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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 30b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 26, 2003

      Common Room, Facility, The Island, 20:30

      Feln escorted the trio of Sam, Ava and Tess into the facility. As they moved down the long hallway, Tess couldn't help to reminisce about the few months they spent there. Then she spotted a scratch on the wall that was caused by one of her rings. At the time Kyle was pounding into her as he did earlier and the shockwaves that surged through her body caused her arms to wave about, looking for something to hold onto. Tess couldn't help but blush as she remembered.

      "Easy sis, you'll get some soon enough." Ava said as she looked at her sister

      "Hey." Tess said as she punched Ava in her arm

      "Ow." Ava said, "You know this place doesn't look so hot."

      Then they approached the door and Feln opened it, showing the teens inside. As they moved past the threshold they were greeted with the sight of fifteen tanned and naked bodies, writhing against each other in an all out orgy.

      "Then again." Ava said

      Then Feln cleared his throat but the orgy continued; they just looked up with straining faces. "I hate to interrupt..."

      One of the girls, who had her mate inside her while having her breasts sucked on by a another girl, looked passed Feln and smiled at the new arrivals.

      "Okay guys, everyone stop." She ordered; her Australian accent came through loud and clear.

      Without protest everyone stopped their gyrations and thrusts but they did look very disappointed, most looked like they were minutes away from satisfaction. They all stood up from the floor but weren't concerned about gathering their clothes; there was something about the manner of the three that told them they didn't have to worry.

      "Stacy, everyone, this is Tess, Ava and Sam of the ruling family." Feln said, "Tess, this is Stacy. She is the leader of the Australian sets. Both sets of duplicates were raised as siblings from day one. Their pods were bonded, unable to be separated, and they all hatched in the same location."

      "Cool, wish that happened with us." Ava said

      "Hi, so...your majesty?" Stacy asked

      "Oh no, that is so not us. We're just a part of the family." Tess said

      "You guys, you all seem" Sam said

      "Sam that's what our family was like when we were here." Tess said, "But it won't last long when they get out."

      "It won't?" Grant, Stacy's mate, asked with concern

      "What, you really thing you're parents are going to let you have orgies back home. If they're anything like our groups folks then you'll get away with some but not a lot." Tess said

      "Well that sucks." Said another of the males

      "Um...I have to ask. There are fifteen of you? That's one missing for all of you to have a significant other." Tess asked

      Stacy and Grant extended their hands and a redhead took them. She moved in closer and the two wrapped their arms around her. "Some of us share everything." Said Stacy whose hand was caressing the young woman while Grant cupped her breasts.

      "You guys are a permanent threesome?" Sam asked

      All three nodded.

      "Oh this is totally my favourite group." Ava said

      "Are the rest of you...?" Sam asked

      "Well we're all in love with others in the family..." said Stacy's Dupe

      "Just like you." Feln interrupted

      "But these three share a bed all the time." She continued

      "Hey you can't help who you fall in love with." Jessie, the redhead, said as she pushed her butt against Grant's hard dick while caressing Stacy's thigh.

      "No you can't." Stacy said before kissing her girlfriend and then boyfriend. Then Grant kissed Jessie. The love all three felt for each other came off in bucket loads.

      "So how long have you guys been here?" Tess asked

      "About three weeks now." Stacy said

      "Three weeks?" Ava asked

      "And you're all ready like this?" Tess said

      "Well our families all lived in a naturist camp. It helps to bring down boundaries." Stacy said with a smile

      "Wait, you live in a naturist camp? You guys are nudists? What about school and stuff?" Sam asked

      "Our school is in the camp." Grant said

      "Feln do you think it would be too much trouble to convince Valenti and the other parents to move to their place?" Ava asked, imaging the abundance of naked teenage flesh running around.

      "Just a little." Feln said

      "Ah...before you start working on your folks. There are only about 50 of us at the school and it is outdoors. The only time we ever wear clothes is when we're expecting non-nudist visitors or when we go into town. Only these guys ever found out about our alien side and that was because there was a bitch of a flood. He had to use our powers to save their lives." Stacy said

      "Could still be very interesting." Sam said

      "Hey, there's nothing sexual about being a nudist. It's just a life style choice that lets us be very open." Kari, Stacy's dupe, said

      "Still bet you guys spend a lot of time in a gym." Sam said to the men

      "Oh hell yes."

      "Got that right." Said the guys.

      "So what are you doing here Feln. I thought you said you wouldn't see us again until we were ready to go back home?"

      "I know but Sam and Ava are unexpected additions to the Royal family and it's important that they go through a final ritual of bonding, the Sharing. You'll all be going through that one by the end of the week." Feln said

      "Can we watch? You know just to get to know what we're doing." Kari asked

      "Sorry, you can listen but it's not safe for anyone to watch. The release of energy is dangerous for anyone not in the water." Feln said as he moved over to the bookcase in the library and opened the door.

      The three then moved over to the door but before they entered Tess turned back to Stacy and Kari. "You know, you look a lot like..."

      "Neve Campbell, I know." Stacy said

      "Not the first time you've heard that huh?" Ava said

      "Oh you should have seen the looks guys used to give us on the street, and their comments, after that threesome she did in Wild Things with Denise Richards." Kari said

      "And speaking of look alike' man here looks..."

      "Don't." Sam said

      "You do kinda honey." Ava said

      "I totally do not." Sam said

      "Guys?" Stacy said to her group

      "Yes." They all said

      "See. Accept it Sam, you're a teenage version of Ben Affleck." Ava said

      "I am not." Sam said

      Then all three moved into the chamber and the door closed behind them. Feln then transported himself over to Alpha 1 to spend some time with his brother and people.

      Stacy continued to look at the door, "Well if those three are anything to go by, our royals are hot."

      Ritual Chamber, Facility, The Island, Immediately Following

      "So I gotta ask. Are all alien women babes?" Sam asked

      "Well it certainly looks that way." Tess said as she looked at the water, "Are you two ready?"

      "Sure. So what do we do?" Ava said

      "First I have to ask. Did Feln give you those birth control implants?"

      "Oh sure." Ava said

      "Yeah, he gave them to us the morning after Liz's birthday party." Sam said

      "Okay then. Strip." Tess said. Within seconds her top was off and she was beginning to unzip her skirt.

      Ava didn't hesitate as she stood next to her sister and pulled off her clothes. Sam stood mesmerized as he looked at the identical flesh that was being exposed to him. He felt his dick twitch as he looked into Ava's eyes. Sam then started to take his own clothes off, that night in the Leisure Centre where Liz was cured awakened something inside him, something that told Sam that being naked in front of someone who wasn't a lover was actually least to those in his special situation.

      When they were all nude, Tess smiled as she watched Ava move to Sam and press her body into her lovers. She could feel the love and calmness the contact caused. Then she walked down the steps and into the alien water. The others followed her in and faced each other.

      "Okay, now we have to wash each other in the water. Make sure that we're all completely soaked." Tess said as she cupped her hands and picked up some water. She poured the water onto Ava's shoulder and started to caress the liquid into her skin.

      Ava did the same with Sam and he did it with Tess but his touches were hesitant. Always as his fingers circled and came close to her breasts he pulled away and went somewhere else. Tess had already been through a Sharing and had nothing to fear from it; as a result her hands were all over Ava, making sure that every inch of skin that was above the waterline was wet but she was getting tired of Sam's lack of enthusiasm at touching her.

      "Sam, I might not be Ava but you still need to touch me...everywhere. Just relax and enjoy yourself." Tess said

      Sam looked at Ava and she nodded at him. He moved behind Ava and picked up some more water in his hands before reaching around to soak her breasts in the water.

      "Hmmmm...Ava, your boy here has a great touch. Almost as good as Kyle." Tess said

      "That's because he knows just how to touch" Ava said as the clones switched positions so that Tess as now bathing Sam.

      Under the water, Sam could feel Ava rubbing her legs against his and he was becoming hard because of it. Then she stopped and Sam could feel two warm bodies press into him, Ava on his front and Tess on his back.

      "You two ready?" Tess asked as she looked up at the roof and watched as the moon came into position above them, filling the room with its light and causing the glyphs on the walls to glow.

      "For what?" Sam asked

      Tess just smiled and pulled back from her sister and her lover. She looked at both of them and extended her hands in the water, before long her hands started to glow brightly as she fed her energy into the liquid. The water once again was used in its role as a conductor; the energies that were fed into Tess during the past Sharing were released into the water and then travelled up everyone's bodies. The mixture of the various powers became a part of Ava and Sam.

      The two additions jumped slightly as the pulse of power made contact with them, they could feel the energy run through their bodies and enter each organ, changing their cells so that they would be able to produce the powers. The hair on the back of their necks stood on end, every square inch of their bodies was stimulated to breaking point. Then it snapped into place, a permanent and more powerful connection had formed in the minds that allowed them to feel everything from the others in the group despite the vast distance between them and the others in Roswell. The memories Tess shared with her loved ones also travelled and became a part of Sam and Ava, entwining them to the family.

      "Oh my god." Ava gasped before stumbling backwards into Sam who wrapped his arms around her.

      The feel of her skin felt a thousand times more smooth, soft and gentle. His senses picked up on the heartbeats of the two women and he could hear the orgy continuing in the next room. Sam ran his hands over Ava and cupped her breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples. Ava reached up with one of her hands and pulled his head down so she could kiss him. Sam's hands than moved down under the water but never left her skin, he caressed his mate and ran his fingers over her thighs before moving between her legs to cup her sex.

      "I need you." Sam said huskily, his eyes burning with the desire to be inside her

      On the other side of the pool, Tess pressed herself against the edge. She was desperate to feel the touch of Kyle, Maria or any of her other partners but she resisted going over to the pair before her. One of her vices was that she liked to watch, she liked it a lot. Her hands glided up her body to her breasts where she started to play with her nipples.

      Her hands were doing the same things to her body as Sam did them to Ava; she wanted to feel every caress and playful nip as the couple made love. Ava jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around Sam; she reached down and grabbed his throbbing length and as they looked into each other's eyes, Ava lowered herself onto him, taking each delicious inch into her waiting body.

      Groaning, Sam thrust forward, burying his entire cock in her. She was wet and it took little prompting for him to start fucking her in earnest. He pumped his hips forward hard, sliding his dick in and out of her. The only thing driving then was the uncontrollable urge to mate. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against hers. She flicked her tongue across his lips, moaning, and exhaled heavily, her chest heaving against his.

      He stretched her so much wider than she would have expected, her heightened sense of touch made his dick feel wider, bigger than usual. Every time his hips thrust forward, she felt the fat head of the human's cock reaching into her furthest depths. Sam pulled back, leaving little more than the head still in her pussy, before he pushed back in. All three could actually hear his cock slamming into her pussy as the water started to bubble, glow and ripple around them. As he pulled back again, she tightened her muscles, gripping him hard at each stroke.

      "You're gonna make me come baby." Ava cooed in his ear. Sam wasn't taking time for foreplay, every touch the sisters gave him as they bathed each other was enough for them, but nonetheless, she was on the verge of an explosion that would rock the stars. He was ramming into her so hard; she closed her eyes, smiling as she felt warmth rise up through her. She began to burn and she tightened her legs around his waist.

      Sam began to thrust into her even faster. Despite being half underwater he felt her juices against his skin. They slid against each other frantically; if they had nothing else then the water itself would have been enough lubrication. He felt her chest heaving against his. She began to moan in time with his thrusts as her nipples burned into his chest.

      "Oh god...oh god...oh god...oh...oh...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ava cried out

      Tess's body writhed in the pool as she watched the lovers but her hand wasn't enough, she needed skin, warm, sensitive and alive skin. She swam over to the two, while Ava reached a massive orgasm Sam didn't cum yet. The two looked at each other and then at Tess. They all knew what was on their minds; the burning desire in Tess's eyes was enough of a clue.

      Sam picked Tess up and sat her down on the rim of the pool before he himself sat down on the underwater edge. Ava promptly mounted her mate and quickly took him back inside her while he leaned his head back and Tess straddled his face. The Roswell twin lowered her waist down. Sam quickly stretched his tongue out and eagerly lapped away at Tess's slit.

      "Hmmm...uhnnn...oh yeah...ghhnnnnnnnn." Tess sighed at the burning sensations.

      Sam felt a burning run up and down both sides of his cock. He couldn't help but to thrust into her harder and deeper, meeting Ava's wild gyrations thrust for thrust. Still kissing and lapping, he groaned loudly into Tess's core.

      "Gnnnn...oh...god you...two...oh Ava." His mumbles were barely audible to the vixens whose bodies were pressed so close to his. His balls tightened and he blasted Ava's insides with his hot semen. He continued to fuck her, his quivering and throbbing cock still sliding in and out of her but was considerably slower than before.

      The light was the water blasted out and should have blinded the three yet it didn't. All over Roswell, the family felt their bonds to Ava and Sam becoming stronger and they knew that they were now bound to their family. Ava took hold of Sam's hands and watched as he licked away at her sister. She could feel Tess's need to cum and would never deny and of her other lover in Roswell that blissful event.

      Tess's hand buried itself in his hair, pressing him deeper into the apex of her thighs. Her bucking hips met Sam lick for rapid lick. Her eyes closed as the fire flowed through her veins. Tess was grinding against him hard! Sam continued to lap at the swollen folds, occasionally dipping his tongue as far into her womanhood as his tongue would stretch. Despite not being Ava, he did enjoy making Tess writhe like the wanton vixen she and her sister were.

      "Ougnnnn...god. Sam...oh yeah...yeah...UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Tess screamed as she let her body loose with its passion. Her cries echoed through the hallowed chamber, as her lust was sated.

      Kyle/Tess's Bedroom, Valenti Residence, Roswell, Immediately Following

      Through his connection to his lover, Kyle could hear Tess's screams of pleasure tear through her body. He could feel every convulsion, every ripple, every ounce of raw passion that she felt as Sam got her off. Kyle couldn't help the torrential storm of jealousy that wracked his body he was the only man who you bring pleasure to his mate. For a second his eyes became purple as the pheromones surged through his body, just like what had happened with Alex and Michael during their stay on the island but he fought that part down.

      With one solid punch, Kyle threw his hand through the wooden headboard of their bed. He didn't even feel pain.

      Back in the Ritual Chamber...

      As her orgasm subsided, Tess moved off Sam's face and immediately felt what Kyle was going through.

      "Oh god." Tess said as she crawled back against the wall

      " can say that again." Ava said as she moved to Sam's side, her hand trailed over his hard chest

      "Oh yeah." Sam groaned as his hand caressed Ava's hip. The heightened sensations all felt were now back to normal but no less pleasurable.

      "Would you two stop." Tess said, "You're apart of us now, I know you can feel him."

      "Feel who?" Ava said but then stopped, her eyes shifted back and forth as she felt Kyle. With pained eyes she looked into her sisters.

      It didn't take long for Sam to feel it was well and both teens moved up onto their knees, looking at Ava. "But we didn't...I mean we followed Liz's order, you didn't cheat on him." Sam said

      "Yeah and he gave his okay." Ava said

      "I don't think he knew how much it would affect him." Tess said, tears starting to stream down her eyes.

      Ava got up and moved over to her sister who she hugged her tightly, trying to reassure her as she cradled Tess's head on her shoulder.

      "It'll be okay Tess." Ava said

      "How?" Tess asked

      Ava looked at Sam and he thought for a moment, there was only one way he could think of and knew that Ava had the same idea. Only she didn't say anything, he knew she couldn't and that it was his place to suggest it.

      "Tit for tat?" Sam suggested

      "What?" Tess asked

      "If the problem is from what I did to you then the only way to even it out...and stay alive at the same time is for the two of us to let Kyle do the same to Ava." Sam said

      Tess looked back and forth at Ava and Sam; she couldn't believe what she'd just heard. "You can't be serious?" she asked

      "I am." Sam said

      "And so am I." Ava continued, "I can remember what Alex nearly did to Michael and quite frankly I want my boyfriend to live after he sees Kyle next. But I also don't want this to affect you guys, you were here for me and I..."

      "What about you?" Tess asked Sam, "What if you get jealous?"

      "I wont." Sam said, "There was that time during school, Ava decided to pay a visit but she said that 'dating twins had its perks'. Now I know that Ava has never slept with Kyle and never will but before I found that out I accepted that she could have. I'll be okay with it if you agree to it."

      Tess looked at her sister and could feel her willingness to do this. She could feel that Ava wouldn't be doing this for Kyle or Sam but rather it was for her. The two were very close but this was the first time that she felt the sister's love that Ava felt.

      {Are you sure?} Tess asked through a private connection

      {Hey I've heard you scream often enough while Kyle's eaten you out, could be very, very fun. Besides, my boy got to taste you and as he said...tit for tat.} Ava responded

      Tess smiled and nodded, "Okay." She said

      Sam moved up onto his knees and then up to his feet before helping both sisters up. They dressed and opened the door. On the other side they found Feln sitting with the other group as they drank coffee and ate whatever junk food was on hand.

      "Oh you're done." Feln said, "I guess I should be getting you back home. Stacy, Kari, everyone it was good catching up with you. I'll see you all again when you're ready to go home."

      "Hey you guys wanna hang with us for a while? We're gonna go skinny dipping at midnight." Stacy asked

      "No but thanks. We're definitely going to meet up with you guys when you're out and about." Tess said

      "Look forward to it." Stacy said, "Oh hey...I don't have all my memories from back up there but my family was kinda tight with the kings. Tell the king he still owes me 50 Credits from a bet we had."

      "Well the king is called Max, Max Evans and he's going to want to know what the bet was." Tess said

      "Oh...hmm...I guess the memory thing is not just us. Okay, he bet me that Kivar would never go as far as an outright attack. I'd say the way we got on Earth qualifies as him being wrong on that." Stacy said

      "Oh that qualifies all right." Ava said as she took a pad of paper and pen and started writing down some information. "These are our phone numbers and email addresses. When you get out drop us a line. Feln hasn't given us the numbers for any of the other groups."

      Feln grabbed the piece of paper before Stacy could take it. "That's because the families have to adapt back to their normal lives and acclimate before dealing with anything else. You yourselves have not reached that point but you are the closest."

      "Uh okay, what do you mean by that?" Tess asked

      "I can't tell you. Kalen wants it to be a surprise but it should be finished just after you're exams have concluded." Feln said

      Tess and Ava looked at each other and then at Feln, "We hate surprises." They said in unison.

      "Really? I love them." Sam said, he looked at Ava and ran his fingers over her cheek. "You were a surprise."

      "Anyway, come on lets get you home." Feln said

      Then all four visitors left, leaving the Australians to their own pleasures.

      "Well if they're anything to go by, I like our Royals." Stacy said

      "I wonder if the queen is hot?" asked Grant earning him a slap on the back of his head by both his girlfriends.

      Michael's Bedroom, His Apartment, 22:00

      Michael was absolutely shattered. He needed an early night after the exam and the celebratory tryst he and Maria had when he took her home, nobody could wear him out like Maria and she did a very good job of it. As he lay in his bed, soundly asleep, his body began to twist and turn. He was coated with sweat and his hands grabbed tightly onto the sheets.

      Then his eyes opened sharply, the dream was over and he looked around to reacquaint himself with his surroundings.

      "Oh I'm so hating this." Michael said as he got out of bed and quickly dressed.

      He was about to run out of the room but as he moved he realised how hard his cock was. If he was going to move quickly to anywhere then he needed to get rid of the problem so he moved to his bathroom, dropped his pants and jerked him self furiously to the images that had filled his mind barely ten minutes ago.

      In five minutes he was out the door and heading towards Max's home.

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, 22:15

      Max was sitting on his bed with Isabel playing cards while going over their plans for Alex's birthday party. They had arranged for Liz to keep Alex away from them with the pretence of studying for their next exam.

      "So your striptease...public like Alex did for you or private?" Max asked

      "Private, definitely very private." Isabel said as she shuffled her cards around

      "Really?" Max said

      "Oh come on, our parents are all going to be there. Do you really think I'm getting naked in front of them?" Isabel said

      "Hmm...that is a down point. Okay private." Max said

      Then the window slid open.

      "Michael I thought our mom told you to come in through the front door?" Isabel asked

      "Forget that. It happened again."

      The siblings looked up each other and put their cards down before looking at Michael.

      "The dream?" Max asked


      "Michael that's the fifth time in the last week." Max said

      "I know."

      "Okay so now it's time that you talk to us about it. Like you know... everything and not just 'I've been having a dream'." Isabel said

      Michael just looked at them. He knew that had respected his privacy of the dream up until now but it was now interrupting his sleep and he needed help in understanding it.

      "Gnnn...okay." He said as he ran over his face and tried to remember the images.

      "I'm sitting on a stone...chair, yeah a chair and it's at the top of a pyramid like those Aztec things down in Mexico and South America. The sun was burning down on us. There are trees everywhere; it's like a giant goes on for miles and miles, as far as I can see. There are people at the base, other hybrids and their human mates...the faces, some were those people we met when we were leaving the Island and they were arriving.

      Then Maria appeared, she started walking up the stairs and she was's like a halter top and know those things women wear with bikini's around their waist, a sarong or something. Only it wasn't cloth, it was chain mail armour but it wasn't. It was silver and didn't hide her body...I was wearing something, like silver underwear. The material was soft...

      Maria then got to the top of the pyramid. She stood before me and took my hands. I stood up and she led me behind the chair. We passed a giant dish that was filled with fire and then went over to an altar.

      You were...yeah all of you were there sitting around it in couples. We were at the altar; Tess and Kyle came up to us and stripped us. I picked Maria up and put her on the stone before I climbed up...I got up on top of her and we had sex. But it wasn't..." Michael stopped and Isabel started speaking

      "Wasn't about pleasure. Alex and I shared it but it wasn't about that." She said, her eyes were glazed as if in a trance

      "There was meaning. A joining...a new, passion...there was new light...a new focus when I went inside Liz. It was what we wanted, we both did with everything we knew and loved." Max continued

      Michael looked back and forth between the two and they looked at each other. In that instant they knew.

      "You've had the same dream." Michael said

      "I think so." Isabel said

      "I know so." Max said, "Hearing you talk about it, it's like a memory just woke up. But Liz wasn't dressed in silver, we were both in gold."

      "A king and queen thing?" Isabel asked

      "It's possible." Max said

      "So what is this?" Michael asked, "At first I thought it was just a sex dream that I wasn't getting over but now."

      "What about Liz?" Isabel asked

      "What about her?" Max asked

      "Well she's getting all this knowledge from that Seal I gave her maybe she knows what it is." Isabel said

      "It's worth asking her." Michael said

      "Yeah but she's got an exam tomorrow. It's one of the ones she's really focusing on so lets talk about it after she's done." Max said

      "Wait, what about Feln. He'll be back with Tess and Ava soon why not ask him?" Michael asked

      "Because it might just me a sex dream. Do you really want to discuss it with him if it is?" Max asked

      "An identical dream, each of us having it...probably Tess and Ava as well. Do you think it is just a dream?" Isabel asked

      "No but if it is I think we should keep the embarrassment to just the family." Max said

      "Yeah, okay." Isabel said

      "Yeah." Michael agreed

      "Well it's getting late and I'm off to bed." Isabel said as she got off the bed and straightened her satin pink pyjamas.

      "You crashing here?" Max asked

      "Uh yeah, thanks man. Ava has a key anyway." Michael said

      Living Room, Valenti Residence, 23:00

      Kyle was pacing back and forth in the room; every so often he grabbed the back of the sofa and held tightly onto it. He was thankful his father was on the late shift tonight and wouldn't be back until the morning. Right now he was waiting to see Sam so he could give him a nice, shiny black eye...that and rip his throat out. Then the door opened and Ava and Tess entered.

      "Where the hell is he?" Kyle yelled

      "Kyle calm down." Tess said

      "Where?" he asked, his eyes becoming purpler as he fought to control the amount of pheromones in his body.

      "He's back at his house." Ava said, "Think of it as safety insurance. If he's not here then you can't kill him."

      "I want hi..." Kyle started to say but Tess grabbed him, she kissed her lover hard and with passion.

      Kyle's hands clawed at her back, scrapping the fabric with his nails. Tess had consulted with Feln and he told her that close, intimate contact like this would lower some of Kyle's excessive chemicals that were making him more aggressive. Tess felt the tension vaporise and stopped kissing him.

      "What was that for?" Kyle asked

      "Feeling better? Calmer?" Tess asked

      "Uh yeah actually I am. What was that?" Kyle asked

      "Just a little relief. If we were to have sex before that little kiss you would have been quite the caveman. Just like Alex was with Isabel that time. From what she said she quite enjoyed it but that's not going to be happening for us." Tess said

      "It isn't?" Kyle asked

      "No." Tess said as she escorted Kyle closer to Ava. She moved behind Ava and took hold of the shoulder straps on her sister's dress and soon the light cotton fabric was floating down the alien's body to the floor, leaving her completely naked.

      "" Kyle couldn't think of what to say.

      "He really is cute sometimes." Ava said

      "That he is." Tess said and then looked at Kyle, "Kiss her."

      "What?" Kyle asked

      "I want you to kiss her." Tess said

      "But she's your sister." Kyle asked

      "Actually I'm her clone." Ava said with a smile

      "Sam discussed it with us and we agreed that to prevent you going postal on him, what he did to me, you do to Ava." Tess said, "Personally I think it's very fair."

      "Fair? You're asking me" Kyle said

      "To enjoy yourself in the pleasure of pleasuring Ava." Tess said as she took Ava's hand and sat her down on the sofa. Then she pulled off Kyle's t-shirt leaving him naked from the waist up before sitting him down next to Ava. "Kiss her."

      He leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

      "Oh come on." Tess said, "She's identical to me and I know you can do better than that lover boy."


      "No, no buts. Kiss her like you kiss me and if you plan on getting some action anytime soon then you do it." Tess ordered

      Kyle knew Tess wasn't bluffing; she never did when it came to what happens in their bed. He just couldn't figure out why she was so eager for it and pushing for him to do this but his blood still boiled from the pheromones. He needed to be inside Tess and if being with Ava would get him to that goal then fine. Besides under Liz's Law #1 he couldn't betray Tess by actually being inside Ava. He reached over and kissed Ava on her lips, Ava opened her mouth and accepted Kyle's tongue.

      Tess sat down on the chair opposite the sofa and relaxed in it to watch her lover and her sister enjoy themselves. She could see that Kyle himself was relaxing and close his eyes as he kissed Ava, she could feel that at least a part of him was pretending he was kissing her but she could also feel the part of him that wasn't pretending.

      Kyle was beginning to enjoy himself and knew Tess was enjoying watching them. He eased Ava back so that he was lying on top of her, her body was identical to Tess's but he could pick up on the subtle differences. Gently he stopped the kiss and both looked into each other, Ava was breathing very hard and then off to the side they heard Tess clapping.

      "See told you that you could do better. And you did very well, not many can get my sister breathless like that and he's at home right now." Tess said, "Now, down boy."

      Kyle knew what Tess was talking about and bent down, running over her breasts with his tongue. He took one nipple between his teeth and bit down gently.

      "Ugnnnnn." Ava gasped, biting her lower lip and arching her back so that her chest was closer to Kyle

      Kyle pulled back slightly; taking the red bud with him, stretching her breast until he released it, causing her flesh to shake. Then he did it again with its twin before kissing his way down over the rest of her chest, her belly and abdomen until her legs her spread and his head was between them.

      His eyes shifted over to Tess who had her skirt bunched up and her hand between her legs, gently stroking herself. When she saw Kyle looking at her she slowly nodded, giving her approval of what Kyle was about to do.

      Kyle faced the apex of Ava's legs and slid his tongue down the soft, pale flesh of Ava's inner thighs, descending ever so slowly. Then all sensation ceased as Kyle stopped, depriving Ava of his touch. Ava's body was taut with anticipation and spread her legs wide as much as she could.

      Ava could no longer take the suspense. "Please, me!" she had been pretending Sam was touching her body but soon stopped that pretence when she had to say his name.

      Kyle's smile was hungry and predatory as she traced a finger along the moist, tremulous folds of Ava's slit. Whether she was Ava or Tess or a complete stranger, the fact that he could drive a woman insane with want was music to his ears. Ava squirmed as much as she could against the soft fabric, trying to work Kyle's finger closer to her clitoris. She felt a growl of impatience curling her lips when her sister's lover failed to cooperate; but her dissatisfied rumble became a startled yelp as Kyle slipped a finger into her core and started stroking.

      A second finger joined the first as Ava bucked her hips to meet Kyle's piston thrusts; but his fingers just wasn't doing it. Ava was on the verge of letting go and forcing Kyle's head between her legs when she felt the superb tickle of Kyle's recently washed hair brush against the heated flesh of her thighs in preparation to the explosion of hot air breaking upon her anxious slit.

      "Go on Kyle...have a taste." Tess said

      "Yes!" Ava shrieked when at last Kyle's tongue broadly swept across her painfully hard button. She was taken by surprise when Kyle savaged her clit with ravenous, frenzied licks. Ava felt herself rapidly swept away on the blissful deluge surging through her body and she barely had time to catch a breath before her climax hit.

      "Ugnn...oh god...oh god yes...oh yess...oh yessss...OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!" Ava cried out as Tess's body convulsed along with her, the sensations of the sisters were felt by each other. Echoing and doubling the pleasure they felt.

      Ava's vision swam, her head tilted back on the arm rest as her body arched more bow-like as she came with the intensity of a nuclear blast, her cries ringing throughout the living room.

      Slowly, her body relaxed and she gulped in deep draughts of air. As her trembling eased, she thought Kyle would have stopped his oral talents, but the human continued licking. Sam had made his girl cry out a lot more loudly than that but now his tongue was moving more leisurely than before. He removed his fingers from Ava's sopping cunt and reached up to titillate her burning nipples. Kyle played with Ava's body until she felt another fiery stirring in her blood.

      "Kyle I'm gonna...I'm gonna...OH MY...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Kyle got his wish; Ava's cry was a thousand times louder than before.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Tess groaned as her hand stopped moving while she slumped into the chair

      Both Kyle and Ava looked up and smiled at Tess. Kyle kissed Ava's belly before he got up from between her legs and moved over to his lover.

      "So how was that?" he asked

      "You don't really need an answer to that do you?" Tess responded, "Just look at her face."

      Kyle did look; Ava was peaceful, calm and serene.

      "Yeah you did a really good job." Came a voice from the kitchen.

      They all looked over to see Sam walk into the living room from his hiding place in the kitchen. He moved over to Ava and caressed her face before kissing her forehead. "So...are we cool now?" Sam asked

      Kyle and Tess moved up to his fellow teammate, his arm draped over Tess's shoulder. "I thought you went home?" he asked

      "Well our ladies thought it would be best if I stayed out of sight until you were done. So are we?" Sam asked

      "Yes we are but if you ever touch Tess like that again..." Kyle said

      "Ditto." Sam said

      "You know it's the weirdest thing but I don't feel caveman at all." Kyle said

      "Me neither." Sam agreed

      "That because, like us, you two have a balance that needs to be maintained. Sam getting me off brought yours out of whack. Kyle, by getting Ava off, you restored it. It's just like you said Sam, tit for tat. I can't believe I didn't see it before." Tess said

      "Well you were kind of emotional earlier." Ava said as she picked up her dress and put it back on. "But, it's late. You..." She pointed to Sam, "...Go home, get to bed and get some rest, you can drop me off at Michael's on you're way. You two..." she looked at Tess and Kyle, "... get into your bedroom and...have a little fun."

      They all looked at each other and then to Ava. "Yes ma'am." The said together before they all dispersed.

      To Be Continued...

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