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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 33

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 23, 2003

      Library, West Roswell High, 10:00am

      As per usual the group had gathered in the library to do more studying as had most of their classmates, minus Pam Troy. They had a usual table that they sat around in the back of the large room; the only time they ever stood up was when they needed another book.

      "So did Kalen or Feln say what time they were showing up?" Michael asked quietly

      "No, just that when they show we need to act like we've never met them." Max said

      "I still can't believe they are going to do this in public." Liz said

      "We don't even know what they're going to do, all they told me was that they were going to hide us in plain sight." Max said

      "Now that I don't like the sound of." Michael said

      "Guys, I know I'm new to the group but should we really be discussing this out in the open?" Sam asked

      "Relax Sam. You'll be surprised at how much we get away with, but I guess you're right. Now isn't the time for screwing up." Liz said as she looked at Alex, "You okay?"

      "Yeah." Alex said

      "Well you don't look it. After last night I thought you'd have a smile on your face like you had a banana in your mouth." Liz said

      Isabel looked at Liz and shook her head, "You know, you really need to stop listening in."

      "Hey, I'm not the one who's screaming throw the connections. I'm just really sensitive when it happens and I pick it up." Liz said, "But back to you, what happened?"

      "His T.V. blew up this morning." Isabel said

      "Really?" Maria asked

      "Yeah, and it wasn't on and it happened right after I passed it." Alex said

      "Oh." Liz said

      "So, ladies and gentlemen. The Curse of Alex Whitman is as strong as ever so no more birthday parties for me." Alex said

      "Okay." Max said, not knowing what else to say. "You know this is weird. Every birthday with a party something bad happens?"

      "Yeah I know. It's just proof that I did kill Mr. Snuffilopikiss." Alex said

      Everybody looked at Alex with a questioning glance.

      "Who the hell is Mr. Snuffilopikiss?" Michael asked, almost laughing

      "My cat that ended up being run over by a car. I miss the little fur ball; he was cute. There was time when he just sat on the floor, looked up at me and just meowed." Alex said

      "And you named him Snuffilopikiss?" Sam asked

      "Mr. Snuffilopikiss. Snuffy for short." Alex corrected

      "Yeah but back to my original point. Alex...every birthday with a party?" Max asked

      "Well you'll have to ask my parents about everything before my fifth but yeah, everything up until I stopped having them and then yesterday." Alex said

      Liz looked at her lover, "What are you thinking?"

      "I don't know, nah...Kalen would have told us and there was no way that he couldn't know after that medical they ran on you at the Island." Max said

      "What, you think he had some mojo before the Sharing?" Kyle asked

      "Mojo? Is that the technical term?" Tess asked

      "Yeah." Kyle said

      "And yes." Max said, answering Kyle's question

      "And it just so happens that it happens when I have a birthday party?" Alex said

      "You guys are totally nuts." Ava said as she came up from behind some stacks after sneaking in through an open window. "Hey babe." She said to Sam before kissing him

      "I missed you last night." Sam said as the kiss broke

      "Sorry but your folks still give me the creeps and I don't want them finding us in bed together." Ava said

      "Ohh, there's a point." Sam said, "Don't worry they'll come around, even if we have to use the Granolith to do it. I'm not giving up the only girl that made me feel this way...the fact that you're the only one who can make my toes curl back, that's just a plus."

      "Hi Ava, you were saying?" Max asked

      "Oh yeah, you guys are nuts." Ava said as she sat in Sam's lap

      "Why?" Alex asked

      "Because, you did not have anymore 'mojo', as Kyle put it, than any other human. Now you do but back then...nada." Ava said

      "So I didn't do anything, all that was a coincidence and the television was what?" Alex asked

      "Just your goof ball mind putting its new powers to work. You thought you had a curse so your subconscious mind gave you one." Ava said

      "How do you know about this?" Max asked

      "I asked, what do you think I was born with the info? You know Kalen, Feln and the others are still on Earth for a reason." Ava said

      The others just smiled, after all they had been through they were still trying to work things out by themselves despite having the help just a button push away.

      "So why are you here sis?" Tess asked

      "Oh Feln gave me a buzz, told me to be here. I'm guessing this thing is happening soon." Ava said

      "Good cause I hate waiting." Maria said

      Michael looked at his watch just as the bell rang out. Quickly they all put their books back in their places before packing up their stuff.

      "Hey, I'll walk you to class." Ava said

      "Cool." Sam said as he wrapped her arm around her

      English Class, Roswell High, 20 Minutes Later

      For the last twenty minutes the entire class was sitting around, waiting for their teacher to arrive so they could get the results of their last exam prep before they do more revision. However he never arrived. Instead the class sat around talking amongst themselves.

      "Well, he's officially late." Max said

      "Who cares, I could use a break from the brain cram." Said another student

      "Anyone know where he is?" Michael asked

      Everyone said no, they had no idea where he was.

      "Maybe it's got to do with that Limo." Said one student

      Everyone looked around at him.

      "What Limo?" Liz asked

      "Oh I was out front about half an hour ago and this stretch Limo pulled up. Some suits got out and went to see the Principle."

      Just then their teacher came into the room, followed by two people in suits that the group quickly recognised as Kalen and Feln. As per their instructions, the group pretended not to recognise them at all.

      "Class this is Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Keller. Gentlemen, this is Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Tess Harding and her sister Ava...who shouldn't be here." Cooper said

      "Sorry Mr Cooper, I was just hanging around until you showed up." Ava said

      Cooper held up his hand to tell her to stop talking and smiled, telling her it was okay.

      "Mr Evan, my name is Mr Clarkson." Kalen said as he extended his hand to shake Max's

      "Hi, Mr Clarkson." Max said

      "Sir, I am...was your grandfather's attorney." Kalen said

      " dad is my granddad's lawyer." Max said

      "Oh no sir, you misunderstand. I am your biological grandfather's lawyer. Mr Evans, all of you. What do you remember prior to your adoptions?" Kalen asked

      Max looked at his sister and friends, hoping that at least one of them would know where Kalen was going with all of this. He just saw blank expressions and so decided to play along. "No, nothing. We've tried but the earliest we can remember is being out in the desert at night when our parents found us. Michael hid but was found later as was Tess and Ava." He said

      "Well perhaps we can fill in a few blanks." Feln said as he opened his briefcase, "Max, Isabel, your grandfather was a man named Carson Antaris and approximately 60 years ago he started a research company called Antaris Technologies. He gathered the finest minds, which he was one of; and advanced technology in the country at an exponential rate, there is roughly 5 12 patents a year that is produced.

      Eventually it became a global company in almost every nation in the world and took on partners to govern the foreign offices but also a few from this country. Your grandparents." He said to Michael, Tess and Ava. "But, he did have enemies. One of which, we never found out whom, attempted to level the playing field for his company. That night you can remember, he was having a party. He invited his partners, his children, his partner's children and their children...the five of you. Anyway, there was an attack. Everyone that night was killed except for you all. Your grandfather survived but only just and thought you were all dead. Not long afterwards we found you, at least we found Max and Isabel. Realised you were with a loving family and informed your grandfather, he felt that given the situation you would be safer where you were. We were ordered to tell you of the situation one hour after the certified death of your grandfather...that was one hour and 6 minutes ago." Feln said as he, one by one, placed documents in front of Max.

      "As you are the sole living relatives of your grandfather and his partners you were the only ones he named in his will. You have inherited his company, all foreign offices, all subsidiaries...each of which brings in 7 billion dollars a year and then there is the personal fortunes of your grandparents, totalled it's approximately 98 billion. And then there is your grandfather's residence. It's all yours." Kalen said

      Each of the group were stunned, they didn't know what to say. They knew that Kalen and his people were here to help them and ensure that they were taken care of to ensure the continuation of the Antarian people but they didn't think they would be this well taken care of. However, their expressions weren't anything compared to their classmates. Their teacher had been briefed along with their Principle before this but he still could believe it, he wasn't told the exact figure on their new bank balances and his jaw was practically hitting the floor.

      "98 Billion? We're richer than Bill Gates then." Alex said

      "We have your Principles permission so you are excused from the rest of the days lessons. If you would like we can take you all to visit the Antaris Estate." Kalen said, the look in his eyes told Max what to say next.

      "Uh...yeah...sure." Max said as he looked at his family.

      "Of course, Ms Parker, Ms Deluca, Mr Whitman, Mr Valenti and Mr Reese are welcome to join you." Feln said

      "Damn straight. This I gotta see." Sam said as he held Ava's hand

      Max just nodded and on mass the young family group picked up their things, then headed out to the limousine that waited in the parking lot. Once inside and the door was closed, Max looked at Kalen.

      "What the hell is going on?" Max asked

      "This is our surprise. We have an obligation to take care of the hybrid families for as long as we can. This has all been in the works since the day we arrived on Earth. We developed minor technologies and sold them off to build up capitol, then we invested, manipulated and utilised the stock markets of the world. We used our replication technology to synthesise gold and gems and sold them as jewellery. We built everything up for you and the others around the world." Kalen said

      "But it's a bit much on the money don't you think?" Max said

      "Hey man, speak for yourself." Michael said

      "I'm all for it." Maria said as she looked around the inside of the limo and found a mini television. "Cool.

      "So where are we going?" Liz asked

      "As I said, the Antaris Estate 40 miles outside of town." Kalen said

      "There isn't an estate out there." Isabel questioned

      "There is now. We've built up sufficient power in the Granolith to use a polaronic mind pulse. We'll implant specific memories in the general populace of the planet and we've planted supporting documentation where we needed to. As far as anyone knows it's been out there for 60 years and the company as been going from strength to strength. Basically in one way or another, everyone knows about Carson Antaris." Kalen said, "We launched the pulse this morning, the only people not affected were your families and yourselves. The plan is to use the company as the method of giving our technology to Earth. Each division in the other companies will develop different technological aspects that with be utilised and improved on by the other divisions. Since you are the royals, you will be in charge of the company and have the biggest home."

      "Which remind me, you'll need these." Feln said. He opened a box and handed out several pairs of shades.

      "What are these for?" Tess asked

      "You'll see." Kalen said

      Soon they arrived at their destination.

      Antaris Estate, 20 Minutes Later

      As the limo pulled up, a second limo followed that carried the teenager's parents. They were almost over run with press but a group of Antarians posing as security guards pushed them back behind a rope line that was being set up. As they got out of the car they couldn't help but put on the sunglasses from the glaring reflection of sunlight.

      "Fuck me." Michael said, earning him a slap on the back of his head from Amy

      Before them was a massive dome made up of glass triangles. Each panel was at least seven feet long from a point to the opposite line. The base of the dome was so big that none of them could see where it ends and curves round.

      "That's a lot of glass." Max said

      "That a hell of a lot of glass." Liz said, "Let not throw any stones."

      "What is this?" Isabel asked

      "Your new home...well the outside of it at any rate." Feln said, as he slipped back into his role-playing mode. "Your grandfather was a little eccentric. So, a while ago he plucked up a nice chunk of the Amazon rainforest that was scheduled for destruction for that road and brought it up here, planted it all around his house and sealed the whole thing in the dome. Shall we?"

      "Uh sure." Max said

      Kalen reached into his pocket and pulled out a device similar to a garage door opener. He pointed it to the dome and pressed a button. On the dome a twenty-foot high door opened, revealing a drive way up into the structure and everywhere there were trees, vines and everything else straight out of a rainforest.

      "Wow." Kyle said

      "I'll say." Tess said, "What's the press doing here anyway?"

      "Someone in our office must have leaked the information about your inheritance." Kalen said for the benefit of anyone who was listening in. "But I guess having you in plain sight would have happened sooner or later."

      Kalen led the young royals back into the car and their parents quickly got into theirs. As soon as the vehicles were past the glass gates, they sealed behind them.

      "Why isn't the stuff growing out onto the road?" Liz asked

      "There is a static barrier. It keeps the growth clear of anywhere we don't want it." Feln said

      "Forget the science crap. How big is this place?" Michael asked

      "Well the mansion itself is 6 stories high and had 300 rooms but the dome itself covers 23,659 acres exactly." Kalen said

      "23,659, that's...yeah that's..." Liz started

      "36.9 square miles." Max and Liz said together.

      "We own 37 miles of land?" Ava asked

      "A little less but yeah." Feln said.

      "What about the house? What are we going to do with 300 rooms?" Maria asked

      "What ever you like. Guest rooms, game room or you could fill them with your offspring. Anything you want." Kalen said

      "300 kids? No way." Isabel said

      "Well they're there to do with as you please but as for the house itself, here we are." Kalen said as the car pulled to a stop after a 5 minute drive up the drive-way.

      They all got out and found themselves in a clearing in the tropical wilderness. As they looked up they could see the top of the dome as the sunlight poured in. Along the top they saw a series of small pipes that showered water down on the treetops like rain. There was also a network of streams running in and out of the forest completing the irrigation system. The mansion itself was dead centre in the 3 mile wide clearing and right next to it was a mile and a half wide lake.

      "Kalen? Why do all of this? Why not just the house?" Alex asked

      "Well, those dreams you've had. What you all saw was a pyramid in the middle of a forest. Aside from a few clearings that contain the pyramids, Antar is a forest planet. Almost every square inch of it is like it is in here. We built our homes in the trees...think Ewoks in Return of the Jedi but more advanced with the tech. However, because this is Earth and you are mostly human we felt that we would give you a human home in an Antarian environment. I hope you like it." Kalen said

      "This place is great are you kidding? It is a bit hot though." Isabel said

      "Talk about getting a tan, we could certainly enjoy ourselves here." Ava said

      "The good thing is that the glass is impenetrable and will not let anyone through...even the harmful rays of the sun wont affect you in here. As for the heat, this is Antarian normal, the house is air- conditioned but your bodies, all your bodies will never experience the problems the rest of humanity feels with too much heat thanks to the energy that flows through you. But right now I think you'd like to inspect your home." Kalen said

      They all nodded and there parents escorted them all inside. While they were amazed at what surrounded them, they knew that it meant their children would soon leave to live here it was inevitable.

      Foyer, Royal Mansion, Antaris Estate, Immediately Following

      As they came inside the mansion, no one could speak. It was completely regal, from the two sets of curved stairs that led up to the next floor to the art and statues that decorated the house.

      "Nice statues." Kyle said as he looked at one of the marble like objects.

      "This is the last of Antarian art, the best our people ever produced. We brought it with us as a way of keeping this part of our culture alive." Kalen said as he then proceeded to describe the house.

      He told and showed the teens and their families the living room that was twice the size of the Parker's apartment. The dinning room was just as big with a circular table in the middle instead of the long rectangular one that was typical for home like these; Kalen explained that it was the Antarian way. Kalen showed them the kitchen and the pantry, the Gym that caused Kyle's mouth to drool and the super computer (by Antarian terms and ultra super mega computer by Earth's terms.) that was hidden in the basement with the access terminal in a private room. There was a massive library, an entertainment centre with every CD, DVD and game that could be obtained. In the middle of that room there was a television that Kalen described as having absolute clarity and had the ability to freeze any image and zoom into any part of it, right down to the millimetre.

      Then Kalen decided to show them the upper levels of the house. He asked their parents to make themselves at home down here while he escorted them to an elevator six flights of stairs were a bit much.

      Floor 6: Master Bedrooms, A Few Minutes Later

      As the elevator doors opened, the group left it and found themselves in a circular room. There were five sets of double doors that led into other bedrooms but this room was almost identical to the rooms in which Max and Liz were anointed as the heads of their household back on the Island. Before them there was a slight pit that was filled with silk covered cushions but they were a gentle shade of green, just like the carpet and the walls. Directly above them was a skylight that allowed them to look directly up to the central glass circle of the dome above them.

      On either side of each set of doorways there were lights with gold fixtures and a switch next to each door, including the elevator door to turn them on and off. There were also symbols on each of the doors and each couple instinctively knew that they signified whose room each was. There were also two symbols on the wall, directly opposite from each other, that each recognised as the two royal seals.

      "This place is great." Maria said

      "Thank you." Feln said, "I designed it myself."

      "Anyway, Max...Liz, your bedroom is the main one directly across from the elevator. Isabel, Alex...yours is directly to the left and Michael and Maria's, that is to the right. The last door to the left of Max & Liz's belongs to Tess and Kyle and the remaining room, the furthest to the right is Ava and Sam's. Each room is identical with white silk bedclothes. The floor beneath us is for your children until the time comes." Kalen said

      "Until the time comes for what?" Max asked

      "Oh well each of our homes are generational houses. All of you will live here and when your children take mates it will be your responsibility to built a second house for them and they would all live there as you will all live here." Kalen said

      "There is also something else." Feln said as he looked at his brother.

      The two moved over to the two carvings of the royal seals and pressed their hands to them. In the middle of the silk cushioned pit, several cushions were pushed up as a rectangular shape began to take shape.

      "I assume some of you at least recognise this?" Kalen said

      "Hey wait, that's the altar from our dream." Isabel said

      "Exactly. When, and only when, you decide you are ready you will come here and mate on the altar to conceive your children. Do everything that you witnessed in the dreams; there is appropriate clothing in your rooms for it. And make sure that all of you are present the conception must be witnessed by all members of the family...all of you." Feln said.

      "I have to watch my sister get knocked up?" Max asked

      "Yes, and given what you've all been through it shouldn't bother you that much. After you left the island you lost a lot of the closeness you achieved because you were back where you felt you had to hide. Here you are alone, private and can act like you want we told you back at the Island follow your instincts." Kalen said

      "You know, the only down side to this that I can see is trying to clean this place." Maria said

      "Oh yeah, cleaning the living room would a week just by itself." Ava said

      "You really think we'd do that to you?" Feln asked

      "Well...yeah." Michael said

      Kalen chuckled. "No, there are five drones. Basically they are advanced robots that will follow your instructions. They'll cook, clean, do your laundry...they'll even give you a massage. They're programming is quite advanced. At one point we even attempted to make them self aware but we could never get the programming right so we kept them simple."

      "Slaves?" Liz asked

      "No, just robots...nothing more and nothing less. We saw the potential for sentience in them but it never happened when we experimented with helping it along. Anyway, there will be plenty of time to explore your bedrooms later. Right now I have one last thing to show you." Kalen said as he led them back into the elevator after letting the altar sink back down into the cushions.

      Garage, Five Minutes Later

      Kalen and Feln led the group, after meeting up with their parents, to the garage. Once the door was open, lights came on that filled every inch of the white room.

      "We thought you'd like to get out and about once and a while so we got you a few things and upgraded them with Antarian engines...i.e. no exhaust fumes and no pollution. You have 5 limousines, 10 Ferraris, 3 BMWs, 6 Porsche convertibles, 4 Lamborghini's and 3..."

      "1967 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glides." Michael interrupted, "Those are very rare bikes."

      "Well, they belong to you." Kalen said

      The gleam in Michael's eyes was unmistakable.

      "Michael, you go one dot over the speed limit and I'll make sure you wont ever sit on a bike again." Maria said, her mother behind her and both with crossed arms.

      "Gnnn, okay." Michael complained, "But this bike is built to go really, really fast. It's the way it was built, that's its purpose in being, it's..."

      "Michael!" Maria warned

      "Okay." Michael relented.

      Kyle and Sam also looked disappointed when they saw the stern looks on Tess and Ava's faces and knew it was a warning not to even think about it.

      "Well, I should get you all back to Roswell. You still have an exam to study for...I believe it's your Advanced Placement?" Kalen asked

      "Yeah." Liz said

      "And I still can't believe I'm doing it." Maria said

      "You? What about me?" Kyle said

      "Oh please, you two have studied and are a lot smarter than you look." Liz said

      "Easy for you to say, you've got an I.Q. in the triple figures." Sam said

      "Actually you all do. You're all intelligent people and it's nothing to do with the energy running in you're systems now. But now that you do have that energy you are able to utilise your maximum potential. So long as you have come on, let's get you to Roswell." Kalen said

      He led to groups out to the original limos and they were on their way. As the glass gates of the dome opened, there was a thousand bulb flashes as the press tried to get a picture of the wealthiest teenagers on the planet. Kalen stopped the car briefly to give them a short statement. He asked for some adjustment time and privacy for his wards as they finished their exams. Kalen also gave them the 'made up' history, which most knew anyway after the mind pulse that was set off earlier, and also the current status of the company. Then they headed back to Roswell.

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, 21:00

      Max and Alex were doing more revision for tomorrow but that only lasted for five minutes before they ended up on Max's bed. Aside from their underwear both were naked and kissing passionately. Their hands ran over each other's arms, feeling their lover's biceps and moaning into each other's mouths.

      Max grasped the elastic of Alex's briefs, slid his hands inside and eased them over the extremely engorged hardness that sprang free to jut forward demandingly. Already, the swollen head leaked pre-come but that was from the sensations they were picking up from Liz and Isabel in the room right next door, Alex had a good idea of what would come next as Max took his prick into his wonderfully warm hands and stroke him until he came. However, he felt a quick shift on the bed and instead of the firm grip of Max's fingers, a wonderfully hot, moist mouth enclosed his throbbing organ, and his equally hot and wet tongue began stroking his crown in all the right places.

      "Yesssssssssssss." Alex hissed.

      Alex thrust his hips forward once, burying his aching cock deeper in Max's hot mouth, and given the cries of passion from next door, that was all it took. His testicles gave up a copious amount of his seed and spilled it into the sucking wetness that surrounded his cock and being eagerly swallowed. Then the delightful tongue gave a last lick and withdrew, leaving his still hard penis bobbing in the air.

      "Those two are really getting to you." Max said

      "You have no idea." Alex said, "And then there's what you do to me... damn."

      "Thank you." Max said happily

      "You're welcome. And don't tell me that they're not getting to you two, not with those moans." Alex said

      "Alex, that's my sis..."

      "In the next room there is a hot blond girl making an equally hot brunette cry out." Alex said, his hand was on the tent in Max's shorts and felt him grow harder with a throb. "Oh yeah that did it."

      They kissed again, their tongues duelled for dominance as their legs became interlocked. Alex pushed Max over on his back and scooted closer; he felt his hot skin touch his own and ran his hand across the well-defined muscles, skirting around the nipples. Max lay back and gave himself over to the caress; his body felt as if he would explode any minute but he knew he would last long enough to let Alex spend some time on him. Concentrating on the feel of the strong fingers that explored his torso, he began to move into Alex, pressing himself in tightly.

      Alex's hand unerringly moved south, brushing his abdomen, his thighs, the edges of his groin but he never touching where Max wanted to be touched. Squirming on the bed, he tried to move his needy cock into contact with Alex's roving hand; he almost dislodged the skilled mouth from his own, but the human would have none of it. Using his weight and new powers, he held Max down and kissed him harder. Finally, Max relented and freed his hands to respond in kind. He closed them around Alex's shoulders and began to reciprocate the kiss in earnest. Soon, they were devouring each other's mouths again with ever increasing hunger; their chests were locked together. The full body contact was exhilarating and Alex finally tore his mouth away from his lover's. Both young men were breathing hard and Max's eyes were burning with need. Alex shifted and brought their groins together, two hot, straining cocks rubbed against each other, causing both to moan heavily. Alex revelled in the sound as did Max. Then he worked a hand between their hips and sought out his lover's strained erection. A few practiced strokes and Max fell back, offering himself completely to his touch.

      Max then reciprocated and wrapped his hand around Alex's cock. Neither broke eye contact as they moaned loudly. In part it was from the pleasure they felt but they also wanted their girlfriends to hear them, they were very thankful that they had taken the time since their return to increase the density of the walls around their rooms to muffle the sounds. Liz and Isabel knew what their lover's were up to and cried out louder and all too soon a competition broke out between the couples, seeing who could get the loudest. Max and Alex's hands were moving like lightening, their hips kept jerking, thrusting their lengths into the tight embrace of their lover's hands.


      "GO...GOD...MAX...SO GOOD MAX...YESSS!"

      "Don't...oh God...don't...uhhh...don't stop!"



      With a short and quick final thrust, both of the young men abruptly stopped and shot their seed over each other's hard members and bellies. Max used his powers to clean them up and through the wall they heard "Okay, you guys win this time." from Liz and from Isabel came "Next time you two will need a megaphone."

      They got their books and continued to read the material for their exam as they rested in bed. In Isabel's room, the two did the same except they continued to hold each other's bodies warmly. Neither couple could wait until they christened their new home.

      To Be Continued...

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