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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 30

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2003

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 3 Days Later

      Liz and Maria were sitting at the desk working on one of their final English assignments before their exams and the end of the year. They had only a few days left to prepare and their teacher had given them work that was based on the previous years exam.

      "Okay...done." Maria said

      "Me too. Do you want to check each other's?" Liz asked

      " the exam we wont be able to check. I've just gotten to the point that that I've said fuck it, if I pass I pass." Maria said

      "Well that's always a good place to be I suppose but if you stop studying..."

      "Relax I wont. Besides if I did Michael and Tess would have words... and my mom."

      "Your mom would go ballistic. At any rate I guess your right... practicing in exam conditions would be a good call." Liz said

      Maria paused for a moment and then looked at Liz. "Liz...can I ask you... how's Max?"

      Liz didn't need to ask what Maria was talking about but she did. "I take it you mean about what Kalen and Feln told us?"

      "Yeah." Maria said softly

      "Not good...but he's hiding it. We talk about and it's helping but as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he has always wanted to see Antar at least once. But to know at they're all dead and that he couldn't do anything..." Liz said

      "Michael feels the same and he definitely wont admit it, even through our link. It's almost like a piece of him died...I don't want to think what they'd do if they didn't have us." Maria said, "Besides the only thing they can do is do what they were sent here to do and live their lives."

      "Try telling them that. They feel like they should...I don't know, be there or something."

      "Oh yeah so they can catch the virus and infect the last few Antarians with the latest mutation. That's smart." Maria said

      "It's how they feel Maria."

      "I know, I know." Maria said as she closed her book

      "Besides if we were in their position we would probably be feeling the same." Liz said

      "So, what do you want to do know?" Maria asked, "We could always get down and dirty...again." She smiled

      Liz chuckled, "I guess we have been going a little over the top lately."

      "Ah but what fun we've had." Maria said, trailing light circles over Liz's hand with her fingers.

      "You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now." Liz said

      "Then why don't you my queen?" Maria asked, inching her head ever closer to Liz's

      "Because in about ten minutes I have to start a shift downstairs." Liz said

      "Oh come on, it's you're birthday." Maria said, pulling her head back. "I can't believe you're dad is making you work on your birthday."

      "Well Agnes quit yesterday so we're are now officially short staffed." Liz said

      "Hmmm oh well. We never seem to have time for just us these days. Talking I mean, not the sex."

      "I know; we're either with the guys or Isabel and Tess."

      "Well that's the way it goes. Best friends are always the ones who go out the window." Maria said

      Liz looked sharply up and into Maria's eyes. "Don't say that, we're always going to be together." She said, "How about right now, right here we make a pact. No matter what happens the two of us will be side by side."

      "Ooh...three of us. We need Alex, you know the Three Musketeers...all for one and one for all." Maria said

      "Oh of course we need Alex. I didn't forget him do things that Alex will never be apart of. Well, unless Max, Michael and Isabel are with us. Anyway I better get changed." Liz said as she closed her book and moved over to her wardrobe to pull out her waitress uniform.

      "Oh well I'll see you down there. Tess is nearby so she'll be here soon." Maria said

      "Well at least one of us will be getting some tonight." Liz said

      "Well you know I'm available during your break...probably Tess too. I also think that Max and Isabel could be persuaded to pop in."

      "Those two don't need much persuading, especially when I'm wearing this thing. I don't think I've ever seen Isabel more...more..."

      "Randy?" Maria teased

      Liz smiled and kissed her best friend before taking off her clothes and slipping her uniform on. "Randy is definitely the word."

      The brunette ran out, hoping that it wouldn't be too busy tonight.


      Liz finished tying her hair back just as she reached the doors to the dining area. She pushed through them.

      "Dad, sorry I'm late..." Liz stopped as she realised the room was empty.

      "SURPRISE!!!!!" Everyone yelled out as everyone popped out from behind the counter and booths.

      "Oh my god." Liz said as her mother and father approached her and hugged her.

      Maria then sneaked in from behind her. "Am I good at keeping secrets or what?"

      "You are a dead woman." Liz said as her heart rate started to calm.

      "Happy birthday Honey." Jeff said

      "Happy birthday Liz." Nancy said

      Everybody then swarmed her; Max and Isabel were at the forefront. Each sent their congratulations through their link to the young woman.

      "So how does it feel to be 18?" Alex asked, "Old enough to vote, thrown into an adult jail and...other things."

      "It feels great but no more surprise parties okay. Hey wait a second... it's your birthday next week, how could you do this to me?" Liz said

      "Simple, if they get all tied up with your party then they wont throw one for me." Alex said

      "We're giving you a party." Isabel said definitively

      "But I don't want one. There just not me." Alex said

      "Well if I have to put up with this then you can put up with one. Besides I remember a little present you gave Isabel that I have a feeling with be returned." Liz said as Max gave her a drink and Isabel blushed.

      "Well I wouldn't be a very good boyfriend if I didn't give you a party to remember on your big day." Max said

      "This was you're idea? What am I saying, of course you did this." Liz said with a smile

      "But not alone. I had help." Max said before pointing over

      Liz following the trail and spotted Michael, Alex and Kyle, standing around with drinks in their hands and cheesy grins on their faces. Then Sam came over to her.

      "Happy birthday Liz."

      "Sam, glad you could make it." Liz said

      "Me too. Even though..."

      "You're apart of us Sam, you do belong here. You may need, well this isn't the time to discuss it but you are with us." Liz said, "So, how long have you planned this?" she asked everyone

      "Oh a while now. Besides this is a big day and we all need cheering up." Michael said, "So Liz, what will it be? Bumps, punches or kicks?"

      "How about none of the above." Liz said, not liking the options. Then she looked over to one of the tables and spotted a stack of presents.

      Liz spent the next hour opening them all, with Maria's eager help of course. Isabel gave her a gold bracelet that was set with several small sapphires; Tess and Ava gave her an anklet with a similar design. Maria and Alex got together and bought Liz a pair of blood ruby earrings; Michael decided to have a little fun and got his queen the fully illustrated and colour copy of the Karma Sutra a present that immediately drew looks from her parents and a slap on the back of his head from Isabel. Kyle had arranged for Liz to go to a nearby health resort and get a full treatment. Sam couldn't think of anything to get Liz so he just bought her some flowers. Max decided to get his girlfriend a ring set with a single emerald and inscribed with the words 'I Love You'.

      "Max?" Jeff asked as he watched the young man slip the ring on his daughter's finger

      "It isn't." Max said

      "Good to know." Jeff said, just as Philip breathed a sigh of relief. Both were worried that the next word out of Max's lips were to ask Liz to marry him.

      "Pity." Liz said

      Everybody looked at her. The look of utter panic in her parent's eyes was well worth it. She started to laugh. "Oh my god, should see the look on your faces."

      "Liz!" Nancy said through gritted teeth

      "Sorry mom, birthday girl fun."

      "Well you're certainly entitled to it I guess. Just never, ever joke about that." Nancy said

      Liz looked directly into Max's eyes. "Believe me, next time I wont."

      Both sets of parents shifted their eyes back and forth between their children. They knew that all too soon Max would be down on one knee before Liz with a ring in hand.


      The party was still going on but the elders started to feel their age as they watched their kids dance around with the energy of youth while they were barely able to remain conscious.

      "I hate watching them like this." Amy said

      "Makes you feel old doesn't it?" Jim said

      "Ancient more like it. I can't believe we're letting them stay up this late on a school night." Diane said

      "KIDS..." Jeff called over, "...slow down. Well she's only turning 18 once, besides after everything they've been through and the studying for their exams they could use a break for one night at least."

      "Well I don't know about the rest of you but I need sleep." Jim said

      "Ditto." They all said together

      "I've got a feeling they'll be up a little longer." Nancy said as she watched Liz move in time with Isabel and Max.

      "Well they've all got drawers in each other's bedroom's now so I guess they could all stay here tonight." Jeff said

      "You're sure?" Philip asked

      "Yeah, there's plenty of camping gear we can get for them." Nancy said

      They all then stood up.

      "Liz," Nancy said, "we're calling it a night. You're all welcome to stay, we'll bring out some sleeping bags and air mattresses for you if you want to stay the night."

      "Thanks mom, dad. And thank you for all of this."

      "You're welcome Sweetie and Happy Birthday." Jeff said before hugging Liz

      The parkers then showed the other parents out and watched them drive away before heading back inside to look out the gear and headed up to their own bed. They were out the second their heads hit the pillows. In the dinning area Maria and Tess poured everyone more drinks as they all sat at one booth to catch their breaths.

      "So Liz...any birthday wishes?" Ava asked

      "Oh one or two." Liz said as she looked at Max and Isabel

      Both Evans smiled as their girlfriend gave them a smouldering look.

      "But I have to say, the top on the list would be for our little family to be complete before we go to bed." Liz said

      Sam looked up at her and knew he was talking about the final stages of induction, meaning to be with Max and then all guys at once. "Well if that's what the birthday girl wants, that's what she gets." He said

      Ava, who was standing behind him and running her fingers over his neck, looked down at her boyfriend and smiled. "Really?"

      "Yeah. I've come to terms with it, I'm comfortable with who I am and the fact that I'm definitely bi-sexual. Being with Michael and Kyle the other day was a severe wake up call. is just one thing..."

      "What's that?" Maria asked

      "Ava and I...before we got here...oh hell we god very, very wild. I don't think I could, you know, get going again." Sam said

      "Oh well then, that just means you need a little motivation." Liz said with a smile

      She stood up, never breaking eye contact with Isabel. The blonde knew immediately what her lover had in mind and given this was her birthday, who was she to deny her requests, so she stood up and moved closer to Liz. Sam watched as they came together in a gentle kiss. His eyes shifted over each other the others and watched, as they were apparently unaffected or surprised at what was happened. He could see it in their eyes that what they were witnessing was as natural to them as if it was Max Liz was kissing.

      Sam continued to watch as Isabel slipped her tongue into Liz's mouth, their bodies started grind together. Isabel's hands slid over the brunettes back, inching their way down to grab her ass. The second her hands tightened on the globes, Liz jumped up and gasped for air before relaxing into the touch. Liz's hands caressed Isabel's hip before gliding down her thigh and under her skirt. She brought her hand up and Isabel's skirt bunched up.

      "Uhnnnnnnnnnnn..." Isabel sighed into Liz's mouth as the shorter woman's slid over her slit, "...I love you." She whispered

      "I love you." Liz responded before Isabel's hand snaked under her uniform.

      The two women circled their hips, grinding their soaked slits into each other's hands. Their other arms were wrapped around their lover's bodies, all the while they moaned into each other. Then they stopped their kiss and looked over to the remainder of their family. Tess and Maria had moved into Kyle and Michael's lap, pressing their butts into their men as they kissed. Alex took Ava's hand and escorted her over to the counter so that they could watch the show before them. Max moved closer to Sam, he could see the tent bulging in his pants.

      "Sam?" Max asked

      Sam turned his head to look at Max but his eyes just couldn't make the journey, they were fixed on the gorgeous women in front of them.

      "Sam...Sam?" Max said

      Sam quickly shook his head and looked around to Max. "Yeah I'm back!"

      "Difficult to look away isn't it?" Max asked

      "Oh yeah." Sam said

      "Well just remember, you're with Ava not Isabel and certainly not Liz." Max said

      "No worries there but" Sam said

      Max then started to run his hand over Sam's muscles. "If you want to we can go somewhere a little more private."

      "No, it's okay." Sam said

      The two of them looked at each other. Before either of them knew it they were kissing each other. It happened so fast that Sam barely had time to breathe as Max's tongue plunged into his mouth and engaged his tongue in a fiery duel. When Sam finally managed to pull back, his face was flushed and his chest was heaving. He noted with a great deal of interest, that Max was in a similar state.

      Soon Max divested himself of his shirt, laying it on the table before starting to unbutton Sam's, one button at a time. A smile grew on both men's faces as they looked at the other's broad chest. Max pinched lightly at Sam's right nipple, and was delighted in the low rumble of appreciation that came next. Then Max stood up and removed his shoes, pants and then his boxers, Sam found himself getting a serious eyeful of Max's physique. Gently Max trailed his fingers over Sam's chest, his tongue traced the outline of his lips in an unconscious movement, marvelling at the rock-hard muscles in his torso and biceps that all his years on the football team had given him. Sam swallowed as his gaze fixated on Max's hardened cock. All of a sudden, he felt a burning desire to let his new lover to get a good look at his friend.

      Sam grabbed the waist of his pants and quickly tried to unfasten them. Max reached out and took hold of his hands. "Let me." Max said huskily, Michael had told him of his time with Sam and Max eagerly wanted to be with him and not just because it was his queen's birthday wish.

      Sam nodded and Max gently pushed the button through the hole before he slowly, teasingly pulled the zipper down. Seeing the Isabel and Liz together had really got Sam going and couldn't wait for his rod to be free of the tight material of his underwear so he grabbed his remaining clothes and pulled them off. For the first time Max what Ava raved about after their dance and could understand her eagerness to have him. Max sat back down on the booth seat and lay on the length of it. Sam moved over him and started to touch, kiss and caress the alien king. Max was perfectly content to let Sam explore him. He was enjoying the feel of Sam's strong, hard body pressing his own into the plastic covering on the seat. The sensations were intoxicating, vibrant and fulfilling but Max could wait, he needed to have Sam's essence before he could produce the pheromone. Quickly he twisted and flipped them over so that Sam was beneath him.

      "Relax." Max said, "Let me..."

      Sam paused for just a moment before leaning back and shutting his eyes. His eyes shot open in surprise as he felt Max's hand close around his organ, rubbing and stroking it with the experience he built up with the others. He moaned softly, arching his back a little off of the seat as Max's free hand cupped his balls, stroking the heavy sack with a feather-light touch.

      "Oh jeeeezzzz!" Sam said as his body shuddered at the contact. Sam wanted to look down at Max but instead the sensations caused his eyes to roll back into his head and his eyelids closed but then he felt warmth on his cock.

      Sam's eyes snapped wide open at the startling sensation and white-hot fire surged up through his abdomen, into his stomach and straight back into his cock. He looked down and saw that Max was hovering over his groin, mouth and tongue concentrated on his dick. He gasped for air as Max's tongue worked up and down the ridged surface of his dick and ran its way lavishly around the tip.

      His hips were slightly raised as he tried to push his dick further into Max's mouth. "Please!" Sam moaned; his head tilting back as he thrust his cock in and out of Max's mouth. "Oh, God...oh god...oh god... Please Max!!"

      Max would have smiled if his mouth weren't so full. He could feel the eyes of the rest of his young family on them as he made Sam squirm that in itself was enough to make his fully hard rod even harder.

      Sam writhed in ecstasy against the plastic coating, his hips bucking frantically upwards he could stop himself. Max reached under at one of the thrusts and grabbed Sam's butt. It wouldn't be long; Max knew that Sam was on the very edge of coming, and he could feel the cock in his mouth swelling even as he lavished his tongue all over it.

      A moment later, "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Sam cried out with a roar of utter primal intensity as he shot his load into Max's mouth and down his throat. Max swallowed what he could before he had to pull back. His hand replaced his mouth and rapidly stroked up and down, it was so fast that his hand was a blur, all just to help Sam through the final waves of his orgasm.

      Max pulled Sam up and kissed him hard, holding the humans head securely close to his own. Then it was Sam's turn to flip them over. Max smiled inwardly as Sam's hard body pressed him into the seat. He shut his eyes, enjoying the feel of the human's mouth, kissing and nipping his way down his throat. Sam continued down toward Max's chest but then suddenly changed direction and made a long, wet trail with his tongue up the side of Max's neck to his ear.

      Teeth nipped lightly at his earlobe and Max shuddered a little as a small shock of electric excitement sparked down in his groin. Sam couldn't resist a grin as the other boy writhed beneath him. He wasn't sure why he'd aimed for the ear, but in doing so he'd discovered what he guessed was one of Max's sexual hot spots. He knew that it got to Ava, causing a fire in her soul to erupt but he never suspected it would work on men.

      In that second Sam knew he was ready to give his first blowjob. "Max... I want you to sit on the table." He said

      Max smiled; his eyes glistened with lust as Sam backed off. Max scooted out and sat on the table, Sam sat back down and Max planted his feet on either side of Sam. The human ran his hands over Max's thighs, his gaze fixed on the aliens penis. He decided to go for broke and leaned in.

      Max groaned loudly as Sam touched the tip of his tongue gently to the tip of his cock and then lavished it with a long lick. "Oh man!" Max moaned. "Do...don't tease...just swallow me."

      Sam grinned. He was enjoying himself and he had no intention of rushing it. Sam pressed his tongue to the base of Max's cock and then drew his tongue slowly up the hard, engorged flesh, right to the very tip.

      Max was squirming on the counter, "You..." Max stopped what he was going to say with a gasp as Sam closed his lips over the head and lapped his tongue around the crown. "OH SAM!"

      Sam then had enough foreplay and with one single move he took Max's entire length into his mouth. Max's hips raised and lowered on their own volition, meeting Sam's timing perfectly. Sam's talent was rough and unrefined but no less pleasurable and Max was so eager to give his future wife her birthday wish that he conjured every fantasy he had in his head, all to make him shoot his seed.

      "Oh...oh god...Sam...I'm coming...oh god...oh god YEAHHHHHHHHHH!" Max groaned as his dick swelled and then released his load.

      Sam swallowed some but lost the rest, he needed to get used to that. Max lay down on the table and revelled in the sensations.

      At the counter, Liz licked her lips as she watched Sam take her boyfriend into his mouth and even more so when Max came. She watched as their limbs intertwined and then looked over to her fellow women who smiled at her.

      "Time to go to work babe." Maria told Michael as she removed his fingers from between her legs. Michael lifted Maria from his lap and kissed her cheek before planting her on the stool next to his, and then he moved to his king and the new addition.

      Next to them, Alex's head was between Isabel's silken thighs. She loathed for him to stop but her lover and queen had given an order with that look. She pulled Alex up and kissed him hard. "We'll finish this another time." She whispered in his ear, "But right now Max needs you." Alex ran his fingers through his lover's hair and looked into her eyes before turning to Max.

      Kyle and Tess weren't doing anything but watching and caressing each other's hands. At Liz's look, Tess looked at Kyle and he nodded. Without saying anything he stood up, kissed Tess passionately that it left her breathless. Then he moved over to the men.

      As they moved towards Max and Sam, each of the four men undressed themselves. They moved like predators, like a pride of lions hunting their prey it was also the same as though they were moving closer to the mates, eager to be one with them. Soon they were all naked, their cocks swinging as they walked. As they reached their target, they started kissing to two men flesh, running their hands over every inch of skin they could get to.

      Before long they were a writhing mass of flesh, sweating, moaning and gasping. Each was making love to Max, once again anointing him as the head of their family and Sam acknowledging his place in the family.


      "Yeah...oh yeah..."


      "God yes..."


      Fingers wrapped around cocks, soon they were jerking each other off as they kissed each other. Their hips rocked back and forth, driving their hard meat into their lover's hands or against their thighs, either way it was creating a delicious friction.

      "UHHHHHH..." They all gasped together as the touches delivered the desired effect, "...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

      In the space of a second, five erect lengths shot the men's seed out. Soon, all that was left was limp, heavily breathing bodies that were eager to be cooled by the cold night air.

      As the women watched their men finish their induction of Sam into their family, they felt utter contentment. None more so than Liz who felt Sam being drawn in, through her connection to the others she felt Sam enter the bond. She knew that only one thing remained, just as she and the others went through it Sam and Ava had to go through the Sharing so that their powers were strong and diverse enough to protect their future children.

      Liz stood up and moved over to Sam. "Welcome to the family Sam...this time it's official." She said before hugging him. Sam hugged her back and then released her as Max stood up and moved closer to her. He claimed his mate's mouth with the same amount of passion as he had just experienced.

      "Listen, there's a bathroom in the back. You guys get yourselves cleaned up and we'll get the sleeping stuff out." Liz said

      All the guys nodded and left before the girls got up and headed to where the Parkers left the camping gear out. They arranged the air mattresses together so that they created one giant bed and by the time the guys came back, their women were all naked under the covers. They eagerly joined the women and soon fell asleep together with the feel of skin against skin.

      Command Chamber, Alpha 1, 02:00 The Next Morning

      Feln received a message from his brother Kalen to come as soon as possible and that's just what he did. The alien made his way to the Granolith and used its abilities to transport himself to the island, he was met in the Command Room by Kalen.

      "Feln, it's about time."

      "Sorry. My cover does cause some problems when I need to get away that quickly." Feln said

      "Well you're here now." Kalen sid

      "Hey so what's going on?"

      "We've been keeping an eye on the family of our most recent addition. The Reese's have hired a private investigator and he's digging into Lady Ava's past. He left New York 9 hours ago and is now back in Roswell. Our monitoring of his telephone calls indicates that he's made arrangements to meet with the Reese's at 8am this morning." Kalen said

      "I don't understand. What could he have found, there is absolutely nothing to find about Ava or her fellow unit members." Feln said

      "I know but..." Kalen trailed off

      "But we can't take any chances. Do you know where he lives?"

      "Got the address right here." Kalen said as he handed his brother a piece of paper.

      White's Apartment, South Side of Roswell, 02:50

      Feln arrived in the room and sneaked around the room. Silently he crept over to the PI's desk and looked over the contents, looking for Ava's file. He checked the drawers, openings, anything he could see he examined. He found nothing so he decided to head into the bedroom.

      As the alien approached the bed, he looked over the dozing human who lay sprawled over the bed. He carefully looked about the room but found no other files so he turned his attention to White. The human was never a sound sleeper, he could feel someone in the room and it roused him from his sleep. The second he saw Feln above him, the aliens hand shot out and there was a blinding flash of light. The human was rendered unconscious within seconds.

      20 Minutes Later...

      White woke up, his vision was blurred and he was completely disorientated. As his vision cleared he realised that he was upside down, encased in some kind of solid green mass that secured him to the wall. The only part of his that was uncovered was his face.

      "Hello Mr. White." Feln said

      "Wh...what is this? WHO ARE YOU?" White yelled out

      "There really is no point in yelling Mr White. This room has been sound proofed and we don't need to worry about being disturbed while we talk." Feln said, "Now, my name is Feln, Mr Feln."

      "What is this?" White asked as he tried to push his way out of the cocoon.

      "Ah yes...this is just a little something cooked up by the government." Feln said, it was the truth; he just didn't mention which government

      " work for the government?"

      "After a fashion. Now, the reason we're here..." Feln said

      "What do you want from me?"

      "Any and all information you have on Ava Harding." Feln said

      "What? I don't know who you're talking..."

      "Oh please Mr White. You really don't want to go down that path do you?"

      "What path?" White asked

      Feln smiled and pulled out small device from his coat before pressing a button. The cocoon glowed with a bright green light before green electricity surged through White's body.

      "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" White cried out but then it stopped

      "That was setting one. Each time you lie to me I will increase the setting until the only thing that remains of you will be scorch marks on the wall. Now, Ava Harding?"

      "The...the Reese's hired me. Their son is seeing her and they wanted information." White said

      "Yes, this I know."

      "What do you have to do with her?"

      "I ask the questions Mr. Reese. But...Ava is under my protection and the protection of those I work for." Feln said


      "You what? What do you have on her?" Feln asked

      "Nothing, I couldn't find anything?" White said, "That's what I was going to tell Mr Reese. No matter who they are, I can always find's like she doesn't exist."

      "Oh...yes!" Feln said

      "It's enough to justify they're concerns."

      "Indeed. Mr White you got brought in on something that should never have been allowed to happen and I apologise. Our agency is very protective of those in our care, Ava is there not because of anything she's witnessed or experienced but rather who she and her associates are."

      "I don't understand."

      "Not that you should. I cannot tell you anymore other than the fact that not even they know about their situation and wont, not for another few weeks." Feln said, "I will give you information that you are to present to the Reese's. It is the truth as far as you are aware of and will keep Sam's parents off Ava's back."

      Feln then pressed a button on the remote that dissolved the cocoon and White fell onto his bed. Feln took the information out and gave it to White who backed up as far as he could onto his bed. He looked at the information and ten back up to Feln.

      "What is this?"

      "Social Security Number, bank details, old telephone records, credit card bill. Ava is nothing more than a normal teenage girl who fell in with a bad crowd and that's all the Reese's need to know, that and the fact that she loves their son." Feln said, "Mr White, as of this moment you are under orders...well not really, we just advice you never to speak of this visit to anyone. You will not look into my agency or me, and you will deliver this information without fail or give reason for the Reese parents to be concerned. People have 'retired' for less, and they didn't like our version of retirement...well, not for long any way."

      "I, I understand."

      Feln nodded. "Get some sleep Mr. White, you have an early appointment tomorrow."

      As if it was a command into his very being, White couldn't remain awake and fell into a deep sleep.

      Living Room, Reese Residence, 08:00

      After waking up in the morning, Sam joined the queue for Liz's bathroom and as soon as he was done he headed home. The second he arrived he went into the living room to find both his parents sitting; talking with a man he'd never seen before.

      "Hello." Sam said

      "Oh Sam." Margaret said

      "Hi mom, who is this?" Sam said as he looked at both his parents, "Oh tell me you didn't? You hired an investigator to look into Ava?"


      "NO! I don't want to hear it. I can't believe this, I told her about it but I was only joking I never thought you'd actually do it. I fall in love with a girl and you immediately set out to see if she's after something else other than me!" Sam said

      "Sam, stop!" his father said

      "Mr Reese." White said to the younger male. "I came to tell you're parents that everything I found points to Miss Harding being a good person who had some problems with an old boyfriend. I have found nothing that points to Ava having any ulterior motives concerning her relationship with you."

      "Thank you but I already know that." Sam said before turning back to his parents. "See even he said it, no motives other than being with me. I told you I could trust but oh no, you have go do that bullshit crap with you're 5th century bullshit attitudes."

      "Samuel, you better watch your language!" Donald yelled

      Sam was about to counter but stopped himself, closed his eyes and counted to ten in his head. "Why? Why couldn't you just trust me to make my own decisions?"

      "Sam this isn't about making your decisions, it's about making sure our son isn't taken for a ride by some trailer trash hussy you barely know." Margaret said

      "I know I haven't known Ava long but I do know her. I do love her and she loves me...did you snoop find anything out about that?" Sam said, looking over to White

      "Actually I did. While I can't know what she's feeling, from all outward appearances and body language, she is very attracted to you." White said before excusing himself, he knew when to make an exit.

      "Told you." Sam said to his parents, "And the attraction is very mutual."

      "Sam we're just trying to look out for you." Donald said, "We don't want you making mistakes that we know we can prevent you from making. And if we have to dig up anything on your girlfriends to do that then that's what we do."

      "I know you don't like our methods Sam but they do work and as for our 5th century attitudes as you put it, some things in this world are wrong and right, some things are moral and not and some things are just utterly disgusting."

      "And what gives you the, just forget it. Except to say this, if you're so sure what's disgusting, if you're absolutely sure that what you believe is right and that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong...that there is the reason we have 6000 years of recorded war. Well minus the tribal territorial crap. I mean for gods sake, given half the chance, you'd probably have a slave in the kitchen right now. What was it you said about gays and lesbians...'burn the bastards, they're no use to man nor beast'? Who here really gets to claim moral superiority?" Sam said before looking at the clock, "I've got to get ready for school."

      Sam turned his back and went up to his room to get changed, before long he was out the door and heading toward the school.

      "How could he have changed so much without us knowing about it?" Margaret asked

      "Did he change, or did he just stop hiding?" Donald asked

      "It's that...that girl."

      "Probably. But he has exams in the next couple of weeks; the last thing he needs is to be distracted by us trying to keep him from Ava. We'll deal with that the second he gets back from his last one." Donald said

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, Same Time

      "Hey Max, are you busy?" Isabel asked as she crept into her brother's room

      "Sure Iz, what's up?" Max asked as he finished putting his school stuff in his bag.

      "Well a couple of things. Alex's party first."

      "He doesn't want one Isabel, he's not a huge fan of them."

      "That's because he was the class geek and nobody invited him to the cool kids stuff." Isabel said

      "And all those little birthday bashes that Maria and Liz kept low key?" Max asked


      "Alex doesn't want a party, he doesn't want a fuss."

      "But he deserves a fuss and I want to give it to him." Isabel said

      "You just want to give him a strip tease." Max said

      "Well, yeah that too but I want him to have a party." Isabel said

      "And he's going to get one." Max said

      "Wait, what? But you said..."

      "I said Alex doesn't want one I didn't say that we weren't going to have some fun. Besides, I'm your you really think I'd let you throw him a party without my help." Max said

      "You're a great brother."

      "I know." Max said

      "Modest too." Isabel said with a smile

      "Oh what was the other thing?" Max asked

      "Oh yeah. Uh, last night when you gave Liz your present. I saw the look on you're face, you wanted to ask her didn't you?" Isabel asked

      "Is it that obvious?" Max asked

      "Only to those of us who've known you since day one." Isabel responded

      "Okay, I admit the idea entered my head when I looked at the rings." Max said

      "And when did it leave?" Isabel asked

      "It hasn't." Max said, picking up his bag and trying not to look at Isabel

      "Uh huh." Isabel said, following him with a smile

      "Isabel...not now. In three days my first exam happens and the last thing I need is to have Jeff Parker stalking me with a double barrel shotgun with bullets with my name on it." Max said

      "Max he already thinks of you like a son in-law, personally I think you should make an honest women out of Liz."

      "Gnnnn...Isabel don't put anymore ideas in my head that I don't need right now." Max said

      "Ahh...I didn't put the idea in you're head, you did that." Isabel said

      "We're too young Isabel...and we've got another year of school left. I am not going to make Liz the only girl with a husband...she'd never hear the end of it and the councillors would be over us in a heartbeat."

      "That's your excuse?" Isabel asked

      "Yes." Max said, "And the being too young...that's a good one."

      "Yeeesss, but you're both 18 now so you're not illegally young." Isabel said

      "Iz...please stop." Max begged

      Isabel looked into her brother's eyes and her face became serious. "'re really serious!" she said

      "Yeah!" Max said

      "Hey don't sound like that, I was playing but...oh god Max." Isabel said

      "I'm in love with her Isabel. Every thought I have is filled with her, even more so than Alex." Max said

      "Yeah well I've got the monopoly on Alex thoughts." Isabel said

      "Listen, not a word of this to anyone. I...we've got to focus on the exams now."

      "Yeah Max, no problem. Just between us." Isabel said before hugging her brother.

      To Be Continued...

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