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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 28

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 5, 2003

      Sam's Bedroom, Reese Residence, 07:00 The Next Morning

      Sam lay in his bed; all through his sleep he had a smile of utter contentment on his face. Then he woke up! He remembered everything that happened with Ava last night at the pool and his smile became a beaming grin.

      "YESSS!" he called out but then remembered that his parents were probably still asleep down the hall.

      {Feeling happy babe?} Ava called through their new connection


      {Honey we have a connection now, just don't need to speak.} Ava told him

      {This is totally cool.} Sam said

      {I know. So are you happy?} Ava asked

      {I don't know if one emotion would cover it. Ava...I've been with more than a few girls but I've never felt complete. And if what I'm feeling isn't love then I don't think my bod could handle the real thing so I love you Ava, I love you so much.} Sam said; he could feel Ava's heart melt.

      {I love you too.} Ava said, {so, what time do you want me to come over?}

      {Well I told my parents I had a doctor's know just so they wouldn't ask too many questions, anyway I said it was at around 10am so if you show up at half nine.} Sam said

      {Okay, no problem.} Ava said

      {So what are you doing now?} Sam asked

      {Oh just lying in bed listening to Michael.}

      {Michael? What's he doing?}

      {By the sounds of it, he and Kyle are definitely enjoying themselves.} Ava said

      {Kyle, yeah that's right.}

      {You can say it you know.} Ava said

      {They love each other.} Sam said

      {Yes they do, just like I love you.} Ava said, {Have you thought about when you want to get together with the guys?}

      {Well, I was kind of thinking about building up to it. I mean I want to be a complete part of you're life...hopefully by the end of the day. But...ehhh...I have no idea how to start.}

      {Well I could tease the crap out of you until those little hormones of yours just cause you to screw the nearest available body?} Ava joked, {I guess we can talk about it later...oh sound like Michael just came, I better get going before those two get to the shower.}

      {Okay babe, I'll see you later.} Sam said

      {Bye Sam.}

      Sam felt Ava vanish from his mind but he could still feel her, his emotions were hers and hers were his. They belonged solely to each other and Sam knew he would only be dating her from now on. He'd heard about people who married their high school sweethearts and he knew that Max, Liz and the others would go down that line but never did he imagine that he would be on that list.

      Living Room, Michael's Apartment, Immediately Following

      Ava slept naked and on top of the sheets that night, she loved to feel the air on her skin, especially after her senses tingled with euphoric bliss from Sam's touch. As she heard her cousin and his lover groan to their mutual satisfaction she slipped off the bed. Quietly she walked out of the door to see Kyle and Michael hold each other's bodies tightly, their legs rubbing against each other and both young men kissing with primal heat.

      "God, don't you guys give it a rest?" Ava asked as she walked by them

      Both looked up at her.

      "Correct me if I'm wrong but last night, you got yourself off twelve times after we got home." Michael said

      Ava smiled and blushed.

      "Ha!" Michael said

      "So, so what? I needed some lovin' and Sam was at his place." Ava said defensively, "Who else was on"

      "Good point...I don't think even Antarians would cross that line." Michael said

      "Damned right, they...we're liberal with sex not freaks." Ava said, "Listen, I'm getting the shower two...uh...have fun."

      Ava walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. A few minutes later as she soaped up her body Kyle came walking in, moved to the sink and picked up the toothbrush he kept here.

      "Hey! Kyle!" Ava said, more than slightly annoyed

      "What?" Kyle asked, "You don't have anything I haven't seen before."

      "That's Tess not me...identical or not..."

      "Oh really, so that wasn't you that stripped off in front of Sam and the rest of us last night?"

      "Okay so you saw the bod but still..." Ava said

      "Still what?" Kyle asked through a foaming mouth as he moved the brush from side to side.

      "It would have been nice if you knocked the door first." Ava said

      Kyle couldn't deny that. "Oh yeah...sorry. I guess I just didn't think."

      "Apology accepted." Ava said as she moved back under the water to wash off the soap, "So did you enjoy my cousin?"

      "As per usual." Kyle smiled, "And here I was coming over to see if he wanted to help me fix up my car."

      "What's wrong with it?" Ava asked

      "No clue...that's why I need Michael. He can usually spot things I miss." Kyle said

      "Actually, that gives me an idea. Kyle I could use your help." Ava said

      "With what?"

      "Sam. I want you to...hell I don't know, just get him off or something. I, and so does he, want him to have the pheromones by the end of today."

      Kyle spat the toothpaste foam from his mouth and took a drink to wash away the remaining residue before turning to Ava. "Are you sure about this? I mean we don't want to move to fast for him."

      "He's ready. I can feel it." Ava said, "But he's just a little unsure of himself when it comes to this so..."

      "So you figured it would be a good idea to go to another human who's gone through this." Kyle said

      "That and he's got a thing for you." Ava said

      "Okay...well you're spending some time with him later right? Hmmm, dad's at work today so if you can get him to my place when you're ready I'll be waiting."

      "Thanks." Ava said

      Kyle then left Ava to her shower and walked back out to the living room to talk to Michael.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 08:00

      Liz came out of her room wearing her pyjamas and a thick cotton robe. She slumped her way through the room to the sofa and collapsed onto it.

      "I thought you were all better now. You certainly seemed more up beat last night." Nancy asked her daughter

      "Hmmm...oh just tired." Liz responded as she flicked through the television channels, eventually settling on a cartoon

      "Well that's what you get when you let you're boyfriend stay until 1 in the morning." Nancy said

      "How did you know?" Liz asked

      "You're fire escape has started to squeak lately. Don't worry, you're father is a sound sleeper...he didn't hear a thing." Nancy said

      "Oh thank god." Liz said, "Mom, I'm sorry."

      "No, honey it's okay. We said that so long as you kept it to the bedroom, we'll mind our own business."

      "Thanks mom."

      "So how was last night?" Nancy asked


      "Not you and Max, I meant whatever ritual Feln put you through." Nancy said, doing her very best to hide her smile at Liz's embarrassment.

      "Well I met all of Max's ancestors." Liz said

      "I thought they would all be dead?" Nancy asked

      "They are. It's an energy thing." Liz said; it was far too early to try and explain it with the cobwebs in her head.

      "Oh...okay. How about some breakfast? Bacon?"

      "That would be great mom. Do we have any Tabasco sauce?" Liz asked

      "Sure...wait...Tabasco?" Nancy asked

      "I've developed a little taste for it. Perks of alien relationships." Liz said as she snuggled into one of the cushions.

      "If you say so." Nancy said. She couldn't stand the taste of the stuff and tried it when she learned of the little dietary quirks of her daughter's boyfriend. She went into the kitchen and started a fry-up, and one that's smell drafted into the master bedroom and roused Jeff from his bed.

      "Is that bacon?" Jeff said drowsily

      "Pull up a chair." Nancy said as she plopped more bacon into the frying pan

      Jeff just looked at his daughter, he didn't need to ask and as much as he wanted to yell his head off, he did give his consent. So instead he just bit his tongue. "So Liz...feeling better?" he asked

      "Much. The only problem is I have an over protective boyfriend who keeps asking me if I'm all right!" Liz said

      {Okay, sorry. Point taken.} Max said through their connection

      Liz smiled as she took a sip of water from a glass on the table.

      "So what do you have on today?" Jeff asked

      "Nothing really, Max and the others will be bringing Sam officially into the family...if Ava has anything to do with it."

      "I take it things are going well between those two?" Nancy asked

      "Judging by last night that's a big yes. But he has a slight problem..." Liz said

      "The...ehh...uh...with Max and the other guys?" Nancy asked

      "Actually no. He's willing to do anything it takes to be with Ava. The problem is with his parents they have issues." Liz said

      "They don't know about Max and the others do they?" Jeff asked with concern

      "Oh no. They have no idea but to them the things we get up to...they would probably disown Sam and then kill him." Liz said

      "Too bad. Having another couple in our parents club wouldn't hurt." Nancy said

      "Well that's so not an option. Even if they accepted his relationship with Ava, I don't think they would even hesitate to turn us all in if they found out about what Max is." Liz said

      "Well then let's not be talking to them any time soon then." Jeff said

      Liz looked as her mother placed a plate before her and she looked down at the bacon, her mouth drooling at the strong aroma. She picked out a roll, split it open and put the bacon on the bottom half before pouring Tabasco over the thin slices of meat. The second she bit into the bun her father winced.

      "Liz...Tabasco?" Jeff asked

      "Yeah." Liz said after swallowing

      "You've been around Max way too much." Jeff said

      Liz quickly looked up at him. "Dad...I..."

      "Relax honey, I didn't mean that I would stop you seeing him." Jeff said

      Liz took a deep breath, "Please don't ever do that to me again." She begged before taking another bite.

      "Sorry honey, but it's a father's right to play mind games when it comes to his daughter and her boyfriend."

      "Yeah and Max will probably do it with our daughter too."

      Nancy dropped the fork and Jeff stopped bringing the cup to his mouth barely a centimetre away.

      "Liz, I thought you said..."

      "Oh for crying out loud, you two! Mom, dad I am NOT pregnant. I was talking about in the future." Liz said

      "Sorry honey, it's just with everything..." Nancy said

      "Yeah I know." Liz said as she finished off her breakfast, "Maybe I should get pregnant? I mean both Max and I want it so maybe we should just stop all the speculations and just go for it."

      "Don't even joke about that!" Jeff said sternly

      "Who said I was joking?" Liz said

      "LIZ?" Jeff all but yelled

      "Sorry but you guys are supposed to know me, you're supposed to trust me not to be stupid with things like this and this is the second time you've asked me about this...hell even the others thought I was..." Liz stopped and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry...I was joking."

      "We're sorry too honey. You're right, we do trust you but this is all still new to us and the fact that you and Max...Honey, we trust you to make the right decisions but we're you're parents. We can't help but worry for you." Nancy said

      "Yes, we're sorry. You're still my little girl and it's hard to see you as a young woman." Jeff said as he held his daughter's head in his palm.

      Then Liz looked at the time, "I guess I better get dressed. Mom... dad, thank you. And I promise nothing stupid until we're ready."

      Both parents smiled and nodded, Liz then walked back to her bedroom.

      Reese Residence, 09:30

      Ava arrived exactly when Sam asked her to, she was wearing a light summer dress that made her look completely innocent. As she approached the front door Ava took a long, deep inhale of air and rang the doorbell. A minute later Sam's mother opened the door.

      "Yes?" she said

      "Hello Mrs Reese, I'm Ava, Ava Harding."

      "Oh yes, Sam's been expecting you. Come on in."

      Margaret moved aside to let Ava pass. The blonde could feel her eyes on her, appraising her in every way available to a human.

      "Sam is in the sitting room." She said and led Ava into the room.

      They found Sam sitting on the chair watching television and his father was sitting on his recliner, reading his paper. The second Sam saw Ava enter, his eyes brightened and jumped up to meet her.

      "Hey." Sam said

      "Hi." Ava responded, their gaze fixed on each other

      Donald then cleared his throat and both teens looked at him.

      "Sorry dad, this is Ava. Ava this is my dad."

      "Pleased to meet you sir." Ava said, doing her very best not to act like she was brought up in a New York sewer.

      "Miss...Harding, is it?" Donald asked and she nodded in response, "Nice to meet you. So...tell us about yourself."

      "Uhhhh...what's to tell? I was raised in New York by my guardian, got caught in an explosion, Tess thought I was dead and moved out here and when I got my memories back I followed her."

      "Really?" Margaret said

      "Unfortunately." Ava said, "But I have good friends and family and my life is back on track."

      "Uh huh." Donald said, "Well there can't be much to those twin connection stories we've heard about."

      Ava thought for a moment, she didn't want any speculation to weasel their way into the heads of Sam's parents. "I guess not. I mean I am very close to Tess but nothing physic or anything."

      Sam also held his tongue.

      "I hear my boy here saved your life by moving between the bullet." Donald said

      "Yes, he's...uh...quite the hero." Ava said, looking at her boyfriend

      "Yeah, uh anyway I have a doctors appointment to get to." Sam said

      "Yes, yes you better get going." Margaret said

      Sam and Ava quickly left the room. When they heard the front door close Donald moved up next to his wife.

      "New York." She said

      "That's what she said."


      "Uh huh."

      "Call the guy." Margaret said

      "Yes." Donald said, he moved over to his phone and picked it up. Quickly he dialled the number of his Private Investigator. "Hello, this is Mr Reese calling for Mr Black."

      "Oh yes, Mr Reese." Said Black's secretary, "I'm sorry sir but Mr Black is currently out of town on another case, he does have an associate who is available to take your case if your interested."

      "Yes, put him on." Donald said

      "Mr Reese, this is Mr White. How can I help you?"

      "Mr White, my son is currently seeing a young woman call Ava Harding. She's blonde, about 18 years old, has a twin sister called Tess and is from New York. I want to know everything about her." Donald said

      "That's not a lot to go on sir but I will certainly do my best." White said, "I'll call to arrange an appointment with you once I have the information requested...usual fee?"

      "Very good Mr White." Donald said and then hung up

      "Well?" Margaret asked

      "He's on the case. And I now know why the agency is called the Black and White Investigations." Donald said


      Sam and Ava got into his car and drove off after leaving his parents.

      "They seemed nice." Ava said

      "Oh that was an act." Sam said

      "What do you mean?"

      "They do that every time they meet a girl I'm with, whether I'm dating her or not." Sam responded

      "Oh. And here was me thinking that my natural charm won them over in the first few seconds." Ava said

      "Ava, whether or not my parents approve of me dating you I don't plan on stopping. I've never felt the way for anyone and I don't want to let it go." Sam said

      "Hmmm good to know lover."

      "Lover? I like that. So, where are we going since the fake doctor's appointment is...well fake?" Sam asked

      "Oh I have an idea or two...let's head over to Kyle's."

      "Kyle's?" Sam could guess what Ava had in mind; all that remained was the cover to convince him to go.

      "Yeah, he's got some problems with his car and Michael's helping him but they're not the brightest tools in the shed when it comes to engines." Ava said

      {Ah how I know you my love.} Sam said to himself, "Okay."

      Garage, Valenti Residence, 10 Minutes Later

      Kyle and Michael were busy under the hood of the car. Tools were everywhere on the floor as they worked.

      "Kyle hand me the thingamajig." Michael said

      Kyle picked up one of the tools, "One thingamajig. But I've already told you that I've tried this."

      "Yeah and I'm trying it again." Michael said

      "Lover's spat?" Sam said as he and Ava walked up behind them

      Kyle tossed the oily rag in his hand and hit Sam in the face.

      "Hey. I was kidding." Sam said

      "Yeah I know, but that doesn't stop us from having fun." Michael said

      Sam swiped his finger across his face and looked at the oil-covered tip. "Yeah, messy fun." He said

      "Ugrrrr!" Michael groaned in frustration. "I give up, Kyle your car's toast."

      "What's wrong with it?" Sam asked

      "Oh the usual. It starts, sputters then dies." Kyle said

      Sam moved over to the car and looked at it. "Hmmm." Then he balled his fist and hit a couple of spots on the engine.

      "Hey, hey, hey. That's my baby." Kyle said, trying to stop any more hits.

      "Does Tess know about this?" Ava asked

      Kyle just looked at her.

      "Turn on the engine." Sam said

      "All you did was hit it." Michael said

      "Just do it." Sam instructed

      Kyle got into the driver seat and turned the key. It came on and stayed on. "How in"

      "I just have the touch." Sam said as he looked at his oil soaked hands, "Got anywhere where I can wash up?"

      "Sure, follow me." Kyle said before leading Sam into the house.

      As Michael and Ava watched them disappear, she turned to face her cousin. "If Kyle calls his car Baby, what the hell does he call Tess?"

      "I don't think I want to know." Michael said

      Kitchen, Valenti Residence, Immediately Following

      As Sam washed his hands, Kyle brought in some detergent that was good for cutting through the oil.

      "Here you go." Kyle said

      "Thanks man." Sam said as he squeezed some liquid on his hands

      "You know I'd pay good money for you to tell me how you did that." Kyle said

      "It's just something I do. It was probably just a blockage, if you hit those three spots it would...well it would usually clear it out." Sam said, "And it would save you a hell of a lot of cash, a mechanic would charge you a fortune to find the block and clear it."

      "Nice and thank you." Kyle asked

      "Kyle...can I..."

      "What?" Kyle asked

      Sam had to ask, he needed to know. "What's it like, you know being with another guy? I've never thought that it was something I'd ever do."

      "I know what that's like. When I first heard what it was we had to do I almost freaked." Kyle said, but knew that wasn't helping. "Actually it's easier than you think. It's just the same as being with a girl...with the obvious difference. Don't get me wrong, Tess is an incredible lover and from the faces of the other guys after they've been with them they all feel the same way but Tess can get very wild. Actually we can get totally wild as well but at least we can only last so long. Those girls are just completely insatiable, they border on being nymphomaniacs." Kyle said

      "Yeah, I've still got some of your experiences from that connection thing. It looked like you were completely into it."

      "Oh we were into it all right. Once you get started you wont want to stop...but Sam, listen, know after you've been with us you don't want to do it again and only be with Ava then that's fine."

      "Thanks for giving me the choice." Sam said

      "Don't get me wrong, if you want to be with Ava completely then you need to be with us at least a couple of times until you're bonded." Kyle said

      "I know." Sam said, he accepted that fact the second he learned of it since there was no way around it.

      "Do you want to try it just now?" Kyle asked

      "Huh?" Sam asked

      "If you want to, we could...just to give you a taste of it." Kyle said

      "I'm...I'm not sure, I mean I know this is the reason that Ava brought me." Sam said

      "No pressure Sam. I'm just giving you the option." Kyle said

      "And I'm taking it." Sam said definitively, "It's going to happen soon...why not now?"

      The moment Kyle read Sam's acceptance of the situation, he bent over and kissed him. It was just a straightforward and gentle mouth-on- mouth kiss, no tongue or anything fancy. It was just the beginning of Sam's journey into his bi-sexuality and Kyle didn't want to scare him off. While Sam's eyes widened in surprise, he didn't back off or react badly.

      Kyle decided that it was the right time to deepen their interaction. He moved closer to get a better position and cupped Sam's face in his hands, his lips pressed down harder before his tongue peeked out, trailing gently over Sam's lips, seeking entrance. Sam's response was hesitant but it was willing. By the time Kyle's arms encircled Sam, he was kissing his fellow teammate back.

      While their mouths were engaged, Kyle's hands began moving down Sam's body. Gently he unbuttoned the young man's shirt and opened it, his fingers following each line of the hard, tight flesh under the cloth. His fingers teased the hardened nipple on one side of his bare chest. Sam was revelling in the sensations, he thought that he would have to think that he was with Ava in order to get anywhere with the guys but all he saw was Kyle.

      Kyle then backed away from the kiss and looked at Sam, his hand glided downward and cupped his growing member.

      "Gnnnnn..." Sam groaned

      "What do you want Sam?" Kyle asked breathlessly


      "Tell me. If you cant then I'll just walk away now." Kyle said

      "I...I want you use your mouth." Sam said, almost begging

      Kyle smiled and looked at him in momentary relief, he knew Sam wasn't going to back away as he unfastened his Levi's and stuck his hands in the waistband. Kyle wanted to laugh at the expression of surprise on his face but stopped himself; this was Sam's first time so he just tugged the denim down. Sam was speechless but he was ready to follow Kyle's lead. Kyle peeled his jeans and underwear off and then Sam rested his hands on the counter and closed his eyes. Kyle leaned forward and took Sam's stiff cock in his hands. He lightly stroked the length of it a few times, letting Sam get used to the feel of another man touching him. He started by giving teasing licks on the head as he pumped a little harder and faster, pulling the skin along the shaft. Then he planted his lips firmly around just the tip and sucked hard.

      "UHNNNNNNNNNN!" Sam moaned. His prick swelled under Kyle's grasp and a few droplets of pre-come tantalized her tongue. The moan encouraged Kyle further, he engulfed the whole head and started running his tongue in laps around it as fast as he could.

      Sam groaned louder, a strained "Oh, yeah." escaped his lips as his hips started to pump slightly. He couldn't decide whether to hold still and let Kyle do all the work or give in to his body's overwhelming urge and fuck his rod into Kyle's mouth. It was then that Kyle chose to pull away.

      "Huh?" Sam asked at the loss of sensation

      Then he felt someone else's lips on the back of his neck, their hand snaked around to his chest and Sam could see that it wasn't Ava's. He looked around and saw that Ava was sitting by the table, her legs up on it and a beaming smile on her face. Kyle then stood up and moved by Ava.

      "I'll let Michael finish you Sam, this is your Phase 1." Kyle said, he sat by his mate's sister and both watched as Sam closed his eyes, revelling in the sensations of Michael licking his earlobe.

      Sam turned around and decided to be more active. He captured Michael into a kiss and ravished the alien's mouth. Michael was surprised but in no way disappointed, he could feel Sam's erection press against his legs, slightly humping away in an attempt to seek relief. Michael decided to finish what Kyle started and descended to his knees before taking Sam's massive length into his mouth. While he was the same length as Max at a good 9.5 inches, Sam was about half an inch longer, Alex was a little shorter but definitely was far thicker that any of the others and Kyle was kind of in the middle.

      Sam's body gave into the thrill of pleasure as Michael's mouth began to make love to his cock. He devoured him in slow mouthfuls, going deeper and deeper, until she had worked his enormous meat as far down his throat as he could get. Then Michael began the equally slow, intense suction as he brought his head back and exposed Sam's wet, shiny cock to the suddenly cool air. Sam felt his balls tighten, his muscles began to spasm with tremors that signalled his impending release was getting closer and closer with each passing moment. One of Michael's hands insistently fondled his balls while the other firmly clutched his ass.

      "Ummmmm...godddddd...Mich...ael!" Sam groaned

      Michael could feel Sam's cock begin to swell.

      Sam latched his hands onto the back of Michael's head to keep him in position and then it happened. "Uhnn...uhnnn...UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Sam groaned as he came.

      Off to the side, Kyle and Ava's blood was beginning to heat up. "You do know that if you were Tess I would be pounding into right now?" Kyle asked

      "And if you were Sam I'd be riding you so hard you'd be limp for a week." Ava said

      The two looked at each other and moved apart, each moving to other sides of the room. Both didn't want to give into temptation but both knew that they would seek out their lovers as soon as Sam and Michael were done. There was no way that he would touch Ava with Tess's presence and consent...and Sam's. Then they turned their attention back to Michael and Sam. The newest addition was breathing hard, gasping for air to sustain his enflamed body.

      Michael then stood up and leaned against the counter of the kitchen. "So how was that?"

      "That...that was good...very good." Sam said as his dick lost its erection, " that it?"

      "Not quite." Michael said, "We need to form a connection, it's not enough for me to get you off, you need..."

      "I need to do you as well." Sam said before inching closer to Michael.

      Sam reached up tenderly and ran his hands over Michael's biceps. Then he moved in, took hold of the bottom of Michael's t-shirt and pulled it foot his head. Sam just took a moment to look over Michael's chiselled chest and then started to kiss his flesh. As he did this, Michael reached down and started to unfasten his jeans, his dick was straining against the denim and eager to be free. After the jeans came off, then came the boxer shorts, his cock bobbed as the fabric was pulled off.

      Sam looked down at the rod; he instantly knew that he wasn't ready for experimenting with his oral technique on men. He knew he could try that later and Michael also knew that Sam wasn't ready, he could feel the human's hesitancy.

      "It's okay. Just do what you feel comfortable with." Michael said

      "Thank you." Sam said, feeling some tension ease

      Sam trailed his hand down over Michael's chest and wrapped his fingers around his length. Michael closed his eyes as a gentle electric shock shot from his dick to his brain. Then Sam slowly started to stroke up and down, aside from his own cock he'd never touched one, he was exploring the differences, the feel and the texture. He wanted to know everything. Michael bit his lower lip and groaned. Sam just kept his slow momentum going, sliding his hand over the full length of his partner.

      "Ughnnnnnnn...harder Sam...faster...just go with what you like." Michael advised

      Sam picked up the pace a little but it still wasn't what Michael had in mind. However the rapture the alien was feeling was building, forcing him to hold onto the counter edge as if for dear life.

      "Uhnnnn...please Sam." Michael groaned

      Sam went faster, moving his hand as fast as he pounded into Ava's core during their first time together last night. His free hand moved down and held Michael's heavy balls, gently teasing them with his fingers.

      "OH SWEET...." Michael groaned, causing Sam to smile.

      The human was feeling proud of himself for making Michael moan so blissfully.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Michael yelled, spilling his seed over Sam's hand. In that moment his body produced the fine purple mist of pheromones that Sam's body absorbed.

      Sam felt a tingle in his body as the change began and pheromone glands formed in his wrists. Ava moved up to Sam and kissed him hard.

      "Welcome to the family baby." She said as she snaked her hand into his.

      "But it's not over?" Sam asked

      "No. You need to be with Max before the glands are permanent and then all four needs to be with you at the same time. Then we can be together completely." Ava said

      Sam then kissed her again and held her close as possible; his unsoiled hand caressed her body. "I'll do whatever I need to do for you."

      "Glad to hear it." Michael said, "Hurt her and I'll make sure you hurt."

      "That's not going to happen Michael. But if I do end up doing anything stupid and I don't realise it immediately...tell me."

      "Count on it." Kyle said

      To Be Continued...

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