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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 22

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 24, 2003

        West Roswell High, Monday Morning

        It was their first day back at school since their impromptu vacation. Yet thanks to the memories of their Replicants, they all knew what was going on. Any homework that was left undone by the Replicants was completed with a great deal of time to spare and they were very grateful that they didn't have to do any catch up studying.

        Max and Liz were walking down the hall hand in hand and drawing looks from various people. Then it hit them, before they left they weren't on good terms and their Replicants hadn't done anything to change that impression on their classmates.

        "Oh hell!" Max said

        "Relax. They'll just think we made up over the weekend." Liz said

        "That was one hell of a weekend." Max said

        "All 3 months of it." Liz said with a smile as they approached Liz's class, "Ill see you later."

        Max kissed his lover goodbye and walked down the hall to his class. When Liz entered the class she saw Maria waiting for her at their usual desk with Pam Troy staring at her, shooting daggers with her eyes.

        "Good to see some things haven't changed." Maria said

        "Tell me about it." Liz said as the teacher came in.

        "Okay class." Mr Thomson said cheerily, "Today we'll be talking about sex!"

        As the class erupted with claps and cheers from the jocks, Liz and Maria just smiled.

        Outside Sitting Area, Roswell High, Lunch Time

        The group sat down for lunch, talking about their day so far. Whether they wanted to admit it or not each of them missed being in school, even Kyle.

        "So who was it in the Eraser Room earlier?" Kyle asked, he and Tess had a prearranged appointment in that little room but were disappointed.

        "Not us!" Max said as he snuggled into Liz

        "Or us!" Michael and Maria said

        Alex and Isabel didn't say anything; in fact they didn't even look at their friends.

        "Guys?" Tess asked

        "What?" Isabel asked

        "It was you wasn't it? You were in the eraser room!" Kyle said

        "Well...yeah!" Alex said as he put his hand over Isabel's

        Both teens looked at each other as Isabel used her telekinetic ability to massage his lower appendage.

        "You two behave." Max said, knowing full fine well what Isabel was doing.

        Alex gave a quiet groan as he felt the loss of contact, not that there was actually any contact. "So what's the plans for later?"

        "Well we could all go over to our house and have an orgy." Isabel said with a smile. As much as she was kidding, once the idea entered her head she wanted it to happen.

        "Is, let's not discuss that topic here with lots of people close by." Max said

        "Like you weren't thinking about it!" Isabel said as she eyed Liz

        "There is actually something we could do." Alex said

        "Oh yeah? What?" Kyle asked

        "" Alex said as he looked past his friends.

        Subtly they all followed Alex's line of sight to the jock that was currently dating Pam Troy and one of the school's biggest bullies. He was about to sit down but the chair inched its way back and he landed on his butt. Everybody in the area laughed until he looked at them with a cold, dead stare.

        "Alex did you just...?" Tess asked

        "Yeah." Alex said

        "Kalen said the Sharing was to give you but I never thought it would happen this quickly." Max said

        "The morning after I woke up from when we got back I found my alarm clock smashed on the floor about 6 feet from where it should have been. I'm pretty sure I did it."

        "Okay so first things first! We've had all our lives to get a handle on our gifts, but you guys this is pretty new." Tess said

        "Yeah, okay this is what we'll do. We'll go out to the desert near the mountain, nobody but us ever goes out there so we'll be able to help you practice without any hiding. Liz has already had a few lessons because of what the Seal's given her." Max said

        "Oh!" Isabel said as a realisation entered her head.

        "What?" Michael asked

        "Something Kalen said. About us having the same powers! What if he meant that we would all be able to heal, dream-walk, mind-warp, blast and use the shield." Isabel said, "Or anything else that turns up."

        "Then we've all got practicing to do." Max said. "We'll head out tonight."

        "Yeah." Tess said, "At least Alex is using his gifts for some good."

        They all looked back over at Alex's handiwork as Pam walked past her boyfriend, she didn't like being associated with klutzes even if that person was her boyfriend.

        "I have to admit it was fun." Alex said

        "Yeah, that moron's been trying to date me since he moved to town." Isabel said

        "What?" Alex asked

        Isabel cringed. "Relax sweetie, you are the only man who is ever going to be inside me."

        "Good." Alex said

        "Definitely good!" Michael said as he and Max gave her the protective brother looks.

        "Guys relax. I'm sticking firmly to out little family for my needs." Isabel said

        "Ditto." Maria and Tess said at the same time and then quickly looked at each other, smiling.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, 10:00

        "Human?" Feln asked

        "That's what the report said." Kalen said

        "We can't tell the kids...or the Earth officials." Feln said

        "I know. They'd really go nuts."

        "What about the technology trade?" Feln asked

        "What about it?"

        "Are you kidding? These Terrans are the proof of what the Earth humans could become."

        "You really think that's a possibility." Kalen asked

        "Oh come on, look at the planet some time. There's always a war going on somewhere, politics is not what it could be and there's more criminal activity in the U.S. than there is in the entire Antarian Empire."

        "I know but we can't start second guessing our plans just because we know who...what the enemy is. Remember their history is completely different the Earths."

        "Still it is a concern." Feln said

        "Perhaps, but the Terrans still consider these humans as weak, as an enemy! And just because one door for them is closed doesn't mean to saw they wont find another. We did kill a lot of their ships, I would imagine them to be very...oh what's that human word?" Kalen said

        "Pissed?" Feln said

        "Yeah, pissed! Anyway it doesn't matter. I'm under orders from Lord Larek to continue as normal. Besides, our new members of the Royal Family do give us hope that their species can grow up." Kalen said

        "Well it is his choice. Now what about Nicholas and Serena?" Feln asked

        "We're monitoring the entire area but so far nothing. I don't know how they're hiding from our scanners but their doing a hell of a job."

        "What about the sensors on our satellite that our friends put into orbit? It's at least a thousand times more powerful than our hand units, if we re-direct it's observation unit back down to Earth instead of out into space we might be able to pin point them."

        "Do you have any idea how many strings I'm going to have to pull in order to move Hubble so that it's over Roswell? Every human tech working at it's control centre will have a hundred questions!" Kalen said

        "It was a risk when we came up with the idea but our launch capabilities are limited. We needed to give the satellite to put it up there." Feln said

        "I'll make the call." Kalen said

        "And I better get back to L.A. There's a Star Trek Convention going on."

        "You're actually going?"

        "Yeah! It's just so funny seeing those clowns dress up like aliens... if they only knew!" Feln said

        Kalen just chucked as his brother left.

        Back Alley, Crashdown CafÈ, 18:00

        Prior to going up to the mountain, Michael, Maria and Liz had a shift to do at the cafÈ. After a boring night, Michael and Maria decided to take their break and went out into the alley to get some fresh air. Above them the sky was a pink/orange colour as the sun set.

        "Nice night." Michael said

        "Yeah." Maria agreed

        Michael looked at Maria. He hadn't been with her since the island and every instinct in his body was telling him to mate with her. Quickly he rushed at her, pinning her against the wall as he ravished her mouth. Maria wrapped her hands behind his neck as he pressed himself against her body.

        "Mich...Michael...we can't. The rules, no sex in the Crashdown!" Maria gasped as Michael lifted up the hem of her uniform.

        "We're not in the Crashdown. We're outside." Michael said as he took hold of the sides of her uniform and pulled them apart, sending some of the snaps flying before unzipping his jeans.

        "Useful loophole." Maria said

        Michael moved back in, snaking his hands down to grab her butt. He grabbed onto the delicate material of her panties and ripped them from her body. With fire in his eyes he lifted Maria up and thrust into his mate.

        Maria was overcome with heat; both her arms and legs were latched onto her lover as he eased his dick inside her slick passage and then withdrew. Groaning, he thrust forward, burying his entire cock in her. She was surprisingly wet, and it took little prompting for him to start fucking her in earnest. He pumped his hips forward hard, sliding his dick in and out of her. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against hers. She flicked her tongue across his lips, moaning, and exhaled heavily, her chest heaving against his.

        He stretched her so much wider than she would have expected. Every time his hips thrust forward, she felt the fat head of the alien's cock reaching her depths. Michael pulled back, leaving little more than the head still in her pussy, before he pushed back in. He could actually hear his cock slamming into her pussy; she was so wet that her pussy actually made sloshing sounds. As he pulled back again, she tightened her muscles, gripping him hard.

        "You're gonna make me come Babe!" Maria cooed in his ear. Michael wasn't taking time for foreplay, which was just fine by her this time, but nonetheless, she was on the verge of climatic explosion. He was ramming into her so hard; she closed her eyes, smiling as she felt a firestorm rise up through her. She began to burn, and she tightened her legs around his waist.

        Michael began to fuck her even faster. He felt her juices coating his balls and thighs as they slid against each other frantically. He felt her chest heaving against his. She began to moan in time with his thrusts.

        "Oh Michael...Michael...MICHAEL!" Maria cried out before Michael latched onto her mouth with his.

        Practically shrieking into his warm mouth, she thrust her tongue into him forcefully. He felt her pussy constrict around him and he felt a burning run up and down both sides of his cock. He began to thrust into her harder and deeper, completely forgetting about where they were. Still kissing, he groaned loudly into her mouth. His balls tightened and he blasted her insides with his hot semen. He continued to fuck her, his quivering and throbbing cock still sliding in and out of her now much-wetter snatch.

        His actions finally slowed down, until he was just standing on the balls of his feet and leaning up into her, his cock still buried deep in her.

        "Gnnnnn...I needed that." Maria said, kissing him on his cheek, "I love you."

        "I love you too. And thank you for letting me..." Michael said

        "Oh don't thank me, I should be thanking you. That was!"

        "Your welcome." Michael said with pride.

        Gently eased himself out of his mate and tucked his cock back inside his jeans before he looked over Maria's tattered clothes.

        "Well, I think we should consider clothes as a casualty of pure love, lust and passion!" Maria said as she picked up the remains of her underwear.

        "Consider this you're first lesson in molecular manipulation." Michael said as he flattened her underwear in his hands. "Now don't see the material, see past that. See the molecules and atoms that make it the fabric. Don't worry you can do it."

        "Uhhhhh...okay!" Maria said

        "Now slowly wave your hand over it and re-arrange them, complete the missing parts and fix the holes." Michael said

        As she did as she was told, her hand glowed. When she opened her eyes she saw her fully repaired underwear and took them from Michael. Then she eased them back on and then tried the same with her uniform until everything was normal.

        "Not bad for a first timer." Michael said

        "This from the person who had difficulty most of his life." Maria said

        "In case you hadn't noticed, I got control now!" Michael said

        "Oh I noticed Spaceboy. You have VERY impressive CONTROL!" Maria said

        "Come on breaks over." Michael said as he opened the door to see Liz on the other side making out with Max, his hands inside her panties and cupping her ass.

        Michael cleared his throat and they eased apart. "Do you two want to take a break now?"

        "No." Liz said, "Just taking a breather."

        "So how long before you're shift's over?" Max asked

        "A couple of hours." Liz said

        Pod Mountain, 19:00

        Silently a strike team that was deployed by General Masters was heading to the mountain. They had no idea of its significance or what lay inside; they were only following the GPS co-ordinates that lead them to their targets.

        "Sir. Targets at 3 o'clock high!"

        "How many?"

        "Two sir, one male and one female."

        "Fielding, your firearm." The commander ordered

        The sniper handed over his rife to him and he looked through the night vision scope, giving him the perfect view of the people.

        "Yeah, that's them!" he said as he handed back to the sniper before taking out his radio. "Wolf to Hunter, come in Hunter!"

        "This is Hunter."

        "Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma are in the forest."

        "Eat them, and enjoy the feast!"

        "Confirmed!" said the commander. He then turned to his units. "Everyone, keep them targeted. Fielding, take them out."

        "Yes sir." Fielding said as he trained his weapon on Serena and Nicholas. "I have the male!"


        The single shot rang out in the desert and the bullet went flying straight for the small of Nicholas's back. It penetrated the seal!

        "ARCHHHHHHHHHH!" the alien screamed as he fell back into Serena's arms.

        She held him for less than a second before his body burst into a cloud of dust. Then came the second shot but she dived to the ground, the bullet hitting the rock above her. She became filled with rage and pushed her hand over the edge of the cliff and sent wave after wave of energy in random directions. The rocks all around the area were shattered and exploded.

        "Sir, I can't get a shot!"

        "She's got us pinned down."

        "Franks, can you get a shot up there?"

        "Sir! I doubt I would hit her." He said

        "I don't need you to hit her, just shoot in her general direction."

        "Yes sir."

        Franks removed his rocket launcher from his back, loaded it and aimed it. The projectile slammed into the rock, creating a massive explosion that sent boulders flying.

        Serena covered her head and tried to shoot each of chunks that wear heading for her. Her break in shooting at the soldiers allowed them to aim their weapons at the area and showered it with a hail of bullets. The sniper took a shot and nicked her shoulder while Franks reloaded his launcher and took a more precise shot. The small missile exploded near Serena just as she raised her hand, the flames ensnared her, consuming her body!

        The soldiers waited for more attacks, waited to see if they were clear from any more attacks. They never came! Carefully they made their way up the cliffs to where the most damage due to explosion was.

        "These Skins don't leave remains other than dust but the hybrid should be more or less intact. I want that body!"

        "Yes sir."

        Each man proceeded to shift the rubble, throwing it off the cliff to clear the path.

        30 Minutes Later...

        "Sir we've checked all over this ledge and Fielding checked out the base of the cliff. No body was found." Franks said

        "Damn it."

        "Sir, the missiles I used were an experimental version of Thermite Plasma. Depending on how close she was to that last detonation, she could have been vaporised." Franks said

        "Only if I'm lucky." Said the commander before going for his radio. "This is Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood went down a treat. Grandma was tasty but lacks meat! Repeat, lacks meat!"

        "Who the hell is it that thinks of these codes terms?" Franks asked

        "General Masters. He loves the fairy tales! If Serena is still out here she's badly wounded and not getting far. Keep looking until the extraction chopper gets here."

        "Yes sir."

        The soldiers separated but kept within visual range of each other as the continued to look around the area.

        Living Room, Valenti Residence, 21:00

        Kyle and Tess walked into their house just as Jim was leaving.

        "Hi dad." Kyle said

        "Kyle, Tess! How'd the training go?" Jim asked

        "Good. I can now mind-warp...sort of!" Kyle said

        "Sort of?" Jim asked

        "Well I..."

        "He appears to be stuck on a porn star. She's the only one the he conjures up even if he isn't thinking of her." Tess said

        "A porn star?" Jim asked

        "Yeah. I can't explain it." Kyle said

        "I can. You, Kyle Valenti, have way too much sex on the brain." Tess said, "Come on, we're going to clear this house of all porn. From now on, no naked bods of anyone outside our little group."

        "Okay, that's enough you two. I don't need to know any of this... except for the fact that when I get home you'll be telling me where you, my underage son, bought pornographic material!" Jim said sternly

        "Ooops!" Tess said

        "Yeah, major ooops." Kyle said as he looked at his lover, "Where are you going anyway?" he asked his father

        "I have a date and I'm running late." Jim said

        "A date? With who?" Tess asked with a smile

        Jim just raised his eyebrow and Tess blushed slightly as she realised who it was.

        "Just don't bother waiting up." Jim said as he left and got in his car.

        "What?" Kyle asked, "Who's he gonna see?"

        Tess slapped the back of his head for being that slow. "Amy Deluca."

        "He's dating Maria's mom!" Kyle said, "Okie dokie...more weirdness for my life."

        "Why, what's weird about it? They are two health adults who have a very active lifestyle and keen interest in each other." Tess said

        "Tess. That's my father and Amy is Amy! I mean I like her but she's... out there." Kyle said

        "Actually she's pretty down to earth." Tess said

        "How'd you know?" Kyle asked

        "I'm sleeping with her daughter remember. We've shared our minds, hearts and souls."

        "Maybe I should sleep with her too, get myself the same insight!" Kyle joked but regretted it the second Tess thrust her elbow into his gut.

        "Remember babe! I'm the only girl for you." Tess said, "But you're right. You need to get to know Amy."

        "Oh that'll be fun." Kyle said as he and Tess started to move around their bedroom to gather up all his old porn he kept hidden, while relocating all his favourite material.

        "ALL of it Kyle!" Tess warned, "Actually it could be fun. Maybe we should have a dinner, a family dinner."


        "Yeah, you, me, Maria, Michael, Jim and Amy. We are after all one big loving group. We may not be a family and it may not work out with your dad and Amy but Michael is my cousin and as soon as he and Maria...well, as I said, one big family!"

        To Be Continued...

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