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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 2b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 16, 2003

        Max's Room (When Maria Goes to Liz's Room!)

        Max was lying in bed and as usual he was thinking about Liz and her apparent betrayal several months ago. Despite what he had seen that night he still could bring himself to believe that she had sex with Kyle but the image was still with him. Almost all thought of his current situation was gone from his head as he looked at the small passport sized photo of Liz he kept in his wallet. Just then Michael knocked at the door and entered without waiting.

        "Hey Maxwell!" Michael said as he tossed his alien brother a bottle of coke.

        "Hi Michael! Where'd you find this?" Max asked

        "A room next to the kitchen...some kind of pantry!" Michael said as he spotted the photo in his hand, " really need to get over her!"

        "Michael!" Max said

        "Max, sorry, I know you love her but she..." Michael trailed off. Max had told him about what he had seen that night and didn't want to say it out loud.

        "Michael, I just can't believe that she did...that!" Max said

        "You think I can?" Michael asked loudly, "Hey I'm the one who stole her journal, I know exactly how much she cares for you and she would never sleep with Kyle!"

        "But I saw them in bed together, naked!" Max said painfully

        "Yeah!" Michael trailed out, "That I don't get! Could it have been a... hell I don't know, a mind warp or something?"

        "No if that was the answer Liz would have just come right out and said she didn't sleep with him!"

        "I guess!" Michael relented

        "And now we're stuck underground on an island with now way to get off. Liz is barely 200 yards from me and I can still feel her, despite everything we've been through!" Max said

        "Is it getting stronger?" Michael asked, speaking of the connection between Max and Liz that had been developing ever since she was shot.

        "I think's like this place magnifies it!" Max said

        "Hey, you know we've got a few more options than you've had before!" Michael said

        Max just looked confused at Michael.

        "Max, it's like you said. There is no way off this island, no adults and there was someone else other than Liz in her room that night! We could...convince Kyle to tell you about that night!" Michael suggested

        "No, Michael...that's not a good idea!" Max said

        "Well I'm tired of trying to figure out what's going on! I want to know!" Michael said as he left the room and headed toward Kyle's. Max hesitated for a minute before running after him.

        Somewhere in the corridors...

        Michael was quickly moving down the corridor but ran smack dap into Alex who was coming out of the bathroom at the time.

        "Christ Michael, look where you're going!" Alex said as he rubbed his elbow as he lay on the floor.

        Max caught up to Michael and looked at the two on the floor. He moved over to Alex and helped him to his feet, while running his hand over his elbow to sooth the pain.

        "You okay?" Max asked

        "Yeah, thanks! So what's the hurry...where were you guys going?" Alex asked

        "We're going to see Kyle!" Michael said

        "Why? It's late and he's probably asleep!" Alex said

        "There was something a few months ago that we...I need to ask him about!" Max said

        "Oh yeah...anything I can help with?" Alex enquired

        "No, you should probably head back to..." Max started to say

        "Actually yeah you could help! Why did Liz sleep with Kyle?" Michael said with very little tact

        "LIZ WHAT?" Alex yelled

        "You really didn't know?" Michael said

        "Are you kidding...this is the first I've heard of it!" Alex said, "No, this is a joke Liz would never sleep with him! You told you this?"

        "I saw them lying in bed together!" Max said

        Alex just looked at him. "Oh!" Alex thought for a moment and headed off towards Kyle's room. He stopped when he realised Michael and Max were not following. "Hey, you two coming?" he asked. "Listen, I know Liz and she loves you and would never sleep with Kyle...lets get some answers!"

        With that the trio headed off towards Kyle's room!

        Kyle's Room...

        Kyle was tossing and turning in the bed. No matter how much he tried he couldn't get to sleep. Eventually he gave up and decided to have a closer look at his room. On a desk in the corner of the room he found several small square crystals next to a matching indentation on the table. Carefully he picked up on of the crystals and put it into the slot and Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' started to play from a speaker hidden somewhere on the walls. Kyle picked up the cube and smiled.

        "Cool!" He said.

        He was ready to check through the rest of the music collection he was given when the door opened and he saw Max, Michael and Alex standing at the door.

        "Hi guys...what's up?" he said

        "Time to fess up Kyle, we want!" Michael said

        "What are you guys taking about?" Kyle asked and then he saw Max's face. He had only seen that look once before! "You better come in!" he said cautiously

        He went over and sat down on his bed while the others sat around the room.

        "Okay, ask away!" Kyle said as he looked at Max

        Max tried to look at him but he couldn't, he could ask Kyle the question that he frequently asked Liz. Instead he looked at Michael who nodded his head.

        "Kyle, well I suppose there is no delicate way of saying this! Did you sleep with Liz? Keep in mind that you're not getting out of here until we get what we want!" Michael said

        "Yeah, I kinda got that feeling!" Kyle said, "Okay...Max, that night Liz came to see me. She was worked up about something and needed a favour!"

        When he said that, Max's faced turned several shades of blue as he gripped his hands tightly onto the desk edge that he was leaning on.

        "Just answer the question Kyle!" Alex said as he looked at Max's face

        "No I didn't sleep with her! I don't know why, she just wanted to stage that...I thought that you did something to piss her off!" Kyle said

        While Max's face was visibly relieved a thousand more questions erupted in his head.

        "You didn't piss her off did you?" Kyle asked

        "No, no I didn't! I mean the night before she tried to set me up with Tess and I knew something was going on with her." Max said as he looked at Kyle for the first time, "Thank you Kyle!"

        "Max, Liz begged me never to tell you the truth about this. I've seen how much damage this has done to you two and if it weren't Liz I wouldn't have even considered it! I would have told you sooner but..."

        "Yeah, I understand Kyle! But there's still the question of why Liz would do this!" Max said as he mulled over that night in his head.

        "Sorry Max, I've told you all I know!" Kyle said

        "Well Max, what now!" Michael asked.

        "Yeah, it's not like we can just walk over to Liz's room and demand answers!" Alex said, partly suggesting the act

        "I don't see why not!" Kyle said

        "No he's right they'll probably be sleeping!" Max said

        "Max you're not suggesting that we wait till morning are you?" Michael asked

        "Michael for whatever reason Liz did doesn't matter just now. She didn't sleep with him and that's what I needed to know, the rest can wait!" Max said as he stood up and headed to the door.

        "I'm going to go to bed now!" Max said as he left the room. Once he was out in the hall he stopped walking and put his arms up on the wall, put his forehead on them and breathed out deeply.

        Alex had decided to leave just after Max and found him against the wall. Alex put his hand on Max's shoulder when he saw him, drawing his friend's attention.

        "Hey man, are you okay?" Alex asked

        Max looked around to his sister's quasi-boyfriend and smiled.

        "Yeah Alex, thanks! I'm just relieved!" Max said

        "Tell me about it. I was beginning to think that I'd really lost touch with Liz...are you sure you don't want to go over there just now?" Alex asked

        "Yeah, I'm sure!" Max responded

        "Okay then! Well I'll say goodnight and I'll see you when you wake up...if you want to talk you know where to find me right?"

        "Yeah, I'll see you later...goodnight!" Max said as he went back to his room.

        When Max was out of sight, Alex went in the other direction. He passed through the common room and headed down the corridor that led to the girls sleeping area. Max may have been satisfied with Kyle's response but he wasn't, just as it was in the beginning after Liz was shot his two closest friends were keeping important information from him. He thought they were passed that, that they could trust in each other implicitly. He was beginning to think he was mistaken.

        Girls Sleeping Area, 04:00

        Slowly Alex walked the halls and found Maria's room. He knocked but there was no response so he cracked the door open a little. He found her room empty, her prom dress on a coat hanger on the door of the wardrobe but no Maria. He closed the door and continued down the halls. Halfway down the corridor he suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled a little before grabbing on to the wall for support, when it passed he thought little of it...they had been drugged that night after all. He continued until he found Tess's room - empty! Then onto Liz's!

        When he found her room empty he started to get worried so he ran to find Isabel's. When he found it, Isabel opened the door wearing a robe on top of what little she was wearing.

        "Alex, what are you doing here?" she asked

        Isabel closed the door behind her, not wanting to disturb Liz as she slept. Alex caught a glimpse of the three girls in the room and then looked back at Isabel.

        "What's going on?" Alex asked

        "I asked you first?" Isabel said

        "I was looking for Liz and Maria, I needed to talk to them...about Max and Kyle!" Alex said

        Isabel looked over his face, "You know!"

        "You too?" Alex said annoyed

        "No Alex, I swear I just found out tonight...there's a lot going on you probably don't know!" Isabel said, "Come on!"

        Isabel led Alex out into the common room where they sat at the table. When Isabel sat down her robe fell open at her legs and Alex got a very good look at just how little Isabel was wearing. Isabel caught his stare and smiled.

        {Maybe tonight wont be a bust after all!} She thought to herself

        "Okay, so what's going on? Max and Michael were able to get Kyle to admit that he didn't sleep with Liz but that still doesn't explain why Liz set the whole thing up!" Alex said after snapping himself out of the spell

        "This is what Liz told me!" Isabel said, "Around that time, Liz was visited by Max...from the future! He told her that they couldn't be together or Tess would leave and the world would end. Liz spent the next couple of days trying to get Max to fall our of love with her."

        "That's impossible...hell even Michael knows that!" Alex said

        "Tell me about it...okay, when it didn't work Liz staged the thing with Kyle but here's the thing...Future Max's visit was some kind of mind warp. It never really happened! We think someone wanted to split them up...permanently!" Isabel said

        "Tess!" Alex said coldly

        "No, that's what we thought at first but she said she didn't do it and I believe her. When we told her, she was as surprised as the rest of us! She's not that good an actor!" Isabel said

        "Max is gonna hit the roof when he finds this out!" Alex said, "This thing has been killing him for months!"

        "Liz as well." Isabel said sadly

        Alex reached his hand over and took a hold of hers.

        "Come on, I'll walk you back to your room!" Alex said and helped her to her feet.

        They walked hand in hand back to Isabel's room. When they reached the door Isabel stopped and stared into Alex's eyes.

        "What?" He asked

        "I'm going to do something you didn't want me to do!" Isabel said

        "And what's that?" Alex said

        Isabel pulled him closer and kissed him. Their lips parted and Isabel's tongue snaked its way into Alex's mouth. It lasted barely a minute and when it was over they separated, both very flushed.

        "Now...see, I was doing really well getting over you! Now I'm falling for you all over again." Alex said

        "Alex, I love you!" she finally admitted

        Alex cupped her cheek with his hand and then ran his fingers through her hair. "I love you too!" he said and bent his head forward and kissed her with more passion than the first.

        When they parted they looked into each other's eyes, both smiling.

        "Now, I want you to try and get some sleep!" Alex said

        "You're gonna need it!" Isabel said as she hugged him

        Alex released her and went back to his room while Isabel went back into hers. She found Maria and Tess looking up at her while wide smiles on their faces.

        "What?" Isabel asked innocently

        "Don't give me that! How was it?" Maria asked

        "I don't know what you're talking about!" Isabel said evasively

        "Isabel, we heard you from the door!" Tess said

        Isabel smiled brightly as she sat down next to Liz and brushed some hair from her face as she slept. "I never kiss and tell! But if I did I would say that it was incredible." She giggled out

        Both girls wanted details so they moved their chairs closer to Isabel but got a little too close to each other. The skin of their thighs touched and both looked at each other's eyes. Tess stretched her arm out and touched her fingertips to Maria's soft leg but waited for Maria to push her hand away. However Maria liked the gentle contact and put her hand over Tess's, silently telling her it was okay.

        Tess began to glide her hand over Maria's legs, with each movement she raised hit higher until she was on the verge of slipping her fingers under Maria's shorts. They continued to look into each other right up until there was a soft moan from Liz that broke them out of the spell, causing Tess to snap her hand back.

        Liz turned over from her side onto her back and her eyes fluttered open to find Isabel's loving eyes staring down at her.

        "Hey, you okay?" Isabel asked and Liz hesitantly nodded as she remembered what Isabel had told her.

        Then Liz looked over to see Maria sitting next to Tess. When she saw her face she slid backwards so that she was sitting up, clutching a pillow to cover her.

        "No,'s okay! It wasn't Tess that mind warped you." Isabel said

        "It wasn't?" Liz asked

        "Liz, I swear to you it wasn't me! But I promise you I'll help you figure it out...I might be able to remove the mind warp. The chances are you've seen who it was!" Tess said

        "Could we do it tomorrow? I want everyone to be there, besides we should get answers from Kalen first!" Liz said

        "Yeah, sure!" Tess said

        "Hey why are you guys in here...and this isn't my room!" Liz said as she looked around

        "No it's my room!" Isabel said

        "And we were keeping an eye on you Chica!" Maria said

        "Thanks!" Liz said and then looked to Isabel, "Maybe I should ask if you're okay!"

        "Liz...Max knows!" she responded, "He, Michael and Alex went to speak to Kyle and he told Max that the two of you weren't together."

        "Oh...well I'm glad!" Liz said

        "Glad!!" Maria said, "After everything you went through to keep it from him you're glad?"

        "Yes, at least part of the lie is over. Now we have to find out you warped me...I just hope he can forgive me!" Liz said with sadness

        "Are you kidding?" Tess said, "Max is totally in love with you, you should just tell him the reason! My bet is that he already has!"

        Everyone looked at Tess with surprise.

        "What?" she asked, "I...may have wanted Max but that was after years of being raised by Nasedo and telling me that Max was mine. It took me a while are Max's soul mate Liz, he belongs with you!"

        "I really don't know what to say!" Liz said

        "Well how about goodnight!" Isabel said, "We all need our sleep and tomorrow is going to be a long day and we need to be at our best if we're going to get out of here!"

        "Some how I think we're going to be here a while!" Liz said

        Tess and Maria left, leaving Liz and Isabel on the bed. "You can stay here if you want!" Isabel said

        "Thanks!" Liz said and the two snuggled up on the bed after Isabel removed her robe.

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