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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 27b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 15, 2003

      Girl's Locker Room, West Roswell High, Immediately Following

      The second Maria and Ava entered the locker room; the alien pushed Maria up against the wall and kissed her. Maria could instantly tell the difference between the twins kissed, when Tess kissed her there was always tenderness and love where as Ava was kissing her with pure lust.

      "Are...are you want to do this?" Ava asked as she kissed her was around the side of Maria's neck and across her throat.

      "Yes." Maria gasped

      Ava lifted Maria's shirt up over her breasts to expose her bra clad peaks and through the bra the alien kissed, sucked and nipped at the human's with her mouth and teeth. Each gentle touch of the other woman's lips against Maria's flesh made her entire body tingle and her core that much wetter. She longed to feel her girlfriend's sister's tongue inside her and from the way Ava kissed her down her front, Maria knew she wouldn't have long to wait before fantasy became reality. The touch of hands on her ass made Maria jump softly but then Ava lifted the human's skirt to expose her underwear and was kissing the tops of her thighs. Ava smiled at the ruby red panties her newest lover chose to wear, it was a huge turn on.

      Ava then gently ran her tongue over Maria's thigh until she was barely a centimetre from the red panties. She looked up as Maria looked down and then Ava pushed the garment aside before planting gentle kisses on Maria's slit

      "Uhnnnnn." Maria moaned gently

      Maria bit down on her lower lip, face wrinkled in delirium as her lover's tongue worked it's magic over her most sensitive region. Her pussy was dripping with honey and her clit throbbed to frantically. She rubbed her ass tightly against the wall, and so grinding her hips against Ava's mouth - begging for more! A request that was obliged! Sliding a finger up her leg, Ava inserted it into her slit and worked it in and out slowly. The pleasure was intense, piercing the depths of her soul and building tides of emotion that only Michael and Tess have achieved in creating. Maria bucked against her lover's finger and tongue, wanting it to go deeper, harder and faster but Ava kept the rhythm slow and steady. Then Ava slowly licked the length of Maria's cunt, slipping her rough tongue between the red folds of her pussy.


      Maria moaned deeply. Her orgasm was stirring in her belly until she could no longer contain it and she cried out, flopping helplessly against the wall as Ava's talents brought forth the climax from her. It was fast, furious and left her gasping for breath, Maria collapsed, sliding to the floor in front of Ava. The alien crawled up to her, looking at her gently as hands brushed errant tendrils of hair away from her face. Maria grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

      They stopped!

      It was then they felt someone's eyes on them. Both instantly knew who it was and looked up at Tess who stood to their side, her arms crossed. Ava jumped up as she looked into the stern gaze of her sister's eyes.

      "Tess!" Ava said

      Tess just held up her hand to silence her sister and marched over to Maria. With one quick movement she captured Maria's lips in a searing kiss. Ava knew she was claiming Maria as her own and made sure that she knew it. Then Tess backed away with a smile on her face that warmed Maria through to her soul.

      "I always wondered what we look like together." Tess said

      "Your not mad?" Ava asked

      "How can I be mad? Liz did give you permission to be with her and Isabel. And I did say it was okay for you two to be together...I mean I thought I would be upset if you actually did it and I am slightly but..." Tess started

      "But you're totally turned on!" Ava finished.

      Tess couldn't lie; she had to admit it so she nodded her head. Maria smiled before biting her lower lip. She then caressed the side of Tess's face; Tess then took hold of her hand and gently kissed the palm.

      "You two do look good together." Ava said as she started to move backward.

      Tess then grabbed her arm to stop her. "You're apart of this family Ava...our family! I know you care about us all so...stay!" she said

      Ava smiled and hugged her sister before looking at Maria with seductive glances.

      "What?" Maria asked

      "Ever done it with twins before?" Tess asked

      Maria's eyes bulged as far as they could and them smiled. "Oh Kyle's so gonna kill me!" she chuckled out

      "Only out of jealousy sweetie!" Ava said with an innocent voice

      One alien then the other kissed Maria hard and fast as they removed each article of clothing from her body. Then they stripped themselves leaving three naked bodies, one still reeling from her orgasm and the other two were heated, ready and eager to feel the same.

      Tess and Ava licked their lips as they watched Maria's breasts rise and fall as she breathed. Their hands caressed her body with light, gently touches before bending down. Each captured a nipple in their mouths and suckled gently on the teat.

      "Ghnnnnnnnn." Maria gasped as she ran her hand over her sweat soaked forehead and ran her fingers through her hair.

      Tess and Ava then ran their hands up Maria's soft legs until they reached her core. Maria's back arched as two different yet identical fingers slid deep into her body. As one pulled out the other pushed in deeper and then they switched, one digit was always inside the human. The dual assault on her breasts and slit were intoxicating. Maria couldn't get enough.

      "OH GOD...OH GOD...OH! MY! GODDDDDDDDD!" Maria screamed again

      She kissed both aliens again but was unsure what to do next. Here she was with two aliens, one who held her heart and the other who was filled with passion. She didn't know who to make love to first.

      Tess then made the decision for her. She ran her hand along the side of Ava's face and placed it on the back of her head. Then she did the same with Maria and pushed the two together. Their lips fused, their tongues duelled as Tess watched her sister and lover together.

      Tess then moved behind Ava and pulled her sister down so that her head was resting on her lap. Maria leaned over the latest addition to the group and as she slid down her body, rubbing her breasts across her skin, she gave gentle kisses. Ava held her hands up and Tess took hold of them. Maria circled her tongue over Ava's nipples, causing the girl to squirm under her touch and rub her silken hair into Tess's lap. Then the human progressed lower and lower. With each inch covered, Ava slightly parted her legs until Maria's head was squarely between them.

      Maria looked up the length of the body beneath her and locked onto Ava's glistening moist eyes before looking up at Tess's. Tess nodded her approval and consent before Maria latched her mouth over Ava's core and lapped away.

      "Maria...oh god...yes...GODDDD...Tess, she's so good!" Ava moaned

      Ava let to one of Tess's hands and placed her own behind Maria's head, pushing her closer into the apex of her thighs. Maria kept going, stabbing her tongue in and out or flicking up and down or side to side. Ava gripped Tess's hand even tighter, a sign to Tess that her sister's orgasm was fast approaching.

      "Hmmmmmm." Maria moaned into Ava

      "Maria...Mariaa...MARIAAA...HARDER...PLEASE!" Ava cried out

      Her body convulsed, her stomach rippled and her breasts heaved. Her face was soaked and red spread all over her skin as her senses were over come with passion.

      "OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Ava's body stiffened and then released as she came.

      Maria kissed her way back up Ava's body and kissed around her through as Tess stroked some of Ava's blonde tresses away before bending down to kiss her forehead. Maria then moved off Ava and the two moved up onto their knees. All three women embraced. Maria went to kiss Tess but she was stopped.

      "Not yet. Tonight I'm coming to your bed so we can spend all night together." Tess said, it had been along time since they had done that and both wanted to badly

      Maria continued to hold her twin lovers, enjoying the feel of their skin against hers.

      "I totally love you guys." Maria said breathlessly before looking into Tess's eyes. "Oh, I mean..."

      "I know what you mean." Tess said, "You love me as your girlfriend and Ava as a close friend like Isabel or Liz."

      "You know as much as I would love to stay like this. Those cheerleaders will be coming back in from practice soon." Ava said

      The three then started to dress. As Tess and Maria pulled on their panties, Ava looked at the two.

      "Is it my imagination or are you two wearing the same kind of underwear?" Ava asked

      Both smiled. "It's just a little pact we have. We have identical underwear and we call each other every morning and decide what to wear for that day." Tess said

      "Sometimes we just forget the underwear all together." Maria teased

      "Oh kinky. I bet the guys must love it." Ava said before pausing for a second, "Could I join in?"

      Both nodded and hugged the new hybrid as a welcome to their panty- pact!

      "Cool, so...I think we better go shopping. I mean if we're going to do this I need to have underwear that match yours." Ava said

      "Hmmmm, shopping spree to Victoria's Secret." Maria said with a sly smile. "I wonder what else we can find."

      "Planning on buying Michael a little present?" Tess asked

      "Well he's been a good boy lately. I think a little eye candy reward is in order but I'm going to need something that will make my little Spaceboy stand up and beg." Maria said

      "Does Michael know you refer to him as your little Spaceboy?" Ava asked

      "Oh I'm not referring to Michael when I say that. Little Spaceboy is just a little lower on his body." Maria teased

      All three girls laughed and slapped Maria lightly on her arm. "I don't think you have anything to worry about in that department Maria." Tess said, "It doesn't take much for you to get him going." Then they continued to get dressed and when they were done, they left to Maria's car and drove off.

      Command Chamber, Alpha 1, 16:30

      Feln had arrived back on the base to brief his brother on the situation with Liz. He still couldn't believe the situation had arisen, Feln knew that a certain amount of distance had developed between the teenagers since being back under the scrutiny of their parents but the sheer misfortune, the one in a billion chance that the chemicals actually were on Earth resulted in Feln having the worst headache of his life.

      "Are you sure about this?" Kalen asked as he looked over Feln's notes

      "Definitely sure. Liz ate the food and fell sick, her symptoms are textbook...well a little different because she's human." Feln said

      "But she is human. This shouldn't even be a factor and the family isn't in danger of...well it isn't is it?" Kalen asked

      "No. But after the level of intimacy on the island...things are a little strained and Liz, as dominant female, is the most sensitive to the situation."

      "How could we not foresee this...hell at the very least we should have had a plan made up just in case?" Kalen said

      "There was no way to predict that the Vocas would affect Liz...but when we realised she had the second royal seal we should have considered the possibility." Feln said

      "Yeah we should have! Oh what did you tell Isabel? She must be pretty worried about Liz."

      "She is...I just told her to go home and that I'd be out here double checking my work." Feln said

      "THAT'S ALL?" Kalen said, "She must be going out of her mind and then she'll speak to Max...oh I think I have a headache!"

      "Isabel has an appointment with Michael, and Michael is being very strict about some rules he's set up to avoid the wrath of Alex again. One of them is being on time."

      "Why? What's the appointment?" Kalen asked

      "Michael is painting a nude portrait of Isabel as Isabel's gift to Alex for his birthday." Feln said

      "Oh better get back and explain the situation to Max and Liz. You do know what do to rectify the situation? It's not like we've done this with humans before." Kalen said

      "I have an idea." Feln said before leaving

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 19:00

      "I'M WHAT?" Liz yelled as she sat up in bed

      "Going through the Vocas." Feln said

      "Which is what?" Max asked from his sitting position next to Liz

      "Puberty." Liz said, using the knowledge passed onto her from the Seal.

      "Puberty?" Max asked

      "Let me explain." Feln said, "Antarians have three stages of puberty. The first is identical to what humans go through, the second is what you experienced on the island...the awakening of you're pheromone glands and the third...the very rare. It's a reversal of the bonds you've formed. It's a complete regression to you're physical, emotional and mental status prior to the selection of you're mates."

      "So how come I got sick after eating?" Liz asked

      "The food contained a collection of herbs and spices. In the unique proportions of that meal the chemicals combined to produce a substance that heightens sensitivity and promotes a premature reaction in our mating instincts. Liz...the Vocas, it normally happens after you're 20 years old and only then when there is some stress in the family...stress that could separate you all. Everything you are feeling just now is premature, your bodies reacting to your mind's fears. I have no doubt that whne you hit twenty this situation wouldn't have happened, any problems would have been ironed out but because of that food..." Feln said

      "Oh come on that's ridicules, we would never fall apart like that. It would never happen, not after everything we've been through!" Liz said

      "Oh really? There is no family stress at all? Ava's on the scene, she's drawing a lot of attention, you're all trying to find away to bring Sam Reese into the family, you're all mating less and you are all less open with each other."

      Max and Liz looked at each other. Feln was right about everything, especially the last part. It had been a long time since they all sat down and talked, since they all had dinner together and enjoyed their freedom.

      "What do we do?" Max asked as he held his mates hand

      "Well the first can be done tonight. Liz, I want you to call Isabel, Maria and Tess. It's time you initiate Ava completely into the family, bond yourself to her just as you have with the others. Once she is tied to the family a part of the problem will be done with." Feln said

      "And then?" Liz asked, eager for another session with all the girls

      "Then I have to come up with a little creative thinking." Feln said, "But there is something else...Liz, when you were with Isabel you felt better. That was because you energy and hers were being shared. Isabel's is only slightly different from Max's and that eased your symptoms. The best way for you to feel better is to mate with Max."

      Max and Liz smiled brightly. As Feln left they embraced each other, Max eased himself under the covered where they made love again and again until the women responded to Liz's telepathic summons. When they did arrive, Max kissed Liz and then decided to give them all some privacy. {Maybe the guys are free?} Max thought to himself as he climbed out on the balcony, briefly stopping to watch each of the women start to undress themselves as they approached Liz's bed.

      Dinning Area, Crashdown, 10:00am The Next Morning

      Ava was sitting in a booth, playing with the straw from her chocolate milkshake as she stared dreamily off into space. She couldn't get over her experience with Maria and Tess yesterday and then the intensity of last nights bonding was breathtaking. Sam was also reeling from yesterday, he had felt so liberated and for the first night in the past couple of months since dating Pam he'd gone to bed without a blowjob but it was also without her arguing about anything.

      "Hey." Sam said as he saw Ava sitting alone

      "Hey." Ava responded

      "You look like you're stoned!" Sam said

      "No, last night I just had this...I can't explain it, but I feel like I'm really apart of something bigger and better. I'm just feeling a bit wow!" Ava said

      "It shows! What happened?" Sam asked as he sat down

      "I can't tell you...not yet anyway!" Ava said, "Maybe someday soon."

      "I hope so." Sam said

      "So I heard about you're little break up, actually I saw it. Caused quite a scene!" Ava said

      Sam smiled, "Yes it was wasn't it? Do you think her popularity will be okay?"

      "Her popularity? That's what you're worried about?" Ava asked snapping back into reality.

      "Well she doesn't have much else. Those friends of hers only hang with her because it's a status thing." Sam said

      Ava looked at him, "Is it really that bad?"

      "Well...yeah. I mean she's still get her parents money so at least she can still go to bed happy." Sam said

      "She's that much of a shallow bitch?"

      "Hey that's my ex-girlfriend you're talking about!" Sam admonished before smiling

      Ava smiled with him, "You know, Kyle heard about that apology of yours. He wouldn't say it but I think he's proud of you."

      "He is?" Sam said slightly flustered

      Ava smiled as she played on his hidden attraction to Kyle. "Yeah. Actually he thinks you're great on the team."

      "He...he does?"

      Neither realised it at the time but under the table their feet brushed together, Ava, subconsciously, took her foot out of her shoe and rubbed it along Sam's flesh at his ankle where his jeans ended.

      "Ava can I aren't sleeping with Kyle are you?" he asked, needing to be sure

      "No, I'm not. Not that I don't want to but I would never do anything to him without Tess's consent. She means too much to me." Ava said

      "What about those stories about...I don't know exactly...something about an explosion and you're friends thinking you were dead?" Sam asked

      Ava immediately remembered everything that Liz and the others said as her cover and that Kalen had provided physical evidence to back it up. "Yeah. That's all true. I got in with a bad crowd, this creepy guy Nicholas got inside my head...spiked my drinks with drugs to keep be nice and subservient, basically really bad crap that Tess managed to get me out off. Nicholas then decided to get a little revenge and blew up our apartment. Tess...she thought I was inside and moved out here but well I was close to the big bang but all I got out of it was a case of amnesia. When I got my head screwed back on I came out to find her but then I got a case of good friends who really care for me."

      "Wow." Sam was floored


      "What happened to this...uh...Nicholas?" Sam asked

      "He's dead. He was trying to do something, the...authorities caught onto him and sent a bullet into the base of his spine. He was on a cliff at the time and fell a long way down." Ava said without remorse, remember how the Skin touched her body made her feel sick inside.

      "So he's completely out of your life!" Sam said

      "He was completely out of it when Tess brought me back but he didn't like or take no as an answer." Ava said

      "I'm sorry." Sam said as he held her hand securely

      "What about you? Any war stories?" Ava asked

      "Nothing like yours!" Sam said, "Oh there is this one see I recently dated this insane whore called Pam. Now that's dangerous!"

      Both burst out laughing.

      Behind the counter Liz and Maria watched the pair interact.

      "Yeah. He'll do." Maria said, liking the smile on Ava's face

      "I think so too. He really does like her." Liz said

      " how are you feeling this morning?" Maria asked

      "Better. Being with Max and all of you helped a lot but Feln did say it was only temporary...what ever he needs to do he said he'll be ready later today." Liz said

      "I'm guessing we all need to be there." Maria said

      "Yes, it's a family affair." Liz said, getting more curious about what Sam and Ava were talking about. She slowly moved over to the booth with her order pad. "Hi what can I get you?"

      "Hey Liz." Ava said

      "Liz." Sam greeted more warmly than usual, " oh hell just a coke."

      "One coke? Ava?" Liz said

      "I'm fine Liz." Ava said

      Liz looked back and forth between the two as they stared at each other. "Sam, for gods sake just ask her out all ready."

      "Huh?" Sam muttered

      "Liz?" Ava whispered her warning

      "It's totally obvious that you want to. Ask her out or from now on you'll be refused service in here." Liz said sternly

      "I...ehh..." Sam looked back and forth between the two women and then fixed onto Ava. "Ava, do you want to go out later? There's a new movie at the drive in."

      "Sounds good." Ava said

      Liz smiled and started to walk away but then stopped. "Oh Ava, remember we have that thing tonight. Fel...our friend wants us to be ready at a moments notice."

      "It's okay Liz, I have the beeper you gave me." Ava said

      Liz walked away and Sam turned back to Ava.

      "Yeah...she's definitively changed." Sam said as he pointed in Liz's general direction

      "Well I've only known her since early this year so I wouldn't know." Ava said

      "Well trust me, she's changed." Sam said, "So what's this thing you have on tonight?"

      "Just a family thing." Ava said

      "Family? With Liz...and I'm guessing Max, Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Tess and Kyle?"

      "Yeah. We're just one big happy family." Ava said

      "Just out of curiosity...they're all dating right? They're not married?" Sam asked

      "Not married yet!" Ava said with a smile

      "They're really that serious?"

      "When true love hits you just know it."

      "Yeah." Sam said softly, "I guess you do."

      Then he shook his head and looked about, both realised just what Ava's feet were doing but neither backed away.

      "Can...can I come?" Sam asked

      Ava looked into his eyes, deep into his eyes and felt a yearning in her soul. "I wish you could...but you're not ready."

      "Ready? Ready for what?" Sam asked

      Ava didn't know how to respond without giving anything away, but then she realised that she wanted and needed to give something away. She wanted him to begin to accept that he had been chosen by her to be apart of something huge. "Something...amazing. Something I think you'd be perfect for but...I have to wait."

      "Okay." Sam said

      "Okay?" Ava said while shaking her head, "That's it?"

      "For now. I...I have this feeling you'll tell me when it's time and I can accept that." Sam said as he took hold of Ava's hand, "Just don't keep me on the hook to long. I hate mysteries."

      Ava smiled. "So tell me about yourself."

      "What do you want to know?" Sam asked

      "Well...okay this is the infamous Roswell, do you believe in aliens?" Ava asked jokingly

      "Actually I do." Sam said


      "Well yeah, I mean there have to be billions of planets out there. It's stupid to think that Earth is the only one with life on it...then there's planets that could have completely different forms of life... don't you think?"

      "I totally agree." Ava said

      "But what I really hate is all those movies that make aliens out to be the bad guys. I mean yeah there could be one or two bad apples in a species...or a lot in a species for that matter but look at us. Look at the amount of crap we do."

      Ava smiled. {Score!} She thought to herself, "So what about you're parents?"

      "They definitely don't believe in aliens." Sam joked

      "No...what are they like?" Ava asked

      "Well...uh...the thing about my's...well..."

      "Not people you want to upset?" Ava asked

      "Pretty much. They are...right wing I guess. If the extreme right wing had little branches coming off of it then they would be on the branches. It's all just talk, they never act but sometimes..."

      "You wish they would stop talking." Ava said

      Sam looked at her. "Yeah. That's it exactly. Just once it would be nice if they could just stop complaining about...everything. Like the President! The man just got voted in, he's just starting the job and they're ragging about his proposed tax cut for those who it would do the most good. And it's not the cut they're against, it's because the president's a liberal democrat. That is so not a good reason for all that."

      "No, no it's not. I'm guessing they wouldn't like me very much then." Ava said

      "Now you don't know that." Sam said

      "Trust me Sam. They wouldn't but I'm not to bothered, the only people's whose opinion matters to me is my family...and you!" Ava said

      Sam felt a warmth flow through his body as Ava told him that his opinion mattered to her. He was become a little nervous, everything about this vixen sitting across from him sent tingles up his body. He'd never known anyone who could affect him like her.

      "So how'd they feel about you know who?" Ava asked

      "Oh Pam they liked, when ever she came over she was prim, proper and well spoken. And her parent's had lot and lots of money." Sam said

      "Ah yes, the best way into a parents!" Ava said sarcastically, then she looked at Sam and remembered whom they were talking about. "Oh god, sorry...I didn't mean..."

      "No, Ava, It's okay. It's the least where my folks are concerned. Hell when I first asked Pam out they probably hired a P.I. to dig up her families financial records."

      "They would really do that? I mean hire someone to dig up dirt on you're dates?" Ava asked, her concern growing

      "Got something to hide?" Sam asked

      Ava looked at Sam. He could see the fear in her eyes, even though she was doing a good job of hiding it, he could still see it.

      "Ava, what's wrong? I mean you've told me about that Nicholas thing!"

      "It's nothing, I just don't like people digging into my past." Ava said

      Sam held her hand securely in an attempt to comfort her. "Ava you don't need to lie...not with me. Please tell this something to do with this thing I'm not ready for?"

      "Yes." Ava said hesitantly, "And I know I don't need to lie to you and I will tell you everything...hopefully soon."

      "Ava...okay, I'm pretty sure they wont do it. I was just...I don't know... being sarcastic about how bad they could be. I'm sorry."

      Ava shook it off. "So am I. So...what about this date?"

      "Well there is a showing in half an hour." Sam said

      "Let's go." Ava said

      The two then left and got into Sam's car, just as Pam walked down the street. She saw them but they didn't see her, they were both to busy talking to each other to notice. The look of sheer hatred in her eyes was evident to those with her.

      "That bitch is going down." Pam said

      "Pam...she's got a lot of back up and now with Sam..."

      "He is mine. Like hell she's going to keep his interest for long...I just got to him too much, that kind of chemistry can be scary to some guys." Pam said

      One of her friends then rolled her eyes, {Oh he's got chemistry all right, just not for you.} she thought to herself

      Drive-in Theatre, Roswell, 11:00am

      The drive-in had been more or less empty. Not to many people come to see a movie this early on a Saturday morning but Sam and Ava didn't mind as they shared a large bucket of popcorn. Both were watching the movie but weren't really seeing it, they were talking, telling jokes and laughing. Every so often their hands brushed together as they reached for some popcorn, and each time it sent shivers up their spines.

      "You enjoying the movie?" Sam asked

      "Yeah, it's not bad. Thanks for asking me to come." Ava asked

      "Yeah well, I have this feeling that whatever's going on with Liz... well whatever she orders, happens."

      "And you'd be right. But she would never use it like that...unless she was having fun." Ava said

      "You make it sound like she's a queen or something." Sam said

      Ava smiled as she put some popcorn in her mouth. Just before she did, Sam watched as she poured a little Tabasco Sauce on to the handful.

      "How can you each that stuff?" Sam asked

      "Just a little dietary quirk. Sweet and spicy...Tess likes it as well."

      "And Max, Isabel and Michael!" Sam said, it was not an enquiry but more like a statement of fact.

      "Yeah, how'd you know?" Ava said

      "I don't know. Just things I've seen that are...they're clicking into place if you know what I mean." Sam said

      "Yes, I do." Ava said, "Actually...I think I better go to the bathroom just now."

      "Oh now that you mention it..." Sam said

      They both got out of the car and Sam locked it. They then went over to the bathrooms next to the ticket booth.

      Women's Bathroom...

      After Ava finished her business she stood in front of the mirror over the sink. She used her powers to touch up her makeup and add an extra shine to her hair.

      "Do you know what you're doing?" she asked her reflection

      Then she moved over to the machine on the wall and used her powers on it. Within seconds out spurted a handful of condoms, without Sam being initiated into the family he couldn't get her pregnant but he has been with Pam Troy and god knows where she's been.

      "Better safe than sorry." She said to herself, not knowing just what her alien immune system could shake off. Then she marched to the door.

      Men's Bathroom...

      Sam paced back and forth in the bathroom, occasionally stopping to look at himself in the mirror.

      "This is insane...this is insane...this is insane..." he repeated over and over.

      He moved over to the sink and turned on the tap. Sam cupped his hands and splashed water over his face.

      "I've just met her...I'm not going to sleep with her on the first date." He told himself with determination.

      Then the image of her writhing against him when they danced together at their first meeting entered his head. He instantly knew that his will power would be useless against Ava. He wouldn't push or even suggest it but if it came up...

      He quickly moved over to the dispenser and hit it three times up the length of its side and out came a single condom. He knew this machine well!

      As he took the foil container in his hand he looked at it intently.

      "No." he said and threw it to the sink and moved to the door, if there was anyone worth resisting it was Ava. He wanted to do this right.

      He moved over to the door and put his hand on the handle but before he opened it he looked over to the condom. {What if wanting to do this right isn't enough?} He thought to himself. He marched over to the sink and grabbed the condom before putting it into his pocket. "Better safe than sorry." He said (at the exact same time as Ava.)

      Then he left.

      Outside the Bathrooms...

      The two left at the same moment and almost bumped into each other. A wave of shyness over took them and neither knew where it came from, they have never been this shy before.

      "Hi." Ava said

      "Hey." Sam said

      Sam then reached his hand over to Ava's and took hold of it. Then they started walking over to the car, past the ticket office.

      "Give me the damned money!" they heard a mumbled voice through the door.



      Two shots rang out just before the door burst open and a masked man came running out. The man stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the two teenagers. Sam then saw his arm raising and the gun in his hand. He didn't even think about acting, he just quickly turned as back on the man and put his body between Ava and the gun.

      "SAM!" Ava yelled out, being twisted out of the way and distracted she couldn't use a mind warp on the attacker


      To Be Continued...

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