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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 15

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

        On the Beach, The Island, 08:00

        Alex had made it a little ritual of his to go out for an early morning swim. He was usually the first one awake in the morning and slipped out of bed without waking whichever partner he was with. Last night it was Michael and as expected the alien did even stir.

        As Alex swam he felt someone's eyes staring at him. He stopped before he got too far from shore and looked back at the beach where he saw Max sitting on a rock. Max watched as Alex swam back toward him and picked up his towel as he approached the sand.

        "Good swim?" Max asked, handing him the towel

        "Not bad." Alex said, "The water's great."

        "I feel a but in there somewhere." Max said

        "But...I don't know. It just seems like I'm doing it to blow off some frustration more than anything else." Alex said

        "Frustration? What do you have to be frustrated about? You're sleeping with me, Michael and Isabel!" Max said

        "Yeah...I've just got some things to work out." Alex said

        "You want to talk about it?"

        " it's just that..." Alex stammered avoiding eye contact

        "You're in love with someone other than Isabel and you don't know how to deal?" Max suggested

        Alex looked up at Max. "You sound like your speaking from experience?"

        "Just something that I accepted last night." Max said, running his hand along Alex's arm, "Kyle too!"

        "Oh...Kyle. Yeah should have seen that one." Alex said, very disappointed

        Max smiled and moved his hand up to cup Alex's cheek. Quickly the alien kissed Alex hard; when he pulled back he smiled at the dazed expression of the human.

        Alex cleared his throat and looked at Max. "But I thought..."

        "Kyle is in love with Michael. I want you...and Liz." Max said

        "I...I love you too." Alex said, "Do you think Isabel will be pissed?"

        "I doubt it. Besides I think they already know." Max said


        "Yeah, when I was talking to Isabel she asked if there was any feelings between us." Max said

        "Oh!" Alex said, "It's gonna be weird telling her."

        "I know. But Isabel and Liz were able to tell us about how they feel about each other."

        "Yes they did...and that led one hell of a sex marathon. Let's not let that happen again!" Alex said

        "You didn't like it?" Max asked

        "Oh I liked it, I loved it but it's just weird." Alex said

        "I hear ya." Max said, "Anyway, I've got something planned for Liz tonight and I need you help, and Isabel's."

        "Oh yeah? What?" Alex asked

        Max proceeded to tell Alex is plan for Liz and what he needed Alex and Isabel to get done.

        "Can you do it?" Max asked

        "Consider it done. I'll speak to Isabel for you; you go start getting everything ready. I take it you don't want me to mention anything to Michael and Kyle." Alex said as he went back into the facility as Alex moved further off down the beach.

        Common Room, Same Time

        "Are you sure about this?" Michael asked

        Kyle had gone to see Michael in his room but couldn't find the words. Instead he went with the alien out to the common room for some breakfast where the two sat down and talked. In the exact same moment that Max and Alex admitted their feelings, Kyle admitted his for Michael.

        "Yes. I'm very sure." Kyle answered, looking directly into Michael's eyes

        "I kinda thought you did. Maria too." Michael said

        "You did and Maria knows?"

        "She's the one who told me!" Michael said, "She also said I feel the same way...and she's right!"

        "She is?"

        "Yeah, she's totally right." Michael said

        "You realise Tess and Maria are gonna want to do to us what we did to them." Kyle said but Michael looked at him with a questioning look. "You know, when we put them together, stripped them and watched them go at it."

        "Oh yeah!" Michael said with a wide grin, "They'll definitely want to even the score...but I thought that we all agreed no more foursomes, you know because of the others."

        "Well we can certainly put it off. You know so that you get Isabel and Alex in bed with you and Maria."

        "You got to admit, the imagery is very...stimulating." Michael said

        "I think I jus heard my name!" Alex said as he walked into the room, "And the word stimulating? Didn't think I was that good."

        "Well Max seems to think you are." Kyle said with a smirk

        Alex just looked at him.

        "And whenever you're with Isabel...she just seems to scream louder when it's you she's with." Michael said

        Alex blushed bright red. "Speaking of my girlfriend...where is Isabel?"

        "With the others in their bedroom girl time!" Kyle said

        "Damn, I'll have to speak to her later."

        Large Bedroom, Girl's Sleeping Area, 08:30

        All four girls were in their bedroom. Although it was intended for them to sleep together, they hadn't reached that level yet. Maria and Liz still looked at each other as best friends and couldn't quite get past it; although when ever Isabel and Tess talked to them about what it's like with their Seconds, one or two fantasies entered their heads. Right now they just used it for some girl time privacy away from the guys. The sunlight that filtered in through the water in their skylight bathed the girls as they just relaxed.

        "This is nice." Isabel said as she turned on to her side and looked at Liz

        "Yeah." Tess said, "But this room really needs some blankets."

        "Why?" Maria asked, "This place is certainly warm enough."

        "Yeah I know but sometimes it's just nice to snuggle in the covers." Tess said, eliciting a smile and hug from her girl friend

        "Yes it is." Maria said as her feet played with Tess's

        "Too bad we can't take this room with us." Liz said, "It's nice just hanging out."

        "Well we've got the Crash for that." Isabel said, "This is for love."

        Isabel stood and walked over the cushions that made the enormous bed and knelt next to Liz. Liz smiled up at Isabel, it had been a while since they had kissed, let alone been together. Gently Isabel bent down and took Liz's lips with her own. Tess and Maria sat up and looked at their friends/lovers as they moved into each other's arms. Tess looked down at Maria; the human's hands were running along her thighs in time with Isabel's hand movements. The alien smiled and moved her head closer to Maria's ear.

        "Go to her." Tess whispered

        "Wh...what?" Maria asked as she jumped round

        "You want Liz, go to her." Tess said, "You'll love being with her."


        "No, no buts." Tess said as she stood up. The alien extended her hand and Maria looked at it hesitantly, she looked back and forth between Liz, Isabel and Tess.

        As she watched Isabel and Liz make love with their mouths, Maria gently took the outstretched hand and Tess helped her up. The alien walked Maria over to the other girls; Isabel smiled inwardly as she felt their approach. She and Tess discussed getting the two together the previous night. Both knew that they were closer to making love than either would admit.

        Tess helped Maria lie down on the cushions, right next to the other couple, and then lay down on top of her. They began kissing, Tess's hands glided over Maria's body, stimulating every nerve the girl had. As soon as Tess heard Maria moan into her mouth she opened her eyes and looked across to Isabel who was looking back at her. Both were thinking the same thing and stopped kissing their lovers before turning the human's heads toward each other.

        Liz and Maria opened their eyes and were met with the love & lust filled stares from each other. Isabel and Tess smiled, watching as the girls inched their faces closer together but they could still see the hesitancy within them. The alien's move to the girl's sides and put their hands on the backs of their lover's heads, pushing them together. When their lips made contact, a tingle of energy sparked through their bodies. The connection startled them at first but after a second they two friends sank into the kiss.

        Maria cupped Liz's cheek, keeping her face as close as possible as Liz put her own hand on the blonde's hip. What began as a gently kiss quickly deepened as Maria probed with her tongue, Liz opened her mouth in acceptance, allowing Maria inside her mouth. Unlike the previous times when Isabel watched Liz with Tess or when Tess watched Maria with Isabel, they didn't feel jealous! Instead their hearts swelled with love.

        Isabel moved up and sat next to Tess. "You've got to love it when best friends get together." Isabel said as she watched Liz's denim clad leg slip between Maria's legs.

        "They do look good together." Tess said as she turned her head and looked into Isabel's eyes. She reached her hand up and ran her fingers along the side of Isabel's face, stopping at her mouth where Isabel kissed the knuckles and took a finger into her mouth.

        Tess retracted her finger and smiled, her eyes darted back and forth over the length of Isabel's face. She took in every detail inside of a second and then jumped at the other alien, capturing her lips with her own. They held onto each other's bodies tightly, kissing passionately but then Isabel backed off and held Tess away from her.

        "Don't you want to?" Tess asked

        "More than anything but..." Isabel trailed off

        "You want to watch them." Tess finished. She couldn't deny that watching her girlfriend was a huge turn on; she always loved watching her with Michael.

        Isabel nodded and the two aliens sat back. Isabel's eyes were fixed where Liz's hand had snaked its way under Maria's top, exposing her naked skin. Gently, and slowly, the two humans parted. They looked at each other with tenderness before Liz sat up on her knees and pulled her top off over her head. Maria mimicked her movements precisely. While they had seen each other's bodies on many occasions, and not just on this island, this was the first time they looked at each other with anything other than friendship.

        "Are you sure you want to do this?" Maria asked, for her own part she was not willing to back down. That first kiss had woken something up inside her and wanted to see where it took her.

        Liz wasn't going to back down either. She could feel Isabel in the back of her mind, urging her on, giving her all the permission she needed. "I want to make love to you Maria." She said with determination. On her knees, she inched her way closer to Maria. Liz's eyes gently drifted downwards, looking over the curves of the blonde before running her hands up from Maria's hip, along the sides of her torso and cupped both of Maria's breasts.

        They hadn't forgotten about their lovers who were lying across from them but they chose to give each other their undivided attention. As Liz trailed her thumb over her friend's nipples, Maria shuddered. The blonde reached out and began to unfasten Liz's jeans, when they were undone Liz fell onto her back and Maria started to pull them down Liz's legs, leaving her completely naked underwear had become something that wasn't needed, besides it got in the way. Maria stood up and undid her own pants and pushed them down her legs.

        The two looked into each other's eyes as Maria once again descended onto her knees by Liz's feet. Maria bent down, she started to kiss and lick her way up Liz's legs, her belly and her neck until they were lying face to face on top of each other. Liz wrapped her arms around Maria as they came together in another heated kiss.

        "Are we really going to do this?" Liz asked huskily

        "Yes." Maria whispered back before flipped the two of them round so that she was on her back and Liz was on top.

        Liz kissed her way down Maria. With each gentle caress of her lips, Maria squirmed and gently parted her legs until she was wide open for her newest lover. Liz moved between her friends legs but both of them suddenly felt something else. Liz felt up and Maria pushed herself up on her elbows. Both saw Isabel and Tess wrapped up in each other's arms, gently caressing each other.

        "Well, well, well..." Maria said

        "They took their time." Liz said before descending to her friends core.

        "AHUUUUHMMMMM!" Maria called out as her back arched

        With gentle strokes with her tongue, Liz lapped away. With each move Maria squirmed, pressing her slit tightly against Liz's face, desperate to get closer.

        "Arhhhh...Li...LIZ!" Maria cried out, "Oh please! Don't...god...don't stop!"

        Across the room, Isabel and Tess were standing, facing each other. Isabel pulled off her top and quickly divested herself of her skirt. Tess smiled as she examined Isabel's body under the red lace teddy that covered her body.

        "Something for Alex?" Tess asked

        "He likes seeing me in red." Isabel said with a slight blush

        "It's not just the red he likes Isabel. He's in love with the full package." Tess said as she pulled off her own top and removed her trousers, leaving her completely nude.

        "I thought you and Maria decided to wear the same underwear?" Isabel asked as she pulled the delicate straps off her shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor.

        "Do you see Maria wearing any underwear?" Tess said as she moved closer to Isabel, pressing her body firmly against the tall blonde.

        The two girls lay down, they were as close to they're other lovers as they could be without invading their bonding. Isabel and Tess started to kiss; Tess lay on top of her fell alien but nether had any interest in having sex with each other, at least not at the moment. They just enjoyed the feel of each other's skin against their own as their tongues duelled.

        "Hmmmmmmmm...UGHHHHHH." Maria cried, her hand extended and found Tess's. Her other hand was placed on the back of Liz's head, pushing her even closer.

        Gently and with the purpose of tormenting Maria, Liz flicked her tongue over her friends' clit. While she did this, she placed two of her fingers together and easily slid them into Maria's slick opening. The blonde gasped as her closest friend penetrated deep within her, she had no choice but to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out with a deafening scream. However, Liz did want Maria to hold back. She knew that Maria was on the brink of her climax so very slowly she withdrew her fingers. Liz took the blonde's clit between her teeth and gently squeezed while rapidly plunging her fingers in and out of her.

        "OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Maria screamed

        Her body shuddered as her orgasm wracked though every nerve of her body. Liz certainly knew how to pleasure her, as did Tess and Isabel. As her body relaxed, Maria could feel Tess and Isabel parting from each other and approach them. Liz kissed her way back up Maria's body but felt Isabel and Tess's hands on her, rolling her onto her back instinct told them that what they had been waiting for had arrived.

        Liz looked back and forth between her alien lovers and down at Maria who smiled at her while spreading her legs. One after the other, the aliens kissed Liz. The love in Isabel's touch couldn't be missed; neither could the lust within Tess. Both kissed their way from Liz's mouth, round her cheek, down her neck and throat until they reached her breasts. With gentle caresses, the two aliens ran their fingers over the soft curves before bending their heads and capturing her pert nipples between their lips. They began to suck ever so gently, eliciting whimpers of passion and pleasure from the brunette.

        For a brief second Isabel looked down the length of Liz's body and saw Maria looking back at her. With a nod, Isabel told Maria to continue and she did just that! Maria lay flat between Liz's legs and latched her mouth over her friend's cunt.

        "UHMMMMMMMM!" Liz cried out, desperate for each of her three lovers's to get closer and not to withdraw. She placed her hands on the backs of the alien's heads and held them firm as they pleasured her tits. Liz lifted one of her legs and trailed her foot the length of Maria's back.

        All the while, Maria continued to lap away at Liz. For over three hours the three blondes pleasured their friend and lover. Liz's body writhed against the other girls who were making love to her; they moved with a purpose, not just to pleasure Liz but something else that they couldn't identify yet she never surrendered to the climax that was building in her body.

        Then it happened! Liz lost her battle to hold back and released every once of built up tension and pleasure.

        "OH GOD...OH GOD...OH GOD...URHHHHHHHHHHHH...YESSS...YESSSS!" Liz screamed over and over until she reached the pinnacle of her passion. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Her body stiffened and then relaxed, Liz's body glowed with a blinding light that erupted in a blazing circle that extended to the edges of the indented bed before being pulled back into Liz's body, taking the essence of Isabel, Maria and Tess into her.

        The girls moved around her, holding each other's bodies tightly. They finally knew what was driving them to pleasure Liz they had just anointed the head woman of their group as all hybrids will do when they come to the island and as will the men when they anoint Max. It was nothing to do with being king or queen; this was for this group alone. Maria and the two aliens had just put their fidelity and their lives in Liz's hands and they did it without question.

        Same Place, 5 Minutes Later

        As Liz lay languishing in the intensity of her orgasm brought on by her three lovers, the other girls lay by her body, gently caressing her limbs. Just then there was a knock at the door and Alex walked in.

        "Oh god, sorry...I'll come back!" Alex said quickly as he spotted gazed over the women.

        "No Alex, it's okay." Isabel said as she kissed Liz's forehead and stood up, "What's up?"

        "Uhhh...outside!" he stated as he left the room

        "Okay." Isabel said as she followed Alex out into the hall. When she was there she closed the door quietly and looked at Alex who was obviously flustered. "Alex, are you feeling okay?"

        "Yeah, just seeing all four of you like that...WOW!" Alex said, "I felt that you were doing something but this..."

        Isabel couldn't help but laugh and hugged her boyfriend who was well aware of her nudity.

        "Did I see a red teddy in there?" Alex asked

        "It was supposed to be a surprise for you later."

        "A very nice surprise. I can't wait to see you wearing it."

        "I know but that's not why you needed to see me." Isabel stated

        "No. Max has a little something planned for Liz tonight."


        "Oh no. He made me promise not to say anything, but he needs you to arrange Liz's clothes for tonight. He wants something elegant and tasteful..."

        "But something sexy that shows off her body?" Isabel said and smiled as she saw the look on Alex's face. "Relax Alex, I know my brother. I think I know the perfect dress but I don't know how I can get her to wear it without telling her what's going on."

        "I'm not going to tell you Isabel. You just be out on the beach with the dress, my job is to get Liz out there." Alex said

        "Just be out on the beach?" Isabel asked, "That's all?"

        "Yes, that's all. Max will show you where to wait, when he gives you the signal you come out and take Liz out and get her ready."

        "Okay. I want to know what your planning but I can wait...I'll be there." Isabel said, "I better go and get dressed."

        "Oh yeah sure. I'll see you later." Isabel said as she slipped back into the bedroom. She found her lovers in the same position that she left them in but they were all soundly sleeping in each other's arms. She wanted to get dressed and go find something for Liz to wear tonight but the urge to sleep next to her girlfriend overtook her and she lay next to Liz. Before long she drifted off to sleep.

        Kro's Ship, Fourth Antarian Moon, 14:00

        Phadran had docked his ship with Kro's and the general met him and the guard captain at the airlock.

        "Good job Phadran." Kro said

        "Not really. A man we were both loyal to is dead because he allowed his own agenda to come before his obligation to the people. It should never have come to that." Phadran said as the trio started to move down the corridors of the ship.

        "Agreed but there's nothing we can do about that now. We may not agree with the decision to create hybrids and actively helped in the raid to terminate Zan but we should never have put Kivar in his place." Kro said

        "So...who's being blamed for the assassination?"

        "One of Rath's followers. His hybrid is the last of his family do they wont prove to be a problem. The person we've selected was one of the house guards...he died last year but we preserved his body. He'll be found tomorrow in that ship you just arrived in, we'll remove two escape pods one for each of you. Our story for you is that you were taken prisoner by the guard and that during the flight you escaped, sabotaged the ship and got into the pods. As far as anyone will know, the sabotage resulted in a hull breach and he was spaced." Kro said

        "Good, just so long as we're not made the scapegoats." The guard captain said

        "That will not happen." Kro said

        "So what now?"

        "Now we meet up with the alliance fleet in the Olcar System. We mass there until Larek's weapons arrived, then we go all out to wipe out that star system and close that passage." Kro said

        "How many ships?" Phadran asked

        "1000." Kro responded

        "They have hundreds of thousands!"

        "I know. We just have to hope that they can't send their entire fleet through at once." Kro said

        "And if they do?" Phadran asked

        "Then we take them out!" Kro said

        The Beach, Eastern Edge of the Island, Sunset

        "Alex, what the hell is going on?" Liz said as she followed Alex around the edge of the island.

        "Max just wants to see you." Alex said

        "So why doesn't he just come" Liz said just as she spotted a winding path in the sand, illuminated by rows of flaming torches on either side of it. "What's that?"

        "That is the path...and where I leave you. Good night Miss Parker." Alex said as he ran back toward the facility entrance.

        "Alex...wait...what the hell is going on?" she called after him. Liz took a deep breath and turned toward the path. "Okay Max, this better be good."

        Liz walked down the path; she couldn't see anything on either side of the path as the flames. "MAX?" she called out

        "DOWN HERE LIZ. JUST A LITTLE FURTHER." She heard Max call back.

        Liz reached the end of the path and allowed her eyes to adjust to the dim light that was provided by the torches that encircled the area. What she saw stunned her, before her lay three large rocks that were shaped into a table and chairs by Max's powers. Cushions lay on the seats and a tablecloth was drapes over the largest rock, on the table were plates of food, champagne classes filled with water and in the middle a single white candle. However the most stunning thing that Liz saw was Max Evans wearing a tuxedo with a bouquet of wild flowers from the jungle in his hands.

        "Liz." Max greeted as he moved closer to her and presented her with the flowers.

        Liz took them and inhaled the aroma before looking at Max's tux. "I feel a tad underdressed."

        "Taken care of." Max said as he held his hand up. He caused it to glow and from between the torches came Isabel.

        "Isabel?" Liz said, "What's going on?"

        "Liz, go with Isabel. I'll be waiting here." Max said

        Isabel extended her hand. "Come on, let's get you ready."

        Liz took Isabel's outstretched hand and walked with her into a nearby part of the jungle, just behind the tree line which had been cleared of every piece of debris. There on a hanger, hanging from a tree branch was a form fitting, low cut black dress that would descend to the mid point of her thighs with a slit up the right leg. On another hanger Liz found a suspender belt and thigh high stockings and a pair of black shoes.


        "No don't say anything. Lets get you dressed." Isabel said as she began to strip Liz.

        "I don't see a bra...or panties?" Liz said

        "I've got a feeling you won't need them." Isabel said as she looked over Liz's body. She took the suspender belt and put it around Liz's waist and one by one she slid the stockings up Liz's legs. Gently Isabel attached the stockings to the suspenders before taking the dress and putting it over Liz's body.

        When Liz was fully dressed, Isabel still felt she needed to finish the job and waved her hand over the brunette's hair. She adjusted it here and there, adding a moistened look and a few curls before draping the long hair over Liz's right shoulder. Then Isabel proceeded to add eye shadow and lipstick.

        "There, all done." Isabel said softly before she escorted Liz back to Max

        When Max caught sight of Liz, his breath caught in his throat and he felt a stirring in his loins that he was barely able to control. As Liz approached Max, he could see Isabel moving off to the side, heading toward the facility and Alex. When the couple were almost a foot apart, they just looked at each other.

        "You look really good in a tux." Liz stated

        "And you are beautiful, my queen." Max said as he took her hand and walked his lover over to the table where he sat her down and pushed her chair closer. Then he proceeded to sit down.

        "How did you do all this?" Liz asked as they began to eat, finding the food still piping hot.

        "Power and practice...and a very good incentive." Max said as he picked up his glass

        Liz picked up hers and the couple clinked them together.

        "To us, our parents and our family." Max said

        "To us." Liz said never taking her eyes away from Max. The couple then proceeded to enjoy the meal that Max had prepared with extreme care and love.

        Common Room, Immediately Following

        Alex and Isabel walked hand in hand into the room to find the other's sitting around the room in various positions. As they sat down, the proceeded to tell their friends of everything Max had prepared and what they absent couple looked like. When they were done, Michael and Kyle caught the dreamy looks on Maria and Tess's faces and looked at each other.

        "I'm gonna kill him." Michael breathed out

        "'s nice." Maria said

        "Yeah. Besides after everything they've been through thanks to Serena, Skins, Rouge FBI...and me, they deserve a nice night together. Just the two of them." Tess said

        "It's still something we should have thought of." Kyle said

        "Are you kidding? This is Romeo Max we're talking about, when Liz is concerned and it's intended to make her happy...he'll always think of it first." Alex said

        "Yeah, besides you should have seen it, it's totally roman..." Isabel stopped and her face suddenly became serious as everyone looked up at her. "...tic!" she finished

        "He wouldn't!" Michael said

        "She wouldn't!" Maria said

        Everyone looked at each other and then toward the door that led up to the beach.

        "They would!" Everyone said in unison.

        To Be Continued...

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