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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 18

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 24, 2003

        Observation Room, Alpha1, 19:00

        The observers that were assigned to watch the teens had held off on calling Kalen. They knew he would be busy dealing with the initial construction of nearby facilities for other hybrid groups due to the rapid progression of the virus, the ineffectiveness of their recent genetic modifications and the loss of other races. However, another phase of the bonding had been completed and he needed to be informed so they called him after a while.

        "What's going on?" Kalen asked

        "The king was anointed by the other males, phase 3 is complete."

        "Excellent. Contact the command room and tell them I'll be over on the island if they need me." Kalen said

        He moved over to a control panel on the wall and transported himself over to the island.

        Common Room, The Island, Immediately Following

        As the teens sat and ate dinner, they talked. Their bodies and sex weren't the only things they were open with, somewhere along the way they became totally at ease with each other and felt they could talk about anything. Maria and Liz, already the closest of friends, were now even closer and that was partially due to the fact that they could now share a bed as lovers. Max and Michael knew that the next time Michael came crawling through his window, he wouldn't be sleeping in a sleeping back on the floor...unless his bed was already occupied with Liz. Right now they were talking about Max's anointment and how the girls picked it up. While they could feel each others orgasm after their initial times together, they had learned to control it so that it was didn't involve others the Seal's that were within Max and Liz threw that control out of the window.

        "So you guys felt it when know?" Max asked as he walked around the table, pouring water into the glasses before the teens.

        "Liz felt it, she just passed it on to us." Isabel said

        Max blinked. "You felt it too? My own sister..."

        "Could be worse Max." Michael said


        "She could take you're girl and never let you near her again." Michael joked

        Everyone knew it was a joke but Isabel looked it Liz with a gaze that overflowed with love and gave a wicked smile. She had to admit, the idea had merit! Liz smiled back, she had been thinking the same thing but she loved Max too much. She stood up, moved over to Max, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hard while their arms wrapped around each other. That was when Kalen beamed in. The sudden flash of light caused the couple to jump apart of everyone else to look around.

        "Kalen...hi!" Liz said as she moved in front of Max and his arms wrapped around her.

        "Hello everyone. Max! Congratulations on your anointment...normally there would be a celebration and gifts for both you and Liz but given our current status..." Kalen said

        "Bummer, no party!" Maria said, "Oh well. We can have it when we leave."

        "I have no doubt that you would." Kalen said, "Well that's another phase of your bonding complete, one more to go and then you can go home."

        "Really? What's next?" Tess asked, eager to see her quasi-father again. As much as she like the freedom the island afforded them, she did miss Valenti.

        "Uh before that. When Max...when he was anointed, I felt it through the seal." Liz said

        "Your seals were just connecting to each other. I suppose in a way you can understand it, for that second, you and Max were effectively one mind. On occasion, and particularly when you conceive a child, the Seals will glow and it will happen again. But...Phase 4!" Kalen said.

        "Yeah, okay." Max said, kissing Liz's hair when Kalen mention the conception of a child. Both young lovers knew that it was only a matter of time before that happened, although it wouldn't be for some time so that their parents had time to adjust to everything.

        "Follow me." Kalen said

        He moved over to the library shelve and pulled out a book and let it snap back into place. The stack moved to the side, exposing the entrance to the hidden chamber. As he entered, the teens followed and circled the pool of purple & pink ooze.

        "Uck...gross!" Maria said

        "Kalen, this looks like something a baby would yak up...only pink!" Kyle said

        "What the hell is this stuff?" Max asked

        "Antarian water." Kalen said

        Kyle and Maria looked up at him quickly. "Oh...looks great!" Maria said

        "I'm sure it's great to shower in." Kyle said, both feeling guilty

        "Actually it is. Very invigorating, especially after a work out but this is the only sample on Earth and it's only used for this last phase. Compared to what you've done here, this one should be easy for you." Kalen said

        "So what do we do?" Isabel asked

        "Just strip down, jump in and take a bath." Kalen said

        "What's the catch?" Max said, knowing Kalen wasn't telling them everything

        "Well, all of you have to be in the water at the same time. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess...all of you will surround the others. Place your hands on the surface and let you're energy flow into the water; it will act as a conductor and allow the energy to become part of the humans. It's essential that both parents have the power to protect your future children. Just make sure that all your bodies are soaked with the water." Kalen said

        "Anything else?" Liz asked

        Kalen smiled. "Take a guess!"

        "Oh wait, we get to make wild passionate love yet again?" Maria said like it was a chore, running her hands along Michael's arms while giving Tess a sly wink.

        "Sex is a major part of our civilisation. Pleasure derived from mating binds our families together and so our people are bound together. As you all are." Kalen said

        "So when do we do this?" Tess asked

        Kalen walked over to one of the symbols on the wall and pressed his palm to it. The roof split apart, revealing a shaft to the surface. "At midnight, when the moon is should be tomorrow night when the moon is at it's fullest." Then Kalen closed the shaft and the group left the chamber. "So will there be any problems?"

        The teens looked at each other, one by one they each nodded. "No, no problems at all." Liz said for them all. They had reached the point where they accepted everything and had no hesitation about what they did in front of each other. The only hesitance they felt was in the fact that after tomorrow night they would be home and would no longer have the same freedom and they would have to curb their sexual antics... for the sanity of their parents.

        Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert, 01:00am

        The Skins had been on a relentless march across the country. The buses and trucks they travelled in were retrofitted with large coolant vats that were filled with ice cold water. It was all they had to keep their husks from degrading under the baking heat and so they completely submerged themselves in it. They had received instructions from Nicholas to secure the Granolith's at all cost, of cost he neglected to inform them of his plans for it or of his relationship with Serena.

        "Have you pinpointed the location of the Granolith yet?"

        " looks like they've moved it to the caves used by the government for nuclear detonations. They're probably hoping that our husks won't stand up to the residual radiation in there."

        "Will they?"

        "In another two weeks with this heat...probably not!"

        "Well then, it's good that we're here this soon then. Have all unit's checked in?"

        "All Skins, except for the General are holding positions 15 miles from the target. As expected, the Granolith doesn't have any protection. Those primate lovers still thing they can hide it without us detecting it."

        "Pathetic isn't it...they never change. Okay, get yourself sometime in the coolant vat. I want was many of our people as close to 100% as we can get."

        "Yes captain."

        The Skin left his chair and went into the back of the bus where he sank down into the liquid. His captain sat in his chair and started reading over the maps of the area and all the information they have on the Granolith.

        Command and Control, Eagle Rock Military Facility, 04:30

        Feln had spent the last hour talking with his brother Kalen over a comm. link. It was his usual briefing with Kalen informing him on the situation on the island and on the status of the attack fleet, and then Feln informed Kalen on the Skin situation and on the parents. When he had finished, he returned to the operations centre of the conflict with the Skins.

        "Everything okay?" General Masters asked

        "For the most part. Just having to talk to parents about their children's sex life is draining...I'll never understand how any species could become as sexually repressed as yours. No offence!"

        "None taken. Anyway you should have seen us before the sixties...that would have really given you a headache. If your looking for a reason, I suppose you could start with religion. Having it labelled as original sin does sort put dampener in the fun." Masters said, "Besides isn't it usually the parents who talk...make that lecture to the kids about their sex life."

        "Well it helps for the parents to know about it first. Then when they find out about the details...nightmare!" Feln said, "Anyway, that will deal with itself. What's the situation with the Skins?"

        "Their holding position for the moment. The dampener on the Granolith is holding and the false emissions in the caves are steady. By this time tomorrow the Skins should be dealt with." Masters said

        "Anything else?"

        "We have no idea where Nicholas and Serena are."

        "Oh...okay...they aren't with the other Skins?" Feln asked

        "According to your man that's with them, no! Aside from given the Skins orders there hasn't been any contact." Masters said

        "Hmmm...strange. For the past 60 years, for as long as we've been on Earth, Nicholas as never been more than 100 feet from the majority of Skins. Now he's keeping his distance."

        "You think he knows about our plan?"

        "I don't think so. He wouldn't sacrifice his entire contingent...maybe a few but not all." Feln said

        "Well you people do like sex a lot. Maybe he's busy getting laid?"

        "Nah...the husks take away the sensation. He could still be having sex but that wouldn't stop him from being with his troop. Oh wait a minute...yeah; Nicholas could assume that we put the Granolith under heavy guard. He might think that it'll take all his troops to take the machine but he'll want to stay as far away as possible."

        "Is that a common battle strategy for your people? The C.O. makes sure he's out of firing range." Masters asked

        "No more than your people." Feln said, "Oh by the way Kalen asked me to tell you something. We need to modify the agreement our peoples made."

        "What? The initial arrangements made by the U.N. council and your leaders were quite specific. Our co-operation and allowing Antarian D.N.A to mix with ours in exchange for advanced technologies and protection from those people who would attack Earth."

        "Yes it was. However, there has been an increase with the progression of the plague and with the discovery of that alien fleet... we require humans to be more prepared to be out there than we initially intended."

        "More prepared?"

        "The modifications we want to make are that we cut out some of your development work. We were originally going to give you a limited number of our technologies and let you backward engineer them. Now we're going to give you everything we have, do the backward engineering and teach you everything you need to know. With any luck, within 100 years you'll have interstellar spacecraft that can take on any warship we know about."

        Masters was stunned. He knew about the restriction on the technological trading but now the Antarians were willing to give them everything they had, in that instant he knew that the Antarians must really be scared about what was going down out there. "What about one of these new warships that you found out about?"

        "I don't know yet. Hopefully we wont but things never work out like that. The attack on the star system starts in two days."

        "Two days before a potential Armageddon...wish your forces good luck from me." Masters said

        "I will, and thank you." Feln said as he looked at the clock. "We've been up for nearly thirty six hours. We should get at least a couple of hours sleep before we deal with the Skins."

        "Well I am feeling a little bit drowsy and the coffee from the mess stopped working about 12 hours ago. Let's go." Masters said

        The two men left for the sleeping quarters and their private rooms where they got a good four hours of sleep.

        Pond in the Jungle, The Island, 09:00

        As far as the girls knew, this could be the last day they get to spend any intimate time together with a carefree attitude. So the men decided that they would do the cleaning while they came out to the spot where Tess and Maria first made love to each other. It wasn't long before they had removed their clothing and were resting in the cool, clear waters of the pond.

        They had split up into pairs; Isabel and Liz were sitting by the small waterfall, gently touching each other and stroking each others arms as they looked lovingly into their each others eyes. Maria and Tess were on the opposite side of the water doing the exact same thing, except they had progressed to kissing, their bodies were pressed tightly together as they held each other.

        "I love you." Isabel quietly whispered, loud enough for only Liz to hear.

        Liz smiled back with a bright and warm grin. The glint in her eyes returned the love and gently cupped Isabel's cheek before pulling her in for a gently kiss. "I love you too." She said as she pulled back

        Then Liz looked over to Maria and Tess. The wide grin and evil look in her eyes was not missed by her girlfriend and looked back and forth between Liz and the other naked couple.

        "What?" Isabel asked

        "I want you to do it." Liz said

        "Do what?"

        "Be with Tess. If you were on Antar, she and Michael would probably be your only lovers...I know your curious, I know you want her. I felt it when you shared that kiss at my anointment, please make love to her...for me!" Liz whispered

        Isabel had to admit that her recent fantasies had included Tess and Liz was right, back on her home planet Tess/Ava would be her lover already, in fact given the relationships they had in their past lives she probably was. Isabel looked over at the girl who her lover was asking her to make love to and looked over every inch of her body...she did want her!

        "Okay." Isabel said and they both stood up.

        Slowly they walked through the water and over to the other couple. When they arrived, they put their hands on Maria and Tess's shoulders to part them. The two blondes looked up at them, Liz took Maria's hands and pulled her away from Tess.

        "Hey!" Tess said in protest

        Liz moved her finger over her mouth and held it there. "Shhhh! Enjoy it."

        Isabel sat down behind Tess and the two looked at each other. Liz took Maria back over to her original spot and sat her down.

        "Do you want to watch them too?" Liz asked her friend

        "Oh god yes!" Maria said as she rested her hand on Liz's thigh.

        Liz put her hand over Maria's and the two smiled at each other. "Who would have thought this would have happened when we found out about them?" Liz asked

        "Kalen...and about a million Antarians." Maria joked

        Liz just chuckled slightly and then the two best friends kissed each other with lust and passion. When they stopped, they looked over to their girlfriends who were busy kissing each other furiously. Isabel had moved in front of Tess, she knelt in the water that came up to her mid thigh, and then her hand glided up Tess's arm and trailed her fingers over her chest until she cupped her fellow alien's breast.

        "Ahhhhhhhh!" Tess sighed with a sharp intake of air as Isabel pinched her sensitive nipple.

        "Do you want me Tess?" Isabel asked with heated breath

        Tess just nodded.

        "Say it Tess, please...tell me!" Isabel begged and ordered at the same time

        "I want you Isabel, I want you to take me." Tess said

        Isabel latched her mouth onto Tess's hard nipple and the shorter girl gasped as pleasure instantly shot through her. Then Isabel backed off. When Tess opened her eyes, she looked down into Isabel's face just as her moist lips parted provocatively. The pink of her tongue peeked out, lightly grazing her rosy, soft lip. Isabel's entire being invited Tess to share in her fire building within her, to taste and explore ... an invitation Tess did not want to refuse and so she offered her own mouth in exchange. Isabel accepted, engaging her in an erotic, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues barely touching. Then slowly Isabel's tongue delved deeper, caressing the other girls tongue harder, until Tess felt as if Isabel was drawing every sensation out of her body and into her own through their joined mouths.

        Tess's body pressed tighter against Isabel's; wanting, needing to feel her hot, silky flesh against her own. As their bodies melded together, Isabel's hungry mouth worked its way down the curve of Tess's throat, leaving warm trails of wetness down the creamy skin. With a gasp, Tess urged Isabel's face back into her chest, relishing the heat of her lips and tongue and the whispery caress of Isabel's hair against her skin. Isabel turned her face from side to side, nuzzling her smooth cheeks into the valley of Tess's baby-soft breasts. The tender teasing had Tess whimpering for more, and Isabel gave it willingly, not only for Tess's enjoyment but also for Liz, her tongue reaching out in a languid lick, sampling the sweet softness.

        As they watched on, Liz and Maria could have sworn that the water rose in temperature a few degrees. Gently, Liz moved Maria to sit between her legs as they ogled their lovers and then she started to run her fingers though Maria's soft blonde hair.

        "Oh, Isabel!" they heard Tess purr, she was revelling in the warm waves of delight that rocked her body and soul with every stroke of Isabel's knowing tongue. It was as if Isabel's mouth moved over her in slow motion, bringing the flesh at the point of contact to life, exciting the skin that had not been touched to start quivering in anticipation of the fiery caress, yet she left the skin which had been left behind trembling with the want of knowing such supreme pleasure again. The long, slow licks gave way to Isabel's lips, which wrapped around the tempting bud. Then came the teeth grazing gently in a caress so ecstatic it had Tess yearning for more.

        Tess could hardly stand it any longer. She wanted to do more than simply let Isabel make love to her yet she was loath to have Isabel stop; she wanted to taste and touch and explore the woman pleasuring her. However, Isabel had already started down her trembling body again, Isabel's fingers stroked her inner thighs, brushing against the wet skin of her womanhood.

        Isabel licked her lips at the sight of Tess's waiting slit and parted her legs further. She bent forward and slid her tongue down the soft, pale flesh of Tess's inner thighs, descending with maddening patience to the apex of Tess's legs. Then, all sensation ceased as Isabel paused, depriving Tess of her touch. Tess, her body tight with anticipation, spread her legs further apart and as wide as they would go, leaving her vulnerable. She could no longer take the suspense. "Please, Isabel ...please eat me!"

        Isabel's smile was hungry and was like a predator as she traced a finger along the moist, sensitive folds of Tess's slit. Tess squirmed against the rocks that rimmed the pool, trying to work Isabel's finger closer to her clitoris. She felt a snarl of impatience curling her lips when Isabel failed to cooperate; however, her dissatisfied rumble became a startled yelp as Isabel pushed a finger into her vagina and started stroking.

        "Ugnnnnnnn...Oh my god!" Tess screamed

        Then a second finger joined the first as Tess bucked her hips to meet Isabel's thrusts. However, the finger fuck just wasn't doing it, it wasn't going to send her over the edge. Tess was on the verge of letting go and forcing Isabel's head between her legs when she felt the exquisite tickle of Isabel's soft hair brush her heated flesh as a prelude to the explosion of hot air breaking upon her anxious sex.

        "Yes!" Tess shrieked when at last Isabel's tongue broadly swept across her painfully hard button. She was taken by surprise when Isabel savaged her clit with ravenous licks; she had been expecting as torturously slow a session as everything else Isabel had done thus far. Tess felt herself rapidly swept away on the ecstatic tide surging through her body as the water lapped against the rest of her skin, her body sinking into the shallow water.

        "Uhn...uhnnn...OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Tess cried out before her climax hit. Her vision swam, and her head tilted back as her body arched like a bow as she came with thunderous intensity, her cries ringing throughout the jungle.

        All through this, as Maria watched her lover give over to the intense pleasure that Isabel gave her, Liz's hands stroked the blonds inner thighs before delving her fingers deep into Maria. Over and over she thrust her fingers into Maria, she matched her movements to the humping action of Tess's hips. Maria's whimpers of pleasure were in time with her girlfriend's until, at the exact same moment, they came. Maria was about to turn to reciprocate but Liz held her still, making her watch as the two aliens shifted position.

        "Lay back." Tess commanded Isabel.

        Isabel did just that, resting up on her elbows that where beneath the water line. Tess leaned over her, working her lips from Isabel's hot mouth to the valley between her breasts. Having Liz and Isabel as lovers was intoxicated but none more so than having Maria in her heart. Even though familiar with the female form, there was something thrilling in exploring another's body. The contrast between the softness of the swells and their stone-hard tips, the pleasure just a simple touch could bring, the heady sound of another moaning in rapturous joy all because of a tiny brushing of the tongue...Tess shivered with as much delight as Isabel when her mouth closed over a quivering breast.

        "Mmm ... yes!" Isabel cried out, her legs working around Tess's body, pulling her closer and bracing herself at the same time. "Tess ... please!" Isabel begged with desperation akin to Tess's former state. Only then did Tess draw her tongue across and down Isabel's quivering belly. Isabel's heady scent filled her senses as Tess drew closer to her sex, and the smaller alien found herself licking her lips in anticipation of tasting Isabel, princess of the Antarian people. Isabel's hips thrust forward, seeking contact and satisfaction. Tess grinned, ignoring the demanding requests made by Isabel's body, she wanted to draw this out as much as possible. If Isabel was as hot as Tess suspected, she wasn't likely to last long at all.

        To prolong the delicious agony, Tess pulled away from her lover and pressed her legs closed. She folded Isabel's knees and pressed her legs back against her chest, causing her butt to tilt upwards. She glossed her hands over Isabel's swelling butt-cheeks and was rewarded with a thick moan. Her fingers drizzled over the pale mounds, completely ignoring the pouting lips peeking through Isabel's closed thighs. Isabel whimpered in frustration. Grinning wickedly, Tess dipped in closer and drew her tongue across a taut globe, causing Isabel to nearly collapse into the water.

        "Tess...!" Isabel gasped. This time, Tess took a playful nip, forcing a squeak of delight to chirp out of Isabel's throat. Sensing that Isabel was at her breaking point, Tess ran her tongue to her juicy slit, and Isabel's subsequent exhalation was more like a growl.

        With a wicked grin, Tess ran her tongue down the back of one of Isabel's legs, then she parted them, allowing her access to Isabel's pink treasure. Tess's tongue lightly played over Isabel's pulsing lips, tempting and teasing. Wanton tremors of pleasure shot through Isabel's straining body, but she was unable to give them free rein. Isabel's hips ground so insistently against her face that Tess couldn't indulge for long.

        "Oohh," Isabel groaned as Tess at last applied her tongue to her throbbing clit. Isabel swirled her tongue round and round in ever tightening circles until the very tip fairly vibrated on one small spot. The sensation was so intense that Isabel lost all control. Her legs locked around Tess once again as her hands swept across her feverish body, pausing to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples. They continued lower until she lost her fingers in Tess's silky golden tresses. Both hands forced Tess's face deeper between her legs.

        "Uuuhhhnnn!" Isabel screamed as her climax hit, the recoil of her tensed muscles pulling her up further out of the cool water. She held Tess so tightly into her as she writhed about in ecstasy that Tess couldn't have pulled away if she wanted to. For the moment, though, she was content to drink deeply of Isabel's warm juices as they filled her mouth. Her tongue sought to soothe the ecstatic tremors rocking Isabel's pussy even as her hands sought to do the same for Isabel's spasm wracked frame.

        "Oh, God." Isabel sighed, finally collapsing on the beam exhaustedly, releasing Tess. "Mm, that was intense!" It took both women several minutes to catch their breath and regain their senses.

        Tess stood up and helped Isabel to her feet. Then both walked over to the women who held their hearts and kissed them deeply. Soon they bathed in the pool to clean them selves off and then they dressed and returned to the facility.

        To Be Continued...

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