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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 27c

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 24, 2003

      Back Room, Crashdown, Same Time

      Liz, Maria and Michael were on their break. Isabel and Alex had joined them in the back room as they waited for Max, Tess and Kyle who returning from doing some grocery shopping for their parents.


      The gunshot rang out in their heads. They heard it as clear as if it was going off next to them and within seconds they jumped up, ready to strike. Then they realised it was nowhere near them and they were hearing through their connection to Ava.

      "Oh god." Liz said

      Drive-in Theatre, Roswell, Immediately Following

      As the bullet passed through Sam's back and out through his chest, Ava felt his protective stance collapse onto her but she was able to move to the side and look at their assailant. She looked deep into his mind and found his greatest feat and then Ava conjured up a mind warp, nothing fancy, she just made the guy see tall, unassailable walls surrounding him. Then the walls began to close in on him, enticing his fear of claustrophobia until he was curled up into a whimpering ball.

      Then there was a bright flash.

      Granolith Chamber, Pod Mountain, Following

      When the flash cleared Ava found herself in the Granolith Chamber with the other two and Feln. The distraction caused her to lose focus on maintaining the mind warp.

      "Ava, I monitored what happened. Are you okay?" Feln asked

      "Yeah...but...but Sam." Ava said, failing to hold back the tears as she saw the blood beginning to pool around his fallen body.

      She then turned back to the attacker who was on the ground, no longer were the invisible walls present but he was now terrified...terrified of his new surrounding that he hand no idea of how he got there. Ava marched over to him and ripped off his mask, hate filled her, she didn't want to use her powers, she wanted to hit something and his head was the target. She brought her foot back and kicked it forward, straight into his face. She wanted to smile as she realised that she broke his nose but couldn't.

      Slowly she looked over to her potential mate as he lay on the floor. She couldn't think but Feln moved to his side. He checked for a pulse but couldn't find one. However, Feln knew he still had plenty of time to act before any brain damage became irreversible. The alien moved over to the Granolith and entered the commands he needed; it didn't take long for Max to appear in the room.

      Max had heard the bang just as everyone had but he had no idea where to go, so he drove to the Crashdown. He hoped that Liz would know where Ava was but instead of speaking to her, the second he crossed the threshold of the back door he vanished and appeared in the Chamber.

      "Jesus...what happened?" Max asked as he moved down to Sam's side.

      "There was a robbery...he shot Sam! Max, he tried to protect me, he moved between me and the gun without even thinking about have to help him." Ava said

      Max nodded and rolled Sam over onto his back. He placed his hand over the wound and the other on Sam's forehead. The connection snapped into place as Max focused his energy on the opening into the fallen body. The hybrid's mind was flooded with images of Sam's past, from when he first threw a football to being accepted onto the team at Roswell High. Then the images changed, all were of Ava and Max smiled.

      As the wound closed and breathing restarted, Ava was by Sam's side within a second. She gently touched his skin with her fingers and could feel the blood begin to flow once more.

      "What...what the hell are you people?" asked the attacked, drawing everyone's attention.

      "Something you don't want to know about." Max said, "Feln!"

      "Yes Majesty." Feln said before moving over to the man kitted out in black

      Feln placed his hand on the man's head and began to do his work.

      "Ahhh...AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed as his mind, as his memories faded away...painfully! Then he fell unconscious.

      The scream was enough to bring Sam around slightly. His vision was blurry but he could clearly make out Max, Ava and wall he was closest to. It was like nothing he had seen before. Then he watched as a stranger stood up and turned back to them, Sam quickly closed his eyes and pretended to be out cold as he listened.

      "Majesty. When I discovered the incident I managed to create a bubble around Roswell, it was activated after I brought you here. Time has slowed so that one second will pass every hour but the alarm was already raised and the police have been dispatched." Feln said

      "There isn't going to be anyway to clean up the area is there?" Max asked

      "I'm afraid not, not before the field expires. There is also a significant amount of Sam's blood at the site."

      Max knew what to do. "I'll take care of it." He said

      Feln nodded. He transported the man back to the scene before leaving to continue his preparations for Liz.

      Max turned back to Sam and used his powers to create a cauterised gash along Sam's arm but made sure that no pain would be felt. Ava reached out to grab her king's hand.

      "What the hell are you doing?" Ava asked

      "You heard Feln, there's a lot of blood back there." Max said

      "I know. Most of it's on me." Ava said

      "Well then he needs to be wounded. It's nothing life threatening but it's big enough to account for the blood. Ava, I know how you feel about him but I don't think he's ready for us yet." Max said

      "That's not you're call Max. You maybe the king but he's my chosen...I love him Max. I can't believe it but I do. Besides, what happens when he develops alien powers? You're energy is inside him'll happen just like with Liz and Kyle. He is a part of us now." Ava said

      "I know. We'll just see what happens." Max said

      He then stood up and went over to the Granolith and transported them all back to the theatre.

      Drive-In Theatre, Immediately Following

      They arrived to find their attacker lying on the ground. Max immediately moved over to him and used his powers to create a nasty bump on his head to account for the amnesia and moved a few things around so that it appeared that he tripped and hit his head on a nearby ledge. All the while, Sam was conscious but pretended to be out, he couldn't believe what he had heard...powers, aliens, kings... {Welcome to the Twilight Zone.} he thought to himself

      Then he felt Ava's gentle caress of his face.

      "Sam...Sam...come on, please wake up!" Ava whispered to him and he did.

      Sam opened his eyes and looked up into Ava's.

      "Hey!" Ava smiled when she saw him

      "Ava...I..." Sam didn't know what to say

      However, the field collapsed and time in the area returned to normal. Within minutes the police arrived, quickly followed by an ambulance. As the police moved about, they separated the teens as a couple of officers went into the ticket office and found the body of the clerk. Another officer handcuffed the attacker as he was stretched into a more secure ambulance. He could help but think this guy was going to make it on America's Dumbest Criminals. The Sheriff also arrived; he couldn't get their fast enough once he heard that Max and Ava were present.

      "Max, Ava. What are you two doing here?" Jim asked

      "Well I was on a date...and a good one before that guy went Bonnie and Clyde." Ava said


      "Well...Sam got shot. Feln did a little intervention and beamed us to the Granolith so I could heal him. Then we got out here." Max said after making sure everyone was out of earshot. "But for everyone else...uh...I guess Tess was being a little protective and asked me to make sure Ava was okay on her date."

      "So does he know?" Jim asked

      "No. He was out for the most part." Max said

      Jim nodded and looked over to Sam. He was sitting on a chair as a paramedic wrapped a bandage around his arm.

      "Hey son, how are you?" Jim asked

      "Fine sir. Just...well it hurts." Sam said

      "You know you're very lucky." Jim said, "Ava told me that you stood between her and the bullet?"

      "Yeah." Sam said quietly.

      "Are you okay?" Jim asked, "You look like you want to tell me something!"

      Jim could see it in his eyes, the Sheriff knew that Sam knew something; it was the same look he had seen in Maria when he dragged her into his office at the start of that first year.

      "'m not sure. I need to think about this, a lot is still a jumble." Sam said, he still couldn't wrap his brain around what he'd heard but then he remembered his conversation with Ava earlier and her question of whether or not he believed in aliens. His brain felt like it was going to implode.

      "Understandable. Well, I'll get my deputy to take you're statement but if you want to talk...stop by my office any time."

      "Thank you sir."

      Jim looked to his deputy who came over with his notebook. Valenti continued on back to Max and Ava.

      "What is it?" Ava asked, looking at the sheriff's face

      "He knows. I don't know how much but he knows something definitely... other worldly happened." Jim said

      "Damn it." Max said turning away for a second, "What's he going to do?"

      "Well right now I think it's still sinking in. I think I better have a little chat with him." Jim said with a wicked glint in his eye.

      Ava on the other hand was a little nervous. The last thing she wanted was for Sam to run a mile or feel disgusted when ever he looked at her. So she moved over to where he sat.

      "Hey, how are you feeling?" Ava asked

      "I'm okay. Listen...Ava...I...I'm not feeling too hot right now so I think I'll go home. Can Max give you a lift home?" Sam asked

      "Yeah. No problem." Ava said as she started to walk away but stopped and turned back. "Sam, up until...I had a really great time with you."

      "Yeah. So did I!" Sam replied

      Living Room, Michael's Apartment, 13:00

      Max and Ava called the others and they all gathered at Michael's place where they informed the others on the earlier events.

      "So where is he now?" Michael asked

      "His house." Max said, "At the very least he isn't running around screaming."

      Everybody then looked at Maria who looked at each one of them.

      "What? Okay so I freaked." Maria said defensively as Michael draped his arm over her shoulder.

      "Yes, yes you did." Liz said with a smile

      "Any idea how he'll react?" Kyle said

      "I could always Dreamwalk him. At the very least it'll give us an idea of..."

      "No." Max said, "The last thing we need to do right now is invade his privacy, if he finds out it could cause him to turn against us."

      "What if he's already against us?" Michael said

      Ava crossed her arms and looked down at the floor. She didn't want to admit that possibility but it was eating at her. Michael caught the look in her eyes and hated to see that look in his cousin.

      "Ava, sorry but..." Michael said

      "No. It's has to be his choice." Ava said

      "What if we just tell him?" Kyle said plainly

      "What?" Max asked

      "We just come out and tell him. About what you are, why you're here, why we fit in...all of it!" Kyle said

      "It is an option Max." Liz said, "Especially if he already knows about the what part."

      "I know." Max said, but then he had an idea and smiled

      "What?" Liz asked

      "I think I better make a phone call." Max said as he picked up Michael's phone and dialled, "Hello Sheriff, it's Max...I've got an idea."

      Valenti's Office, Roswell Sheriff's Department, 13:50

      Jim looked out his window; he had just seen Sam walk by the building for the fourth time. Jim knew that the boy was debating on whether to come in a talk to the big bad sheriff, just as Maria had once done. He felt sympathy for Sam, ever since he was given the teens memories of the past year from Feln he knew just how menacing he appeared to the aliens and how terrified Maria was at the time.

      Then Hanson knocked at the door. "Sheriff, do you have a second?" Hanson asked

      "Sure, what's up?"

      "There's a kid outside, he was at that armed robbery today, he said he wants to speak to you."

      "Sam Reese?" Jim asked

      "Yes sir, will I bring him up?"

      "Yeah." Jim said as he sat back down behind his desk.

      5 Minutes Later...

      Sam walked into the office as though he was walking on shards of broken glass with bare feet. Once he was inside Hanson closed the door.

      "Hello Mr Reese, have a seat." Jim said

      "Thanks Sheriff." Sam said as he sat down

      "So I take it you remembered something else from today?" Jim asked

      "Sir...I, no...I just don't know where to begin." Sam said, still trying to sort out the events in his head.

      Jim kept his serious demeanour as he picked up a photo from his desk. "I understand Sam, this morning was traumatic but you're a actually stepped in front of the bullet. I only know a handful of people who would have done that, as a matter of fact their all your age. If something like that happened to Kyle..." Jim put the photo down at an angle so that Sam could see it.

      Sam glanced at the photo. He saw Jim with his hand on Kyle's shoulder and Kyle's arms were wrapped around Tess. Sam focused in on Tess but instead he saw her sister. In that instant every feeling he had for Ava came boiling up, he couldn't put her through anything the old stories and rumours said that happened to the "crash" victims. He couldn't trust the sheriff not to keep Ava out of it.

      "You can talk to me about anything. If something happened out there or if someone's a danger then I need to know." Jim said

      "NO! Sorry, no! I'm sorry Sheriff but it's all just mixed up in my head. There's no danger." Sam said as he got up and started to move to the door.

      "Sam!" Jim said, stopping the boy in his tracks, "You just passed the test."

      "Test? What test?" Sam asked

      "I kinda figured you heard Max and Ava talking in the Granolith Chamber when I talked to you earlier."

      Sam's face got serious, his brain was so mixed up that some basic common facts weren't registering. Even the fact that Tess and Ava were sisters didn't click. "What? Granolith? do you fit in to this?" he asked

      "Well Tess does live in my house; Kyle, Liz and now you all have something in common." Jim said. Sam looked at him blankly, looking for an explanation. "Bullet wounds that should have killed you but... eh...lets say a high power intervened."

      "So..." Sam said in a high-pitched voice before clearing his throat, "So, they're really real?"

      "Yes Sam, they really are and Ava really cares about you. I hope you wont do anything to hurt her?" Jim said

      "Uh, no sir. I wont do that." Sam said

      "How about we take a ride. There are some people who want to talk to you."

      "Talk?" Sam said nervously, "Just talk?"

      "Sam, they're the same people you know...or rather will get to know. Now you just know something else about them. And Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle...all human like you."

      "But I heard...Max said something about them having powers?"

      "Well that's a combination of healing and Antarian mating rituals." Jim said

      "Antarian? Wait...mating rituals?"

      Jim smiled, "Their home world is called Antar and they are all together now after undergoing the rituals, rituals that let them have kids together."

      "Excuse me, aren't they young to be doing...that?" Sam asked

      "Of course they are but they have a purpose on Earth. I should really let the others explain it...come on." Jim said

      The two left, Jim told Hanson that Sam was talking him out to see something at the drive-in and then left.

      Granolith Chamber, Pod Mountain, 30 Minutes Later

      The teens had gathered by the Granolith, waiting on word from the sheriff. They had hoped that by trying to get Sam to talk about what he suspected to Valenti but stop him self from doing it would tell them he could be trusted. However the waiting was a killer.

      "I hate this." Tess said. She was lying down on Kyle's lap as he ran his fingers through her hair

      "The sheriff said they're on their way." Max said

      Liz looked over at Michael. He was staring at her as he leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed. "What?" she asked, "Why are you staring?"

      "I'm just trying to work out this thing that's going on with you." Michael said

      "Okay...for the billionth time. Antarians have three stages to puberty; the third is a reset switch that puts them back to a stage before the mating rituals we had at the island, which is the second stage. At...I don't know...20 years old I guess, if there is a lot of strain in the established family unit then the Vocas kicks in and lets us find another family. If there is too much strain then the bonding was not meant to be.

      Now I ate that...stuff and it caused a premature reaction in me. It's based on a few fears and problems that we've had since we got back. I mean after we've adjusted and settled down it probably wouldn't have had an effect but as it's premature. That's it! There's no real basis to it, it's just my body being freaky." Liz said

      "Easy babe." Max said as he stroked her hair to calm her

      "Easy for you to say. You haven't been asked by everybody about this... and I feel like I'm gonna be sick again." Liz said as she held her stomach

      "You know I actually thought you might be pregnant." Isabel said, causing everyone to look at her.

      "What?" Max and Liz said together

      "Well, you know...all the nausea and stuff." Maria said

      "You too?" Liz asked

      "Well...yeah." Maria said

      "Great, anyone else?" Liz asked

      One by one everyone in the room raised their hands.

      "This could be why our parents have been asking questions all the time." Max said

      "No...guys, you know the way this works. Until Max shuts off his implant, he's shooting blanks and even then I have to turn off mine. We're not going down that road until we're set up for it." Liz said

      Max then bent down to whisper in her ear. "Could you rephrase that shooting blanks part?"

      Liz just smiled but then the cell phone rang. "Hello!" Liz then looked over at Michael and nodded. He left to open the front cave door and a few seconds later he came running back in.

      Out in the Desert, Heading to Pod Mountain, Same Time

      The drive out was uneventful; Sam sat in silence as he looked out of the window. He felt his world fading away with each building they passed but each mile brought something different...a new world! "So what's out here?" Sam asked as they approached the mountain.

      "That!" Jim said as he pointed at the mass of rock.

      "It's a mountain!" Sam said as they pulled up.

      The two got out of the Sheriff's SUV and Sam followed Valenti up the path on the side of the mountain. When they reached a platform he stopped and so Sam stopped.

      "So what now? Beam me up?" Sam asked

      Jim pulled out his cell phone and held it to his head after pressing one of the speed dial options. "We're here!"

      "You're kidding?" Sam said, waiting excitedly for the surge of energy

      But then the rock door opened.

      "Oh." Sam said, slightly disappointed

      "You really didn't think we'd be going to a ship did you?" Jim asked

      "Well we are dealing with aliens right?"

      "Yes but they've been here all their lives. They've lived among us for a long time and all they want is to live their lives. But a piece of advice...think before you speak, don't say or do anything stupid and if you have any doubts just think about how you feel about Ava."

      "Yes sir." Sam said before following Jim into the cave. Once inside, Sam looked around and found the room fairly bland except for the floor panel and the metal framework containing the four pods.

      "What is this place?" Sam asked

      "This is where Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were born...right out of these pods." Jim said, continuing to head to the Granolith.

      "There's only four. What about Ava?"

      "She's from New York." Jim said as he crawled through one of the bottom pods.

      Sam followed and found himself in the familiar blue room that he was in earlier. Around the room stood Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Michael, Maria, Tess and Kyle.

      "Sam." Max greeted

      "Max. If my brains not complete doped up on painkillers then I think I owe you my life. Thank you." Sam said

      "You're welcome." Max said

      "Uh, where's Ava?" Sam asked

      "She's back home." Michael said, "She thought she'd give you a little space until you're ready."

      "Can...can I stop by later and talk to her?" Sam asked

      "Are you sure?" Liz asked

      Sam looked at her. "Yeah, yeah I'm sure." He said

      "Okay." Tess said

      "Thank why am I here?" Sam asked

      "Well we wanted to explain the situation to you...the best way we have is to form a connection with you. Through that you'll get a series of flashes that will basically show Our life story, why we're here...everything." Max said

      "And it's safe?" Sam asked

      "Perfectly, I've been through it a thousand times." Liz said, "If you can't trust a queen who can you trust?"

      "Queen??" Sam said, "I thought you were human?"

      "I am. But Max and I are in it for the long haul...assuming Feln can get rid of a little premature reaction, anyway I also have a Royal Seal inside me so as far as the Antarians are concerned I am all queenly." Liz said

      "Premature reaction?" Sam asked

      "I ate a little something that disagrees with our heightened physiology." Liz said, "So are you up for the connection?"

      "Well just one more question first. For the past...well since I met Ava I've been a little out of sorts and now I find out she and you have all these powers..."

      "You want to know if you were manipulated into dumping Pam and being attracted to Ava?" Max asked

      "Yes." Sam said

      "No, free will is kind of essential to what you're about to learn of. Ava's...well she's helped open you up a little but that's it." Max said

      Sam nodded, "So what do I do?"

      Max stepped forward and extended his hand. Sam looked at his hand and took it; slowly he turned it and looked as closely as possible at the skin.

      "Looking for something alien?" Max asked with a smile

      "Well...yeah! Sorry!" Sam said

      Max raised his other hand and it became filled with light that shone on Sam's face.

      "Way cool!" Sam said quickly

      Then Max stopped the light, Liz took his other hand and then everyone joined hands, forming a circle. In seconds a connection formed between each of them and the energy flowed into Sam's mind. He saw everything from the first year, everything from Liz to Agent Pierce and then it moved up to the night of the dance the abduction of the group to the Island. Sam learned of everything that happened on the Island, every ritual and every little heated tryst.

      "'re all part human hybrids?" Sam asked as he sorted through the images

      "Yes." Max said, happy that the connection worked

      "And...oh god." Sam said as he blushed

      "I think he just got to the sex." Maria said


      Kyle moved up to him and looked at Sam square in the eye. "Yes. The girls all have sex with each other and so do we."

      "And you" Sam asked

      "Only if you want it to. We're not here to force you into anything but you do know the truth now." Michael said

      "That virus...the only way for your people to need to have children with humans and you need those rituals for that. And there are hundreds...a thousand of you here." Sam said

      "Yes. Two sets in a lot of countries around the world. Ava isn't exactly Tess's sister, she's a clone, a duplicate from the New York set." Liz said

      "I...I remember." Sam said as he could see each of the memories, especially what really happened to Ava.

      "So, how do you feel?" Max asked

      "Would it be a problem if I said I was scared?" Sam asked

      "No, in fact you'd be in good company." Max said

      "But I'm not going to tell anyone." Sam said quickly, "No-one deserves the crap that...uhh...Pierce did you. I'll keep you're secret for as long as I live."

      "Thank you, but..." Liz said

      "But?" Sam asked

      "But how do you feel about Ava?" Liz asked

      Sam smiled at the mention of her name. For the first time he didn't feel like he needed to hide his feelings, not with these people he didn't want to. "I'm in love with her should really speak to her about this first."

      "Well we can send you to her if you want?" Max said

      "Yeah...yeah thanks." Sam said

      Max moved over to the Granolith and put his hand on its surface. There was a flash of light and Sam disappeared.

      Hallway Outside Michael's Apartment, Immediately Following

      Sam was blinded for a second but when his vision returned he saw that he was standing in front of a door. He then realised that it must be Michael's when he saw the nametag on the door was Guerin. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. Seconds later it opened and Ava was on the other side.


      "Hi Ava." Sam said

      "Uhhh...come on in." Ava said as she moved aside.

      "Thanks." Sam moved inside and looked back at Ava as she closed the door.

      "So I take it you've seen the others?" Ava asked

      "Yeah...and that connection...damn that was intense." Sam said

      "And how are you..."

      "Ava I'm in love with you." Sam said, interrupting her.

      "I love you too. But..." Ava responded, knowing there was a 'but' in there somewhere.

      "But...I don't think I'm ready for all this bisexual stuff. I mean if you still want to...with the girls, then that you're business but for me I'm just not ready." Sam said

      "Oh Sam, that's okay. Believe me we wont pressure you into anything." Ava said

      Sam cupped her cheek and pulled her into a hug. "At least now I know what you meant when you said that I could be completely open with you all. You knew about my...think about Kyle?"

      "Yeah." Ava said, "The others wanted to know if you'd be...suitable for me so a friend did some scans of the brain of yours."

      "I know, I got a glimpse in the connection." Sam said

      "And you're not upset?"

      "Actually I'm more upset that someone was in my room without me knowing about it." Sam said

      "Hmmmm..." Ava said

      "What?" Sam asked

      "Liz has this thing going on with her. Our friend Feln said he'd have something arranged for later on...I want you to be there. It might help you understand us better if you see what we do with your own eyes and not from someone else's perspective." Ava said

      "I don't think so...I mean that should just be for all of you, I'm not on the inside of you're group."

      "Actually you are. Sam, apart of us is inside you. When Max healed are with us Sam and we trust you." Ava said

      "Well if you're sure? Yes, I think I would like to see this." Sam said


      "Hmmm...what do I tell my parents?" Sam asked

      "Just tell them that a beautiful girl is going on a date with you and later, you're getting together with some friends."

      "They'll want to...well they'll want to at least get a look at you." Sam said

      "Well then, I'll wear something hot but tasteful. I'll avoid causing any problems between you and the olds...for a while at least." Ava said, causing Sam to smile. He leaned down and captured her lips in a loving kiss that caused her toes to curl.

      Command Room, Alpha 1, 16:00

      "Sir, we've just received confirmation. The virus has reached its end stage...we're the only Antarians left. All colonies have fallen and no more signals are being recvied from any other species...Earth appears to be the only world with a sentient race." Said one of the soldiers to Kalen.

      Kalen nodded and walked out of the room.

      To Be Continued...

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