters to him and he sent them on to the island. You're letters will be send back long the same route. Nothing will be done to attract the wrong kind of attention."

        "Also known as Serena, the Skins, the military, the government and any agents left over from the Special Unit." Kyle said as he sat back and pondered on the long list of enemies they had.

        Kalen also reviewed the list but had a different expression on his face, it wasn't one of concern, it was more like humour.

        "What?" Max asked

        "You can scratch a few from that list." Kalen said

        Everyone looked up at him.

        "We've been working with the government and the military. The Special Unit was involved with this project but their mandate was to hunt Skins." Kalen said

        "How can you say that? Pierce captured Max...tortured him!" Michael said angrily

        "The Unit was isolated from the other agencies. Somewhere along the line they forgot their function and just went after any alien they could get close to. However, you successfully dealt with them but the other's...we have an arrangement. Do you really think it was Nazi scientists that aided the U.S. space program?" Kalen said

        "So you're selling them technology?" Max asked

        "In exchange for these islands, privacy and giving our people a new lease on life. Most of it was done through the U.N." Kalen said

        "So the conspiracy nuts have got it right after all!" Alex said while laughing

        Liz & Isabel's Bedroom, 3 Hours Later

        After dinner, the group split apart to read their letters and write their parents replies. Isabel had been in the bathroom while Liz toyed with her letter. She though she had given Liz sufficient time to read it privately but eventually she decided to return to the room.

        She found Liz lying belly down on their bed, her head in her arms as she looked at the envelop on the pillow. She felt for Liz, apart of her was concerned about what her parents had written in their letter to her but then Liz was human, asking her human parents to accept her future with a group of aliens. Silently Isabel moved further into the room and sat down on the bed next to Liz.

        "So have you developed x-ray vision now?" Isabel asked

        Liz chuckled slightly and turned over. Isabel reached over and moved some strands of hair from Liz's face.

        "Do you want me to leave..." Isabel said

        "No!" Liz stated quickly, "I think I just need the company."

        "Well you have it...but you should really read it. It's the only way you'll know." Isabel said

        "I know." Liz said as she picked up the letter. Slowly Liz tore open the sealed paper and pulled out the letter and put her fingertips on the corners, ready to open it but then stopped. "I can't...I just can't!" she said

        Isabel frowned. "Okay that's it!" she stated as she stood up. "Liz, since I've known you I have seen you grow. In that time I've learned to be you're friend, I've learned to respect you and I really, really care about you. Serena may have put you through a whole lot of crap but the Liz I'm seeing right now is not the one that I know and it's not the one I've shared a bed with! Now ready the damned letter!"

        Liz just looked up at Isabel and then unfolded the paper, reading it aloud.


        Dear Liz, My little girl, we've learned so much about you in the last couple of days that you're mom and I have no idea where to begin. Last night, when mom was putting some washing in you're room she found you're journal. We tried not to read it, we knew how you felt about it but we needed more answers. After reading even the first few entries...

        We've never been prouder of you Liz. What you've managed to deal with, with Max is incredible and if there was anything I could do to make the FBI pay for what they did to him I would do it but I couldn't put any of you in danger again. Right now you're safe and that's all that matters!

        You would probably love meeting you're temporary replacement here. In every respect she is identical to you but it's still hard to see you and know that it isn't you. Amy, Jim, Philip, Diane, Charles and Janet all feel the same. We know that you're all there to bond with each other; to help you become a closer family but we just want you home as soon as possible.

        You're mom just brought up something! No doubt you're concerned about how we feel about the situation with Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. I don't want to say too much in case...Liz, Max saved you're life. That's all I need to know about the boy and while IT does take a little getting used to I know that we will. If you say that you truly love him then we'll be with you and by you're side when every you need us.

        I don't know how you spend you're time on that island but I hope that everything is going smoothly and that Tess isn't causing too much trouble for you and Max. Please write to us soon and let us know how you're all doing. Enjoy you're little vacation and BE GOOD.

        All my love, Dad ****

        Liz had a tear rolling down her cheek. She could almost hear her dad speaking the words and she missed home and her parents terribly. When she was done speaking, Isabel sat down next to her and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her cheek.

        "See, they're okay with it." Isabel said

        Liz wiped the tear from her eye, "Yeah."

        "So, how about you get changed and go pay a visit to my brother?" Isabel asked, "you know he's gonna be dying until he finds out if you're folks are fine with him dating you."

        "What about Alex? He might be with Max just now." Liz said

        Isabel smiled. "You let me take care of Alex! He's a little frustrated after our little show this afternoon."

        Liz looked directly into Isabel's eyes. "You did finish him off today didn't you?"

        "He needed a little motivation to be with Max." Isabel said to justify her action

        Liz smiled, shook her head and jumped up off the bed. She moved over to the wardrobe, ready to pull something out to change into but then stopped.

        "What do I wear?" she asked Isabel

        "Actually I was thinking about the second drawer on the left." Isabel said with a smirk. She had found what was in that drawer after coming back from the bathroom in the morning and couldn't wait to see Liz in it.

        Liz moved over to the drawer and opened it. Slowly she pulled out a white silk negligee that had a split up the leg and a low cut chest.

        "Iz, I can't wear this..." Liz said as she held the garment to her body

        "Sure you can." Isabel said as she stood up. "You are going to go to Max and get him into bed."

        Isabel moved behind Liz and took the negligee from her, grabbed the sides of Liz's t-shirt and pulled it off over her head, leaving the brunette topless. Gently Isabel caressed Liz's arms and slipped her arms around to cup the smaller girls breasts while kissing the back of her neck. Slowly the blonde slid her hands down to Liz's shorts and played with the button. Liz thought that Isabel planned on stripping her but instead, as the button became undone, Isabel thrust her hand deep inside her shorts and panties.

        Liz arched her back against Isabel, biting her lower lip as Isabel's fingers found their way into her @#%$.

        "Hmmmmmmm!" Liz purred, "Isabel what doing?"

        "Having some fun before my brother gets his grubby little paws on you." Isabel said before nibbling on her ear

        Isabel pushed her fingers deep inside Liz, her other arms was wrapped tightly around Liz's torso, pulling her tightly against her body. Liz's hips gyrated, grinding themselves against Isabel's palm as she tried to get closer.

        "IS...ISABEL...OH GODDDDDD!" Liz screamed as wave after wave of pleasure caused her body to convulse as Isabel found her clit with her thumb.

        Isabel smiled, as the human lay limp in her arms. Slowly she removed her hand from Liz's shorts and turned her around, kissing her passionately as Liz tried to pull off Isabel's shirt but the blonde grabbed her hands to stop her.

        "But..." Liz started to say

        "No...this was for you." Isabel said as reached down to open the zipper on the shorts.

        Isabel sank to her knees, pulling the shorts off as she went. Then came Liz's underwear and then Isabel stood back up, picking up the silk negligee from the drawers and dressed Liz in it. When Liz reached into the drawer for some underwear Isabel stopped her.

        "You wont need those." Isabel said

        Liz straightened the fabric with her hands while Isabel untwisted the thin shoulder straps. Slowly Isabel ran her hands through Liz's hair, the two girls just smiled as they gazed into each other's eyes.

        "I can't believe I'm gonna do this." Liz said as Isabel touched her cheek

        "Just give me ten minutes to make sure Alex is...distracted! Then you go to Max." Isabel said softly before giving a Liz a gently peck on her lips.

        Hallway In The Guys Area, 10 Minutes Later

        Liz had sneaked her way through the common room and into the guy's sleeping area. When she was about to pass Alex's room she spotted Alex and Isabel, tight against the wall. Isabel had her leg wrapped around Alex as they rolled along the wall and fell into Alex's room, the door slamming behind them. Quietly Liz tiptoed up to the door and pressed her ear against it. All she could hear was muffled moans from Alex; Liz knew that once again Isabel was using her oral talents on her boyfriend.

        She progressed down the network of halls and found Max's door and knocked on it. From in side she heard Max say "Come In!" and she opened the door. She found Max sitting at his desk, reading the letter from his mother but in his envelope there was something else - two group photographs. The first was the teens, taken just before they left to go to the dance. As Liz looked at it she remembered thinking that that would have been the last time they would be all together like that. She never imagined how right she was until now - they were all together now...permanently! The second picture was of the adults, taken in the exact place in the Crashdown where the first was taken and while they were not together like their children, they were together!

        When Max looked up and saw Liz standing at his door dressed in the white silk, he couldn't help but look over the length of her beautiful body and he stood up. Slowly he moved over to her, both looking into each other's eyes like love struck teenagers...which is what they were.

        "You look so beautiful." Max sighed as he began to wrap his arms around her

        "I love you Max." Liz said as her arms circled Max and they came together in a loving, heated kiss.

        Liz pulled off Max's shirt as they moved over to the bed. Right now everything they had been through was history, they belonged to each other and only each other. Their relationships with Isabel and Alex were for tomorrow. Gently Max lay Liz down on the bed and then he moved on top of her.

        Liz brought her leg up; the split of the negligee fell away and exposed her naked leg to Max's hand, which began to caress her soft skin. As the looked to each other Max sat up and hooked his fingers around the shoulder straps. Ever so slowly he inched the silk down her body, stripping her of the delicate fabric that concealed her form from his gaze. When needed Liz arched her body and allowed Max to pull the negligee completely off her body and down her legs.

        By the time it hit the floor Max's boxers joined it. The two took a minute to glare over each other's bodies for the first time. Max cupped Liz's cheek before slowly sliding his hand down over her breast and down to her hip. Soon he was back on top of her; Liz could feel his erection pressing into her thigh. Max reached in between her thighs and found her wet, from her earlier activities with Isabel but he didn't know that.

        "Make love to me Max." Liz quietly begged

        "I love you so much Liz. I'm never going to let anything come between us again." Max stated as he parted her legs and moved between them.

        As Liz ran her hand over Max's chest, her free hand reached down to hold Max's hard length and positioned at her slit. Max silently asked the question with a look and Liz nodded. They never lost eye contact as Max slowly pushed his @#%$ into Liz.

        "God Liz, your so...tight." Max gasped as he felt Liz's virginity with the tip of his @#%$.

        "Please Max!" Liz begged

        Max slowly pulled out and quickly thrust back in hard, tearing away her hymen and burying his dick deep within his love. Liz had a tear running down from her eyes and Max remained motionless as he allowed Liz to become accustomed to the feel of his length inside her. Max lifted his hand up and with his index finger he wiped away the tear. He then reached down to her abdomen and used his powers to take the pain away. Liz felt a warm glow fill her body and felt it intensify as Max gently began to move inside her.

        "Max..." Liz gasped as she began to move her hips in time with Max's

        " feel so good!" Max groaned as he began to take long strokes

        Liz lifted and locked her legs behind Max's butt; her hands were on his head as their bodies glided against each other. Liz's breasts were crushed against Max's hard chest, her nipples scrapped against his as the made love. They tried not to break their eye contact but as the pleasure wracked through their bodies, sometimes they just had to close them.

        "Yes...oh god...MAX...YESSS!" Liz cried out as her body became coated with a fine layer of sweat.

        "Uh...Ugh...Ughhhh...oh god Liz!" Max groaned before capturing her lips with his

        Their kiss was frenzied, just like the movement of their hands as they explored each other. Liz was screaming into his mouth, her hips rocked back and forth as Max thrust into her. Just then they both glowed, a light so bright that it could be seen from the outer edges of the door in the hall but it lasted only a microsecond. Their glands were stimulated and both produced the pheromone that surrounded them in an invisible mist but without Liz being with Tess is wasn't stable enough to have any affect on Max. Both arched their backs, pressing themselves against each other.

        "YES...GOD...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" Liz screamed

        "LIZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Max called out and shot his semen deep into Liz's womb.

        The lover's collapsed back down onto the bed. Liz's legs were like jelly and limply splayed out to the sides of Max. Slowly Max withdrew of @#%$ from Liz and rolled over beside her, he wanted to remove his weight from her and make her as comfortable as possible. Liz rolled over and rested her head on Max's chest, he used his powers to lift the sheet up over their bodies and it was that way that they remained for the rest of the night.

        Cloud 9 Motel, Somewhere in California

        As Max and Liz were enjoying themselves and cementing their relationship, Serena had a guy pounding away between her legs. She had picked him up in a bar and dragged him back to the motel with the promise of free, carefree sex. It was a usual routine for Serena; she must have had a hundred guys in her bed since she split from Tess and took over Ava's body.

        With loud grunts and groan her anonymous man shot deep into her. Once again Serena was not entirely satisfied. She had never found a man that could make her cum and hated the fact but this guy did get her damned close.

        Slowly he rolled off her, gasping for breath.

        "Damn were hot!" he said as he got hold of his breath

        "Yeah." Serena said as she sat up in bed and lit a cigarette, "You were not bad yourself."

        The guy jumped off the bed and started to pull on his boxers.

        "You know, you were great...if you're ever in the neighbourhood you should give me a call." He said

        "Thanks...but that's not gonna happen!" Serena said as she stood up

        "Pity. Why not?"

        "Cause you'll be dead in about 5 seconds." Serena explained and turned to face him

        He thought she was kidding but then saw the look in her eyes. Serena quickly raised her hand and used her powers. He screamed in fear and in agony as the energy surrounded him but then he fell silent as he felt to his knees before crumpling into a pile of dust.

        "You're good babe, just not good enough to keep around!" Serena said

        She moved over to the window and opened it. Then by using her powers to create a gust of wind she blew the dust out of the window and dispersed it, leaving nothing behind as evidence. She pulled out a bunch of papers from under the mattress and put them on a desk where she sat down and started to work on it. The documents were filled with equations, procedures and alien text.

        She had been working on this for months and now after finding the Granolith Crystal in Oregon she was closer to her goal. All she had to do was finish her work and work out the precise calculations to complete her plan. Max and those other pathetic hybrids loved this planet so much she wanted to end it, screw Kivar and his plans for Antar all she ever wanted was Max, now all she wants is revenge and Kivar & Nicholas were a means to an end.

        "Not bad Alex!" she said to herself, "You were close...too bad I had to bring you back before you could finish."

        She pulled out one of the hexagonal devices and plugged in her latest calculation. It buzzed to life and then it spoke. "Simulation effect. Omega Wave not generated at sufficient power. Re- Genesis - 56.3 percent probability. 30% increase."

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