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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 3

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 18, 2003

        Crashdown, Roswell, 04:00

        All the adults were gathered in the dining area. When they didn't show up at curfew they let it slid because of the occasion, then an hour passed, then another and another and another! They began to freak out when they learned that they never showed up at the school to begin with. Jeff new the owner of the limo rental company personally and had called him up.

        "Are you sure?" Jeff said sternly into the phone. When he got the response he said 'thank you' and hung up the phone.

        Nancy looked at her husband, along with the Sheriff, Amy Deluca and the Evans, each waiting for Jeff to come back with an answer.

        "Well?" Jim asked

        "It turns out that the limo Max ordered was cancelled thirty minutes after he made it!" Jeff said

        "What?" Philip asked, "By who?"

        "Apparently Max came in and did it personally!" Jeff said

        "That can't be right! Max was with me that day; he was helping me at the office. Hell he even used my phone...I was never more than twenty feet from him!" Philip said

        Jim was getting more worried, the only explanation he could think of was another shape shifter.

        "Is he sure it was Max?" Jim asked

        "Yes!" Jeff said but then looked closer at the sheriff, "Jim do you know something about this?"

        Jim looked at each of the parents and just as he was about to speak the room was flooded with a brilliant white light that caused each of them to close their eyes tightly. When they reopened them the elders found themselves in a small room with glowing blue walls and a strange black obelisk in the centre. Jim recognised it immediately.

        "The Granolith!" Jim said as he looked at it for the first time.

        Each of the others suddenly looked at him.

        "Absolutely correct Sheriff Valenti!" said a voice. A hooded figure came from behind the Granolith and extended his hand toward the Sheriff. "It's a great honour to finally meet you!"

        The Sheriff took his hand and shook it. "And you are?"

        He removed his hood, revealing the face of Max. He then raised his hand and with another flash of light his face shifted.

        "I am Feln, aid to Commander Kalen, Protector of the Royal House of Antar." He said

        Jim just looked around at the others, each of them looking for an explanation.

        "Perhaps I should..." Feln said and Jim nodded. "First of all, I wish to commend you on the children you have raised. Each of them is remarkable to have come this far...given what has happened to them. Anyway, Mrs people know that you have suspected that Max and Isabel are different, I brought you hear to tell you the truth. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are not...completely human! Half of their D.N.A is from a planet we call Antar!"

        "Yeah, okay...I don't know who you are you but I'm leaving right now!" Philip said as he turned away

        "And how do you plan on doing that Mr Evans?" Feln said

        "Philip, you better stay! He knows where Max and Isabel are!" Jim said

        Philip turned to look at the sheriff.

        "He's telling you the truth!" Jim continued, "Last year Liz was shot in the Crashdown, Max healed her...saved her life!"

        "How do you know about this?" Jeff asked

        "For about a year after that I tried to prove what Max was, I hunted him, watched him but then I found out he wasn't a threat and I started to protect him and the others!" Jim admitted, "Do you know where they are?" he asked Feln

        "Yes! The signal Max sent last year from the Pod Chamber alerted us as well as the Skins. Max and the others have been relocated to an island in the Pacific!" Feln said

        Feln waited for the uproar to die down before continuing with the next phase of his plan. He put his hand to the Granolith and transferred the events of the last two years into the parent's heads and the purpose of why they were taken...minus what they would have to do!

        "Mr and Mrs Parker, you're daughter is in love with Max, our king, and she belongs with him. The same with Alex and Isabel, Michael & Maria and Kyle and Tess! The purpose of being on the island is to bring them closer to each other, to allow them to bond together into a family that will protect each other!" Feln said

        "Do you mind telling me how we tell everyone else that the reason for our children's disappearance is because an alien force wants them to bond?" Jeff asked

        "Simple, you don't! I can use the Granolith here to impose a false memory onto the town's people. As far as they are concerned they all showed up at school! In the morning eight replicants will arrive and assume their forms, they will be identical to the others in ever respect and will take their place until they return!" Feln said

        After talking with Feln for a couple more hours and explaining what was happening out in space and the background to the memories that had been implanted he sent the parents back to the Crashdown to give them time to absorb what they had been told. However, before sending them he gave them one of the hexagonal devices so that they could contact them! When he was sure everything was done he left the chamber and drove out to the Crash Site where he caught another helicopter to take him back to Alpha 1.

        Common Room, Second Island, 11:00

        Eventually the group got to sleep that night and after a few hours they woke up and came into the room to Kyle cooking breakfast. Everyone was surprised, except for Tess who usually helped him cook! However, when Max came into the room his eyes immediately locked onto Liz and the two moved over to each other.

        "Hey!" Liz said

        "Hey!" said Max

        "Max, I..." Liz started

        "No, don't say anything!" he said softly, "We're going to have something to eat, then we'll talk okay?"

        Liz nodded and turned back to where Kyle was making a very large fry up.

        "So, what's all this?" Liz asked

        "Well, this is an apology to Max for the crap I've put him through and an apology to you by actually agreeing to that plan of yours!" Kyle said as he started spooning out the food onto the eight plates.

        Liz had a pained look on her face but Max put a hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up at him.

        "What ever it is Liz, I know you had a good reason. It'll be okay!" Max said

        They each grabbed a plate and sat around the table and began to eat.

        Medical Unit, Alpha 1, Same Time

        Lans was helping the chief medical officer with setting up the treatment for Alex while reading through the medical files on each of the teens. It was when he was reading through one particular file when he found the answer!

        "Sir!" he said with wide eyes

        "What is it Lans?" he said

        "You better take a look at this!" Lans said as he handed the file over, "The level 4 neurological scan...there are traces of Harocites!"

        "Impossible, there hasn't been a case of this since...that would mean..."

        "Yes sir!" Lans said

        "Come on we better tell Kalen!"

        With that the two men left in search of their commander.

        Common Room, Island 2, 11:30

        They had finished the meal and the resident aliens used their powers to clean the dishes as the humans put them away. When the place was spotless they went back over to the table and sat down, each waiting for the other to start speaking.

        "Oh this is pathetic!" Isabel said, "How about we each hold hand, open up a connection and we all see it all at the same time!" she suggested

        They all agreed and Max took Liz's hand, then each of the others did the same as Isabel took Liz's other hand. She smiled at Liz and then each of them closed their eyes and a connection formed. Within just a few seconds they all saw why Liz did what she did.

        "You really did that!" Michael stated, "Thanks is no where near appropriate!"

        "You got that right!" Kyle said, "But that never happened, it was a mind warp!"

        "Tess, I need to hear you say that it wasn't you!" Max said

        "Max, it wasn't! I don't know who but it wasn't me!" Tess responded, "But I can help Liz find out!"

        With that they all focused on a new connection. With Tess's help they examined each of her memories...and then it came!


        Liz was in bed, taking with Kyle when Max suddenly appeared at the window.


        The images focused in on Max's face.


        A pane of glass in the window with a blurred image appeared.


        The imaged grew closer and closer until the reflection focussed in and revealed itself to be a smiling Tess!

        The sight of Tess blasted each of them out of the connection. They had each seen the image and it was still very clear in their heads. They all stood up from their seats, causing them to fall backwards to the floor.

        "You lied to us! You just stood their and..." Isabel spat with venom

        Max started to move closer to Tess as she backed up against a wall!

        "Max, Liz...please I swear to you it wasn't me!" Tess said through her confusion

        "Could it have been Ava?" Maria asked, she prayed that it wasn't Tess. Their attraction to each other was undeniable and she knew that before long the gentle caress that Tess had given her last night would grew into a night of passion...just as soon as she talked with Michael about it.

        "No!" Liz said, "It was her!"

        Max quickly raised his hand to dispose of her once and for all but all of a sudden an energy field appeared between himself and Tess.

        "No, Max doesn't!" Kalen yelled as he entered the room with the file in hand.

        "Kalen...she..." Max tried to get out

        "Max, it wasn't Tess...not entirely!" Kalen said as he pulled out a device.

        "Kalen...answers would be a good call right about now!" Isabel said

        "One of our medics found something in her file. It was traces of a chemical that's only produced in humans during a link to someone on Antar. However, it can also happen in...there's a rare condition that used to happen in our early hybrids. Sometimes the human consciousness comes out and combines with the Antarian one; the result is a violently unstable mind. It's similar to the human condition called Multiple Personality Syndrome!" Kalen explained

        "So, it wasn't Tess!" Maria said thankfully, "Just another personality!"

        "Yes, but we're only detecting minor traces of it now!" Kalen said

        "You passed out!" Kyle said

        "What?" Tess asked

        "A few months ago you passed out for about three minutes!" Kyle said, "Then there was some kind of blast!"

        "That would have been it!" Kalen said and each of the teens looked to him. "If the other personality can reserve enough energy then it could transfer itself into another would have to be similar though!"

        "So there's another Tess out there?" Michael asked

        "No!" Tess said, "Her name's Serena...that was my human donor's name and if it needed an identical body then it took over Ava!"

        "Our analysis did indicate that her mind is considerably weaker than your own. It would have been easy for this Serena to take destroy her mind and take her over!" Kalen agreed and removed the shield, "Tess there is still a chance that the personality could redevelop in you...this device can correct the problem!"

        "Then do it!" Tess said.

        Kalen sat her down and ran the device over her head. A yellow glow flowed over her as the machine did its work and then it stopped.

        "There, all done!" Kalen said

        "I don't feel any different!" Tess said

        "And you wont!" Kalen said, "You'll still be you!"

        "What do we do about Serena?" Max asked

        "You do nothing! You're staying on this island, doing what you need to do. My people will take care of her!" Kalen said, "But there is a matter we need to take care of. Alex, our doctor detected a problem with that is terminal unless treated!"

        "What?" Alex asked as he looked at Isabel. She couldn't speak.

        "You appear to have been mind warped as well. I can send you to the medical facility just now so you can be treated." Kalen said

        "Can I go with him?" Isabel asked

        "Of course, but I can only take you." Kalen said, "Alex?"

        "Yeah...okay!" Alex said as he took Isabel's hand and together the moved to Kalen.

        "This wont take long, when we return I will give you the answers you need!" Kalen said just before the three of them disappeared.


        They were gone for less than half an hour and when they did come back Alex was wearing a metal band around his upper arm.

        "Hi everything okay?" Max asked

        "Yeah fine, I'm a little dizzy but I'm told I'll live!" Alex responded

        Max gently touch his arm just below the band. "What is this thing?"

        "Medical scanner! The doc wants me to wear it just in case there is a problem!" Alex said

        "I think we should all sit down now!" Kalen said.

        Everyone sat down on either the sofa or the other plush chairs in the main seating area of the common room. Kalen took one of the chairs from the dining table and sat before them.

        "Okay, I told you that the reason this is happening is because of a virus that is spreading around the universe. The virus is coming out of an anomaly...we're identified it as an inter-dimensional portal. We don't know if it is deliberate, accidental or a natural event but we cant cure the disease but humans can resist it! As Antarians are similar to humans we were able to combine out genetic codes that will allow us to procreate with the humans." Kalen said

        "Yeah, we know all order for us to have children with humans we need to transfer the ability to produce some kind of pheromone!" Michael said

        "And that can only happen when you have sex with a human male just like Max!" Kalen said, "And with Isabel and Tess, they must have sex with Liz and Maria. The thing is that this is intended to bring you closer to each other, to bond you!"

        "Okay but why not let us do that at home?" Liz asked

        "Because here you are free of your parents and other people's judgments. Here you can express yourselves without concern and be with each other freely!"

        "Speaking of our parents..." Maria said

        "Our agent in Roswell will have informed them by now!" Kalen said

        "What?" Max asked

        "He would have transported them to the Granolith and told them you're true nature as well as you're mission here!" Kalen said, "Obviously without the methods!"

        "Max!" Isabel whispered, she was both exhilarated and fearful. Now her parents knew the truth but whether or not they accepted it and her was still to be seen.

        "I know Is!" Max responded, "Kalen you shouldn't have told them!"

        "Forgive me Max but they needed to know, they all did! You will need their support and cooperation when you leave here."

        "How did they take it?" Liz asked

        "Surprisingly well!" Kalen said, "However, we have instructed the Granolith to initiate a mass mind warp over the town so that they would think that you had gone to that dance. Replicants will take your place at school and work and their experiences will be transferred into you so that you can act without causing suspicion. If necessary you're parents can be...adjusted to be more accepting of your status."

        "Well that deals with school!" Liz said

        Everybody rolled their eyes, only Liz could think of school at a time like this!

        "So can you explain how this is going to work? I mean are we just going to hop into bed or what?" Tess enquired

        "No...there are stages! By now you will have begun to feel an attraction toward your first." Kalen said

        "First?" Max asked, "You mean it won't be with just one?"

        "No, of course not. You will all be with both and then..." Kalen paused. "Then Liz and Maria will be with Isabel and Tess at the same time and the same goes for you guys!"

        "I'm really liking this less and less!" Kyle said

        "Give it time Kyle, but it will happen!" Kalen said

        "I doubt it cause in case you hadn't noticed all these women are taken and Tess and I are not like that!" Kyle said

        "Actually you are! You're both just fighting it!" Kalen said

        His comments cause Kyle and Tess to look at each other.

        "Yeah?" Kyle asked as he looked into her eyes and she nodded.

        "You?" Tess asked

        "Pretty much!" Kyle said as he took her hand.

        "Listen, you may have problems at the moment. A few of you may have hesitations about whether or not you can go through with it but you will, it's instinctual for any race to do what I necessary for the propagation of its race and you eight are no different." Kalen said

        "So how does Kivar fit into this?" Max asked

        "Kivar and his followers are...I suppose you could call them Genetic Purists. They are fanatically against the idea of blending our two races. The mutation of our own genome they can accept but they consider humans to be inferior. Kivar killed your father and when you continued his work he killed you! The message that was sent to you after you activated the orbs was a fake, sent by Kivar to mislead you and to try and prevent this!" Kalen said, "I should go now and let you talk amongst yourselves but when you do leave, you should know that we'll provide anything you need."

        He stood up and walked away from the group until he disappeared. The teens were sitting around looking at each other.

        "So, Alex...are you sure you're okay?" Liz asked

        "Yeah I'm fine!" Alex said as Isabel held his hand

        "So how do we do this?" Maria asked

        "I suppose we just hang around and let whatever happens happen!" Kyle said

        "Yeah but what about when we go home?" Maria asked

        "What do you mean?" Tess asked

        Isabel knew what Maria was asking; she had felt it herself...every time she looked at Liz. "She means, what if we want to continue the relationships that happen here!"

        "Do you really think that would be a problem?" Max asked

        "Well Max, you may be okay with your sister making love with the love of your life here but what about at home!" Isabel said

        "I think...I think I would be fine with it!" Max said hesitantly

        Isabel stood up and moved over to Liz. She took her hands and helped Liz to her feet where she planted a long lasting passionate kiss on Liz's lips. Each of the guys, except for Max, crossed their arms and enjoyed the show. Max on the other hand felt prangs of jealousy stir up from his gut that he tried to push back down.

        "Okay Isabel, point taken!" Max said

        Isabel released Liz, both were breathless as the kiss ended and neither wanted it to end. Isabel softly ran the backs of her fingers down Liz's cheek and smiled at her.

        "See Max! I could feel the jealousy coming off of you. What happens when we get home?" Isabel said

        "I could feel it was well Max!" Liz said as she felt Isabel press her breasts into her arm, "And right now, I think I might want to keep seeing Isabel! I mean I love you so much and now that you know the truth..."

        "I love you too Liz...and if you want Isabel then..." Max tried to finish but couldn't

        "Max I want both of you but you're the one that has my heart, you always have! God knows if what Kalen say was true I'll probably end up wanting Tess just as much." Liz said

        "Not an unpleasant thought!" Tess said as she eyed Liz. Then she looked at Maria and saw the smouldering passion in her eyes as she looked back and forth between herself and Michael.

        "And then there is you guys!" Isabel said. "I mean, would you actually consider doing one another. You are you're firsts any way?" she asked using the term Kalen used

        Max and Alex immediately caught each other's gaze and looked away quickly but Isabel and Liz caught it.

        "I think we need to inspire them!" Isabel whispered into Liz's ear

        Michael and Kyle also looked at each other and likewise Tess and Maria spotted their men looking. Both smiled and then looked at each other.

        "Well, I've been indoors for way to long." Maria said, "My skin needs sun so I'm gonna check out that beach Kalen talked about. you want to come?"

        "Yeah, sounds good!" Michael said and followed Maria down the long tunnel that led to the surface.

        "What about you guys?" she asked

        "Well Liz and I should probably talk about things!" Max said as he looked at Liz who nodded

        "Yeah, Kyle and I should as well!" Tess said. She and Kyle then went to her room.

        "I'm up for a walk on the beach...Alex?" Isabel said

        "Yeah, why not?" Alex responded and the couple followed Michael and Maria, leaving Max and Liz alone.

        "So!" Liz said

        "So!" Max countered

        "Well this is a productive conversat..." Liz started

        "I love you!" Max interrupted

        Liz looked into his eyes. "I love you too Max...can you forgive me?"

        Max moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her body. His head was in her shoulder and he breathed in the scent of her hair.

        "God Liz, there is nothing to forgive! You did it to try to save Isabel, Michael and the rest of us. I don't think I could ever do anything like that, even if it was only a mind warp!" he said

        "Thank you Max! I just hate how much time we've wasted because of Te... Serena!" Liz said

        "Yeah, at least Tess is better now!" Max said and then paused. "Did you enjoy that kiss?"

        Liz closed her eyes and then looked at him. "Yes! I loved it...Max I'm not going to lie to you, I'm feeling really attracted to Isabel. Nearly as much as I am to you but you're the one I love! What about you and Alex?"

        Max looked away for a second and coughed.

        "Max, Isabel and I both saw the look you gave each other!" Liz said

        "Oh god!" Max said

        "Max, it's okay! It's why we're here, go with it...just like Kalen said!" Liz responded

        "We shouldn't be dealing with this right now, we should be focusing on getting the two of us back on track!" Max said

        "Think about it this way...when we get out of here, our families will be with us in the way we always wanted without having to worry and we'll have the option of starting our own family!" Liz said

        Max smiled at that. "Yeah, we will!" he said and then bent down to kiss her.

        When their lips fused so did their minds. Each saw into the soul of the other and knew that they would never again be separated the way they have been for the last few months.

        Tess's Room...

        The second Tess closed her door; Kyle turned her around and kissed her hard and with passion. Before long they were making out on her bed, their hands gently caressing their bodies.

        "You have no idea how good it is to be able to tell you how I feel about you!" Kyle said

        "You still haven't!" Tess said as she looked up into his eyes as he lay on top of her

        "I love you Tess!"

        "I love you Kyle!"

        "Maria?" Kyle asked

        "What can I say...the girl's hotttt!" Tess said emphasising by extending the T's, "What about Michael?"

        Kyle suddenly became uncomfortable.

        "Kyle, it's okay. I know you want him and after him you'll go with Max and I'll be with Liz!"

        "Yeah I guess but before I came here I never felt like this for either of them! Well I have no doubt that they've been messing with us a little to make us more receptive but I think it's always been there...same with me! This just let it out in the open." Tess said

        "Yeah!" Kyle agreed and then began kissing Tess again, his hands running through her hair

        On the Beach...

        Maria and Michael were walking in a different direction than Alex and Isabel. Both couples were taking in the scenery as they talked.

        "So...Tess huh?" Michael asked

        "Yeah, who would have thought it? I mean she's gorgeous but I always saw her as the person who kept putting the moves on my best friends boyfriend. Now it's like I can't wait to get her into bed!" Maria admitted

        "Well then...why wait?" Michael asked


        "Maria, you want her and if it means that we can be together completely and have the option of ever having a family then I want you to do it. I'm completely in love with you and I know you love me! If being with you means I have to share your body...anyway if you want her go for it! I've got to do the same thing remember." Michael said

        "Yeah I know. Just remember Kyle's dad is dating my mother and they both know what I've gotten involved with...just be gentle!" Maria teased

        Michael wanted to rebut but just shook his head and smiled as he draped his arm over her shoulder.

        "You want to go swimming?" Michael asked as he looked at the crystal clear waters.

        "Michael, I don't have a suit with me! Neither do you for that matter!" Maria said

        "So?" Michael asked

        "So..." Maria said and then caught his meaning.

        The two threw off their clothes quickly and ran into the ocean; naked as the day they were born. They swam, they splashed water but mostly Maria's body was firmly pressed against Michael's as they kissed.

        On the Other Side of the Beach...

        "That was some kiss!" Alex said, "Did you enjoy it as much as it looked like you did?"

        "Oh yeah, Liz is a very good kisser...almost as good as you!" Isabel said as they walked hand in hand.

        "It did look like your knees were a little bit shaky!" Alex said

        "Yeah, they were...I can't believe how much I want the two of you!" Isabel said

        "Well...Max does appear to have one or two issues?" Alex stated

        "Yeah, but then he and Liz just got back together!"

        "So did we! Unless that one hell of a kiss last night..." Alex said starting to get worried

        "Oh we're together Alex, believe me we are very much together." Isabel said as she stood in front of Alex and kissed the life from him. Alex pushed Isabel back against a coconut tree and made love to her tongue with his own, their hands were going everywhere!

        Eventually Michael and Maria dressed, met up with Alex and Isabel then head back into the facility.

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