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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 32

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 18, 2003

      Outside the Crashdown, Roswell, 18:00

      For the past few hours since the end of the exam and since then they had been out giving Alex a happy birthday by taking him everywhere he wanted. All in an effort to let Max and Liz finish the details on Alex's surprise birthday party. Alex had asked where the two were but was only answered with that they needed some alone time with each other, which they did twice during their preparations. As the rest of the group approached the cafÈ, Alex let out a deep breath.

      "Hey, what's up?" Isabel asked him

      "We're going to the Crash and I'm not hungry." Alex said

      Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. "Okay, who are you and what did you do with Alex?" Maria asked

      "Ha ha, very funny." Alex said

      "How can you not be hungry?" Isabel asked, "You're always hungry."

      "Oh it might have to do with the pizza, Chinese, curry and several dozen bars of chocolate." Alex said

      "Well yeah but that's like a Friday night for you." Michael said

      "But it's not Friday and I usually pace myself." Alex said

      "Well, we're here now and I'm famished." Isabel said as she took her boyfriend's hand and opened the door to the cafÈ.

      As they entered they saw nothing, nobody was there except for Mr Parker behind the counter.

      "Hi kids." Jeff said

      "Hey Mr Parker." Isabel said, "Where's that brother of mine?"

      "Oh he's out back. Alex, Happy Birthday." He called out.

      The next thing Alex knew was that the doors to the back room came flying open with Max and Liz pushing a trolley with a cake on it as well as lots of other deserts and party hats. Then out came all the parents and as the doors swung closed, Jeff pulled a cord and a giant banner came rolling down over the doors with Happy Birthday Alex written on it with a multitude of colours and glitter.

      "Happy birthday." Everyone yelled at once

      Isabel stood behind him and wrapped her arms around Alex. "Happy birthday lover boy." She whispered

      "Now I thought I told all of you I didn't want a party?" Alex asked

      "Well now, we couldn't let this go by without a bang. You are one of us." Max said

      Alex looked at Liz and Maria. "You didn't tell them?"

      "Tell us what?" Tess asked

      "My birthday, add a party and it equals a major jinx." Alex said

      "How is your birthday a jinx?" Max asked

      Alex looked at Maria, "Care to tell them?"

      "Alex, it was an accident. You are not a jinx, it's just a...a coincidence." Maria said

      Alex raised an eyebrow.

      "Would someone please just tell me what you guys were talking about?" Isabel said

      "Oh alright, on Alex's fifth birthday one or two little things happened and I ended up with a broken leg." Maria said

      "And next?" he asked Liz

      "On his sixth, he was walking by his television and it blew up." Liz said

      "And?" Alex said

      "A few bits of glass from the screen kinda cut me." Liz said


      "On your seventh, we had the party here and the Crash was robbed." Maria said

      "What else?" Alex asked

      "On your eighth and ninth, your mom broke her two places." Liz said

      "And on your tenth, which right after you decided not to have a party, your cat...your cat..." Liz said but couldn't finish

      "Ended up as road kill." Alex said, "And then there is every birthday after that, all those nice little ones without the parties, what happened?"

      "Nothing." Maria and Liz said together

      "Oh." Isabel said

      "Yeah oh." Alex said

      "Yeah, I admit it looks bad. But Alex, I have to agree with Liz and Maria, it's just a case of really bad timing." Isabel said, "And I can guarantee that tonight ends very well for you." She whispered

      "Really?" Alex asked

      "Really." Isabel whispered back

      "Okay, focus away from the badness, that's tomorrow. What'd you get me?" Alex asked excitedly

      Isabel raised an eyebrow at him, "He's like a little kid." She said to Liz

      "That's our Alex." Liz said as she sat him down on a chair in a booth.

      Jeff then pulled out a tray from behind the counter, on which was a stack of presents. He came round to the front of the counter and put the tray before him.

      " toys." Alex said

      "I don't think I've ever wanted you more." Isabel said sarcastically

      Alex looked up at her with sad eyes.

      "Oh no, don't give me that look." Isabel said

      Alex then added a quivering lip to his look, "But, it's my birthday." He said

      "No, I'm not being sucked in by the puppy dog thing."

      Everybody just looked back and forth at the two of them; Liz and Maria smiled, as they knew Isabel was already sucked in. He'd used that look on them more than once.

      Alex just kept looking into Isabel's eyes. "Pleaaaaaaaase." He said

      "Okay, fine be a kid for a few minutes." Isabel relented, knowing that by the time she got him to bed he would be back to the good old Alex

      Alex smiled and turned back to his presents. He ripped off the wrapping paper like it was Christmas morning. Michael bought him a game for his computer but had no idea that the game was way outside of his computers specs but Kyle picked up on it and bought a few upgrades. Tess and Ava bought Alex a leather jacket, hoping to bring him out of his geek image at least a little...Isabel had already done most of that just by being with him. Max had bought Alex a few dvds that Alex had been aching to see while Liz bought him a giant cylinder that had constant bolts of electricity running up the length of it's inside and Maria bought the same only it was filled with water and a multitude of coloured lights the bounced off the stream of bubbles.

      Alex smiled brightly but then came to the end of the presents. "Nothing from you?" Alex asked Isabel

      "It's currently hidden in your bedroom." Isabel said


      "It is definitely your eyes only." Isabel said

      "Really? Sounds interesting, I can't wait." Alex said

      "Well you better wait cause, we put a whole lot of planning into your party." Isabel said

      "Well then, I shall wait my princess." Alex said, "Now where's the food?"

      "I thought you weren't hungry?" Michael asked

      "'s cake." Alex said and everyone smiled.

      Alex's Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 3 Hours Later

      As the party winded down, everyone dispersed. Alex's parents decided to let their son have the house to himself for the evening so they checked into the honeymoon suite of the hotel, it was the perfect excuse for some alone time for themselves. Alex escorted Isabel into his bedroom and looked around.

      "Well, whatever it is, it's well hidden. I haven't seen anything out of place recently." Alex said as he looked around

      "That's because I hid it in the wall." Isabel said as she moved over to his bedroom window. She kneeled down and waved her hand over the wall beneath the window. Alex watched as it started to ripple and Isabel pushed her hands through. She pulled out a portrait-sized canvas with a cloth covering it.

      "Go ahead Alex, open it." Isabel said

      Alex moved over to the canvas and lifted the cloth covering it. He was greeted with the sight of a naked Isabel, pressed up against the rock wall of the Pod Chamber. In the picture her arm was up over her breast, hiding it as her head rested on her hand and her hair flowed over her back.

      "Isabel, this is beautiful. How did you get this?" Alex asked

      "Michael painted it, we met up in the Pod Chamber a few times a week so I could model for him. You're not mad are you?" Isabel asked, remembering when Michael mistakenly attempted to get her off by sticking his big toe into her.

      "All you did was pose right?" Alex asked

      "Oh yeah, and Michael was insistent that while I was without clothes, he would stay on one side of the canvas and I would be where I was posing. Not once did he look at me as though I was anything other than a no need for Caveman Alex." Isabel said

      "Absolutely no need." Alex said as he moved back from the painting and moved over to Isabel, and used his hand to hold her face, "Too bad I can't put it up anywhere. Tell you what, when we get our own place, how about we put this up in our bedroom?"

      "'re really thinking about our own place?" Isabel asked

      "Well yeah, especially our bedroom...I'm thinking of a four poster bed, silk sheets and the two of us naked under the cover having fun." Alex said

      "Hmm, I like that. But right now there is a part 2 to your present." Isabel said

      "Oh, can I get all kid like again?" Alex asked

      "Better not, the is definitely an adult present. Wait here." Isabel said as she indicated for him to sit on his bed while she left the bedroom and went to the bathroom to get ready.

      As he waited, Alex continued to look at the painting of his beloved. The eyes were eerie, they were more lifelike than any photograph he had of her and they seemed to follow him about. He had to admit that Michael certainly had talent, he'd captured Isabel's essence, her smouldering eyes, warm smile...everything that was evident whenever she thought of or saw Alex. He also managed to be accurate with every little detail of her body.

      A few minutes later Isabel returned, wearing a tight, black dress that showed a lot of cleavage, five-inch black high heels. She moved over to Alex's stereo and pushed the play button; within seconds light music filled the room.

      "So how do I look?" she asked

      "You look beautiful Isabel, so beautiful." Alex responded, "What are you going to do?"

      "I'm returning the favour from my birthday. There is only one rule...I can touch you, you can't touch me." Isabel said

      Isabel moved over to Alex and kissed him gently before moving back up to the open space in his room, she closed the curtains and turned on the lights so there was a low glow in the room. She began to move to the beat. The song did something to her, the beat penetrated her soul and combined with the urge to please her lover, and so she threw herself into the music. Alex lay on the bed and watched as she slid one strap of her dress off her shoulder, and then the other.

      Her hips gyrated, her body moved like a professional stripper. She's done her studying and practiced her routine for this night, for this moment. As her hands glided over her breasts, over her body and down to her abdomen, Isabel threw her leg onto the bed next to Alex and he could see up the opening. With a caress of her hand on her leg, she reached up to the top of her thigh high stockings and started pulling it down her leg. She did it slowly and Alex watched as ever inch of the familiar flesh became exposed.

      Isabel smiled as she hung the length of silk around Alex's neck and in response he gave her an evil glare, one that told the alien that he was fighting with everything he had not to take her there and then. Then Isabel planted her other foot up on the bed on the other side of Alex before running her hand through his hair and then across his face. Then off came the second stocking, just as teasingly slow.

      Isabel tossed the garment to Alex before turning her back on him. She looked at Alex over her shoulder; the fire in her eyes was self- evident as the music enflamed her spirit. Then, by itself, the zipper on the back of the dress slid down the length of the dress and quickly it fell to the floor, pooling at Isabel's feet before she kicked it away, leaving dressed in a blood red teddy.

      He then watched as she sucked a finger into her mouth, wet it, and slid it down the front of her teddy, caressing her breasts and abdomen in the process. There was a very audible groan from Alex. As the music began to get more intense, she moved even more, her hips punctuating every beat, every move. She moved about the room then, coming to the door, she grabbed the doorframe and slid down it seductively and sensuously. Isabel shimmied her way back up, sucking on the tip of her finger. She looked at him, her bright eyes widening, as she motioned for him to come to her.

      Alex rose from the bed but his legs were trembling with excitement, and moved towards her. The song faded and changed to the next track on the CD, she walked around him, gently squeezing the cheeks of his ass. A moan came up from low in his throat and emitted a low growl. "You like that?" She asked but it was almost a statement, as she moved around him. Her nimble fingers started to undo the buttons on his shirt one by one. When his chest was bared to her, Isabel slid her hands under the cotton of the shirt and slipped it off his shoulders.

      The shirt slid down to the floor unnoticed to the ground. Her fingertips slid down his abdomen, and grasped him around the waist; she began to rub herself against him. He inhaled sharply and moved to hold her close. She shoved him away lightly and started to dance out of his reach, increasing the torment to his body. The song changed again, to something sultry and slow.

      As she moved, her hands glided over her body and inch-by-inch the silk teddy was pealed from her skin. She exposed her breasts ever so gently, then her belly and before long the teddy was tossed away to join Isabel's dress. Her hips began to sway slightly to the music, her hands dancing along her own body. She showed no signs of hesitation in touching her own body as she imagined her hands were Alex's, her fingers danced along the sides of her breasts, circled her nipples with her finger tips and down her body again.

      Alex looked at her; his dick swelled in his pant and beckoned her back to him with a finger. Isabel sexily, hungrily, sashayed towards him. Her body moved with the grace of a cat. She slid up the bed and into his arms, Alex looked at her for a minute, and she moved against him, pressing her body against his and she stretched like a cat. She was curled up against him, and his hand slid down her side. Alex kissed her, his lips gently massaged hers, and his tongue slid along her lips, seeking and asking entrance. His hand hesitated as it came up along the side of her breast. She arched into his hand however, giving him no reason to hold back.

      Her eyes were closed but her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Alex slid a hand down the side of her body and up the inside of her legs. Isabel parted her long legs and Alex slid his body between her thighs. "Alex." She sighed. Isabel led his hand to her breast, and he gripped it lightly, but firmly. His fingers flicked gently at her already hardened nipple. A low groan tore from her throat and her hand came up to grab his head, and to pull him closer. Alex unbuttoned his pants, and rose from the bed to slide them off; he then climbed back into the bed and into the waiting arms of his beloved.

      Alex bathed her nipples with his tongue and then started to proceed down. When he reached her stomach, he used his tongue in circles getting smaller and smaller as he got to her bellybutton, gently he stuck the tip of his tongue in and swirled it around. His tongue traced a wet path further down; Isabel opened her eyes slightly and inhaled sharply.

      "Ughhnnnnn." Isabel gasped

      He was staring into her slit, his tongue coming out to lick the length of her slit. Isabel groaned and whimpered, placing her hands in his hair she held him closer, begging him for more. He complied, as he inserted his tongue into her. She cried out and with the heat her body was already experiencing from her strip, she came all over his tongue. Alex rolled Isabel onto her back and mounted her body. Isabel moved beneath him, and he placed himself at her entrance.

      "I want you Alex. Take me." Isabel said

      The first plunge took him deep into her and she cried out as he filled her completely. He stayed there for a few seconds, languishing in the feel of her grip and then he began to move. As he gently sawed his cock within her, his thoughts reached her and hers reached him, completely mingling so they were of mind as it always was for all the lovers in the group. Isabel's breath was on his skin and his eyes snapped open, he met her mouth with his. Their tongues entwined as their bodies met again and again.

      Without saying anything, she wrapped her legs around him and flipped him over so that she was riding him. She ground her hips into his, as she took him. Her hands moved over his and then she placed them exactly where she wanted them to be. His fingers played lightly with her nipples, and then he leaned up and tentatively touched each one with his tongue.

      "Alex." Isabel gasped as she held his head to her bosom.

      Then Alex flipped them over again, he looked deep into her eyes and pulled her body closer. Isabel began to writhe beneath him, she was rapidly approaching orgasm and so was Alex, "Iz, ughnnnn...I'm gonna..."

      "Oh god...Alex...GOD...CUM FOR ME...OH YESSS...ALEX DO IT!" Isabel said, as he licked the side of his neck.


      Alex thrust one last time and came deep inside her. She pulled him close to her and rested his head over her heart. He was shuddering in her arms, from the force of his climax, and he still could feel her muscles quivering around him.

      "I love you." They both told each other at the same time.

      1 Hour Later...

      The lovers only stopped to rest for a moment. As Isabel got out of bed to satisfy a snack attack, Alex grabbed her arm and span her back into his arms. The kiss was utterly pure, unadulterated love but rapidly grew into passion. His cock was hard again and before long her long legs were wrapped around his waist as he coupled with his lover against the door of his wardrobe.

      Over and over again their bodies met and sweat poured from them. Their wild rut was damaging the door, it was weakening the screws that were holding it in place and it was coming of the hinges. Isabel then used her leverage and pushed Alex away from the wardrobe and over to his desk. As one arm secured Isabel in place over him, Alex's other arm swept away the contents of his desk.

      Alex sat his lover on it and continued to thrust into her waiting body. Her ankles were locked behind him, pulling at his butt and setting the pace for them both. Her hips writhed on the wooden surface as the lovers moved together.

      2 Hours Later...

      They had moved all over the room, Alex never softened and never left the body of his lover despite having cum five times. He didn't have anything left in him to shoot but he couldn't stop, every molecule in his body was compelling him to mate with Isabel even though he couldn't get her pregnant without deactivating their implants. It took everything he had not to turn his off but then there would also be Isabel's, she was a safety measure for them both, but both took their responsibility for control very seriously, each acting as safety for the other.

      Right now they were back on the bed, Isabel was riding him like a wildcat. Alex's hands gripped tightly onto her body. They moved all over her body, caressing her breasts and building the passion in her flesh. They were both screaming so much that their throats hurt but they couldn't help but call out as their lover pleasured them.


      Now they were on the floor, each had enough carpet burns to keep their bodies sore for a week but neither cared about it. Only the mind numbing orgasms matter to them. Isabel was on her back and Alex was on his knees, her legs were on his shoulders and his hands were on her hips. Alex held his lover in position as he thrust into her over and over, in and out, back and forth as his hips circled against the blonde alien.

      Isabel's hand was gripping tightly onto the edge of Alex's mattress, which was pushed to the floor by Isabel's body as Alex took her from behind. The sheets were everywhere and somehow and ended up wrapped around them.

      "AH GOD...AL...ALEX OH YESSSSS!" Isabel screamed

      "IZ...OH GOD ISABEL." Alex cried

      Isabel let go of the mattress and used ever once of strength to lift herself up onto Alex's lap. Their bodies were pressed together as much as possible as their arms wrapped around each other. However, they knew they couldn't last much longer. Their strength was nearly completely drained.

      "OUGNNNN...ALEX...ALEX...ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!" Isabel cried out as every muscle in her body became taut and then spasms overcame her when her final climax hit.

      "ISABELLLLLLLLLLLLL!" Alex cried out.

      He collapsed onto his back and Isabel fell on top of him. They couldn't speak or even move but they could look into each other's eyes for the final moments before their bodies had to succumb to the necessity of sleep. That was where they spent the rest of the night, on the floor, Isabel on Alex and his arms around her as the sheets barely covered them.

      Whitman Resident, 07:30

      The elder Whitmans had arrived home and quietly entered their home. They knew that their son wouldn't be up yet; he never was this early unless he had to be somewhere. Silently they moved up the stairs to their bedroom to get cleaned up and ready for the days work ahead of them. As they passed their son's bedroom, they found the door wide open.

      They couldn't help but look inside to see Isabel lying on top of their son with the duvet covering their waists as they slept on the floor. Around the couple was their clothes, several items from his desks were scattered on the floor as well as most of the bed.

      "Reminds me of when we were young." Charles said, "I was actually thinking she would have left before now."

      "Oh Charles, please." His wife said, "That's our son in there. Now come on, we've got work to get ready for so let's leave them be... besides we never destroyed a bed before, let alone a room."

      "Well you know there was that hotel room in Madagascar. And then there was our second anniversary in Vegas when we..."

      "Ah...we're respectable people now and I don't think that our son wants to know about our past antics before he came along."

      "No probably not but just you remember those security deposits we lost because of a beautiful, young and very wild brunette." Charles said before kissing his wife on the cheek.

      "Just as long as they don't find out about it, I'll be fine." She said just as Isabel started to glow gently, it was nothing more than a sparkle over her skin and then it passed to Alex and then to Isabel.

      "Hmmm...what is that?" Charles asked but just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

      "You don't think that she..."

      ", it couldn't be."

      "But she is half alien, we don't know what pregnancy symptoms there could be."

      "But the implants?" Charles asked, "They have to consciously turn them off. No, it could be something else. A shared transfer...there is a lot we don't know and it could be anything. We should jump to conclusions."

      "I guess you're right."

      Then they saw the painting of Isabel and understood why her birthday present to him was his eyes only. She reached over and closed the door to Alex's room before leading her husband to their room.

      Alex's Bedroom, 08:00

      Alex slow awakened and found Isabel almost completely on top of him. His hands were resting on her back. Alex could feel a tingle over his skin that was all too familiar when he woke up in his lover's embrace. The intricate light of Isabel's soul took form and mixed with his own essence before it rejoined her body. Both knew what was happening and knew that it happened with each of the others when sleeping in the arms of their mates.

      Slowly he looked around the room and realised the extent of how insane Isabel drove him with her striptease. Then he felt Isabel wake up and they looked into each other's eyes.

      "Wow." Isabel said

      "Yeah, wow." Alex agreed

      "I don't think I'm gonna be able to walk for a week." Isabel said as Alex brushed aside some hair from her face

      "Well now whose fault is that?" Alex asked

      "Mine." Isabel smiled back before gently kissing Alex's mouth

      "How many time did we do it last night anyway?" Alex asked

      Isabel looked up slightly and her gaze shifted around her lover's room, gently pointing as she recapped where she and Alex made love last night in her mind. ", no 10." She said


      "Ten." Isabel said

      "I didn't think I could go ten times in one night." Alex said

      "You just need the right inspiration. Like needing to claim me as yours that time on the island." Isabel said

      "Michael was very bad and you were very, very bad for nearly coming." Alex said

      "Well I thought it was you but I learned my lesson." Isabel said, glad that her performance last night produced an equally arousing and passionate experience. "So, not that you've had a birthday with a party...any booms?"

      Alex looked around, "No, no booms. I think we trashed my room more than enough to compensate. Now, my dearest, my bathroom is next door. Go and get cleaned up and I'll take you to school. Kalen and Feln did say they were going to come forward with their little surprise."

      Isabel stood up and wrapped Alex's sheet around her body before kissing him and going through the door into the bathroom. Alex threw on some clothes and went out to the living room. When he saw his parents they never said anything about seeing him with his girlfriend; they had agreed, with all the parents, that so long as it was kept to the bedroom, none of them would comment on the sexual liaisons of their children ‚ they did need it after all.

      "Hey son. How's the curse?" Charles asked his son

      "Well no explosions, no cuts and not one broken limb...well not for lack of trying." Alex said as he rubbed a sore spot on his arms he got from last night, "So I'm saying that the curse is none existent. I guess Liz and Maria were right...just coincidence." Alex said as he moved past the television to reach the kitchen. There was a crackle and then...


      ...right after Alex crossed it.

      He gave a deep sigh, "Ok, that's it. No more parties!" Alex said, "And this curse is getting more powerful, the thing wasn't even on."

      "Yeah, well...we did kinda need a new T.V." his mother said

      To Be Continued...

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