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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 16

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 8, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, Immediately Following

        "No...forget it. They wouldn't go that far, they wouldn't risk it until Kalen told them they were good to go." Maria said

        Isabel turned to look at Maria. "Wait, what are you thinking they're doing?"

        "Getting knocked up. Why? What did you think?" Maria asked, Tess and Kyle agreeing with her

        "Ooh, that is worse. I thought Max was going to propose to Liz." Isabel said, with Michael and Alex agreeing

        "Oh god, please don't be both!" Maria prayed

        "Got that right." Michael said

        "And you are right." Alex said, "Nether Max or Liz would risk getting pregnant until they were sure that everything they needed to do for it was done and Kalen said that it was okay."

        "Lets hope we're right about them." Tess said

        On The Beach, The Island, Same Time

        Max and Liz were enjoying their meal, talking away about what it would be like to be back home, attending classes, seeing their parents and having their secret open to them, well most of it at any rate.

        "So how was your last letter from your parents?" Max asked

        "Still missing me. Those replicant things might do their jobs in fooling everyone else but..."

        "Yeah my folks have said the same thing. Isabel's replicant even helps out my dad at the office like Isabel did but it's not the same. He said that it's like watching a ghost move around. Dad's just glad that nobody else can spot the differences." Max said, "Liz... can I ask you something?"


        "Did...did you like it when you, Isabel and the others know... together?" Max asked

        Liz blushed slightly and smiled as innocently as she could while looking down at her plate. "Yes. I liked it...a whole lot!"

        "Your not jealous? Are you?" Liz asked


        "Max!" Liz said as she reached out her hand to take hold of Max's

        "It's just that you seem to spend more time with them than me. I know that you're in love with Isabel and I want you to spend as much time with her as you want but..."

        "Max you can't help how you feel. Now I may be in love with Isabel but I do care about Tess and Maria." Liz said, "I don't want to loose you but if you ask me too, I'll stop being with the others."

        "No!" Max said quickly, "No Liz, I would never try to dictate terms on this. If you want to sleep with them I wont stand in your way."

        Liz smiled and stood up and proceeded to sit down on Max's lap. "Good. Because until you've had three pairs of hands running over every inch of your body, you really haven't live."

        At her statement, Liz felt Max's cock jump in his trousers and she smiled.

        "Are you thinking about me, Maria, Tess and Isabel or is it more along the lines of what Kyle, Alex and Michael can do to you?" Liz asked

        "Oh you know me well!" Max said with a smirk.

        Liz ran her hand down to Max's chest where it began to glow. "What the...?" she said

        Max felt a tingle in his skin and started to unbutton his shirt. When it was open, where Liz's hand was, they could see the Royal Seal of Antar glowing brightly. Max smiled at Liz and pulled the strap of her dress down to expose the top of her breast and placed his hand on top of her. The result was that Max's hand and Liz's seal started to glow.

        Liz looked down at the seal and then into Max's eyes. "Make love to me Max." she asked him

        Max lifted Liz off her lap and with a sweep of his arms he threw the contents of his make shift table on to the sands. Max turned his attention back to Liz and put his hands on her hips. He brought her in closer and with a gentle kiss he inched her backwards toward the table. As the kiss intensified, Max raised his hands to the dress straps and pulled them down her arms, off her body and down her legs.

        Liz sat on the table and slid backwards, as she moved she spread her stocking clad legs. Max quickly stripped himself of his tux and knelt up on the table, slowly moving between her legs. Just as he was about to kiss her again, Liz stopped him by putting her hand on his chest.

        "Liz?" Max said huskily

        "Tomorrow. Tomorrow you are going to take Alex, Kyle and Michael into that room and you're going to let them make love to you. You're going to let them pleasure you in every way that they want." Liz said

        "Liz, I can't...I..."

        "Well if you don't want me then I'll just get dressed and go inside." Liz said as she pushed Max off of her.

        Max looked very confused at his lover. He could feel irritation coming from her and he knew it wasn't an act. "Liz, I..."

        "Max you want it. Hell everybody on this island wants it. Why can't you just accept it?" Liz asked

        "I wish I knew. I'm just not completely comfortable with all of this, I mean Michael is my oldest friend." Max said

        "And Maria was mine. Now we've make was incredible Max." Liz said, "You love me and you love Alex, you've accepted that now accept this!"

        As she spoke Liz ran her hand down Max's cheek.

        "Yes!" Max said with heat

        Liz captured his lips with her own and pushed Max onto his back. Max looked up at his love as she straddled his hips and he began to caress her legs through the silk of her stockings. With soft movements Liz wrapped her fingers around Max's engorged length and pointed it straight up before positioning herself and descending down on him.

        Inch by inch, Liz sank down on Max's dick until he was fully sheathed in her tight warmth. The two lovers didn't move, they just stared at each other as they placed their hands over the glowing seals. Just then the glowing stopped.

        "What happened?" Max asked softly, not really caring

        "It's not time yet. You need to be with the guys, let them anoint you like the girls anointed me." Liz said softly, she didn't understand the significance herself but she could feel that her union with Max wouldn't be complete until he was anointed as head male of their group, as head of the household.

        However, just because that part of their union wasn't ready yet didn't mean they couldn't make love to each other. Liz lifted her self up and slid back down on Max's length, rocking and circling her hips as she moved. Soon Liz couldn't say straight up any longer and leaned forward, resting her hands on Max's chest.

        "Hmmmmm...arghhhhhhhh!" Liz whimpered as she felt Max slide deep within her.

        "God Liz...UGH...I'll...never get enough of the way you feel around me." Max breathed out

        Over and over again, Liz raised and dropped herself on Max. With each movement, Max thrust upward, meeting her halfway. Eventually he cupped her breasts and took her nipples between his fingers. The additional sensations to her body caused her to arch her back into his touch.

        "MAX...OH GOD...YESSS!" Liz groaned

        Their grunts and groan could be heard over every inch of the island. The sounds of their lovemaking drowned out the nighttime calls of the jungle animals.

        "Ugnnn, ugnnn, uhnnnnnnnnnn...OH JESUS LIZ URHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!" Max called out as he surrendered to his climax.

        Liz was almost there as well. Her body stiffened as she brought her hands up and held onto her hair as she shuddered to her climax.

        "Yes, yes, yess, yesss, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Liz screamed, sending several flocks of bird out of the tree and into the air.

        Common Room, Immediately Following

        "Oh god!" Maria said, "There actually doing it!"

        Everybody's blood had started to boil. They could feel Max and Liz through their connections to them and to each other. Alex and Isabel, as the closest to the absent couple felt it the most and neither could help but to tightly hold each other's hands under the table.

        "Relax Maria. They could just be making love." Isabel said

        "Yeah, I suppose." Maria said, "Either way it's got the same result!" Maria stood and grabbed Michael's hand, "Come on Spaceboy." She said and dragged him down the hall to Michael's bedroom.

        As soon as they were alone, Michael ripped Maria's clothes off and pulled her to the floor where he pounded into her. The additional love and lust of that couple sparked through to the others and quickly the all dispersed for some privacy.

        20 Minutes Later...

        The three very satisfied couples walked back into the common room, their arms around each other as they sat down. Their tryst may not have lasted long but it hit the spot and quelled the lust that Max and Liz had inspired in them. It was then that Max and Liz walked in, fully dressed, spotless and looking as innocent as the day they were born/hatched. Everyone looked at them.

        "What?" Max asked

        "What do you mean what?" Michael said

        "Don't you have something to tell us?" Maria said

        Liz shifted her eyes over each of her friends and realised what they were thinking. "Okay!" she said, "Guys, chill. We are no where near ready for that."

        "Ready for what?" Max asked as he looked at Liz

        "The pitter-patter of little aliens!" Kyle joked

        "KIDS??" Max said, "No way! Well not yet at least. I mean we have no way of knowing if it's safe or not and our parents would kill us dead when we got home."

        "Yeah, I suppose they would." Isabel said, " else?" she said as he held up her hand and wiggled her ring finger.

        "Well..." Max said as he looked at Liz and she looked back at him

        "Well?" Tess asked eagerly

        "Well, we're definitely getting married..." Max said

        "I knew it!" Isabel said quickly, "Pay up."

        "We didn't have a bet on sweetie." Alex whispered in her ear

        "But it's not happening for a while." Liz said, "We talked about it and decided that Max isn't going to ask until we know for sure how our parents feel about all this. Letters are one thing, I want to look into my mom and dad's eyes before we consider that step."

        "Trust you guys to come up with the smart moves." Maria said, "So how was dinner?"

        Max and Liz sat down and talked for a while before heading off to bed. Tonight was definitely a boy/girl night as they all stripped down and slid under the covers. Their naked bodies pressed tightly together as the four couples drifted off into a deep, contented slumber.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, 22:00

        "I didn't think our people had that many ships." Said one of Kalen's officers as they looked at the images of squadron after squadron of ships joined the ones massing in a star system close to the anomaly.

        "Yeah well we usually look at from the perspective of our Houses. I don't think anyone's seen them all in one place at one time." Kalen said

        "Sir, we're picking up a communication from Lord Larek."

        "Report!" Kalen said

        "Scout ship sent to the Algrois System has reported...the virus has reached end stage, the population is dead. The genetic manipulations we've been helping them with had little impact. The Algorian species is now classed as extinct. That the third one in as many weeks."

        "DAMN IT!" Kalen yelled. The Algorians were a species similar to Antarians and were discovered after they were infected. It was hoped that the genetic alterations that were employed by the Antarians to halt the damage done to their species would work for them but it only bought them another generation. Now they were gone and the virus had proved fatal for them. It wouldn't be long before the others fell; they had to act quickly, if for no other reason than to give humanity a chance. "How many races are left?"

        "We're still waiting on other scouts to report in...maybe somewhere between 9 & 11 hundred...the reports that the virus has completed it's first cycle in at least half of the races. 100% sterility confirmed."

        "Very well."

        "Sir, your needed down in Intelligence."

        "Okay, call me if you hear anything new." Kalen said and left

        Intelligence Dept., Alpha 1, 5 Minutes Later

        "You wanted to see me?" Kalen said as he entered the office

        "Yes sir." Kelus said as he looked up from his notes, "Our operative undercover with the Skins has reported in. His unit has joined up with nearly one hundred Skins; all were diverted to Roswell last night. It's time!"

        "I'll contact Feln now. Good work." Kalen said

        Kelus caught the tone in Kalen's voice. "Is everything okay sir?"

        "The Algorians have been wiped out." Kalen said, "We just got the report in."

        "That confirms it then. The virus is mutating...working faster." Kelus said

        "And we still can't completely identify it. At least humans are still showing no effects...they're completely immune and no-one can explain it." Kalen said

        "Well at least a part of our species will live on."

        "With our D.N.A. being introduced into their genome, humans should evolve a thousand years within 3 generations. To bad the galaxy is going to be empty by the time they get out into space. Anyway, anything else?"

        "Just one other thing." Kelus said, "Everything is in place for each of the hybrid sets. After they leave here they'll be well taken care of...what we set up should keep their lives moderately easy and provide a cover for the humans on the advancements in their technology. When this group leaves I can use the Granolith to implant false memories in as many government people as I need. Outside the U.N. and the military people involved, humans will never know the truth."

        "Excellent." Kalen said

        "How are things on the island?" Kelus asked

        "Our queen is working on a little sexual manipulation on Max. Liz really is become more like our people everyday. It's only a matter of time before the dormant instincts should awaken in our young nobles and after that their human mates should adopt them. With any luck, tomorrow Max will be anointed senior male of that family by Michael, Alex and Kyle. Then will come the waters." Kalen said

        "And after that?"

        "After that we send them home and bring in the next set of hybrids. I'm actually thinking about constructing similar facilities on two of the nearby islands. With multiple facilities we should be able to get through all sets more quickly." Kalen said

        "Well we have the materials, but the waters. We only have enough for the one pool; we'll have to transfer them over to the main island for the ritual. Other than that I don't see a problem, we have located all primary sets and their Dupes and we've identified which ones have taken humans into their confidence." Kelus said

        Kalen smiled, "Then get to it."

        "Yes sir."

        Living Room, Parker Residence, Roswell, 22:30

        The five families of the teens were sitting around having a great night in. It had gotten to the stage where the alcohol was beginning to affect them. While their children were bonding on the island, they had bonded on another level. They had more than accepted that they would be in-laws and had spent at least one night a week just talking to each other.

        "So Max and Isabel just drew that in the sand?" Jeff asked

        "Yeah. They couldn't explain it when they did it and after a couple of days we just forgot." Philip responded

        "I wonder what else is buried in their heads." Charles Whitman said

        "Well from what I understand, after this bonding of theirs they should begin to remember the customs and rituals of their people." Valenti said

        "Just so long as none of them require Michael Guerin taking liberties with my daughter." Amy said

        "Got that right."

        "Ditto!" Jeff and Philip said

        "And if they do?" Jim said

        Everyone looked at the Sheriff.

        "What do you know?" Diane asked

        "Nothing!" Jim said quickly, too quickly

        "Jim?" Philip warned

        "Well it is nothing. Feln just said that the kids needed to be completely open with each other. I got the impression that they were going to have sex...or already have. Especially since he said that a doctor over there implanted them all with birth control devices."

        "Oh god!" Nancy said

        "If it makes a difference, those implants are supposed to be 100% effective. There is no way the girls can get pregnant." Jim said

        "What's the `but'?" Jeff asked

        "If they do get pregnant it would be a conscious decision by both partners. They have to turn off the devices together before they..." Jim trailed off, "Besides I could be wrong. They could have just given them the implants as a precaution and I could be misinterpreting what Feln said."

        "Do you think your wrong?" Jeff asked

        Jim thought for a moment and shook his head. "No. No, I don't think I am." He said

        "Please, please, please be responsible." Amy prayed

        "Amen." The others said

        Max's Bedroom, The Island, 08:00 The Next Morning

        Max woke up to find Liz sleeping on top of him; her leg was in between his. He could feel his mate's heart beating where their skin connected, Max's heart swelled with love for Liz as he ran his hand along her back.

        "Hmmmm...Michael." She whimpered

        Max brought his head up from the pillow quickly and looked at Liz. Then he smiled.

        "Oh very funny!" Max said

        "I thought so." Liz said as she raised her head off of Max's chest

        "Sleep well?" Max asked

        "I always sleep well when I'm next to you." Liz said before landed a quick kiss on his nose. "And you?"

        "Well once we got to sleep..." Max said with a grin, "...I slept the sleep of the dead."

        "You were like an animal last night." Liz said

        "I'm the animal? I'm the one with scratch mark on his back." Max said

        "And my butt is red raw with all those little spanks." Liz said

        "Sounds like you two had one hell of a night." They heard from behind them.

        They looked over to see Tess and Kyle standing in their doorway. It was then that they realised that they never closed their door last night before going to bed. However, what caught their attention most was that the other couple was wearing very little. Kyle wore nothing but the boxers that he usually put on to head out to the bathroom to get ready. Tess on the other hand wore a short, silk robe but she hadn't bothered to close it and her body was exposed.

        "Oh we did." Liz said with a smile, looking over every inch of Tess's body

        "What are you two doing?" Max asked

        "Well we were heading to the bathroom but then we overheard you. Now Kyle's shorts have a really big bulge in them." Tess said as she patted the front of Kyle's boxer shorts.

        Liz rolled over Max and rested on his other side where she promptly pulled back the covers. "Why don't you two join us?" she said

        The couple moved as though they were in a trance. When Kyle was before the bed he pulled off his shorts and kicked them off to the side and slipped in next to Max. As Tess approached she shrugged the robe off her body and let it pool at her back before joining her two lovers (and Max) in bed. Liz ran her hand along Max's arm; Tess made a similar movement as she gazed at Liz. Max trailed one of his hands along Liz's thigh and grabbed her butt. She was still a little sensitive from last night and winced a little. His other hand wasn't idle. Max wrapped his fingers around Kyle's cock and was soon joined by Tess's hand.

        "Have you guys ever done the group thing with Alex and Isabel?" Tess asked, smiling at the strain on Kyle's face

        "Just once." Max said, his hand moving in time with Tess's

        "Hmmm...too bad. You guys really miss out on a lot of fun, but then you and Isabel are siblings I only just found out Michael is my cousin so it isn't as weird." Tess said

        "Are...are you three gonna talk or play?" Kyle asked, eager for them to continue

        "Play!" all three said together

        Tess promptly removed Max's hand from her mate's dick and took it into her mouth. Kyle raised his head at the initial lose of contact but with the warmth of Tess's mouth caused his head to fall back onto the pillow.

        "Urhnnnnnnnn!" Kyle groaned.

        "I think he likes that," Liz whispered in Max's ear

        "You bett...oooooooohhhhh...better believe it." Kyle said, his eyes closing with bliss

        Kyle ran his fingers through Tess's hair as her head slowly bobbed up and down over the human's hard length. All the while, Liz and Max watched intensely. Matching Tess's rhythm, Liz pumped Max's cock while kissing the flesh of his upper arm and shoulder. It was then that Liz had an idea and pulled Tess's head up, away from Kyle.

        "Hey!" Kyle said

        Tess was about to go back down on Kyle but Liz stopped her.

        "No!" Liz said to Tess

        "But..." Tess said but Liz winked at her, telling the blonde to play along.

        "Kyle, Max has a little job to do today and I want you to help him." Liz said

        "SO?" Kyle said, eager for more of Tess's oral talents.

        "So...if you want Tess to continue then you're going to help Max. I want you and he to get Alex and Michael into that nice big bedroom of yours." Liz said

        "Liz, we'll discuss it later. Right now...Tess, please! I'm begging you!"

        "Oh Tess wont continue. Not unless I tell her to." Liz said with a sly smile. "Tess, who am I to you?"

        "My friend, my lover and my queen." Tess responded

        "And what we did yesterday?" Liz said, referring to her `girl-time'

        Tess knew what Liz was doing and smiled inwardly while looking down, away from Liz's eyes. "We made you our leader, head woman of our...of your family. Your will, we will obey!" Tess said, most it was the truth, they would do anything for Liz but they wouldn't obey her blindly. However, as she spoke she was sounding like the perfect servant.

        "If I tell you never to sleep with Kyle again?" Liz asked

        "I wont. Not until you say I can." Tess said

        "Does that have your attention Kyle?" Liz asked

        "Yes." Kyle said, not believing what he was hearing

        "Now. Are you going to help Max?" Liz asked

        "Yes." Kyle said

        Liz looked at Tess and gave a single, slow nod. Tess smiled but instead of sucking him, Tess straddled his waist and took him deep inside her.

        "Good boy." Liz said as Max changed his position to face her.

        Max rolled the brunette onto her back and he slipped between her thighs. For an hour or so the two couples made love side by side. During which Tess looked down to see Liz's seal to glow very faintly but she dismissed it, just another little mystery in their lives that Kalen would be supplying answers to. When the lovers reached their climax they just lay in each other's arms until they got up out of bed and went to the bathroom.

        Common Room, The Island, 10:00am

        The others were eating breakfast when Max, Liz, Kyle and Tess walked into the room. The dreamy looked on the girls faces told the other's everything they needed to know.

        "Good morning." Maria said

        "Very good morning." Tess said as she moved over to her girlfriend and kissed her passionately.

        "First foursome?" Maria whispered and Tess nodded, "Are they any good?"

        "Oh yeah!" Tess said. She could easily admit that being with Kyle in front of Max and Liz was just as incredible as doing it in front of Michael and Maria. She couldn't wait to do it with Alex and Isabel!

        "Max you look like you could use a few more hours." Michael said

        Max just smiled as he moved over to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. When he turned his back on the others, Isabel jumped up.

        "Jesus Max, what the hell happened?" Isabel yelled

        "What?" he asked

        "There's blood on your shirt." Isabel said as she trailed the patterns

        Max pulled off his shirt as Liz moved up to him and healed the cuts with her developing powers. When Isabel saw the pattern of the marks she blushed as she realised what happened to her brother she had also received cuts in her flawless skin from Liz!

        "I...uh...fell!" Max lied unconvincingly

        "Never mind." Isabel said and sat down in her seat, Maria sitting close to her.

        A few minutes later they were all seated and eating away. Under the table Michael had removed his sock and trailed it up Maria's leg and pushed it in. Unfortunately for him it wasn't Maria, it was Isabel who thought is was Alex. She slid forward a little and took the big toe of his foot inside her. For a few minutes Michael pleasured Isabel by sliding in and out of her.

        Alex felt the building desire in Isabel and thought she was just feeling a little randy but then he felt her approaching orgasm. He realised it was Michael causing it and his blood surged with anger and adrenaline. The look on Isabel's face suddenly told Michael he had the wrong girl and pulled his foot down...just in time for him to feel Alex's hand around his throat and being pushed back against the wall.

        Michael was at least a foot off the ground, Alex held him up with apparently little effort. Michael looked down into Alex's eyes and saw streaks of purple light running over his eyes. At Alex's actions, everyone suddenly jumped up.

        "Al...ex!" Michael choked out

        "ALEX?" a few of them said together

        "What the hell is going on?" Max asked

        "SHE IS MY MATE!" Alex yelled, instinct taking complete control over his actions, emotions and words.

        To Be Continued...

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