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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 2

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 13, 2003

        Liz's Room, Island 2, 2 am

        Liz, like everyone else was trying to sleep but was unsuccessful, was curled up in her bed looking up at the ceiling. Everything in this room appeared to have been designed for her, right down to an empty journal book on the bedside table. No matter how many pillow she covered her head with or how much she tried to get comfortable she just couldn't sleep. Just then a knock came from the door and she sat up.

        "Come in!" Liz called out and the door opened

        Maria walked inside and moved over to her long time friend.

        "Hey Chica...guess you couldn't sleep either!" Maria said as she sat down on the corner of the bed, "So do you want to talk about it?"

        "Talk about what?" Liz asked

        "Liz, ever since that Kalen guy told us why we're here you've been very quiet. Hell when Max tried to stop you, you almost blew up at him!" Maria said

        "Maria, really it's nothing. I just wanted this to be a normal night for all of us. No government, no aliens, just us having a good time!" Liz answered

        "Okay, I'll buy that! Now what's the rest of it?" Maria said, knowing her friend all to well

        "Maria...I...okay!" Liz relented, "Maria, all of this...and what we're supposed to be doing here...Max would have told me about this if it's as important as Kalen is saying!"

        "Chica Max didn't know anything about this place, he just found out... oh, oh right you mean Future Max!" Maria said

        "Maria, when I spoke to him...I got the feeling he was keeping some major things from me but this! You and I are supposed to have sex with Isabel and Tess...Max would have told me if it happened in his timeline and for Kalen not to have brought them here given how close he and I were...Maria it was like he didn't even know!" Liz said

        "Yeah!" Maria said slowly, "I guess he would have told about something this major and he must have known that Kalen would have brought us here given what is at stake! So what do you think is going on?"

        "I don't know!" Liz said

        "Maybe you should tell..."

        "No way Maria, I can't...not after everything I've put him through!" Liz said

        "Okay then but what about Isabel? We trust her, maybe she can help figure it out?" Maria suggested

        "I guess..." Liz trailed off, "Hey, can I ask you how you feel about all this?"

        "Well I'd be lying if I said I'm cool with it! I mean if I was going to be with another girl I would want it to be my choice, not because a bunch of aliens wanted me to!" Maria said

        "Are you worried about you're mom?"

        "Yeah...she knows I'm probably going to be out until morning but when I don't show up!" Maria said

        "I know...but this all has been planned for a long time! I think Kalen probably has a plan!" Liz said

        "Is this you just being hopeful?"

        "Right now I think I need to be!" Liz stated, as she looked at the clock on the wall, "God I can't believe how late it is!"

        "Yeah, do you want to speak to Isabel now or wait till the morning?" Maria asked

        "I think we better do it just the very least it will give her a few hours to mull it over!" Liz said as she got out of bed and pulled on a blue cotton robe

        "I think I saw her name on a door in the next hall over!" Maria said

        Maria opened the door and the two girls left in search of Isabel!

        South Corridor, Sub Level 3, Alpha 1, Same Time

        Kalen was still wandering the halls; just like his new wards he was finding it difficult to sleep so he decided to take a walk.

        "Commander Kalen!" Called out Loro, the chief doctor of the facility

        "Doctor? What are you still doing up?" Kalen asked

        "Sir, when our guest arrived I gave them a full medical work up...I found a problem that I was only able to identify a few minutes ago!" Loro said

        "What's the problem?"

        "It's Alex Whitman sir, his brain is showing signs of advanced neurological pathway failure!"

        "Doctor!" Kalen complained, he may be able to repair various systems of a ship, analyse tactical strategy and run a counter assault but medical terminology gave him a headache!

        "Sorry sir...from what I'm seeing someone reprogrammed his memory and effectively fried his brain!" Loro said


        "Sir the only thing that could do this kind of damage is someone using a sustained level 4 mind warp for a prolonged period of time...if I didn't catch this..."

        "Can you treat it?" Kalen asked

        "Yes...but if we waited any longer to bring him will take a few treatments in the medical wing but he will have to be told about this, they all will!" Loro said

        "Very well, I will inform them in the morning. In the mean time get whatever equipment you need to be set up!"

        "Yes sir, thank you!" Loro said as he returned to his studies

        Kalen went back to the central archive of the facility. It was where all data on the hybrids and their associates was stored. He needed to know how someone was able to do this to Alex without it being picked up by the agents who were observing them!

        Isabel's Room, Island 2, 10 Minutes Later

        It took Liz and Maria quite a while to find Isabel's room but at least it gave them the opportunity to check out the other rooms in the facility. When they did find her room, they knocked and Isabel called them in. They found her facing away from them looking through her drawers, dressed for bed in a red tank top and a matching thong. For a couple of seconds Liz looked from Isabel's feet, up her long legs to the globes of her ass.

        She shook herself out of her appraisal of Isabel's form but Maria had already caught the subtle stare - she decided to keep quiet just now. Isabel turned to face the pair after closing a drawer that contained more than a few pieces of sexy lingerie.

        Hey guys! Have you seen some of the stuff they've given us?" Isabel asked

        "Yeah, two guesses what they have in store for us!" Maria said

        Isabel chuckled slightly and sat on her bed, crossing her legs yoga style.

        "So what can I do for you guys? Or is it just sleeping trouble?" she asked

        "Uh...Liz has something to tell you and we could use your help on it!" Maria said as she sat down on a chair.

        Isabel patted the other end of the bed and indicated for Liz to sit down which she did! Slowly Liz took a deep breath and began.

        "Isabel...late last year I had a visitor!" Liz said and then paused, "Max travelled back 13 years from the future, told my that you and Michael were killed, Earth was invaded and that he and I couldn't be together because they needed Tess to stop it from happening and she left because she was rejected!" she said quickly

        Isabel just stared and then blinked.

        "Uh huh, okay! This would have been the cause of the whole 'sleeping with Kyle' rumours I've been hearing?" Isabel said

        "Yeah...Max just wouldn't give up, it was the only thing I had left to use!" Liz said

        "You gave up everything you ever wanted for us!" Isabel said with realisation in her voice.

        "Pretty much...I mean it not like I had a choice! Isabel, you and Michael were killed; Maria and Alex probably were as well. I would do it all over again to save you...all of you!" Liz said

        "So the thing you want help want me to help you tell Max?" Isabel asked

        "No...well maybe later!" Maria said. She knew that there was no way Liz could keep it a secret for Max much longer.

        "Max...Future Max never told me about this thing!" Liz said bluntly

        "Okay!" Isabel said not quite understanding

        "He told me little bits here and there... I modified the Granolith, a friend we'll get called Serena, even a few things about our wedding but he never mentioned anything about this place...not even a hint! Maria and I talked about this...something this major Max would have told me!" Liz said

        "Yeah, you're right he would have. There is no way Max would have let you go through something like this without a heads up...he loves you too much to let this be a surprise!" Isabel said

        "No...he DID love me that much!" Liz said. She managed to hide some of the sadness in her voice but some came through enough for Isabel and Maria to hear it.

        Isabel moved over a little so that she was beside Liz and softly touched her shoulder. "Liz, believe me Max still loves you as much as the day he healed you. He doesn't understand the Kyle thing and he wont unless to tell him what really happened!"

        "Isabel how can I tell him that I staged the scene so that he would think I slept with my ex?" Liz said, "But that's not the problem just now! Max would have told me but he didn't! I told Maria it's like he didn't even know about this!"

        "Show me!" Isabel said as she extended her hands.

        Liz took them the soft hands and both girls felt a little spark that caused them to gaze into each other's eyes. A gentle smile formed on Isabel's face and her skin began to flush slightly but she brought herself back to reality.

        <Oh yeah, I'm going to have to talk to Liz about this! > Maria thought to herself

        "Just relax, let it flow from you to me!" Isabel said softly

        Liz felt relaxed the second she touched her hands to Isabel's. She smiled and closed her eyes and let her experiences of that night flow to Isabel.


        Liz's visit to the psychic and being told that she would marry her one true love.


        A bright light and an older Max appearing on the balcony, Liz thinking that it was a shape shifter.

        ** Flash**

        Liz being tossed the white rose from Max while the band played music in the background.


        Liz being told what had happened in the future, then what needed to be done.


        Liz's attempts to make Max fall out of love with her, from Tess and her top to her in bed with Kyle.

        Isabel watched it all but through all the flashes with future Max she never saw him clearly. It was as though she was looking at a cheap recording of him.

        "Liz, show me everything from the last couple of years!" Isabel said. The concern in her voice came through clearly.

        Liz did as she was requested and showed her everything that had happened to her from the second she was shot right up to stepping into the limo. Isabel compared everything, every image of Max she took and scrutinised it. All were as clear as though she were seeing it herself; the only difference was Future Max! It was then that she realised what was going on.

        "Oh my god!" Isabel said

        "What?" Maria asked as she sat on the edge of her seat.

        "Liz...I..." Isabel said

        "Isabel, you're really scaring me. What happened?" Liz asked

        "Liz, it never happened. The images of Future Max it was like they were put onto your memory, Max never came was all a lie...some kind of mind warp!" Isabel said

        Liz felt physically sick. She stood up or at least she tried to but her knees felt weak and she fell to the floor. Isabel and Maria jumped up and moved to her side in a second, both cradling her as the tears began to flow. Everything that Liz had gone through that night and every day since was all for nothing!

        The other girls just held her, Isabel stroking her long brown hair as she looked at Maria. Both were thinking the same thing - Tess! She was the only one they knew of you could do what was done to Liz and the only one who would have wanted to do it to her! Together they helped Liz up and placed her into Isabel's bed, Isabel used her powers to force Liz into a deep slumber.

        "Let's go!" Isabel said coldly as she grabbed a robe

        "If that bitch is involved she's mine!" Maria said just as coldly.

        Both girls left the room and went in search of Tess's room.

        Observation Room, Alpha 1, Same Time

        For the most part the occupants of Alpha 1 respected the privacy of the teenagers who stayed in the other facility but on occasion they checked in just to make sure that everything was okay! The two who were watching at the moment had seen the interaction between Liz and Isabel.

        "See I told you!" said the on duty medical officer - Lans

        "How the hell did you know that!" said Cor, one of the junior research scientists.

        "Simple, Ms Parker has some of King Zan's energy inside her. The mix between that and the chemicals in her body that are produced when she's in love focus on Zan. Vilandra's energy is almost identical to Zan's so they call out to each other like magnets!" Lans said

        "Yeah, okay so why hasn't it happened until now?" Cor asked

        "Because they haven't been breathing this in before!" Lans said as he help up a small vial of pink liquid.

        "And that would be?" Cor trailed out

        "Honoclosiac!" Lans said, "The ultimate aphrodisiac!"

        "You put that into their air supply?" Cor enquired, "Everything that happens in there has to be of their choice, they can't be influenced by anything!"

        "It's at a very small ratio...2 parts per million! It'll just make them aware of their attraction!" Lans said, "After a day or two I'll clean out the air supply and they'll be fine but they will know about their...desires!"

        "Well if it doesn't work, the clothing we provided them will certainly help! What is it with humans and physical appearance?" Cor asked

        "That is a mystery that may take centuries to solve!" Lans joked

        "What about that blonde human...uh...Maria?"

        "Well with her it will be mainly curiosity that has an effect on her but the Honoclosiac will magnify that curiosity." Lans answered

        The two continued to watch and saw what happened when Liz broke down. They used their scanners to intrude on what Isabel had seen; the images caused Cor to go in search of Kalen. Lans on the other hand was busy trying to access the computer of the other island so that he could seal Tess's door and prevent the other girls from reaching her - he wasn't having much luck!

        Archive, Alpha 1

        Kalen was going through every file he had. He even brought in the keeper of the records to help him in his search. They read everything that could have left Alex susceptible to a mind warp of this magnitude. The only thing they could find was his trip to Sweden.

        The operative they had assigned to watch Alex followed him on to the plane, hell he even had the seat behind Alex. Nothing unusual was there until the Keeper, Rax, spotted something.

        "Commander, look at this!" Rax said

        "What is it?" Kalen said

        "According to this Alex left Sweden 3 weeks early...told the family he was home sick and was missing his friends!" Rax said

        "That is pretty common for humans...young ones I mean!" Kalen said

        "Yes but our operative followed him to the plane but he got off in Glasgow, Scotland. He stayed in the U.K. for the remaining 3 weeks before heading back to Roswell." Rax said

        "Does the file say what he did?" Kalen asked

        "Only that he used the facilities at the Caledonian University, a few smaller colleges around the area...the Bell College in Hamilton, Motherwell College, others. Then moved south, stopping at every major university between Glasgow and London. The operative never found out why but he left each site with a floppy disc. When he got back to Roswell, everything was back to normal!" Rax said

        "Sir!" Cor called out as he entered the room

        "Yes, what?" Kalen said

        "Sir there is a situation on the island! You better come immediately!" Cor said

        Kalen and Cor went back to the observation room. Once there, Lans filled them in on his unsuccessful attempts to isolate Tess.

        Tess's Room, Island 2

        Isabel had found a pattern to the layout of the room and realised that Tess's room would be located at the exact opposite side of the girls area from Isabel's. All rooms were arranged in a cross pattern, from Liz's room to the north round to Isabel's in the east, then to Maria's in the south and then to the west and Tess's room. The couple's rooms were located between the singles with the bath/shower room located between all of them, directly adjacent to a larger bedroom.

        When they reached her bedroom, Isabel blasted the door in open and found Tess, almost completely naked save for green cotton panties. She had a long t-shirt ready to be put on but was interrupted by the new arrivals.

        "Christ guys, don't you knock?" Tess asked.

        Maria took a second to look over Liz's blonde nemesis but fixed her gaze on the rosy protrusions the capped her breasts. She couldn't help but wonder just how cold it was in the room. However the immediate concern was Liz. Tess pulled on the t-shirt but Isabel grabbed her and held her against the wall.

        "What did you do to her?" Isabel asked with venom

        "What? Who?" Tess gasped

        "Liz, you mind warped her didn't you?" Maria said as she moved over to the others

        "What????" Tess asked, genuinely concerned, "Mind warped? What happened?"

        Isabel and Maria looked at each other and then back at Tess.

        "You mean it wasn't you?" Isabel asked as she released Tess

        "Liz and I may have our issues over Max but I haven't used a mind warp on anyone since that guy dug up Pierce!" Tess said, "What...what happened to her?"

        "Well if it wasn't you...someone made her believe Max came back in time, he told her that they couldn't be together or the world would end." Maria told Tess

        "And because I can use a mind warp you thought it was me...especially with what Liz was told!" Tess said as she understood why her alien sister and Liz's best friend came storming in. Now she understood how the door opened that allowed her a chance with Max...and she hated it!

        "I swear it wasn't me! How is she?" Tess asked

        "I put her to sleep!" Isabel said, "When I connected with her I realised it was a mind warp and I told her...everything she's been through for the last several months...she just broke down crying!"

        "Oh god!" Tess said, "Listen, I know why you would have thought it was me but there is quite a few Antarians out there that can use a mind warp!"

        "Any ideas?" Maria asked

        Tess shook her head, "Aside from Whitaker, Courtney and a few others I haven't seen a lot of female aliens. None of them have used their powers that least none that I have seen! Maybe Kalen has an idea?" Tess said

        "So it's only female Antarians that get the mind warp?" Maria asked

        "Yeah...same with the dream walk!" Tess confirmed. "Hey could I see her...maybe I could connect with her. Maybe see something that could help us!"

        "I'll ask Liz when she wakes up! It's her choice and given the problems you two have..." Isabel said

        "Yeah, no wonder she blew up at Max when he tried to stop her from following Kalen! She thought she was saving everything when she walked away from him." Tess said

        "And caused a lot of problems between the rest of us as well!" Maria said

        "That could have been their plan!" Isabel said, "What's that saying... divide and conquer!"

        "We always have been stronger when we worked together...all of us!" Tess said as she looked at Maria.

        Together the girls all went back to Isabel's room where they sat vigil over Liz. They had no doubt that along with Kalen's answers Max would learn about all of this!

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