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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 14b

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 23, 2003

        Throne Room, Royal Palace, Antar, Five Minutes Later

        Phadran walked into the throne room, his hands met under the long sleeves of his servants uniform where he firmly held the blade. Slowly he moved along the long room to where his master sat waiting for him.

        "Phadran!" Kivar said, "I don't expect to be kept waiting when I call you."

        "No my liege. Forgive me; there were...problems at the gates. Many people have tried to gain entry to the palace." Phadran lied

        "Very well, make me a glass of Tilo. Make sure it's warm." Kivar ordered

        Phadran moved into a room next to the throne room and prepared Kivar's drink. When he came back in, Phadran gave Kivar the glass. Kivar started to drink from it and turned his back on his servant. That was Phadran's opportunity. He removed the knife from his uniform and plunged it deep into the lower right hand side of Kivar's back.

        "ARHHHHHHHHHH!" Kivar yelled but his guards never responded, all were ordered to stand down by their commander, a loyal follower of the alliance.

        When the blade was withdrawn Kivar slumped on to his throne and turned, looking at Phadran who held up the blade.

        "Look familiar?" Phadran asked Kivar

        Kivar recognised the blade all right, it was identical in design if not the actual blade that was used to kill Zan's father and then he used to kill Zan. Phadran turned to leave, intending to let the false king bleed to death in the throne that he coveted. However, Kivar had no intention of letting his aide get away with this betrayal. Quickly he stretched forth his arm but even quicker Phadran turned and threw the blade toward Kivar, plunging it up to the hilt in Kivar's chest.

        Kivar fell back onto the throne as Phadran walked calmly out of the room. The guard commander and Phadran had a transport ship waiting for them, one that was intended to be used by Kivar in the event of rebellion, and when they met up the two left quietly and without fuss. They knew that the other personal guards would return on duty soon and it wouldn't take them long to find the body.

        Within seconds of them reaching the hidden ship the alarm had been raised. Quickly they boarded the craft and powered it up and launched it. With the level of confusion that was experienced in the palace they got away before the air defence guns could be trained on them. Their course: General Kro's ship, in orbit of the fifth moon of Antar!

        Command Room, Alpha1, 16:00

        "Sir...we're receiving a communication from the home-world. Kivar...he's dead!"

        "What?" Kalen asked

        "Its on broadband signal coming from Antar. It's like they want everyone to know but he's dead. Stabbed...once through the back, another in the chest."

        "Has Larek responded?" Kalen asked

        "No. Nothing yet sir."

        "When the Skins hear about this there's going to be trouble. Contact Feln. Let him know." Kalen said as he left the chamber

        Motel, Outside Roswell, Immediately Following

        Nicholas was sitting at the window looking at his hexagonal device that displayed the announcement from Antar. He didn't know how to feel about it, on one hand he was a loyal supporter of Kivar's cause and on the other, recent developments with Serena had been interesting! He never expected to feel this way about a freak. Here was a hybrid willing to let him do anything to her body that he wanted and he was willing to let her do anything to him.

        Slowly Serena slipped out of the bed and moved over to the Skin and kissed the back of his neck. "What's up?" she asked

        "Kivar's been killed. Looks like you're off the hook for getting knocked up by Zan." Nicholas said

        "Killed? How?" Serena asked

        "Stabbed. They don't know who did it but he did meet with Larek earlier in the day."

        "I doubt goody two shoes Larek did it? Besides if it was him he would be taking credit for it by now." Serena said

        "I agree. So far nobody's come forward...his personal aide and guard captain is missing." Nicholas said

        "Well that doesn't matter to us anyway. Your brother's people are moving the Granolith in a few days and as soon as your guys get it, we'll be inside it and become gods. This planet will have an atmosphere for us both and we can get you out of this husk." Serena said

        "Then I get to have some fun." Nicholas said as he turned to face Serena and ran his fingers down her face and breasts.

        "Hmm...yes you do. No more nasty husk taking all the sensation out of it...and I get to stop screwing a 14 year old." Serena said

        "I thought you liked the way my husk looked?" Nicholas asked

        "Oh I do. But I've got a few of Ava's memories in here and you looked totally hot back on Antar." Serena said, "Now come on, back to bed."

        Serena took Nicholas hand and led him back to bed. She had learned more than a few tricks in the last week that made her lover feel at least some sensations of their trysts and she liked seeing his face twist and experience things he hadn't felt in fifty years.

        Girl's Bathroom, The Island, 17:00

        Liz had gone swimming in the ocean by herself. After coming back inside she needed a shower to wash off all the salt. One thing she loved about having a shower here on the island was the phenomenal water pressure; she could never get enough of the hot water as it jetted on her skin.

        Tess walked into the bathroom a few minutes later and stopped when she spotted Liz under the water. As Liz soaped up her body, Tess smiled and leaned against the tiled walls of the bathroom. She loved watching her lovers in the bathroom as their wet skin glistened in the light, watching Kyle was her favourite! Things between Liz and herself had become a lot easier in the last week. Tess, Isabel and Maria watched as the brunettes animosities toward Tess melted away with every soft touch the blonde gave Liz. Isabel and Maria were especially happy when Tess apologised for the one thing that Liz had hung to Tess's mindwarps on Max and subsequent kiss when she first showed up. Isabel's heart filled with pride for her lover when Liz accepted the apology without any hesitation.

        "Hey." Tess said

        Liz jumped around and looked Tess in the eye, smiling as Tess looked lustfully over her body.

        "Hey." Liz said

        "Have a nice swim?" Tess asked

        "Not bad. The ocean felt great." Liz responded as Tess moved closer, "So...ehh...where's Maria?"

        "She's spending some quality time with Michael." Tess said as she reached up and pulled a small piece of seaweed from Liz's hair.

        Liz looked at what Tess removed and smiled. "Downside of an ocean swim."

        Tess decided not to wait any longer and pushed Liz further into the shower, kissing her. Eventually Liz was pressed against the back of the shower, water falling over their bodies and Tess's clothes becoming very soaked.

        "You feel so soft." Tess gasped as her hands glided over Liz's body.

        "And you are wearing too many clothes." Liz said as she cupped Tess's breast through her top.

        "They why don't you take them off?" Tess asked, eager for Liz to strip her.

        Liz smiled and grabbed hold of the hem of Tess's tight top and started to pull it off her. Tess then grabbed Liz's hands and stopped her, causing Liz to look at the girl with confusion.

        "Practise makes perfect." Was all Tess said.

        Liz immediately knew what Tess was talking about. Tess, along with Max and Isabel had been helping Liz get a handle on her new powers. "Yes it does." Liz said as she ran her hand down the front of her top.

        Tess smiled as her top disintegrated leaving her only in her blue lace bra. "Nice." She said

        Liz ran her hand over Tess's creamy skin above her bra. She caressed Tess's breasts, her finger circling the blonde's nipples. "Looks like you and Maria have similar tastes. She's got more than a few of these at home." Liz said as she felt the lace between her fingers.

        "She told me. We've already made a little pact to always wear the same underwear." Tess said


        "Because if we can't be together in public then we'll just have to get innovative." Tess said with a smirk

        "Hmmm, I like that. I'll have to talk to Isabel about that." Liz said causing Tess's smile to grow wider. "What?" Liz asked

        "Just thinking how much fun we could have if all four of us wore the same." Tess said as Liz hands moved to disintegrate the bra leaving the girl completely naked from the waist up.

        Liz moved her hands up to cup both of Tess's firm breasts and squeezed them. Tess moaned at the contact and pressed her chest further into Liz's grip, both tongues ran over each other as they kissed. Liz ran her hands around the blonde's body and stroked her back until she reached down to hold Tess's denim clad ass. Once again Liz used her new powers. She knelt down and worked up from her feet, moving an inch at a time she removed Tess's black jeans. As the young queen worked she kissed Tess's legs. Liz loved how smooth Isabel and Tess kept their legs; only recently did she discover it was a perk of having alien powers no razors needed.

        Soon Tess was left in nothing but a pair of bikini panties that matched her bra perfectly. Liz had no intention of using her powers on them, she turned Tess around and kissed the globes of Tess butt before hooking her fingers around the sides of Tess's panties and pulled them down her legs. Liz stood back up and hung the underwear on the metallic knob that activated the shower. Tess smiled, as she looked at Liz, both girls now completely naked.

        Silently the two girls inched closer until their breasts were touching. They brushed their lips together a couple of times, teasing each other before coming together in another searing kiss. Tess licked Liz's lower lip before sending her tongue deep into the brunette's mouth but then they suddenly parted. It was an all too familiar sensation that they were still getting used to but since both felt it they both knew that it was both Max and Kyle who were enjoying themselves, enjoying themselves a lot.

        "Think we got them riled up?" Tess asked

        "Oh they probably felt us but I think this is all them." Liz said before Tess plundered her mouth again.

        Tess pushed Liz up against the wall and planted kisses over Liz's face and throat as she pinched her lovers' nipples. Slowly and gently Tess inched her way down Liz's body, loving every part of her with her tongue. As Tess sank down to her knees, Liz kept her eyes on the blonde, eager to experience the pleasure Tess was about to give her.

        Liz bit her lower lip as Tess trailed her long fingernail over her delicate flesh and kiss her belly and thighs. Tess pulled her head back from Liz's lower half and looked up into her deep eyes. Liz met her gaze and smiled down at Tess as the alien lift her leg and put it on her shoulder. Tess moved in and covered Liz's slit with her mouth.

        "URHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!" Liz groaned out as she pressed her back against the tiles.

        Tess stretched her tongue out and licked the length of the brunette's core. She stabbed her tongue in and out of Liz as her hands ran the length of her thighs and stroked her butt. Liz tried to keep her balance by holding tightly on to the towel rail while her other hand ran through Tess's hair and pushed her head further between her legs.

        Tess continued to lap away at Liz, encouraged by every whimper and moan that escaped Liz's lips.

        "ARHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD!" Liz cried every Tess's tongue brushed against her clit. When that happened, Liz arched her back and bent head backward as the rush sent her gasping for air.

        Tess picked up the pace, her tongue darted in and out of Liz's soft folds. Moving with ever increasing speed Tess pressed her face tightly into Liz while the human grinded her hips.

        "YESSSSS I'M...FU...OH GOD...I'M COMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGG!!!" Liz screamed into the room. Her voice echoed against the tiles.

        After Liz came, Tess smiled and gently kissed the area around Liz's core. Softly she licked Liz clean before standing up, Tess smiled happily as she looked at Liz whose eyes were closed and her breathing heavy as water poured over her face. When Liz opened her eyes, her gaze was fixed on Tess as her hands ran along the blonde's arms.

        " are really good at that." Liz said breathlessly

        "But not as good as Isabel." Tess stated

        Liz looked deep into Tess's eyes. "It's a matter of perspective Tess. I'm completely in love with Isabel, just like you are with Maria. Love just makes it better." Liz said

        "Couldn't agree more." Tess said with a smile.

        Liz saw the smile and got curious. "What?" she asked

        "Oh nothing."

        "Don't `oh nothing' me. I know that look." Liz said

        "I was just thinking about what it'll be like to watch you and Maria together." Tess said

        Liz just shook her head. For their last couple of times together, Tess had brought up the subject of Liz and Maria. She really couldn't wait to watch the two best friends being together. However, Liz usually dismissed it. By just shaking her head, Tess knew that Liz's resolve was failing and it surprised her how quickly it was happening.

        Liz decided to get back to their lovemaking and bent down to capture one of Tess's nipples in her mouth. Tess felt like pushing Liz back against the wall and having her way with her once again but the feel of her mouth on her breasts. The blonde put her hands on the back of Liz's head and pulled her closer to her chest. When Liz was released from Tess's grip, the two girls looked at each other.

        "I want you." Liz said with a tone of finality.

        Tess moved closer. "Then take me." She whispered before licking Liz's earlobe

        Liz grinned like a Cheshire cat and quickly span Tess around and pulled her tight against her body. Liz sent one of her arms under Tess's and across to her breast while the other snaked it's way down her toned body. Liz put her chin on Tess's shoulder, the eyes of both girls shifted to look at each other. When Liz reached between Tess's legs, she ran two fingers over the length of her opening before easing them inside her. Tess's body tensed at the penetration and brought her hand up and placed it on Liz's head, pulling her into a kiss.

        "Hmmmm...MMAMMMmmm!" Tess moaned into Liz mouth as the brunette pushed and pulled her fingers in and out of the alien.

        Liz continued to pump into Tess while her other hand pinched and tormented her right breast. Soon she moved that hand down to join its friend and while one hand was inside Tess, the other vigorously rubbed against her clit.

        "ARHMMMMMMMMM...OH GODDDDDDDDD...LI...LIZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Tess screamed as she broke the kiss, gasping for breath, "Yeah...your really that... too."

        "But not as good as Maria?" Liz said as she kissed the blonde's neck.

        "Like you said...perspective." Tess gasped

        Liz removed her fingers from Tess and the blonde took her hand. Together they walked hand in hand out of the showers, after turning it off, and into the main area of the bathroom where they dried each other off. Liz reached back in to the shower and grabbed Tess's panties.

        "Mine." Liz said

        "Yes my queen." Tess said with a wicked smile.

        Tess picked up Liz's clothes from the floor and together they walked naked to their bedroom where Tess picked out some sexy nightwear for Liz to wear and dressed her in it. Given the hour and the probable fact that she'd be naked before bedtime, Liz didn't complain. Liz picked out something similar for Tess to wear, a black silk negligee, and put it on the blonde.

        "Something for Kyle." Liz whispered

        "He'll love it...Maria too." Tess responded as she smoothed the silk out.

        Max/Kyle's Bedroom, Same Time

        As Tess started to watch Liz in the shower, Kyle moved toward Max with a predatory gleam in his eye. He's had sex on the mind all day but neither Tess or Michael was available. He had to wait for Max to come back in from his talk with Isabel but during that time he had caught a glimpse of Alex in the shower. When he saw his fellow human naked he was ready to jump him but he shook his head brought himself back and went to wait in the room he shared with Max.

        "Hey Kyle." Max said as he looked up as he saw Kyle.

        Kyle walked toward Max like he was on a mission and ripped off his shirt, sending buttons flying. Kyle grabbed the stunned Max and kissed him before planting kisses over his naked chest and then moved up to his ear.

        "You can feel them can't you?" Kyle whispered

        "Yes!" Max responded huskily.

        "Does it make you hot?" Kyle asked as he reached down to Max's crotch, "It's making hard!"

        "Yeah...and it's getting you hot too." Max said as he pushed Kyle back against the desk and ripped off Kyle's shirt.

        Max kissed Kyle hard and passionately before heading down, kissing and scraping his teeth over Kyle's skin. Slowly the alien unfastened Kyle's trousers and yanked them down his legs before spinning him around and bending him over the table. Max opened his own jeans, grabbed his cock and pushed it inside Kyle.

        "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Kyle groaned as Max inched his way inside.

        "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Max said as he closed his eyes and Kyle tightened around him

        Slowly Max withdrew and thrust back in while he reached round to grab Kyle's dick. While he thrust in and out of Kyle, Max pumped his cock vigorously. Kyle closed his eyes tightly and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that Max sent through his body.

        "Uh...Ughh...Ugghhhh...uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Max grunted over and over

        Kyle grabbed hold of the edge of the desk tightly as Max continued to pump him. Sweat formed on his brow as he approached the brink of his orgasm. Max put one of his hands on Kyle's hips to steady them both as he felt pressure building in his groin.

        "GOD!! MAXXXXX!" Kyle yelled as Max's hand finished it's job and he shot his seed onto the desk.

        "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Max strained out as he joined his lover in pleasure.

        Soon they were under the sheet of the bed, kissing each other as they rolled about.

        "That was good." Max said

        "Yeah, I needed that." Kyle said

        "I could tell. Not that Liz and Tess helped!" Max said

        "Oh yeah, they must have had a really good time." Kyle said

        "Really, really good time." Max said

        "Kinda makes you wonder what they're like together." Kyle said

        "Their hands touching each other..."

        "Their legs intertwined..."

        "Their firm tits squeezing together, their nipples scraping against each other..."

        "Their screams of utter bliss..."

        That was all either of them could take. The imagery they had put in each other's heads was a huge turn on and within seconds they were wrapped up in each other's arms again. Gently and slowly they broke apart.

        "Max...can...can I ask you something?" Kyle asked

        "Sure." Max said as he rolled onto his back.

        "How are thing between you and Alex?" Kyle asked quickly

        Max looked at Kyle. "What?"

        "You and Alex? How are things?"

        "Well, I...we...I don't know how to answer that." Max said

        "Okay, I'll ask straight out. You and Alex were the first of us to admit that you were attracted. Do you love him?" Kyle asked

        Max coughed and looked uncomfortable. "He's a friend...and my sister's boyfriend."

        "Max are you in love with him? I need to know."

        "Why?" Max asked

        "Just answer!" Kyle said agitatedly

        "Okay!" Max said, taking a breath, "Yes...yes I...I think I love him." He said, very worried about what Kyle and the other guys would think.

        Kyle breathed out and looked relieved. A fact that was not missed by Max and suddenly realised the purpose of Kyle's question. "You feel the same for Michael?"

        "NO!" He said quickly, "Yes...I don't's just..."

        "Difficult for us to accept." Max said

        "Yeah." Kyle said, "How come this looks easier for the girls?"

        "Because they've accepted it, they've opened their hearts to each other and to us. We've accepted the fact that we're attracted but I don't think we're willing to accept the emotional side." Max said

        "Yeah...because of our parents and people at school. We'd be constantly hiding who we are...for you it'll be a secret to replace the alien one with your parents. For me...well..."

        "You're the high school jock, you're not supposed to be gay...but in this day and age..."

        "I AM NOT GAY!" Kyle said

        "Sorry, it was the word in my head...Bi?" Max said

        "Yes!" Kyle said with nothing but acceptance. "I'm in love with Tess and Michael."

        "I'm in love with Liz and Alex." Max said

        It was at that moment that both men accepted it. Their hearts, minds and soul cried out for both lovers with much more intensity than anything felt before. For the first time the understood how their ladies felt about each other and it no longer scared them.

        Granolith Chamber, Pod Mountain, 19:30

        Feln, Valenti and one of General Masters's officers had arrived in the Granolith chamber to set their plan into motion. They had no doubt that Serena would be monitoring this place so they had to act quickly. Information about the relocation of the Granolith had been leaked to the Skins through their undercover operative and he reported back that his unit had been joined by at least 12 others. Hidden somewhere in Yosemite National Park was at least 89 Skins and 1 shape-shifter, waiting for others to join them before heading into Roswell.

        "Are you sure this will work?" Valenti asked

        "No." Feln said, "No one's tried to mask the Granolith's energy signature before but this device sends out the inverse of that wave. It should prevent it...or at least block it from being detectable outside this room."

        "Well your power unit's all hooked up." The officer said as he came from the other side of the room, "Everything is exactly as you've specified."

        "Good." Feln said as he took the ends of the cables from the generator and hooked it up to the device he installed at the base of the Granolith.

        "How do we activate it?" Valenti asked

        "I have a remote. When everything is set up in the nuclear testing caves all I'll have to do is push a button and the trap will be set." Feln said

        "Lets hope they fall for it." Valenti said, "With Kivar gone, they'll be unpredictable...out for blood. Unless they have doubts about this cause of Kivar's they'll fight until the last man. We need to get them all."

        "Then that's exactly what we'll do!" Feln said

        To Be Continued...

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