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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 34

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 30, 2003

      Liz's Bathroom, Parker Residence, 07:00am

      After his time with Max last night, Alex had slipped into Isabel's room and joined her in bed while Max took Liz home. They considered it a good luck charm to make love to their future spouse on the eve of an exam and without fail, no matter who they were with, they found their way to each other's bed. Now, after particularly exhausting evening together, Max was kissing Liz, their bodies were pressed up against each other under the steaming waters of the shower.

      The steam rose around them and was as thick as their passion. The sensation of heat and skin on skin was as intoxicating as ever, Max's hands glided over her soft back and cupped her ass. Liz's hands were locked behind Max's neck, keeping her lover close as possible. "You know we really should start getting dressed. The other's will be here soon." Max said

      "I know but I don't want to let go of my handsome multibillionaire just yet." Liz said

      "Hmm. Is all that money getting you horny?" Max asked

      "Maybe. Just a little." Liz said with a smile. "You know Isabel has this little fantasy..."

      "The one where she and Alex are doing it on a bed of cash like that scene from Indecent Proposal? Yeah Alex told me about it." Max said

      "Yeah but Isabel's fantasy involves a lot more cash, definitely more than a few million." Liz said

      "Well like hell I'll be letting that happen." Max said

      "Max." Liz trailed out, slightly annoyed

      "Ah, this isn't a over protective brother sister thing. I'm the head of the family and I'm not going to let know...ruin a whole lot of cash that way." Max said

      "Oh, yeah, that would be a problem. A turn on, but a problem." Liz said

      "But enough of Isabel's sex fantasy's, if we stay in here much longer, this beautiful soft skin of yours will start to prune." Max said

      "There's a point." Liz said as she moved back from Max and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a couple of towels and threw one to Max. The lovers started to dry themselves and each other; neither stopped looking at each other.

      "So I take it your parents have problems about you moving in with me at the Estate?" Max asked

      "We've touched on the subject. They don't like to think of me leaving home so soon but other than that they have...concerns." Liz said

      "I'm guessing this would be along the lines of us becoming teenage parents?" Max asked

      "Top of the list." Liz said

      "Well, I wont deny it. I've thought about having children with you constantly, even more since I started having that dream. Since I saw that altar yesterday, I've thought about making love to you on it." Max said

      "Me too." Liz said

      "You have?" Max asked

      Liz nodded. "I want it Max, it's why you and the others are on Earth and it's why we're together. And it's why I want to move into our new house."

      "Then we will. Tomorrow we have off, and no more exams to study for after today so I suggest you and me sit down with our folks and talk about it." Max said

      "They'll worry about school, our plans for college...and anything else they can think of." Liz said

      "I know, and we'll talk about it all. But my position is clear, I am going to spend the rest of my life with you and I have a responsibility to the rest of our people here. Kalen set up the company to take care of us all and I'm going to take that role serious as I take being your husband."

      "But you're not my husband yet." Liz said, slightly disappointed at the fact

      "I am your husband; in every way that matters I am, with the exception that it isn't down on some useless legal document." Max said as he caressed her hair.

      Both smiled as they gazed into each other's eyes. "You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that, cause I thought I was the only one."

      "Never, not in a million years." Max said as he led Liz into her bedroom. He opened a drawer he kept there and the two started to dress.

      Dinning Area, Crashdown, 08:00am

      When Max and Liz came downstairs, they found the rest of their young family sitting around with open books doing very last minute revision. They already knew the material, as much as possible was in their heads but their nerves got the better of them as usual when it was an exam day. Besides this was their last one and they didn't want to mess it up.

      "Hey guys." Maria said as the final couple entered

      "Hi." Liz said

      "Well, it's about time. Some of us were thinking you'd not be out of bed for another hour." Isabel said

      "Oh come on you know us better than that." Max said

      "Yeah I do know you, and I didn't that you'd be asleep. You two have a tendency of loosing track of time when do I put this...get wrapped up in each other." Isabel said

      "Okay, point taken." Liz said

      "So, Sam...I take it you're coming to our end of exam bash?" Max asked

      "Oh yeah. I wouldn't miss this for anything." Sam said

      "So what did your parents say last night?" Liz asked

      "Well, it's the funniest thing. All of a sudden they like Ava so much they would like me to invite her round for dinner. In fact they like her so much they can't stop talking to me about her, you should hear them...she's so beautiful, the two of you look so good together... not that I don't agree babe but when they say it, it just sends chills up my spine." Sam said

      "Got to love what money does to people." Maria said

      "Sam, no offence or anything but are your parents..." Kyle started but couldn't find the right words

      "Money grubbing rat bastards?" Sam finished

      "Ummm...okay." Kyle said as Sam said the words he couldn't.

      "Yes. If I wasn't turning 18 in a few weeks I would consider that emancipation thing Michael had." Sam said

      "Hmmm, maybe I'll just buy you from them." Ava said as she stared at Sam

      "Oh really. How much would I be worth to you?" Sam asked

      "Oh let me think...100, no, 150 bucks." Ava joked

      "Hey." Sam said, mocking his offence

      "Well, your folks would probably hold me up to...oh 50 mil." Ava said

      "That's a safe bet." Sam said, "So what are you guys gonna do with all your money?"

      "Our money?" Max asked

      "Yeah." Sam said

      "Sam, your in the family. This money belongs to each of us, if Kalen could have put Liz's, Maria's, Alex's, Kyle's and your names in the inheritance then he would have but it would have raised questions. I think Feln said the say that it works is that the money is to be separated into fifths and each fifth is to be halved."

      "Cool, so what are we going to do with it?" Sam asked

      "Well, make sure the other families are okay, eh...producing some of this technology and I guess we could give some to charity but other than that we do whatever we want with it...except for personal, frivolous activities." Max said, looking at Isabel and Alex for the last part.

      Both squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze but then Alex looked past the clock and saw the time. "Guys, it's time to go."

      Everybody followed his line of sight to the clock and took a deep breath before packing up their books.

      "Is it outside?" Max asked

      "Yeah, pulled up about 5 minutes before you came down." Michael said

      "Lets go." Max said

      He opened the door and the teens ran out to the limo that waited for them while the blinding light of hundreds of flash bulbs went off in their faces. With Ava being the last one inside, she closed the door.

      "Well so much for Kalen asking them to leave us alone. Damn vultures." Ava said

      "Kind of an insult to vultures don't you think?" Liz said

      "A little." Ava said as the limo pulled out and started to drive to school.

      "Maybe we should cut them some slack, some of them are respectable." Max said

      "Yeah but for every 1 respectable reporter out there, there are 10 more tabloids and paparazzi." Liz said, "How many crap stories are they going to be making up when they can't find anything bad about us. People love hearing the trash, especially if they find out about our...other relationships."

      "Yeah, that will cause some problems. It just means that we have to be extra careful, and for a while we need to make sure our windows are closed and locked at night or when we're not in. At the very least it'll be a good excuse for getting our parents to let us move to the mansion." Max said

      "When are you talking to mom and dad?" Isabel asked

      "Tomorrow, maybe tonight if we can get the timing right to sit down with Liz's parents at the same time." Max said

      "Ballsy." Michael said, "All four at the same time, thank god I've just got to deal with Amy."

      "You really think that's going to be easier to deal with the my folks?" Liz asked

      "Hey, leave me my illusions will ya. I'm cooking dinner for her tomorrow night and I would like a little confidence left." Michael said

      "Sorry." Liz said, "So are we all ready?"

      "As ready as we'll ever be." Kyle said

      "You know, I have no idea what 98 billion looks like. I mean, that movie, Brewster's Million. 30 million into 3 large much is 98 billion?" Michael asked

      "A lot, too much to put into a vault I'd bet." Max said

      Liz then tore out a scrap of paper from her notebook and wrote something on it before passing it to Michael, "There, that's how much it is."

      "That's a lot of zeros." Michael said, having to blink his eyes to stop looking at it.

      "Oh Max, did Kalen give you that key thing to the dome?" Isabel asked

      "Oh that reminds me." Max said as he reached into his bag and pulled out a box. He opened it and revealed 10 access remotes to the gates of the dome. Then he handed one to each of his family. "Kalen said to keep these with us and not to lose them. If you press the button just now, they will lock on to our energy patterns and will only work for us but if someone else gets a hold of it, a look inside will cause problems because of the tech used." Max pressed the button on his, it glowed briefly and then the light on it blinked twice. Max then pulled a looped string from the key and put it over his neck and under his shirt, keeping it out of sight. The others then did the same just as the limo pulled up at the school. As expected the press were there to meet them. Quickly they moved into the school and out of the reach of them.

      "Don't they know we've got an exam on?" Liz asked, very agitated.

      "Yeah I mean all we did was become obscenely wealth." Tess said

      "Come on guys, let's go get our seats." Max said. All of them moved into the hall where they would be sitting their final exam, ignoring the constant stares from the students who all thought that Max and the others were `the luckiest sods on the planet'.

      End of the School Day...

      As each of them finished the exam they left the hall and waited outside. Liz was first, a full 45 minutes before the allotted time limit expired and was quickly followed by Max. Kyle and Sam were the last ones of the family out, leaving the hall still almost full of the other students sitting the exam. No one said anything as they walked through the hallways to the exit.

      When they got outside there was the onslaught of questions from the press asking how the exam went, if they thought they passed or failed, what they would use their new fortune for? It went on and on as they quietly got into the limo that waited for them. Soon they drove off, leaving the press disappointed but as soon they were out of sight and on the road.

      "Who wants to go first?" Maria asked

      "Well, we could all just go at the same time?" Tess suggested

      "Yeah, that's a good idea." Liz said

      "Okay." Maria said, "1...2...3..."




      They all yelled together, rocking the car as it moved down the street.

      "We are done." Max said as he pulled Liz onto his lap and kissed her

      "Got that right." Liz said

      "A little more school and then we're out for the summer." Isabel said, as she lay on the seat and rested her head on Alex's lap.

      "Hey, listen. You guys want to do a little bit of celebrating?" Sam asked

      "Sure, what did you have in mind?" Max asked

      "Well, there's a carnival about an hours drive from here. I say we stop by the Crash, pick up Ava and head out." Sam said

      "Hell yeah." Michael said

      "Party time." Kyle smiled

      Sam moved over the stretched limo to the window to the driver and lowered the black glass. "Hey driver dude."

      The driver turned his head to look at Sam but his neck continued to rotate far past that possible of a normal human. "Yes sir."

      "Arghhh." Sam said as he jumped back, "What are you?"

      "I am a drone. Model 325 Alpha Q, programmed to serve as a driver for you and equipped with basic human responses for certain situations and synthetic skin developed for use with Replicant replacement units."

      "Nice." Sam said, "Okay, so...there is a carnival nearby can you take us there?"

      "I know of it sir, we will be there soon."

      "Oh first stop of at the Crashdown so we can pick up Ava." Sam said

      "Of course sir."

      Sam raised the black window again and moved to the back of the limo where the others were sitting. "I think I'm gonna love this."

      The Carnival, Outside Roswell, 2 Hours Later

      They had gone from ride to ride, Max and Liz spent most of their time making out in the Tunnel of Love. Michael and Maria were going through the fun house; on more than one occasion Michael smashed into the glass walls and caused Maria to laugh her head off...until she smashed her face into one. Alex and Isabel were on the bumper cars, ramming the hell out of everybody that dared approach them. Ava and Tess took a breather from their boyfriends who were moving like tornados, so they decided to get a little food for the group that was soon to be gathering at the picnic table they picked out earlier while Sam and Kyle were on a roller-coaster.

      All but the two jocks did eventually arrive and were enjoying the mass of the Colonel's chicken that Tess decided on. They were talking quietly when Sam and Kyle came walking up, fresh from the roller coaster and looking a little green around the gills.

      "Hey guys. You okay?" Tess asked

      "Fine." Kyle said

      "Yeah just fine." Sam continued, expelling his breath as he looked at the chicken

      "You guys want some chicken?" Michael asked

      "No! No thanks. Not hungry." Kyle said quickly

      Alex looked back and forth between the boys and the chicken, a smile formed on his face that Isabel saw, causing her to smile as well when she realised just how evil her lover was.

      "So guys, what ride are you going on next?" Alex asked

      "I think we could use a break." Sam said

      "Really? Well I was thinking about the Magic Carpet." Alex said

      "What one's the Magic Carpet?" Isabel asked, helping Alex along

      "Oh it's that one over there. I mean just look at it, a giant flat lump of metal with straps and chairs. It's starts simply, going back and forth, just rocking to build up momentum..." Alex said

      The others realised what was going on and started to smile but each of them tried to hide it.

      "Then it's got enough, just going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Then it's moving faster, so fast that it eventually moves in a circle, going around and around, up and down, back and forth, around in an never ending circle, up and down, up and down and up and down and up and down and then...up." Alex said

      As he spoke the motions filled the minds of Kyle and Sam, their guts churning with each imagined movement and when Alex said his final `up', the young men put their hand to their mouths and climbed over each other to get away. They moved over to the nearest vine, grass and moss covered fence and brought up the contents of their stomach to the sound of loud heaving.

      Alex smiled, gave a single nod and tucked into more chicken.

      "You really have a mean streak don't you?" Maria said

      "Oh yes." Alex said as the sound continued.

      "Besides, all he did was describe how a ride moved." Isabel said

      "Yes well I for one am glad those two have powers now so they can clean up their breath. I am so not kissing Kyle when he's got puke breath." Tess said

      "Ditto." Ava said as their men approached, both holding each other for support to remain standing.

      "Hey, you guys okay?" Liz asked

      "Don't speak." Kyle said, as the foul taste in his mouth didn't go away

      Liz smiled as her left hand held Max's and her right tapped the top of Kyle's hand. The small spark of energy spread inside Kyle's body and onto Sam's, calming their queasy stomachs and returning the colour to their cheeks.

      "Thanks." Kyle said and Sam nodded to his queen but then both men looked at Alex, he just looked innocent, "Alex!"

      "Uh huh?" Alex said after drinking some coke

      Kyle marched menacingly over to Alex and Isabel gave him a stern look, a warning not to injure Alex. He chose to ignore it. Kyle wrapped his arm around Alex's neck and locked it there while he balled his fist and pressed it deep into Alex's head.

      " noogies..." Alex continued to cry out as Kyle did his work.

      Sam grinned evilly as revenge was exacted now that his guts weren't trying to jump out his mouth.

      "Guys...guys...sorry...urhhhhhhhh." Alex cried, Isabel couldn't help but laugh.

      Then Kyle stopped and moved over to kiss Tess's forehead.

      "Okay, yeah...I deserved that." Alex said, "But it was fun."

      Just then something caught Michael's attention. "God damn it!"

      "What?" Max asked

      Michael pointed and saw a mob of press running like a stampede of wild animals toward the group.

      "They found us." Michael said

      "Well it had to happen sooner or later. At least we got to enjoy ourselves." Max said as he stood up

      Liz looked at the mass of reporters running through the park and winced, "Definitely an insult to vultures."

      They all stood up and grabbed the rest of their food before heading into the men's and Ladies rooms. The press saw them enter but when the family was inside, they used their powers lock the doors, to melt the back wall, leave quietly and seal the hole back up again. The press were busy getting inside and had no idea that they were already out in the parking lot and getting into the limo. It wasn't until one of the photographers who saw the limo leaving the park that they realised the bathrooms were empty and went after them, only a few remained behind as they thought it was nothing but a distraction but when they eventually they found their was inside they were disappointed.

      None of the reporters could explain how they got out but their news reports compared them to Houdini since there was no obvious way out of the bathroom. It was reported as nothing more than a fun aspect of their story about the elusive billionaire teenagers.

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, 18:00

      After returning to Roswell, the group dispersed to their homes but Tess had decided to go home with Maria. The couple sat with Amy as they sat with tea or coffee in their hands and talked about the exam and how the answers just flowed from them. Amy was very proud of her daughter, of the entire group really but more of her daughter. She knew Maria had her fears about sitting that particular exam but she got past the fears and did it. She was also happy that Michael also sat the exam instead of turning tail.

      "Well, not to jinx it or anything but I think we did okay." Maria said

      "Definitely not great but okay. Certainly a pass mark but nothing to right home about." Tess continued.

      "Tess, any pass in an exam is worth writing home about." Amy said, "And I certainly want to hear about it. Now, when do you want to talk about moving into that house?"

      "Mom?" Maria asked

      "Well you two would want to talk to me about it, right? I mean it's not like you're going to just pack up and move." Amy asked

      "No of course not. Actually, Michael and I wanted to talk to you at dinner tomorrow. Tess and Kyle are going to talk to his dad tomorrow as well." Maria said

      Then the doorbell rang out and Amy went to answer it. On the other side was Jim, dressed in a suit with a bouquet of flowers in hand. "Good evening my dear." Jim said

      "Jim, you're early." Amy said as she took the flowers and smelled them

      "Well it was a light day." Jim said

      "Hey Sheriff." Maria called out

      "Hey quasi-dad." Tess said

      "Ladies...quasi-dad?" Jim greeted with a questioning look as Amy moved aside and let him in, "What do you have planned this evening?"

      "Oh we'll keep ourselves entertained." Tess said, "What about you?"

      "Well that's a surprise for Amy's eyes only?" Jim said

      "Well that would be my cue to finish getting ready. Hmm, where's my purse?" Amy asked

      "By the sofa." Maria answered

      Amy looked to where her daughter suggested and found what she sought. Amy moved over to Maria and kissed her daughters cheek. "Thanks honey. Have a good night, and don't say up too late." She said before taking Jim's hand and leaving.

      Maria and Tess looked at each other, back at the door and then back at each other.

      "They're not going to be home for a long, long time." Maria said

      Tess smiled and stood up, quickly followed by Maria and slowly the two lovers moved closer together. Never did they break eye contact. Their hands found each other and together they moved to Maria's bedroom and her bed. Once inside, Maria turned to face Tess, swinging her hair over her shoulder and gazing into Tess's shinning eyes.

      Tess moved closer and ran her hands up and down Maria's arms before settling on her shoulders, and pulling the human into a gentle, soft kiss. As they parted, they looked back into each other's eyes and smiled before coming back together but this time the kiss lasted longer. Their soft lips pressed together as Maria placed her hands behind Tess's head. Then it became more intense as Tess probed Maria's mouth with her tongue, licking her girlfriend's lips and tasting the strawberry lip balm. Maria opened her mouth and accepted Tess's tongue inside before pressing her own into Tess's mouth. Their wet, pink tongues glided against each other, licking, teasing and tasting.

      "Strawberry?" Tess asked

      "Your favourite last I heard...and Michael's." Maria said

      "Definitely my favourite, but more so with your taste mixed in." Tess said.

      Maria smiled and took hold of the hem of her top. She pulled it off over her head and revealed her naked torso to Tess who couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight of her pert breasts and the nipples that capped them. "You know, I could have sworn you were wearing a bra today?" Tess asked as she too removed her top, leaving both girls' breasts exposed to the air.

      "Plus of having powers. Don't tell me you haven't been practicing on support and keeping everything...up?" Maria asked

      "I was raised by Nasedo remember, what attracts humans wasn't really high on the agenda despite why we were sent here. But, I guess now that I am free I should be expanding my practicing to include some of my more physical attributes."

      "Kyle would appreciate it." Maria said

      "Hmmm, don't you know it." Tess said

      They moved back together, their breasts squashed together and as their nipples scraped against each other, shudder sparked through their young, supple bodies. The kiss was like fire, burning through their flesh and releasing the desire locked inside. Tess moved away from Maria's lips and started to kiss along her throat and neck, causing the human to gasp as the exquisite sensations piled on top of each other while her hand snaked its way to the bottom of Maria's skirt. Tess hiked the skirt up Maria's thighs, exposing her flesh inch by inch and driving the human crazy as her fingertips danced over the inside of her thighs.

      Maria's breath started to become heavy as her own hands caressed the skin of Tess's back and slipped down to the fastener of her own skirt. Maria used her powers to unfasten the button and zip before she raised her leg, bringing her foot up to grab the fabric with her toes and pulling it down to the floor. However, Tess wasn't satisfied being the only one naked. She wanted to see every inch of Maria's beautiful body, to feel every inch of her skin against her own so she quickly slipped her hand up between Maria's legs and cupped the girls aching sex.

      "Ugnnnnnnn..." Maria gasped as her body jumped.

      Tess smiled at Maria's reaction and used the brief distraction to use her own powers to remove her skirt. The two girls separated briefly but their hands remained on each other's forearms, they couldn't get enough of the beauty of each other. They were works of art, if they said so themselves but they knew it wasn't just them. Isabel, Liz and Ava felt the same and they gave them the same appraisal.

      "Hmmm, I've got to convince Michael to paint you." Tess said

      "He already is." Maria said with a smile

      "Oh really?" Tess asked

      "Has been since Alex showed me the painting of Isabel he did. I got so turned on I did some major whining to get him to do it. He'll do you and Ava if you ask him." Maria said

      "He's my cousin Maria." Tess said

      "And when he paints, he's an artist." Maria said as she took Tess's hands and led her to the soft bed that awaited them, "But that's not important now because all I want it for the two of us to make love to each other."

      Tess smiled as the two girls wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, their hands teasing the other's skin. Maria pressed into Tess and they fell onto the bed, their legs were between each other, Maria's thigh was pressed against Tess's pussy as Tess's thigh was pressed against Maria's. Both girls' hips here circling gently, increasing the delicious friction against their clits.

      "Oh god Tess." Maria gasped, only millimetres from Tess's mouth

      "You feel so good baby." Tess moaned

      They stared into each other's eyes, the heat surged and their lips fused. Their tongues duelled before Maria started leaving a trailed of wet kisses over Tess's chin and neck. Then Maria stopped the gentle grinding of her thigh and started to slide her body down, gliding it over Tess's and kissing her way down her body. Maria circled her tongue around Tess's bellybutton. It always got to Tess; her body arched and there was a high-pitched gasp from deep within her. Maria smiled and moved lower until she was between the alien's silken legs.

      Maria took a long, languishing lick along the length of Tess's bald slit causing Tess to cry out in pleasure. If Amy was still in the house she would have been sure to hear it but that wasn't the case and they could be as loud as they wanted. Maria continued to lap at Tess with her tongue, it sent wave after wave of pleasure spiralling through her body.

      "Oh god...Maria...Maria...don't stop baby...yessss...keep goin...going." Tess cried out

      Maria had no intentions of stopping; her tongue picked up speed, darting in and out of the aliens soft, velvety walls. Tess's body continued to arch, her hands gripped tightly to the bedclothes as she pressed her hips down, sending her slick core deeper into Maria's mouth. Then, as Maria's hands glided over Tess's belly, she lowered it slightly and pressed two fingers against Tess's clit.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Tess screamed

      Her hips started moving faster; her hands locked behind Maria's head and pulled her in closer.


      Tess's body seized up and then let loose with violent tremors, every muscle shook and could no longer be controlled. Then her body fell limp into the bed as Maria moved up beside her, gently caressing the aliens sweet tasting, sweat soaked body. Maria's fingers circled Tess's nipple.

      "Oh my god." Tess breathed out

      "Thank you." Maria said with a smile

      "Oh I've got another way of thanking you." Tess said.

      She moved on top of Maria and kissed her nose and then her lips. Maria wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. The kiss lasted for an eternity as Tess tasted herself on Maria's lips. When Tess did break the kiss, she leaned her head up a little and looked down into Maria's eyes while caressing her face.

      "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Tess asked

      "Of course I know; I can feel every beat of your heart." Maria said

      Tess then gave Maria a sly smile that peaked the human's interest. She knew what was happening elsewhere and wanted to tell Maria but it wasn't her place.

      "What?" Maria asked

      Restaurant, Main Street, Roswell, Same Time

      "So are you going to let Kyle and Tess move to the estate?" Amy asked

      "I've thought about it. Hard not to but, if they want to move there then I'm going to let them. They already live together like they're married and I'm sure their eager for a little more freedom from me. Being under the one roof is great but they need to spread their wings a little." Jim said

      "I was hoping you weren't going to say that. It just makes it harder for me not to say yes to Michael and Maria." Amy said

      "She's your daughter, I wouldn't have expected anything less than you having a hard time letting her go."

      "It's not that...well it is but it isn't. I guess I just hate the fact that she found someone who loves her that much on the first try." Amy said

      "I know what you mean. Seeing the way Kyle is with Tess...kinda makes you wonder what the hell went wrong with us back in the day."

      As Jim and Amy sat and enjoyed dinner, a waiter came over with a sterling silver high hat, filled with ice and containing a single bottle.

      "Champagne?" Amy said

      "Well, since the kids can afford to look after themselves I figured we could splurge now and then." Jim answered. The waiter poured a couple of glasses and placed the bottle back in the bucket. Before he left he gave a slight nod to Jim who smiled back.

      "Champagne, expensive meal, you're really going all out this evening." Amy said

      "Yes I am. So what do you think the girls are doing?" Jim asked

      "Do you really need to ask?" Amy said

      Jim couldn't help but blush as the obviousness of what the girls started the second they left hit him full force. "Hm, I guess not."

      Amy then raised her glass and Jim did the same. "A toast, to our kids. And the soon to be empty hous..." Amy stopped as she looked into the glass and saw a circle. "What the..."

      Her eyesight focused into the glass and put it down and reached inside. "Oh...oh...oh..."

      Jim stood up and moved to Amy's side where he opened her hand and pulled out the contents. "Is that all you can say?"

      "Is that what I think it is?" Amy asked

      "Amy Deluca, will you do me the honour of marrying me?" Jim asked

      Amy couldn't speak; she was as speechless as when she first found out her daughter was not only dating an alien but also sleeping with other women. She had her own experience in college but that was just experimentation, Maria had accepted that part of herself and embraced it wholeheartedly, she was proud of her daughter for taking that step. Her daughter's new chosen and alien lifestyle was sometime to far out to believe but was happy that her daughter was happy.

      "Amy...kinda out on a limb here." Jim said; he was nervous enough as it is without her protracted silence.

      Maria's Bedroom, Deluca Residence, Immediately Following

      "What?" Maria asked

      Tess smiled as her gaze shifted over to Maria's bedside cabinet. She reached over and opened the drawer, her hand shifted through the items inside and found what she sought. She pulled out a large rubber cock, identical in size and shape to Michael's real one.

      Maria blushed. "How did you know about that?"

      "Michael told Kyle about his little present to you if he was ever... unavailable and Kyle told me." Tess said, as she looked the dildo over. "You know this is really good workmanship. Michael really went all out with this."

      Then Tess placed the cock at Maria's mouth and she kissed the head of it, then Tess kissed it. Soon she put it back to Maria's lips and the human bathed it with her tongue and then Tess joined in. Their tongues would occasionally touched as the tool became soaked. When it was ready Tess pulled it away and, never breaking eye contact, she placed it at Maria's slick entrance.

      "How many times have you used this?" Tess asked

      "Once or twice." Maria said

      "Are you ready?" Tess asked

      Maria nodded eagerly. With a single long shove, Tess pushed the sex toy deep into Maria's waiting chasm, as deep as it would go. The only cock Maria had over known was Michael's and it was Michael who modelled this toy to his own.

      "Aughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Maria asked, he hand tightened on Tess's arm

      Tess then withdrew the dildo until it was almost out of her lover before plunging it back inside to the hilt. She twisted it, turned it inside Maria, doing things with toy that Michael couldn't do with his own dick unless Maria was on top and shifting her own body. Here, here Maria could lie back and enjoy and that was what she was doing.

      "Ugnn...ugnnn...ugnnn...oh yes...Tess...harder...faster..." Maria moaned, her head tilted back and her eyes closed tightly. Tess continued to thrust into Maria as she captured her lips into a searing kiss that amplified the sensations to Maria's body. She pushed to rubber mass in and pulled it out over and over again, in and out. The fire flowed through Maria's body as her juices flowed over the toy and Tess's hand. Her body writhed on the bed as Tess released her from the kiss.

      "Nughhhhhhhhhhhhh...oh god...ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." Maria cried out, she grabbed one of her plush pillows and pulled it over her face to muffle her cries. However, she didn't want to muffle her screams and threw the pillow off to the side. "Oh god...Tess!"

      Tess continued to twist and thrust into Maria. The human raised her hips, circling and pushing them in time with Tess's rhythm. Tess took Maria's other hand and placed it on the human's breast, together they massaged and squeezed it; they pinched the nipple and caused Maria's full body to arch.

      "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Maria groaned

      "Come on baby. Cum for me." Tess begged as she continued to push.

      "Ugnnnn...oh my god...oh my god...OH MY GOD...uarghhhh...OHMYGOD...OH MY... GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Maria screamed as her body completely collapsed onto the bed.

      Tess removed the toy from Maria's slit and tossed it to the side after licking the length of it, enjoying the flavour of her girl. "That was amazing." Maria said

      "I have never seen you cum like that before." Tess said.

      "Hmmm, Michael has. There's just something about being filled completely and the fact that it was you doing it...damn." Maria said

      "Glad I can do it for you baby." Tess said. "Hmmm, tell you what, the night before you and Michael tie the knot...and it will and I are going to spend the entire day in bed."

      "Oh I so like the sound of that." Maria said, the two kissed as they used their powers in conjunction to lift the sheets over their naked bodies. It may still be early but they were wiped.

      To Be Continued...

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