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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 30

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 20, 2003

      Stands, Football Field, West Roswell High, 09:15, 3 Days Later

      All ten teenagers had gathered to sit in the sun for a few more minutes of extra studying before their first exam started. Ava didn't need to be there but she wanted to be present to give her boyfriend some moral support and Sam appreciated it.

      "I hate exams." Sam said as he starched his head as he looked over the multitude of equations he needed to remember for mathematics

      "I hear ya." Maria said, "You's a point. We're all connected, isn't anyone worried about, know, someone doing a little poking around for answers?"

      "No." Liz said

      "No? That's it?" Kyle asked

      "Well I for one trust you not to intentionally do it." Max said

      "Yeah. I'm the same." Liz said

      "But that's the key word intentionally. We're still learning to control this and I've lost count of the amount of times I've accidentally gone into you all." Kyle said

      "Hmm...I guess that is a problem." Liz said as she turned to face Max.

      "Yeah, it's happened to me too." He said

      "Hell it's happened to all of us." Michael said

      "What about keeping the links closed?" Sam asked

      "No, it doesn't work that way. The links are, well they're always there. We can't keep them closed for more than half an hour and even it we lessen them to their lowest setting, something would always get through." Liz said

      "And if we do try to keep it down then we're going to be distracted from the exams. I don't think any of us wants that." Maria said

      "So what do we do? I mean it's effectively cheating." Alex said

      "Then I say we forget about it." Liz said as everyone looked at her, "Look if it happens, it happens. None of us will be aware of it if it does happen accidentally, so we just ignore it and don't discuss it afterwards."

      All nodded in acceptance. They knew they couldn't do much about it anyway, besides their minds were linked. It is who they are now and none wanted to be different for anything in the planet. They were connected to their lovers in the most intimate way possible, much more than anyone else on Earth with the exception of their fellow hybrids and their mates. For good or bad, effectively their knowledge was for all of them and what one knew all knew.

      Then all of a sudden their watches started to beep as the alarms went off. It was time to go and face the music. They all stood up and hugged before wishing each other luck. Then they started to head towards the hall.

      "Oh wait!" Liz stopped them, "Consider this an order from you queen kick ass."

      They all smiled and Max kissed her cheek.

      "Consider it queen." Maria said before doing a little curtsey. Then the all left. Ava decided to head over to the Crashdown to await their return.

      Once they were inside the room, they found their desks and sat down. They were scattered all around and gave each other a gentle smile.

      {I love you.} Max thought to Liz, which she promptly returned.

      Within minutes the room was full and the exam papers were handed out, face down.

      "Okay everyone, you have 3 hours for this exam. Good luck, you can!" The official said as he sat down at the front of the hall. On mass the students turned their exams over and opened them to the first question.

      Dinning Room, Crashdown, 10:30

      Before heading to the Crashdown, Ava went for a little walk. When she did arrive she found Jeff behind the counter, cleaning out the filter from his coffee machine. As she looked around she realised that the room was empty.

      "Hi Ava." Jeff said

      "Hey Mr. P. It's a little quiet isn't it?" Ava asked

      "Yeah it is a bit. It'll pick up later; it's usually like this when the exams start. It's not just the students that freak out...speaking of which, you appear to have a little anxiety about this as well." Jeff said

      "Tell me about it, I don't think I've ever been this nervous and I'm not even sitting the damn things. Hmm...I guess I could be picking up what the others are feeling. God it's amazing more students don't just take long walks off short piers." Ava said

      "Hey don't even joke about that." Jeff said, "Anyway, it is the usual. It can all add up, the pressure to pass, the studying...hell even waiting for the results. Being nervous is part of the game."

      "Yeah well I think there is too much nervousness...and pressure for that matter." Ava said

      "I know but that's the way it is. How were they when they went in?" Jeff asked

      "Do you really need to ask?" Ava asked

      "I guess not." Jeff said as he looked down at his watch.

      "They're going to be in there all day, if you keep looking at you're watch then it's going to be even longer for you." Ava said

      Jeff smiled. "I know. You know if you want something to do while we wait, you could always help me do a stock take through the back."

      "Well it beats the alternative of trying to get Sam's folks to like me."

      "Still not coming around?" Jeff asked

      "You have no idea." Ava said

      "Why doesn't Feln use the Granolith to bring them around like he did with us?" Jeff asked

      "Well he...wait, you know about that?" Ava asked

      "Liz decided to tell us after a while. I think she had a bit of a guilty conscience. Anyway she told us, got a little upset, accepted and then moved on. Feln shut off the was just the initial shock of it all that was the problem. I mean finding out that your daughter is dating an alien and then sleeping with other women at the same time is a little nuts." Jeff said

      "So you're fine with it now?"

      "A little shaky but my little girl is happy. That's all I really care about." Jeff said, "So why doesn't Feln do that?"

      "Apparently adjusting human's brains so that they're more accepting takes a little bit of power and doing it on 8 people at once drained it."

      "So he needs to wait for it to charge?" Jeff asked

      "Yeah. If he doesn't then the kind of change needed for Mr and Mrs Reese could be very temporary. That and it could give them a clue that something 'else' is going on." Ava said

      Jeff came out from behind the counter and Ava stood up while they talked before he led her through the back to the stock room.

      "How long?" Jeff asked

      "I wish I knew. It would certainly lower some of my anxiety but I just would like just once to meet some nice people."

      "Why thank you." Jeff said

      "Oh come on you know what I mean...nice people outside of the group. I mean if it wasn't for you guys and Sam I would think this town is a little...not nice." Ava said

      "Well, playing devil's advocate for a second. You have caused a little bit of a stir since you got into town, especially the way you... eh...introduced yourself to Sam."

      "You know about that, huh?" Ava asked

      "It's a small town." Jeff said

      "Oh." Ava said

      "Yeah." Jeff said with a nod and smile, "Apparently there were a few guys at that rave who said...and I quote 'the way your totally righteous bod gyrated against that dude was smokin'."

      "Really?" Ava said

      "Yeah. From the outfits and accents I'm guessing they're surfers from California."

      "I guess I should find them and thank them." Ava said with a gleam in her eye

      "Now here I was thinking you were faithful to your men." Jeff said with a raised eyebrow, the idea of Max being unfaithful to Liz suddenly entered his head

      "Well yeah, I'm not going to bed with anyone but Sam or any of the girls if they want it but that doesn't stop me from giving those guys a kiss on the cheek." Ava said

      Jeff thought for a moment as the potential for Max's infidelity fled his brain. "Hmm okay."

      West Roswell High, 12:30

      As a group the students came out of the hall and dispersed for lunch. When Maria caught sight of Michael leaning against a wall, waiting for the rest of his compatriots, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms before kissing him. Michael wrapped his arms around her waist the second she sprung off the ground.

      "I guess you did well?" Michael asked

      "Well I didn't ace it but I passed without a doubt." Maria said, "What about you?"

      "I should get a good score on it." Michael said as he let her down

      Then the rest of the group approached, each with wide smiles.

      "So good news?" Liz asked everyone

      "My queen your command has been done." Tess smiled

      "Got that right. Maths may not be my favourite but I definitely kicked that exams ass." Isabel said

      "Well if I failed then the guy marking them isn't reading his answer sheet." Kyle said

      "Did that exams seem easy to you guys?" Alex asked, almost all of them hit him on the back of the head.

      "Hey." Alex said

      "No guys..." Liz said, who was the only one not to hit him, "...he's right it was a little easier than it should have been but then being apart of our little group does appear to have raised the I.Q. points lately."

      "I have been getting better grades since we got back from the Island, and here was me thinking I was just studying harder." Kyle said

      "Kyle the only studying you've ever done is of my bod." Tess said

      "Hey I'll have you know I have been hitting the books." Kyle said

      "Really? Would that be before, during or after America's Most Wanted?" Tess asked with a smile

      Kyle knew she was just playing but decided to play too. He inched his way over to her with a glint in his eye as he backed her up against the wall. "Somebody's asking for a spanked bottom."

      "Hmmm...promise?" Tess asked with a hopeful tone

      "Huh hum!" Isabel cleared her throat, bringing the couple back to the real world.

      "Sorry guys." Kyle said as he looked around at the mass of students who were still around them, talking about the exams and what they put down as answers. Then he turned his attention back to Tess and whispered, "Promise...later."

      Tess smiled. "So, Sam how did you do?"

      "Not sure. Okay I guess but I'll just have to wait and see." Sam said as he pulled out his notes to double check what he could remember of his answers. "Hmm...yeah...oh...hmm hum...uhhh...yeah..." he mumbled

      "Sam?" Liz asked

      "Just checking." Sam said

      "Well relax. You did good." Liz said

      "I did? How'd you know?" Sam asked

      "You're connected us to remember, now that it's over I just did a little rummaging in you're brain...sorry about not asking but it looked like you could use a little reassurance and you did okay." Liz said

      "Thanks I appreciate that and if it looks like I need it again you can poke around whenever you want." Sam said, "You know it's the weirdest thing but in there I could feel you all and it was a lot clearer than it's ever been."

      "That because you're head was quieter. You were focusing on the exam so there was less noise to block us out." Max said

      "Hmmm...I didn't think I was that cluttered up there." Sam said

      "Usually everyone is. We've just learned some control on what we think's an know thing." Kyle said, "Actually that control helps quite a bit during the football games."

      "So that's why you're much better?" Sam asked

      "Yeah and after a while of practice, you will be too." Max said

      "Cool...state finals here we come." Sam said as he and Kyle did a high five

      "Well we better get some lunch. Part 2 is in one hour." Max said

      "Grnnnn...I hate exams!" Sam said

      Everyone groaned in agreement. They went on mass to the cafeteria and off to the side Pam looked on with crossed arms, her friends standing right behind her.

      "They're like...what are those Star Crap things? The machine lot?" Pam said


      "Yeah, they come in and take over things and before you know it, everyone's like them." Pam said

      "Still want him back?"

      "Like hell am I gonna let some New York whore take him away from me and keep him. Sam is mine." Pam said

      "So, what's the move?"

      Pam smiled as she looked as Max draped his arm over Liz's shoulder and held her close. "I think it's about time Max and I got a little closer."

      Her friends looked confused. "I thought you wanted Sam?"

      "I do but a little revenge on those people are definitely on the books. Besides Max and Liz's whole lovey dovey crap makes me sick. They need a wake up call." Pam said

      Her friends just looked at each other, breaking up Sam and Ava to get her ex back was one thing but to deliberately go after Max and Liz was another, however they held their tongues. Besides the way they looked at each other did make them sick as well...and jealous. They could kill to have that kind of relationship. Even Michael and Maria had a tendency of causing a wave of nausea and then there were the boys that they hung with who complained on end to each other about how a geek like Alex managed to land Isabel.

      Dinning Area, Crashdown, 16:00

      With their first exam day finished, the group arrived at the Crashdown and were quickly followed with more students who wanted to wind down before they hit the books again. The second they entered the room the tables filled up and as Jeff spotted his daughter, he moved over to her.

      "So how was it?" he asked

      "It was good." Liz said

      "Good? It was great, there's no way we..." Maria started to say

      "AHHH!" Liz interrupted her, "Don't you dare finish that sentence. If you jinx this I swear you're a dead girl. You say we did good and that's enough, you never, ever say it was great until you get the results."

      "Since when are you the superstitious one?" Tess asked with a smile

      "I'm only superstitious when it comes to exams." Liz said

      "Glad to see I've had some influence." Maria teased

      Just then Ava came out from the back with a notepad and paper. "Hey Mr. P, you're 2 short on ketchup, 1 over on mustard, 3 short on Tabasco and about even on everything else." She said before realising her friends were back. "Hey, how'd it go?"

      "Hey Ava. It was gre...fine." Sam said; his eyes darting back to Liz who crossed her arms when he started to say 'great'.

      "Huh...Ava, what was that about being short?" Jeff asked as he looked at her notes

      "Yeah, two ketchup and three Tabasco." Ava said

      Jeff looked over at the teenagers and in particular the aliens.

      "Hey don't look at us, we settle up immediately or with Liz at the end of the day." Max said

      "So then who..."

      Liz then suddenly got a guilty look on her face.

      "Liz?" Jeff asked

      "I might have forgotten to put a couple of bottles of Tabasco through when we stayed up after my party." Liz said

      "Oh. Well there's a first time for everything just don't let it happen again." Jeff said

      "Yes sir." Liz said

      "What about the ketchup?"

      "I don't know." Liz said, "Ava, are you sure?"

      "Oh she's sure." Jeff said

      "I've never seen anyone who could remember numbers like she did today... except you. Hell she even remembered the barcode numbers." Jeff said

      Ava blushed at the compliment and nodded. "I'm sure."

      "Hmm, that's my girl." Sam said

      Everyone looked at him

      "What?" he asked

      "That's the first time you said that." Ava said as she wrapped her arms around him. "You are so gonna get a reward tonight."

      "Actually not." Liz said

      "What?" Ava asked

      Liz looked around and decided to take this conversation into the back room. She led her family out of the main area.

      "What's going on?" Maria asked

      "I got a message from Feln this morning. I didn't want to tell you because you need to keep you're mind on the exam but basically he's ready for you two to go through the Sharing." Liz said

      "Really?" Max said, "He's worked out how to do it?"

      "Yeah. Since humans can only go through it once without getting... damaged, he's going to take Tess along with Sam and Ava. She has all the powers and through the Sharing she'll give you both the abilities needed and connect you both completely to us. He decided on Tess because you and Ava are identical and Feln thinks it'll make the transfer smoother...less complications because there are only a few of you to stabilise the energy rather than having all of us there." Liz said

      "Uh Liz...Little point. What about the sex?" Tess asked, "You did say he was just taking me."

      "Hmmm...yeah...uh...well you don't have to, the main players are Ava and Sam. They're the only ones who really need to."

      "But?" Tess said

      Liz gave up walking on eggshells around the subject. "We could barely control ourselves when it was us...if you absolutely need to give into the urge you can. Have...have you guys thought about...I know Ava suggested and all but have you really considered a threesome?"

      "WHAT?" Kyle yelled

      "Kyle." Tess said before turning to Liz, "What?"

      "I'm not talking penetration, the two of you are ordered to remain faithful to Sam and Kyle." Liz said, "But if you do it is definitely to touch, kissing and mild to moderate to heavy touching, possibly a little oral. That's it." She said to Tess and Sam

      "Why can't I be there for Tess when the Sharing is done?" Kyle asked

      "Because you have to be in the water, the energy stays there for a while and it could seriously injure you." Liz said

      "But I'm not going to. I'm not being with any man other than Kyle." Tess said

      "That is your choice. If you want to leave the water after everything has been transferred then you can but remember what it was like when we were in there. We couldn't help ourselves. That's why I ordered the faithful bit, because no matter what you can't disobey the queen, you're bodies may want to but you're minds will override it - consider it extra protection." Liz said

      Tess and Kyle looked at each other. "We need to discuss it." Kyle said

      "Feln will be here at six. You have until then to decide." Liz said

      "What if I don't want Tess to do it?" Kyle asked

      "Then there are three other alternatives that won't provide as smooth a transfer as Tess would." Liz said as she looked at Max, Isabel and Michael.

      "Well then, Kyle and I will be home talking." Tess said as she took her boyfriends hand and led him out.

      Living Room, Valenti Residence, 20 Minutes Later

      Kyle and Tess arrived home. It was a quiet trip and it was even quieter when they went inside. They sat down at the dinning table and just stared at the surface, neither knowing how to start. However, since it was Tess that was being asked to do this, she knew she should start.

      "Do you want me to do this?" Tess asked

      "Do you want to do it?" Kyle asked back


      "Tess, do you?" Kyle asked

      "I'm like everyone else here, I want this family to be whole and it wont be until Sam and Ava's Sharing. But I will not, under any circumstances, do anything that you don't want me to do." Tess said

      "Tess I can't make this call, this is about your sister. It's nothing to do with me."

      "Son of a bi...Kyle this has everything...well not everything but a lot to do with you. Every part of me is yours and Maria's but with you, you I'm going to marry and it's your kids I'll be having. It's you that I love so much that I think my hearts going to explode, every time that I'm not touching you feels like an eternity. Does that scare you?"

      Kyle looked deep into her eyes. "Not one little bit. Tess, I'm with you on completing the family but you kissing him..."

      "I'm not going to kiss him on the mouth Kyle. That's for you, Maria and the girls. Liz ordered no cheating and no matter what, when she gives an order I can't go against it. At most my bod's going to be..."

      "Pressed up against him. Or a little bit of oral." Kyle said as he lowered his head for a moment. "Okay."


      "Okay. If you want it, for Ava, then I'm not going to stop you. I wont do the jealous boyfriend thing, I wont punch Sam...I'll hurt him... just a little. Besides Liz accepted Ava going down on Max, hell she even watched so I can deal."

      Tess smiled and moved up from her seat. Gently she walked over to Kyle and kissed him. "You know, you did promise to spank me."

      "I did." Kyle said

      "And I've been a very bad girl." Tess said seductively

      "Well then, bad little girls like you should be punished."

      They looked at each other intently and jumped together. They fused together in an open mouthed kiss as their tongues intertwined. Tess pressed her body firmly against her lover's as his hands glided down the back of her woollen top. As his palms tightened over her butt cheeks, Tess arched slightly into him; her own hand was massaging his hardening length through Kyle's jeans. Gently Kyle started to pull at the fabric of her skirt, bunching it up at her waist.

      "Hmmm...a no undies day?" Kyle said

      "Actually it's been no underwear for the past few days. I think Maria and I have just decided to go without permanently now and I think Isabel and Liz are joining in to...well unless we're planning on dressing for the occasion." Tess said

      "And an occasion would be?"

      "Would be making sure our men are teased and very, very hard." Tess said

      Kyle smiled and kissed her again before turning around, he pushed her back and bent her down over the table. Tess knew what was coming next, he did promise after all. She felt his firm hands gently caress her ass, his fingertips dancing light circles over her skin. Then Kyle withdrew his hand.

      "Have you been a good girl?" Kyle asked

      "Uh huh." Tess answered softly


      "Don't lie to me young lady. Now have you been a good girl?"

      "A little." Tess said




      "I've been naughty, I've been a really naught little girl." Tess said

      "That's better. Do you want more punishment?"

      Tess looked over her shoulder and looked with heated eyes into her lover's. The look caused Kyle's blood to boil and answered his question; he could see that Tess was enjoying herself.


      "Hmmm..." Tess squirmed




      Then Kyle stopped. Tess was flipped over and pulled into his strong arms; through their link Kyle knew that Tess's butt was more than a little sensitive thanks to his administrations so he pulled off her top and put it on the table. His hands then took hold of the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down her legs, leaving one very hot and naked alien hybrid. With his makeshift cushion in place he lifted his lover up and sat her on the table.

      "Has my baby girl had enough?" Kyle asked

      Tess looked up at him; the fire in her eyes could have rivalled the effects of Superman's. "Not nearly enough." She spread her legs and extended them out so she could wrap them around Kyle and pull him in closer. With a wicked grin, Kyle smiled down at his mate. Her hands were busy on the stiff denim of his jeans, when they were unfastened Tess used her feet to push the fabric down. Kyle pushed his boxers down and his straining hard cock bobbed back and forth as it became free.

      "Do you think your dad will mind if we do it on his table?" Tess asked with a tone of mischief

      "What he doesn't know won't hurt him." Kyle said before kissing her

      As they devoured each other's mouth, Kyle pressed himself down onto her body. She leaned back, gazing up at him smoulderingly as he propped her legs up onto his shoulders. She licked her lips invitingly as her hands slid across her steaming hot body in a luxurious caress; her hands massaged her breasts, her fingers pinched her nipples and teased them to an impossible hardness. Her enticing swells with their pebble-hard tips begged to be sucked and she wanted to feel his lips on her body. Tess arched her back and offered herself to him.

      "Oh!" Tess squeaked as Kyle darted forward, latching onto a succulent, quivering globe; biting just hard enough to excite his lover. As she relaxed into it, a car-like purr rumbled up from her depths as he feasted hungrily on her ripe mounds.

      She braced her hands on the edges of the table as she writhed wantonly against his hard body. Kyle could feel how wet she was for him, her juices being smeared all over his cock and abdomen; he loved the way her erect peaks expanded in his mouth as his tongue bathed them each in turn.

      "Ugnnnnnn..." Tess sighed, "Kyle, I can't wait anymore. I want you in me."

      Kyle released her breast and looked into her moist eyes, he fixed her legs back onto his shoulders. With long stroked he caressed her legs from thighs to feet before gently kissing each big toe, sucking them into his mouth. When he was done, Kyle placed his hand on her thigh, holding it securely in place as his other hand guided his hard-on into Tess's hot depths.

      Tess tossed her head back and cried out in a feral growl as she pushed her hips forward into his. Kyle drilled her savagely, overwhelmed by the need to satisfy his own primal appetite. Besides he could feel Tess own uncontrollable desire for him to take her as hard and fast as possible, they would have time for tender and gentle upon her return from Sam and Ava's Sharing. As his hips pounded between her legs with loud, smacking slaps, the force of his thrusts had her hips buck against the unsecured table, which was moving around on the floor. Tess's body shook and quivered, her breasts rippled back and forth and her hands were gripped tightly onto the edge of the table. Then she became as still and rigid as a statue, her orgasm was mere seconds away and both knew it; her hips were the only part of her still moving, continuing to work Kyle's cock inside her.

      "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tess cried out

      When Tess came, it was so powerful that Kyle felt as if her muscles would break his cock in two. Her voice was raw with her uninhibited and rampant screams of pleasure; however, the minute her body relaxed and Kyle could resume stroking her, he plunged his cock home until his cries were as loud as hers and he shot a abundant load into Tess's deepest recesses. As he finished shooting, his body became limp and fell between Tess's legs. She promptly wrapped all of her limbs around Kyle, holding him securely in place.

      "That was incredible. I love you so much." Kyle breathed out raggedly

      "You have no idea." Tess said, her sensitive nipples scraping into Kyle's skin.

      The kissed each other gently, despite the roughness of their latest coupling the kiss with entirely filled with contentment and love. Their sweat soaked and red flushed bodies clung to each other, neither wanting to let go.

      "Why don't you go for a shower, get cleaned up and dressed and I'll bring you something to eat for you're little trip." Kyle said

      "Hmmm...I have the best boyfriend." Tess said

      "Well if we're the only ones to say it...I totally agree." Kyle said

      Gently he eased his hips back and pulled his cock out of her slit. Tess released her grip and once Kyle was up, he helped Tess back onto her feet. They kissed again and Kyle watched as she walked to the bathroom, his gaze was fixed on her ass and the red handprints that were present, that he branded her with. The smile could have been made permanent if the wind changed.

      Then he shook himself out of it. "I'm a really bad man." Kyle said as he pulled on his boxers and went to the kitchen.

      Thirty Minutes Later...

      The two young lovers were sitting on the sofa; Tess lay in Kyle's arms as he fed her strawberries and Tabasco her favourite. For the first night in the longest time Kyle would be going to bed without Tess by his side and he knew he would get some sleep until her return, which wouldn't be until early in the morning.

      "You know, you have to wonder. If no-one can disobey the king and queen, if it's so instinctual not to break their commands then how could Kivar do what he did?" Kyle asked

      "I don't know...maybe it's not so overpowering. Maybe it's just because that Max and Liz are the heads of our family that makes it instinctual to obey."

      "Well that's possible. Before I submitted to Max in that room on the Island, when I gave him authority over me I don't think I would have obeyed him so...blindly. Kivar was a different family so he...well."

      "Yeah." Tess said

      Then there was a knock at the door. Kyle got up and answered it to find Feln on the other side.

      "Are you ready Tess?" Feln asked

      She turned to look at Kyle. "Last chance to back me out of it."

      "I know but I don't want to stop you. Sam is a part of the family and I think I can trust him not to cross any lines. I know I can trust you not to break any royal commands." Kyle said

      "That you can." Tess said. The lovers kissed each other goodbye and Feln led Tess out to his car where Ava and Sam waited inside. As they drove off, Kyle looked on. Soon they quartet was at the mountain with the waiting helicopter to carry them back to the Island and before long they were airborne.

      To Be Continued...

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