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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 18B

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 30, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, Same Time

        As promised, Max and the other guys were doing the cleaning while the women were up on the surface. Max was doing the dishes while Alex dried them, Kyle vacuumed and Michael dusted. Then Kyle started to feel flustered, his cock became erect and he stopped what he was doing. He instantly knew that someone was making love to Tess and they certainly knew what they were doing.

        Then Alex started to feel it, he had to close his eyes to maintain control of his body but he wasn't being successful. He could feel Isabel's body reacting to someone's touch, he could feel that person's skin against Isabel's and the sensations were electric.

        "You okay?" Max asked when he spotted Alex's condition.

        "Yeah. Your sister is just having a little fun." Alex said

        "Well it's not with Liz." Max said as he looked at his boyfriend

        "Or Maria!" Michael said after overhearing their conversation

        Then all three looked to Kyle who was straining to retain his hold of the vacuum cleaner.

        "Damn...looks like Isabel knows how to play." Michael said with crossed arms

        Then he felt a rolled up dishtowel hit the back of his head and he looked back at Alex who looked sternly at him. "Sorry."

        The sensations tormenting Kyle's body where like fire, they were burning every nerve he had. He could also feel three pairs of eyes on him and he looked over to Michael. Kyle turned off the vacuum and moved over to his lover, he badly needed to feel Michael's mouth on him.

        "Kyle!" Michael said with a smile

        "Shut up and kiss me!" Kyle demanded before locking his lips onto Michael

        The two kissed passionately, Michael moved his hand down and grasped Kyle's ass, pulling him tighter against his body. Their tongues duelled hotly as their hands began to wander, exploring with a frantic intensity the sculpted hardness of each other's muscular frame, outlining chiselled contours, flicking across tiny, pointed nubs, cupping still-imprisoned erections. Michael also started to feel the heat emanating from his mate from the surface of the island.

        Max and Alex then watched as the two started to strip each other. They wished they had some popcorn, or at the very least a video camera taping what was happening on the surface. If it could draw this reaction out of them then it deserved to be recorded for posterity. Max shifted his eyes and watched as Alex rubbed his cock through his shorts. It was then he had an idea. He moved over to Michael and pulled him away from Kyle.

        "HEY!" Kyle said

        Max just smiled at Kyle and then pointed to Alex. "You and Alex both need relief. He'll give you it!" Max said

        Alex moved closer to Kyle, Max was right he needed relief and it felt right to take Kyle as Isabel was taking Tess. As he moved, Alex stripped off his clothes until three of the four men were naked. Max had to restrain Michael slightly, he wanted to get Kyle off and here was his oldest friend, giving his lover to Alex.

        The initial kiss between the two humans was gentle but quickly became more heated, just like the kiss Kyle shared with Michael. "Ohhhh maaannnn..." Kyle sighed in perfect contentment as Alex mouthed his way down the jock's muscular physique. He was torn between the desire to take his time and drive his new lover thoroughly nuts, or to pull Kyle to the floor and press his legs back and take him hard and fast up the ass. In the end he didn't want to deprive their audience of the pleasure of watching Kyle writhe on the floor. So he took his time, lingering over the rigid nubs of his companion's nipples, licking and biting with just a little bit of force, knowing Kyle would love it. Sure enough, Kyle sucked in a sharp breath and grabbed Alex's hair. Alex paused long enough for Kyle reward his lover with a low moan of approval as a shudder of delight shot down his spine.

        He revelled in the feel of Kyle's hands in his hair for a few moments but then returned to the business at hand. He bent his head slightly so that his soft hair trailed over his partner's hot flesh, tickling and teasing as he tasted and tongued ever inch of skin he could get to. However, Alex knew what he really wanted a taste of most Kyle's engorged cock.

        Kyle opened his eyes and looked down as Alex engulfed his dick. A moan of pure bliss rumbled up from the depths of his chest as a warm, wet tongue caressed his cock. The technique and rhythm was flawless, one minute he was swallowing his dick and the next he was running his tongue over Kyle's balls and up his rod, the action pausing occasionally for Alex to focus his pleasure giving oral talents around the head of his prick.

        "Holy...ughnnnnnnnnnnn...fuck!" Kyle groaned but then Alex released him but wrapped his fingers around his fellow human.

        Kyle couldn't stand any more and he fell to his knees, Alex never let go. He gently pumped Kyle's cock, keeping him hard until Kyle was on his back. He moved between Kyle's legs and took his throbbing tool back into his mouth. Alex wanted to taste the white lava that would soon pour forth from Kyle; he quickened his pace with both his sucking and the pumping of his hand.

        "Uhn...ughnn...oooooohhh...oh Alex...yeahhh...UHNNNN...ARGHHHHHHHH!" Kyle cried out, giving his seed to Alex, which he swallowed

        Kyle was breathing hard, his senses were on overload and could feel the heartbeats of those around him but none more so than that of Tess. His heart was in time with hers but he would be with her soon enough. Right now he wanted Alex's semen with in him, he wanted Alex to cum like he did, he wanted Alex's dick inside him.

        "Fuck me Alex...I want you in me!" Kyle said

        Alex smiled; he knew exactly how he wanted to take Kyle. Alex sat on knees before he grabbed Kyle's ankles and pulled the panting human so that his ass was up onto his lap. Alex positioned his dick and rammed it deep into Kyle.

        "Huhnnnnnnnnn!" Alex groaned, biting his lower lip

        "Uhnnnnnnnnnnn!" Kyle yelled, his eye's wide at the sudden penetration.

        Alex gripped Kyle's hips more firmly as he drove his straining rod harder, faster and deeper into his lover's tight ass.

        "Ugn...Alex! That's it...give it to me! I want it...hard!" Kyle moaned as Alex's slapped against his ass.

        Alex closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensation of the exquisite friction surrounding his cock. So tight...Kyle's moans wafted through the passionate haze that enveloped him, and Alex was consumed by one thought - to bury his rod as deep inside Kyle's ass as possible and fill him to the brim with his cum.

        "UHNNNNNNNNN...YESSSSSSSSSSS!" With an abrupt, guttural cry, he followed through and Alex went into sensory overload as every muscle pulled tight and his seed erupted in fiery spurts into his partner's deepest recesses.

        "Oh wow!" Alex sighed as Kyle pulled himself back, removing Alex's cock from him.

        Kyle moved closer to Alex and kissed him hard before turning their attention to their lovers at the kitchen counter.

        Max was behind Michael, vigorously stroking his dick with the sole purpose of making his sperm fly from his body. Max could feel his queen on the surface, she was acting with the intent of bring unbridled pleasure to those around her and not seeking it herself. That was fine with Max, he wanted his three lovers to reach their orgasms and he wanted to see the looks of rapture on their faces before tonight and their final ritual.

        "God...Maaaaax!" Michael groaned

        "Let it go Michael." Max said in Michael's ear before licking his outer lobe

        "I...I can't..." Michael groaned, holding back his orgasm.

        Max kept pumping away but he tightened his grip and moved faster.

        "Uhnnn...oh god...oh god...MAX!"

        "Cum for me Michael."

        Michael wouldn't submit, not yet. He knew something was missing, or rather someone! That was when the girl's entered.

        Isabel and Tess looked at the heaving, sweating forms of their mates on the floor and smiled. They cursed themselves for missing more of that action but they and the others focused on Max's hand around Michael. Maria was totally mesmerised; she slowly slinked her way to her mate and ran her hand down his naked chest, looking into his eyes.

        She kissed him deeply and then backed off. This was what Michael needed, he wanted both Maria and Kyle, the two lovers who held his heart, to see him cum by Max's hand.

        "GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Michael yelled, his seed spurting over the counter.

        "Well..." Isabel said, " least we caught part of the good stuff."

        "Yeah but we missed the show." Tess said

        "They'll be others." Liz said definitively, her eyes never drawing away from Max. In that split second Liz heard Max's request for a video camera and decided that when they got home they'll be buying two. No way was she going to miss out any more action and Max felt the same.

        As Kyle and Alex stood up, they and their mates moved closer to each other and embraced. As did Michael, Maria, Max and Liz! Four connections sparked to life, then came more as connections formed between the same sex partners. Eight minds became one, their desires, lusts, sensations and loves were all naked for each other to know. Then it died. Without a balance of energy between all eight, it could not sustain itself but they were left with the lingering happiness of fading orgasms.

        Now all pairings have made love, before this they were ready for their final ritual to complete their union but still had a little hesitation that they would have to hide more when they returned. No one feared it more so that the four human who would leave with new powers. Liz already had some and had learned to control it slightly, they other three had no experience what so ever and were afraid that they might accidentally do something that would expose them. However, those doubts were now gone. Whatever happens they would see it through together, as lovers and as friends. Now all they had to do was to wait for the declared hour.

        Living Room, Evan's Residence, 12:00

        Philip was taking the day off, he didn't have any appointments to do and all current cases were left in the capable hands of his junior partner. Today he was looked forward to sitting out in the backyard, under the blazing sun without a shirt and an ice-cold beer in his hand. Then, he would get on with the gardening...just as soon as he finished that next can there was always another can.

        He had watched his fake son and daughter drive off for school after fake Liz arrived. When he saw the two female replicants together, he couldn't help but wonder how their getting past the fact that Liz would marry Max and that Max and Isabel were siblings. No matter how much he tried he just couldn't quite wrap his brain around the concept. Then there was Max and Alex!

        "Thinking about Liz and Isabel?" Diane asked as she came out.

        "Yeah. And Max and Alex." Philip answered

        "Well I'm sure they have it worked out. Are you really fine with it... I mean the whole gay thing isn't normally something you like?" Diane asked

        "I'm dealing. Actually I'm more okay with it than I thought I would be. I want Max and Isabel to be happy, their my kids no matter what and if I can handle them being aliens then I can handle their... their... no, I can't say it!"

        "Sex life?"

        "You had to say it." Philip said, taking a swig of his beer

        "She's not a little girl anymore. She's **!" Diane said

        "Bite your tongue. She'll always be my little girl...and Alex is a dead man!" Philip said and Diane smiled

        "Alex isn't the only one she's..."

        "I know I know...just please I hope that Kyle and Michael keep their hands off her." Philip said, "At least Alex is..."

        "A nice sweet, caring and sensitive young man? The kind of guy a girl takes home to meet the parents and not sneak into the bedroom after we're asleep?" Diane asked

        "Yeah." Philip said

        " that I've said it she probably would sneak him into her room."

        Philip quickly turned his head and gave his wife a stern look as she held back her laugh. She most definitely knew what buttons to push to have a little fun!

        "Anyway, Feln did seem pretty sure that as far as the other guys are... it's a no go area!" Diane said

        "I'm just hoping he's been kept in the loop with all that's happening on the island." Philip said

        Diane smiled and stood up to go back inside the house but stopped just short of the door. "Philip, you are okay with all of this right?"

        "I want them to be happy and I don't want to loose them. If that means accepting their relationships then that I can do!" Philip said

        Granolith Chamber, 12:30

        Feln was punching commands into the Granolith. He was making the adjustments to the senior Roswell inhabitants permanent so that they would continue to accept the unconventional relationships that had been undertaken by their children.

        "There that should do it." Feln said and then activated his communicator

        "Kalen, this is Feln. All done here and the jamming device is holding, the Skins will only be detecting the emissions from the cave."

        "Good. Our young friends will undergo their final bonding ritual tonight. The Sharing will occur...a little under 12 hours from now."

        "Really? I think I'll hold off on telling their parents. If they find out then they might start acting differently, it might let any Nicholas know that they'll be back. No point setting them up as a target.


        Motel, The 285 heading North, Same Time

        "Agreed." Came Kalen's voice from the radio

        Both Nicholas and Serena had intercepted Feln's signal and had listened in on his conversation.

        "Damn it!" Nicholas said as he changed frequencies, "The is Nicholas, abort! Do not enter the caves...repeat ABORT!"

        Nothing but static was heard.

        Nuclear Test Caves, Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert, Immediately Following


        "Nothing...just interference on the comm. line." Said a Skin

        All the Skins had arrived and they snaked their way into the various cave mouths that connected to the central cavern that their scans showed was the location of the Granolith. Under their commander's order, a handful remained at the entrance to guard their rear. The operative placed in their ranks, quietly slipped away during the night and met up with his own forces on the ridge where they watched the Skins.


        "The next right...then forward for about 30 metres."

        As they moved down the dark passages they came to an intersection and met up with more of their comrades. As each section of cave that branched off, they met up with more Skins until they reached the central chamber. Before them stood the Granolith, or what they thought was the Granolith, and their personal salvation from the degrading husks.

        "No guards?"

        "None that I'm detecting."

        The Skins moved closer until most were in the cave. The commander signalled to one of his troops who then approached the Granolith but before he could make contact there was a surge of static energy that blast outward, knocking them all to the ground and planting shields at all the exits. Most were caught in the main chamber but a few were on the other side.

        "GET OUT...NOW!" he called to the free ones.

        As they turned, there was a shimmer of light along the walls and a series of devices uncloaked. A second later the passage was filled with red beams, shooting out at various angles and creating a lattice network that could not be avoided.

        "The passage is mined with explosives...there's no way through."

        The commander touched his hand to the shield; his reward was a massive jolt of power that sent him flying through the cave to the fake Granolith that crumpled when he hit it. The Skins gathered around him and found the emitter that led them here. It didn't take much to destroy it!

        The second they did, 3 lights activated and shone down on them...and at a spot on the wall. A series of numbers, in Antarian, started a count down.

        "No..." The commander said as he turned and blasted the shield with his powers. Aside from a few ripples on the barriers there wasn't any effect.


        "Commander Kalen...we have 5 Skins in our sights."

        "Take them!" Kalen said over the comm. link.

        The team leader signalled his units and, all firing at the same time, they took out the guards that the Skins had left to watch their backs.


        The Skins on the other side of the shield also saw the countdown. In that instant they faced the dilemma of waiting for the bomb to go off or try to make it down the corridor. They went for the corridor! They moved as carefully and as fast as they could but never made it past the fourth beam.

        The initial explosion set of the others, sending a wave of fire down the winding passages of the cave until it reached the cave mouth and flames reached out, scorching the ground. In the main cave, the shields protected the main body of Skins...that is until the main bomb went off.

        The blast caused the entire network of caves to fall in on itself, leaving a large hole in the desert floor. The shock wave could be felt far into the surrounding states!

        Motel, 285 North, Immediately Following

        The tremors shook everything; both the Skins and the hybrid used their powers to shield themselves. It lasted for at least 10 minutes and when it was done, Nicholas just looked out the window. His people were gone, and the Granolith was still secured within the mountain where neither he nor Serena could get at least without more power. The only thing he had left to look forward to was the eradication of the humans at the hands of the Omega Wave.

        That was still their main plan! It was what they wanted, he actually wanted to have Serena, besides he needed her to activate the wave and she needed his power and knowledge of the Granolith. Aside from that, they liked mating with each other and they knew that the species that they would create would be perfect.

        "So what is this Sharing?" Serena asked

        "It's the final bonding...prior to marriage. In the waters of Antar, two mates will come together and release their energy. For humans, it will give them powers. For us...both mates will take on each other's powers, in both cases a permanent link will be created between the minds."

        "Cool. So if we were to go through it, you would get my mind-warp and I would get that whole mind-rape thing."

        "Pretty much. But that isn't my only power...and your body is still young...still developing. Give it time and your powers will grow. Then, after we do the Omega wave and create a new race, a race built on will be a goddess."

        "Hmmm...smooth talker. Not bad for a future god! Get in this bed and fuck me junior."

        "Tempting..." Nicholas said as he watched Serena take off her clothes, "Very tempting, but my people just died. I have rituals I must perform...oh and if you call me junior once more, I will kill you."

        Serena smiled and lay down on the bed. "Rituals can, oh great and powerful god. Take my body and seek your pleasure...I am for you alone!"

        Nicholas couldn't resist and crawled between her legs. He reached down and unzipped himself and pulled out his dick. Without any finesse he forced his dick into Serena who moaned in intense rapture.

        "Ugnnnn...god, you're good at this!"

        Serena wrapped her legs around Nicholas's waist and let him fuck her body. She knew that the level of intensity needed for Nicholas to find pleasure was what she needed to cum. For half an hour he continued to use her soft body until they both came.

        Parker Residence, 1 Hour Later

        Jeff and Nancy were sitting in their living room. They had closed the restaurant for the rest of the day and were now sitting, watching the news.

        "Well, like the rest of you we were caught off guard by that earthquake today. The USGS has confirmed that it measured 6.3 yet only minor damage has been reported. So far no aftershocks have happened but the initial quake could be felt in Texas...we've just received information, the epicentre of the quake appears to be in the middle of the New Mexico Desert, not far from Roswell. Miraculously there have not been any casualties, a few businesses are closed and the nearby roads have been sealed off due to landslides. Authorities are expecting to have the roads cleared by 6PM this evening..."

        Jeff then shut off the television.

        "Do you thing that it was the Skins?" Nancy asked

        "Probably. Feln said they had set a trap but a little warning on how big it was would have been nice." Jeff said

        "Tell me about it. We're gone to have to but a few more ketchup bottles...half of what we had is lying broken on the floor."

        "Well given the alternative if the Skins had gotten this Granolith thing..."

        "Yeah I suppose. Do you think they got them all?"

        "I don't know. I hope so, the last thing we need is a bunch of aliens out for revenge...then there is this Nicholas kid." Jeff said

        "Wait, Feln did say not to let his appearance fool us."

        "Yeah, right! Kid on the outside, nutcase alien on the inside." Jeff confirmed, "At least we he gave us that photo of him so we can be on the look out."

        "Do you thing we should call the see how they're doing?"

        "Well we could stop by the Evans. Alex's parents are still out of town at the conference so at least they're okay...somehow I think that Jim's going to be a little busy today."

        "What about Amy?" Nancy asked

        Jeff just smiled


        "It's Amy that Jim's busy with."

        "Excuse me?"

        "Jim took the day off to spend it with Amy, last I saw of him was heading over to her place...he'll probably go into the Sheriff Station to help out but Hanson knows what to do."

        "Jim Valenti and Amy Deluca...I knew they were getting closer but this!"

        "Yeah, boggles the mind...but then so does my daughter sleeping with BOTH of the Evans kids."

        "But you are okay with it?"

        "We've raised our daughter to be who she wants to be. We may lay down a little too many rules but this is who she is, I can't stop her now...and I don't think I want to. When ever she was with Max, she had this smile..."

        "She was happier than I've ever seen her...then that whole Tess thing."

        "At least that's over with."

        "Do you really think it is?" Nancy asked

        "Tess has Kyle and Maria. Liz's last letter did say that they had resolved a lot of their issues and that they were now friends."

        "You don't think that..."

        "Oh god...I do now! She and Maria might even be..." Jeff said as he shook his head, "Okay, the second they return home we ask them about all of this!"

        "Got that right. But I doubt that Maria and Liz...I mean they're best friends, they wouldn't."

        "A lot of things have changed Honey. A lot of things! However, even if they are...I'm not going to loose my daughter. This is her life and with everyone else around her I think she'll be safe. I can live with it for that reason!" Jeff said. Something in his mind was telling him to accept it no matter what but his parental instincts kicked in, telling him that he needed a reason. That one worked just as well as any other.

        "Well at least we know for sure that there will be at least one knew ground rule in this house." Nancy said

        "Yeah? What's that?" Jeff asked

        "No more sleepovers until we all sit down and talk this out."

        "Oh yes!" Jeff said

        Common Room, The Island, 23:50

        Since the morning, none of the couples made love. However, they did spend the day like it was their last one together. Here in this tropical paradise they could be as open as they liked, and that was something that was bound to change when they got back to their lives and their families.

        As the witching hour approached, it was decided that they should get ready. Max and Alex took Liz and Isabel into their bathroom where they stood under the showers and bathed each other. Tess and Maria took their lover's into their bathroom for the same purpose. When they were done, they dried their lover's off, dressed each other in robes and decided to make this evening special and prepared a lavish dinner that they all enjoyed.

        All through the evening, there were gentle touches, loving gazes and more than a few pairs of feet touching under the table. When they were done it was almost time for the ritual. The put their dishes by the sink for tomorrow and moved over to the bookshelf. Max pulled out the book and opened the chamber and one by one they entered the hidden chamber.

        To Be Continued...

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