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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 21

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 21, 2003

        Ornala Star System, 01:00am

        The travel time between were the anomaly way located and where the fleet had massed was relatively short. Within five minutes of the Antarians arrival, alien ships started to pour through the opening. Everyone just watched as the ships started to take defensive positions at the outer rim of the anomaly and then as hundreds more came through.

        Kro simply gave the order to attack and every ship in his fleet rushed at the enemy. Order after order, he moved the different squadrons into formations. Each attacked the enemy, each strike was precise enough to do damage yet appeared randomly chosen. Kro's favourite tactic was to distract the enemy, keep the enemy vessels firing on a squad that just attacked them while another came in from another angle to strike. It was all in an effort to keep them from targeting the small groups of fighters at twisted and turned through the enemy on their way to the suns.

        However, the enemy ships were a lot more advanced and had destructive weaponry and thick armour. It took 6 ships firing at the same spot at the same time to cause any significant damage. Yet whenever an Antarian ship was hit, the damage punched through several decks.

        "Report!" Kro ordered

        "Life support in decks 35 through 37 is gone. Hull breach in sector 5."

        "Weapons at 50%!"

        "At least a third of the fleet are reporting similar conditions."

        "Signal our reserves. Bring them into the fight." Kro ordered

        "Yes sir. Sir, the fighters are almost within firing range of the stars."

        "Closer. Tell them to get closer, I don't want the enemy to be able to shoot the missiles down." Kro said

        "Yes sir."

        "General, the reserves are entering the system now. They're attacking the enemy from the rear."

        "Good job Colonel Galt." Kro said, impressed that Galt managed to get his group around the star system and come in behind.

        Then there was a bright flash, then another and another and another and then one more. A blast from each star occurred just as the missiles hit. Then the stars darkened, the massive flames beginning to die.

        "Get us out of here. All ships retreat." Kro ordered

        War Cruiser: Nar'athal...

        "Sir, General Kro has ordered the retreat. Enemy ships are beginning to scatter, they're trying to get back into the anomaly."

        "Commander. That last ship we fired upon, it's dead in space."

        "Grab it." The commander ordered


        "Do it! Quickly! Then get us the hell out of here."

        The ship launched five grapples and attached itself to the alien craft. As the five stars detonated, sending a massive shockwave out of the system and tearing the vortex apart as it went. Along the way, it took out the vast majority of the alien ships with it, as well as any Antarian that couldn't clear the blast range.

        Kro's Ship...


        "Bad sir. We wont be able to make it home under our own power. Weapons...offline, hull integrity...42%."

        "General, 35% of the fleet didn't make it...we're starting to put together a casualty list now."

        "Let me know when it's complete." Kro said, "Larek will want to transmit it back home as soon as possible."

        "Sir, we're picking up a signal from the Nar'athal."

        "That's commander Ril's ship?" Kro asked

        "Yes sir. They are severely crippled, apparently they caught the tail end of the blast...sir they have one of the alien ships secured!"

        "What?" Kro asked

        "Confirmed sir. They have it latched to their hull. The ships energy emissions are low, no life signs, severe damage to out hull but it appears intact. They're requesting permission to board her."

        "Tell them to wait. I want all ships to surround the Nar'athal. We'll hold position here to make repairs; I want all ships to tie their automatic repair systems together. If we have to cannibalise one ship to fix the others then we'll do it. I want at least 50% of the fleet up to full capacity before we go in." Kro ordered

        "Yes sir."

        With the Nar'athal in the middle of the group, the fleet encircled it in all directions. Each ship moved closer together until there was a massive metal sphere floating in space. They were all working to repair each other.

        Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 08:00

        Liz was lying on her bed, wearing nothing but a silver thong and a small grey tank top ‚ her preferred sleepwear these days. Actually she would prefer to wear nothing at all in bed but with not being on the island, modesty is a must. She hated the fact that she had to go to school and that her Replicant had left half her homework still unfinished. At least she still had the weekend to do it and this being a Saturday morning she was updating her journal. Now she kept two, one for her usual work and the other for everything that was alien, which included her sex life.

        Then she felt it! Someone was climbing up the ladder to her balcony, she could feel the metal on their hands and the cool air on the tops of their feet ‚ Liz knew whoever was coming it wasn't a guy. Then there was a knock at her window.

        Liz moved up off her bed and went to the window. Isabel was on the other side of the glass, looking at her lover's body that was almost entirely exposed to her. Liz gently pushed the window up and let Isabel in. The blonde alien was wearing blue jeans and a woollen jumper that came off her shoulders, exposing the transparent straps of her bra.

        "Hi." Liz said

        "Hey. You do know that we're not on the island anymore? Parents have a tendency of walking in at really bad times." Isabel said

        "Not in here. My room now comes with a lock and key, and only I have the key." Liz said

        "Well maybe you should still put something on." Isabel said

        Liz looked questionably at Isabel. "An Evans telling me to put something on? What's going on?"

        "Nothing." Isabel said


        "Liz, we just got back last night. I don't think we should be jumping into bed at the first opportunity." Isabel said, "Besides, remember the rules?"

        "Yeah I know." Liz said as she picked up her robe and put it over her body. "Better?"

        "No! I would prefer us in bed but for now..."

        "So Ms Evans, what can I do for you this morning?" Liz asked

        "I just needed to be near you." Isabel said honestly as she looked into Liz's eyes.

        "What about Alex?" Liz asked

        "Alex is busy. Max set up a job for him at the Museum, something with Brody's computers."

        "Alex is working at the UFO Museum?" Liz asked with disbelief

        "Yeah." Isabel said, "They kind of thought that having jobs would keep us out of trouble. Since you, Maria and Michael are at the Crash he figured Alex would help Brody with his computers."

        "And you, Tess and Kyle?" Liz asked

        "Undecided." Isabel said as she sat down on the bed next to Liz.

        Liz looked over Isabel. "Have I told you how beautiful you look in the mornings?"

        "Liz, don't!" Isabel said

        "Well have I?" Liz asked, running her hand down Isabel's arm

        "Not since we left the island." Isabel said as she inched closer to Liz, as much as she wanted to obey the rules she needed to feel Liz. She hadn't even intended on coming here this morning but her legs did the guiding.

        "Well then. You look very beautiful this morning." Liz said

        "We can't." Isabel breathed

        "I need you Isabel. I love you." Liz said

        The two young lovers looked longingly at each other, their lips were inches apart but they could feel each other's hot breath. They couldn't resist anymore and they kissed, they're tongues glided together. Isabel's hands reached into the silk robe Liz was wearing and held the brunette at the bottom of her ribcage. Liz ran her hands through Isabel's luxurious silken hair and held her head.

        Gently they eased themselves down onto the bed so they were lying side by side. Their legs slid along each other as their feet touched. Neither could get enough of the sensations running through their bodies, Isabel wanted to make love to Liz, to touch, caress and taste every inch of the petite frame that pressed against her.

        "Liz!" Isabel gasped as Liz grazed her teeth over the blonde's throat.

        Then Liz backed off; she eased herself away from Isabel but never stopped looking into her eyes.


        "You were right. We can't do this just now, not this soon. We need to show our parents they can trust us." Liz said, running her hand along Isabel's arm

        Isabel pushed herself up and crossed her legs beneath her so that she was facing Liz. She knew her lover was correct but Liz had aroused her passions. "Yeah, I know. I just wish we could...we're not on the island anymore, we're home!" Isabel said, "Can I use your bathroom?"

        "Sure." Liz answered

        Isabel got up and entered the bathroom to the side. The second after she locked the door she stripped her clothes, sat on the edge of the bath and proceeded to get herself off. At first she thought of Liz caressing her body, then came Alex and then it was both of them who made love to her. The imagery of Alex between her legs while Liz kissed and loved the rest of her body brought her to a shuddering climax. It took every ounce of concentration she had to keep from crying out. When she was done, Isabel cleaned herself up and got dressed before returning to Liz who was also fully clothed.

        "Enjoy yourself?" Liz asked

        Isabel blushed.

        "Isabel, don't be embarrassed. I know everything about you, I can feel everything you do and everything you feel." Liz said, "Come on. Lets get down to the Crash."

        Dinning Area, Crashdown CafÈ, 5 Minutes Later

        As Liz and Isabel came down the stairs they heard a continuous thumping from the main area. They pushed open the doors to see their friends sitting around the room, Max was sitting at the counter, bashing his head against the surface.




        Then Max stopped, "Ouch."

        And then started thumping again.

        "Max, what are you doing?" Liz asked

        Max looked up at his queen. "We are so not going to last."

        "Brody very nearly caught Max and me in the museum." Alex said, "We were there, Brody hired me, Max showed me around and we got..."

        "Horny." Michael cut in

        "How close was very?" Isabel asked

        "2 minutes earlier coming through the door and he would have any doubt in his mind." Max said

        "So what's with the head bashing?" Liz asked

        "Kinda figured pain is better than having a hard-on I can't do anything about." Max said. Things were completely open with each other now!

        "Is it working?" Alex asked

        "Not really." Max responded as Liz and Isabel sat down.

        "We really need to get a handle on this." Liz said, "We need to do a complete unwind before we have an all out orgy in the middle of the street."

        "Maybe going cold turkey was a bad idea." Maria said, "I'm so frustrated I can't sleep and it's only been just over a day."

        "It's not like we have a choice. Our parents love us, they think they're protecting us." Liz said

        "News flash! We've been screwing each other every chance we got for months. They know that." Tess said

        "Yeah they know it but do they know they know it?" Liz said

        Everybody looked at Liz.

        "It's getting to you to huh?" Kyle said

        "Pretty much." Liz said

        "Which is why we've made an amendment." Jeff said from behind them.

        He walked into the room and looked around the teens.

        "How'd you all get in here?" Jeff asked, looking at his daughter

        "Oh sorry Mr Parker. I used my key to the back door, we needed a place to chill before we blew up." Maria said

        Jeff just nodded.

        "What amendment?" Liz asked

        "I've talked to you're parents. We kept an eye on you all last night after you separated...Feln asked us to, just to make sure everything was okay. Anyway we decided, and I can't believe we did this, you keep it to the bedroom's and we'll mind our own business." Jeff said, not wanting to look into his daughter's eyes. He was proud of her for speaking up for herself last night, even if he didn't like the subject.

        "Dad, are you sure?" Liz asked


        "Then why?" Max asked, not believing his luck

        Jeff then looked at his child. "Along time ago, when Nancy and I realised how smart Liz was, we promised that we wouldn't stand in her way and we'd do everything we could to help her. I've never seen Liz have as rough a night's sleep in her life like last night, even when you and Max were having problems. I hate to admit it but you need... this, you all do! It's apart of who you are now."

        "Thank you dad." Liz said

        "Just promise me one thing." Jeff said

        "What?" Liz asked

        "Sneak around, don't be too deceptive but just don't let us know what you get up to." Jeff asked

        Liz smiled, "I promise."

        War Cruiser Nar'athal, Middle of the Antarian Fleet, 09:00

        "Sir we've just received final authorisation from Lord Larek and General Kro. Our teams can go in."

        "Sir our probe has located what he think is the airlock. We can move round to that position."

        "Very well." Said the commander, "Put the teams on standby and move into position for docking."

        The Antarian vessel moved around the alien craft. As it approached the outer door, the docking collar extended and latched onto the outer skin.

        "Solid seal achieved and the Collar is pressurised."

        "Send in Team 1." Ril said

        "Yes sir."

        I the Nar'athal airlock, the first team opened the outer door of their vessel and carefully walked the short length of the collar to the green and blue skin of the alien ship.

        "Okay, all team units. This is Commander Ril, you're comm. systems are tied into General Kro's ship. You'll be taking your orders from him and Lord Larek." Ril said

        "This is Team 1. We're at the outer hull; scanners are picking up the heat signatures of the door but no visible signs of entry. It's completely marking and no controls."

        "Copy Team 1. Can you override?" Kro said

        "Negative. We're not picking up and energy emissions other than the heat patterns, but they're random."

        "Then cut into it." Kro ordered.

        The team commander signalled to him people back in the airlock who brought out a large device. As they put it into position, a tripod extended beneath it and two arms reached out toward the door. Two bright beams shot out at the same point and started cutting into the door. They then started to move apart, cutting along the width of the door and then down it's length. When it was done, the Team pointed their weapons at the door as their leader pushed it so that it feel down to the deck revealing the inside of the alien airlock.

        "We have access."

        "Proceed!" Kro ordered, "But be careful."

        "Yes sir."

        One by one they entered the airlock and put on the helmets of their environmental suits.

        "Sir!" said one officer who was scanning the edges of where their machine cut into the ship.


        "The hull! It''s growing back. I'm picking up some kind of nanite technology, they're rebuilding the door out of the material of the piece we broke through."

        "Then lets get in and out quickly."

        The commander looked at the wall before him and found a small yellow light. He pressed his finger to it and the door opened. The group was met with two other teams and they entered the ship. "Atmospheric analysis: oxygen/argon atmosphere. No contaminates that I can detect but I recommend that we continue to wear the suits just in case."

        Then Kro spoke over the communicators. "Team 1, proceed to the command deck. Team 2 locate the computer core. Team 3 locate the engine room."

        "Confirmed sir." Each team leader said after the other as they split apart.

        Kro's Ship, Immediately Following

        "I hate the waiting." Larek said as he walked back and forth.

        "Tell me about it." Kro said before activating his comm. line. "All teams! Do you have any bodies?"

        "Negative sir. Everything appears automatic." Said one leader

        "Agreed. There are relays that are connected to everything!" Said another

        "Sir, This is Team 2. We've located the central computer."

        "What have you got?" Larek asked

        "We have basic access but our linguist is working on translating it... wait...standby."

        "What? What's going on over there?" Kro asked

        "General, the linguist is requesting a secure communication line to Antar."

        "Explain." Kro ordered

        "He needs access to the central database. Xeno-archaeology...ancient languages!"

        Kro looked at his communication officer and he opened the link to Antar.

        "You've got the channel!" Larek said

        "Confirmed. He's accessing the database now."

        "General. This is team 1. We're at the Control Centre; it's pretty small for the size of the ship. It looks like everything is designed for one pilot; he can control everything from here...standby! Sir, we have a single body. It looks like there was an explosion; a piece of the bulkhead has penetrated the body. He's wearing some sort of organic armour that completely encases his body...we're removing the headpiece!" A short time passed, "Oh god!"

        "What? Larek asked

        "Sir, we're running a genetic test to confirm..."

        "This is Kro, I want to know what's going on now!"

        "Not over an open link." The team leader said

        "Sir this is Team 2, the linguist has something. You're not going to believe this."

        Kro looked at Larek. "What the hell is going on over there." The general asked

        "Bring them back. Get them over here for a full de-brief." Larek said

        "This is General Kro, all teams withdraw. Commander Ril, I want those people shipped over here after they go through decontamination."

        Briefing Room, Kro's Ship, 3 Hours Later

        Kro and Larek sat around the table as the three-team leaders and the linguist entered and sat down.

        "Okay, what's going on?" Kro asked

        "Sir, the body we found...the genetic structure is human!"

        "What?" Larek asked with disbelief

        "I ran it twice. That body is a human male, approximately 56 years old and in excellent health."

        "Aside from the chunk of metal sticking out of him." Kro said

        "Yes sir."

        "That's not all sir." Said the leader of Team 2 as he looked at the linguist.

        "General. The language used by the computer is a variant on cuneiform, it's the earliest written language on Earth."

        "You are serious?" Larek asked

        "Yes sir."

        "You're saying that the big bad enemy we are facing are humans, a race of people who are at least 500 years behind us have somehow developed technology that is thousands of years a head of us." Kro said

        "Sir they are humans but not from Earth."

        "From what I translated these humans are from another universe, completely different from our own with only a handful of similarities. One of which is the human race. If I'm correct, these people evolved some 400 or 500 thousand years before the people we know. Their world is similar to Earth but the location and landmasses are completely different...they call it Terra."

        The linguist said as he looked over his notes. "Yes, here it is. They made contact with a race they called...destroyers...or conquerors... it's still vague. Anyway, the destroyers made them into slaves for a few thousand years until they fought back by using a biological weapon made by the destroyers...a virus. They wiped out the enemy and after seeing the threats in their home universe the proceeded to send the virus to other worlds.

        Then they found something...basically a method of travelling to other universes. When they did that, they found other threats and the started to wipe them out. But they also found universes with humans. In all cases they found humans to be either under siege or being manipulated by alien life forms. By this time they were... angry. They saw these humans as weak and wiped them out as well. Even the ones in this universe, but it would appear that the humans we know have their immunity."

        "But we're trying to help Earth. Not subjugate them." Larek said

        "They don't see it that way."

        "Why?" Kro asked

        "From what is in their database about the Destroyers...I think that another similarity between out two universes is our people. Antarians are the Destroyers! The name of the one who ordered and led the invasion of Terra was Kiarvis."

        "Kiarvis is old Antarian from the southern continents." Larek said

        "Yes sir but its contemporary version is Kivar!"

        "Well, looks like Kivar's power hungry attitude isn't limited to this universe." Larek said

        "When they found our people and another like the one who invaded their world, and that our people constantly interfered with Earth throughout the existence of the human race...they couldn't launch their viral weapons fast enough. The language they're using, cuneiform, is their original language. If we, or anyone else, never visited Earth then they could still be using that language. Instead, there are a variety of languages on Earth; some are completely different while others are similar and most are due to alien contact. English, for example, that's a derivation of Latin..."

        "Which is what we use." Larek said

        "Yes sir."

        "What about their technology? Can they come through to here again?" Kro asked

        "No sir, it takes the spatial conditions of star systems like the one we just destroyed to open the door. There is another one in this universe but it's too close to a black hole. They wouldn't risk it... and that's from their database. They've done a hell of a lot of research on this place before they acted. However, the damage is done!"

        "Do the Terra Humans know why their Earth counterparts are immune?" Larek asked

        "Yes. From what I can tell we caught a break there. Apparently a few of the Terra's aren't as insane as the rest of their race. They slipped an antiviral agent into the meteor that carried the virus to Earth. It took them a long time for them to develop it and it creates an antibody that's reproduces itself only at the conception of a foetus. That single antibody can protect any life form from infection but they only sent it to a test."

        "Can we replicate the antibody? Maybe get it to the other races." Kro asked

        "I'm afraid not sir. The makers of this cure were killed as traitors to their people; they never gave any information on their work. Also, even knowing this, we can't locate the antibody in the human bloodstream. After their initial invasion into this universe they planned on taking out Earth just so they could take out the antibody."

        "So that's cure." Larek said

        "I'm afraid so sir."

        "Wait. They wanted to wipe out the antibody? If nobody can't use it then why bother?" Kro asked, "There must be a way to use it."

        "But if we can't find it..."

        "Work on it." Larek ordered. "Use whatever information we get from the ship. There must be something in there. Just keep translating what you find and send it on to the other departments."

        "Right now human's are the only ones who will live through this and through them, so will a part of us. They have the key, we need to see if we can turn it." Larek said and stood up with Kro

        "We better head home. Our resources on the home world are a lot better than the ones we have on board our ships." Kro said as he moved over to the internal comm. system. "This is General Kro, Set course for Antar. Maximum speed possible."

        "Yes sir."

        Then all ships, whether under their own power or being towed by another they took off for their homes.

        Room 34, Motel Outside Roswell, Same Time

        "How are you feeling now?" Nicholas asked

        "Better. And very eager for some payback, that bitch is so gonna get a whole load of hurt." Serena said

        "Now, now. That's no way to talk about...what is she? A clone, a sister or just your original body?" Nicholas asked

        "Oh no, dead is what she is." Serena said

        "Anyway. Do you remember anything from your link to her?"

        "No! Nothing except I saw everyone in the Granolith Chamber. We need to get in there, I have the completed program and I do not want to wait anymore." Serena said with venom

        "Well neither of us can get inside the...mountain!" Nicholas said as an idea popped into his head


        "We can't get inside but Tess can. What if you were to try and control her...maybe if I feed you my power..."

        "No. I've been trying to do that. There's too much clutter, it's like there is more than one mind in there."

        "Oh yeah, she would have been blocking herself and using her link to her mate and concubine to help her. Now that she's gone through the Sharing..." Nicholas said

        "Closed book?"

        "More like an impenetrable vault."



        "I may not be able to control her mentally but what if we...oh I don't know...put a gun to her head, or Kyle's!"

        "I like it. Any of them would do what's needed to save their mate, they are linked now and can only mate with each other." Nicholas said

        "Well then. I think we need to take a little trip into town. Care to join me lover?" Serena asked

        "I think a trip into town would be lovely. Besides, my goddess deserves a shopping trip." Nicholas said

        To Be Continued...

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