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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 17

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 17, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, Immediately Following

        Alex held Michael up by the throat, squeezing tightly enough to start blocking off the flow of air into the aliens body. Blood started to trickle from where Alex's fingernails dug in to his skin.

        "Alex stop!" Isabel yelled out

        " was...Maria!" Michael chocked out

        "She is mine." Alex said more calmly but his blood was still pumping. With little effort he threw Michael across the room so he landed against the sofa. Alex moved like a predator, seeking out his prey with determination. Max and Kyle tried to stop their friend and grabbed on to him but they were just as easily thrown aside.

        Just then there was a flash of light and a dart plunged into Alex's back. Alex stopped and pulled it out while looking over to see Kalen and two of his security officers standing with guns drawn. Kalen raised a shield between himself and the hybrids, he knew that they would try to use their own powers to try and protect Alex and he couldn't allow that. The guards shot again, sending two more dart at the human but they still had no effect. He just ignored them and continued to march to Michael.

        The two guards looked to Kalen who simply nodded. They raised their guns, aimed at Alex and shot another four darts into him. Alex began to feel the effect of the darts; he was able to take another four staggered steps toward Michael before collapsing onto the floor. It was then that Kalen lowered his shield and the teens ran toward their friends. Isabel and Max quickly pulled out the darts before Max moved over to Michael and healed the damage to his throat and neck.

        "Kalen what the hell did you just do?" Isabel asked, as her mate lay asleep on the floor, his body twitching

        One of the guards picked up one of the darts and looked at the human. "Wow!"

        "Wow what?"

        "One of these darts should knock out a human instantly for 24 hours. We just put enough in him to knock out 12 rhinos for 5 hours." Kalen said, "At least it answers one question."

        "What question?" Michael asked as Max helped him stand up, "What the hell happened to Alex?"

        "You sexually stimulated his mate. That's what happened to him." Kalen said angrily

        "I did not!" Michael said, "Okay, I did. But it was a mistake; I thought it was Maria not Isabel. Now tell us what the hell happened."

        Kalen took a breath. "The Pheromone isn't only for procreation. Among our race, while there are same gender couple just like you, it is one man to one woman. If someone makes a move on someone else's mate then there is a surge of the pheromone throughout the body of the other's mate and that person will aggressive protect his mate. It would appear that in humans, that reaction is distinctly more primal."

        "So is that going to be our reaction every time?" Max asked


        "Why not?" Kyle asked

        "Because this was Michael Alex had to deal with." Liz said with understanding and Kalen nodded.

        "I don't get it." Michael said

        "Simple, you've been the primary threat to Alex's relationship with always have been." Liz said

        "I am?"

        "Remember those dreams you two had and then you thought Isabel was pregnant. You're Max and Isabel's oldest friend and then she broke things off with him after that message in the Pod Chamber." Liz said

        "Oh!" Michael said

        "Yeah, oh!"

        "So what if I was the one who did it?" Kyle asked

        "Well...Alex wouldn't have drawn it out like he did with Michael. He would have just beaten you into a bloody pulp. Why?" Kalen asked

        "Just good to know for future reference." Kyle said as he took a step away from Isabel and Liz, moving closer to Tess.

        "Will he be okay?" Isabel asked softly as she stroked Alex's face

        "When he wakes up, yes. He'll just have to sleep off our tranquillisers and the excess pheromone." Kalen said

        "Can someone help me get him to bed?" Isabel asked her friends

        "Yeah, sure." Maria said as she moved over to Alex, giving Michael a cold stare.

        "Maria?" Michael said

        "Maria perhaps you should stay and talk..." Isabel said

        "Yeah Maria, I'll help." Liz said as she and Kyle picked Alex up.

        When they left, Kalen and his guards left them to talk amongst themselves. The others sat down but Maria remained standing. "Okay, talk!" she told Michael.

        "Sweetie I swear I thought it was you." Michael said defensively

        "And the fact that you weren't picking up anything from me didn't give you a clue?" Maria shot back

        "I did!" Michael countered. "I was picking up something from you."

        "Well I sure as hell didn't have a big toe stuck up in me." Maria said

        "No but you are connected to Isabel. We're all connected because we've all slept with each other...well mostly all of us." Max said, "Isabel was...I'm not going to say it...but Maria acted like a funnel for it to go into Michael."

        "Well isn't that great." Maria said and then took a whiff of cedar oil. "Okay, so you really didn't mean for this to happen!"

        "I swear I thought I was pleasing you and not her." Michael said as he moved closer to Maria and gave him a puppy dog look, it was something he had been practicing in the event that Mount Maria blew her top.

        "Well it felt like you were doing a really good job." Maria said with a wicked grin, Michael's look having the desired effect. "Okay, you're forgiven on one condition."

        "And that is?"

        "Later, you do what you were intending to do and stick that toe right up my..."

        "Okay I get the idea." Michael interrupted her, not wanting the others to hear it.

        Alex's Bedroom, Same Time

        As the others were talking, Kyle planted Alex in his bed and Liz pulled the covers over him after removing his clothes.

        "Isabel, he'll be okay." Liz said as she looked at the sad look in her girlfriend's eyes.

        "I know, I just can't leave him." Isabel said as she started to unfasten her shorts and pulled them down her legs. Then she took off her t-shirt, leaving her in only her panties before she joined her mate under the covers.

        When Kyle saw Isabel start to undress he turned away and left. The last thing he wanted was to end up like Michael.

        "Okay, I'll see you two later." Liz said as she kissed Isabel, while the blonde moved closer to Alex

        Liz turned to leave but when she reached the door she looked back at the lovers and smiled as Isabel put Alex's arm around her and rested her head on his shoulder. Then she left to rejoin her own lover.

        "Liz?" Kyle called out to her.


        "About know about getting Max, me, Michael and Alex into that room today. I think you should call it know, until Alex is back up on his feet. Besides I think this is probably going to strain thinks between those two." Kyle said

        "Yeah, probably will. But're little event is still on." Liz said

        "If Max and I Tess still not allowed to..."

        "Not allowed to screw you? Absolutely, it's the perfect incentive for you not to fail." Liz said, still playing her little rouse. She knew that she would never ban any of the other girls from having sex; she loved it too much and would hate anyone who placed a similar restriction on her. However, she was thrilled and seduced by the knowledge that if she did give such an order, and mean it, the girls would obey it blindly.

        "But Liz..."

        "But me nothing." Liz said

        Then they reached the common room, just in time to see Maria embrace Michael.

        "Well good to see this hasn't caused problems for you two." Liz said

        "What? Us? We're deeply, madly in love. A little thing like this isn't gonna get between us." Maria said

        "Got that right." Michael said as, unknown to the others, he slipped his hand in the rear of her shorts and cupped her ass.

        Liz and Kyle proceeded to sit next to their mates. "Well at the very least we've learned one thing." Liz said

        "And that would be?" Max asked

        "Some lines definitely stay uncrossed!"

        "Amen." Michael said as his free hand ran over his throat

        "You feeling okay?" Liz asked him

        "Yeah, just let's not do anything to get the caveman back." Michael said

        Kro's Warship, Taldan Star System, 12 Noon

        "General Kro, Lord Larek's freighter is approaching. They report that their cargo is secure and ready for distribution."

        "As soon as they've docked, transport one package to one of the selected fighters. And I want a full security attachment to that cargo." Kro said

        "Yes Sir."

        Kro left and walked down the many corridors and decks of his ship to the docking bay. He arrived just as the captain of the vessel left his ship and saluted the general.

        "General, I've been order to give you complete co-operation in the use of these weapons.

        "Good...first of all, how close do my fighters need to get before they can launch the missiles?" Kro asked

        "You weren't informed?" he asked and then looked around. "General, the missiles have to be launched as close as possible. It's a suicide mission sir, none of our ships have the speed to evacuate the region before the stars detonate."

        "Why am I not surprised? I've already have pilots who volunteered for the mission. They...are nearing the terminal stage of the virus, genetic manipulations no longer work for them." Kro said

        "I understand sir. Lord Larek also asked me to relay a message."


        "All he said was...Shadow's walk!"

        Kro just looked at the captain before leaving abruptly. He went to the guest quarters of the ship that housed Kivar's former personal aide and guard captain.

        "General?" Phadran asked

        "I just received a message from Larek, Kivar's allies are preparing to take action against this fleet."

        "Kivar doesn't have allies."

        "He had a few, they liked to stay behind the scenes and do a lot of work that Kivar didn't want the other nobles to find out about." Kro said, "Apparently they believe that Kivar's assassination was done under Larek's order and that this fleet is a direct method of him taking power himself."

        "Kivar doesn't have any heirs. Larek is next in line as his family is related to Zan's house and until Zan returns Larek is in charge." Phadran said

        "Well Zan isn't going to return. He'll stay on Earth, besides we'll all be gone soon enough." Kro said

        "Well, it looks like I'm going back to work." Phadran said, "Political assassin at your service, general."

        "This is the information on the people involved. Get to Antar and take them out before they can do anything to this fleet, the last thing we need is to deal with sabotage while fighting those aliens." Kro said as he handed Phadran the documents

        "I'll see you when I get back." Phadran said and then left.

        For the next three days Phadran walked through dozens of back passages and streets, he found people who knew people who knew people. He got the information he needed and stalked his prey until he made the final strike, terminating with impunity those who threatened the fleet. Always he left the bodies where they could be found, sending a message to his associates that he was coming.

        Living Room, Parker Residence, 13:00

        "Listen, I know you're all concerned but we shouldn't do this." Jim said, "We shouldn't distract Feln just now, not while he's busy with the Skins."

        "Jim, just call him." Philip said

        Valenti just nodded and pulled out the device Feln gave them to contact him. He pressed the button and a few minute later Feln appeared.

        "Sorry to call you Feln but there is a slight issue." Jeff said

        "I'll help if I can but I need to get back to Eagle Rock as soon as possible. The Skins are rapidly approaching Roswell." Feln said, "So what can I help you with?"

        "Are our children having sex?" Nancy blurted out

        Feln just looked at each of the parents and cringed. Each of the elders caught Feln's hesitation and the look on his face causing them to suddenly feel weak in the knees.

        "Oh god." Nancy said

        "How could you let them? They're just children." Philip asked, barely restraining his anger

        "Okay, what you know...or more precisely, what I've told you is that you're children were sent to the island to bond. However, sex is a major part of that bonding. Everything they do is consensual, they are protected and nothing is forced. Antarians just don't have the same issues with sex that humans do." Feln said, his finger playing with the ring on his finger (a remote to the Granolith.)

        "And you think that's a good enough don't think of sex the same way?" Jeff said

        "It is a part of who we are, and we will not deny it for any race or any one. It is a part of Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and their fellow hybrids around the world just as it will become part of their chosen mates. And with Liz it already has, she has an understanding of our nature more than the others as he now carries one of the Royal Seals within her."

        "Wait, how did my Liz get a seal inside her?" Jeff asked

        Feln paused {uh oh} he thought to himself. "Well you see, Isabel gave it to her. She carried it within her until it was passed to Liz."

        Each of the parents knew there was something that Feln was deliberately leaving out.

        "How was it passed?" Diane asked, suspecting the answer

        "They've made love, have been since they arrived. Isabel and Liz love each other as much as they love Alex and Max." Feln said, deciding to get it all out now. "Just like Maria and Tess, Max and Alex & Michael and Kyle."

        "My son is not gay!" Jim and Philip said in unison

        "No they're not but I believe the term humans use is bisexual. They have sex with their mates and each other." Feln said, slowly sending signals to the granolith by using his ring

        "No, no way this is absolutely ridicules. Before they left I constantly heard Maria going on and on about how much she hated Tess. There is no way..." Amy said

        Feln continued sending signals but knew that humans just had way too many hang-ups about a simple act that kept their species going so he turned the signal to maximum. He was ordering the granolith to make the parent more accepting of the relationships undertaken by their children, just as he was prepared to do if they couldn't accept the teens other worldly origins.

        "I refuse to believe Kyle would sleep with another guy..." Jim argued, "...but if it's what they want."

        "It is what they want. They are very happy and accepting of each other's relationships." Feln said, holding back the smile that came from the ever-growing changes in the elders.

        "Then I can live with it." Nancy said with Diane nodding in agreement.

        Feln looked to Amy. She had raised her daughter to be open minded and liberated, it wouldn't be good for her to turn her back on those values now. If her daughter truly did love Michael and Tess... "Okay. If it's what Maria wants then I can deal with it."

        "Liz really loves Isabel?" Jeff asked

        "Yes, as friends and as lovers." Feln asked

        "Okay well lets not use that word to describe any relationship my daughter is in." Jeff said, "Well I can't say I'm happy about it but I can live with it."

        Feln decided that after the Skins were dealt with that Mr. Parker could do with a little more direct influence from the Granolith.

        "Mr Evans?" Feln asked

        "Max and Alex...Isabel and Liz...but Max and Liz still love each other just like Alex and Isabel?" Philip asked

        "That's right."

        "Anyone have an aspirin?" Philip asked, "Yeah, okay. But just too be sure...Michael and Kyle stay away from Isabel!"

        "That's a given. Mates are very protective of each other and won't let anyone else near them in that capacity. However, same sex lovers are a different matter, as they can't procreate with the other so there is no instinctual need to prevent it." Feln said

        "Oh yeah, headache definitely forming." Jeff said

        "Well I've got to go, there is still a lot of work to do." Feln said {and I need to make these adjustments permanent.}

        Alex's Bedroom, The Island, Same Time

        While Alex slept of the drugs that were shot into his body, Isabel didn't. Instead she rested her head on his shoulder as she pressed her body firmly into Alex. She couldn't leave his side, knowing that she was partially responsible for him being here in this condition. She should have known that it wasn't Alex who was pleasuring her she would never have let it happen, she wouldn't have felt as much pleasure as she did.

        She watched as Alex opened his eyes and held herself up on her elbow. "Alex?"

        Alex looked at his mate, he was still feeling the effect of his overdose on the pheromone and his eyes still had traces of the purple chemical floating in them. Then he remembered what happened. Quickly he rolled over and pinned Isabel beneath him.


        "You are my mate. Not his!" Alex said, feeling her soft skin against his

        "Yes." Isabel said submissively, beginning to feel the effect of Alex's condition within her.

        Alex released Isabel and moved up onto his knees. Alex trailed his eyes over her body; suddenly Isabel felt very shy and covered her breasts with her arms. However, Alex would have none of it and pulled her arms away from her naked form. That was when he forcibly rolled Isabel onto her front and up on all fours. That was when he grabbed her panties and pulled them off her, stretching and tearing the delicate fabric until it was completely off of her body and then threw them off to the side.

        Isabel could feel heat surging in her body as Alex trailed his hands over her rear and legs. Then he moved closer and slammed has had dick into her slick opening.

        "Arhhhmmmmmmm!" Isabel cried out

        With quick, deep thrusts Alex continued to slap against Isabel and she loved it. She grabbed hold of the sheets and tightly pulled on them, her face became strained and her eyes closed as she gasped for air. While they deeply loved each other, love wasn't present here. Alex was asserting himself with Isabel, claiming her as his mate and making sure she knew it.

        "ARGHHHH GOD ALEX...TAKE ME...HARDER!" Isabel begged

        Alex did just that and started to pound violently into his mate. The increased dose of pheromone had its effect, he could only think of depositing his seed inside her. Normally he would have taken his time with her but right now he couldn't even care if he hurt Isabel but that wasn't happening, Isabel was loving what Alex was doing to her body.

        Thrust after thrust after thrust, then he came inside his mate. Alex collapsed on her back and wrapped his arms tightly around Isabel's body as she rested her sweat-covered forehead on the pillow. Alex then suddenly released Isabel and pulled out of her, the excess pheromone had been relieved and was his old caring self again.

        "Oh god...Isabel...I'm so sorry." Alex said

        Isabel lifted her head and looked around to her mate. "Don't be, believe me I'm not." She then turned around and looked over Alex, she was still feeling the effects of Alex's condition and needed it to be relieved in herself. Isabel pulled on Alex and tossed him back onto the bed and then, crawling on all fours like a cat, she moved over his body. With fire in her eyes she looked into his and in that second Alex realised what was happening and what she needed. So he decided to let Isabel have him they way she let him have her.

        Isabel kissed Alex with a passion and heat that neither had experienced before. It wasn't love; it was lust, the same lust that drives all species into the act of mating in order for the propagation of the race. Then she moved lower to his chest. Isabel bit into his skin while kissing his torso; in most of the bites she broke the skin and drew blood. When she reached over to Alex's dick, she found he was still hard and angled it up where she straddled his waist and sank down onto him.

        "UGNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Alex groaned out

        Then Isabel, without any hesitation or tenderness, started riding Alex for all he was worth. She bounced up and down on his cock as her enflamed body surrendered to pure instinct. Along with Alex she ran her hands over her body and up to her breasts. Firmly she mauled her own tits, squeezed her own nipples until Alex's hands replaced her hands. Then she glided her fingers through her hair, her face twisted in pleasure.

        "Ah...ahhh...ahhhhhhh...oh god!" Isabel cried

        "Ugnnn...ugnnnnn...ugnnnnnnnnnnnn...ISABEL!" Alex groaned

        Isabel never relented, she longed for more of her mate's seed. While her rational mind knew that without the deactivation of both their implants their reproductive systems would be incompatible, her current mind only cared for the act.


        "UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alex yelled as he, once again, shot his seed into his mate's waiting womb but with no effect.

        Isabel collapsed on top of Alex, both breathing harder than ever before. Isabel was completely relieved and back in control of her actions. Slowly she rolled off of Alex and lay by his side, he turned to face her and their legs interlocked while they stroked their feet together.

        "Oh my god that was..." Isabel said while shaking her hand.

        "Incredible." Alex finished for her.

        Then Isabel spotted the blood seeping from the bites she had given him. "Alex, oh god I'm sorry." She said as she ran her hands over his body, closing the wounds but leaving the marks.

        "It's okay Isabel. I loved it as much as you did...but we can't do like that again. We could have really hurt each other."

        "I know...and without another overdose it wont." Isabel said and then paused, "Alex...when Michael...the only reason I was that close was because I thought it was you. I would never let another man touch me like that."

        "I know you wouldn't, I don't know what came over me or if I can even control it but I am really sorry." Alex said

        "You should also apologise to Michael you know!" Isabel said

        "Why what did I...oh god I nearly killed him." Alex said as he remembered what happened, " time like the present."

        The couple got out of bed and started to dress. When Isabel picked up her shredded underwear she looked over at Alex, "Okay, this you really need to stop doing. Can I borrow these?" she asked as she picked up a pair of his boxers

        "Sorry and sure." Alex said

        Common Room, 10 Minutes Later

        The group was sitting around the room, watching a movie on the monitor. Michael still rubbed his neck, the damage was completely healed and there wasn't any pain but he could still feel Alex's grip on him.

        "You okay?" Maria asked

        "Yeah...I just don't think Alex is going to be pleased to see me." Michael said just as Isabel and Alex entered. Michael shot up and looked at Alex, "Alex...I thought she was Maria. It was an accident!"

        "An accident...did you trip over something?" Alex shot back but then calmed himself when he felt Isabel's hand on him.

        "All I can say is that I'm sorry and that it wont happen again." Michael said

        "Apology accepted. And I'm sorry know for the whole trying to kill you thing." Alex said

        Michael just nodded. He could understand it, if any one touched Maria in anyway other than as a friend then he wouldn't stop until that guy was left without arms, legs and a head. He was just thankful that Kalen stepped in when he did. "So, no hard feelings?"

        "Well other than the fact that if you touch Isabel again, Maria's gonna be sticking with Tess, Liz and Maria for sex." Alex said, "Yeah, no hard feelings."

        Alex and Michael then shook hands and sat down. The tension in the air had been unmistakeable and Kyle felt uneasy, how couldn't think of anything to get his friends into that bedroom and was silently fearful of the banning of making love with Tess that Liz would impose... at least as far as he knew. But the day wasn't over yet!

        Guy's Area, The Island, 18:00

        A few hours after the apology, Max and Kyle hit on the idea of doing a little re-bonding and fixing the relationship between Michael and Alex. So they went swimming in the ocean and since they didn't have any decent swimwear other than their underwear, they went naked. Everyone joked about the bite marks on Alex's chest but he defended it by saying that Isabel was just marking her property and that he got her really horny. Eventually what started out as a little exercise turned into a competition between Alex and intense competition!

        They had three races and it was a draw every time. When they completely the fourth, they were both exhausted and had to help each other reach the shore. As they collapsed to their backs on the sand they both laughed at how ridicules they had been acting. Michael reached over and put the back of his hand on Alex's chest and apologies once again. Alex took the hand and accepted before they helped each other stand up. Kyle and Max just smiled as they lay under the sun.

        Now they were all inside, feeling the need to shower off the sand and salt they headed to the bathroom. All the while they walked naked; while they moved through the common room all the ladies were caught up with intensive stares that they had to shake themselves out of. Once the guys were clean they headed out of the bathroom, they found the door to the large bedroom wide open. They next thing any of them knew was being pushed into the room and the door being sealed from the outside. Liz followed Max's instructions perfectly!

        "What the hell?" Michael said as he tried the door, "Max open this thing will you!"

        Max pretended to try. " won't work."

        "What do you mean it wont work?" Alex asked

        "It must have been Liz that sealed it. Our powers cancel each other out, I can't mine to counter anything she uses hers for." Max explained, certainly plausible enough for this group.

        Max then decided to initiate things. He moved over to his boyfriend and kissed Alex while pressing his body close to the human. Michael and Kyle were feeling hot as they watched and decided to join the fun. Michael pushed Kyle against the wall and kissed him just as Max backed away from Alex. Quickly he descended to his knees and took Alex's dick into his mouth.

        Alex closed his eyes as Max worked his magic but Alex couldn't remain standing. Max felt Alex's need to lie down and released his lover. Alex moved to the centre of the large bed that filled the floor of the room. Since Kyle was the only other one in on the plan, he knew he had to take the next step and moved over the blue and green cushions until he fell next to his fellow human. Michael and Max watched on as Kyle kissed the surprised human. The kiss deepened and soon their tongues duelled for dominance.

        They started to enjoy themselves, and then Alex knew what was happening. He could feel that Kyle was trying to make Michael hot enough to go for it with Max. The girls had told them of how they anointed Liz and now it was Max's turn. It certainly was working. Michael was becoming harder and Max watched as his oldest friends dick rose to full mast.

        "Is it working?" Kyle asked Alex

        Alex looked over at their lovers and smiled, as both aliens were aroused. That was when they parted and moved to the other side of the bed. Their intent was obvious to the others and they moved to the centre of the bed. When they got there it was Michael who lay down and Max, for the first time, really got a look at his friend's body. His eyes lingered on Michael's cock and he was amazed at how identical they least in that department.

        "Are you sure about this Michael?" he asked as he trailed his finger up and down the length of his hardness. A little trick that Liz did on him and that he did on Alex that he found was useful in getting a rise out of someone, not that Michael needed any help at the moment. Then he stopped and cupped Michael's balls, causing the alien's dick to twitch.

        "God...just do it Max!" Michael begged, eager for his erection to be soothed

        Max wrapped his fingers around Michael and pointed him up before bending over and taking him into his mouth. When he began to suck, Michael clenched his fists.

        "Ah god!" Michael gasped

        His eyes rolled backward and felt his pulse start to race. He was suddenly desperate to feel Max's mouth continue its assault on his throbbing dick.

        "Oh man," Michael groaned, Max was now seriously fucking him with his mouth, moving up and down his length frantically. Max bobbed his head, enjoying the feel of the hot tool filling his oral cavity. "I think I'm gonna come!" Michael warned. "Oh God...Max...suck harder!" Max didn't have time to do as asked as the other alien suddenly let loose. His pent-up orgasm released a flood of cum into Max's mouth. Max swallowed what he could, as the rest dribbling back down onto Michael's cock.

        Meanwhile, Alex and Kyle had gone back to kissing each other while gently stroking each other's cocks. However, they knew they couldn't cum from each other but they instinctively knew that helping Michael please their king would satisfy them. As the parted the walked on their knees over to the aliens as they switched positions.

        Quickly Michael rolled Max over onto his side before he drove his middle finger into Max's body, finger-fucking him for a moment. Then Alex took his boyfriends long cock in his hand and started to jerk Max off. Max smiled and clenched his fists as Michael positioned himself behind his king, kneeling a bit awkwardly on the plush and soft cushions of the bed. Holding onto his cock, Michael ran the head up and down Max's butt cleavage. Max closed his eyes as Kyle grabbed hold to kiss him; the act told Michael that Max was ready and he eased the head of his dick into Max.

        "Urgnnnnnnnnn!" Max groaned into Kyle's mouth

        Michael rammed his cock in and out of his king's body, both of them grunting at the depth of each thrust.

        "Uhnnn...ohhh...Aghhhh...Oh god yes!" Michael groaned "ALHMMMM...MUFMMMMM!" Max moaned, he tried to say Alex and Michael's names but having Kyle latched on to his mouth muffled his cries.

        All the while, Alex vigorously stroked Max's dick up and down. Michael propped his hands on Max's waist. His cock had never felt harder, he found himself groaning, almost desperately, as he quickly thrust in and out. He wanted nothing more than to just fuck Max until he exploded in a geyser of cum, but he also wanted to lengthen his pleasure and make sure the anointment was properly completed. Max would have bit down hard on his bottom lip if Kyle's tongue hadn't been invading him. He felt his orgasm starting, his cock was burning under Alex's touch and he became hypersensitive to everything around him.

        The feel of three warm bodies against him was intoxicating to Max. His nerves were on fire and his dick was throbbing with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He never felt Alex grip this tightly onto his dick before; his earlier tryst with Isabel had added a new aspect of his sex life that he was only just beginning to explore. Alex was no longer the young man who could spend hours pleasing his lovers, now he wasn't afraid to do more animalistic acts to bring out the same pleasure and in less time.

        "Oh, God," Max started to groan. He was thrusting his hips upward, and further into Alex's grip with the additional purpose of grinding his ass against Michael.

        "OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Michael said with a shout.

        Michael pulled out, feeling a final hard squeeze from Max's tight walls. His cock slid up Max's crack and pointed straight up, watching in rapt awe and excitement as the first spurt of his semen shot out. Michael ground his cock against the skin of Max's rear as the incredible sensation of his cum shooting out roared through him. The milky white spurt landed on Max's back, only to be followed by another and another. All throughout his orgasm he kept shaking, his nerves fired and his skin and face flushed. Until finally his cock stopped shooting, and what felt like the longest orgasm of his life ended.

        The sensations of Michael's seed hitting against his body felt incredible and Max knew that he couldn't hold back any longer. "UGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" he yelled out and shot his own seed over Alex's hand.

        Kyle released his mouth and he collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard and heavy. Alex and Kyle, as expected, had felt wave after wave of pleasure spiral through their bodies and they both lost their erections as if they had cum as well.

        As Max reached his climax, the Royal Seal of Antar started to glow. Nobody else in the room noticed as their energy had been drained and soon they were lumped in a naked mass of bodies on the collection of cushions that made up the floor/bed of the bedroom, all four were sound asleep and lying tangled together.

        The Hallway Outside the Bedroom...

        While the guys anointed Max, Liz and the other girls where listening in. Liz had rested her hand on the door and raised her other hand in the air, she acted like an amplifier and let the sounds echo through her body so that the others could hear. However, the second Max came and his anointment complete, Liz's body stiffened and then shuddered.

        Her lovers held her body and looked with concern at their queen as she came back to reality.

        "Oh wow!" Liz said with a huge smile

        Maria was about to ask what happened but then her Seal started to glow brightly. Gently Isabel caressed Liz's hair and upper arm.

        "Liz?" Isabel asked

        "This seal! Wow!" Liz said, still on the boarder of dreamland. "It can get very, very stimulating...Max had a really good time."

        Just then, one after the other, Liz touched her hand to the hearts of the girls. All fell against the walls and smiled as their bodies filled with delirious pleasure. Each one experienced the totality of the orgasm Liz had felt when her Seal snapped into conjunction with the one Max possessed. While the anointment had nothing to do with being king and queen, now that both Max and Liz had been anointed as the heads of their house, as king and queen their seals responded to show them as heads of the Antarian people.

        "Come on we better get going. I don't think the guys would appreciate us being out of here when they come out." Liz said as she stood up

        "Yeah, come on." Isabel said as she helped Tess and Maria stand up. Both girls still had their eyes glazed over.

        As they started to walk away, Isabel stopped. "Uh Liz, don't you think you better unseal the door?" she asked

        "Oh yeah. I nearly forgot." Liz said as she ran her hand down the length of the door and re-created the space between the door and it's frame that she had removed.

        With that they left and went out to the kitchen to cook dinner and wait for their lovers to emerge from their bedroom but judging from their experience, that won't be for some time. However, what they felt from the guys had sparked something inside them. While Isabel was her girlfriend, Liz couldn't help but look over every inch of Maria's body. Their little orgy in the bedroom the other day had woken up something within her, Liz would kill for another taste of her long time friend's sweet body. She also knew that Isabel and Tess were eager to move beyond kissing and finish what they started that day. She couldn't help but smile at how open and sexually liberated they all had become during their stay here. In that instant, Liz knew that she would do what ever it took to protect her family and make sure they would be able to continue their affairs after they left!

        To Be Continued...


        Special thanks to Katherine who wrote the m/m/m/m scene. You are the most beautiful and exquisite creature on the earth (She'd hurt me if i didn't mention that bit). I dont know what it is, i just can't write guy/guy scenes!

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