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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 24

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 10, 2003

        Michael's Apartment, Roswell, 12:30

        "Well here it is. It's not much but it's all I ever needed." Michael said as he let Ava into his home.

        "Believe me, compared to the places I've stayed in this is great." Ava said

        "Uh...yeah." Michael said as he looked around and picked up a small fork that had been lying around. He held it in his hand and it glowed. When he opened his hand the fork was now a key and after testing it he gave it to Ava. "There we go."

        "My very own key. This is a first for me." Ava said, "So where to I sleep?"

        "You can take my room for now. There is another bedroom but I just use it to store junk. I'll clean it out at the weekend." Michael said

        "Oh yeah. You've got the school thing to do. You better get going, you've already missed out this morning...I'll do a little walking about and get to know this town." Ava said

        Michael turned to pick up the keys to his bike but stopped. "Ava. You do know what's going on with us don't you?"

        "Yeah. I have some of Serena's memories and Nicholas filled her in on the virus as well as the things you" Ava said

        "And is that going to be a problem for you?" Michael asked

        "Not really. Zan and Rath used to disappear at times so Lonnie and I... well, we entertained ourselves." Ava said with a smile but then remembered what Lonnie and Rath did.

        "Are you okay? I mean you and Zan..."

        "Oh we weren't in love or anything. We were told that we were involved on Antar so we accepted it. But we just never felt anything other than a close friendship." Ava said

        "You two were still having sex though right?" Michael asked

        "Yeah, so?"

        "Nothing, just trying to understand it." Michael said, "But now that you are here, what do you plan on doing?"

        Ava just looked at her cousin and sat down on the sofa. She didn't have an answer!

        Michael moved to her side. "Well what ever you have family here, you'll always be welcome and we'll do what ever we can to help you."

        "Thanks Michael.! Go! I have a feeling you've got to put in an effort now."

        "Tell me about it. Amy's certainly got my by the balls and if I want to date Maria..." Michael said, "Anyway, I'll see you later."

        "Bye Michael." Ava said as Michael closed the door. Ava looked around her new home and spotted the fridge. "Oh, munchy attack."

        West Roswell High, 20 Minutes Later

        Tess was walking over to her locker to get the books for her next class. She had spent most of her lunch break talking to the school councillor about Ava's sudden appearance and she felt drained. Through their telepathic link Max and Liz sent her the information on what they had told their gym teacher and the other students.

        "So how'd it go?" Liz asked as she leaned against a nearby locker

        "I don't think I've ever been asked that many questions." Tess said

        "Well you're dead sister just came back into you're life. It's a big thing." Liz said

        "Exact words of the councillor." Tess said, "The question is, what does she plan on doing here?"

        "Tess, you don't have to worry about Kyle or Maria. They're completely devoted to you and Michael."

        "Maybe." Tess said

        "Besides, I've got a feeling Kyle's got a fantasy involving identical twin sisters. I know I have." Liz said with a smirk

        "Liz!" Tess said with a warning tone.

        "Sorry." Liz said, but she wasn't.

        Then Michael arrived and immediately moved up to his cousin. "Hi, how are you doing?"

        "Fine. How's Ava?" Tess asked

        "She's settling in. Ava said that she'll tour the town and before you ask, I've already told Valenti and he's told the others so they don't freak. He said he'll also call Feln about this." Michael said

        "Good." Tess said

        Motel, Outside Roswell, 13:00

        Ava did have one other reason for wanting to get out. While she didn't have all of Serena's memories, she knew there was something that was left in the motel room and that it was important. Ava moved up to the counter in the off ice and rang the bell.

        "Hi what can I help you with?" the manager asked

        "Hi. I was here a few days ago."

        "Oh yeah I remember, you were here with that kid."

        "Yeah. Anyway I left something in there and I was wondering if you could let me in to get it." Ava asked

        "I go through all the rooms, I checked yours out and didn't find anything."

        "I hid it." Ava said

        "Oh well." The manager said as he grabbed the master key.

        The two went to the room and Ava was let in. The manager watched from the door as Ava moved down beside the bed and out of his sight. She waved her hand over an area and a silver handprint appeared before she pushed her hand through the wall. She pulled put the collection of papers that Serena had been working on since she took over her body and then pulled out the hexagonal device. She pulled her bag off her shoulder and put the items inside.

        "Thanks. All done." Ava said

        "You're welcome." The manager said as he moved further inside the room and closed the door.

        Ava looked back and forth between the man and the door. "Uh...the door closed there."

        "Yes it did."

        "To go through it, it needs to be open." Ava said

        "But we're not going through it. At least not for a while."

        He moved towards Ava like a hunter stalking his prey. Ava moved back up against the wall and he continued to move closer to her until he was inches away.

        "Come on babe. I heard you with that kid...I want you."

        "You try this you'll regret it." Ava said calmly

        "Oh I don't think so."

        "Look behind you." Ava said

        "So you can kick me in the balls, oh I don't think so."

        He took hold of Ava arms and pushed her over so that she fell onto the bed. When he moved around he stopped dead. Surrounding Ava on the bed were several cobras, poised to strike. However, Ava's mind warp wasn't only limited to snaked. Around the room she created several demon like flying creatures with very sharp teeth.

        Ava slid off the bed and picked up her bag. "Told you." She said before turning to one of her illusions. "Have fun guys."

        Ava left and locked the door with her powers.

        "ARHH...ARHHHH...HELP ME...ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she heard through the door.

        "That'll teach you not to try and rape people you son of a bitch." Ava said

        3 Hours Later...

        The paramedics had arrived and were wheeling the manager out on a gurney. He was completely catatonic and unresponsive but still very much alive.

        "Jesus. Look at his face."

        "He looks like he was scared out of his mind."

        Woods, Behind Roswell High, Same Time

        Alex and Isabel had the last few classes off together thanks to some miraculous scheduling by whoever made up the timetables. As a result Alex arranged for a little picnic that they decided to eat in the woods. Ever since their return from the island they missed the time they spend in the jungle and this was the closest they could get.

        "You know this is nice." Isabel said as she ate a sandwich.

        "Yes it is. But it's not the same." Alex said

        "No. Maybe if these woods were thicker..." Isabel said

        "And some animal noises." Alex continued as his hand subconsciously ran the length of Isabel's leg

        "Hmmm...animal noises." Isabel said wickedly

        Alex ran his hand up to cup Isabel's face and he kissed her. Their contact was filled with fire as Isabel placed her hand behind his head. Instinctively they knew what was coming next and neither wanted to deny it. While Isabel slipped into his bed during the night at least three times a week, he was no where near comfortable making love to her while her father was within 500 feet from her.

        One by one they removed each other's clothes until they were completely naked. They didn't care that they could be caught or the fact that they would be doing it in dirt, all that mattered was the feel of their skin touching each other.

        Gently Alex eased Isabel onto her back and parted her legs. He moved on top of his mate and eased himself inside her. Alex wasn't in any hurry and neither was Isabel, he liked being inside her and just held his position as he caressed, licked and kissed her skin.

        Isabel's hands were roaming over his back. She could never get enough of the way his hard length filled her, that in itself was intoxicating but then there was the feel of his hands and lips on her body. He kissed her nipples, breasts, cleavage, throat, neck and chin...everywhere! Each other's scent was causing their blood to boil.

        "Alex." Isabel gasped as he nibbled on her ear

        However, after an hour of teasing each other's skin, neither could resist the urge to complete their mating much longer. Slowly Alex began to move within Isabel and with a cry of delight; she wantonly wrapped her legs around Alex's waist. Isabel met his gentle strokes with her own movements. Grabbing Alex's hair, she pulled his mouth to hers. She felt her body coiling, straining and arching against him. Isabel pressed against him even tighter than before, impossibly tight. He wrapped an arm around her to hold her in place, as his strokes steadily became sharp, quick thrusts that left her gasping and moaning for more.

        "Oh god...Isabel...Isabel...Isabel...I...I love you!" Alex groaned

        "Alex...more...deeper!" Isabel cried

        Alex moved up onto his knees and grabbed hold of her legs. He lifted them up onto his shoulders and, as requested, he went deeper inside his lover. His thrusts were like a frenzy, he was eager to fill her with his seed as the idea of making her pregnant with his child entered into his head...and hers. They both wanted it but knew it was too soon in their lives. It was the only thing that was keeping them from deactivating their birth control devices, that and that they didn't want to be a disappointment to their parents. Kalen also requested that they not breed until "Everything was in place!". That had always been a mystery to them.

        "OH GOD...ALEX...ALEX...YES!" Isabel screamed louder, but not enough to draw attention.


        As her orgasm rocked her, Isabel's head tossed back, cutting loose with a guttural, lusty cry, then it snapped forward; she buried her face in his shoulder, biting down on the curve of muscle and bone to stifle her cries even as her nails dug into his back

        Alex's hips drove into her one final time and everything he had been holding back erupted into Isabel's pussy. His shout rivalled Isabel's in its sheer primal intensity. He continued to piston into her snatch until the last fiery ripple of pleasure faded away. Only then did Alex stop moving and wrapped his exhausted arms around Isabel, he kissed her hotly, their tongues languorously twining about each other.

        "So did you enjoy that?" Isabel cooed as she ran her hands over her arms

        "That was amazing...fantastic...oh wow!" Alex said, panting for air. He rolled off of her but moved to his side, cuddling her body close to him.

        "We really should get dressed. Anybody could come through here." Isabel said

        "That didn't bother you for the last couple of hours." Alex teased

        "Well what can I say, you can cause quite a distraction." Isabel said, all the while they kissed gently and sporadically on the lips.

        "Why thank you." Alex said

        "Keep that ego in check boy. Or I might just kick you out of my bed." She mocked

        "You wouldn't."

        "I still have Liz and she's a firestorm in bed. She can make me cum and cum and cum." Isabel taunted

        "Okay, you me and Liz in a room together. First to make you cum 10 times wins!" Alex suggested, having fun

        "Hmmm...maybe I'll just keep you both." Isabel said

        "Oh I don't know, a little competition is a healthy thing." Alex said

        "10 times a piece...if you could go that long! I certainly wouldn't be leaving the bed in a hurry." Isabel said

        Both laughed as the stood up and dressed. Alex packed up their picnic and they went back to his place for a little television.

        Living Room, Michael's Apartment, 18:00

        The group had gathered in Michael's apartment, Ava was sitting in the middle of the room and Feln was scanning every inch of her body.

        "So how is she?" Tess asked

        "Well...she looks okay. The healing stones have regenerated her original neural pathways so she is who she was. But there is still at least 10% of the pathways present that made up Serena."

        "So she's still in me?" Ava asked

        "A little. Probably nothing more than memories but you should expect a few personality quirks but I think our medics could take care of that." Feln said, "What did you do with Serena?"

        "I locked her inside the black healing stone and put that in a block of rock which is now at the bottom of the reservoir." Max said

        "Good. So long as the main body of energy can't connect with either Tess or Ava then she wont be a problem. She's only compatible with a particular energy type and that's inside the sisters here." Feln said

        "Are you sure? I mean I don't want to start pinning over Little Nicky. I want that little puke out of my life." Ava said

        "Don't worry he is and you wont!" Feln said, "And from what I'm seeing here, the limitations that Serena experienced won't affect you."

        "What limitations?" Ava asked

        "Well her sexual fulfilment for one. Serena's neural paths didn't fully connect to all your bodily functions but you are the original owner of the body so you can start mating whenever you want." Feln said

        "Great...I could use a good lay." Ava said, then she spotted the look on Tess's face. "Hey, chill sis. Your boy maybe a stud but I'll stay away if you want me to. Same with Maria."


        "But I have still know idea what I want to do around here." Ava said

        "Well you have a few options there. One: you can stay here. This current school year is ending soon but when the New Year begins you can join them in school."

        "I've never been to school a day in my life, I won't start now." Ava said

        "You could also get a job, try to blend in a little. Anyway, option two: you can go to Alpha 1. Kalen would provide everything you need and you would be protected. Then option three: You could come with me to L.A. I've been looking for an assistant under my cover."

        "What's your cover?" Max asked

        "I'm an agent to the stars. I represent the best young actors and actresses coming out these days." Feln said

        "Really?" Maria asked


        "Thanks...but I think I want to stay around here." Ava said

        "You're sure?" Feln asked

        Ava looked at Michael and Tess. "Yeah. I've got family here."

        "Yes you do." Tess said as she stood up and hugged her sister, "No school?"

        "Absolutely not."

        "Lucky bitch." Tess said



        "See their acting like sisters already." Kyle said

        Both blondes looked over to the jock and looked at him.

        "Don't get any ideas." They said together before looking at each other and laughed.

        "Anyway, I've got something for you." Ava said as she reached into her bag and pulled out the items.

        "What's this?" Feln said as he took the offered items.

        "It's Alex's work on...oh what was it called...Omega Blast or something." Ava said

        "Omega Wave." Feln said as he looked over it. "This is complete!"

        "Yeah." Ava said

        "One of our operatives retraced Alex's stepped while he was under Serena's mind warp but we were only able to put together 60-65% of the program. It wasn't a lot but it was enough for us to figure out what Serena was up to. I'm amazed you...Serena managed to put it together this fast."

        "She didn't. Alex completed it but he was able to fight through the warp. He figured out what was going on and encrypted the lot of it. Serena found out how to decrypt it." Ava said

        "I did?" Alex asked

        "You don't remember?" Ava asked

        "No. I didn't even know I was mind warped until the doc at the island found something wrong with my brain. Serena wore it down a little." Alex said

        "Oh...sorry." Ava said

        "Not you're fault." Alex said

        "Anyway. At least you guys now have what Serena had." Ava said

        "Thank you. At least we can alter the Granolith not to accept these commands any more." Feln said. "I'll take these to Kalen. Good job Ava."

        "Thank you." Ava said

        Feln backed the items away and left.

        "Well. How was school today...I'm guessing my arrival caused a stir?" Ava said

        "There were a lot of questions asked." Isabel said

        "Well just make sure you tell me everything you told them so I don't screw things up." Ava said

        "Yeah no problem." Liz said and then paused, "Ava...we haven't talked about Rath or Lonnie yet."

        "Yeah I know. I don't know where they are...I think Serena met up with them once but after that..." Ava said

        "Do you know why she met them?" Max asked

        "No. I think they just wanted to be left alone. Lonnie killed her brother, they only thing she cared for more was getting to Antar... that's why she did it." Ava said

        "And when that fell through..." Isabel said

        "Killing Zan was for nothing. I think it killed whatever...humanity... Lonnie had left." Ava said

        Isabel looked at Max dead in the eye. Her gaze told him that she would never do something like that, something he already knew.

        "Do you think they would show up here?" Michael asked

        "I doubt it. They just want to live, coming here would probably not be too healthy...if they're still alive." Ava said

        Three hours later they all departed for home but before Max and Liz said their goodbyes she, unknown to Max, slipped him the tape she made yesterday morning with the other girls. With it came the explicit instructions to only watch it in the company of the other guys. Liz wanted to see what her fellow women could inspire and she knew Max had bought his own video camera.

        Living Room, Evans Residence, 20:00

        "I don't like this." Philip said

        "Don't like what?" Diane asked

        "One minutes she's an enemy and the next she been welcomed into the family." Philip said

        "Honey, Ava isn't Serena." Diane said before taking a breath. "It's just another alien thing we have to get used to."

        "Maybe but I still don't like it."

        "Don't like what?" Max asked as he and Isabel arrived home

        "This Ava. What do you know about her?" Philip asked

        "Well, earlier this year she helped save my life." Max said

        Philip and Diane looked at their son, "Oh right the New York thing." He said

        "You know about that?" Isabel asked

        "We have your memories of the last couple of years remember." Diane said

        "Oh...yeah!" Max said, "Anyway, Feln checked her out and Ava's all clear. Serena's gone, hopefully for good. Nobody's going to be releasing her anytime soon."

        Diane looked at Max and then spotted something half hanging out of his pocket. "What's that?"

        Max looked at his pocket and pulled out the tape. "Hmm, don't know!"

        Isabel recognised it and quickly grabbed the tape, hiding it behind her back.

        "Iz?" Max asked

        "It's just something from Liz. You'll get it back later." Isabel said as she left quickly

        "What was all that about?" Philip asked

        "I've got a feeling we don't want to know." Diane whispered

        Philip's face was classic. "Oh god no! I don't want to know about that. Max, tell me you're not filming yourselves."

        Max looked his father straight in the eye. "Dad. We are not now or have we ever filmed ourselves...Bye!"

        Max then walked back out of the room and headed toward his bedroom. Once inside he locked his door and opened the door to the shared bathroom where he met Isabel.

        "Tape!" Max said

        "Max, trust me you don't want to see this tape." Isabel said

        "Liz gave it to me, and this note said to watch it with the guys. Now why wouldn't I want to see the tape?" Max asked

        "Because it's Maria and Tess having sex." Isabel said, "Me too!"

        "Oh." Max said

        "Liz would have joined in but her father knocked on the door." Isabel said, "But I am most definitely on that tape."

        "Well...okay...uh...give it to Michael." Max said, "I thought we were over this embarrassment thing with each other."

        "I know. I mean I'm a lot closer to you than I've ever been. But we're home now and we're back under the scrutiny of our parents." Isabel said

        "I guess. I miss the island!" Max said

        "Alex too." Isabel said.

        Living Room, Michael's Apartment, 21:00

        "Ava, pizza's here!" Michael called out as he paid the deliver guy.

        Ava came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around her wet body and another around her hair. "Michael, this place is a godsend." Ava said

        "Enjoy your bath?" Michael asked

        "Oh yes. You know I've never had one!" Ava said

        "Really?" Michael asked

        "All we Dupes ever got was breaking into hotel rooms to shower. Either that or we took a dip in the river or a pond or something." Ava said


        "Hey, don't you dare feel sorry for me. It was our life, all we really had was each other and that was enough." Ava said as she inhaled the smell of the pizza

        "Ava...when I found out Tess was my cousin I felt really protective of her, even though she didn't need it. You're in my life now and I feel just as protective of you." Michael said honestly.

        Ava looked at Michael and kissed his cheek.

        "What was that for?" Michael asked

        "For being here for me. I can tell you know that Rath couldn't care what happened to me." Ava said

        "Did he know..."

        "He knew he was my cousin." Ava said

        "You know I'm really hating him." Michael said

        "So what, you got the decent genes and he was a cold selfless piece of..."

        "Ava that life is over. You have us now." Michael said

        "What about you're little mission here?" Ava asked, "You know. Knocking up that little pixie of yours, and for Isabel, Tess and Liz to get pregnant!"

        "That's your mission as well Ava. It's the reason we were all sent here." Michael said

        "No, no it's not. We were all supposed to find humans to trust with our secret, your group did that and mine didn't." Ava said

        "You're in our group Ava. If you find a guy you can trust, I'm sure Max would agree to take him into the family." Michael said

        "Somehow I doubt I'll ever meet a guy like that. You got really lucky with Maria." Ava said

        "Yes I did. You want her don't you?" Michael asked

        "Well she is hot." Ava admitted, "You were never told how attraction works for us were you?"


        "Well you know how some people say they have chemistry. All that is, is a collection of pheromones being picked up by each other's bodies. With us, it's not just the pheromones; it's also about our energy. I have the same pattern as Tess and ours is similar to yours. That's why when she fell in love with you, she grew to love Tess." Maria said

        "And why you're attracted to her." Michael said

        "But I'm not going to do anything without your permission or Tess's... or Maria's for that matter."

        "What about Liz and Isabel? You did say you and Lonnie entertained yourselves." Michael said

        "Yes I did and boy did we enjoy it. As with our queen and princess... I'm game if they are." Ava said

        Michael just smiled as he looked down at the box. "Oooh...last slice."

        "Hmmm...still hungry?"

        "Uh huh."

        "Next pies on me!" Ava said as she moved over to the phone to make another order.

        "How did that happen by the way?" Ava asked

        "How did what happen?"

        "Liz being queen." Ava said

        "Are you kidding? She's Max's mate, he's the king." Michael said

        "Oh no, not that. The first time I met Liz she was human, she had Max's energy flowing through her but without me knowing that Max healed her I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between her and another human. Then I when I arrived yesterday she had this aura around her."

        "Oh that!" Michael said


        "When Liz made love with Isabel...well when they fell in love, Isabel passed on of the royal seals to Liz. The...uh...Seal of Granolith's Light or something. Anyway, Liz has it now so she's the queen. Gave that power in her a huge boost and made her into a horny little vixen." Michael said

        "Cool. But I doubt that the seal would have made her horny. I think she discovered sex and likes it a whole lot! It's always the quiet ones."

        "Either way, it certainly makes life a lot more interesting." Michael said with a smile

        To Be Continued...

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