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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 19

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 6, 2003

        Ritual Chamber, The Island, 23:55

        Max pulled out the book and opened the chamber and one by one they entered the hidden chamber. They each stood around the pool and stared at the ooze as it moved around on its own, none of them could believe that this stuff was actually water. Max then moved to the panel that Kalen had indicated to them and pressed his palm to it. The shaft above them opened and the teens could see the full moon as it moved into position as midnight quickly approached.

        "We better get ready." Max said as he slipped off his robe.

        He then moved over to Liz and untied the sash of her robe. With out any hesitation or embrassement he pushed the robe off her shoulders, leaving them both naked. Max pulled his lover tight against his body and kissed her passionately. Liz could feel his cock begin to harden as she pressed against it and when the kiss ended she was left gasping for air.

        "Max..." Liz said, "You feeling okay?"

        "Yeah. I'm feeling great! In fact everything feels right." Max said as he carefully stepped into the water. It came up to his waist and he ran his hands through it, Max was surprised to find that, despite its thick look, it was smooth and felt like ordinary water.

        Then Max extended his hand toward Liz and she took it as she stepped into the pool. One by one the other three couples stripped each other and joined their king and queen. As instructed by Kalen, the humans took their places in the centre and faced their lovers. The hybrids stood at each of the cardinal compass points and all looked up at the moon.

        Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess each cupped their hands and pulled up some of the water. Then they poured it over the human's heads. They continued to soak their bodies in the water, rubbing it into their skin, through their hair and over every inch of their exposed bodies. Every so often they would plant gentle kisses and take little nibbles. All through this they whispered gentle "I love you's!" to each other as they teased their senses.

        The second it was in position the glyphs that were carved into the walls of the room glowed with a bright yellow light. The time had come and the aliens placed their hands on the surface of the water.

        "Are you ready?" Max asked

        Each of them nodded.

        The hybrids hand's glowed and they let their energy flow from their bodies. The water acted as a conductor, allowing the four energies to mix with each other and then travelled up everyone's bodies. It mixture of the various powers became a part of everyone else, Max's ability to heal and create shields were now within all of the others as just Isabel's dream walks, Michael's blasts and Tess's mindwarps. With respect to their abilities, they had all become equals with the exception of Max and Liz whose seals magnified their powers.

        Just as their bodies adapted, they could feel the energy surge through their veins, changing their cells so that they would be able to produce the powers. The hair on the back of their necks stood on end, every square inch of their bodies was stimulated to breaking point. Only it wasn't the power that got to Liz and the others, a connection had formed in the minds that allowed them to feel everything! In the space of a second the couples ran through every life experience of their partners. Max spotted that Liz had trouble remaining standing and rushed over to her, he grabbed onto her body and kept her above the water line.

        "Are you okay?" Max asked as he ran his hands through her hair


        "You seem to say that a lot these days." Max said

        "Yeah...oh god Max. I know you...I know everything about you. Before I thought I did but now..." Liz said

        "I know. I saw you too." Max said as he looked into Liz's eyes

        He kissed her hard and fast, he pressed his body against hers. Max reached down and cupped her ass. With a swift movement Max picked Liz up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Everyone watched as Liz wrapped her hand around Max's hard length and sank down on him.

        "Ugnnnnnnnn." Liz groaned as he filled her.

        Liz clasped her hands behind his head and the two began to rock together, Max held Liz's butt as he thrust up into her as she slowly bounced up and down on him.

        "Hnnnnnnn...Liz...I love you." Max gasped out

        Right next to them were Alex and Isabel. Alex had also felt weak in the knees so Isabel helped her lover stay standing. They never said anything; the looks they gave each other said everything that needed to be said. Isabel held onto his waist and Alex cupped her breasts, using his fingers to play with her nipples. As they came together to kiss, they both moaned into each other.

        "I want you." Isabel breathed out before biting into his ear.

        Alex smiled. He moved his hands under the water and caressed the skin of her hip and ass. Gently he pushed her to the edge of the pool and sat her on the rim that circled the pool under the water. He kissed Isabel as he pressed into her; their hands went everywhere as they moved. Eventually Isabel's legs parted and Alex slipped between them. Then everything stopped!

        Alex looked deep into Isabel's eyes as he positioned his dick and slid into her. "Ugnnnnnnn yes!" he groaned

        "Arghnnnnnnn Alex" Isabel cried, she brought her leg up and wrapped it around Alex's leg.

        As they grinded their bodies together, the water lapped against them. They weren't in any hurry and with long teasing strokes, gentle touches and whispered words, the couple made love under the moonlight and that from the glyphs.

        Across from them, Michael just held Maria's body close to his. In the blink of an eye he knew everything about her, he had never felt that close to anyone and he didn't want to let it, or her, go. Maria had her head resting against Michael's shoulder, enjoying the feel of his skin and complete access to his mind. Soon she looked up at him, the gleam in her eyes was unmistakeable to Michael and moved back to the edge of the pool, carrying her with him.

        However, Maria quickly recovered for her Sharing induced high and decided to become the aggressor. The blond pushed her mate to the edge of the pool and sat him on the rim that Isabel was perched on. Michael smiled as Maria straddled his lap, placing her knees on the rim and then he gasped when Maria tightly wrapped her hand around his dick. Before he knew it, he was inside Maria and she was ever so slowly riding him.

        "Uhn...ugnnn...ugnnnnn...Maaaaria...oh god you're so tight!" Michael wheezed out

        Maria bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. She crushed her breasts against Michael's hard chest; her nipples burned into him, scraping against his skin as he moved her body up and down, over and over again on his hard rod.

        "Hggmmmmmmmmmmm." Maria gasped before grabbing Michael's face and kissing him hard, his hard wrapped around her back.

        Kyle was the quickest one of the humans to recover. One by one he and Tess watched as the others came together and writhed against one another. He wonder how Max was able to stay standing with Liz wrapped around his upper body. He marvelled at Alex's self-restraint and going slow with Isabel and not take her hard and fast. The sight of her full breasts moving back and forth as Alex thrust into her was intoxicating. Then there was the second alien who held his heart. The look of utter bliss on his face as Maria took him into her again and again made him want to share it.

        He looked deep into Tess's eyes and pushed her to the edge. Kyle bent his head and took her nipple between his teeth. When pulled back but didn't let go, Tess gasped with pleasure and then Kyle did let go and watched the pliant flesh snap back. Then he moved back and licked the nipple, teasing it with his tongue while his hands caressed her ass. Then Tess was surprised as he quickly backed off and span her around.

        Tess smiled at what Kyle was planning and put her hands firmly on the edge of the pool to brace her self. She cocked her hips and spread her legs as Kyle moved behind her. Under the alien water, Kyle aimed his dick and plunged deep into his mate with one firm, smooth stroke.

        "AGHNNNNNNNNN!" Tess screamed with pure bliss.

        "Oh god Tess!" Kyle groaned as his thighs slapped against the backs of her legs.

        With the union of the fourth couple, the water started to bubble. They were small and fast, much like that of a Jacuzzi, but steam also appeared. It was as though the water was boiling but none of the copulating teens could feel any heat except from each other. Then the water itself began to glow in the same shade of yellow as that of the symbols. Everyone was bathed in light as they moved together, sharing their bodies, minds and hearts with each other. Even as the moon moved out of position; the light continued, feeding on the energy of the mating.

        "Oh yes...yesss...yesss!" Liz said, her body continuing to be pleasured by Max.

        He was holding tightly on to her, trying to feel as much of her smooth skin as possible. Her tight walls gripped him securely as she slid up and then plunged back down.

        "Liz...oh god...I...oh dear god!" Max strained out, holding back from shooting his seed

        Isabel's body was shaking, trembling from a mini orgasm that Alex had stirred in her. Now she could feel another coming and Isabel knew it would be a thousand times more intense. While her gaze was fixed on Alex, she could feel it building in the others as well. She was desperate for Alex to take her over the edge and she wanted to look into his eye at the very moment she sent him over it.

        "Ah...ughh...oh yess...Alex...more...deeper...please...." Isabel said, her face flushed with passion and heat. The thousands of never ending tiny bubbles were teasing her skin.

        "Isabel...uhh...ugnnnn...ugnnnn...ohh...ohnn..." Alex barely said

        Maria was still riding Michael. Only she wasn't being slow about it! She wanted Michael's seed within her and she wanted him to make her cum as well. Her body cried out for him, the invigorating alien water and the sensations of the Sharing heightened her senses. She was keenly aware of everything around her and within her, as were all her lovers and friends.

        "Mi...Michael...OH GOD...FUCK ME...OH YES!" Maria cried

        "Oh yeah...oh baby...cum!" Michael groaned

        Kyle was still taking Tess from behind only she had her body up against his. She was slightly bent and twisted to allow for Kyle's access to her slit but it was no less pleasurable. They continued to grind against each other; Kyle had cupped one of her firm breasts. His other hand had taken a hold of hers and he guided her appendage down to where their bodies were joined. Once there, they could both feel his hard cock sliding in and out of her slick opening.

        "Ugnnnn...ugnnnnnnn...ugnnnnnnnnn...Kyle!" Tess gasped

        "Feel it Tess...oh god YES!" Kyle said, gritting his teeth



        "OH GOD, OH GOD...YESSSS..."

        Nobody could be sure who was moaning what. Every sound was echoed and it permeated their minds, all any of them knew was that they were with the ones that they loved and nothing could take them away from each other. They also knew that the pleasure was building to breaking point, everybody was fighting to hold back from the precipice but it was a fight they were loosing. The blinding light emitted from the water had gotten brighter and no matter how much they wanted to last they couldn't!

        "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Eight voices cried at once.

        The boys shot their loads into their girls as they shook violently around their bodies. In that instant, the light from the water shot up through the shaft and into the night sky in a beam that lasted for only a few minutes. Yet it told the Antarians of Earth what they needed to know the first set of hybrids had completed their bonding! Then they passed out and fell into a deep sleep.

        Blast Site, Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert, 03:00 The Next Morning

        General Masters and Feln were circling the area where the Skins fell. They looked over everything in the area.

        "That is one hell of a hole." Masters said

        "Well if your media or anyone else decided to check out the epicentre of that "earthquake" they'll know it wasn't!" Feln said

        "Yeah. But you got to admit that is a very smooth crater. It almost looks like a giant left his thumbprint in the desert floor." Masters said

        "Well...I can't think of anything to cover this up with. We certainly can't fill it in." Feln said

        "What about that Granolith thing?"

        "Hmm...that's an idea. It can set up a permanent mind wrap field around the area, that'll give us time to fill it in properly." Feln said

        "What about satellite imagery?"

        "Well that I can't cover up. If I try someone in your government will spot it and enquire. Can the United Nations Government do a little work behind the scenes? Maybe keep all satellites away from the region?" Feln asked

        "That I think I can arrange. I'll put in the request when we get back to Eagle Rock." Masters said, "What about life signs...did anything survive?"

        "No. My scanner is only picking up our ground units. From what's left of the caves...residual D.N.A...Skin dust...nothing major. They're all gone."

        "So now it's just Serena and this Nicholas?"

        "Yeah...god knows where they are." Feln said, "Well if they want the Granolith then it's logical to assume that they are in or near Roswell."

        " sound like one of those Vulcan things from Star Trek."

        "Actually they're called the Morsetti. Or at least they were the Morsetti...they took cybernetics to the next level by developing an organic computer and replacing their brains with it. Pure logic!"

        "I take it the virus..."

        "Yeah. They were one of the first to become infected, they dies off... maybe three hundred years ago."

        "Take us back!" Master's order the pilot and they left.

        Common Room, 09:00

        The following morning eight sleep ridden bodies covered the floor in a mass of flesh. Hands unconsciously touched flesh; legs touch legs as they rested on each other. Liz was between Max and Isabel; both were caressing her body in their sleep while Alex pressed himself tightly against Isabel. In their dreams the siblings were making love to her and Alex was making love to Isabel, he would have been with Max as well but even in the dream world he couldn't reach that far.

        Thing were not idle for the other four as well. Tess had her head resting on Michael, using her cousin as a pillow. Kyle was doing the same thing only his hands were running over every inch of Tess's skin while Maria was tightly against Michael, her hand cupped his cock and balls.

        Then all of a sudden, they opened their eyes at the same time. It didn't take them long to pull themselves up and look around at their surrounding, not one of them could remember how they got from the ritual chamber to the common room.

        " did we get here?" Liz asked, not really caring about that...not with Isabel's hand between her legs.

        "Kalen must have brought us in." Max said

        "You'd think he would have put us in a bedroom." Michael said as he stood up, the skin of his ass sticking to the cold floor. He rubbed his butt to warm it up a little and then helped Maria up to her feet.

        Eventually they were all standing up, all completely naked and dry not a single drop of the Antarian water was on their bodies. It was then that they realised there was a new level of closeness between them, they had but to look at each other for them to know what the others were thinking. They could feel each other's presence like never before and there was a general sense of euphoria that didn't seem to abate. Just the simple presence of each other both calmed and excited them, and not one minded their lack of clothes. They had been naked in each other's company before but back then they knew that if they felt uncomfortable they could throw something they knew that none of them would ever feel uncomfortable!

        "So what do we do now, Max?" Liz asked

        "I say we read that letter." Max said as he spotted the envelope

        Max picked it up and opened it.

        "The Royal Family of Antar, last night you completed the bonding rituals of our people. From now on you are tied together in a way that you have never experienced before and as it will be done with the other hybrids around the world so shall it be done with your children and their future mates.

        However, today it is time to return home. Inside your rooms you will find bags to pack your belongs. I know you only came here in the clothes intended for that dance, however the clothing you have been wearing for the last several weeks were specifically chosen for you, in particular the underwear they are yours! So by all means, take them and enjoy.

        When you are ready return to the common room and press the blue button.

        Commander Kalen, Royal Antarian Personal Guard."

        "So...I guess we get packed." Kyle said as he looked around the room. "I am so gonna miss this place."

        "I hear ya." Maria said

        One by one they left for their private rooms to get dressed and then packed, first in the bags were the clothes they arrived in. After they were done there, they moved to the rooms that they went to the rooms they shared with their First lovers. For Liz and Isabel, there were some things they liked to wear for each other and no other. It was the same with virtually all of them. Then they proceeded to their large bedrooms. By the time they were done, their bags were almost full. They certainly had enough, and more than a few items were things that their parents would never have allowed them to buy much less wear.

        Soon they were all back together in the common room and they placed their bags in a pile in the middle of the room. Max looked at each of his friends and then moved over to the button on the wall.

        "Max wait!" Isabel said


        "Its still early...lets go for a walk." Isabel said, causing the others to smile

        "Yeah, I'd like that." Max said

        "Me too." Alex said, taking her hand in hers.

        They left the facility and walked along the beach and went a little ways into the jungle. All to say goodbye to their "favourite" places on the island, places where they had enjoyed so much. Isabel even took them to the tree where she first gave Alex a blowjob. Alex and Liz smiled as she waved her hand down a nearby boulder and carved their initials into it.

        "Just a little something for the next guys to remember us by." Isabel explained

        "Everyone ready to face the music?" Liz asked

        "Yeah...let's go home." Maria said for all of them

        They returned to the facility and picked up their bags then Max pressed the blue button.

        Waiting Room, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

        With a flash of light, the eight teens were deposited back in the waiting room where they had first woken up.

        "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" yelled a voice from behind them

        The group turned around to see four sets of hybrids, 2 different groups and their Dupes. Then there were others, their human mates.

        "Eric, calm down." Ordered another in an English accent, obviously their leader. "My name is Jack Long...I don't know what you want with us but what ever you're thinking it's not!"

        Then came his Dupe. "I'm Steven McDonald. Why did you bring us here?" he said in a Scottish accent. These sets, like the Roswell and New York groups were kept as far apart as possible.

        "We didn't bring you here." Kyle said

        "Actually we were brought here the same way." Max said, "My name is Max Evans and we're from Roswell."

        "Roswell? As in..."

        "As in that Roswell, yes. And we're all aliens...our people are called Antarians...well actually we're human/Antarian hybrids. Listen, the reason you were brought here is pretty huge and difficult to deal with at first but just go with your instinct on it." Max advised

        "Oh yeah and what is that reason?" Eric asked, still very agitated.

        "What is Michael per group?" Maria asked

        "Hey!" Michael objected.

        "Sorry sweetie. Just having fun." Maria said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek

        "You all look very close." Asked the Philippine group leader

        "And so will you be by the time you leave here." Liz said

        "I don't get it, why'd Kalen bring so many of them here...that's definitely gonna have a space issue." Alex said

        "That's my problem Alex." Kalen said as he entered, "Actually we set up a few more facilities during your stay."

        "You the hell are you?" asked Eric's dupe

        "Sylvester. Please calm you're self. My name is Commander Kalen, I am assigned guardian of the hybrids here on Earth. I will explain everything to you as I have done with Max and his family here. But first, I have an important introduction to make. Max, please take off you're shirt."

        Without any hesitation Max took of his top, instantly getting the new girls in the room to look over to him and give him a look of appraisal. When Liz saw them, she gave them a very stern look and they looked away.

        "Ladies, Gentlemen. This is Max Evans and Liz Parker, our King and his chosen queen."

        "King? Bullshit!" Eric said

        Kalen waved his hand over Max's chest, causing the Seal to glow. Immediately all the new hybrids fell down to one knee and bowed without thinking of their actions.

        "What the hell?" Steven asked

        Kalen deactivated the seal and the others all stood up. "That is a function we implanted into your brains. It was intended so that you would know who our king is."

        "Okay, point taken. He's the king." Sylvester said. "What now."

        "Well before I explain your purpose, Max, it is my duty to inform you that the threat posed by the Skins has been terminated. Only Nicholas and Serena are still active." Kalen said

        "The Skins are gone?" Jack asked

        "You know about them?" Max asked

        "We've had dealings." Jack said, his tone told them everything they needed to know they were not good encounters. "They were after something called the Granolith and someone called Zan."

        "Oh...that's me!" Max said

        "I thought you said your name was Max?" Eric asked

        "Zan is my Antarian name. Max is the one I use now, the one my human parents gave me." Max said

        "My friends...if you'll excuse me. Max, Liz and the others have completed their purpose here and can now get on with living their lives. I must see to their departure." Kalen said.

        Jack, Steven and the other two leaders who had remained silent just nodded.

        Kalen escorted the Roswell group up to the surface of Alpha 1 where they found a helicopter waiting to take them back to main land United States and then on to the Pod Mountain.

        "Will we see you again Kalen?" Isabel asked

        "Count on it. I may be busy with other hybrids but it is my duty to protect you all...I'll see you from time to time." Kalen said as the teen boarded the aircraft.

        He saluted and then waved as the chopper took off and headed back to Roswell. They were both excited and scared; they had missed their parent but revelled in the freedom from their judgement that the island gave them. Now they were walking back into their old lives... with a few differences!

        To Be Continued...

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