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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 27d

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 28, 2003

      Reese Residence, 16:10

      Sam decided to head home after spending the rest of the day with Ava. She told him that someone would call him when Feln was ready for getting Liz back on track and besides, he needed a little break to process everything that had happened today. He'd never felt this intense, in one day he'd died, learned about aliens and that he'd been chosen to spend the rest of his life with Ava...that last one wasn't as scary as he'd have thought.

      When he did get home he carefully slid his jacket off but winced in pain when he stretched his upper arm, where Max left his fake wound to cover up from all the blood at the scene. As he threw his jacket on a nearby table, he lifted the sleeve of his t-shit and looked at the red stain coming through the bandage.

      "Damn it Max. You could've taken the pain away permanently." Sam said to himself

      Just then his father came out of the living room. "Hey son." He said as he looked up but then saw the bandage. "What the hell happened to you?"

      His mother heard him and came out to see what was going on. She immediately moved over to her son and inspected his arm. "Oh my god."

      "You guys didn't hear yet?" Sam asked

      "Hear what?" Donald asked, "We were in Albuquerque all day, we got back about 5 minutes ago.

      "That's why the Sheriff couldn't get through to you. Uh...okay, I was on a date at the drive-in. I came out of the bathroom just as the place was getting robbed and he shot me. It's nothing serious but it hurts like hell." Sam said

      "Is Pamela okay?" Margaret asked

      "Mom, I broke up with Pam a couple of days ago. I was with Ava."

      "Ava, who's Ava?" Margaret asked

      "Ava Harding, she's new in town but her sister's Tess Harding, well actually they're identical twins. You've seen her about...they hang around with the Evans, Liz know all the nice kids." Sam said

      "Parker...they own the Crashdown right?" Donald asked

      "Yes sir." Sam said, " we have any painkillers? Like, at all?" Sam asked

      "Yes...bathroom cabinet, top shelf." Margaret asked, "But you're okay?"

      "Yeah, it just looks worse than it is and the paramedics said it should heal completely." Sam said

      "Paramedics? You mean you haven't been to the hospital?" Margaret asked

      "No ma'am but I've got an appointment with a doctor tomorrow morning." Sam said

      "What about this Ava? When do we meet her?" Donald asked

      "Well I'll ask her but I think she's coming over tomorrow. She's a little worried about this..." Sam said while pointing to his bullet wound. "But...I...I'm seeing her again tonight. She's invited me to a little get together, you know just to get to know her friends a little better."

      Sam then left to get the painkillers, leaving his parents alone.

      "He broke up with Pamela Troy?" Donald asked his wife

      "Ava Harding? Probably some slut who has a 'reputation'." Margaret said

      "Actually she's beautiful, smart, does not constantly talk and doesn't think she's the end all and be all of existence like another person I could name. And I when she talks I don't tune her out like I did with Pam, I could listen to her all day long and she lets me speak. I also don't need to hide anything from her, I can be completely open about myself." Sam yelled down from the bathroom

      "I think he likes her." Donald said

      "Uh humm. Do you still have the investigator on retainer?" Margaret asked

      "Lets meet the girl first. We don't know anything about her but her sister is living with the Sheriff and his son. They're both good people." Donald said

      "Oh the Sheriff's a good person? You heard those stories from when he was suspended, out in the woods with that Evans girl."

      Then Sam came down the stairs. "Actually mom, you really should listen to that story. They were with her brother and were out there because they overheard something. They took the Sheriff out there and they found a kidnapped girl called Laurie Dupree. They were being good citizens and helped the police, they didn't ignore it, they didn't leave any anonymous messages...they did it themselves. Just like you encourage me to do."

      "We encourage you not to get into anyone's affairs but your own."

      "Yes sir.'m going to fix a snack. Do either of you want a coffee?" Sam asked

      "No, thank you son." Donald said as Sam disappeared down the hall and into the kitchen. He was surprised that his son actually corrected his mother on the events; usually he would have kept quiet and nodded. "I think I better sit him down and have a chat. This girl's certainly got to him."

      "I think so...and the second she leaves after we meet her I want that investigator on her. I want to know everything about her." Margaret said

      "If Sam finds out..."

      "He didn't object when we checked out Pam?"

      "I don't think he liked Pam as much as he does this Ava. Did you see the way his eye's lit up when he said her name?"

      "Unfortunately yes. But at the very least I want to know if she's interested in him or his...hmmm...our bank account." Margaret said

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 17:00

      Liz was lying on the sofa, a cold compress on her forehead as she tried to focus on not throwing up. Almost the second after coming home from talking with Sam at the Granolith Chamber she felt queasy. Unfortunately Max was busy helping his father and her other lovers weren't answering their phones or her telepathic pleas. However she suspected that being with them again would help much, Feln did say that it was a temporary stopgap. Her guts told her that she would have to ride it out until Feln came up with a solution.

      "How are you feeling Honey?" Jeff asked as he knelt down beside his daughter

      "Really hating this." Liz said as she kept her eyes closed

      "Honey...I have to ask you. Are...Are you..."

      "Am I pregnant?" Liz asked

      Jeff gave out hope and bowed his head. "Oh god, you are aren't you?"

      "No dad I'm not. What I told you was the truth. Max and I aren't going down that road until we can support a family...besides you'd kill him if I got pregnant now."

      "Damned straight!" Jeff said, "You're my baby girl and you've already grown up way more than I like."

      "Daddy, come on. I'm a young woman and..."

      "You're my daughter and I don't care who they are, dad's don't like seeing their daughter's growing up. If I had my way you'd still be a 6 year old and no where near you're current situation."

      That was when there came a knock from the door. Nancy moved to open it and let Feln in.

      "Hey Feln. Please tell me you've got something." Liz begged

      "Majesty." Feln bowed, "I have made the suitable arrangements and I have informed Max. He is currently gathering the others."

      "Great, I don't think I could go through another night of this." Liz said, "So, where to?"

      "First, I need you to get appropriate attire for swimming." Feln said

      "Swimming?" Liz asked, slightly confused. Most Antarian rituals she had been through required or rather didn't require any clothing at all.

      "Yes. And something black...all of the others have been told the same thing." Feln said

      "Okay then." Liz said as she went to her room. It didn't take her long to look out her swimsuit and then used her powers to change the vibrant, tropical pattern into jet black. She then located a towel and rolled her swimsuit into a towel.

      Leisure Centre, Roswell, 17:20

      Liz walked along the streets of Roswell, heading to where Feln had told her to go. The feeling in her stomach never subsided but the knowledge that she would soon be cured helped her make the long walk. When she reached the centre, she found her friends waiting outside for her.

      "Hi guys." Liz said

      "Hey Liz." They all said together just as Sam came running around the corner.

      He was completely out of breath and Ava held him up. "Sah...Sah...Sorry I'm late. Mom and dad had...had a lot of...questions about...about Ava." He said, desperately trying to catch his breath

      "Well glad you could make it." Liz said

      "I'm glad too." Sam said, "I've got to admit, I'm kind of curious about what's going to happen."

      "You're not the only one." Max said, "Where's Feln?"

      "He said he had to collect one more thing but we should go straight inside." Liz said

      Max took Liz's hand and they led the group up the stairs to the main entrance of the building.

      "You know...this place looks kind of closed." Michael said

      "Well Feln told us to come here so..." Max said as he reached out and pulled on the door.

      Inside, the building was completely empty but the lights were on. As they all looked inside, Max pulled back and looked in through the outside window the lights were out. He knew Feln's handiwork was at play. To the outside world the building was shut down and the door would probably be locked once Feln arrived to keep it private but inside, every thing was active. One by one they went inside and closed the door behind them.

      "Well, since he told us to bring our swimming gear I guess he wants us to go to the pool." Maria said

      "Makes sense." Liz said

      "Okay." Max said as they moved through the doors, following the signs to the pool.

      They had been here many times over the years. It wasn't an Olympic style swimming pool and was mainly designed for relaxation and enjoyment. The pool was like a beach lagoon, complete with a wave machine and kept at a constant warm temperature. Palm trees decorated the areas to the sides of the pool; on the sides of the stairs that lead up to the water slides were lumps of plastic shaped into rock walls and up a second flight of stairs, at the top of something that was made to look like a volcano was a large Jacuzzi. Built into the side of the volcano was a sauna and a long passage of water rapids flowed along the base. Everything, even the green, blue and purple shades of the lighting gave everything a primordial look.

      "You know what?" Liz said


      "I like this place when it's empty like this." Liz said before looking over to one of the changing room doors. On the door she spotted a note.

      "What's it say?" Alex asked as Liz picked it up.

      "It's from Feln, he say's...he should be in by half five, in the mean time we should get changed and enjoy ourselves." Liz said

      Each shrugged their shoulders, they still couldn't figure out why they had to wear anything at all. For the first time since their return they were out of the watchful eye of their parents and looked forward to being completely open again.

      "Okay." Max said

      Each separated and went into private changing rooms to put on their gear. A few minutes later they emerged. All the guys were wearing tight Speedo trunks, black as ordered, that didn't do much to hide the logs underneath them. Sam was the only exception who wore a pair of swim shorts that were loose fitting. He couldn't help but examine the physical aspects of their bodies.

      Then the women came out. Isabel came out wearing a string bikini; the top had two triangles of fabric that barely covered her nipples while the thong bottoms were very skimpy. Tess and Ava wore almost identical suits with high cut bottoms and the tops were like tank tops but were tight against their bodies. They had one strap over the shoulder, Tess's was one the right and Ava's on the left. Maria wore a one piece suit that was mainly on the front, there was no back save for the piece of fabric that covered her butt and had single straps that rode high on her hips to connect to the front. Liz came out, also in a one piece. It was identical to Maria's but it plunged down the front, almost all the way down but it did expose her belly button. At her breasts, the fabric was joined by a single piece of metal.

      All in all, these suits were bought not for swimming but for showing off!

      "So, what now?" Sam asked

      They all looked at the water and ran to it. As soon as they were at a sufficient depth they dove under the surface. It didn't take long for splash fights to start up, then they moved to the water slides, the rapids...they enjoyed everything while they waited for Feln.

      Tess then moved over to her sister. "Are our guys hot or what?"

      "Totally, and Sam is fitting in." Ava said

      "Got that right. Hmmm...I wonder what they'll look like together?" Tess asked

      "That's something that we, as their loving girlfriends, have to do whatever we can do to answer that question." Ava said

      "You want you're boyfriend to screw Kyle before you get to him?" Tess asked

      "What makes you think I haven't had him yet?" Ava asked

      Tess just looked at her.

      "Okay so I haven't. I've been waiting for the right time, besides from what you've told me of your first time with Kyle I'm going to need somewhere fire proof." Ava said

      "Yeah, being with you're true mate for the first time does tend to singe the surroundings a little. But it's totally worth it." Tess said, "You know, we're in a building with a lot of water."

      "Yeah?" Ava asked

      "Maybe after Liz is treated, you and Sam can spend some time up in that Jacuzzi." Tess suggested

      "Hmmm...idea." Ava said

      Then Feln arrived. He entered the building and sealed all doors before went to the pool area. When he entered he saw Alex and Isabel kissing heavily against the pool wall. Then he cleared his throat.

      "I believe one of the rules of these facilities is 'no petting'?" Feln said, causing the couple to separate and look guilty. "Sorry, just kidding."

      "Hey Feln." Max said, "Did you get what you needed?"

      "Yes majesty." Feln said as he pulled out a small vial of Antarian water from his coat. "I'll require you all to leave the water for the moment."

      All the teenagers removed themselves from the pool, adjusting their suits was they moved and wiping water from their faces. Feln moved to the water's edge and poured the liquid into the Earth water before using his powers to mix the waters. Then is settled down and appeared as though nothing had changed.

      "What's this for?" Liz asked

      "Well all the rituals you have been through have been Antarian. However you are not antarian. The mixture of Earth and Antarian water will create a balance and through your body's absorption of the water it will become cleansed. This will result in a joining of the two worlds at will keep you safe while you're body adjusts itself back to it's normal state. But, it is all contingent on you passing the judgment of your heart."

      "So why's this different from that Sharing thing? I mean then we were naked and having sex." Liz asked

      "Well it's mainly for young Mr Reese. Until he has mated with Ava or been initiated by Max and the others it is inappropriate for you and the others to be completely exposed."

      "Wait a second. Kalen said that you're people are...well it's not uncommon to for couples to have sex in public, even in front of their families?"

      "True. Sex is not seen as much of a taboo among Antarians as it is humans, but there are still some rules to our mating practices. The most important of which will be explained when the time comes for the conception of the next generation."

      "And why black?" Liz asked

      "Oh that...I just like the colour. Besides it has a certain enhancing quality to the physical form." Feln said

      "Okay so what do we do?" Max asked

      "Well first of all, must remain out of the water. Unless you are willing to be inducted into the family?" Feln asked

      "Uhhh...yeah...not yet. My parents raised me with the belief that when it comes to sex, the place for a man is between a woman's legs...well not in those words but that's the gist. Just give me a little time." Sam said

      "Very well." Feln said, "Liz, first you must drink of the water. I removed all chemicals and impurities from it so it safe."

      Liz knelt before the water's edge and cupped her hands together. She reached them in and spooned out some of the water and sipped what she could before her hands drained.

      "Good, now please move into the water."

      Liz moved in and stopped where the water level was half way up her stomach.

      "Max, mate and lover of Liz the responsibility is yours. Please move to each of her sides."

      Max and Isabel followed their instructions. As they approached the young queen, each kissed Liz passionately before taking their places by her side.

      Then Feln continued, "Liz, you need to float in the water. Lie on your back and let Max and Isabel support you."

      Max eased Liz back and she lifted her legs until she floated in the water at which point Isabel placed her hands under Liz, inches away from Max's.

      "Well this is fun." Liz said

      "Baby...shush." Max admonished as he moved some of her soaked hair off of her face. "What now Feln?"

      Feln moved to the edge of the water and also drank some of it. "Karel nashan porana malet." He called out while focusing his energy into the water, "Let the Joining begin. A mated female stands with her clan and the clan stands with her."

      The water began to glow. Max and Isabel felt their minds opening completely without their control, they could feel their connection to Liz being magnified a thousand times more than normal.

      "Those of her heart stand by her side, her body is tormented by the Vocas; summoned before its time. I request the judgement." Feln called out

      The water became brighter. Liz, Max and Isabel were lost in a haze and delirium that reminded Max of when he was drunk.

      "The mated family has chosen her family, fears of current days cloud her mind and body but her heart remains true to those of the family and the one whose offspring she will carry." Feln said, "I request the judgement!"

      The water flashed with a blinding light that caused everyone except Max, Isabel and Liz to shield their eyes. As everyone's eyes focused back they found themselves surrounded by ghostly apparitions whose bodies glowed with yellow light.

      "Nhaaaaaaaa!" Maria called out as one passed through her shoulder, sending shivers all over her body.

      "Did one of you guys slip me L.S.D or something?" Sam asked

      "These are Max and Isabel's ancestors, the energies they possessed are passed onto each generation and as such what remains of them, their souls I guess, are apart of Max and Isabel."

      Each of the ghosts where completely faceless, except for their eyes. Carefully they floated to each of the teenagers and stared at them in the eyes before hovering over the water to the trio. With their connection wide open the alien spirits looked through the hybrids and into Liz's mind, heart and soul, judging everything about her. Then all but one moved away from them and stood before Feln. They bowed their heads and Feln reciprocated.

      The aliens floated up to the roof of the pool and circled above the trio. Their speed was ever increasing until they were moving so fast that they looked like one fluid mass. Eventually they moved downward toward the young lovers and looked like a whirlwind. As the mass made contact with Liz's skin it flowed into her and then back into Max and Isabel.

      "Nathal karel...karel maratin ka." Feln said while looking at the floor, "Judgement is passed, the Vocas is lifted."

      Yet one apparition remained. As Liz moved back onto her feet, feeling much better, and looked at the ghost. While she couldn't see it, Liz could feel her smiling at her. Then the alien moved closer to Liz and extended her arms around the human. As the two made contact, the apparition became a million sparkles of light that merged with Liz. The human felt an over whelming sense of contentment, her hands ran along her arms like she was hugging herself.

      "Liz? Are you okay?" Max asked

      "Yeah." She smiled, "Your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great..." Liz started counting on her fingers, "...great grandmother says hi."

      "She spoke to you?" Isabel asked

      "She was the first one who carried the Seal you gave me. She sensed it." Liz said

      "And?" Max asked

      "They love you Max, all of them, they love you both so much. They're so proud of you, especially you're parents, and told me to take care of you." Liz said

      "Our parents?" Isabel asked

      "They're with you guys, they've always been with you." Liz said

      Together all three walked out of the water and up to their family.

      "Can someone tell me what the hell just happened?" Kyle asked

      "The effects of the Vocas can only be lifted if it's truly in Liz's heart and that can only be judged by those from her intended's ancestors." Feln said

      "Which this ritual brought out?" Maria asked

      "Yes." Feln responded

      "You guys can talk to the dead...yeah you're freaks." Maria joked

      "Thank you." Feln said, "Anyway. I had better get back to work but I made the people who run this place believe that there is some repair work going on so you have this place all to yourselves. But I do think you should be back in your own beds before midnight."

      "Yeah. Good call." Max said

      Feln smiled and left. The second he was gone the teens looked at each other and ran back into the pool. Sam who was at the other end passed a metal frame and looked up...he smiled. Quickly he climbed the ladder, walked to the end of the dive board and bounced.

      "BOMBS AWAY!" he called out as he curled himself up into a ball and came hurtling down.

      The water went flying.

      "My boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen." Ava said as she swam over to him, "Very impressive." She whispered in his ear

      In the middle of the pool, Max and Liz were completely into each other. Gentle caresses were followed by gentle kisses.

      "Oh they're going again." Ava whispered while looking over Sam's shoulder

      "Hmm?" Sam said as he looked at them. "What? They're just making out."

      Max then took hold of one of Liz's shoulder straps and pulled it down her arm before kissing her soft skin. Then off came the other strap, Max pulling both under the waterline and off her arms, exposing her breasts.

      "Is he? Are they?" Sam asked, looking back and forth between Ava and the couple.

      "Yes but they're not the only ones." Ava said pointing at Alex and Isabel

      Sam watched as Isabel lifted off her top, exposing her large breasts to her lover who latched his mouth on them. Isabel arched her back, gasping in pleasure as Alex's tongue ran over her nipple while his hand snaked their way into her thong. Then Sam looked toward Michael and Maria.

      They were sitting in the water at its most shallow spot; Michael's hands were running over her exposed back before sliding under the Lycra to cup her butt. Maria's hand pulled down his suit to expose his engorged rod, which she promptly wrapped her fingers around gently stroking him until he was completely hard. Then Sam's gaze found Ava's sister and Kyle who were pressed up against the edge of the pool, kissing each other passionately.

      "They...they...they..." Sam couldn't find the words

      "They haven't been able to be this open for a long time." Ava said

      Before long Sam and Ava were the only ones wearing anything. Their swimwear was floating around in the water, each teen as pressed against their mate in the most intimate way. However Sam's attention wasn't with the sex that was just beginning around him, it was with Ava. The young couple were either kissing or staring into each other's eyes. Then Ava decided to take the first step.

      "Sam, I...I want you to make love to me." Ava said

      Sam caressed her cheek. We wanted to more than anything but he had never made love before; everything he had in the past was nothing but mindless rutting away. However he wanted things different with Ava, he wanted to take the time to please every inch of her body before making her his. Could that happen here?

      Ava could sense his desire and hesitation so she took hold of her top and pulled it over her head. For the first time he could see the soft flesh of her breasts and ran his hand from her face to the tempting mounds which he felt with gentle caresses. The blonde reached under the water and took hold of his other hand. They walked together as she led him out of the pool and up the fake volcano stairs to the Jacuzzi at its peak.

      "It's about time." Liz said as she wrapped her legs around Max as he kissed her throat.

      "Ugnnnnnnnnnnnn!" cried Maria.

      Both Max and Liz looked over to see Maria's back as she gently rode on Michael's dick. Alex and Isabel both looked over, happy to see Sam and Ava climbing the stairs. They were by some steps leading into the deep end of the pool and Isabel used them to support herself as Alex slid in and out of her body. Tess and Kyle had moved up onto the edge of the pool, Tess watched as her sister led her mate up the volcano and smiled when Ava looked back at her and winked.

      "By the time they're done up there, that Jacuzzi will need a refill." Kyle said as he leaned between her legs and entered his mate.

      Volcano Jacuzzi...

      Before the soon to be lovers entered the water, Ava stood before Sam and pulled off her thong. Ava stood before Sam in all her naked glory; he couldn't speak as this young vixen was prepared to take him as her lover. Ava then descended to her knees and pulled down Sam's shorts, releasing his cock to the heated air. She took both swimsuits and tossed them aside, right over the edge of the volcano and into the waiting pool.

      His arousal was already apparent but that didn't stop Ava from wanting to him into her mouth. She had been dying to tryout and taste the monster cock she had felt up when she met his at the rave.

      "Mmm." she sighed, gently running her hand up and down the swelling length of her chosen's cock. Sam's head fell back as a groan of pure bliss rumbled up from the depths of his body. The alien nuzzled her cheek against the soft tip and then stroked her face along the shaft. Inhaling deeply the musky scent of her mate as her fingers drifted lower, exploring his heavy balls.

      "Nuhhhhhhhhh...Ava, god you're driving me crazy." Sam wheezed out

      Then he groaned loudly for everyone to hear as Ava's tongue drew along his rigid pole, passionately licking him from root to tip. Ava's eyes had fluttered closed and her face glowed with euphoric pleasure as she very delicately wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, drilling the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue. Relaxing her mouth as much as possible, she devoured inch after inch of his thick meat.

      Sam reached down, his fingers slide through her silky, golden hair to cup the back of her head as she started to steadily pump and suck. "Oh yeah!" he murmured as it deepened into a pleasurable groan when Ava increased the speed of her hands on his length.

      Sam felt his knees buckle as Ava ate his dick with exquisite skill she learned while pleasuring Zan in their sewer. She moved one hand around and held it on his butt, a single trailing finger scraped over his flesh, teasing him. The other continued to caress his hard length of meat. Her tongue had found all the right spots and she was using lips and teeth just the right way to send lightening bolts up his body. She blew him with utter relish and her angelic face was brightly glowing with the lust she felt to be one with her mate. Tremors shook his body and his pulse thundered in his ears with fire as his balls prepared to send their load of lava into Ava's talented mouth.

      "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Sam cried out as he shot his load. Down in the pool everyone looked up to the top of the volcano and smiled brightly as their bodies moved together.

      Ava swallowed his cum and then stood up before fusing his lips to hers, Sam kissed her back as much of a thank you as anything else. She walked into the Jacuzzi and sat on an elevated rim under the water, she extended her hand and beckoned him forward with her finger. Sam eagerly responded; he needed to be one with her, to feel her body writhe beneath him and to feel her sensitive depths as they coupled.

      He inched his way through the bubbling water and caressed her thighs when he was close enough. Ava parted her legs and he moved between them, never had he been more excited about being with a girl.


      "It's okay, ask me."

      "Are...are you sure I can't get you pregnant?" Sam asked, he was more ready for being with the guys than being a father

      "I'm sure. We can't, not until you've been with Max and Michael and you have the pheromone in you." Ava said as she ran her arms up and down his muscular arms.

      Sam kissed her gently. Then again on her chin and then went lower, "Aahh!" Ava sighed exquisitely as Sam's hot mouth closed over an aching nipple. He lazily traced circles all around the hardened knot, occasionally flicking across it with the sole purpose of teasing her. Sam grazed his teeth over it lightly before he drew the nipple, areola and as much of her breast as possible into his hot mouth, suckling her to their mutual joy.

      As Sam nursed like a baby, Ava found herself squirming the small square tiles of the Jacuzzi lining. It just felt so fantastic! She felt the waves of heated pleasure radiating out from the core of her womanhood and the waves of the water against her skin. Every movement of Sam's tongue across her breast sent fiery ripples straight to her centre.

      Sam began sliding his hand down her body, moving it slowly south until it crept between her legs. Ava sucked in a sharp breath as his hand cupped her hot, aching sex. Ava couldn't help herself as her hips bucked against his hand in search of satisfaction.

      "Oh god Sam...Please...oh yes...please!" Ava cried out as his finger slipped between her soft folds

      Sam smiled, being with Pam did turn out to be useful he learned that little trick! The lovers looked at each other and Sam immediately removed his Ex from his mind. Their gaze told each other what they wanted to know they were ready to be as close as two people could physically be.

      Both teenagers loved the feel of each other's skin as their chests pressed together, Sam removed his fingers from her core and ran them over her enticing lips before kissing her passionately, tasting her juices as though it was the most expensive champagne.

      "Take me Sam. I'm yours...take me!" Ava begged

      Carefully, Sam pushed his hips forward, sheathing himself inside Ava's wet pussy. In that second they both felt complete, they felt home. They exist only for each other, they were born to be together and were never more sure of it that right at this moment.

      "AHHH!" Ava cried, "Please Sam...ahhhh!" Ava moaned, her eye's closed and her head thrown back. She hardly believed that Sam was finally inside her, throbbing, pulsating and filling every empty space in her core.

      Ava moaned her increasing satisfaction, grinding against his pelvis hard as his cock thrust deep into her. He held her hips in place, pushing further inside her tight sex with each downward stroke. Just feeling her around him was almost enough to make him want to cum. Ava wrapped her hands around Sam's neck and thrust up as he thrust down. They begin a slow rhythm that with each passing minute was becoming faster and faster.

      "Jesus, you feel good!" Sam simply couldn't believe he was making love Ava Harding, an alien, here in a public swimming pool with all her family in the main pool beneath them and they were all having their own fun.

      "Faster Sam...ahhh fuckkk...harder, fuck me harder!" Ava whimpered in his ear, her need was devastating, clenching Sam's cock with every stroke.

      Sam's thrusts within her were merciless, with all the intensity, attraction and love that had grown within them since she came to town. Harder, faster, deeper; Sam was filling her completely, completing her as she completed him.

      "Ugnnnnn...ugnnnnnnnn...Ugnnnnnnn...oh yes...god yes..."

      "Oh baby...oh god...Agnnnnn....aghnnnnnn...ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..."



      Ava began to moan his name over and over as his nipples scraped against hers. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Sam began to thrust against her harder, pushing her closer to her awaiting orgasm. She began to exhale sharply, nonverbal grunts and groans of pleasure began to escape her throat and Sam began to thrust even harder. They were rocking together, intimately touching each other's pleasure centres. Desire and lust claimed them as they needed to cum, Sam was fucking Ava hard and she was fucking him just as vigorously. His exertions were having the desired effect; he felt her pussy tighten around his cock and with a shriek, she came, humping herself hard against him as his body seized and shot his seed into Ava.

      "OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" They cried out together, their bodies continued to jerk and ripple against each other.

      As they came together a blinding light shone from the peak of the volcano. It drew the attention of each of the mating pairs beneath in the pool. Both Sam and Ava felt each other in their heads and knew that this was the first stage of a life long journey; he knew he would never leave Ava not for anything. It may be some time down the road but he would take her as his wife.

      As they came down from their high, Sam continued to stroke her body. He still had his dick within her body; gently he rocked his hips for the purpose of continuing their pleasure as long as possible.

      "I love you Sam." Ava breathed out as he wiped water from her face.

      "I love you too Ava, only you." Sam said, "I'll love you until the day I die."

      Both held each other close and then looked around, they felt something missing around them and noticed that there was no longer any water in the Jacuzzi. The blazing light of their union had vaporised the water, not leaving a single drop but it was filling from a tube that connected it to the main body of water.

      "Wow." Sam said, "That was better than I thought."

      " can say that again." Ava purred before kissing again.

      Down in the Pool...

      The four couples moved to the shallow edge of the water and lay in each other's arms, gently kissing and snuggling as they watched the dying remnants of the light.

      "Congratulations Tess." Liz said

      "Why are you congratulating me?" Tess asked

      "Cause until this moment I didn't know if what Ava and Sam have was true love. That's your future brother in-law up there making love to Ava." Liz said

      Just then, a very naked Sam and Ava came walking hand in hand down the stairs.

      "Hey you two." Liz said

      "Have a good time?" Maria asked with a grin

      "We had a very good time." Ava said before turning into her lover's arms and kissing him hard, pressing her firm body against his.

      Then the kiss broke and Sam looked over at the others. "A very, very good time." Sam said

      The new lovers then sat in the water next to the others. Sam didn't care about being nude, he felt free and natural as he lay back under the warm lights with Ava resting her head on his chest.

      "Is it always like this?" Sam asked, his body still tingling and his mind still very open to Ava's.

      "No." Kyle said, "Some times it lasts all night long."

      Sam smiled and kissed Ava's hair. "Did I mention that I love this group?"

      "No, but we're not a group...we are a family and one that you've still got to become a part of." Liz said

      "Well then that's something I should really take care of...just not tonight." Sam said

      Everybody looked up at him, surprised at what he said.

      "Do you want to say that again?" Ava said

      Sam looked into Ava's eyes and smiled, "For you, I'm ready Ava. I want to be with you no matter what."

      "But not tonight?" Max asked

      "After what this little vixen did to me I don't think I'll be in any fit state until I've recovered. But I have to ask...this nudity thing... is it common?" Sam asked as he stroked Ava's hair.

      "Very common, at least it was on the Island. This is the first time we've been like this together since we came home." Alex said as his hand was subconsciously running over Isabel's breasts.

      "You know, there is a sauna over there." Sam said, thinking of the heated vapours caressing his skin as he kissed Ava

      "Sorry, can't do it." Michael said

      "What do you mean?" Sam asked

      "Excessive heat throws off our balance, it could kill us." Max answered as he remembered when Michael fell ill after being in a sweat lodge.

      "Oh, well then that's definitely out." Sam said, "Hmmm...well then I guess we'll just have to swim a little more."

      "Last one to the other side is Nicholas's butt monkey!" Liz called out and they all made a dash into the water and swam as fast as they could to the other end.

      To Be Continued...

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