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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 6

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 5, 2003

        On The Beach, 10:00

        When everyone was fed and everything cleaned away they came out to the surface to begin their exploration of the island that would be their home for a while.

        " do we do this?" Alex asked

        "How about we split up?" Maria suggested, "2 teams?"

        "Yeah! Me, Isabel, Max and Alex. Then you guys!" Liz suggested

        The two groups split apart. Liz's headed around the beach while Maria's started through the jungle, following a small stream that flowed into the sea.

        2 Hours Later...

        Maria's group had tracked the stream to a large pond at the base of a cliff, surrounded by rocks with a waterfall trickling into it. The entire setting was surreal and the perfect place to set up and have lunch. As Michael and Kyle lay out a blanket and took the food out of a backpack, Maria and Tess sat on one of the rocks. They had taken of their sneakers and had their feet dangling in the cool water.

        Tess gave a subtle stare to Kyle and then looked back at Maria. "Now?" she whispered

        Maria looked as Michael took off his shirt, his naked chest glistened as the humidity effected him. "Oh yeah!" Maria whispered with lust

        Tess rested her hand on Maria's thigh, gently caressing it. The plan was simple; turn Kyle and Michael on so much that any resistance they felt would be irrelevant. The only method that Maria could come up with was being with Tess, going all the way right in front of them if need be. Tess didn't mind one bit!

        While Kyle was pouring out some orange juice he looked up to see his girlfriend slid her fingers under the leg of Maria's shorts. At first he didn't think much of it but then he quickly did a double take and stared intently at the contact. Slowly he sat back and indicated to Michael who sat next to him, beginning to watch the show.

        Slowly Maria leaned forward and kissed Tess softly on her lips. Tess then began to kiss her way around to Maria's ear on the side the guys couldn't see.

        "They're already watching us." Tess whispered as she began to nibble on Maria's ear.

        The sensation caused Maria to gasp and close her eyes while tilting her head slightly. As Tess moved her hands up to Maria's waist, Maria opened her eyes and looked directly at Michael and Kyle, smiling at them. Both of the men looked at each other and them back to the scene. Michael knew that Maria was putting this on for them but he couldn't care less - he wanted to see it.

        Maria grabbed hold of Tess's t-shirt and pulled it over her head. For the first time Maria saw more of the alien blondes body than she ever hand before. Kyle and Michael's eyes almost burst out of the sockets but Kyle raised his hand to cover Michael's vision. The last thing he wanted was for Michael to be looking at his girl's body but Michael pulled the hand away.

        Just then Tess looked over at them and gave them an equally lustful smile as Maria had done. The human girl bent forward and captured a nipple with her teeth and bit down, causing Tess to cry out. Tess needed to lie back before she fell into the water; Maria sensed this and eased her back onto the warm stone. With delicate movements Maria trailed her hand down from Tess's cheek, between her tits and down to her shorts where she unbuttoned them and slowly pulled down the zipper.

        Tess lifted her hips, allowing Maria to pull the shorts off her body along with her white panties and leaving her completely naked. Maria kissed Tess's belly before sitting back up and pulling her own top off, Tess used her powers to unfasten her shorts, which Maria shimmied out of. Both girls looked at each other, Maria bending over Tess's head, gently stroking her hair. Then they both looked over to their men and were pleasantly surprised to see them kissing each other hard.

        Maria looked back down at Tess and smiled before kissing her with equal passion before dragging her into the water.

        "Mariaaaaa!!" Tess giggled as she became completely submerged.

        As she surfaced she began to splash Maria who then countered. They were completely submerged up to their waist, both moving and jumping playfully to avoid the water that was sent their way. Michael and Kyle had parted and looked at each other when they heard the laughing and giggling coming from the water. The moved away from each other and over to the rocks where they watched the girls play.

        The cold water had Maria and Tess's nipples sticking out proudly and when Maria realised that once again they were being watched. They stopped their little game, moved closer to each other and stood in front of the waterfall facing the guys. Maria draped her arm over Tess's shoulder while Tess moved her hand across Maria's back and down to rest her hand on her hip.

        Michael quickly stripped out of his clothes and moved into the pool, drawn by the allure of Maria's body. His dick stood proud before him and both girls smiled.

        "Looks like you're one hell of a lucky girl." Tess whispered in her ear

        Then Kyle stripped and Tess got a look at his dick.

        "You too!" Maria teased

        Both men advanced toward the pair but they stepped back and Maria shook her finger at them.

        "Sorry boys allowed!" Maria said and them turned her head to kiss Tess while her free hand stroked her breast. Rolling the pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

        The guys just groaned, their dicks becoming harder. Tess moved Maria over to where the waterfall splashed on the rocks and sat her down on them. Gently she knelt down in the water and parted Maria's legs, staring at Maria's core before turning back to the guys.

        "'t let us from stopping you two enjoying yourselves!" Tess said as her eyes glanced down at their dicks. "It looks like you need it."

        Tess then turned back to Maria; water splashed down on to her and ran down her body, stimulating her senses. She kissed her inner thigh before moving down to her lower lips, taking her clit into her mouth.

        "ARGHHHHHHHHHH!" Maria cried out, her voice echoing through the jungle. When Liz's group heard it they just looked at each other. Isabel and Liz smiling as they realised that Maria was certainly enjoying herself.

        Tess cupped Maria's left breast while her other hand trailed the outer edge of Maria's cunt; sending shivers right the way through her body. Then, ever so gently, Tess pushed two of her fingers as far as they would go into Maria's virgin passage.

        "GODDDDDDD!!!!! TESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Maria screamed as she rested on of her legs on Tess's shoulder as she ate her. She lay back on the rocks, providing her the support she needed.

        Slowly, as waves of pleasure arched like electricity through her nervous system, she opened her eyes to look at the guys. They had given into their lust and the attraction they felt to each other. Michael stood behind Tess's boyfriends, holding Kyle's cock firmly in his hand and pumping his hard length. Maria smiled, she took Tess's hand from her breast and put her fingers into her mouth, using them to muffle her screams but her moans still filled the local area.

        Tess kept looking up at Maria as she squirmed under the loving touch of her lips and tongue. On the other side of the pond, Kyle pushed his hips back against Michael. Both staring intently at the all-girl action taking place before them, they wanted to cum but soon they were too wrapped up in each other, gone were all the feelings of confusion and resentment at what they had to do. They wanted each other and they both now accepted it! Michael pushed Kyle forward so that they were right next to their girlfriends. He bent Kyle over and pushed inside him, as Michael thrust in and out of him Kyle pushed his hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

        Everyone was sweating, not just from their activities but also from the heat and humidity. Michael muscles rippled as he moved, one of his hands stayed on Kyle's hip while his free hand ran along his back. They all groaned and moaned as they sought pleasure from each other. Tess was revelling in her first taste of female flesh and Michael closed his eyes tightly as the tight feel of Kyle squeezed on his cock.

        Just then both Michael and Maria came hard. Michael pulled out of Kyle and shot his load everywhere. When Maria reached her climax she looked down to Tess and bent forward, kissing the other blonde with raw heat. At the same time, the eyes and the wrists of the two aliens began to glow, as the glands to produce the pheromone were no awake and no longer dormant.

        When Maria broke the kiss to looked into Tess's eyes. She was eager for her new lover to experience the same pleasure that had just been bestowed upon her. Tess moved from between Maria's legs and the two swapped places.

        "If I'm anywhere near as good as you are, you're gonna love this!" Maria whispered.

        The two looked over to Michael and Kyle. Michael had taken Kyle's dick into his mouth, sucking on it as Kyle groaned. Maria kissed Tess and then moved down her body until her face was inline with her alien lover's soaked core. She descended and captured the small bud with her mouth before beginning to lick with her tongue. Maria speared into Tess as she moved her hand up around her legs to a point where she could use her thumb to apply pressure to Tess's clit.

        "UGHHHHH Maria...Uhhhhhhhhh!" Tess called out

        "GUUUHHHHHHH...Michael!" Kyle groaned out from beside them, his hand placed firmly on Michael's head.

        The sounds of pleasure coming from Tess's boyfriend at the hands of Michael stimulated her. She moved her tongue faster into Tess, her free hand had moved round to caress the soft skin of her ass. Tess was close and Maria knew it so she bit down on Tess sending a massive shockwave up her body and causing her to cum. Tess had her hand caressing Kyle's arm at the time and the feel of Tess's touch was enough to send him over the edge as well as he came in Michael's mouth.

        The entire area became saturated with the purple mist that was emitted from the two aliens. As Kyle and Maria breathed it in their eyes started to glow and then their wrists. Eventually they all sank back down into the water, both couples languished in each other's arms as they tried to regain control of their senses.

        "That is so gonna land us a permanent place in Hell!" Maria breathed out as she looked up into the sky.

        "But totally worth it!" Tess responded as snuggled against Maria

        As Maria looked over to Michael she stood up in the water and sat down in his lap, her arms wrapped around him as they watched Tess move next to Kyle.

        "So any more...concerns?" Maria asked softly as she felt Michael soft dick on the underside of her thighs.

        "No babe, none!" Michael whispered huskily back to her

        "Good!" Maria stated and kissed him, her tongue penetrating deep into his mouth. Michael could taste Tess on Maria as she could taste Kyle.

        Tess and Kyle were having a similar conversation as he gently stroked the skin of her breast. Tess was resigned to the fact that later on she would be visiting Kyle in his room tonight, as well as the fact that she would be waking up in the morning with Maria beside her. Tess used her powers and pulled her watch over to her and looked at the time, she found that they had spent nearly 2 hours in this pool... she would have to tell Isabel about this 'special place'.

        "Guys, we should probably go find the others!" Tess said loudly enough to break them all out of their current state of mind and back to reality. They all knew that a major step had been taken. While they were all eager to return home they knew that it would only happen after making love to the others. Right now they were just looking forward to spending more time with their current lovers.

        They all dressed, ate some food and packed everything up. As Maria passed Kyle, he couldn't help but look at the ass of the girl who just caused his girl to scream out loud. When Tess caught his glance she moved in front of him and waved.

        "Hey you, don't you get any ideas!" Tess said

        Kyle chuckled, "Relax my love. Just admiring an attractive bod...she doesn't hold a candle to you. Besides, I spotted a little glance your way from Michael." He said

        "Really?" Tess asked, slightly perky.

        Kyle got a little jealous and Tess saw it, "Relax babe, just teasing. But I think we better just remember who is dating who and the fact that you're parents are seeing each other!" she said

        "Got that right." Michael said as he walked by them and looked at Kyle.

        Maria also heard the conversation and pulled Michael in for a deep kiss. "You better remember that too. She is mine...and Kyle's!" she stated bluntly

        "Got it...and you're mine...and Tess's!" Michael said before kissing her again.

        The group climbed up the rocks of the cliff and continued to follow the remained of the stream through the trees.

        Elsewhere on the Island, An Hour Earlier

        While the other quartet was having the time of their lives, Liz and the others had found their own little hideaway. They were in a small cove on the other side of the island that was encased with a line of rock that circles against the ocean. It looked as though it was the top of an underwater volcano and the island was formed from a previous eruption. On all sides of them were trees and just before them the ocean water lapped up on their feet. Each of them were lying back in the sand, the sun beating down on them as they ate away at their own lunch.

        It was then that Isabel decided to fulfil her promise to Liz and put on a show with Alex for her. She told Alex that she wanted to speak to him but as they left she winked at Liz, indicating that it was time. The couple disappeared into the trees and a few minutes later Liz decided to follow them.

        "Max, I'll be back in a few minutes." Liz said and Max nodded. He was on the verge of sleep as he lay in the sand.

        Liz jogged off into the trees, in the general direction of Isabel and Alex. Then through some bushes she spotted them, Isabel had Alex pressed up against a tree, his arms hung limply by his sides as she kissed him. Liz sat back in the bushes, enjoying her view, as she lay hidden by the foliage.

        After a couple of minutes Alex started to get involved with the kiss. He brought his hands up, one caressed Isabel's cheek while the other was placed on her waist. Soon he moved his hand around and grabbed hold of Isabel's butt, pulling her closer to him. Isabel broke the kiss, her skin was flushed as she smiled and looked at him.

        "I love you Alex!" she breathed out softly

        "I love you too!" he responded just as softly

        Liz had heard her friend and her new girlfriend speak and smiled warmly. She was happy for them but then jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

        "Ohhhh!" she said suddenly as her heart jumped, "God Max you scared me!" she whispered

        "What are you doing here?" Max asked before looking in the direction in which Liz was looking

        "Max, don't do anything...don't do the whole brother thing, just let them have this." Liz begged

        Max calmed himself but then heard a zip being undone. Both he and Liz looked to the other couple and looked as Isabel dropped to her knees before Alex.

        "Okay I so don't need to see this. Let's go!" Max said and took Liz's hand.

        Liz forced her self to look away as Isabel took Alex into her mouth and started to bob her head back and forth. Silently she and Max left and returned to the cove. Just as they were about to leave the tree line, Max stopped and turned Liz to face him.

        "Max?" Liz asked

        Max ran his fingers through Liz's hair and looked into her eyes.

        "Isabel set that up for you!" Max said with realisation

        " was payment for the little show we gave the others yesterday." Liz said, "Of course I wasn't expecting the blow..."

        "Ah...don't say it! I don't want to even think about what I almost saw." Max said

        "Max, Isabel was just enjoying spending some time with the man she loves. Just like you and me." Liz said

        "I'm still her brother Liz! Some things a brother should not know about his sister and vice versa." Max said

        "I suppose...but what about you and Alex?" Liz asked

        "Things are progressing." Max said cryptically

        "Sounds you want me and Isabel to disappear for a while?" Liz asked


        "Max, it's okay!" Liz said

        "No it's not that. It's just...I'm not comfortable talking about it." Max said

        "Well, in that case when Isabel gets back I'll take her for a walk. If something happens between you and Alex - fine!" Liz said

        Together the couple moved back down to the shoreline, hand in hand. As much as they wanted to make love to each other right here on the beach, they both resisted. Liz wanted Max to have his time with Alex before they were together, and if he was still having problems then having Max frustrated was the best bet of accomplishing what they had to do.

        Back in the trees, Alex had his fist tightened by his side as pressure built in his balls under the tender administrations of Isabel. She was driving him insane but all of a sudden she stopped and stood back up, tucking his dick back into his shorts and zipping him up. Alex looked very confused at Isabel; he was so close that it was maddening that Isabel would have stopped when she did.

        "Sorry sweetie, someone else needs this!" Isabel said while rubbing his rock hard dick through his shorts.

        "Isabel...please!" Alex begged

        "Uh huh. Alex, you and Max have some things to deal with. Liz and I agreed earlier, as much as we want to be with you two, you two need to be with each other." Isabel said. She reached down and used her powers to take a little bit of the edge off and soften his dick. At the very least it would give him the ability to walk fully up right.

        When they rejoined Max and Liz, they found them rolling in the sand, kissing passionately as they ran their hands along each other. When they realised that once again they were being watched they stopped and looked up at the others.

        "Hey guys!" Liz said

        "Hey!" Isabel responded as she looked at the brunette.

        Liz and Max stood up and there was an uneasy silence between them. After a minute Liz shook her head.

        "Isabel, want to go for a walk?" she said as she started to move

        "Yeah, thanks." Isabel said as she followed her.

        When they were far enough away from their men Isabel looked back at them and then to Liz.

        "So did I do good?" Isabel asked

        "Oh you did very good, I give a 9.9...too bad Max showed up." Liz said

        "WHAT??" Isabel yelled but the quieted her voice, "What?"

        "He showed up, he wondered where I had gotten to." Liz said

        " much did he see?" Isabel asked

        "He...uh...saw you going on to your knees!" Liz said

        "Oh my god! No wonder he couldn't look me in the eye back there." Isabel said

        "Relax, he pulled me away before you really got started." Liz said, "But who knew you were that much of an exhibitionist?"

        "I know, I still can't believe I was going to do that in front of you." Isabel said, "Do you think they'll be okay back there?"

        "How about we just worry about us?" Liz said before grabbing Isabel's head and pulling her down into a scorching hot kiss.

        Slowly they both sank down to their knees, Isabel's hands creeping up under Liz's shirt and cupping her breasts. The girls stripped of their tops and Liz latched her mouth onto one of Isabel's nipples, licking it, nibbling on it and tormenting the hell out of Isabel as she made love to her friend's bosom.

        At the cove, Max and Alex were making up for when Michael had interrupted them. After the girls left them they had decided to cool off and go for a didn't work out that way! They didn't want to get their clothes wet so they stripped naked and went into the water but instead of cooling them off, their blood boiled as they stole glances at each other.

        When they returned to the shore they lay in the wet sand as the waves lapped over them. They pressed their hard lengths against each other as they held their bodies tightly, kissing each other with passion.

        "Can you believe we're doing this?" Alex asked as he ran his hand over Max's tight muscles.

        "Yes!" Max said bluntly but with heat.

        Slowly they crawled further up onto the shore. Max wasn't sure what to do so he decided to take the initiative and shifted his position so that they were in the opposite positions from each other. Max angled Alex's dick and took it into his mouth, he had received a flash that told him that Isabel didn't finish him off but rather she left it for her brother.

        Alex groaned out loudly, loud enough for Liz and Isabel to hear them and causing them both to look at their direction.

        "See I told you they'd be fine." Liz said before going back down on Isabel causing her to cry out.

        Alex squirmed as he tried to push his cock further into Max's mouth but as he opened his eyes he could see Max's length close to his own mouth. Within seconds they were in a sixty-nine, giving each other pleasure. It didn't take long for them to shoot their loads into each other's mouth. When it happened, Max's pheromone glands woke up and released their vapour, which Alex breathed in, causing similar organs to form within Alex's wrists. Their eyes were glowing brightly as they looked at each other.

        As they returned to their senses they met up with Liz and Isabel who were finishing getting dressed. Neither pair had to guess what they other were up to. Max looked at his watch and realised that it was getting late and that they should probably meet up with Maria and the others.

        Facility Entrance, The Beach, 16:00

        As the two groups approached each other, everyone smiled and greeted each other. They all had a glow that could not be mistaken, everyone had fun and not one person minded the uniqueness of their situation... at least until another set of hybrids that had human relationships could be found.

        When they all moved to within a couple of feet from each other, their eyes glowed brightly with a pale blue light. As they looked at their wrists they spotted the points glowing once again. It was then that they knew that they would be tied together for the rest of their lives. They still had some bonding to do, Liz and Tess in particular but that was a problem for further down the line. Today was a good day!

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