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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 23

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 6, 2003

        Roswell Reservoir, 05:00 The Next Morning

        Serena did survive the attack, although her present condition couldn't be called alive. Her skin was badly charred, black and covered with cracked scabs. Her left arm was missing, blown off by the blast but the intense heat cauterised the wound. The left side of her head barely had any hair and her eye was closed, she was unable to open it. At least three of her ribs were broken as was her remaining hand.

        She fought to stay alive. She could barely sustain the mind-warp that made her attackers see her as a rock and was relieved that they left the area before her concentration failed. She struggled to make her way from the mountain and back to the reservoir. It was her hatred that kept her going through all the moments that she wanted to just lay on the ground and give up. Every time she paused she saw Nicholas for that brief second that he lay in her arms before turning to dust. Now she wanted blood!

        When she reached the waters edge she just threw herself in. She held her breath, allowing herself to sink until she reached the mouth of the cave that Nasedo had set up. She did everything she could to swim into it and when she did she struggled to catch her breath. She knew that if she didn't act soon she would be dead and so she kept moving. She pulled out every healing stone that was kept in the small cave and created a circle with them.

        Serena lay in the circle and took hold of Nasedo's modified stone. She gripped it tightly in her hand and held it over her heart. All of the stones glowed brightly and filled the cave with their regenerative energies. Out of sheer exhaustion she fell asleep as the stones did their work.

        The last thing she mumbled was "Nicholas" before she passed out.

        Tess's Bedroom, Valenti Residence, 06:00

        Kyle had felt an intense wave of sadness come from his lover. He entered his former bedroom to see Tess sitting up with her back against the wall and her knees up against her chest, tears streaming down her face.

        "Tess?" Kyle asked, "What's wrong?"

        "You were killed and then there was an explosion and I was hurt...."

        "Tess it was only a dream." Kyle said reassuringly

        "No. No it wasn't. Something happened to Serena, I'm just seeing it from my perspective. She's in so much pain Kyle...and its not just physical. He's dead and I think she really loved him."


        "Nicholas." Tess said

        "Nicholas?" Kyle asked with disbelief

        "I know. But I'm feeling her, it's like she's completely in tune with me."

        "I thought you opening yourself to me, Michael and Maria would keep her out?"

        "Yes but...this is really strong Kyle. There's so much hate in her..."

        "Do you know where she is?" Kyle asked

        Tess thought for a moment, "Water...surrounded by water. Why?"

        Kyle looked at her.

        "No!" Tess said, "You're not going after her."

        "She's going to be coming after us Tess. If she is hurt then we'll have the advantage and I wont go alone. I'll call Max, Michael and Alex and the girls can come over to keep you company. We should probably not let the folks know what's going on." Kyle said

        "Kyle, no! She's got nothing left to loose, she's just too dangerous." Tess said

        Kyle held her hand. "It'll be okay Tess."

        Kyle got up off the bed and walked over to the door but before he stepped through it he looked at his girlfriend. He eased the door closed and went to pick up the phone.

        Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, Same Time

        During the night Alex decided to pay Max a visit...and so did Michael. Actually to be more precise Alex wanted to visit Isabel but got the wrong window and upon seeing Max in nothing but his boxers he decided to stay. Now it was early in the morning and all three were awake once again.

        Max and Alex both held Michael's gaze for a brief instant, then Max stood up off the bed, skimming his body along Alex's hard thighs and chest until they also stood face to face. Michael watched as Max's boxers fell to the ground and then as he held Alex. Alex pulled Max even closer, mashing their cocks together, his hands caressing Max's round ass, then roaming up the aliens back. Alex gathered Max's hair in his fists, and slowly pulled his face closer. As their lips met, Michael saw Max's tongue caressing Alex's, their mouths opened wider and suddenly the two men were devouring each other.

        Max finally broke the kiss. Breathing hard and smiling in hunger, he fixed Alex with a smouldering stare before very deliberately, he leaned in close again to slowly run the tip of his tongue over Alex's parted lips. Alex's eyes fluttered shut, his head lolling back. "Oh, Max." he urged with a low moan

        Max gently trailed his tongue along the line of Alex's jaw until he reached an ear. As Max's tongue invaded Alex's ear, Alex let out a soft sigh that became a low growl when Max bit and nibbled on his earlobe.

        "Damn it, Max! You're going to make me shoot before you get to any of the good parts!" Alex placed his hands on Max's shoulders, attempting to force his friend to his knees. However Max would have none of it yet.

        He stepped back from Alex momentarily and Michael could see his two friends engorged cocks swaying against each other. Alex reached out to grasp Max's phallus, giving it a few quick strokes. Alex decided that if Max wasn't going to go down on him then he would go down on Max. Alex bent over and lightly licked both of Max's nipples and then caressed the hard line of his pecks with long, languid strokes of his tongue.

        Now it was Max's turn to moan in supplication as Alex's wet tongue trailed over his skin. Michael found himself leaning forward on the bed to get a better view as Alex lazily encircled one nipple and then bit down, causing Max to gasp sharply. After tonguing both nipples until they gleamed wetly in the filtered light from the window, Alex sank to his knees and grabbed Max's ass. He drove his tongue into Max's bellybutton, licking and sucking noisily. Suddenly, Max's cock jabbed Alex sharply in the chin. Alex pulled away with a mischievous gleam in his eye. Alex took hold of Max's balls and swallowed his cock whole. Unable to resist any longer, Michael slid a hand down and pumped his cock in rhythm with Alex's bobbing head. Then Alex backed off and stood up.

        The two slowly padded towards him, his friends pulsing cocks as they stood on either side of him mesmerized Michael. He ached to reach out and touch them, taste them, but he couldn't seem to move. His own cock throbbed as his heart thudded in his chest. Max and Alex each extended a hand in invitation, breaking the spell. Michael rose to meet them, once more finding himself face to face with Alex. Alex pulled Michael into his arms and began lightly nibbling at his lips. They were dry with anticipation so Alex tenderly moistened them with his tongue, then pried them open and slid into Michael's mouth.

        Michael's senses were in overload. Alex's tongue gracefully twined with his own, Alex's body felt so hard and warm against him. He trembled in his hunger and then realized that Alex was not the only one nibbling and tonguing his body. Behind him, Max lovingly ran his fingers over Michael's neck and shoulders and then followed their path with his tongue. He pressed his body tight against Michael's naked ass, licking his ears, biting, sending shivers down Michael's spine. Sandwiched between two gorgeous, naked men and grinding against their cocks, feeling their mouths meander over his body, Michael was in bliss.

        Suddenly, a shock of cool air rushed against his back. Michael realized that Tommy pulled away. As Alex sucked Michael's tongue into his mouth again, Michael felt the cool air caressing his bare ass as Max licked with his warm tongue. He kissed and nipped at the base of Michael's tailbone and sucked at the swell of Michael's cheeks. Michael's cock bobbed up and down in his excitement, banging into Alex's. At the contact, Michael moaned with pleasure into Alex's open mouth. Max and Alex came up for air as their foreheads touched. Alex stared Michael in the eye as he reached down to pinch his nipples twisting the tiny nubs between his fingers. Michael had only a moment to marvel at the jolt of pleasure shooting from his nipples to his cock. Max moved around to the front to watch his Second and his boyfriend enjoy them selves. Alex returned to his knees and quickly took Michael's dick into his mouth. Michael looked down to his friend kneeling before him. Max gazed into Michael's eyes as Michael's cock slipped past his lips. Michael looked back down and watched inch after inch slowly disappear down Alex's throat.

        "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" Michael felt his body slump, his knees buckling under the intense pleasure of Alex's sucking. He found that he couldn't look away.

        Alex then stopped his bobbing and held only the tip of Michael's cock inside his lips. He began rapidly vibrating his tongue on a tiny spot just below the head. Michael came! His hips jerked forward, his body rigid as every muscle strained with his orgasm. His scream of pleasure was abruptly muffled as Max jumped up and roughly turned his head to plunge his tongue down Michael's throat. When Max broke the kiss, Michael collapsed back against him. Once again he was surrounded by hard male flesh as Alex stood up to embrace him. Michael's head canted back onto Max's shoulder, his eyes fluttered open and he saw Alex lean forward to kiss Max, the two lovers savouring his taste.

        Max sat back on the bed as he watched Michael regain control of his senses. The dazed alien knelt before the human whose oral talents had gotten him off and wrapped his lips around Alex's cock. Alex was so excited that his rod had never been harder, except when in the company of an overly amorous and naked Isabel Evans. Michael sucked away, bobbing his head and pumping with his hand. Alex couldn't last, he didn't want to, he just wanted to cum and that is what happened after only a few minutes.

        "Ghnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Alex quietly groaned as his seed poured into the alien's mouth.

        However Michael wasn't done. He wanted to taste both Max and Alex in his mouth at the same time so he crawled over to his king and started to give Max a blowjob.

        Then came a knock at the door. "Max! Telephone call for you." Came Philip's voice from behind the door. He heard the phone ring but was already up early because of a meeting.

        "Be right...there dad." Max called out

        He tried to get Michael off of him but his fellow alien's mouth was latched firmly around his dick as his hand pumped him.

        "Mi...Michael...please get off." Max begged quietly

        "Actually I think he's trying to get you off!" Alex joked as he lay on the bed next to Max.

        "MAX! It's Kyle. He said it's important!" His father called out again

        Michael then backed off. "Alright, go before he comes in." he said

        Max pulled his boxers back on but it did nothing to hide his straining erection. He then moved over to the door.

        "Max, wait." Alex said and threw a pair of jogging pants to his lover before the alien opened the door.

        Max quickly put on the loose fitting bottoms and smiled before he went to answer the phone.

        5 Minutes Later...

        Max calmly walked back into his bedroom to see Michael and Alex's hands wrapped around each other's dicks, slowly but firmly pumping away. It was Alex who was facing the door and looked up when he saw Max come back into the bedroom. He stopped his hands movements, causing Michael to look behind him.

        "What's up?" Alex asked

        "Get dressed." Max said, "Both of you. We're meeting up with Kyle, something's going on with Serena."

        Max then went to the door that went into the bathroom that he shared with Isabel as Alex and Michael jumped around the room to pick up their clothes. Max opened the connecting door into Isabel's room.

        Isabel was sound asleep, resting on her front. Her naked back was clearly visible as her thin bed cover was around her butt. Max moved over to the bed, lifted the sheet over her body and sat down next to her as he gently shook her awake. Isabel slowly opened her eyes and turned around, her arm kept hold of the sheet over her breasts as her vision cleared.

        "Max?" Isabel said, "What time is it?"

        "Early. I need you to get dressed, Serena's at it." Max said

        "Max we have school in a few hours." Isabel said

        "We'll be back in time. I just need you to be with Liz, Tess and Maria...keep an eye on each other."

        Isabel's eyes opened wider. "And where will you guys be?"

        "Looking." Max said


        "I'll let you get dressed." Max said as he left.

        Isabel got out of bed and used her powers to clean herself off before getting dressed. She had a feeling that they wouldn't have time for a shower this morning before school. When she was ready she moved into Max's room to see Alex waiting by the window.

        "Alex? How long have you been here?" Isabel asked

        " while." Alex said

        Isabel walked seductively over to her lover and kissed him hard, knowing that he spent the night with Max. "Well, I think my brother needs to learn to share!"

        "Hey, he knocked on my window." Max said defensively

        "And I was planning on...uh...walking you up this morning." Alex said

        "Oh really? Well then..."

        "Uh could we get back to this later?" Michael said as he pulled on his shoes.

        "Okay." Alex said

        "Isabel. You take the jeep; pick up Maria, Tess and then head over to Liz's. Stay there as long as you can but don't be late for school. We'll join you when we can!" Max said

        "No. Max, if you don't find her in time, just make sure you're back at school in time. We promised our parents." Isabel said

        "She's right Max. Technically we should let Feln know, we should at least make sure that we can get to school." Alex said

        Max relented and nodded.

        "Okay, we'll be there when we can." He said

        They left a note for the senior Evans, telling them that they were going out early to get in a little power practice before school.

        Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 10 Minutes Later

        Liz was laying on her bed in her panties and nothing else. In her hand was a camcorder, filming away as Tess wrapped her arms around Maria and Isabel lavished the human blondes breasts with her tongues. All three were wearing nothing except their underwear.

        "Isabel. Go deep!" Liz ordered, "Come on now, we need to give our guys a good show."

        Isabel shifted her eyes over to Liz and looked at the camera as her fingers moved under the waistband of Maria's thong.

        "Ugnnnnnnnnn." Maria gasped slightly as she felt Isabel penetrate her body

        Tess's hands were all over Maria but then she ran her hands up and down Isabel's arms. Tess loved the feel of smooth skin and the people in this room had more than enough to go around. Eagerly she pressed her tits into Maria's back, burning her nipples into the skin of her girlfriend.

        "Tess...go for it." Liz said

        Tess then slipped her own fingers into Isabel's underwear as Maria reached back and did the same to Tess. All three were fingering each other furiously.

        Then there was a knock at the door. "Liz Honey, you're going to be late for school." Nancy yelled through the door.

        "Okay mom." Liz called

        Liz shut off the camera and hide the tape with her journals before all four dressed quickly. The three blondes left through the bedroom window and met with Liz by the jeep downstairs. Liz barely said hello to her parents as she grabbed a piece of toast and ran out.

        "Good to see she's still eating well." Jeff said as he turned the page of his newspaper

        Roswell Reservoir, 20 Minutes Later

        "Are you sure she's here?" Max asked

        "Tess said she felt Serena was surrounded by water. This is the only body of water near Roswell." Kyle said

        "Well I'm not seeing a boat or anything. Oh hell she could have meant a swimming pool or even a bathtub." Michael said

        "No. This place just feels right, Serena is here." Kyle said

        "How can you be sure?" Alex asked

        "She's a part of Tess...she's a part of me." Kyle said

        "So where the hell is she?" Michael asked

        Max knelt down and touched the surface of the water.


        Serena charred body was walking along the edge of the water and then fell in.

        End Flash***

        "She's under the water. There's an entrance to a cave about half way to the bottom." Max said

        "Great. How do we get down there?" Kyle asked

        "We make our own entrance." Michael said

        He backed up to a clear area and looked around to make sure they were alone. He extended his hand and created a continuous pulse that cut into the rock. He carved a narrow passage that spiralled down into the ground. When he reached the appropriate depth, Michael stopped and started to cut across in the general direction of where Max thought the cave was.

        Inside the Cave, Reservoir, Immediately Following

        A part of the back wall in the cave glowed and then vanished. The four teens arrived to see Serena lying on the floor with the glowing healing stones surrounding her. Her severed limb was in the middle of regenerating, the bones had fully formed and muscle tissue was growing along them. Her skin was also healing. The burns were fading and the cracked skin was coming together.

        "She's totally out of it." Max said as they circled her

        "So, now what?" Alex asked

        "If we let her heal she'll just keep coming after us until..." Max said

        "Until she kills us or we kill her." Michael said "Right now she wont feel would be easier to just...if we do it now." Kyle said

        "Just to be sure. I'm not the only one who's having problems with this?" Alex said

        "Definitely not the only one." Max said

        "Yeah." Michael and Kyle said at the same time. Both looked down at the young woman who looked like Tess in every detail. Since Serena's domination of Ava's body she returned her appearance to what it should be, no tattoos, no hair dye and no piercings in unusual places. She was a part of Tess and as such she is Michael's cousin and Kyle couldn't help but see his lover. The damage to her body almost caused him to throw up; he hoped he would never see Tess like that.

        "Then how can we..." Alex said

        "Because it's the lesser to two evils. " Max interrupted his lover

        Alex just nodded.

        Max raised his hand and Michael followed suit, both focusing their powers for a single, quick blast.

        {MAX STOP!} Came a voice from nowhere.

        All of them heard it and both aliens withdrew their hands as the voice startled them.

        "Liz?" Max asked

        {Hi Honey.} Liz said

        "Liz, what's going on?" Alex asked

        {Tess is picking up something from Serena. She's not alone.} Liz said

        "What?" Michael asked

        {The healing stones are healing the body but they're also regenerating something else. Ava's original brainwaves are re- emerging.}

        "I thought Ava was gone permanently?" Kyle said

        {Not any more. The stones are healing her but Serena is still there.} Liz said

        "We need to get her out. If we can save Ava..." Kyle said

        "Yeah." Max said, "Any ideas on your end Liz?"

        {Nothing except...}

        "Except?" Max asked

        {I'm not sure. I think you need to change the orientation of the stones, turned then all exactly 180 degrees from their current positions.}

        Each of the young men moved to the stones and carefully turned them around before moving onto the next and then the next.

        "Done. She's still Tess picking up anything different?" Michael asked

        {No. Nothing.} Liz said

        Then Max spotted the black stone held tightly in the palm of her hand and through his eyes, Liz saw it also.

        "Liz could that..." Max said

        {Yes. I don't know how you're going to do it but you need to get that stone out of her hand, that's keeping her fixed.}

        "Any ideas?" Michael asked

        "What about that telekinetic thing?" Kyle said, "You two have the experience with it, you could lift her hand and get the stone out."

        "We can't penetrate the energy field from the stones. It'll suspend the healing and right now that's not a good thing." Max said as they watched as more veins started to form on her arm.

        "Then we be very careful, you lift her hand up and open her hand. If we just let it fall out that might be enough." Kyle said

        {Max you need to try.} Liz said, {Tess wants you to.}

        "Yeah. Okay." Max said as he knelt down.

        He extended his hand and eased Serena's hand up as far as he dared, then he looked at Michael. Michael knelt and one by one he pulled her fingers open. As he approached the last finger that held the stone securely, the first finger moved back to cover the stone. Michael pulled back the finger only to have another take it's place. He tried again and again only to be rewarded by becoming pissed off.

        "Michael I can't keep this up forever. Quit playing." Max said as sweat formed on his brow

        "It isn't me. I swear she's doing this just to fuck with me." Michael said

        "Oh for god sake!" Kyle said, "Alex."

        "Yeah." Alex said as both boys knelt by Michael

        All three focused and Serena's hand opened, allowing the stone to fall onto her body and roll down onto the floor.

        {About damn time.} Liz admonished

        "Sorry." Max said

        "What now? We can't just leave her here." Kyle said

        "If we move her she wont heal." Max said

        "I'll stay." Michael said

        Everyone looked at him.

        "She's family. I wont leave her alone, besides I've missed a lot of school. One more day wont hurt." Michael said

        "What about your promise to Amy?" Max asked

        "She'll understand...if she doesn't, I'll just have to deal." Michael said

        "Michael, we don't even know if Serena's gone or not." Alex said.

        At that point Serena's eyes opened and two beams of blinding white light shot out from them. The light massed at the roof of the cave, swirling around like a thick mist.

        "Serena!" Kyle said

        "What?" Max asked

        {That's her conscious mind Max. That energy allows her to exist outside of a body but it wont last forever; she needs to be inside a compatible body. That's either Ava or Tess. She wont be able to get to Tess, we're shielding her over here and Ava is protected by the healing energy for the moment.}

        "How the hell does she know all this?" Michael asked

        "It must be the Seal inside her." Max said as he looked at the black healing stone. "Liz, that stone stabilised was modified by the Granolith right?"


        "The Granolith could sustain her as well couldn't it?" Max asked

        {Yeah but the Granolith is too...far. Oh nice idea.} Liz said

        "What? What idea?" Michael asked

        Max smiled as he picked up the stone. "Watch."

        "Hey Serena." Max called out, "I got a home for you...I promise I'll take you to the Granolith."

        Max held up the stone to just below the vapour but nothing happened.

        "Come on Serena. You can't last, at least in the stone you get some sensation." Max said, "Oh and you'll also be alive, eagerly waiting for the day when you get to kill us with painful and horrible deaths."

        The energy swirled down and poured itself into the black stone.

        "Nice." Kyle said

        Max looked at the stone and covered it with a piece of cloth. He quickly looked for a box to store the stone in but found nothing; he then turned to the walls and used his powers to cut out a square block, a foot on each edge, from the stonewalls. Quickly he carved a hole big enough for the healing stone and put it inside before sealing it up, securing the alien device in a tomb of solid rock. Max smiled at the block.

        "You know that word gullible isn't in the dictionary!" Max said

        "Really?" Kyle said

        Everyone looked from the block to Kyle with disbelief.

        "Oh...yeah, now I get it." Kyle said, slightly embarrassed

        "What are you going to do now?" Michael asked

        Max looked at the main cave entrance and the pool of water. "I'm going to put this somewhere where no one can get to it."

        Max used his powers to etch a warning on the faces of the rock, on four of the sides he etched the biohazard symbol and on the other four Max put the symbol for nuclear waste, he didn't want anyone opening this little box. Then he protected the surface of the rock to prevent the water from wearing away at it. Max jumped into the pool and took the block with him. He swam down as far as he could and just let the rock fall down to the bottom of the reservoir.

        When he returned to the cave he found the other three waiting for him, watching over Ava.

        "Nobody's gonna find that and if they do they wont open it in a hurry. I'll contact Kalen and let him know what the block looks like so that they wont go near it." Max said

        "Then we better get to school." Kyle said as Max used his powers to dry himself off.

        "See you later man." Max said as they said goodbye to Michael as he sat next to Ava.

        Gym, Roswell High, End of Class, Just Before Lunch

        It was the girl's gym class and the only one that Liz, Tess, Maria and Isabel all shared. It was also a free period for the guys, who were sitting up in the stands, pretending to do homework as they watched their girlfriends move. As the teacher was about to dismiss them so they could shower and get changed, the door opened.

        The classes complete attention was on the new arrive and all they could see was Tess marching through the hall toward...Tess! Michael followed close behind.

        "Am I seeing double?" one student asked

        "What the..." said one student

        "Fucking hell!" Finished Pam Troy

        "Troy! Language!" the teacher said

        "Sorry miss." Pam said as Ava reached Tess.

        The second she did, Ava reached up with her brand new arm and slapped Tess before anyone could stop her.

        "Next time you've got head problems keep them to yourself and away from me." Ava said

        Maria reached her and grabbed Ava's arm before she could strike again. "Touch her again and I'll tear your head off!"

        "I'd like to see you try." Ava spat back

        "Then perhaps I should try." Liz said with her arms crossed

        Ava looked at the brunette and could see she had changed a lot since they last met. That wasn't all though. Ava could see an aura surrounding Liz and instantly knew that she was now queen. Slowly she backed away a little and looked down to the floor.

        "Ava, I swear I didn't know about Serena until..."

        "Save it! Do you have any idea what I've been through? I've been living in shit holes, burned, blown up and I had that...that...little smurf...god I can't even say it!" Ava said, then she surprised everyone by hugging Tess.

        That was when the group had fully gathered, surrounded by the class. "Why'd you hug me?" Tess said

        "Cause you kept a part of yourself open. You knew I could be saved and you told the others." Ava said as she turned to the guys. "Michael tells me it's you three I have to thank. Thank you! Now where is that bitch?"

        "Serena?" Max said, "She's out of the picture."

        "Okay. Given the company I can wait for details until later but I do want them." Ava said, "All details!" she added with a seductive tone and indicating that she wanted to talk about how Liz was now queen, "Come on cuz!"

        "What? Where are you going?" Tess said

        "I'm moving in with our cousin here until I get my own place." Ava said

        Michael shrugged his shoulders. "We owe her." He said and then followed her.

        The class then surrounded the remaining members of the group.

        "Who the hell was that?"

        "That''s...complicated." Tess said

        "Her name's Ava and she's Tess's sister." Max said

        "What was that crap about being blown up?" Pam asked

        Liz thought fast. "She was kidnapped a while ago, before Tess came to Roswell, and was caught in an explosion...we though she was dead."

        "Okay, okay. That's enough." Said the teacher, "All of you get showered and changed...except you seven. Tess this is pretty huge, I think you should talk to the councillor."

        "No. I'm fine." Tess said

        "Tess, please."

        "Tess maybe you should!" Max said, {We don't want to draw any more attention.}

        {I guess.} Tess thought to the others through their link. "Okay, I'll go, after I get changed."

        "I'll go with you." Maria said

        "Thanks." Tess said

        Kyle wanted to go to and Tess just nodded. All three left without the teacher saying anything. The teacher then turned to the remaining four. "You all knew about this?"

        "Tess told us." Max said

        "It was a while ago now and she dealt with it as well as could be expected." Isabel said

        "And Michael being her cousin?"

        "That we found out recently when Michael did a little digging. He traced his biological parents to their families and that led him to Tess's mom...she's dead." Alex said, talking mental notes on the web of intricate lies they were building.

        "I see. Okay, Isabel and Liz...go get changed. You two, get your things and get to lunch."

        "Yes miss." All four said together and then left.

        To Be Continued...

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