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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 31

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 12, 2003

      Back Room, Crashdown, 09:00 The Next Morning

      Liz was sitting on the sofa watching the television as she waited for Max and Isabel to pick her up for school. They also sent word that they needed to talk to her about something but they were vague about it and Liz hated that.

      "Hey Liz." Ava called out as she came in the back door.

      "Ava, hi." Liz said as she looked at the beaming smile on her friends face, "So how was your night?"

      "Oh like you don't all ready know." Ava said, "I felt you listening in and so did Tess."

      "Well my family was about t be completed, I wanted to make sure everything went off without a hitch. And then there was that little session you had with Kyle...that was hot." Liz said

      "And who knew Tess was that much of a voyeur." Ava said

      "So it's not a sister thing?" Liz asked

      "Well I like to watch, especially when the guys go at it, but not as much as Tess. I mean that sister of mine...damn. Especially when Maria's involved." Ava said

      "Believe me, Maria's the same when she watches her. Back on the island; Tess, Kyle, Maria and Michael spent most of their time together."

      " sex. I like that." Ava said with a smile

      Liz sat back and remembered her time on the island, "God it's been ages since I've been with Max, Isabel and Alex."

      "Wait...Max and Isabel in the same bed. Isn't that kinda freaky?"

      "No, I was with Max and Isabel was with Alex. Then I was with Isabel and then Max was with, tell me about that group you met." Liz said

      "Well there leader is Stacy, Kari is her Dupe and all of them were found together. Oh and get this...they're naturists."


      "Tell me about it. But Stacy and her guy Grant are dating this gorgeous little redhead called Jessie who is a hybrid. Grant's the human. Apparently, from day one Stacy and Jessie were always close...a lot closer than they were with their Dupes. They first realised they were in love when they were fifteen but waited until they were sixteen before sleeping together. Grant's family moved into town from another nudist resort and he was immediately attracted, and he didn't know anything about them being together. Both Stacy and Jessie were hot for him and I'm talking smoking. Stacy went out with him first and Jessie kept her distance, soon they just went for it and told him they were together."

      "Share and share alike." Liz said

      "That's pretty much it. Publicly they just hang around with each other and Grant dates Jessie but privately, just with their group, all three love each other."

      "So how did he find out about them being Antarians?"

      "Well sooner or later they were going to have sex, it was a first...and I mean first for all of them. From what they said there was a little loss of control of their powers. When they told him he didn't freak." Ava said

      "Well that should be an interesting family when they have kids." Liz said just as Max and Isabel came in, "Hey Honey."

      "Hi snookums." Max responded as he kissed his lover

      "Oh please, you two are even gonna make me sick." Isabel said before following Max and kissed Liz.

      "So what did you need to see me about?" Liz asked

      "Yeah, well...Michael had this dream, well he's had it for a few nights now but when he was describing it to us, both of us have had it. It's like him saying it snapped the memory in us."

      "So what was the dream? Michael sitting on top of a pyramid with thousands of naked women throwing little pickles at him." Liz said, all three just looked at her. "What? It's a Michael dream, I'm guessing."

      "But you were close. It was on a pyramid, from my perspective I was sitting on a stone throne kind of thing. You came up the steps, we walked over to an altar, Alex and Isabel stripped us and I put you on the stone and had sex with you." Max said

      "From what I dreamed, I was walking up the stairs to Alex. We went to the Altar and were stripped by you two before we had sex on it." Isabel said

      "Have you had it?" Max asked Ava

      "No. But it sounds like I want it." Ava said

      "What about you?" Isabel asked Liz

      "No, but I don't think Maria has either." Liz said

      "Does it sound familiar at all? Given that Michael and us have had it we thought it might be an alien thing."

      "In since I get leaks of info from this Seal you thought I might know something." Liz said and her lovers nodded

      Liz closed her eyes for a second and focused on her Seal within her. After a while she gave up, "No. Noth..." Then she got a flash for an expansive forest, ""

      "What?" Max asked

      "This wouldn't have been in a forest would it? A really, really big forest." Liz said

      Max and Isabel looked up. "Yes." He said

      "The trees were huge but the pyramid was a lot taller." Isabel said

      "And...oh what was it...some kind of stone dish with fire in it?" Liz asked

      "Yeah, it was behind the chair but before the altar." Isabel said

      "Okay...weird." Liz said

      "What? What's weird?" Max asked

      "I think you guys just got a wake up call from you're subconscious. If I'm right, that pyramid is...uh..." Liz cleared her throat, "It's where Antarians go to conceive their children. From what I got...the only reason you should be having those dreams is if you're ready...for that step."

      "Are you saying that we want to have kids?" Isabel said

      "Yes, but its strictly Antarian, that's why I haven't had it. Ava's just started her relationship with Sam so they're not ready." Liz said

      "But we're not married, still in high school and can't afford kids right now. Dad would castrate me if I got you pregnant now. We're so not ready." Max said

      "There must be something else going on. Because the dream is only triggered when everything is ready." Liz said

      "Feln. Last night he said that Kalen was arranging a surprise for us and that it was nearly ready." Ava said

      "Any ideas on it?" Max asked

      Ava just shook her head.

      "On some level, all Antarians are connected through their energy. It's possible you're picking something up from Kalen and that acted like a trigger for you." Liz said

      "We need to find out what he's doing." Isabel said

      "Why?" Liz asked

      "Why? Because until I know that this surprise thing can help us with kids, I don't want Alex and I getting out of control and shutting off these implants. I want to make sure I'm...that we're both ready. I mean emotionally I know we are ready and this is why we were on Earth to begin with but there is no way we can...god we're still in high school." Isabel said, "Just like you and another matter we talked about." She said.

      Max immediately knew she was talking about Max's desire to take Liz as his wife and looked down at his lap.

      "What?" Liz asked, "Something you guys want to tell me?"

      "Not yet, okay." Max said looking into her eyes while giving her face a mental caress that she felt.

      "Okay." Liz said

      "So what are you guys gonna do?" Ava asked

      "Ugnnn...I'll probably contact Feln and Kalen tonight. I'll find out what's going on and at the very least we'll be able to find out if Liz is right, now that we know it isn't just some weird sex dream." Max said

      "What if they don't tell you?" Isabel asked

      "Then I'll make it an order. I think it's about time I use the big bat that comes with the crown." Max said

      Liz smiled at Max; she knew it wouldn't have taken long for Max to take on his role. She had accepted her role as queen and used it quite well when she wanted to seduce the girls into being naughty.

      "Anyway, we've got more exam prep for tomorrow. We should get going." Max said

      "Oh Max, before I forget could you come around tonight?" Liz asked

      "Something wrong?" Max asked

      "No. I just want you to stop by." Liz said seductively before walking out of the room

      "So I'll be telling mom you'll be late home for dinner then." Isabel said with a smile as she stood next to her brother.

      Max just looked at her. "Yeah." He said before following Liz. Isabel then followed as Ava went out front in search of a Tabasco smothered burger.

      West Roswell High, 11:00

      During one of their classes, their teacher had given out some work and basically told the class that they could do what ever they wanted... so long as it was studying. Most of them were head outside to work under the sun but Max had called to the others so they could meet in the library. When Max was packing up his bag he found a note in one of his books that said, "Meet me in the Eraser Room." Max thought that Liz decided not to wait until later and have a little fun now.

      When Max got to the room he peaked inside. "Liz?" he said before taking a step further inside.

      Then the door slammed shut and the lock was turned. Before Max could react Pam Troy's body was pressing him against the wall, her lips latched onto his.

      {LIZ!!} He called out through the bond to his queen

      Max quickly pushed Pam off of him. She just smiled at him as he looked angrily at her.

      "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Max asked

      In one swift move, Pam lifted her top off over her head and exposed her breasts to Max. "Taking what I want Max."

      Pam jumped back onto Max, her hands was massaging his cock through his jeans but with no result as Max grabbed her hands tightly and forcefully lifting it up before pushing Pam back against a wall.

      " like the rough games. I can certainly get into that." Pam teased

      "No I'm not into the rough games and certainly not into you." Max said as he backed up and tossed Pam her top.

      Quickly she dropped it and proceeded to unfasten her skirt. She let it slid down her legs to the floor and her panties quickly followed it. "No one gives up free sex Max. Come on, let me give you what a man like you needs."

      Pam pushed him back against the wall and started to undo his jeans when she felt another hand on her wrist. It was holding onto her with even more force than Max's grip.

      "You really are a whore aren't you? And he doesn't need to take up your offer, he can come to me whenever...where ever." Liz said as she looked into Pam's eyes

      "Don't dare call me that. At least I'm not some book worm little virgin." Pam said

      The next thing Pam knew was that Liz tossed her back against the wall. "Oh I'm not a virgin Pam, Max took care of that a long time ago. Oh and the others are right outside and will keep the door closed. Now, why are you going after Max? I thought you were after Sam?"

      "I take what I want, Max, Sam, anyone I want. Nobody says no." Pam said

      "Nobody except Max just now, and then Sam dumped you before that. You should see how happy he is with Ava. Those two love each other so much that they can spend hours together when they make long did he spend doing you, 2...3 minutes."

      "He lasts long enough to get me off." Pam said

      "Oh yes that's all you want, someone to please you. But here's my question, have you ever had anyone make love to you. Someone take the time to get every one of your senses on fire and have you ever done that for them. Bet you the answer is no." Liz said

      Pam didn't answer

      "Well, that's what Max and I have." Liz said as she moved over to her mate and finished unzipping him before taking out his soft cock. She could help but smile when Pam gasped when she saw the size of his length. "You see Pam, Max isn't interested in you but he is interested in me..." Liz licked the tip of her finger and then ran it from Max's cheek, down his chest and before even reaching his dick he was already partially hardened. When she did reach his cock, her fingernail scraped over it and he was fully aroused. "See."

      Pam just blinked as Liz turned her back to her. The brunette kissed Max passionately as his hands glided over her back. Liz then raised her leg and wrapped his behind Max's thigh as he held onto hers.

      "Liz, what are you doing?" Max whispered in her ear

      "Teaching her." Liz said simply

      Max lifted his lover up and sat her on the desk as they continued to kiss. Pam just watched as their hands glided over each other then she shook herself out of it and dressed herself. When she heard the two moan she moved over to the door but found the door handle missing.

      Out in the Hall...

      "So what are you showing her?" Isabel asked

      "Max and I making love." Liz said, her visit into the room only lasted a second; just long enough to induce a mind warp on Pam and get Max out of the room. The entire discussion was faked, not that Pam knew.

      "LIZ!" Max said with disbelief

      "Relax Max. Come on, the warp will last another 20 minutes and we need to be else where." Liz said

      They all went off down the hall and into the library that was full of people, including some of Pam's friends.

      Library, 25 Minutes Later

      During her time in the Eraser Room, Pam tried not to watch Liz's illusions as they made love but the constant moans and whimpers of pleasure got to her. Liz was right, no one had ever made love to her, it was always a roll in the hay for the sole purpose of getting her kicks but after watching it, it really got to her. However, that wasn't going to stop her from initiating the massive gossiping that was about to ensue.

      "Oh my god you guys are never gonna believe what happened." Pam said

      "Well I'm guessing things didn't go well with Max."

      "No, but I was...well I getting started when Liz came in. You guys, Max and Liz got hot and heavy, they had sex right in front of me. They went at it for...god it must have been at least half an hour." Pam said

      "Pam, enough with the B.S. You couldn't get it going with Max but don't make stuff up."

      "I'm not, they were completely doing it. I watched Max go down on Liz and then stick his dick into her." Pam said

      "Pam..." said on of her friends before pointing over to Max, Liz and their friends, "They've been in here for at least 40 minutes and they came in with there books in hand."

      "No, no way. I watched them do it." Pam said

      "Who do what?" Sam asked as he was passing by, following Max and Liz's orders

      "She said she watched Max and Liz do it in the Eraser Room."

      "'s possible, those two really get into some pretty heavy make out sessions but they're in love so cut them some slack." Sam said

      "But she said she was watching them for the last half hour or so and that they knew she was there."

      Sam looked at his ex, "So now you just make up stuff about them."

      "I'M NOT MAKING IT UP, I WATCHED MAX AND LIZ HAVE SEX IN THE ERASER ROOM!" Pam yelled as she jumped up from her seat.

      Everyone in the room looked at Pam and then around to Max and Liz.

      "Well that was louder than I expected." Max whispered

      "Guys, get this...Pam said that she's just come from watching you do it in the Eraser Room." Sam called over

      "Just come?" Liz said

      "Yeah and you damn well know it. I went into the Eraser Room to get it on with Max, you came in, locked the door so I couldn't get out... pissed me off and got it on with Max right there on the desk." Pam said

      "Riiiiight." Liz said

      "You did." Pam yelled over

      "No...cause for the last 40 minutes I've been sitting in this chair, arguing with Max over the answer for the fifth question on the Bio practice exam." Liz said, "And it is single celled paramecium by the way." She said to Max

      "Bullshit." Pam said

      "Guys?" Sam said to everyone

      Everyone in the room backed Liz up; she had arranged another mind warp on everyone in the library so that they would see Max and Liz enter long before they did.

      "This is crap, this is total and utter shit." Pam yelled

      "You're right it is." Sam said, "It's not enough that you plan on trying to break them up, you have to try and...what...scandalise a couple of really good people? I said once you can learn a lot from then take that advice."

      "No, no way. You guys believe me right?" Pam asked her friends.

      Each and every one of them packed up their bags and left the table.

      "Pam, you want to try and get Sam back then fine. But we're sick of following your lead when you try to get to Max and Liz."

      On mass, Pam's former posse head out of the library.

      "And stop trying to get me back. I'm with Ava, who is at least a thousand times better than you in bed and just as much a better person. After her, believe me you're not even second on the list. Actually I think she's probably ruined me for anyone other than her." Sam said

      "This is so fucking..."

      "PAMELA TROY!" Yelled the Principle, "Get to my office right this minute young lady."


      "Get going now." Pam picked up her things and headed out of the door. The librarian had called him when she overheard what Pam said and when the yelling started it was sent over the phones to him. After a minute or two he heard all he needed to hear and marched straight over to the library. "Ms Parker, Mr Evans and...Mr Reese, I'd like to speak with you."

      "Sir?" Max asked

      "I only caught part of this, I'd like the rest of you to fill me in on what I missed."

      "Yes sir." Sam said, "But I only caught part of it myself, when she started yelling...that's when Max and Liz got involved but what Pam said is shi...impossible. Well unless they can be in two places at once but as far as I'm concerned they came in just after I did and everyone in here can back that up including the librarian."

      "Very well, but I would still like to hear it. Mrs Gorsy?"

      "Yes Mr Hamilton."

      "If you could select some random students and take notes on what they witnessed. 10 should be enough."

      "Yes sir." Mrs Gorsy said

      The Principle then left with Max, Liz and Sam following behind him. Gorsy pointed to fifteen students and told them to write down what they saw; she never liked Pam anyway, the books...the few books that she checked out were always returned defaced with graffiti or with bubble gum sticking to the pages, and wanted enough corroboration for the two students who usually kept her busy.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 18:00

      Max arrived at Liz's as soon as he finished his shift at the museum and climbed up the fire escape. He sneaked in the window just as Liz came out of the bathroom wearing a blue silk dressing gown and drying her hair with a fluffy orange towel.

      "Max." Liz greeted happily

      "Hey." Max said

      "You look a little...I don't know...wigged or something." Liz said

      "Yeah, I ran into Sam on the street. Apparently Pam Troy got suspended." Max said


      "Well what happened today was the straw that broke the camels back. She's been causing a lot of problems lately since Sam dumped her. Her parents are not happy at all." Max said

      "But what about her exams?" Liz asked

      "Not that she cares but she's allowed to be on school grounds only to attend the exams." Max said

      "Oh, okay." Liz said before looking wickedly into her lover's eyes, "You know we have some time to play."

      Max smiled, "Yes we do."

      Liz jumped up onto Max and wrapped her legs around him as he wrapped his arms around her. Liz kissed Max, their tongues probing each other's mouths. It lasted for at least ten minutes before they came up for air.

      "It's been a while for us hasn't it?" Max asked

      "A long, long while. As much as I love being with the others, I love you so much more." Liz said

      "Ditto." Max said

      "Oh your dad called you earlier, he couldn't get through to the museum so he left a message here. He said...uh...tomorrow he's going to give you some lessons. You have time before the exam so make sure you're up and ready by 8 o'clock."

      "Uh...okay, I have no idea what he's talking about but okay." Max said

      Liz unlocked her legs from behind Max and slid down his body, never breaking eye contact as she descended to her knees. She looked up at him with warm eyes as she slowly unfastened Max's jeans but with a quick motion she pulled both the denim and his boxers down to his ankles.

      Liz looked annoyed at Max for a moment, playing a little game that she liked, "I'm standing here in nothing but a thin dressing gown, I wrap my legs around you and you're still soft?"

      "I've learned to control myself, it makes it all the easier so that you have to earn you reward." Max said, playing the same game with his lover and mate.

      "Then I better get to work." Liz said

      Gently she licked the underside of Max's cock before taking him into her mouth.

      "Uuuhhhhnnnn..." He moaned gutturally as he watched a good portion of his prick vanish into her sweet mouth. She drew him as far into her mouth as she could, sucking hard all the time. Liz held him for a long while before backing off a little and then taking him back inside.

      The brunette set up a steady rhythm of long, slow stokes as her tongue bathed his quickly hardening rod. Liz was certainly earning her reward, at least as far as Max was concerned.

      "Ognn...god Liz." Max groaned

      Liz just slurped; the sound was music to Max's ears as the sensations travelled up his body. Then, for without any reason, Liz stopped and stood up. She kissed his cheek as one hand untied the sash of her robe. Liz licked his earlobe before nibbling it and whispered, "Take me."

      Max smiled as he took hold of the blue silk and pulled it off her shoulders, exposing her smooth skin. He kissed her passionately as he lifted her up and sat Liz on her dressing table. She spread her legs and Max eagerly moved between them. He caressed her thighs before grabbing hold of them and pulling her hips forward, placing her in the perfect angle to penetrate her body.

      "Tell me you want it Liz." Max said

      "I want it Max." She gasped

      "Tell me again."

      "I want it Max, I want it so much."

      The sound of her heat filled voice sent more blood to his cock, hardening him to his maximum potential. Liz reached down and wrapped her fingers around him and gently guided him into her. It was slow at first as Max probed her with the bulbous head of his cock, running it over her slick fold before pushing inside.

      "UGHNNNNNN...Max, please." Liz begged

      With a long, slow and deep thrust, Max was fully engulfed by his mate and by kissing her, their bodies were fully connected and every inch of available skin was touched by that of their lover.

      "You feel so amazing...God, you feel so good!" he whimpered, her inner muscles rippled around his hard cock, sucking on him as he lay still. He knew he couldn't do that forever.

      "I...I can feel you everywhere...Ughhhh...God." Liz cried as she tightened her legs around him, scraping her nails along his back and pulling his face down to kiss him. He ground his hips against hers, pushing deeper and then deeper and then deeper before easing back a little and then sliding back in with another long sigh from both lovers.

      "Ugnnn yeah."

      "Oh god, oh god...UGNNNNNN."

      Max pulled out and quickly thrust back inside of her, building a slow rhythm that she matched perfectly, writhing beneath him. Her arms came up under his to hold his shoulders, bracing for the thrill of each pulse. Every movement broke something down in each of them and at the same time built something all too familiar up. With each inward thrust he pushed her closer to the edge of completion, her muscles tightening around him, tightening in the sweetly intense anticipation of her orgasm. She closed her eyes, letting her body melt as he moved in her, filling her up before withdrawing and plunging back in.

      "Max...oh god Max...more...harder." Liz gasped, not caring if her parents heard her in the next room. She knew that they knew that Liz needed this, needed to be with her lover on the most primal, instinctual of levels. However, Liz had no idea they had left over an hour ago for dinner with the Evans, Whitman's, Amy Deluca and Valenti.

      Max pulled out so that only the head of his penis was still touching her, moving it in small circles against her slit before he plunged back in. She cried out, her body stretched taut, the heated inner walls of her core constricting around him. With one hand she grasped the back of his neck and pulled him back for another kiss that smothered her moans during the several moments when she could breath out, her breath bringing small, strangled sounds to her chest.

      "Liz...Liz...oh my feel...ughnnnnnn." Max groaned

      In and out, over and over, faster and faster, Max took her, pounding her into the wood of the table, he was completely taking her, possessing her. The violent shakes of their actions had already caused most of Liz's makeup and possessions to end up on the floor.

      They continued, on and on until Liz opened her mouth with a prolonged gasp and then let loose with an animalistic cry of passion. "MAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXX!"

      Her orgasm was incredible, causing each muscle of her body to feel it. However, Max still sought his own climax but Liz stopped his thrusts.

      "Ma...Max." Liz said

      "What?" Max asked breathlessly

      "I want...I want..."

      "It's okay Liz. Tell me." Max asked, his dick still locked deep inside her

      "When...when you're with the guys, know, you put it in their butts." Liz asked, no longer was her skin red from passion but rather from embarrassment.

      "Well, yeah. I mean...oh." Max said, understanding what Liz was asking. "Do you want to try it?"

      "Yes." Liz said humbly

      "Liz you don't have to be embarrassed, if you want to try anything you can come to me." Max said

      "I know, it's just well..."


      "Well, part of me is curious and well...I am a queen. Half my subject have experienced something and I want to know what it feels like." Liz said a little more playfully

      Max nodded and slid out of Liz and out from between her legs before helping her off the table. As she stood on her own two feet, the robe slid off the rest of her arms and fell to the floor leaving her completely naked. Max gently caressed her face.

      "Turn around." Max said

      Liz did as she was asked and looked at the reflection of Max standing behind her in her mirror. Max ran his hands over her arms; he touched her shoulders, kissed her skin with his fingertips before he pushed her down, bending her forward as her hands rested on the table.

      Normally Max would have needed to use his powers to provide sufficient lubrication but now he was covered with Liz's juices. He moved closer to her body and her waiting ass, he ran his hand over her back and stroked her luxurious hair.

      "Max, please." Liz begged, after all ready coming once she wanted her mate to seek his pleasure form her body and she was still curious as to what it felt like.

      He pressed himself up against Liz and took his rampant cock in one hand and aimed it toward Liz. He entered her and then came the incredible sensation of her ring giving way and then enveloping the head of his dick in the tightest embrace he'd ever known.

      "UGHNNNNNNNN!" They both moaned in unison, Liz's cry was slightly higher pitched than Max's but it was no less filled with pleasure.

      Max eased further in, a lot slower than when he claimed her virginity. He wanted to be careful with Liz's first encounter like this, to make sure she got as much from it as he did.

      "Ma...Max." Liz strained out

      Max withdrew a little and then went back inside her tight ass. Once in he stopped and let her adapt it his meat that was filling her. He repeated this as many times as he had to before she could take his entire length.

      "Oh tight...og god!" Max groaned as he began to move faster and faster and faster until both were fully into it.

      It was no longer only Max who as thrusting, Liz continued to push her ass back and forth, grinding against his sweat soaked body with her own soaked body. Max's heavy balls slapped against her. Liz tossed her head back and screamed wantonly, her hair flying about as she forced herself back into Max's groin in an absolute frenzy.

      "Ughnnn...oh god...Max...ugn...yes...yes...oh god yessssssss!" Liz cried over and over, the sensations were intoxicating.

      "LIZ...UGHNNNN...GODDD...YOU'RE INCREDIBLE." Max howled, he was so close to coming when he was with Liz but what he was feeling was about to make him shoot his load yet again.

      "GO ON MAX...UGNNN...CUM IN ME!" Liz screamed

      With one final thrust, Max stabbed into Liz and held himself there as he came in her bowels. He couldn't help but collapse on top of her body, both breathing heavily as Max wrapped his arms around Liz. Gently Max kissed her back, hair and the side of her face before pulling out of her. He picked up his lover's weak body and carried her over to the bed where he rested next to her.

      "That was incredible." Max said, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

      "Oh yeah." Liz purred as she snuggled into Max's hard chest.

      Max smiled and caressed her hair as they let their breathing went back to normal. They lay in each other's arms before Liz eventually looked up at her clock.

      "Oh you better get cleaned up before you're meeting with Kalen." Liz said

      "Yeah." Max said, he kissed her forehead and moved into her bathroom.

      When he came out, Max dressed while watching Liz as she lay on her bed. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked

      "I'm great, but..." Liz said

      "But?" Max asked

      "Well it's just that. It was great and everything; I just don't think I can do that too often. Liz said

      Max smiled as he pulled on his sweater and then kissed Liz's forehead. "It'll always be your choice Liz, I'll never push you into anything." Max said, "I better get going, I'll see you tomorrow."

      Max then left through the window and off to his meeting.

      Park, Roswell, 20:00

      After Max left his lover he came to the park, which is where he agreed to meet Kalen and Feln. He was waiting in the dark, remembering how incredible it felt to be with Liz as she experimented a little. While she did enjoy herself immensely, Liz decided it wasn't for her and to keep the backdoor antics to the guys but she would want to stop the other girls if they wanted to give it a try.

      Eventually the two senior aliens did arrive and greeted their king.

      "Max. What can we do for you?" Kalen asked

      "Well you can tell me what it is you two have been planning for this surprise." Max said

      "I'm sorry?" Kalen said

      "Uh...I might have let it slip that we were doing something to Tess, Ava and Sam when they were at the Island." Feln said

      Kalen turned to look at his brother. "You never could keep a secret. We planned on surprising them, it's the whole meaning of the word surprise."

      "It was an accident, I was just talking and..."

      "Hey guys." Max said, getting the attention of the two aliens. "Look at my face, I'm doing the king thing. Now tell me what the surprise is. I want to be able to go back to my family and tell them that the freaky pyramid sex dreams are just dreams."

      "Pyramid? A giant stone pyramid in the middle of a forest with an altar?" Kalen asked

      "They're not just dreams are they?" Max asked, hoping that Liz was wrong in her assessment of the dreams. While he wanted nothing more than to be Liz's husband and father her children, he wanted to live long enough to do it. However, he knew that Liz's father would make his demise all the more likely to happen.

      "No." Feln said

      "Uh...could you give us two minutes?" Kalen requested and Max nodded. The two senior aliens move away and out of ear shot of Max.

      "They're having the mating dreams." Feln said

      "Yeah, that's...unusual." Kalen said

      "I've never known anyone to have them prior to their marriage." Feln said

      "The records state that the earliest it's happened is on the first night of union." Kalen said

      "They have gone through the bonding rituals, the only thing remaining is the ceremony. For all we know, in their subconscious minds, they might consider themselves married." Feln said

      "Hmmm...we should have really expected this."

      "Yeah...okay so what do we do?" Feln asked

      "There really isn't a choice, he ordered us to tell him." Kalen said

      "Are we ready for that?"

      "They have an exam in the afternoon and Alex's birthday party is tomorrow night. That gives us one more day to get everything into place...if we bring in 50% of Alpha1 personnel then we could do it." Kalen said

      "Okay." Feln agreed

      "Okay." Kalen said

      Together the alien brothers moved over to the king. "Max, Your Majesty, we still have to complete some minor details. I request for some time, until the day after tomorrow." Kalen said

      Max looked back and forth between the two. "Just to get it finished?"

      "Yes." Feln said

      "Okay. But Liz and Isabel are going to want me to come away with something. So answer a few questions. First, Liz thinks these dreams are to do with us having kids. Is she right?" Max asked

      "Yes, the dreams are from an area on Antar where couples go for procreation. There are about 50,000 pyramids over Antar and when the dreaming starts, they go there with their family and on the altar their children are conceived. It's another ritual." Kalen said

      "So Liz is right it's a wake up call for us?" Max asked

      "Pretty much but it only comes when..."

      "Oh, that's the second question. This surprise would it help us with this? It's to help us provide for our family?"

      "Well, without giving away anything...yes." Kalen said simply

      "You're really not going to give us anything are you?" Max asked

      "It's the whole definition of surprise, you're not supposed to know about." Kalen said while turning his head to his brother. "Anyway, it is the opinion of our analysts that the best policy in securing you all is in plain sight. So when we come to you next with this, it is important that you're reactions be that of genuine surprise."

      "Well okay. I guess that'll do for now." Max said, "I'll try and keep everyone calm until then but please have, you will have something to tell us in two days." He ordered

      "Yes Your Majesty." Both men said together before leaving

      Golf Course, Roswell, 09:00 The Next Morning

      "Dad, why are we out here?" Max asked as he walked beside his father

      "Because, you said you were wanting to become a doctor and gold is the probably the only thing doctors and lawyers have in common. So, I'm teaching you." Philip said as they approached the tee.

      "Dad, it's bad enough I have to watch it on television but this game is boring." Max complained, "And I have an exam this afternoon, I should be studying."

      "I know. But Max, you've been winding yourself up over this exam and you're near breaking point. Believe me I know. So this is relaxation time...and it's not boring. Besides, if you don't know it by now then one extra hour of panic studying wont help you." Philip said as he hit the ball down the fairway.

      Max then stepped up and put the golf ball on the ground before selecting a club.

      "Okay, now the grip I showed you...yeah...bend the knees slightly and..."

      Max took a swing at the ball and sent it flying to just a few feet from the flag. He turned and looked at his dad. "Beginners luck."

      "Yeah." Philip said as he looked down

      For hours the two played. Max kept checking his watch, increasingly becoming paranoid that he was going to miss his exam.

      "Relax Max, you've still got four hours to go and we're on the second last hole...hey we've been quick, that must be a record."

      "Wouldn't know about that." Max said

      "So are you doing tonight?"

      "Oh, surprise birthday party for Alex." Max said

      "I thought he didn't want a party?" Philip asked as he did a practice swing

      "Well did you really think Isabel would let him away with out one?" Max asked

      Philip chuckled, "No, I guess not. So what about presents?"

      "Well, Isabel is planning on doing a striptease." Max said, right at the moment Philip struck the ball with his club. "Dad, you're ball kinda went into the trees there. How did that happen?" he smirked

      "Put your head on the ground and I'll show you. Now what did you say?" Philip asked as his grip tightened on the club

      "Dad, she's his girlfriend. Besides, its payback from Isabel's last birthday."

      "Yessss, I heard about the policeman outfit." Philip said through gritted teeth

      "You should have seen Alex's face when he realised mom was there." Max said

      "I can just imagine it. Now my boy, I want to know when and where?" Philip asked

      "Dad, you know I'm not going to do that. Liz and Isabel would make my life a living hell if I did." Max said as he took his shot, following his father's into the trees. "Hm, how about we forget this hole and move onto the last."

      "That works for me." Philip asked as they moved on

      At the last hole, Philip got himself ready.

      "Oh dad, by the way. I'm thinking about packing in the doctor idea and becoming a lawyer." Max said

      Philip was in the middle of his swing and ended up getting a hole in one. "Max did you just..."

      "No, not me." Max said, equally surprised that his dad made a shot like that. "Congratulations."

      Philip then forgot about the shot he just made and turned back to Max, "What's this about Max? Being a doctor...for as long as I can remember it what you've wanted to be, especially with the healing thing you do."

      "And that's the point. I'm mean, yeah being a doctor would be great but what happens is a dying kid get put in front of me but nothing conventional could help them. I know I could heal that kid but then I've got the problem of the big silver handprint and them getting powers. Or what about when I'm walking through the cancer ward or if I'm doing surgery? The temptation first priority has to be to protect the others and myself. If I cant do that then I'm no good as head of the family let alone as a king." Max said

      "And law is you're second choice?" Philip asked

      "No! God, dad, no it's by no way is it a second choice. To be honest I've always been interested in it but because of the healing thing I've been predisposed to medicine." Max said

      "Are you sure about this Max?" Philip asked

      "Yes." Max said confidently

      "Have you talked to Liz about it?"

      "Yes and no. She knows I've got doubts about the doctor thing and understands the reasons behind it. Hell I risked it all when I saved her so she knows the temptation to help people is there...then there was that time that I helped all those kids with cancer last Christmas. But, she will back me up with whatever I decide to do." Max said

      Philip then looked at his watch, "Okay, well I want to talk to you about this some more but yeah...lets get you to your girlfriend and your exam."

      "Hey...I still have this one shot." Max said as he planted his ball. He swung at it with everything he had and sent it into the clubhouse window. "Oh...ohhhhhhhhhh! Bad shot, really bad shot." He said, "I'M GONNA PAY FOR THAT!"

      Everybody just looked at him; no one had ever seen a drive like that.

      "Maybe you should take up golf professionally?" Philip said

      " I thing the bill for replacing windows would bankrupt me. Do you think I killed anyone out there?" Max asked

      "Uh, no. That's the lockers for the steam room, it's been closed for renovation for the last week."

      "Oh good." Max said as he careful put his club bag in the bag.

      Together, father and son walked to the clubhouse where Philip filled out a check for the broken window. Max was going to pay him back later but in the mean time, Philip drove Max to the Crashdown where they picked up Liz and dropped them off at the school for their exam. Liz wanted to know if Max found anything out from Kalen and Feln about their surprise but all he could tell her was that they would find out on Tuesday. However, they had an exam to be concerned with, that and Alex's birthday party tonight.

      To Be Continued...

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