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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 5

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 31, 2003

        Waiting Room, Alpha 1, Early the Next Morning

        Liz and Isabel were still asleep in each other's arms but Kalen had transported them and their bed back into the room where they had woken up in yesterday. An alarm light they had in the observation room indicated to them that the girls were the first ones to overcome any issues they had and have sex with each other. The result was all observation equipment being shut down, giving them privacy! Kalen had brought them here, as he knew that a few of the events during their mating would need some answers, especially with someone like Liz.

        Eventually Liz woke up and felt Isabel's arm draped over her. As she remembered last night's events a smile crossed her face and turned to face Isabel who was already awake.

        "Hey!" Liz said, "Good morning."

        "A very good morning!" Isabel responded as she looked up and spotted that they were no longer in their bedroom.

        When Liz saw the concern cross her lovers face she too looked around, both girls sitting up and used the silk sheet to cover their bodies. Then both say Kalen in the corner.

        "Christ Kalen, what the hell do you think your doing?" Isabel said loudly

        "Forgive me Isabel but I thought you'd both have questions about last night. I felt it would be better if we did this now and in private!" Kalen said

        Both girls looked at each other and remembered when small points began to glow on their wrist and when they became surrounded in a purple mist.

        "Yeah, okay." Isabel said as she continued to hold the sheet above her breasts

        "When we...uh...well there was a small glow thing." Liz said, "Then there was a mist!"

        "The pheromone is produced by two glands that are just below the pulse in the wrist, that is what the glow was. In Isabel, as this was your first time, it would have stimulated the glands. Effectively waking them up and producing a form of the pheromone! For you Liz, as you breathed in the vapour, the glands would have been formed. The glowing of your eyes is a result of your bodies accepting the changes." Kalen explained

        "So will that happen every time?" Isabel asked

        "No, usually the pheromone has no colour. Normally you wouldn't see it, as for the glowing...with Isabel it wont happen again but as it is your body will eventually reject what has happened. To stabilise it you would..."

        "I would need to be with Tess!" Liz said with understanding.

        "Are you going to be able to do that?" Isabel asked as she took a hold of Liz's hand under the sheet

        "I'm not sure. It may not have been her that did all those things but it's still the same face." Liz said

        "Well its not like the two of you have to jump into bed with her immediately. The rejection is estimated to happen only after a year. Liz, you do have plenty of time to accept Tess, get to know the real her and then when you're comfortable you will take her as a lover!" Kalen said

        "You seem pretty sure about that?" Liz stated

        "We've been watching you for a while now. I know we've only just met but I like to think that I know you at least a little bit." Kalen said

        "So...what now?" Isabel asked

        "Well if you want to I can send you back to your room. The others are still asleep!" Kalen said

        "Yeah, thanks Kalen!" Liz said

        Kalen stood up and pressed a button on the wall, sending both girls and their bed back to their room.

        Liz & Isabel's Bedroom, Immediately Following

        After they arrived back in their room both girls released the sheet and relaxed, as they were once again alone. They sank back down into the bed, their legs gliding against each other.

        "So..." Liz said

        "So..." Isabel said

        "What do you want to do now? It'll probably be a few hours before the others are up." Liz said

        "Hmmm" Isabel thought it over, "There is a nice large bathtub in the bathroom!" she suggested

        "I thought that was just a bunch of showers and sinks?" Liz said

        "Oh I did a little exploring by myself, it was in the corner and covered...but I know where it is!" Isabel said

        "Hmm...clever you!" Liz said before kissing Isabel passionately on her lips.

        They both got out of the bed, put on their robes and walked hand in hand down the halls to the bathroom.

        Alex's Room, Same Time

        Alex had the worst nights sleep of his entire life. He was awake all night thinking about Isabel and just how far he was willing to go to be with her. He had accepted what he had to do with Max almost without question and it was that which had him concerned. Up until now he was a completely heterosexual male who was deeply in love with one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Now he was considering sleeping with her brother! He was confused beyond belief; even if Isabel wanted him to do it he couldn't wrap his brain around it.

        As he pondered over it again he realised that he was getting harder. Partly from thoughts of Isabel but also from thoughts of Max and what it would be like to be with him, he needed to sit down and talk to Isabel, it was the only way! Quickly he jumped out of bed and left the room. Before he did anything else he needed to answer the call of nature as well as relieve a little tension that this imaginings conjured up.

        As he moved down the hall he checked the medical scanner tied around his bicep and before realising that he had gone right past the bathroom and straight to Max's room. He cautiously knocked on the door and Max answered it.

        "Alex...hey! What's up?" Max asked while wiping the sleep from his eyes.

        "Max, can we know about all of this?" Alex asked

        "Yeah sure, come on in." Max said and moved aside, allowing Alex to enter.

        Alex sat down on the seat at the desk while Max sat down on the bed.

        "So, you're having problems about have know...with me?" Max asked

        "You're not?" Alex asked with a little surprise

        "I was...until last night!" Max said

        "What happened last night?" Alex asked

        "I went to speak to Liz last night but before I got to her room I spotted a door with Isabel and Liz's names on it. I touched the door... it was incredible Alex! I only got a couple of second of it but they were completely into each other. Nothing mattered to them except pleasing each other. It was then that I realised that if Liz is willing to go through this for our future together then so will I." Max said, "I accepted what I saw without question. Hell I didn't even feel a little jealous. I knew they wanted each other but I also knew that Liz was in love with me and I had nothing to worry about."

        "What if they want to continue the relationship?" Alex asked

        "If that's what they both want them I'm fine with it...I actually just said that didn't I?" Max stated

        "Yeah you did!" Alex said, "'re okay with what the two of us have to do?"

        "Alex if it means Liz and I could one day have a family then I would even jump into bed with Pierce!" Max joked but was partly telling the truth. He would do almost anything! "Alex, there's no point in denying that since we came here I've attraction to you."

        "I've felt it too." Alex said while looking down at the floor.

        Max decided to go for broke. He lifted Alex's chin and kissed him, Alex suddenly tensed up but then he began to accept it and opened his mouth, allowing Max's tongue to enter him. Alex put his hand on the back of Max's head while Max put his hand on Alex's waist. As Alex began to adjust to what he was feeling, his free hand moved around and took hold of Max's dick through his boxer shorts.

        Max made a similar move and both of them began to groan while grinding both their hips against their hands. But just then there was a knock at the door, bursting both of them back into reality. Both looked at each other intensely, and then Max went to get the door after a second, louder knock came.

        Max opened the door and found Michael on the other side.

        "Michael! What's up?" Max asked

        Michael went further into his alien brother's room and spotted Alex. It didn't take a genius to realise what had happened in here. Both of them were flushed and had hard shafts that bulging in their boxers.

        "Uhhh, I...I was just wondering if we could talk...I'll come back later!" Michael said, trying to leave quickly

        "No Michael, it's okay!" Alex said, stopping Michael in his tracks. "I've got some stuff to do so I'll leave you two alone."

        Alex stood up and turned to leave but gave Max a subtle look that was not missed by Michael.

        "So, Michael...what can I do for you?" Max asked

        "Something you obviously don't have a problem with!" Michael stated.

        Max looked at his long time friend with concern. He knew that of all people here in the facility, it would be Kyle and Michael that would have the most problems.

        "Michael...I...oh fuck it! Here." Max said and extended his hand.

        Michael took it and Max formed a connection that transferred his flash from last night into Michael.

        "Michael, I don't have much of an issue with it any more. If you ever want to have kids then I suggest you get over it as well. I'm in love with Liz and I love my sister, if they want to be together then so be it. I've spoke to Liz last night and she is fine with this and I think that Isabel would have said the same to Alex. Maria and Tess are obviously willing, hell the heat coming off of with Maria Michael!" Max said

        "I already have!" Michael said


        "And I told her that it was okay for her to be with Tess." Michael said

        "And you and Kyle..." Max asked while shaking his head

        "She reminded me that his dad was dating her mother and that I should be...should be gentle!" Michael said quietly

        "Well...I'd say that constitutes an approval!" Max said


        "And I know you're feeling drawn to Kyle." Max said

        Michael looked away from Max.

        "Michael!" Max said, slightly annoyed

        "Yeah...okay! I want him!" Michael said, equally annoyed

        "Okay." Max said softly, "Listen, you don't have to be with him until you're ready. Just spend time with him...if it happens, it happens!"

        "Yeah going for breakfast?" Michael asked

        "I'm grabbing a shower first. You?"

        "I'll get some stuff started then get a shower." Michael said as he moved to the door, "Max...thanks, I'll see you later!"

        Michael then left. Max grabbed his robe and headed off to the bathroom.

        Girls Bathroom, A Few Minutes Later

        Isabel and Liz where soaking in the hot, steamy waters of the bath. It looked as though the bath was kept constantly full of clean water but by using a button on the edge soapy bubbles instantly appeared. Another button next to it activated a self-cleaning mechanism. Both of the girls were wrapped up in each other, kissing each other with equal passion, as they were last night. As they caressed each other's soaped up limbs Liz backed away from the kiss and smiled as she gazed into Isabel's eyes.

        "Isabel...before I fell asleep last night, you called me something." Liz quietly stated

        "Yeah." Isabel responded

        "You called me...Queen!" Liz said

        "Yes, what's the problem?" Isabel asked

        "Are you serious...Isabel I'm anything but a queen!" Liz said

        "Liz, you and Max are in this for the long haul. Max is the king and it's only a matter of time before you're walking down the aisle." Isabel said

        "Isabel we are no where near that!!!" Liz stated, "God, that's way, way in the future. Hell we haven't even had sex yet!"

        "Liz, you and Max have been ready to make love ever since you spent that night with him in the desert. Then Tess showed up and well..."

        "Yeah." Liz said and then looked down into the water. "I should never have walked away from you guys after the message." She said quietly

        Isabel wrapped her arms around Liz, "There was so many times I wish that you just ran back to him...but you thought it was the right thing to do and the two of you are back together now!" Isabel said reassuringly

        Liz smiled as she rested her head on Isabel's shoulder and then back up where their lips together once again.

        Outside in the hall...

        Tess had her ear firmly against the door, desperate to hear something juicy but at most she was hearing muffled voices. Maria came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Tess was completely startled and jumped up, quickly turning around and placing her hand over her heart.

        "Tess, what ya doin'?" Maria asked

        "I and Isabel are in there!" Tess said

        "So..." Maria said as she started to open the door

        "No, Maria wait..." Tess said quickly but was to late

        Maria opened the door and walked in while Tess looked in from the edge of the door, she wasn't surprised to see her best friend and Isabel in here. She was surprised to find them naked together in a bathtub; Liz's head tilted back, gasping for air as Isabel kissed along her neck and throat. The opening of the door started the girls and quickly parted.

        "So sorry!" Maria said as she backed up through the door, "Totally sorry!"

        Maria closed the door; Isabel and Liz slumped back against the edge of the bath. Maria's face was totally flushed as she leaned against the wall.

        "Are you okay?" Tess asked as she moved next to Maria

        "Oh yeah...Oh my god they looked"

        "Hot, beautiful, erotic...all of the above?" Tess said

        "Totally all of the above! One guess about how they spent their night!" Maria said

        "Got that right. The only way you get that close is either from having sex or you're about to...oh god you don't think we just interrupted them before their first time do you?" Tess said, very worried

        "Uh no! There was something in Liz's eyes...they definitely did it last night. Probably they were just about to again." Maria said, "They actually did it...way to go Liz!"

        "Yeah, I always thought you were the more adventurous one." Tess said as she looked into Maria's eyes

        "Oh I'm fact I have a little plan for the guys during out little walk." Maria said

        "Oh really? Tell me more!" Tess said with a sly grin as the two walked away to Tess's room.

        Girl's Bathroom, Immediately Following

        "They really have a bad sense of timing!" Isabel stated as Liz leaned against her while she washed the brunettes hair.

        "Actually, I think it was just Maria. Tess was listening in for a while before that!" Liz said

        "How'd you know?" Isabel asked as she continued to soap up the silken locks.

        "I don't know!" Liz said, as she pondered in the event. "I just did. Weird!"

        "Maybe just a little side effect from last night. It could have made you more aware of us!" Isabel said, referring to herself and Tess

        "Yeah, science experiments!" Liz said

        "Liz, sweetie, lets try not to bring the school mentality on our little vacation." Isabel requested as she stroked Liz's hair back

        Liz turned around and pecked Isabel on the lips, "Sorry Isabel, you're right, we should be enjoying ourselves!" she said as she wrapped her arms around Isabel's soft skin as they floated back into the middle of the tub.

        "Well we certain enjoyed last night." Isabel said

        "Got that right." Liz said as they latched together in another passion filled kiss.

        Together they dunked under the water. Both floated as they turned in the water, never letting each other or the kiss go. Isabel's hands moved up to Liz's hair and snaked her hands through it, rinsing the shampoo from it before they returned to the surface gasping for air.

        "What do you say about getting dressed and finding our boyfriends?" Liz said

        "Hmmm...I'd rather say in bed with you but good call. I need to see Alex, besides a little breakfast before we explore this little island could be good." Isabel

        "Just remember, you owe me a show!" Liz said as he hand reached down and cupped Isabel's arse.

        Isabel sighed and closed her eyes for a second. "Hmm, I always fulfil my promises...especially ones made to my lover's, and queens!"

        "Is..." Liz said shaking her head

        "Okay, okay...I wont call you that until it's official! But you better start getting used to it." Isabel said

        "Yeah...if my dad really doesn't mind the fact that I'm dating an alien." Liz said

        "I'm sure he's fine with it...well maybe not fine...concerned maybe but he'll accept it. Kalen did say they were surprisingly cool about finding our we're aliens." Isabel said

        "Yeah...I guess. Come one let's find food. You need a recharge after last night!" Liz said

        "Yell in that case you better eat a lot because I plan on wearing you out every night that we spend together." Isabel teased

        "That WE spend together?" Liz enquired

        "Well just because you haven't been with Tess yet doesn't mean you still can't be with Max. It just means that you wont get pregnant." Isabel said

        Liz looked up into Isabel's eyes and smiled warmly, "Yeah!" she said with realisation

        "Yeah!" Isabel said as she thought of Alex.

        The two girls left the tub and dried each other off before slipping on their robes. Isabel pressed one of the buttons with her big toe and the water began to spin and glow. After a few seconds it stopped, all the bubbles were gone and only 100% pure water remained in the tub.

        "We really need to get one of those at home!" Liz said

        "Maybe we could ask Kalen to arrange it." Isabel suggested

        Both girls smiled and walked back to their room. They didn't have time to check their room last night but they found that some of their clothing from their other rooms had been transported here. They dressed in t-shirts, no bras, tight shorts and boots! Everything a girl needs to tease her man while walking through a tropical jungle. As it turned out Maria and Tess had opted for similar attire but they had a gleam in their eyes when ever they looked at Michael and Kyle as they sat around the table. Isabel and Liz knew that they had something planned. From the looks of it Kyle and Michael were about to have a very good time!

        Under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Same Time

        "Well, well, well...Ava! And here I was thinking those freaks had taken you out!" Nicholas said

        "I'm not Ava, my name is Serena. And they're freaks? At least our skin doesn't peal off like that!" Serena said

        Nicholas's husk was nearing the end of its time. His skin was flaking, completely patched and blistered. Soon he would have no choice to go with his compatriots to a colder climate and abandon the husks. Somewhere close to the North Pole where the air was practically untouched would be their only chance for survival.

        "Serena? Ah yes...the human mind is coming through. It looks like Kalen's tech heads still can't work out all the bugs. So what can I do for you?" Nicholas asked

        "Simple, I want blood...specifically Max and Liz's!" Serena said, "I can't seem to get the boy past that mousy virgin so I want them dead."

        "Well as reasons go I guess it's as good as any." Nicholas said, "How can I help?"

        "Help me make them suffer. I want...need you to get a hold of their parents!" Serena


        "And torture them. Make them suffer enough so that their dreams echo the pain." Serena said

        "Ah, so that when Isabel dream walks them they'll all come running!" Nicholas said

        "That's the plan!" Serena said

        "What of Tess? Her powers negate your own." Nicholas said

        "And her powers are useless against me. Besides she wouldn't hurt... herself!" Serena said with a smile

        "You do know that Nasedo's deal with Kivar states that either Tess or yourself must deliver Max's heir to Kivar?"

        "So one of the ever righteous guardians was a traitor. Well we kill everyone else, I fuck him then kill him!" Serena said with a smile

        "My, my...a little black widow in the mix too I see." Nicholas said, "Very well, I will do as you ask but none of my operatives have been in the Roswell area for some's bad for the skin. It'll take some time for an intelligence report...we don't want to attract attention from the wrong sources.

        "Just get it done junior!" Serena said and walked away, taking out a nail file and became to file her nails. "I'll contact you in two days. Be ready!" she yelled back

        Nicholas smiled, once long ago two people he trusted the most, Kalen and Feln turned their back on him. They called him a traitor and would have nothing further to do with him. Kalen even went as far as to getting Nicholas exiled from Antar, it was then that Kivar found him, made him his senior general and sent him to Earth to undo the abominations and if necessary wipe the filth of humanity from the universe. Even if it meant the extinction of his own race, Kivar was fanatical enough to do it and Nicholas was beyond caring for anything. He only wanted to beat Kalen and Feln and undo their work. More than that, he wanted to see his older brothers burn!

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