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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 26

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 25, 2003

      Eraser Room, Roswell High, 12:30

      When Liz arrived at school her first stop was the eraser room, Max had sent her a message for her to meet him there.

      "What's going on?" Liz asked as he sneaked in and locked the door.

      "I heard on the grapevine that you've decided to let Ava join in on your little fun." Max said

      "Yeah, is that a problem?" Liz asked

      "Well it's's not...Liz she's new in town and given that damned cover story she made up and how she spent last night..."

      "So she made out with half the town. So what! She wants to know what people around here are like, after all she is going to half to pick one of them." Liz said

      "If she can find someone we can trust. And to be honest I think we got very lucky with you Maria, Alex and Kyle." Max said

      "Oh I know you got lucky, you got very, very lucky." Liz said seductively

      Max groaned. "Oh Liz please don't. Remember we're not allowed to do it in school and if you keep on..."

      Liz pressed herself against her lover and ran her hand down his face. "Is my baby lacking will power?"

      Max grabbed her hips and kissed her with the heat of a nova. Their tongues intertwined and Max pressed Liz against the wall, their hands were going everywhere. Max reached up to cup her breasts through her dress as she massaged his hardening dick through his pants.

      Then he backed away as fast as he could, struggling to catch his breath.

      "Liz...we...can't. We promised!" Max said

      "I...I know." Liz said breathlessly as she sat herself up on the desk

      Max then sat beside her and wrapped his arm over her shoulder. "We really do need more will power." He said

      "Maybe, but it's still fun." Liz said wickedly

      Max chuckled. "Yeah, yeah it is."

      Liz turned her head to the side and looked up into Max's eyes. "I need you Max. I don't think I can go through today without you inside me."

      The two kissed, although it was a little gentler than before. "You wont. We cant do it here but I am going to be with you before the day is out." He promised, "But back to Ava."

      "Yeah, Ava. Listen Max, while you were in New York I got to know her. We can trust her and I want her...and not just for sex." Liz said

      "What do you mean?" Max asked

      "She is a friend. When she was here, we told each other things...she could tell me things that she couldn't tell Lonnie and I could talk to her about my feelings for you. I missed that when she left." Liz said, "Besides, I'm the queen. If I say she stays she stays!" she teased

      "You may be the queen but I'm the king." Max teased back

      "Which is why you get to make love to me every night."

      Max looked at her for a second. "I don't make love to you every night!"

      "I know...your loss!" Liz tossed back

      "Oh come on! You're either with Tess, Maria or my sister...and now there's Ava." Max said, not believing his ears

      "And that's your excuse? Surely my dark haired, handsome lover wouldn't let three...four hot blooded vixens keep him from my bed." Liz said

      "Well one of them is my sister. And she is madly in love with you and Alex."

      "And I'm madly in love with her. The only person I love more is you." Liz said just as the bell rang

      "Damn...time to get back to work." Max said as he jumped off the desk and went to the door but Liz stopped him.

      "I meant what I said Max. Don't let them being with me stop you from being with me...I want you 24/7 so if I'm with them and you want me just come to me. They won't be going anywhere but I'll be yours." Liz said

      Max looked at her eyes and could feel the sincerity in them. He had certainly made love to her while the others were there and watched, of course most of the time they were also involved with each other. He shook his head to break him self out of the fantasy that was building in his head and opened the door.

      Command Centre, Alpha 1, 13:00

      Alarms were blazing everywhere. Everyone on the base was running around, trying to get to their assigned stations. As Kalen entered the command centre he saw the solemn looks on the faces as they looked up at him.

      "What? What happened?" Kalen asked

      "Sir, we've just received a message from Antar. Lord Larek died at 3am this morning."

      "What? I talked to him last night he was fine." Kalen said

      "Sometime after that the virus entered into a new mutation. None of our genetic enhancements are effective now, when the mutation hit it spread like wildfire through his body. Complete metabolic shutdown occurred within 5 hours. At the same time, roughly 12 million citizens also fell to the virus."

      "How long before..."

      "5 maybe 6 hours. After that Antar will be a dead world. Assuming the mutation is only limited to the home world then the colonies might last another week or so. A number of ships left before word of the mutation got out, they have already most of the way to their destinations."

      "What about other species?" Kalen asked

      "The only reason most of them are still alive is through genetic treatments we gave to them. If we are no longer safe...aside from samples of D.N.A we have here then this could very well be the last weeks out there."

      "And us?"

      "We were kept in cryogenic suspension, freeze the virus and it can't progress. We've been here for sixty years so that's how much time we have left. I've already sent a signal to keep Earth space clear of all traffic. By the time any ship reaches here, the crew will be dead but the virus will still be around."

      "Good. At least we'll have time to finish our work." Kalen said, "I want all Antarians on Earth to report immediately. Tie up their affairs...just in case. And contact Feln to let him know. I want him to keep in close contact with the hybrid units in the U.S. and I want every other hybrid set to be found, then transported here are soon as possible. I want the bondings to be complete within 6 months!"

      "Six months...sir, that's..."

      Kalen just looked at him.

      "Six months sir. What of the hybrid sets that don't have human counterparts?"

      "Bring them in to. They might as well know what's going on, at the very least they can aid in the protection of all the others." Kalen said

      "Yes sir."

      Kalen then left and went to inform the current residents of the island. After that he contacted his allies within the worlds governments. He had a lot of people to inform in the change in status but his plans were still in full go, he knew he couldn't just dump the technology on the world; there would be too many questions. At least through his arrangements a decent cover could be maintained and the hybrids and their future families would all be taken care of.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 17:00

      Liz was pacing back and forth in her bedroom, waiting for Max to arrive and it was driving her out of her skin. All day she had felt the urge to be with him but they never had an opportunity, at least one that wouldn't violate their parent's trust.

      "Come on Max. Where the hell are you?" she said to herself

      {Missing me?} She heard him say through their bond

      {Max where are you?}

      {On my way to you. Mom needed me to pick up some groceries.} Max said, {But I felt you the whole time.}

      {I need you Max. I haven't been with anyone else today...and I wont until you're inside me.} Liz said

      Max then sent a telepathic caress. Liz felt it over her entire body and it soothed her, she sat on the edge of her bed and closed her eyes. The invisible touch was completely intoxicating to her but not as good as the real thing.

      {Max, please.}

      {I'm coming my love.} Max said

      Then he knocked at her window. Liz jumped up and opened it, carefully walking backwards as Max slipped inside.

      "Hey." Liz said

      "Hi." He responded

      He continued to moved forward as Liz moved backward, inching ever closer like a predator preparing to make the final strike against its prey. Liz eventually was cornered up against her chest of drawers and Max approached her, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. When they were inches apart, Liz ran her hands over his hard, naked chest.

      "I love you." Max said

      "I love you." She said

      Max bent down slightly and ran his hands up her thighs. He moved up her legs, under the skirt of her dress and grabbed hold of her underwear. Gently he pulled the scrap of material down her legs and she kicked them off. One by one Liz undid the buttons on the front of her dress as Max undid the fastening on his pants; soon both were naked, their hands glided over each other.

      Max pressed himself tightly against his mate and kissed her hard & passionately. Liz lifted her leg and wrapped it around Max's leg. His hands trailed the bottom of Liz's rib cage, around her back and down to caress the soft flesh of her ass.

      Gently he lifted her up and sat her on the chest of drawers, spreading her legs as he moved in closer. The lovers looked at each other and Liz leaned back a little, giving Max the perfect angle to enter her.

      He moved closer and Liz wrapped her hands around Max's engorged rod. Gently she place the tip at her entrance and Max slowly entered her, both biting their lower lip to keep from crying out.

      "Max..." Liz gasped

      Gently he began to pull his hips back, then forward, back, forward, back, forward. His dick moved into Liz's tight, waiting body. He was getting further in with each pelvic thrust. They clasped their hands tightly together as her hips began to move in time with her lovers' gyrations.

      "Hmmm...aghhh...uhnnn...oh Max...oh yes...oh yes..."


      Their bodies were flushed, Liz's nipples were as hard as pebbles and they were getting hotter by the minute.

      "Damn, you two are hot!" They heard Ava say from the window.

      Max and Liz looked over his shoulder to see Ava sitting on the windowsill but they never stopped. The young lovers continued to grind against each other, not letting their guest get in the way of what they've been waiting for all day. Ava didn't move, she continued to watch and as Liz held Max's body close to her, she could look over his should and not break eye contact with the blonde.

      "Go for it her!" Ava said

      "Ugnnnn...oh god yes...ARGHHHHHHHHHH!" Liz cried out

      "Uhnn...ugnnn...ugnnn...UGNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Max groaned as he pumped his seed into his mate.

      As they relaxed together, Ava came into the room, stripping as she went. First her halter-top came off, then her denim skirt. She didn't wear underwear today and neither of the other two cared as they parted. Max could see the glimmer in Liz's eye and knew what she wanted. He wanted her to have it...her, so he moved to her desk and sat on the chair.

      Liz slipped of the chest and slowly moved toward Ava. Liz knew but was still surprised about how identical her body was to Tess. She placed her hands on the blondes' hips and guided Ava over to her bed. Ava rested on the soft mattress and Liz moved on top of her, kissing her lustfully as their bodies pressed together, their nipples scrapping against each other.

      "I've wanted you since we first met." Ava said huskily, while pecking at Liz's soft skin with her lips

      "I know." Liz said

      Liz gently kissed her way down Ava's body, stopping briefly to suck on the blondes' breasts. The whimpers emitted where like music to both Max and Liz's ears. Seeing their forms slide together drew in Max's gaze, even if he wanted to he couldn't look away from the erotic sight before him. Then Liz decided to venture further down. She drew her tongue over her soft, unblemished skin, and down over her tight stomach. Ava sat herself up on Liz's pillows; she wanted to watch as Liz brought pleasure to her.

      Liz briefly looked up into Ava's eyes before spreading the blonde's legs and latching her mouth onto her moist core. Liz ran the tip of her tongue over the length of her lover's slit.

      "Ohhhhhhhhh...yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. I've missed this." Ava said, her eyes rolling back into her head

      "Mmmmmmm." Liz moaned, stabbing her tongue in as far as it could go into Tess's sister.

      Ava reached down with one hand and ran her fingers through Liz's hair before pressing her head further in between her legs. Her other hand clutched Liz's sheets tightly as her body felt like it was rapidly becoming an inferno.

      "AGHHHHH...LIZ...FASTER, PLEASE!" Ava cried out

      Liz was thankful her parents were downstairs and out of earshot.

      "YES...YESSSS...OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Ava screamed as ever muscle in her body became tight and she came.

      The blonde didn't want to rest. She immediately pulled Liz up along her body and kissed her harder and with more passion than she ever kissed anyone else. Ava then rolled over, taking Liz with her. Their legs were between each other's, sliding against their slick, sweat soaked bodies. As their continued to kiss, Ava slipped her hand between them and cupped her core. She rubbed the palm of her hand back and forth over Liz's slit causing the brunette to circle her hips involuntarily.

      "OH...HHMMMM...Ava please...oh yeah...make me cum." Liz begged.

      "Count on it...your majesty." Ava promised. She put two of her fingers together and buried them deep inside Liz.


      She didn't last long, she couldn't. Everything that Max had done to her body and now Ava...her senses were to inflamed and couldn't take much more sweet torture. They looked at each other and kissed gently.

      On the chair to the side, Max was pumping at his cock, trying to get himself hard again so he could be back inside Liz but it wasn't working. He was on sensory overload and he loved it as much as he was frustrated! Liz and Ava looked over to him, the sides of their heads were touching.

      "I think you broke him." Ava said

      "Yeah. Pity...I was really in the mood for him again." Liz said

      "Well I can take care of that for you." Ava said as she got up off Liz and walked seductively over to Max. Then she knelt before him, opened wide and slowly wrapped her mouth around his limp dick.

      Max moaned in pure bliss as Ava's fulsome lips embraced his cock. His hand cradled the back of her head as she caressed him wetly with her tongue. His dick filled with blood, becoming harder as each second passed. Her fingers cupped his balls, fondling them before she sucked each nut into her mouth in turn, turning Max's knees into quivering blobs of jelly.

      "Oh yes!" he sighed as Ava ran her lips up his shaft and around his glands. When next she trailed down to his base, she was lightly running her teeth down his length. The exquisite sensation had him rising up on his toes.

      As Ava concentrated on rhythmically swallowing Max's ample length, she could feel the telltale signs of his cresting orgasm. Already she could feel his cock swelling in her mouth, even as she felt the semen surging in his balls and as she tasted the pre-cum on her tongue. However, her goal wasn't to make him cum, it was to make him hard for his mate. Quickly she backed off.

      "There, job done." Ava said as she flicked his throbbing cock with her finger and watched it bounce.

      Max stood up and grabbed Ava's body close to his. He felt no objection from Liz and kissed the blonde as a thank you, in fact all he felt from Liz was an overwhelming urge to be one with him again. Ava looked at Liz and could see it in her eyes; quickly she jumped onto the bed and kissed Liz again. She could see Max approach and moved onto her back. Gently she spread her legs and guided Liz between them. Liz's back was resting on Ava as the blonde eagerly spread her queen's legs for their king.

      Ava's slit was pressed against Liz's butt and knew that when ever Max thrust into Liz, she would feel it. "Come on Max. Take her like you want to." Ava begged.

      Max moved between Liz's legs and looked into the eyes of both girls. Within seconds he was buried inside Liz once again and both women moaned and writhed. Max's hands were all over Liz's petite frame. Liz's moved from Ava's thighs and up onto Max's body. Ava was all over the couple, her hands played with Liz's breasts, pulling and tugging on her nipples. The inside of her thighs caressed Liz's skin and her legs and feet ran wherever they could against Max.

      All the while, all three were grinding away. Max grinded into Liz, Liz against Ava and Ava doing whatever she could to please them. Every thrust and gyration was felt by all three. Max and Liz missed the wild and abandoned sex they experienced on the island and it felt good to get a taste of that back.

      "Ugnnn...LIZ...LIZ...LIZ!" Max groaned.

      Ava then slipped her hand between the lovers and felt Max's cock as it entered Liz. At the same time she fingered Liz's clit, the touches were intensely powerful to the couple.

      "LIZ...OH GOD AVA!" Max moaned

      "MAX...AVA...YESSSSSSSS!" Liz cried

      "LIZ...YES...OH GOD YES...MAX...HARDER, DO HER HARDER!" Ava screamed

      Max went faster and harder. Hearing two women cry his name went straight to his ego and as a result he came again.


      "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Ava screamed but her fingers kept on her pressure to Liz

      "Oh...UGNNN...AVA...AVA...MAX...PLEASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!" Liz cried out as her body convulsed against her two lovers.

      Max gently kissed both of them. He kissed Liz's lips and Ava's forehead. Ava couldn't help but kiss and lick Liz's shoulders, tasting the salty sweat off her body. Eventually Max withdrew from Liz and rolled to the side, and then Liz got off of Ava and moved between them. All three relaxed, softly caressing each other as they silently went over their memories of the encounter.

      A Few Minutes Later...

      "That was amazing. Not even Lonnie was that good and let me tell you, that girl had experience to spare." Ava said as she trailed a finger around Liz's nipple, "And Max...damn you've got stamina. You must have been inside her of hours, it certainly drove her nuts."

      "We live to please." Liz said as she kissed Ava's chin while running her hand over Max's hard chest.

      "So. Have you thought about any of the guys in town?" Max asked, his hand resting on Liz's naked thigh.

      "Oh there's one or two I wouldn't mind nailing. That Sheriff of yours...yum!" Ava said

      "Valenti? You wanna do Valenti?" Liz said

      "Yeah. So?"

      "Well number 1. He's twice your age, number 2: he's seeing Amy Deluca and number 3 he's like a dad to Tess." Max said

      "Damn it I was hoping he was single." Ava said

      Max and Liz looked at each other. "Can you believe this girl?" she asked him, not believing that it was only that fact that he was dating someone else that prevented her from perusing Jim.

      "Honey, we just had some pretty amazing group sex. Nothing surprises me much anymore."

      Ava smiled, these people were so pliable when it came to sex that she loved to play with their minds as well as their bodies. She knew it wouldn't be the last time she was with them and she couldn't wait. However, that didn't matter. She had found a place where she belongs and a family.

      "Then there's that boyfriend of Pam Troy's. Now there's a stud and a half. I felt him through his jeans at that rave and he was nearly as big a Max here." Ava said as she wrapped her hand around Max's dick again.

      "Ava. Mine" Liz warned.

      "What? You didn't mind when I gave him a blowjob and I can't help it if your boyfriend is so tasty." Ava said defensively.

      "Hmmm he is that." Liz said, licking her lips. "And back then...I was just too turned on to care. Anyway, back to the Troy situation. I forgot to tell you that I liked the bruise you left her. It had perfect shades of black and blue. Maria said it was aesthetically pleasing."

      "I'm guessing that's not all she said." Ava said

      "No, she said you were a bitch for not doing it when she was there to see it." Liz said

      "I guess I'll have to make it up to her." Ava said with a smile

      "Now, about her boyfriend. You do know he's a jerk who likes to beat up on any student he chooses." Liz said

      "But he's got a big dick." Ava said

      "He's racist, hates gays, lesbians and well everything." Max said, "Not the kind of person we need to take into our little group. It's probably why Pam's dating him."

      "Guys...he has got a great big dick!" Ava said while nodding and smiling. "I'll take care of the mind."

      "What do you mean you'll take care of the mind?" Liz said as she and Max looked at Ava

      "The Granolith. with your parents didn't it?" Ava asked and her new lovers nodded, "Well then. We get Feln to make a few attitude adjustments, make him a little more open. Once that's done we take things slow with him. We bring him in and let him know a piece at a time and if we think he's ready we tell him."

      "That's a good attitude but everything that happens has to be his choice...personality modifications could negate that." Max said

      "Oh yeah...I forgot about the free will thing. Okay, I'll ask Feln what can be done, besides I want this guy and if I can't have him then hopefully it can work with some other guy...with a big dick of course." Ava said

      "Ava you do know that size isn't everything?" Liz asked

      "Oh yeah, like you really think that. I bet the first time you saw Max here you didn't want to scream 'Thank god'." Ava said

      " is..." Liz said

      "Liz?" Max said

      "Yes my love?"

      "Size doesn't matter?" Max asked

      "Well...we girls have to tell you men something to boost your ego's." Liz said, "But don't worry. You have definitely nothing to be concerned in that department, none of you guys do."

      "Tell me about it." Ava said

      They both looked at her.

      "Oh I was over at Kyle's and Tess's earlier and saw him coming out of the shower...he thought I was Tess for a second." Ava said

      "Don't let Tess know about that." Max said

      "Why? She was there. She came in from the kitchen at the same time." Ava said

      "Honey?" Max said

      "Yes my king?" Liz responded

      "I think we need to get this girl under control." Max said

      "Or we could just keep her all to ourselves and wrap her up under my covers." Liz said

      "Hmmm...that's an idea." Ava said, "But this chick need variety...sorry. Hey what's Troy's boyfriends name anyway?"

      "Why am I not surprised?" Liz mumbled under her breath, "Sam, Sam Reese." She said louder

      "Ah well, even if I just screw him once to see how good he is it'll be fun. Hmmm." Ava said

      "What?" Max asked

      "Well, Kyle's pretty hot. Do you think Tess will be up for sharing?" she asked

      "Ava don't go there." Liz said

      "I think I'll ask her." Ava said, "I bet Kyle be up for twins to be permanently in his bed."

      "Ava if you try to make a move on Kyle..." Max said

      "Oh would you two relax. I'm not going to do anything without Tess's say so. I'm just going to give them something to think about in case the Granolith option takes a nose drive." Ava said, as she looked at Liz's clock. "Oh well. I better get going...Michael will be getting worried again."

      With that, Ava got out of the bed and walked naked over to the pile of clothes on the floor. Both Max and Liz watched as her butt moved from side to side, Liz lightly tapped the side of his face to get his attention back to her. Ava decided to play a little longer and bent over slowly to give the couple on the bed a good look as she picked up her panties and slipped them up her legs.

      "Get a good enough look guys?" Ava teased

      Max cleared his throat and looked down at Liz.

      "Oh wait Ava." Liz said


      "When I was with Isabel for the first time, there was this purple haze. It was the Pheromones in her becoming active and becoming apart of me. But with us there wasn't anything." Liz said

      "Oh yeah, I've been...was sleeping with Lonnie. I'm already active." Ava said

      "So how come you and Zan never..."

      "Never had a kid? Zan was never with Rath, neither of them were active." Ava said

      Ava finished dressing and left through the window.

      "I guess we better get dressed as well." Max said

      "Pity." Liz said, "I really miss being with you every day."

      "I know but we have to call Feln. The sooner we get him up to speed on Ava's plan then the sooner we can get an answer." Max said

      Reluctantly the two got out of bed and watched each other as they dressed.

      Dinning Area, Crashdown, 21:00

      The second the restaurant closed, Feln appeared in the back room and came out to speak with the group.

      "YOU WANT TO WHAT?" Feln said, and then remembered who he was talk to. "Sorry. You want to what?"

      "I'm guessing it's not a good plan then?" Ava said

      "No. Well unless he consents to the alteration but that's not likely to happen is it?" Feln asked

      "No, I guess not. It's just that he has this really big..."

      "Ava!" Max warned

      "Yeah, yeah I know. It's not everything." Ava said

      "What's not everything?" Isabel asked her brother

      "I'll tell you later." Max said

      "Is their nothing you can do? He is cute." Ava said

      "Ava, a part of why you're here is to find humans you can trust. Not pick some guy out of a party and twist his mind to you liking. If you can't trust him then he's not the one." Feln said, then he paused. "I suppose I could do a psychological profile on the boy but I'm not guaranteeing anything."

      "Hey, anything you can do?" Ava said

      "Actually the granolith idea isn't a bad one. At the very least we can get rid of another jerk from school." Maria said

      "Maria, we can't." Liz said, "We're the good guys remember."

      "And isn't the good guys job to get rid of the bad guys?" Michael asked

      "Well yeah. But I think people will notice if all the jerks at Roswell high start acting all respectable and nice." Liz said

      "We're talking just one guy Liz...well to start with." Tess said

      "Okay. I should be going, I'll shadow this...person tonight and scan him after he falls asleep." Feln said

      "He wont know anything happened will he?" Max asked

      "No. He'll just feel tired in the morning and have the whole loss of time thing...the usual abduction scenario." Feln said, "Goodbye."

      Ava then looked at Kyle and Tess. "Well guys, there is still option 2."

      "!" Tess said sternly

      "It was just a suggestion." Ava said, "'re boy here looks a little disappointed."

      Tess looked at Kyle and crossed her arms. "Kyle?"

      "It's just the fantasy know!" Kyle said

      "Well...maybe for birthdays!" Tess said, eliciting a smile from Kyle and Ava

      Max's Bedroom, Evan's Residence, 03:00am

      Max was fast asleep when Feln arrived in his room. The alien moved over to the sleeping hybrid and shook him awake.

      "Max. Max, wake up."

      "Gnnn...what?" Max said as his eyes tried to focus. "Feln...what...what time is it?"

      "Just after three." Feln said

      "In the morning?" Max said. "Goodnight!" Max rolled over and closed his eyes.

      "Max..." Feln said

      "What?" Max said.

      "I finished my scans." Feln said

      "How nice for you. Go tell Ava, she's the one that wants to jump his bones." Max said

      "Max. He's putting on an act." Feln said

      "What are you talking about?"

      "His parents are the ones who have the attitude problems and he's... well...he's not trying to cause problems. My scans indicate he has bisexual tendencies and actually he has an attraction to Kyle... something to do with locker room after a game.

      Everything he does is a cover, he's trying to deny himself and lashing out at those who embody what he's afraid of in himself." Feln said, "If he wasn't afraid, he could possibly be more open than Liz."

      "I don't get it? Why would anyone do that?" Max asked

      "You haven't studied psychology!" Feln realised

      "No, I'm a high school student...why would I?" Max said, "Listen Feln...I need my sleep, I have a busy day tomorrow so can you come back later and we'll talk."

      "Oh, yes of course." Feln said, "Sleep well, Majesty."

      "Night Feln." Max said

      As Feln vanished, Max turned so that he was face down on his bed and he pulled pillows over him. "They're nuts. Every single last one of them is nuts!" he groaned before falling back to sleep.

      To Be Continued...

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