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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 20

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 15, 2003

        Pod Mountain, Outside Roswell, 19:00 Friday Night

        From their various locations around Roswell, the senior family members and recent additions to the "I know an alien club" suddenly appeared. The arrived to find Feln lying back on some rocks with his eyes covered with sunglasses.

        "Feln?" Valenti asked

        "God I love the sun out here. No haze, no pollution...just sun!" Feln said as he got up and approached the adults

        "Glad you like it but we were in the middle of things." Jeff said, Nancy and his abrupt departure from the restaurant had left resulted in the Crashdown being left in the care of the replicants. While they were competent and exactly like his daughter, Maria and Michael, he just didn't like leaving them alone.

        "Sorry for the interruption but I thought you might like to be here for this." Feln said

        "For what?" Philip asked

        Feln smiled and look over his shoulder toward the stone cliff behind him and a helicopter came flying over their heads. The chopper landed on the same large flat area that it took off from just under two months ago. The family watched as one by one, their children disembarked.

        As Max, Liz and the others looked around they took a deep breath of pure Roswellian air.

        "We're home." Max said as they looked over the mountain where they were born.

        Then they spotted their parents and froze. For long minutes the adults and teenagers looked at each other until Liz took Max's hand. The touch seemed to double the confidence within them and the walked over to where their parents waited. As they started to move, so did their parents until they met midway.

        "Mom, dad!" Liz said tentatively

        Jeff just grabbed his daughter and pulled her into a tight hug, and then Nancy wrapped her arms around her.

        "Hi dad." Max said shortly before his father extended his hand to shake Max's. When Max took it he was pulled closer and Philip put his free hand on Max's back.

        "Mom." Isabel said before being suffocated by her mother.

        Then the siblings switched and then all four embraced.

        Amy never gave her daughter a chance to speak. "M...Mom!" Maria choked out, "Can...can't breath."

        "Sorry sweetie." Amy said as she released her daughter. Then she looked over to see Michael standing beside Tess. "Michael."

        "Ms Deluca." Michael responded, "I just want to say..."

        "No! Don't say anything." Amy said sternly. The she surprised Michael by hugging him. "You take care of my baby or I'll castrate you."

        Michael looked into her eyes, everyone else tried to hold back their laughter as fear overtook him. "Yes ma'am."

        "Welcome home you two." Jim said as he looked at his son and Tess

        "Dad." Kyle greeted

        "Sheriff." Tess said

        "Tess, call me Jim...or dad. Okay?" Jim said

        "" Tess said with a bright smile

        She and Kyle held their hands tightly together; Jim did not miss it. He instantly knew that there would be some changes in his house, he had to try and be the responsible parent and keep his son from slipping into his girlfriend's bed every night.

        Back with the Parkers, Max moved closer to Liz and her parents. "Mr Parker?"

        "Max." Jeff said

        "I just wanted to say that...I love Liz, I know I'm not completely human but I would never do anything to hurt her and I swear I'll do what I can to protect her."

        "Max, you saved my daughter's life knowing that it would endanger you. I have no doubts that you would protect her and right now I wouldn't care if you were a green and slimy, squiggly blob with purple eyes...Liz loves you and as much as I should be hating you...I don't!" Jeff said

        Liz and Max looked at Feln who smiled and nodded, letting them know that he did a few alterations to their tolerance levels. Shortly before they left, Kalen also informed them that their parent's knew about their "other" relationships. Now they understood how they would be so accepting of it.

        "Dad...about..." Liz started

        "We'll talk about it later." Nancy said

        "Yes, right now we have something else to take care of." Feln said

        Granolith Chamber, 19:25

        Feln led the family into the Granolith Chamber through the pods. He then moved up to the alien obelisk and put his hand on it.

        "Granolith! Prepare for command input." Feln said

        "Prepared!" a voice boomed from the Granolith

        "Initiate temporal hold over Roswell." Feln ordered

        The Granolith buzzed to life. There was a bright flash of light and then nothing. "Hold established. Progression of time slowed 98% within 4 miles of the centre of Roswell."

        "Lock on to the Replicants and transport to this location." Feln ordered

        With a second flash of light the replicants appeared.

        "Oh my god." Liz said as she looked over her replicant. "It's exactly like me."

        "Not like you I am you." Said Replicant Liz who started to look over her original. "So, you're the big important queen..."

        "Granolith, deactivate all Replicants." Feln ordered

        All the replicants heads dropped down and their eyes closed.

        "Okay, you all missed quite a bit while you were gone. In order for you to blend back in, it's important for you to know what's been going on." Feln said

        "So...what? We sit down and talk to ourselves?" Michael asked

        "No. We'll do a direct neural transfer. It's the same as what we used to program the replicants with your personalities except this time we'll only transfer their memories for the past two months."

        "What do we do?" Max asked

        "Simple. Put one hand on the head of your replicant and the other on the Granolith." Feln said

        Each of the teens did as instructed, placing their left hand on their replicant and their right hand on the Granolith.

        "Granolith, begin memory transferral." Feln ordered

        The Granolith shot a beam out to the heads of each replicant and they all watched as pulses of energy travelled down the replicants, up their arms and into the group. Their bodies glowed as the power flowed through their veins, then the Granolith stopped and so did the transfer.

        "Transfer complete. Awaiting order to retire Replicant Set 1."

        "Proceed." Feln said

        The device drew each of the eight replicants into it and was absorbed by it, leaving nothing behind save for the memories that were implanted into the group. Just then, the teens collapsed onto the floor, their parent's rushing to their sides.

        "What happened to the?" Diane asked as she cradled her son's head.

        "It'll take a little time for their minds to adjust to having the new memories." Feln said, "I recommend that you take them home and let them rest. I'll use the Granolith to transport you."

        "What about Michael?" Jim asked

        "We'll take him." Philip said for himself and Diane who nodded

        Feln pressed a few buttons and everyone found themselves in their own homes. Each placed their children in their beds; Philip grabbed a blanket and covered Michael who he put on the couch. At the Valenti's, Jim put Tess in her bed and Kyle on the couch ‚ he had no idea how this was going to the two apart at night.

        Feln arranged for everybody in the Crashdown to be removed and mind- warped them all into believing they were never there and that the restaurant had been closed early. Then when everything was set, he resumed the natural passage of time.

        Kitchen, Parker Residence, 09:00am The Next Morning

        Liz woke up to find her in the familiar setting of her own bedroom. She had missed this place more than she thought so she snuggled into her blankets. Then the headache hit her. She reluctantly got up and went into her bathroom to retrieve some aspirin and then she went out to see her parents eating breakfast.

        "Hi honey." Nancy said

        "Shhhhhhhh!" Liz said, placing a finger over her mouth and then rubbed her eyes.

        "Headache?" Jeff asked

        "Yeah. But then at least I've got two months of school without actually going." Liz said as she sat down

        "I bet Michael and Kyle at loving that fact." Jeff said

        "Probably, but Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess never get ill. Headaches will be something new for them." Liz said, "Are you two really okay with the alien thing?"

        "We are Liz, but what about you and Max? Are you happy?" Nancy asked

        "Yes. Even more so than before...I didn't think we could be." Liz said with a dreamy look on her face.

        "And Isabel and you?"

        Liz blushed brightly and looked down, away from her parent's eyes. "I was kind of hoping Kalen was kidding when he said that you knew."

        "Liz you don't have to be embarrassed about your relationship with her." Nancy said, resting her hand over Liz's

        "I'm not embarrassed...well I am but not because of Isabel. I was just hoping to tell you in my own time."

        "Are you in love with her?"

        Liz looked straight into her mother's eyes. "Yes."

        "And you also sleep with Tess?" Jeff asked

        "Yes...and Maria. I care about them both but I do love Isabel and Max. do you feel about that?" Liz asked

        "If you want this, then so be it." Jeff said. "I want you to be happy, we both do but there are going to be some ground rules."

        "Yeah, we kinda guessed there would be. So what are they?" Liz asked

        "Not just now. We agreed on these rules as a group so when we get all of you together later we'll discuss them with you." Nancy said

        "Discuss?" Liz asked

        "Well we are new to the alien thing. And we're open to some amendments...within reason." Jeff said

        "I...I don't know what to say. I thought you would have been dead set against Isabel and me being together."

        "So did we, but we do love you Liz and it's obvious both Max and Isabel have deep feelings for does that work anyway?" Jeff asked

        "It' Well, actually no, it's not...just difficult to explain." Liz said

        "Well if you do find a way of explaining it you'll let us know... right?" Nancy asked


        Alex's Bedroom, Whitman Residence, Same Time

        Beep, Beep.

        Alex's alarm clock went off. He stretched out his hand and tapped the button but then...

        Beep, beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep.

        Alex tapped the button several times, a lot harder than the first time. His head was pounding relentlessly.

        "Gnnnnnnn...shut up!" he groaned



        Alex, without thinking, held up his hand and it glowed. A pulse of energy short forth and sent the alarm clock flying toward the wall. When it hit, they blast kept it suspended for a second but then it fell to the floor in a hundred pieces. All Alex knew was that the beeping stopped. He took his pillowed and placed them over his head and fell back to sleep.

        When he did wake up, half an hour later, he moved clumsily through his room. Just before he got to the door he saw the remnants of his alarm clock by the wall. He couldn't help but look back and forth between the fragments and the spot by his bed where it should be resting.

        "Huh!" Alex said, "Okaaay!"

        Evans Residence, Same Time

        "Well you two look like death warmed over." Philip said

        Max and Isabel came in and carefully sat down. The room just kept spinning over and over until they thought they were going throw up.

        "Actually I think death is feeling a little better than we are." Max said

        "I never noticed before but you two never have been sick have you?" Philip asked

        "Aside from Max's little car accident last year, no!" Isabel said

        "I still can't believe you swapped Alex's blood for Max's" Diane said

        "Well look at the alternative." Max said and watched his mother cringe

        "I guess. So how did you sleep?" Diane asked

        "I didn't even know I was asleep until I woke up." Isabel said

        "Where's Michael?" Diane asked

        "He's still out of it on the couch." Max said as he looked at his parents and could see the look in their eyes. "Okay...what ever it is, ask it?"

        Diane and Philip looked at each other. "Well it's Alex and Liz." Philip said

        "Your not talking about the fact that I'm sleeping with Alex, are you?" Isabel said

        "That's a term I would prefer never to hear again Isabel, and you are correct." Philip said

        "It's about me sleeping with Alex." Max said

        "And me sleeping with Liz." Isabel said

        "Yes." Diane said, "We want you to know that we're okay with this. If it makes you happy...what we want to know is how you're dealing with all of this?"

        Max and Isabel looked at each other, silently trying to find away to express their feelings. Then it hit them, Max nodded to Isabel.

        "There is a way to do this..." Isabel said as she stood up with Max.

        They moved closer to their parents and took each other's hands.

        "...It's okay." Isabel said as she extended her hand to her father and Max reached out to his mother.

        Both parents took their hands and held each other's as well. Max and Isabel opened their minds to Philip and Diane, their loves, hates, friendships, every emotion they had, it was all exposed to the humans who raised them ‚ minus the imagery.

        "Does that explain it?" Isabel asked, spotting a teat forming in her mother's eye.

        "Yes." Diane answered, while Philip nodded

        Neither parent could say anything else. They had just touched the souls of their children and were so moved by the experience that they... they couldn't explain it. Even having their memories of what's happened to Max and Isabel in the past 2 years didn't compare to it. All they did know was that they were even closer to their children than before and that if they were happy then, as parents, they would be happy.

        Deluca Residence, Same Time

        Amy was putting washing in the dryer when the doorbell rang so it was Maria who answered it. The second she opened the door she was pushed inside and up against the wall, a pair of soft red lips caressing her own. The last thing she was before she relaxed and her eye's closed was Tess. All thoughts of the pounding headache were gone.

        Tess's hands were on her hips as she pressed their lower bodies pressed against each other. As Maria went further into the kiss, her own hands started to caress the aliens arms that were exposed by the short sleeves of her tight, back, & thin top that showed off her belly button. Around her waist was an equally tight denim skirt and her legs were completely unadorned, every delicious inch of naked flesh was open to Maria's gaze...if she was looking in that direction. Then Tess broke the kiss.

        "Got a kiss for your girlfriend?" Tess asked with a teasing smile

        "I think you just got one." Maria said breathlessly

        "Hmmm, but it was so good I thought you might like to give me another." Tess said

        Maria looked with heat into Tess's eyes before she grabbed Tess's head and pulled her into another passionate clinch. This time they pressed as much of their bodies together as possible.

        "Uh hum!" Amy cleared her throat behind them

        The two lovers jumped apart as though their lives depended on it.

        "Busted!" Amy said


        "Ms Deluca, I can explain..."

        Both girls speaking were at the same time. Amy just held up her hand to silence them.

        "Relax, I already know." Amy said


        "Feln told us about your...other relationships. He said you would have been told that we knew?" Amy said

        Maria and Tess looked at each other and bowed their heads slightly to hide their smiles.

        "We probably weren't paying attention." Tess said

        "Oh, I see." Amy said, smiling at her daughter's embarrassment, "Honey, I'm not going to give you any lectures. Other than the fact that I don't need to tell you to BE CAREFUL, we're only going to give you a few ground rules."

        "We?" Maria asked

        "We're all getting together at the Crash later. We'll discuss it all then." Amy said

        "All of us?" Maria asked

        "Yes. We were told you wouldn't have a problem with open discussion." Amy said

        "Well we're open with each other..." Tess said, cocking her head and smiling, "...a lot open! But talking about it with you guys..."

        "Well Maria and I have always tried to openly talk to each other. Now I understand why you kept the whole alien thing a secret but I don't want to feel that you, neither of you, can't talk to me about you love lives."

        "Really?" both asked at the same time

        "Yes." Amy said and then paused for a moment. "Just promise threesomes with Michael. That boy has enough of an ego."

        The two blondes held back their laughter.

        "Mom, don't worry that wont be happening." Maria said

        "No?" Amy asked

        "On the island, we found out that Michael is my cousin." Tess said

        "Your cousin? Wow, I never saw that one coming. Okay problem!" Amy said

        "Neither did we. We could have been having a whole lot of fun if they weren't related." Marisa said, drawing stares of disbelief from both her mother and her lover.

        "Maria!" Tess warned

        "MARIA!" Amy said

        "Sorry, I couldn't resist." Maria said, "Hey don't you have a headache?" she asked Tess as she felt the pounding once again.

        Valenti Residence, Same Time

        "Hi son." Jim said before taking a sip of his coffee

        "Dad! Please...whispers. I feel like I just got in from an all night bender." Kyle said

        Jim looked up. "And you would know what an all night bender feels like, how?"

        When his father asked that question, Kyle had a glass of water about to touch his lips. The question caused him to stop his action and his eyes darted forward.

        " I've heard. Some of the guys in the team, you know, they like to party." Kyle answered

        "Nice recovery." Jim said

        "Listen dad. I know you've got some issues about Tess and me being under the same roof. So...we talked about it and, I can't believe I'm saying this, if you say so we won't sleep together while we both live here." Kyle said

        "I hope that means you're not going to try and move out anytime soon?" Jim asked

        "No!" Kyle said quickly. "But we'll stick with whatever rules you set."

        "And Max? Will he stick by the rules?"

        Kyle looked into his father's eyes. "Yes! Dad, I know you're not comfortable with these kind of relationships but..."

        "I know. It's okay, just so long as you are careful." Jim said

        "Yes sir." Kyle responded

        Then Kyle looked about. "Where's Tess? I didn't here her in the bathroom this morning."

        "She was a little perky this morning so she decided to visit Maria." Jim said

        "Oh. Wait...she was perky?" Kyle asked


        "No headache?" Kyle asked

        "Not that I could tell." Jim said

        Room 34, Motel Outside Roswell, Same Time

        Serena was lying on the bed; her body sweating and convulsing as Nicholas gently placed a cold, wet towel to her forehead.

        "What the fuck is that bitch doing to me?" Serena asked as her head pounded at the slightest sound

        "It's feedback from her. You trying to get into her head last night was just bad timing...I think you picked up the negative effects of the neural transfer." Nicholas said

        "How long?" Serena asked

        "Until her brain adapts to the new information in it. Probably another hour or so."

        "I can still feel her...she's different." Serena said

        "Different? How?"

        "I don't know. But her body, it feels ready...ripe. She's with that human blonde...Maria. She wants to fuck her...and Kyle." Serena said

        "She has chosen her mate and her concubine." Nicholas said


        "For lack of a better word. A life companion who shares her love and pleasure! She and the others are ready to procreate."

        "It doesn't matter anymore. We'll get to the Granolith and start the Wave, Kivar can go shove his plans up his ass." Serena said as she closed her eyes in pain

        "Colourful!" Nicholas said, "But that will be hard to do. He's dead!"


        "Yeah. I picked up a transmission from Antar, and without the other Skins here...all that's left is our plan...our godhood!" Nicholas said

        "I like the sound of that. Godhood! Imagine it, thousands...millions of people made from us ‚ worshipping us!" Serena said

        "They'll build us a temple greater that the pyramids, they'll look up at us and we will give them the universe." Nicholas said, liking the plan more and more every time they spoke of it ‚ who could not be tempted by this kind of power?

        Crashdown CafÈ, 21:00

        On the chairs by the counter sat the eight teenagers. Directly opposite them, sitting in a couple of the booths were their parents. The group was ready to hear the rules as decided by their parents and all agreed that they would agree to them, so long as they were within reason. They were happy that their parents were open to negotiation but still they were concerned over what would be said.

        "Rule 1:" said Jeff, "You all go to school like normal. You don't leave for any reason, if an alien thing happens then you call us or General Masters...this is his number." Jeff stood up and pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Max.

        "Uh...possible amendment there!" Max said, "Sometimes there might be something that will happen in school. In that case...well...we'd want to get the bad guys out of the school. Letting them follow us is the best way."

        The parents looked at each other and nodded. As much as they hated to admit it, their children were in danger. However, they would hate to see what would happen if someone else's child was caught in the crossfire or if all this became public.

        "Okay. Rule 2!" Philip said as he remembered what happened last year and looked at Max and Liz. "Now we know you're having sex so... absolutely NO SEX AT SCHOOL!"

        Their kids blushed. "Why are you looking at us?" Max asked as he held Liz's hand.

        "Well we remembered being called to the principles office last year after you two got caught in the...what was it?" Nancy asked

        "Eraser room!" Amy answered quickly and drawing looks from everyone. "What? I was young once and we were all at that school."

        "Okay moving off the disturbing!" Maria said

        "Any of you got any problems that that?" Philip asked

        Not wanting to cause any problems all of them said that it was fine. They just hoped they could keep their hormones in check and not cause any problems that would result in their parents being called to school.

        "Rule 3. No more sleepovers. For the sake of our sanity each of you will be going to bed alone until you can prove to us that you'll all be careful or until we decide otherwise on an individual basis. Oh and more sneaking in Max's window, you can come in through the front door." Philip said

        All of them looked very disappointed, much to the amusement of their parents.

        "That's none negotiable at this point!" Nancy said

        2 Hours Later...

        The kids were on the verge of falling asleep by now yet their parents were wide-awake.

        "Okay rule 56!" Jim said

        "Wait." Max said

        "Guys, you're really taking the fun out of life." Michael said

        Amy crossed her arms and smiled at the young man who had been inside her daughter.

        "Oh! Kinda the point huh?" Michael asked

        Amy closed her eyes and nodded.

        "Okay, can I say something here?" Liz spoke up for the first time during the evening.

        "Sure honey." Nancy said.

        Liz stood up. "Alright. Mom, dad, I know this is going to be hard for you to hear. I like really, really love sex. I love Max and Isabel and we're going to be careful and everything else we need to be. More than half of these rules you have are about our sex lives. Now I know you all want to protect us and we love you for it but we want to live our lives. Now aside from when Max healed me, they did a pretty good job of hiding. After that day the rest of us have been able to cover everything pretty good. We can be careful!"

        Liz then walked back to her seat and sat down. Everyone looked at her and each other, the kids all smiled. Nancy and Jeff smiled but only inwardly, Liz was right, it was hard for them to hear. Their one and only daughter, whether they like it or not, was a young woman coming into her own.

        "All hail the queen!" Maria said with a wide grin, which she promptly lost as she caught the stares of her mother and Jim

        "I take it all of you feel the same way?" Philip asked and they all nodded.

        "Liz is right." Max said, "I mean trouble usually find us, we try not to go looking for it...unless you exclude the whole Copper Summit thing. We can do this...just give us a little leeway."

        "We'll talk about it but for now the rules stand. But it is getting late, we should all go home." Charles said

        Takara Star System, 22:00

        The thousands of ships that made up the Antarian attack fleet had finally gathered in the nearest star system to the vortex. Every ship with weapons were drawn together from all the factions of the Antarian empire and while the nobles who ruled them were back in their home star system, only Larek was here to oversee the mission which was commanded by General Kro.

        "Status!" Kro ordered as he and Larek stepped onto the bridge

        "All ships report ready status. Our five volunteer pilots are standing by in their fighter and the weapons are per fighter." One of his officers said

        "Five missiles! I hope there as powerful as you say they are." Kro said

        "They are. One of those missiles will be able to cause a super nova but it will take the destruction of all five stars to create a shockwave powerful enough to collapse the passage." Larek said

        "I've assigned a fifth of the fighter fleet to protect the ships. They'll get the job done. I wonder if the aliens can see what we're doing on this side." Kro said

        "Those ships of theirs do look very advanced. Maybe a few thousand years ahead of ours...a fight would probably not go well for us." Larek said

        "Maybe. Even with all of our ships, our estimates put us at 56% of their total fleet. A successful mission depends on them having to come through the anomaly a handful at a time." Kro said

        "And if they can come through on mass?" Larek asked

        Kro looked at him. "Then we'll give them one hell of a or loose, we'll take a lot of them down with us. Maybe even enough for them to reconsider or to give someone else a fighting chance."

        "Who else is there?" Larek asked, "Most other species are in worse condition than we are."

        "Well there are a few with some decent military assets." Kro said

        "Yeah but not enough. The only thing we really need to do is buy the humans some development time. Taking out the anomaly is ultimately just to stick it to the aliens and make sure they can't get here. From what my scientists tell me, that star system with its spatial conditions is unique...there isn't another one like it within the areas of the universe that we've explored."

        "That still leaves all the area we don't know about. But we can hope that they have a similar problem." Kro said

        "General, the final checklist is complete. We're ready." Said another officer.

        "Open a comm. channel to all ships." Kro ordered

        "Channel open sir."

        "This is General Kro to all ships. You know you're assignments, if the enemy comes through do what ever you can to take them out. When the missiles are launched, vacate the area immediately." Kro said as he looked at Larek who nodded. "Begin!"

        One by one, then handfuls at a time then the massive expanse of the fleet accelerated into hyperspace. All heading off for the fight!

        To Be Continued...

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