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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 4

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 26, 2003

        Common Room, 18:00

        To return the favour of Kyle cooking them breakfast, Max and Liz decided to cook dinner. Eight 1 inch thick steaks along with roast potatoes were cooking away nicely in the oven, as they moved around each other their hands would touch "accidentally" and both felt shivers that caused them to stare longingly at each other. After a while Max couldn't take it anymore and he wrapped his arms around her hips. He lifted her up and sat Liz on the counter, while moving in between her legs.

        Liz ran her hands along Max's chest and up to his head where she ran her fingers through his hair. Max reached in and captured Liz's lips with his own, his tongue slipped into her mouth and gently caressed hers. Max ran his hand along her bare thighs, his fingertips sneaking just under her shorts.

        Max then broke the kiss and looked at Liz. Quickly he dived back down, the heat and raw passion of the kiss had now escalated. Max pushed his groin into Liz's crotch; he pulled the shoulder of her t- shirt down and started to kiss the exposed skin causing her to emit gentle sighs.

        "Huh hum!" came a sound from the door.

        Max and Liz jumped apart to see all of their friends standing at the doorway, smiling at them. They all moved further into the room and stopped in front of the table, Isabel folded her arms and smiled at her brother and his girlfriend - her soon to be lover!

        "Having a good time are we?" she asked, causing both of them to blush

        "" Max started

        "Max, chill! It's good to see you two back on track." Isabel said as she moved closer to Liz and brushed her fingers against Liz's arm.

        "Well now that you two have had your fun, is dinner ready?" Alex asked

        Max and Liz quickly looked at each other and then down to the oven. They had completely forgotten about the cooking food. As they examined the contents both sighed with relief and stood back up.

        "Nearly there!" Liz said.

        Maria and Tess opened the cutlery drawer and began to set the table while Michael grabbed salt, pepper and bottles of sauce, including Tabasco! After a couple of minutes Max started to dish out the food and Liz placed the plates on the table. Everyone sat down at the table and started to enjoy their dinner.

        "I wonder how our parents are doing?" Maria asked solemnly after a few minutes.

        "I know!" Liz said, "Even if they're fine with the whole alien thing, the fact that we're here and they're there..."

        "Yeah!" Max said

        "Hey maybe Kalen will let us call them or something!" Isabel suggested

        "Or at the very least post some letters to them!" Alex said

        "I'll ask him when we've cleaned up after this!" Max said

        For the next ten minutes of the meal the group talked about the island they were on. Maria blabbed that she couldn't wait to show Liz the beach. Everyone wondered what else was hidden in the small jungle that took up the surface of the island.

        Evans Residence, 19:00

        After their return from the Granolith Chamber, Valenti had filled the parents in on the details of their children's lives. With the memories that Feln provided them then they had a basis for understanding what the Sheriff was telling them and each of them was sickened at what the governments representatives in the FBI had done to Max and would probably do to the others. However they couldn't do anything about it or risk it happening again!

        "How are we supposed to pretend that nothing is different?" Nancy asked, "They could be gone for months and we wont know if they're okay!"

        Jeff moved over to his wife and held her, silently telling her that it would be okay.

        "For their sake we have to try and make this work. These replacements that they sent may not be our kids but everyone else has to believe it!" Jim said.

        The replicants had arrived just as Feln had told them. Mindless automatons with programmed memories and behaviour, just enough so that they would fit in and not draw any attention but the adults could see the difference. It was a coldness in the eyes, a lack of sparkle, that they hoped no-one else picked up on. The fakes went to the classes, answered questions and went to work. It was everything that the originals would normally have done during their day.

        It was hard for Jeff and Nancy to watch their daughter serving customers and yet know that she wasn't their daughter, Liz was somewhere else in the middle of the Pacific. Diane and Philip watched as Max and Isabel come home and then go into their rooms, it was the same for Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess. The parents had enquired as to what they were doing. All they saw was the replicants sitting at the desks with the hands hovering over books and papers, each doing their homework - it took only ten minutes! Then they just shut down.

        "How about we call Feln, maybe he can get a message to them. At the very least we need to try and let them know that we're okay with the..." Jeff said

        "With the fact that Liz is dating an alien?" Philip said

        "Pretty much!" Jeff responded, "Now that I know Max saved her life... that's all I need to know!"

        "Jim!" Philip said

        Valenti pulled the device out of his pocket and pressed a button. A wave of energy was emitted and Feln then appeared in the room.

        "That was fast!" Feln said, "Is there a problem?"

        "We were wondering if it's possible to speak to the kids? Even if it's just a phone call..." Jeff enquired

        "I'm afraid not! The island is isolated except from the main facility. It may be possible for me to relay some letters back and forth but I will have to check with Commander Kalen." Feln said

        "Thank you Feln, thank you so much...we just need to know that they're okay!" Nancy said

        "I'll speak to Kalen immediately! But I can assure you that they are fine! There is another matter you should be aware of...Sheriff, do you remember Ava?"

        "Oh yeah, things like that are not easy to forget!" Jim responded

        "Well there is a possibility that she is no longer on our side. We believe a darker personality has taken her over so if you see her contact me immediately, we are currently trying to track her down. She'll be using the name Serena!" Feln said

        "I'll keep an eye out! If she comes to Roswell, one of us will spot her!" Jim said

        Feln then vanished and the adults once again were alone. Eventually they all dispersed and went back to their homes.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

        Feln walked into the room to find several workers manning their stations and Kalen reading over several reports.

        "How are they doing?" Kalen asked

        "Fine, they're taking it much better than expected but they are missing their children!" Feln said

        "Well that was to be expected!" Kalen said

        "Yeah, they wanted to know if they could call them, I told them it was impossible! However I suggested that I would have to talk with you about sending mail back and forth." Feln said

        "Well sooner or later Max and the others will start to miss their parents. Yes, mail can be sent but deliver anything from the island though the human postal system. Lets not give the Skins anything to target!" Kalen said

        "The Skins haven't been to Roswell in quite some time, are you sure they're going to make a move soon?" Feln asked

        Kalen then looked at Feln, Feln then knew that something was up.

        "Okay, I'll bite! What's going on?" Feln asked

        "Serena was last seen checking out what's left of Copper Summit!" Kalen said

        "The Skins aren't there anymore right?" Feln asked

        "Yeah but Serena doesn't know that and we've kept surveillance equipment in the area just in case." Kalen said

        "So Serena's trying to hook up with the Skins! Max is gonna love this when we tell him!" Feln said but Kalen just looked at him, "We are going to tell them right?"

        "They've been raised as humans. What they've got to do over there is enough for them to deal with without having to worry about Serena." Kalen said

        "I guess!" Feln relented. "Has Lord Larek been in contact?"

        "Yes, I've informed him of everything!" Kalen said

        "Well I better get back to work. If you need me you know where to find me!" Feln said

        "Yeah just make sure you keep in contact...I hate having to go to L.A!" Kalen said

        "Really, I love it! And posing as a Shrink to the stars really gives me something to laugh at when I get home!" Feln joked

        "All I see is a city with enough pollution to wipe out Antar three times over!" Kalen said

        "Well yeah but all you need is an artificial epidermis to absorb the pollutants!" Feln said

        "Yeah right, those things really chafe!" Kalen said

        "Okay, I'll see you later...oh and say hi to mom when you speak to her next!" Feln said and then left.

        Liz's Room, Island 2, 21:00

        Liz and Max had spent a lot of time in her room together just talking. Eventually they decided to call it a night and then tomorrow they would explore this little paradise they were dumped on. After Max left and kissed her goodnight Liz began to examine the clothing she had been given. When she found something that sparked her interest a smile crossed her face and all thoughts immediately went to Isabel.

        She removed her clothes and pulled on a thong and tank top; identical to Isabel's chosen sleepwear last night except that it wasn't red it was black. Normally wearing this would have made Liz feel too exposed but there was something in the air that was causing her blood to boil. She needed to feel Isabel next to her and was about to grab her robe before leaving but decided against it.

        Liz left her bedroom and walked quickly down the hall. She was almost half way to Isabel's room when she saw her target coming towards her. When the pair saw each other they stopped and just looked over each other's bodies, both smiling with lust in their eyes. Ever so slowly they moved to each other.

        "You look good in this!" Isabel said as she ran the back of her hands down Liz's arms, brushing her fingertips against the side of her breast. The contact, although gentle, caused Liz to shake.

        "You look good too!" Liz said, seeing Isabel's nipples straining against the fabric of her own top.

        Both jumped at each other, wrapping their arms around each other as their mouths fused in a white-hot kiss. Isabel ran her hand through Liz's hair while her free hand snaked it's way down to Liz's butt, slowly she began to scrap her fingernails against the sensitive flesh. Liz's hands felt around Isabel's exposed skin and hesitantly she began to push up, the tips of her fingers almost finding their way under Isabel's top.

        Isabel backed away from the kiss as she felt Liz's hesitancy. She smiled down at Liz and took hold of her hand and placed it on her breast. Liz looked at where her hand was now placed and then looked into Isabel's eyes.

        "Isabel I...I..."

        "Say it Liz, it's okay!" Isabel said, reassuring her

        "I want you Isabel, I want you so much!" Liz said

        Isabel smiled and bent back down and kissed Liz hard. Gently Liz began to knead the firm mounds of Isabel's bosom, tracing the outline of the nipple with her thumb. The statuesque blonde tilted Liz's head back and began to place kisses in her throat, scraping her teeth along the smooth skin.

        Isabel pushed Liz back against the hallway wall and moved Liz's hand under her tank top, allowing the contact of skin against skin. Liz began to roll the pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger, causing Isabel to moan slightly. As Liz teased the nipple, Isabel moved her hand from Liz's ass round her waist and started to move down between Liz's legs. However Liz grabbed her hand and stopped her, causing Isabel to look at her with concern.

        "Not here, not in the hall!" Liz said, "I want...I want to be with you in a bed!"

        Isabel took Liz's hand and both started to run down the hall toward Isabel's room. Liz stopped suddenly and pulled Isabel back into another kiss, which she quickly released. Both giggled but then as Liz continued to move down the hall but Isabel grabbed her and pulled her against her body, back to chest, with Isabel beginning to nibble on Liz's ear. Once again Isabel pushed her hand down, this time her fingers dipped under the waistband of the black thong.

        She wanted Liz right here, right now! Never mind about the niceties of being in a bed, the middle of the boys locker room with everyone looking at them would have looked good right now but she wanted Liz's first time with her to be special for the shorter brunette. Just then, on a door just a little a head of them they could see lettering form on the door. Eventually it formed into 'Evans, I. & Parker, E.'! Both girls were desperate to be with each other so they pushed the door open and found themselves in one of the larger, couple rooms.

        As Isabel closed the door behind them she moved over to Liz and both began to gently caress each other's arms, looking into each other's eyes. Once again they came together and kissed, Isabel hooked her fingers around the strap of Liz's top and pulled it off her shoulder. Liz was as far gone as Isabel and decided that as much as she wanted Isabel to strip her, she wanted to be lying on that big double bed more! With one swift movement she took hold of the hem of her top and pulled it over her head, exposing her breasts to Isabel's intense stare.

        As Isabel saw Liz's bare chest for the first time she licked her lips, causing Liz to smile. Isabel stripped off her own top and threw it over to where Liz's rested on the floor. Isabel took hold of Liz's hands and walked her over to the silk laden bed before gently lowering her on to it. Liz looked up at her, breathing heavily, her breasts heaving as Isabel got on to the bed, moving over to Liz on her knees.

        Slowly the blonde bent down, never breaking eye contact, until her lips were no more than a centimetre from Liz's skin. Gently she kissed the middle of her throat, then again slightly lower just above her breasts. Isabel progressed to kiss each of Liz's tits, teasing her nipples with her tongue until they were hard and sticking out. Isabel continued, following an invisible trail from Liz's chest down across the belly only stopping lick her friends belly button but then she moved further down to Liz's waist and the obstructing garment that blocked her access to Liz's heat.

        Isabel took hold of Liz's underwear and looked up to meat her intense stare. Liz simply nodded to the unasked question and lifted her hips allowing Isabel to pull the thong off and down her legs.

        "You are so beautiful!" Isabel stated as she took in Liz's naked body for the first time while stroking her thighs.

        "Please Isabel, make love to me!" Liz begged

        Isabel parted Liz's legs and moved in between them before lying down on top of Liz. Their mounds pressed against each other, their nipples scraping their counterparts as they squirmed together. Isabel placed her elbows on either side of Liz's head; her hands pushed the brown hair away from Liz's face.

        Liz brought her leg up and caressed Isabel's with the soft flesh of her inner thigh while she wrapped her arms around her new lover and the kissed with more passion than ever before. Slowly Liz pushed on Isabel's shoulders, pushing her down her body until Isabel's head was between Liz's legs. For a few seconds Isabel took in the sight of Liz's pussy before her, wet and waiting for her administrations.

        Isabel softly kissed her lover's lower lips, causing Liz to arch her back as pleasure surged through her body at the initial contact. Isabel then licked the length of Liz's slit before darting her tongue in and out of Liz.

        "OH GOD...ISABEL!" Liz cried out, "ARGHHHHHHHHH!"

        Isabel could only mumble against Liz's core, the humming sensation sent sock waves through Liz. Her first sexual encounter and it wasn't as she expected it to be. Here she was, experiencing the most incredible pleasure of her life to date and it was with another woman, the sister of her boyfriend!

        Isabel moved her fingers up and pushed two of them inside Liz, gently thrusting them back and forth, causing her to writhe on the bed and to grab hold of the silk sheets with her hand. Liz wanted Isabel closer to her. She spread her legs as far apart as possible, sweat glistening all over her body and her other hand pushed Isabel's head into her pussy.


        "HMMMMM!" was Isabel's response

        Isabel lifted her head slightly and looked up the length of Liz's body. Her fingers continued to slide inside Liz while she used her other hand to search through Liz's soft folds to find her clit. When Isabel found her goal she kissed it and then captured it with her teeth.

        "OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Liz cried out as she climaxed against Isabel's face. Isabel's eyes glowed slightly as did points on her wrists just above her pulse.

        Out in the Hallway...

        Max was desperate to see Liz; he couldn't get her off of his mind. In truth his mind kept wondering to Alex but he was fighting it and forcing him back to his girlfriend whose mouth he had raided earlier in the day. He wanted to be with Liz, just being around her made what he had to do less than the big deal it was.

        As he walked down the hall he suddenly felt a wave of pleasure hit him like a tonne of bricks. He looked at a door off to the side and spotted the names on it, he passed the same door earlier and he could have sworn they weren't there before - he was sure of it! He knew all the rooms were soundproofed so he didn't hear anything from inside but he touched his hand to the door. For a second he saw Liz in the arms of his sister then he pulled his hand away.

        Unlike earlier when he witnessed Isabel kiss Liz, he didn't feel one ounce of jealously. Instead he felt contentment as he felt his beautiful girlfriend's pleasure spiral through his body. Then it hit him! Liz and Isabel didn't have the same hang-ups about their purpose on the island. They felt their attraction and went for it, unlike the guys! For the first time since he realised his attraction to Alex he didn't care about it, right there and then he decided that if Alex were willing then he would let it happen.

        He smiled, kissed his finger and planted it against the door before leaving the new lovers to enjoy their time together. He turned back down the hall and decided that he would speak to both of them in the morning. Before long he returned to his room, mulling over the sensation he picked up from the room.

        Isabel & Liz's Room...

        After Liz recovered from her orgasm, she sat up and captured Isabel in a searing kiss. Without any words spoken they lovers looked at each other as Liz pushed Isabel onto her back. Liz lifted on of the blonde's legs and kissed each one of the polished toes before continuing down the leg to her thigh, which is where she stopped.

        Liz moved up beside Isabel, lying next to here before she reached over to kiss her. Liz's hand moved from Isabel's cheek, down across her breast, snaking it's way down the her abdomen and into her underwear. Just as Liz had done when Isabel made contact, the blonde arched her back, presenting her heaving chest to Liz and Liz accepted. She reached her head down and captured the rosy nipple with her teeth while tormenting it with her tongue.

        Liz's hand was now fully contained within the thong, three of her fingers and pushed their way into Isabel's soaked slit. Back and forth, on and on, Liz pumped her fingers relentlessly into Isabel. Both were breathing heavily and uncontrollably as they gazed into each other's eyes.

        "HMMMM...Liz...don't stop...please!" Isabel begged as she gasped for air.

        "I don't intend to!" Liz responded as she kissed Isabel, her thumb applying gentle pressure to the soft bundle of nerves between Isabel's legs.

        Isabel gasped and groaned as she felt Liz's slender fingers move within her. She grabbed a handful of her sweat soaked hair as she felt wave after wave of pleasure surge through her body. For nearly twenty minutes Liz fingered Isabel as they either stared longingly at each other of sucked the air from the other's lungs. The sensations were incredible but eventually Isabel had to loose the battle for trying to stave off her climax.

        "Come on Isabel, Come for me!" Liz begged before biting down on a nipple.

        "ARGHH, God, LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...Arh, Aghhh, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Isabel screamed as she came over Liz's hand. This time the eyes of both girls glowed and the points of Isabel's wrists started to glow once again. A fine purple mist enveloped the girls as they held each other tightly; Liz with her breathing ragged couldn't help but breath the vapour in and as she did similar points on her wrist began a soft glow until the mist dispersed.

        Liz released Isabel core and brought her hand up to her face and began to lick Isabel's juices from her digits. Isabel slipped out of her thong and threw it to the side; she wanted to be completely exposed to Liz. Through all their tossing and turning the silk sheets were a mess beneath them so Isabel grabbed an edge and pulled it up over the naked pair.

        "Are you okay?" Isabel asked softly but with concern

        "I'm incredible!" Liz responded as she snuggled against Isabel

        " can say that again!" Isabel countered and kissed her ear, "But I mean the mist! Did you feel anything wrong?"

        "Isabel it's okay, lets just accept it, that it was supposed to happen!" Liz said reassuringly

        "Yeah...okay!" Isabel said, "I never imagined that it would feel this way!"

        "Me neither! You were magnificent...I couldn't have asked for better for my first time!" Liz said

        "Thank you!" Isabel said as she held Liz tightly

        "So...Maria told me you kissed Alex! How was it?" Liz asked

        "Not as good as that kiss my brother gave you earlier. That's something I am definitely going to have to rectify tomorrow!" Isabel said

        "You better. We put on a show for you guys today, I'm looking for something just as entertaining!" Liz said in a queenly voice

        Isabel smiled and kissed Liz's hair, "Yes my friend!" she then kissed her ear, "Yes my love!" then she kissed Liz's cheek, "Yes my Queen!" Liz was too tired to object to Isabel's statements so the two remained like that and fell asleep!

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