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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 27

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 9, 2003

      Library, West Roswell High, 11:00

      Sam Reese was sitting in the library. He had a lot of work to finish for his next class and he was already falling behind thanks to the continuous ragging from Pam.

      {It was only a damned dance!} He thought to himself as he remembered Ava's body moving against his. The second he got home that night he got into a shower a cold shower. Not that it did any good.

      Then he turned his thoughts back to his work. Being on the team required him to maintain a minimal grade level but that had begun to slip. He could feel Pam's eyes on him and it was getting irritating, she maybe the most popular girl at school but she could be a damned bitch sometimes.

      Just then he felt a hand on the back of his head as it was pulled back. He was startled to find a pair of lips latched onto his own and a tongue invading his mouth. Soon it was over and his vision focused on Ava's face.

      "Ava?" he asked

      "Now how'd you know I wasn't Tess?" Ava asked as she sat on the edge of the desk. The second Max told her that Feln's neural scan indicated that Sam was definite mating potential she started to hunt her prey. She just needed to find away to get him into the group.

      "Cause if you were, Kyle would be five feet away and ready to kick my ass. So what was that for?" Sam asked

      "Just a little thank you for that dance." Ava said

      "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!" Pam said as she marched up to them

      Ava just rolled her eyes back into her head.

      "Pam, chill..." Sam said

      "You shut up." Pam said sternly before turning back to Ava, "Who the fuck do you think you are. He is my boyfriend so you..."

      Ava stood up and crossed her arms as she faced Pam. As she moved Sam noticed that her tight jeans moved down over her butt slightly and he could clearly see the back of her black, see-through thong.

      Pam then remembered her black eye that was taking its time fading. " just stay away from him."

      "Really?" Ava said

      "Yeah." Pam said confidently, ready to do anything she needed to do to prevent another black eye.

      "Pam lets go. Ava was just being...friendly." Sam said, successfully hiding his smirk but not the bulge in his shorts. Ava's kiss had been one of the biggest turn-ons he'd experience, it was like she could see into him and know exactly what to do to him to get a response.

      "Friendly? Yeah that's one word for it." Pam said

      Ava just exhaled deeply. "I need to go anyway." She said as she started to walk away, lightly running her fingers over the side of his face as she moved away.

      Pam then grabbed Ava's arm as she saw the contact.

      "Pam let her go." Tess said as she came in. She'd heard her sister had decided to pay a visit.

      "Or what Harding?" Pam said

      "Well you see Ava has a specific M.O. Cause her problems and she gives you a black eye. Do it again and she breaks an arm, then after that she goes for any bone she wants." Tess said as she moved next to he sister

      Pam just looked at the twins, both smiling with confidence. She couldn't tell if Tess was lying or whether it was the truth but then she did have the eye to prove it.

      Ava then leaned over to whisper into Sam's ear. "You know with me you get to be who you really are. You don't need to hide what...or who you want just to please your parents or her. Dump her, I can make sure you see stars from now on."

      Sam stood up, {could she really know?} he thought to himself but dismissed it was one of her seduction techniques...too bad for him it was working. However, he knew that Pam's big mouth would get her into trouble, or Ava would end up with a similar black eye to the one she had given Pam, unless he stepped in so he grabbed his things and moved over to the girl before heading out.

      Ava started to pout. "He didn't even say goodbye."

      Tess looked sharply at her sister. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

      "I, dear sister, am getting my man!" Ava said

      "Ava...jeez...we don't draw attention. We need subtle, besides we are going to bring him out of this whole cover thing he has going. But we need to open him up a little and then find a way to bring him in." Tess said

      " do it your way, I'll do it my way. It'll be quicker and I can get laid...unless you're willing to share Kyle." Ava said. Tess just looked at her, "Just once a week?"

      "Ava!" Tess said

      "Tess! Okay, I need sex, I need it a lot and this guy is the best candidate."

      "Oh my god, you're unbelievable. You're looking for someone you can love and who'll father your children not some sex doll." Tess said

      "Yeah, I know but the love part is just a do know about all this right?" Ava said

      "Know about what?" Tess asked

      Ava looked around to make sure they were alone. "Okay, Antarian sex 101. Antarian women look for mates who will give them the strongest children. You got that with Kyle and the fact that you love each!"

      "Then explain Isabel and Alex? Somehow I don't think Alex will be giving Isabel strong kids." Tess said

      "Well there are different kinds of strength. Physical, political, our energy levels and intellectual! And from what I can see Alex has got brains but he certainly has the stamina and strength to please Isabel and all the guys." Ava said

      "Oh that he does!" Tess said with a smile, she remembered the last time she had seen Kyle's face after he'd been with Alex. "But about love being a bonus...bullshit! I'm your sister and I'm not letting you get into a serious relationship without love. After everything you've been through, you deserve it."

      Ava smiled, she could feel her sister's love and concern for her. It warmed her spirit to know that there were people who felt like that for her. "Okay." She said simply, if Tess could find someone to love then why not her. She was certainly attracted to Sam but she wondered if that could grow to love.

      Then the bell rang.

      "Damn it, I'm gonna be late." Tess said

      "Hmmm...okay, I'll walk you to class." Ava said

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, Same Time

      Liz wasn't feeling very well today. Her mother had tried a new recipe for dinner last night and it had a bad reaction with her. This morning she just felt like throwing up everything she had eaten for the last 10 years. When Isabel and Max learned of her state they came over. They both wanted to stay with her but Max had work to do so he was sent away but Isabel was ahead on credit so the brunette let her stay.

      Isabel decided to help her girlfriend relax so she ordered Liz to strip and lay down on the bed. The blonde rubbed some oil into her hands and used her powers to heat it up before massaging it into Liz's back.

      "God Liz, I haven't seen you this tense since we first got to the island." Isabel said

      " keep that up and I wont be for long." Liz groaned

      "What was in that meal that got you so..."

      "Icky?" Liz asked

      Isabel thought for a moment. "Okay."

      "I wish I new. Mom just said it was a recipe from a friend." Liz said

      "Does she have any left?" Isabel asked

      Liz hesitated for a moment as Isabel's hands worked their magic. "Gnnnnnnnn...why?"

      "Cause your mom and dad are both fine. I was going to give something to Feln, maybe he could find something in it." Isabel said, "Something that effects the pheromones in us, either that or it could be an interaction with the energy...or the seal for that matter."

      "I think she had some leftovers." Liz said, "At least I'm feeling better."

      "Yes, now back to what you told be earlier..." Isabel said


      "You let Ava go down on Max?" Isabel said

      "Well I didn't let her, she just walked over to him and...yeah I guess I let her." Liz said, and then she smiled. "Let me tell you it was a turn on."

      "Liz, when Michael...when know, Alex almost ripped his head off." Isabel said

      "Yes but Alex has always considered Michael a threat to his relationship to you. I know that Ava wont try to come between me and Max. Besides I'm the head girl of our little house so I can order her to back off...hell I could even order Tess to let her screw Kyle if I wanted."

      "But your not going to do that right! I mean you really wouldn't take that decision from Tess would you?" Isabel asked, stopping her massage

      "No I wouldn't. Not unless Tess wanted the decision taken out of her hands but for now it is her call." Liz said

      "Good." Isabel said as she bent down to whisper in her lover's ear, "Cause abuse of power earns punishment and I don't want to damage one millimetre of skin."

      Liz turned her head and looked up at the blonde who was straddling her back. "You wouldn't do that." She said confidently

      "No, maybe not. But I do know all the right spots..." Isabel said as she started moving her hands to those spots, "...where your ticklish!"

      Isabel started to tickle Liz; the brunette squirmed as she laughed.

      "No, no, no, no...please...hah...not that...Hahaha...Isabel...please..."

      "Oh come on you love it." Isabel said as she continued her relentless assault on Liz's sensitive skin.

      Eventually she turned around under Isabel as the alien leaned over her. As their eyes connected Isabel stopped tickling and Liz stopped laughing. Gently Isabel brought her hand up and moved aside some of Liz's soft locks. Isabel then fixed her gaze on her companion's lips and slowly bent down. Their lips brushed together softly and they kissed, it was gentle at first as they stroked each other's arms. Then it became more heated as their touches became more intimate.

      "My parents are next door." Liz breathed

      "I don't care." Isabel said, "I love you, let me make you feel better."

      Liz unbuttoned her lover's shirt and pushed it open to expose the luscious breasts concealed within. The brunette looked at Isabel with a ravenous, insatiable hunger, just by being here Isabel had made her feel better. Her girlfriend was a gorgeous, sensual woman and Liz felt an inexplicable urge to explore the other woman's body with her mouth and hands. Isabel's breasts were a larger than her own, but Liz's were no less appetizing to the blonde who hovered above her. Liz reached up and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking gently, feeling the tiny nub stiffen even more in her mouth. Isabel's flesh was soft, sweet and enticingly warm on her lips. Isabel moaned softly as she suckled those mouth-watering breasts, raking her inquisitive fingers through her hair, encouraging her but Isabel didn't want her lover to strain so she bent down further so that Liz could lay back.

      Liz didn't need any urging. She moved from one breast to the other, sucking each nipple to stiff erection, her kisses were quickly becoming more and more passionate and more desperate. She pushed the other woman's blouse over her shoulders and let it fall off her back to the floor, leaving her boyfriend's sister naked from the waist up. A hunger ravished her body, guiding her every move and every touch, controlling her to please Isabel. She ran her hand along her side and placed it on Isabel's flat belly, enjoying the warmth of her lover's skin for a while. Isabel then realised that she was the one to be pleasing Liz, not the other way around.

      Isabel took hold of Liz's hands and pressed them to either side of her head. The sight of her lover sprawled across the sheets with her chest heaving with growing excitement, her face flushed, nipples erect and body undulating, crying out for her touch. She held Liz's gaze, wetting her lips seductively as she slowly leaned down to suck on Liz's tits.

      "You like this?" Isabel asked, already knowing the answer

      "Yes." Liz breathed

      Isabel grinned like a predatory animal. She unsnapped her shorts and slowly pushed them over her hips. Liz whimpered in frustration, eagerly waiting for the loving touch of the woman she loved. Isabel's thin, red silk panties hugged her tightly, she bought them especially for Alex's enjoyment but Liz's appreciation was more than welcome. She slid her hand down the front of her underwear to tease her moist slit as Liz watched on, stroking herself through the delicate fabric.

      Liz smiled; slowly she reached up rolled Isabel's panties over her hips to expose her wet core. The sudden rush of cool air moved her swollen clit, making her shudder with rapture. It was like a kiss, soft and gentle against her causing a throbbing ache deep within her. Her lover sucked in a sharp breath and released it with passion as Liz's eyes travelled over her naked body. The feel of Liz's appreciative stare made her even warmer and wetter, deepening the need to touch Liz even more. Liz looked up at her with pure want; her eyes were filled with the fire of desire. Isabel reached down and stroked Liz's cheek with the back of her hand, finding the skin smooth and warm with the oil she massaged her with.

      Liz gave a deep sigh as her lips trembled with excitement. Seeing her lover in such a state of arousal turned Isabel on tremendously, she couldn't help but to remember their first time together when they first explored each other's bodies. She bent down and took Liz's mouth in a kiss, hot and passionate, gently easing her tongue over Liz's lips. The brunette's tongue wrapping around hers in a frantic, intensely erotic dance that left them both gasping for breath.

      Isabel trembled as she listened to her girlfriend's melodic moans of pleasure, as their hands moved it like they were perfectly attuned to each other's desires and needs. She didn't know if it was because of the connection they shared from the Sharing, because they both women, or if it had something do with the alien pheromones that Isabel implanted in her body. No matter the reason, it seemed to both as if she could actually feel each other's heartbeat.

      Isabel pressed herself on Liz's nude body, the feel of the supple flesh pressed against her own was making her light headed as she took her lover's mouth again in a lingering kiss, sucking on the other woman's tongue hotly. Liz's hands slid up and down her back, tracing the curves of her body, moving over her shoulders then sliding down to caress the small of her back. Isabel devoured her lover's mouth with ravenous hunger, beginning to roll her hips wildly, grinding her thigh against Liz's wet heat.

      "Isabel...oh god...Isabel...oh yes!" Liz groaned as she caressed and squeezed Isabel's ass cheeks, pulling her even closer. Liz wrapped her slender legs around her lover's as the friction from Isabel's leg sent jolts of energy through their entangled bodies. Isabel arched her back, thrusting her soft thigh hard against her queen's slit until she could feel Liz's clit pulsing, searching for it's release.

      "Aughnnnnnnn...uhnnnnnn...oh Isabel...UGHNNNNNNNNNNN!" Liz moaned

      Isabel dropped a kiss on Liz's shoulder, moving her way down to suckle her left breast. The hard, pink nipples strained to meet her mouth. She took the plump little nub between her lips and sucked it hungrily, teasing the very tip with gentle flicks of her tongue. Her lover writhed on the bed, sighing breathlessly as Isabel took one breast and then other into her mouth, devouring them, stuffing her face into the sweet flesh. The pounding in her core throbbed like a the beat of a drum until...

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Liz cried out, her body was unable to take anymore of the sweet torture administered from Isabel.

      Liz's legs clamped down on Isabel's sides, making it impossible for her to move. Her eyes were closed as her body jerked and convulsed from her climax, her breathing ragged and unregulated. Gently Isabel caressed Liz's body, soothing the enflamed flesh. Then Liz slowly opened her eyes.

      "Feeling better?" Isabel asked

      Liz gently nodded as a smiled crept over her face. With a tender touch she ran her fingers over Isabel's cheek. "Much better." Then her face became serious.

      "You okay?" Isabel asked

      Liz quickly pushed Isabel off her and ran to the bathroom. She made it to the toilet just in time to bring the contents of her stomach up and into the bowl. Isabel made a beeline for the bathroom and cradled Liz.

      "What the hell's wrong with me?" Liz asked as she tried to regain her breath

      "I don't know." Isabel said sympathetically, "Come on, I'll get you back to bed and then I'll take some of that food up to Feln."

      Isabel helped Liz through to her bed and tucked her in before getting dressed. She spoke to Nancy and took a tub of food up to the mountain where she knew Feln would be.

      Granolith Chamber, Pod Mountain, 12:30

      "Ava, no!" Feln said as he entered commands into the Granolith

      "Why not?" Ava said in frustration, "All you have to do is use this thing to mind...futz the guy and boom, another couple ready to go."

      "I checked in with Kalen, we can not use the Granolith to alter anyone's attitudes. The bonds between humans and Antarians are delicate as it is, if he is to mate with you it must be done without any coercion. I can use the Granolith to push and nudge him a little but you must bring him around, you have to bring him make him see past his blood ties and bring him into this family." Feln said

      "Tess wont let me have a bonded relationship with him unless we love each other." Ava said

      "Oh." Feln said

      "I mean I know she can't order it but she can convince Liz and she can order me. Besides...I do want love." Ava said as she sat down against the wall

      Feln sat down next to her. "Ava, I can't imagine what you've been through in your life but all love is, is a collection of hormones and chemicals reacting in the body. Our people don't place a high priority when seeking mates but you are half human, if you want it then go for it."

      "Really? You wont hold it against us?"

      Feln chuckled, "No Ava, it was a part of why we sent you here. It has been many centuries since the majority of our people felt love; we consider this a new start for both Antarians and Humans. Even though our people will be dead, what we are will live on. But your Mr Reese, he is very, very attracted to you. Spend some time with him, our people are slightly empathic so scan his emotions, find the ones related to you and how he truly feels about the world around him... bring them out for a minute or two. See how he reacts, talk to him about them, and make him admit he has these feelings, especially the ones for Kyle. He'll need them to be able to cross the bridge into this family. But above all, arouse his senses, make him want you above all else."

      "That I can do, but how do I bring him into the family?" Ava asked, "The second he finds out about what we are...he'll run."

      "Liz didn't, neither did Alex or Kyle and Maria...well she didn't run too far!" Feln said, "If you can mate with him, Liz and the other girls will make love to you and bring you into fully into their family. Max and the others will do the same for your mate."

      "Do you think I can really get him?" Ava asked

      "Ava you are really strong, nothing of you should have survived when Serena took hold of your mind and body but you did. You're not a quitter, you fought for your life so now, now you get a chance to fight for your future." Feln said, "Now, go and do what ever you need to do to get him."

      Ava smiled before running out of the chamber. She barely acknowledged Isabel walk past her to the chamber.

      "Isabel. What can I do for you?" Feln said

      "Liz is feeling sick, her mother made this for her dinner last night and she started's just messy!" Isabel said

      "Liz is sick!" Feln said with concern

      "Yes, why?"

      "Isabel, the reason you and the other hybrids don't get sick is because of an incredible immune system. An immune system that was passed on to your mates, you know during the initial phase of your time on the Island. Alex has Max's, Kyle has Michael's, Maria has Tess's and Liz has yours. She shouldn't be sick." Feln said

      "Oh...okay, well this is the food..." Isabel said, doing her best to hide her fear

      Feln picked up his hexagonal scanner and examined the food down to the last microscopic particle. Then he looked at the results, "Oh no!" he said

      "What?" Isabel asked as she looked at Feln, "Feln, come on tell me. What's wrong with Liz?"

      Feln looked into the princess's eyes. "Something that shouldn't be wrong with her!"

      Hallway, West Roswell High, Between Classes

      Kyle was standing by his locker, waiting for Tess. They had their next class together and had a project to get on with. When they met up they kissed briefly and paused to look over their notes before heading to the class. The hallways were packed but everyone moved to the sides as Ava walked down the hall.

      "Hey Sammy!" Ava said as she approached Sam who was with other members of the team.

      "Ava." Sam greeted, his friends drooling

      "So...ditched the bitch yet?" Ava asked

      "Ava...I..." Sam stammered

      "Oh well. Oh by the way, FYI, dating a twin has a very nice perk... just ask Kyle!" Ava suggested seductively

      Kyle and Tess heard the comment and looked up, their eyes bulging. They weren't the only ones to hear it, every body in the hall looked at the couple.

      "Way to go Kyle!" Came one of the comments from one of the team, quickly followed by lots of others.

      "Damn man."

      "Lucky son of a bitch!"

      Then Kyle stopped them. "She didn't mean that! She was kidding!" he said loudly enough for everyone to hear him

      "Ava!" Tess growled

      "Well he's right, we haven't!" Ava said, "I'm game but Tess...well, she's the good girl!"

      Ava then walked off back down the hall, as far as she was concerned it was mission accomplished. Sam's interest was definitely rising; she could feel his arousal coming off of him. Ava might not be able to use the Granolith to completely waken Sam up to his own nature but a little twist and turn here and first she didn't think it would be up to much but now she was having fun.

      "Bye, bye sis!" Ava said as she walked past her family

      "Damn it man, she is totally hot for you." Said one of Sam's friends to him.

      "On fire it's more like." Said another

      Kyle turned around and rested his head on the locker. "Oh she's dead!"

      "Not to subtle is she?" Michael said as he and Maria came walking up

      "Everyone is gonna be talking about this...there isn't anyway this isn't getting to Jim." Tess said

      "Tell me about it." Kyle said

      Boys Locker Room, Roswell High, Last Class of the Day

      Kyle arrived for his football practice to find most of the team already present, including some of the younger players who usually stayed on the bench. The second he entered the room there was a round of applause from everyone. Sam was in the corner, when she saw Kyle he just looked at him. He was jealous; he had to admit it, not because Kyle was supposedly sleeping with twins but because one of them was Ava. He knew the second he saw her he was attracted, despite dating Pam, but he couldn't understand why he was attracted to her and not Tess.

      Kyle had to stop dead in his tracks.

      "Huh!" he said, it was all he could think of

      Then one of the freshmen players saw him and moved up to Kyle.

      "Oh my god, you're're Kyle Valenti. Dude you are a god...if I wasn't half naked right now I'd hug you." He said excitedly

      "Uhhhh...thanks...why?" Kyle said

      "Dude, your like totally screwing twins. Nobody we know even comes close to being that cool!"

      Kyle closed his eyes and breathed out in frustration, after nothing being mentioned since the incident with Ava he kind of figured that nothing much was going to happen. "Okay, everyone listen up! I have not now, or never have slept with Ava Harding. I'm dating Tess, that's it! Ava...she's just liberal with what she says and like to play with people heads."

      "Good to know!" came a voice from behind him

      "Coach!" Kyle said as he turned around

      "Alright I want all you bozo's out on the field...30 laps!" Coach Martins yelled, "Kyle get to my office."

      "Sir." Kyle said as the room emptied

      In the Coach's Office...

      "Sit down Kyle." The coach said before sitting down behind his desk, "Kyle you can guess what this is about. The facility have heard a few rumours and from what I just heard..."

      "Coach, believe me. Ava was just playing, she like that! I haven't done anything with her that you need to be concerned about...or is anyone's business other than my family." Kyle said


      "Sorry sir, I'm just on edge. It's not every day this kinda thing happens or that I'm treated like a hero for something I haven't done." Kyle said, " dad knows I'm seeing Tess, he has ground rules for us because we're under the same me all bases are covered. And trust me, Tess would...well it would be very painful to me if I even looked at Ava." Kyle said

      "Welcome to the wonderful world of women!" Coach Martin said

      "Then there's Ava. If I hurt Tess then she would...well you've seen Pam Troy's eye." Kyle said

      "Yes!" he trailed out, holding back his laughter. He didn't think it would be appropriate to mock the misfortune of a student, even if it was deserved. "Okay Kyle, why don't you get changed and out on the field."

      "Yes sir." Kyle said as he went back into the locker room

      Library, Roswell High, 16:00

      Pam was sitting in the library with her friends when Sam walked up. He had been thinking about this all day and it intensified with each interaction with Ava. Nobody had ever made his body react this way, even when Pam threw herself at him and she was an easy lay, it didn't take much to get into her pants. He figured that Ava would be a little harder, there was something about her and her so called family that he couldn't put his finger on, but he was sure that being with her would be a lot more fun.

      "You want to what?" Pam asked with disbelief

      "I want to break up with you." Sam said

      "You know that's the second time you've spoken and it sounds like your dumping me." Pam said

      "I am!" Sam said

      "You bastard, nobody breaks up with me."

      "Well I just did." Sam said, feeling more confident about it

      "It's that slut isn't it?" Pam said, "You're dumping me for her."

      "No I'm not...not exactly. I'm sick of it Pam, all your bitching, your complaining...everyday I hear you spout off about something different and then you go on about Parker, Deluca or one of the Evans...remember that time when Isabel helped out Parker when her grandmother was dying. You ragged on about her doing work that was beneath her, Isabel was being a good person and helping out a friend. It never stops and I want out. Then there is Ava. I've never met someone more open that she is, she isn't hiding the fact that he wants me and I want her...there I said it! And I don't feel like I have to hide what I really think with her, in fact I know I don't have to hide. I can relax and say what I least away from my parents." Sam said, "You can learn a lot from those people Pam...believe me, you and your little Alpha girl posse could get a lot of help from watching them and learning."

      Sam just turned and left. Several other groups in the library were watching intently while trying to appear as though they weren't watching. All smiled as the queen bitch was brought down a peg or two. Pam's friends just twisted their hair and didn't say a thing... what could they say.

      Before Sam reached the door, he spotted some people who he intimidated or bullied for being nerds, geeks, gay or anything else that made them 'different' in the eyes of those around them. "Guys, for everything I've done to you before...I'm sorry. If you need anything, just ask! You wont have any problems from me again and if... I'm just sorry!" Sam said before leaving.

      They were all speechless.

      In the corner behind one of the stacks stood Ava who was smiling. Then Maria came up behind her.

      "What did you do?" Maria asked

      "Nothing!" Ava said, "That was all him."


      "Really. No mindwarps, no tweaking, altering or twiddling and no Granolith...not that Feln would let me." Ava said

      "So what the hell just happened?" Maria asked

      "I guess I got to him...but this is only a first step." Ava said

      "Some would say that's the hardest one to take but it is a very good start." Maria said before turning a little shy. "If...if you want to, we can go spend some time together."

      "Are you sure you want to. I'm not my sister and I know that you love her." Ava said

      "I do love her and I know you're not her but...but..."

      Ava ran her hand down Maria's arm and took her hand. "But you're curious."

      Maria nodded.

      "Is there somewhere where we can go? You're place?" Ava asked

      " mom will be home and I think Michael is going to be at his place for at least an hour." Maria said

      Ava thought for a moment. "Ever done it in the girl's locker room?"

      "!" Maria said, knowing that she promised not to make love in school but that wasn't in the forefront of her mind right now.

      Ava smiled brightly, "Come on."

      Together the two girls left out of the library. The wall shimmered slightly and Feln emerged when they were gone.

      "You deserve it my lady." Feln said happily. He had set the Granolith to test Sam, to see if he was deserving of Ava, nothing that would take away his free will but enough to let his hidden side out, but its effect didn't kick in. He had already begun to break up with Pam by the time the Granolith began to send its signal. He could only assume that his apology came from being under the Granolith's influence. But, he found what he needed to know.

      To Be Continued...

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