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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 25

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 20, 2003

      Command Centre, Alpha 1, 09:00 The Next Morning

      Feln had reported to his peoples base on Earth and was enjoying catching up with his brother Kalen. However they had one thing to deal with that they were responsible for. As Nicholas's brothers they spent last night sitting in silence under the moon, looking out over the ocean. As much as they hated their brother, he was family and they couldn't ignore that. As the sun rose over the horizon they stood and walked silently back inside.

      "So, Ava's decided to stay with the group." Kalen said

      "Yes. Right now it's the only family she has...well family that she can trust not to try and kill her." Feln said

      "What about Rath and Lonnie? Has their still been nothing on them?" Kalen asked

      "Our operatives are everywhere but no, nothing. Ava may have some of Serena's memories and we know that she followed them for a while but whether or not they're still alive is anyone's guess." Feln said, "How does Ava affect the arrangements for the group?"

      "Well our little surprise is already built but it's only for the four couples. I don't think it would take much to modify but she doesn't have a human mate or had her pheromone glands awakened." Kalen said

      "Hmm. But then I don't suppose it would take long for our young queen to induct her, assuming she can find a male who she can entrust with her secret." Feln said, "There is also the matter of the phases that the hybrids and their mates went through."

      "The phases are apart of our tradition but are not completely necessary. We only used them here to increase the levels of trust between them, the love between them was just a bonus." Kalen said

      "And her power levels? Without the Sharing Ava will only be limited to mind warps and if Max and the others go through a second one they will die. Their human blood just wont be able to take it." Feln said

      "I know, I know but there isn't much we can do." Kalen said

      "Speaking of our surprise, is there any word on when it'll all be complete?" Feln said

      "Not yet. Possibly within...oh a month. Oh and get this. Our two sets of hybrids from the U.K., they're already onto phase 3." Kalen said

      "That was fast. By this time, Liz and Tess weren't even considering sleeping together for Phase 2." Feln said

      "I know. Our current guests are certainly horny little devils and we've also located hybrid groups in South Africa, Egypt, France, Germany, Russia, Siberia, Peru, Rio De Janeiro, China and Japan. Most have humans they can trust and we'll make similar preparations for them after they leave the Facility." Kalen said

      "We should have really kept better track of where we sent each of the pods. It would have saved a lot of time in tracking them down." Feln said

      Living Room, Michael's Apartment, 10:00am

      Ava had spent most of the night out and about. Eventually she came across a rave in the old soap factory and spent the night partying away, every so often she slipped away with a different guy or girl. She never went very far with them but she wanted to know what the people of this little desert town were made of. For the most part she liked it! She liked it a lot!

      The only down point was when she was dancing provocatively with one of Kyle's team-mates who turned out to be Pam Troy's current boyfriend. Pam saw them together and stormed up to them. At first she thought that it was Tess putting the moves on her property but soon she realised it was Ava. When Pam grabbed Ava's hair and yanked her back, the alien quickly wrapped her own arm around Pam's and used it to give her leverage. Ava pulled down slightly but the position caused Pam to go up onto her tiptoes and wince in pain. Then came the punch that sent Pam flying to the ground.

      Oh boy did she have fun that night!

      Eventually the sun came up and the rave disbursed. Ava came home to find Michael pacing back and forth.

      "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Michael yelled, he and most of the group had the first few classes off.

      " need to breath." Ava said


      She smiled. "You were worried about me!" Ava said

      "Your damned straight!" Michael said, agitatedly

      "You were actually worried about me." Ava said

      "Yeah, we covered that!"

      Ava walked over to her cousin and kissed his cheek. "Thank you."

      "Come again?" Michael said

      "The only person who worried about me! Zan cared but he would have been concerned if I didn't come home but not until well into the day and not nearly as much as you. Thank you." Ava said

      "Okay. So where were you?" Michael asked, slightly calmer

      "At a rave in some kind of factory."

      "The old soap factory?" Michael asked


      "There was a rave?" he asked

      "Yeah." Ava said, trailing it out

      "There was a rave in this town and I didn't know about it? I can't remember the last time that happened...wait that's never happened! Who was at this thing?" Michael said

      "Uh, by the looks of it nearly everyone in your school."

      "Huh! Okay, fine. Nobody tells me that's just great!" Michael said as he thumped down in the seat.

      "Are you actually in a huff?" Ava said

      "In a huff about what?" Maria asked as she came out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a thong and one of Michael's shirts, one that wasn't closed.

      Ava looked over the vixen briefly before shaking herself out of her appreciation. {Damn my family's lucky} she thought to herself. "There was a rave last night. Michael didn't know about it." She said

      "Really?" Maria asked, "Well you must be hating yourself right now. Did my little Spaceboy miss a party?" she said as she plopped down in his lap

      "It's not about missing it." Michael said, "I know when and where every party, concert, rave and suds event happens. I never not know!"

      "What's a suds event?" Maria asked

      "Sex Party. People get together in a big pit, it fills with suds and they have sex." Ava said

      Both looked at her.

      "Hey I am from a sewer in New York. We had to do something to entertain ourselves." Ava said

      "Really. Hummm...we should really hold one of those. Anyway. Michael, we've been away for a while and maybe you're not quite aware of everything as you used to be." Maria said

      "Maybe." Michael said

      "You two did miss a hell of a party last night. This bitch came up to me and I knocked her down so hard she didn't get up in a hurry." Ava said

      "Ava!" Both Maria and Michael said together.

      "Hey she started it and no powers, so we're clear. I tell ya, she deserved it thought...oh what did her boyfriend call her...Sam... something." Ava said

      Maria looked up. "Not Pam? Pam Troy?"

      "Uh yeah. That's it!" Ava said

      "DAMN IT! DAMN IT TO BLOODY BUGGERING HELL!" Maria said, jumping up off of Michael and moving to the window.

      "Something I said." Ava said

      "Pam Troy is the resident snotty bitch of West Roswell High. Maria's pissed because she missed it!" Michael said

      Maria moved back over to Ava. "Ava. Tell me, tell me there is a bruise or some sort of really hideous mark." She begged

      "Oh that's for sure!" Ava said with a happy nod.

      Maria looked up to the roof. "There is a god!" she said before running to grab her clothes.

      "Where are you going?" Michael asked

      "Are you kidding? I'm picking up Liz and we're getting to school, w have got to see this." Maria said happily. She pulled on her top and tossed Michael his shirt back, all that Michael and Ava saw next as the door slumming shut behind the blonde human

      "I can see what you see in her." Ava said, "I'm definitely going to like it here...assuming I can get laid."

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, Same Time

      Max and Alex had gotten together this morning to do work on one of their many class projects. Both were sitting at the desk, working on Alex's computer that he had brought over to type up their work to date.

      Then Alex yawned.

      "Up late last night?" Max asked

      "A little." Alex said

      "I'm guessing Isabel." Max said

      "Yeah. She was friskier than usual, she just kept going and going..." Alex stopped when he realised who he was talking to.

      "Alex it's fine. She may be my sister but she's your girlfriend. Besides the two of you have made love to each other right beside Liz and me." Max said

      "I know but things just seem different here. Before, on the island, we could go anywhere and be completely open but now..."

      "Yeah. Liz is feeling the same, hell we probably all are." Max said, "Wait here, I'll go make some coffee."

      Max left and Alex stood up to walk around. That was when he spotted the videocassette poking out from under Max's pillow.

      "Here we go." Max said as he gave Alex a mug

      "Thanks. Hey, what's on the tape?" Alex asked

      "Oh I haven't watched it made it." Max said

      "Oh. OH!" Alex said with a smile

      "Actually she isn't in it. She only filmed Maria, Tess and Isabel but she did say not to watch it without you Michael and Kyle."

      "Well...I'm here!" Alex said

      Max smiled.

      Alex smiled

      "I think it's time we took a break." Max said

      Max put the tape in his VCR and sat on the bed next to Alex. Within seconds they were greeted with the sight of three women stripping each other and grinding their bodies together. With each moan and whimper, the boys tightened their fists as they felt their underwear become very, very restrictive.

      "Oh." Alex said

      "My." Max said

      "God!" both said in unison.

      Sub-consciously they ran their hands over the length of each other's thighs. For a moment, the two young men just looked at each other. Then Max got up with one fluid motion and knelt behind Alex. He grabbed Alex's black t-shirt with both hands and pulled it out of the waistband of his pants. He ran both of his hands under the soft material, skimming his palms over the planes of Alex's chest, revelling in the feel of solid muscle under his fingers. Alex moaned as those knowing hands reached his nipples; then there was that extra thrill of actually being able to lean back against a strong, hard chest. It had been a while since he and Max made love and he'd missed that! His head fell back against Max's shoulder and a hot wet tongue was taking his mouth as his lover pushed the shirt up and out of the way.

      Reluctantly, Max disengaged himself from his friend and pulled the dark material over Alex's head. He let the garment fall to the floor and resumed stroking the smooth skin, nipping gently at the other's neck. Another deep rumble was his reward, and he soothed the tiny, stinging bites with his tongue, filling his senses with the taste of Alex's skin. Then, his hands wandered lower. Deftly he unfastened the leather belt, opened the fly and let his hands dip into the waistband of the tight briefs Alex wore underneath. The jeans slid down unheeded. Max pulled the briefs away from the erect cock, pushed them down and began to stroke the naked hips. All the while the looked up at the three women on the tape. Max was careful not to touch the straining cock; instead, he stimulated Alex's pubic bone and thighs as far as he could reach, causing the other to squirm in his hold.

      Alex swayed for a moment as he was released from that heated embrace, then opened his eyes. He was almost completely naked, while Max was still fully dressed. A quick glance towards his groin confirmed what he'd felt when Max had pressed himself against his back: his friend's dick strained just as hard against his pants as his own had done and he was breathing just as fast. Casting a smouldering glance at Max, Alex stepped out of his shoes and pants, removing his socks on the way. He knew that Max had always enjoyed looking at him and with a look of wanting he began wandering around the room, parading his nudity to Alex. Max watched his friend with a mixture of amusement, challenge and admiration. Smiling, he slowly began to unbutton his shirt; his eyes never left the powerful figure displaying himself to him.

      Alex watched as one piece of clothing after the other fell to the floor until Max was just as naked as he was. Then both stood up from the bed and stood still for a long moment, then stepped into each other's arms again. They moaned in unison at the intense sensation of skin against skin. A bit of gentle shifting around and their groins rubbed against each other, two straining hard cocks meeting and sliding against silky flesh. Their hands again began to roam over every surface they could reach while their mouths met and opened under demanding tongues. When they finally came up for air again, they were both laughing breathlessly.

      Alex thrust his hips gently into Max's, feeling an answering rhythm. He thought for a moment and then looked into the slightly taller boy's eyes. Glancing past him, he saw the desk chair in the corner and an idea came to him. Disentangling himself from the strong arms, he gave Max a slight push in that direction.

      "Sit down." Alex said, ordering the king. "Let me start this time."

      "Fine by me." Max said as he moved over and sat down in the seat. Alex followed, grabbed a cushion out from behind him, put it on the floor and knelt down on it. Then he pushed Max's legs wide apart and positioned them so he could easily get between them.

      Max's crotch was now very close to Alex's face and he was totally exposed to the lustful stare. His cock lay hard against his stomach, already jerking with small, involuntary movements as Alex's hot breath wafted over it. However, Alex only pressed a brief kiss against the pulsating head. Then he began the slowest, most excruciating torture Max had experienced since Liz cornered him in the islands pantry. He loved every minute of it!

      Alex began by running his hands whisper-light touches along the spread thighs, skimming the soft skin only with his fingertips. He skirted around the straining erection, lightly nudging the balls with the back of his hands, then gliding over and around the pubic area and hips and back. Again and again he repeated that caress until Max could have screamed with frustration. He reached out to touch himself, but a soft command stopped him.

      "No...bad king Max. Don't do that!" Alex said

      Groaning deeply, Max gripped the cushion instead and closed his eyes. His hips began to squirm, but his lover still wouldn't touch his needy organ. Finally, when he was on the brink of begging, he felt a slight movement in the body kneeling between his spread thighs. Before he could drag his eyes open, a soft moist touch whispered against the base of his cock. Moaning loudly, he started to relax, but rather than up to the already leaking tip, the gentle caress moved lower, to lick carefully through the dark curls covering his balls, rolling them around, sometimes sucking gently. Soon the entire surface was bathed in cooling moisture and then quickly, with one movement he engulfed Max's organ.

      Every instinct screamed at him to grab his friend's head and thrust his demanding manhood further into that talented mouth, but Alex's earlier command held him still. Alex wrapped his fingers around Max's tool and as his mouth sucked with unrelenting determination as his hand stroked up and down.

      "Uhnn...Alex...oh uhnnnnn...UGNNNN...OH GOD...UGHNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Max groaned as he filled his lover's mouth with his seed, which was promptly swallowed.

      As Alex backed off, Max stood up. The two came together in a searing kiss as Max walked Alex backwards towards the bed. When they fell down on it a playful wrestling match began, one that included nips, licks, pinches and gropes wherever they could be slipped in. The gliding of skin against skin, the scent of lovemaking and hot breath whenever one managed to fasten his mouth to a particularly sensitive spot soon revived their passion, and within minutes, their cocks were back at full stand. Alex rolled them to their sides so that they lay facing each other. Their legs were intertwined and they both tried to bring their groins into closer contact. Alex freed one of his hands and with a bit of manoeuvring, managed to grasp his lover's straining erection in one hand as Max grasped his. They then began to slide their hands up and down, stimulating both pricks at the same time.

      Max shuddered and but pressed himself closer to Alex, letting his senses take over. Their combined hands glided smoothly over their man-hoods, heightening their pleasure. Mouths met in another heated duel; they began pumping their hips as their tongues licked and sucked at each other. Max used his free hand to roam over his friend's torso, stroking and pinching the dark nipples as best he could.

      Alex growled his pleasure. All too soon, he could feel his balls drawing up, hardening in their sac and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. Placing his hand on Max's head, he pulled his lover on top of him and pressed his lips to the wet mouth, thrusting his tongue deeply into the hot cavern. Then with a final thrust into Max's hand he came, jerking several spurts of semen all over their close-pressed hips.

      That proved too much for his lover. Gripping Alex's hips with both hands, Max pumped him-self against the slick skin, thrusting until he too gave up his load with a shout of release. Both young men collapsed on the bed, Max still on top of his best friend, until they regained their breath.

      They relaxed until they had cooled off, talking and touching all the time. Both teenagers knew they weren't finished by far, but their free time was nearly over and they knew they had to get back to work; they had a lot to catch up on. Their hormones continued to simmer and soon the occasional brush against hard pecs or along a muscular thigh became more focused. Light and dark brown eyes took on a more determined glint as their passion rekindled. It was nice to take their time, but the time could no longer be denied.

      "As much as I want to stay on this bed with you, we need to finish that report so we can type it up later." Alex said

      "I know." Max said as he wiped a narrow trail of sweat from his lover's brow. "I love you."

      "I love you too." Alex said, "I'm just sorry we can't be completely open, I'd like to actually go out on a date with you."

      "I know. Me too. Hey what about a double double date?" Max suggested

      "Double double?"

      "Yeah. Liz and myself, along with you and Isabel but it'll also be me and you and Liz and Isabel. Double Double!" Max said

      "I like it. I like it a lot, let's ask them later at school." Alex said

      Both then reluctantly got up off the bed and got dressed. It was only then that they remembered about the tape and Max didn't want his mother to find it so he quickly hid it under his floorboards. He couldn't wait to see what Liz and the others could come up with next but he also wanted to return the favour.

      Pod Chamber, Mountain, 12:00

      Isabel had come up here to be somewhere peaceful but she needed to speak to Michael about something. Unfortunately he was taking his time in getting here and she had no doubt it was either because of Maria or Kyle. Then the door to the cave opened and Michael walked in.

      "You took your time." Isabel said

      "Yeah, Ava kicked the crap out of Pam Troy last night and Maria rushed off to check out the bruise. And as usual, her car wouldn't start so I had to fix it." Michael said

      "Well at least you're here now." Isabel said, the tone in her voice conveyed her nervousness

      "What's going on?" Michael asked

      "Well you know it's Alex's birthday in three weeks right?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah, I'm getting him new brake pads." Michael said happily

      "Brake pads? He doesn't have a car." Isabel said

      "A technicality!" Michael said

      "Anyway, you still do the painting thing?" Isabel asked

      "Not as much these days but yeah, why?"

      "I want you to paint me, a portrait for Alex."

      "Sure no problem."

      "Nude." Isabel said

      "Nah uh. No way." Michael said quickly

      "Why?" she asked

      "Because I don't want him thinking about how you were naked in front of me for a long time. Remember on the island when I stuck my bog toe in you because I thought you were Maria? Alex really freaked and went all animal on us. My throat still hurts when I think about it." Michael said

      "Yeah, okay." Isabel said; she was slightly disappointed, "Wait, what if I'm covered? Still naked but I have...uh...something thin, maybe transparent covering me."

      "You really want this?" Michael asked

      "Well yeah. I mean, nothing porn like. Just classic, tasteful... something for just me and him." Isabel said

      "Can I think about it?" Michael asked

      "Sure." Isabel said, "But we do only have three weeks and I don't know how long these things take."

      "Just out of curiosity. Where would you want to do this? What setting?" Michael asked

      "Well there really isn't many places in town to do this so I was thinking on the mountain top. Maybe sitting or lying on a rock." Isabel said

      Michael nodded. "I'll let you know tonight."

      Michael's Apartment, Same Time

      Ava had borrowed some of Maria's nail polish and was busy painting her toenails in a blood red colour as Tess let herself in.

      "Hey sis." Ava said

      "Hey. That's a great colour."

      "Thanks. But I borrowed it from that girlfriend of yours." Ava said

      "Actually it's Maria I'm here to talk to you about." Tess said

      "Yeah, yeah I know. I'm not going to tread on your territory Tess, I'm not going to do anything to screw up my life least until I've completely settled in."

      "Thank you and I know you wont screw it up. But what I came to say... I've talked with the other girls about this and if you want...well... they're more than willing to include you in out little sex club. And if Maria and you want to, I wont stand in your way. I know she's in love with me and I'm not worried." Tess said

      Ava looked at her sister straight in the eye. "Thank you...that's... thank you. I could use a little frustration relief but thank you for this." Ava said, not knowing what else to say

      "Your welcome! Just remember, our elders would like our trysts kept to the bedroom!"

      "I'll remember." Ava said, her head suddenly filling with a thousand images of what she wanted to do with each of her new potential lovers. Oh happy days!

      To Be Continued...

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